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Derrick Henry's Fantasy Playoff Outlook After Monster 238-Yard, 4-TD Game

Rich Eisen

02:32 min | 2 years ago

Derrick Henry's Fantasy Playoff Outlook After Monster 238-Yard, 4-TD Game

"Right now. His ass fan. Cheering because Derrick Henry is coming back in the game for third and goal. He could he could get his fifth rushing touchdown of the night. It's third and goal. The titans lead the Jaguars thirty nine Derrick. Henry right now. Sixteen carries to thirty nine four touchdowns the Jaguars stuff Dion Lewis on third down. And they were partying like a big stop in the Super Bowl. Right. The second down play Lewis get stuff. Jalen Ramsey starts flexing. Like, this is the greatest thing ever gets questioned via Tennessee Lyman walks over. And then he flopped he went and he did a full Rick flair. I'm flying to the ground referee, not buying it. Playing violins and the entire office is beautiful. Jalen Ramsey flexes. After a third down stop. Second down stop his team is losing by twenty one. And a guy could set the record for most yards rushing the game against your defense. But now, hey, good, man. We just made a big stop in a goal at the one. Just unbelievable. We're really one of the more ridiculous things. Yeah. That we've seen in some time from the Jacksonville D. But you know, that's about his chest is I guess they've been able to be this entire season just to absolutely absurd. The offensive line doing a great job for the titans throughout this game. Just owning the line of scrimmage. So they get a big stop there. I guess quote unquote, and for the moment slowed things down, but Henry comes back in. We'll see how they played third. Jason. I got to take something back that we said we actually thought CJ two case game was against the jets. Because obviously every good game anybody has against the jets. But what if I were to tell you tonight's game and Chris Johnson's game. We're both against the Jags were they really? Boxing.

Derrick Henry Titans Jalen Ramsey Dion Lewis Jaguars Tennessee Lyman Boxing Chris Johnson Jags Rick Flair Jacksonville Jason
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The Sporting Life with Jeremy Schaap

02:35 min | 2 years ago

"dion lewis" Discussed on The Sporting Life with Jeremy Schaap

"But he's much more relaxed speaking with John powers again about his new book about Bill Belichick Fridays with Bill, and you've been around so many at standing coaches, you covered the Olympic beat forever. So many global figures in sport and pretty much. Everyone agrees by this time that. Bill bell check. If he isn't the greatest football coach of all time. He's in the conversation. You've been around special people. What makes Bella check the success that he's been was interesting. He's very much on the moment. But one thing that will make him crazy. And this is why he's so terrible after a law. So two days later, we says we're on a Cincinnati. What happened last week last year last decade is relevant to him? It's basically what's going to happen in the next game today. That's why he is so unemotional about letting players go if he thinks that he can do. So we may never know by Malcolm Butler didn't plan the Super Bowl. He may never tell us. But he is let people go that. You would think on the goodness. How can you, you know, Dion Lewis, go do what, you know, anybody else go, but he understands it's very much on the moment. And we all know he would let Tom Brady go it. Somebody can't do the job. It's remarkable. I mean, you know, what he's done, you know, there's simply. Louis not enough. You can say about the longevity of it, the consistency of it. And yet, you know here we are since they've been in three Super Bowls in last few years. And they've won another two people forget that. It was ten years without winning one. They win a full decade between that third. Ballot. Check Super Bowl and that fourth Bella checks proposal yet. Nobody lost faith in him because they were winning so many games, and they were very tough. I mean losing to the giants when you had a perfect season on the line as best. I think ESPN is book talked about it was very long bus ride and chicks up and said, I didn't coach you wellness. You know, I didn't do the job. This one's on me. So with the players do like about two things he he he basically drills it down to the two or three things you have to do to make sure that we win this weekend. And if the team loses he'll always say we didn't play well enough. I didn't oughta. So he's never going to throw the players on the bus. I think that they get that. But mostly what he. Stands. You can't tell them thousand things you're telling the three things the whole do your job thing. But he explains what the job is. He doesn't make it too complicated for you. And you know, where you stand with Bill Belichick, whether you're on the hallway for your in the media. John powers is.

