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"dios diaz" Discussed on Brothers of the Serpent Podcast

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"dios diaz" Discussed on Brothers of the Serpent Podcast

"And so he's sired by zeus he's thrice born inborn three times basically to mothers and then when the baby's finally born like i got a high dispatch so he hides the baby in a style until the baby's nine months or forty weeks then when the baby is born baby. God diagnosis. finally Now he's gotta hide him because he knows hero will still have it out for him so he takes him to the nymphs of mountain nice house and there is where the god the diaz the zeus of nice house is ray so his name dyonisis isis means zeus or the god that dios diaz. That's the way. I was saying that she had god. It's related to zeus linguistically the same. Zeus zeus diaz. Do nicest means that. The the zeus of now nicer the god of not nice as he was raised there but he tells the nymphs you got to keep them secret from hera in fact it might be better if you haven't dress as a girl for as long as possible. And so they dress him in saffron robes which means flowing yellow soft robes and eventually that is not gonna eventually when he reaches puberty manhood. You will not be able to be. Concealed is a girl anymore but even as a grown man he still dresses. He likes those kinds of clothing. According to the myth because of that so also achilles was raised dressed as a girl. I argue that this is based on the stars as well. We can talk about. Why but later when it's too late you know. He's to matured addresses a girl in some of the myths they turn either into a ram or into a goat for awhile to hide him similar. Okay too to make him passes a girl anymore. But we'll leave him as a ram or go until he's full grown then once he's a guy that he's safe when he's grown. You know are powerful diagnosis. So that's some of the story behind these flowing. Roads ally never cuts his hair. Or he's got this kind of two natures he's a A border-crossing god and you know wine is a border crossing it. It breaks down barriers right things down cultural barriers. It breaks down social restrictions and things like that is. He's very complex. Figure dinosaurs so there's some of his some of his attributes probably enough for us to go to the stars and start looking at him. But maybe you guys wanna comment or.

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