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Leadership Lessons from a US Army General  Maj Gen John Gronski (retd) - burst 11

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Leadership Lessons from a US Army General Maj Gen John Gronski (retd) - burst 11

"A gunnery. Sergeant michael burkhart was the who was the explosive ordinance disposal team leader went down to that site with two young marines and they were going to conduct a post blast analysis to determine a tactics techniques procedures insurgents. Were using so we could try to prevent these attacks from happening again in the future and when gunny burkhardt got down there with two young rains was chaotic. The soldiers were cisterna. Seen the ad that a chaos there were two reporters from the omaha world herald newspaper there there were embedded reporter so anyway going burkhard gets down. There sees the destroyed up. Armored humvee sees a crater near that up armored humvee bow four feet in diameter a couple of feet deep makes an assumption that that's for that roadside bomb that destroyed that humvee was placed jumps down into crater. Take a closer look as soon as he did that. He realized he made a mistake because he could see in the dirt in front of him to artillery shells. Red detonation cord running in the nose was a roadside bomb. That an insurgent have placed their so. He took his k bar knife. Cut the red debt. Detonation cord to neutralize that roadside bomb. He didn't see a third artillery shell into dirt behind him in that crater. An insurgent was off in the distance. Hit a button. On a that nation device that artillery shell exploded not going burkhardt about fifteen feet into the air lands on the dirt road unconscious pants soaked with blood. Our soldiers call a medevac helicopter. Ride away go up tomb start. Cut his pants off. Start tending to his boons after few minutes burkhart regains consciousness. The soldiers couldn't believe that and and he's laying there and he asked the soldiers if he has both of his legs because they had no no sensation from the waist down. They sure to me had both of his legs. They continue to work on 'em couple minutes later. He gets a tingling sensation in his legs. He tells the soldiers he wants to stand up. Soldiers couldn't believe that this guy had just gotten blown up and so we struggles to his feet. He standing there to soldiers around him. The medevac helicopter comes in lands on the ground behind them. The soldiers point to the stretcher On the ground in front of the misogony. We've got you know. Gotta put you on a stretcher and carry you to that helicopter. He looks at the soldiers and he says i'm not going to have you carry me that helicopter on a stretcher. I'm going to walk there under my own power. Because i don't want the insurgents of the pleasure of seeing me being carried that helicopter and easy. He says that he raises his hand into the air and gives the insurgents which i will call a one finger salute reporter reported from the omaha world heritage takes a picture of him standing there Groin protector. you know. In in front of his private area there. No pants on finger thrown up into the air soldiers around him. You'd say the helicopter the background. That picture became an iconic picture of the iraq war but what is deleted Point of the story. And the reason i tell this story and the reason. I think it's important. The leadership point of this story is member told you. He had two young marines with them that day. He knew he was going to have to recover from his wounds. He knew what all the roadside bomb attacks were getting that those two young marines were going to have to be out there probably later on that day routes realizing roadside bombs. The reason he wanted to walk to that helicopter instead of being carried there had nothing at all to do with what he thought and surgeons for thinking. He wanted to walk to that helicopter so we would not shatter the confidence of those too young marines. Pseudo leadership point is even after getting blown up ten minutes earlier. His main concern was not with his own wounds. His bank concern was with those two young marines. Who he was leading an isn't that what leadership is all about. And we talked about that looking out for the welfare of those you lead rather than your own welfare and that's exactly what gandhi burkhardt exemplified that day. And that's why. I like to tell that story that i read read that story. I had to read it again. Because i was laughing because i could just see i. I have friends who are marines right by the way. There's no such thing as an ex marine okay. the just doesn't exist. I've been told that countless times by my friend there's just no such thing they they may be quote unquote have retired at the end of their name. But they're still all. And and and i just thinking about them go. That's exactly what jimmy would. That's exactly what he would have done. That's what bob would have done. He would have done the same thing. I i can. Just see it. I just great story but it was truly the surprise in that lesson was not. I thought it was going to be resiliency. It is but the point is that he cared so much about making sure that those other two young marines were their that their mental emotional state was not shaken. Yeah and you know jay that think about this as leaders we face adversity almost every day in whatever organization were leading the some degree and and sometimes things get tough honest and the point is as a leader. You can't be thinking. I'm an figuratively. I'll use this. You know you can't be thinking. I'm cold i i'm hungry. You know i. I'm shivering right. No you you've got to show those you're leading that you know what i've got the resiliency to overcome this. And because i do you have the resiliency to overcome. They might be called. I might be hungry. I might be weak. But i'm going to take care of you before i take care of myself. And that's the essence of leadership. We underestimate the modeling of behavior. Don't we when it comes to leadership absolutely. Yeah and you know what the other thing i learned in my forty years of leading soldiers also leading teams in the business sector. Is the people you lead are always watching you practice. You know you could. You could put down in writing. What your leadership philosophy is or you could verbally give some guidance about behaviors. You're looking for but those you lead are going to be watching to see you. Know how do you adhere your own guidance. Behaviors that you're looking for you. Exemplify those behaviors and your followers are always watching and your actions speak so much larger than larger louder than your words. Do

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"disarming ied" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