Bill bell Bill Belichick Malcolm Butler John powers Dion Lewis Bella Louis Cincinnati Tom Brady giants Olympic ESPN ten years two days
NFL scores: Week 10 results, highlights

CBS Sports Radio

01:10 min | 2 years ago

NFL scores: Week 10 results, highlights

"Of opportunities. The titans took advantage of their opportunity is former player under Bill Belichick. Mike vrabel? Now, the head coach of the titans trounce this former mentor thirty four ten the titans beat the patriots and former patriot announced titan running back Dion Lewis after the game called the victory personal Todd Gurley. Ran for one hundred twenty yards and a touchdown. The Rams hung on to beat the Seahawks. Thirty six thirty one.

Titans Bill Belichick Mike Vrabel Todd Gurley Dion Lewis Seahawks Rams Patriots One Hundred Twenty Yards
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The Doomsday Podcast

04:16 min | 2 years ago

"dion lewis" Discussed on The Doomsday Podcast

"You get paid. All right. Ed. Let's set this up. You're gonna hear from Jerry you've been around. Jerry, a lot after games you were having to wrap up some stuff. You did with the titans who is your who's your interview for the titans, by the way? I didn't. I didn't get running back. Dion Lewis who had good sixty are rushing. Sixty Arja receiving made a spectator of Derrick Henry, the former second round running back on Alabama really took over the lead role at running back. Scored a touchdown on a screen pass thirty plus yard screen pass play in the fourth quarter to help close out the game. So we went with his observations he squirted around all over the field. He was very impressive and former former guy usually with the with the patriots. And so by the time you finished up with him. We had already started it on Jerry. And and you've been around Jerry Alon after these games. What about you'll hear both questions from myself, and as we get into this. What about Jerry's demeanor his countenance, so to speak what stood out to you? It's very unusual that you catch Jerry in a in a situation where he's honest about his frustration and describing his teams play as being so substandard and so below his own expectations. Usually Jerry's a kinda guy who's pumping sunshine all the time. And this wasn't that by any measure, and you think further about you know, all of the advantages that they had in this game. You forget that Jason Witten was back for the first time as a cowboy and there was a ceremony before the game. And so there was it was an electrically in the in the crowd, and then they got those early turnovers and the chance to take a big lead, and they just failed by every measure to to meet Jerry's expectations. And it isn't often that he acknowledges it in a moment. So close to the end of the game where you okay with the Jason Witten tribute, you infamously were Chris. Vical of the twenty Romo Tribu only critical in saying they didn't do this for Troy Aikman. And he is a celebrated high level that worked partner broadcaster. And seems to me he won a few more Super Bowl rings than certain other people that might have been giving more acclaim when they came back. I don't remember. The welcome home. Troy banners? Like there were for Wittman Romo, and that's all fine. And well, that's for them to decide how they wanna do it. I'm just saying I think Troy deserve that too. If anybody did got you got you in Whitten. They sit Witten looked pretty emotional. He was gonna make some remarks right after that on ESPN. But they said Joe tests toward talked over him. I know everybody was worried about is. I talked to so many people the broadcast grew there were very concerned about being able to control his emotions circumstance. He did fine. I he was he was good to say quarter. I was listening to it from the press box broadcast, and And he did did some some good. good people been beaten up on him a lot. He's going to be. Okay. They thought they were getting robo. He's not Romo. He's not. He's not that witty no pun intended. Each. Just it's not him. He is smart. And he knows football like crazy in if allowed to in put in the right situations. He can be good. He's just this is not been a great booth for him. And I don't want to go too far into it on that respected ED's still paid by Fiennes. So I don't want him to come at too much on it. All right. Well, actually went and did say something critical of the Cowboys late in the game about the trick play with Colby's Lee from the posing from the twenty yard line. They had a trick reverse play where Colby's Lee who hadn't been given the ball all night. Suddenly now becomes a feature attraction when they're down two touchdowns late in the fourth quarter. And then he's he's giving the ball on a reverse expected to stop and throw back to Dak Prescott from the twelve. This you need all this to score in the final minutes from the twelve yard line. When you're down to. Touchdowns. And he said something to the effect of that's, you know, that's one of the things that that's kind of frustrating thing that makes you realize why you didn't come back..

