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"disney lake warner" Discussed on The Information's 411

"Ball game? All of a sudden. Medal, tom. I think there's a lot of his statement initially because they were new buyer. They had deep pockets, and as we all saw they were making some pretty exciting buys. They bought the Reese Witherspoon Steve Carell show about morning news. Balked? Dr dre show end up getting shell because there were issues with making family safe and brands, and I think the fat scared a wad producers in Hollywood, it's definitely scared. A lot of people that are working with apple who say that. They'd noticed, you know, a little bit more control a little more back and forth between their apple development exacts apple corporate on what they wanna see on the show are on the shows that they're working on rather. So we're seeing a little bit more trepidation creep in than when apple was just buyer handing out big trucks. That said I think that this is going to be a really interesting presentation for people that are working with apple content side in that sense. It's kind of an upfront for both subscribers investors to apple, but it's also going to be a really big come to Jesus moment for producers about did. They bet on the right platform as Jessica saying, what is it gonna look like are they gonna want their content on there is it. Going to be stretching service that people wanna use because it has enough other enticing aunts. Larry offers be that a well priced bundle. Whether that's really good, original content and all of these things feed into each other. If the answers aren't good enough, bats religion affect type of original content. They can get down the road because everyone has big pockets everyone from net flicks. Too quickly to Disney plans to launch services to make a lot of is going to be on apple. And I think there are a lot of question marks that didn't exist. Maybe even a few months ago agree. I think questions also about how big the audience is going to be for it. But I'm sure all of these producers are happy to take apples money and create a show. But if this show isn't going to be seen by enough people. I imagined that's got to be frustrating. Right. You spend a lot of time and energy making a show that you think is really great. But if it doesn't get the eyeballs that would have gotten on net flicks or any other number of services out there. I mean, do you think that's going to be an issue or people are just happy to? Take the money. No. I think it's really a big issue. I think for smaller studios, the independent places that might have a lot of projects going. Sure, they're happy to be in business with apple a great way to get distribution. And to get good projects under your belts that you might not have your prior. But I think for big companies that have options, maybe you sold the show to apple. But you've also sold the show like you said to Netflix has much higher distribution. It's really big question. We're seeing that issue with who major producers are willing to work with in terms of distributors. But we're also seeing trickled down to some of these big studios like Disney lake Warner media because a lot of content creators are worried, but if I go with one service, and my cutting myself off from the audience going to potentially five other ones, and it's really starting to change the calculus of who wants to work where right right for sure. And I guess all will be revealed on Monday about what their distribution plans are kind of amazing that so few people that have made shows for apple still have. No still in the dark about how this whole thing's gonna work anyway. So that's apple everyone. Look look forward to that on Monday big day for Q r man, Eddie q. All right. So let's go over to media. My God kind of kind of a train wreck in terms of that integration process. So let's rewind back to a few weeks ago. When finally the DOJ began relenting on its attempt to stop this merger from happening and finally AT and T was allowed to let Warner media's integration process play out immediately. We have two huge executives leaving player Richard Butler and David Levy now, but a few days later, one of the ascendant forces at Warner media, Kevin sue Mahara who had been the head of the studio and was given even more responsibilities in this new structure a couple of cable channel of the digital properties. He was accused of inappropriate conduct while he was from from years ago. And ultimately there's investigation, but he decides to resign. So Jessica tinkle. You've been writing so much about Time Warner for media for us. I mean, what the hell is going on over there? I mean, how do people feel as they finally get this integration process happening? And all the sudden even more to multi is in the ranks. I think it's really a big question. Mark here is why they're still so much uncertainty. Amine. The J HARA. I don't I think the people are still don't really know what the game plan is. And that's a big question. Mark right with they don't know what you would they had two years during this government fight to kind of figure out what the plan is. And I understand that they had to keep turn our separate. But they still could have figured out the organization with the announcements were gonna be top of that. You have the HARA issue where you didn't know, you know, a lot of this have been reported and there were questions around this whole situation. So I can tell you that I've spoken to multiple women at the farmer. Time Warner who are just feeling very deflated by the whole situation. This town hall that the new management, you know, unveiling this new management team a few weeks ago. John Sankey talked about it was asked a question by someone in the audience about why aren't there? More women on the stage. Why are there? No women in senior management. And his response was something to the effect of well, the previous management in do anything really to grow develop women. So that they would be qualified for these roles. Not a good answer. That was not a great answer people were deflated by that. And then if you hours later, the hard news broke, and they were like what they end. So I mean, people are just really upset and deflated, and you know, I think it yesterday stinky announce that they're gonna name a chief diversity officers. This is John. Thank you, the head of Warner media. Announced tooth gonna name chief diversity officers about two. Good step. But you know, it's at if you look at their management team. It's all a lot of white men. Yeah. I mean, that's a Assad train across the media industry. But it seems particularly agree just within within the Warner media world. And so I mean in the fall of the two Jehovah's resignation, whatever you wanna call. It looks like they have some interim people they divide the roll up at least right now into three different executives overseeing it. But from what I understand and tell me from wrong here. The goal is to get an actual replacement. Right. I mean, they do want someone to oversee that division a single executive absolutely an end. We've we've heard that they've been talking to folks about you know, they've talked to Stacy former facts about that position. Lee assume that they're talking to as many women executives as confined for. But I do think that they want to name someone quickly is what I was told and Majoli I mean, you've done a lot of reporting in trying to figure out how they're going to resolve this issue, and what executives that they might put in place here. I mean, what from what you've heard is kind of the latest there. Jessica brought up. Stacey snider. It does seem like there is an active interest to try to get women or a woman in this role. Yeah. I mean, let's be perfectly honest the first priority. For Warner media is to get a woman in this role. They've taken some really big hits both from their former leader Kevin seizure Horace actions. That also as dressed mentioned stinky's comments about why there was a lack of women in leadership roles to begin with so priority number one from what I've been hearing getting a woman like Stacey Snider who hasn't experienced running. Multiple film studios is important. One of the big question marks, especially with someone like Snyder is a is a former

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