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"disarming ied" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Summer is going to be a crusher and I don't like that but you know what I'm I'm I which actually would like the summer now I would like to I'm ready for it not sure why are usually fail it's summer I fail I want to give it a go again I'm I'm gonna wear shorts this time I don't just correctly in the summer I don't wear shorts because I have fair skin I don't want to get a melanoma and I have I have to go to the well I'm a doctor ever every you know the skin doctor every six months to get checked I never had one but I could because I have lots of little malls it could change so I don't wear shorts but since I work at night I could I could wear shorts at night the check is for me to go out just around sunset with nice shorts on so that the I'm ready for summer although I did have a good I don't know if I told you about this completely I I might have for the first time I took I went with my special someone to on a winter hike in the White Mountains I got are all geared up I got the the boots the foot traction the Gators the the correct pants suspenders and everything and she loved it so that was nice the only bummer is driving driving up to the White House takes two hours in two three like three hours which is no problem except coming back into the city's a bomber we once you hit Sullivan square and that and that whole storage rival memorial drive that whole bag that's just a crusher I hate it I'm trying to decide whether a better to take a right on one twenty eight and go around to route nine in because as you know J. P. areas where where I am or or you go to the city what do you think which is quicker semi any of you guys or gals have to do that so there's that another thing is I'm kind of looking for a new thing in a set of buying a fun car I just had a flash in my my had a boat is a boat crazy is about a bad idea boat people what is the smallest boat that I could get to have fun on the Boston Harbor I don't wanna I don't have to birth it or maintain it so I have this idea have a very good friend named Andrew who's a boat person it was all about him he knows but the bow is in everything I was I'm almost thinking of buying him a boat and say and do is about you have to pay for everything and maintenance and lugging around your to do everything but I'll buy it is that crazy how much would that cost what ten thousand can you get a decent over ten thousand now boat people help me out I really love the I love being out on the water other Boston Harbor I used to go out with I have friends that invited me out there but they don't invite me anymore so I need I need to get out there some other way by the way if there are any fishing boats or fireboats a police boats visual boats Coast Guard boats I want to go out in the harbor with you Coast Guard hello because god can I do all right along with you and I do right along with the the Boston police boats the harbor police or D. anyone I want to go out I'm not harbor even in the winter time I don't need to be summer I miss it just the feel of it even in heavy weather bring it on it's part of the New England thing is part of the Boston thing and I don't get to experience it so if you if you if you can help me have call rob rob Brooks next up by the way it's open lines open form human hearing us talk about folks with what seem to be related disorders PTSD agoraphobia panic attacks CD yeah I was seen to be variations of the same type of thing because OCD is an unreasonable fear to this and you know I nine reasonable there's all kinds of OCD is symmetry OCD meaning he if for some reason you have a fear of something not being symmetric I was like what or in the middle of the table fear something might fall off the table fear that the the light needs to be device not really fests faucets not really off this does not really have I'm reasonable fear panic attacks unreasonable fear that something's going to happen in an open space PTSD unreasonable fear of it you know you see if in our lives we kind of got to go with the odds what are the odds the plan's going to crash they're not very high so we get on the plane NBA PTSD those odds are out of whack you know what and also things sounds sights probably foods smells put you in a in a place of fear other things as well maybe boredom there's also this thing what when it comes to military or press it's been work work respondents they get bored did you see her locker what happens is they can come back everything's been re calibrated and domestic life is boring soldiers ran out there live that life on the edge coming back and shopping in a market did you see her locker the guy re upped because it was just too boring over here even though his wife was very dangerous over there he's disarming IEDs he re upped his life was just too boring here and my friend died because of that he was a his name was Michael Kelly one of the you know best journalists are modern times really he was he I I he was my college mate he was the editor of the they have any monthly in all kinds of stuff he went over the first we'll go for and he was in Baghdad I'm night number one he was in the al Rashid hotel with those same hotels as CNN guys he made it back the safety a taxi he saw that what do you call it the highway of death he will eat it went back later and follow the Kurds almost died of dysentery so well that he comes home he's living in Swampscott and then golf gov whatever two starts any signs up to get in bed it to be embedded and he's he does and I interviewed him about three weeks before he went I hadn't seen in a long time and I thought Jeez I interview people all the time why haven't I interviewed him about this so when he was home and interviewed him and he says he's going back really what are you going back to you don't have anything to prove you got kids your wife why you going back there well I'm not afraid I'm gonna be who you know accompanied by big strong scary soldiers with big guns and no problem well three weeks later he's dead three weeks after I interviewed him died killed at the Baghdad airport same airport where this most recent taking out of solar money happened same thing same place he was ambushed in a jeep turned over in a ditch we don't know if you wish I don't know if your shot first or whether he just John the point is he suffered from something I believe a form of I don't know Sir I type of trauma that makes you bored with regular life and I think the soldiers suffer from that they can't it's tough to deal even though we had a kid no wife kids and wives he went back there by the way he told me Hey Bradley you you know you should you should get embedded to be great hi he says I know the general in charge of the betting odds just put in a word and you'll be gone over some idiot as many of you know and I actually considered it I considered it and Alan I see when I first heard he was dead I didn't consider it anymore can you go by the way that interview that I did in his home is available for you to read the transcript of it I gave it to the Atlantic monthly a to print and they did and it's it's it's just Bradley J. interview Atlantic Michael Kelly and you can read so PTSD O. C. D. are there others traumatic stress related weirdness is the you might suffer I'd like to hear about them how they affect you how you may I treated them we have a after this Melinda in Quincy easy.