Jerry Alon Jason Witten Wittman Romo titans Troy Aikman Derrick Henry Cowboys Romo Tribu Colby Dion Lewis Troy patriots Arja ESPN Whitten Alabama Dak Prescott ED
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The NFL Show

03:30 min | 2 years ago

"dion lewis" Discussed on The NFL Show

"Hopefully, this kitchen's guy knows what he's doing. Because Freddie, kitsch they've got so much town on that offense, and they gave to Johnson at three year deal for the years. So it was like evidently he was a big part of their future. But who knows what's going on there? Freddie, kitsch definitely real person. Freddie kitchens. Trae kitchen one hundred percent of this is his name second best only Jim Bob cooter in terms of coordinators cooter. That's one of the names of my fantasy league from home gym, JIMBO pretty kitchens, though. Oh my God. Freddie kitchens. Let's go to Dion Lewis of the titans planet. Dallas last week. He had one of his best games of the season thirteen Russia's ninety three yards. Six catches sixty four yards. The the the Cowboys have been pretty good against the run actually this year, but they have given up some catches to running back. So I think that could be worth Lewis makes his Mark this week. I'm actually. Tentatively in on him. I'm the titans offense does not inspire a lot of confidence. But I think that Lewis in this game script probably get seven six or seven targets and make the most of them. So I'm in on him this week. Yeah. My thoughts are actually more about the Cowboys than the titans. Cowboys. Are we thought about them as having a great offense align for years, they're actually now just a great deal on actually decent decently? Good secondary interested good defense. So it's more about rephrasing. How I think about the Cowboys. Speaking of them, though, more Cooper, I have the same thought almost the exact same thought on Amari Cooper has golden Tate, even though they have nothing in common as people or careers. I would never play a receiver one week after he gets to the team. I know they are each basically were able to get there by week and integrate. I don't buy any of that. I'm willing to risk that he gets touchdown three. When he won't like it so much timing that you have to develop like think about how all offseason like he's not been able to do anything with teams and practicing with fully three years. There's no chance he just he's still learning. These guys names. I. It is. So not worth the risk to play him. Put it this way. He's on our team in the Reagan league. We're going against your team this week. We have I think what what's the technical term dog shit for court for for receivers. And we're still playing them ICU for so I'm just waiting to see how that plays out as we talked about last week. I'm still kind of in the friend zone Cooper. I'm actually kinda cited to see how this goes. But. Decay. No, it's the same. If you've golden tastes the same thing next week like imagine if you switch jobs, would you do anything in your first week? Would you accomplish anything? You're not starting to marry either. No god. No, absolutely. Not the same. No. None of them. I think we should go back on this next week and save your right? I do I'm so willing. I'm so willing to be wrong on that. If okay them wrong, it sucks. I will not start a receiver for the rest of my life. Well, the next year we're going to talk about is germane curse again. So he had ten targets last week to the week before ten the week before that so twenty two target in three games. He hasn't done a whole hour them. I'm out on him this week. I guess since I've kind of been in his corner last weeks, you know, to on this podcast. I think I'm just like I got to see more from him that offense. Even though he's getting a lot of targets not doing anything with it, you see Stockholm syndrome. Yeah. Suited to their see darnold has been hitter mass where how you feel about curse. I don't. I think I I liked the opportunity. I I think it's clear he's not up to being number one receiver. I think he doesn't have what it takes an Elsa. Just darnold in the jets the offense as a whole has declined in. It's hard to expect him of things Robbie Anderson might come back, but it's also hard to expect speed guys. Coming back from an ankle injury. That might be hobbled it's different than other positions. When you're eighty seventy percent, even so I want him to be good..

Cowboys Freddie kitchens titans Dion Lewis Amari Cooper Freddie Jim Bob cooter Johnson Robbie Anderson Reagan league Dallas Russia Stockholm jets golden Tate eighty seventy percent one hundred percent ninety three yards sixty four yards three years
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The Herd with Colin Cowherd

01:53 min | 2 years ago

"dion lewis" Discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

"Dollah wouldn't wouldn't keep Dion Lewis any saddling them with this stuff. A guy that won't even memorize the playbook. Won't even put in the time and commit to memorizing playbook. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, after that Detroit lost it was just that I've used that sound byte about five times. Brady's just done with it. He's exhausted. He's and I'll go back to this. It is amazing. The bears are just signing guys left and right. The eagles signing the Rams signing guys. I mean, the Vikings Stefan digs Kirk cousins or signing guys has Brady ever said to rob Bob Kraft, the owner, where's the money going? 'cause I'm taking a pay cut. You're not painting of a running back. You're not paying our receivers. You're not paying our defensive line. You're not paying a pass rusher a ton where Saul New England's money going Brady's been taking a pay cut for ten years. The Rams, the bears, the eagles. Money, money money, but the Green Bay Packers and the patriots who have the do best quarterbacks in the league air always out of money, green bad. We can't. We can't afford Khalil Mack who you paying whose Green Bay pain. You're not paying Aaron Rodgers yet. His contract isn't starting yet. I've been paying him yet and Brady's like you're not paying me. You're not paying receivers, not pay my back's. You paying the Potter. Who are you paying here our to Greg Cosell, Michael Strahan in a packed second hour Kevin Durant. Can you stop, whining, come on, Kevin. Nobody hates you almost. Nobody. That's next in l. a. it's the hurt. This is the heard hour to wherever you may be. And however you may be listening live in Los Angeles iheartradio Fox, Sports, radio, and f s one joy..

Brady Green Bay Packers Rams Aaron Rodgers eagles Dion Lewis Kevin Durant Green Bay Kirk cousins Dollah Khalil Mack Detroit Saul New England Los Angeles rob Bob Kraft Greg Cosell Vikings Michael Strahan Potter ten years
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First Things First

03:55 min | 3 years ago

"dion lewis" Discussed on First Things First

"It's like, wow, what do you expect? Tation? Can the titans? Can they compete this year? Yeah, they can compete. And the reason why they are very, very physical football team around the Lee. They say the titans are them kind of games when you play them on Sunday, you still sore until a Wednesday game people like, what? What does that quake? Two men. They play football. They run the football with Derrick, Henry banging at you, and now they have what I think one of the best change of pace in Dion Lewis, getting him over from New England because he is a weapon out of the backfield. He is a nightmare for people in space. I like Mary ODA Bill, get the ball out of his hand. Now people they might be shocked that they realize what a good athlete Marcus mariota is, but out of the pocket in on the run. He's one of the worst throat was in the bottom five throwers that we see from a completion standpoint on the move. So it's the opposite of what you would have expected that we all the other guys that can run there used to run in. They throw better running than they do sitting in. The pocket, Vic, Cunningham, these guys, this Wilson's great at it. Oh, man. I mean, so it's an odd set a circumstance that he has there. How does he improve on that last year? Not necessarily got better. We saw him in car kind of suffered the same type of injury in the next season kinda went bad, him rush, you know? So what will he do in this year? It's this franchise. They can win ten games. They can win Tim Gaines, but him Dion Lewis. Outside of these one of his young receivers, Corey Davis, you know, where's he at this point? Is he going to step up to? I think the titans might be one of the most underrated teams in the league right now. And here's why I thought last year they had below average coaching and from a statistical standpoint, they had well below average quarterbacking mariota after an excellent year, two had more interceptions than touchdowns. Last year he had a seventy nine rating and despite all that they won nine games. They had a big comeback win over the chiefs in the playoffs. They got. To the second round of the playoffs. So I if rival is just league average his first year as a head coach to me, that's an upgrade over Mike malarkey. If mariota is just almost as good as he was in year two, that's a big upgraded to what he was last year. And you mentioned the added Dion Lewis. And the other reason folks should of course watch this game is my man right? There is making his debut as an NFL analyst. So if you have the Sunday package or if you live in Tennessee or Miami, turn on this game and listen, my man do it very few. Don't worry about that. You're not there. What do you say you're not there for the names? Who's who's the game? Calling the games, Sam Rosen, Sam. That's what he's there for. You're there for the analysis. There you go. So don't worry about that. Oh, I'm not worried. Got a pretty good day. Patriots. Patriots came about this close to winning the Super Bowl last year. And while bell check breaches the concept of just moving forward that has to sting just a bit for someone that locker room, though kickoff there twenty eight thousand campaign against the Texans on Sunday Forty-one-year-old, Tom Brady leading retooled offense against a defense that includes JJ watt, and David clowney, a stud quarterbacked named Shawn, Watson artsy, what has to happen for the Texans to upset the patriots week? One figure out what they're going to do because no one, we don't know what was going to do weak the weak. And now you're talking about the first game of the season. No, Eshelman gronk we haven't seen him in the preseason. So what are they going to do? They're going to throw the ball sideways against them. They're going to pitch the ball to the running backs or wide receiver. Philip Dorset, unbelievable, speed, four, three. I'm Tom, this guy is electric. Cordell Patterson. Another four, three guy not great receive. Vers they've proven down the field are veteran football player this a critical year for them. How does Bill Pella check, Josh mcdaniels you like these guys in the backfield or at the wide receiver position? I, I don't know, Phillip door set..

titans Dion Lewis Marcus mariota football Patriots Corey Davis Mary ODA Bill chiefs Sam Rosen Tom Brady Tim Gaines Cordell Patterson Mike malarkey Bill Pella NFL Philip Dorset Miami Cunningham Josh mcdaniels Phillip
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The Fantasy Footballers - Fantasy Football Podcast

05:12 min | 3 years ago

"dion lewis" Discussed on The Fantasy Footballers - Fantasy Football Podcast

"A third around guy in standard leagues dion lewis is a six round guy in every major category dion lewis was better than derrick henry last year including short yardage situations in fact derrick henry fourth worst percentage than football and third in short he converted thirty forty percent of the time we got some derrick henry heaters body to the first road and so you gotta pay a draft price mike do you want to more than guys know penny no doug baldwin no tyreek hill maybe no maybe agi maybe warmer warmer now the reward is that look he comes in like a wrecking ball and scores ten touchdowns by lisa yeah i don't think that nicknames going to stick but to shorter years ten touchdowns i mean five year from derrick henry and if they choose coaches can be stubborn about this they can go into the season and say dion lewis is going to be our third down guy and he's going to be our between the twenties guy and durkin get in the bonds of the twenty no matter what and inside the twenty he was actually okay in the in the red zone so he's only stuff six times in the red zone so maybe he gets an extra red bull into system and finds a way there where he can't find it all over the field i don't buy in i'm with all the booze i think that you're talking about probably seventy thirty chance that you're disappointed in paying third round price for derrick henry so well myself on the record in the case between the thickness in the quickness oh yeah you're going with the quickness i'm team thickness i've got derrick henry finishing ahead of lewis and fantasy points okay i'm the only person in the known universities in the audience oh they're called for a water bit oh oh waterbed agreed agreed the quickness and the thickness they call you and i'll take the path in the middle fifty fifty that's fair i can't be wrong that's the jason more special all right we got in the mail bag so we got one more each all right let's hear it i wanna talk about mark ingram because there is risk step one it's called the fourgame suspension knocking to score a bunch in those four games no he will score approximately zero points last year weeks fifteen through nineteen nineteen means that they played in the playoffs just wanna make sure people threat chimera was getting more touches i know that people are bringing it up i will say it's not a lot however in that important ten zone ingram got one opportunity to chimeras four ingram getting squeezed out of those goal line opportunities ingram's twentyeight he's on a contract year do they squeeze the last rop or do they move on a player who is being suspended for the first four games is being drafted at the beginning of the fifth round as the twenty fourth running back to saints have a bye week in week six heading into week seven you could play mark ingram once no thanks that's that's pretty close to half of your fantasy season now here is the reward for mark ingram this isn't the first mike it's not the first time we've seen a short season for mark ingram and that did not stop him from being a dominant fantasy running back two thousand fourteen only thirteen games running back fifteen two thousand fifteen only twelve games running back thirteen that would be clear reward if you're drafting the running back twenty four and i want to talk about these opportunities from week ten on chimera forty fortyseven targets ingram in that time thirty two targets that puts them on a seventy three target pace he's still getting fraternity especially in the passing game he was still seeing seeing double digit carries nearly every single game he was running back six last year now here's the reward i really wanna talk about on this show we talk about second half players frequently we all know because we play fantasy football guys show up on championship teams frequently have fresh legs mark ingram mmhmm is going to have the freshest the freshest of the fresh so fresh clean so fresh how about a player who has been a top ten running back for the past two seasons heading into week seven has only played one game that's very interesting you're spinning his complete absence as a positive you have yes actually i am and i know that there's risk because you've got to carry them granted you're not taking zeros for marking because you are prepared for this suspension.

dion lewis derrick henry football thirty forty percent five year
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Even Money

04:02 min | 3 years ago

"dion lewis" Discussed on Even Money

"I don't think I don't think the titans were priced correctly here. I would have them ahead of Houston and right there almost with Jacksonville, especially building on what they did last year. They were pretty aggressive in free agency getting guys like Dion Lewis on the offense of side of the ball defensively. They got Malcolm Butler Tennessee's another one that I thought I thought there was some value there. We're gonna have to disagree on this. I think Tennessee stinks. I think they got better for all the reasons that you indicated. But I had them as massively overrated at the end of the last year. I mean, make my case for it. Their stats were that of a basically a nine and seven team that gained five point two yards per play. They gave up five looks pretty solid and they they, like you said, they've improved the team. They've improved the coaching staff. Why shouldn't they improve one mariota's injured every year. And if he doesn't have wheels and he can't run properly, the offense doesn't work. But the real problem I have with Tennessee is everything broke row right for them in their division. So they go six and seven against games, not against backup quarterbacks within their division, and they get outgained in those games by fifty point. So they really get outplayed, but they pound Indianapolis twice, and they found Houston once when Tom savage and. Or the quarterbacks. And that really those games made their defense look good because they basically really shut down those three teams. And when I said they pound them, they really didn't pound Indianapolis. Those were to close games that were actually bad beats of your bed Indianapolis in both of them. So because of that and the team going five and one in division, I love fading teams, five and one in division because I think that if you're Jackson, you've got beat both times by them. You've got that game circled, same Indianapolis, so, but your opinion is probably more prevalent than mine on Tennessee. Most people are high Tennessee. I'm low on them. The ones that out to me and I'm not sure it's even wrong, but just to see Seattle, Steve with the nineteenth best odds to make the playoffs at plus two twenty. I I'm not sure it's wrong. It just it just stand out to me. Yeah, you know, I was talking to RJ bell about Seattle, and he made a great point and kind of brought me along where they lost so much on the defensive side, and I really downgrade them and he, he was asking me when was the last time we saw a team with a top five quarterback, not be favored to make the playoffs. So think about Green Bay where they really have a subpar team across the board. But as long as Aaron Rodgers is quarterbacking, they win ten games, doesn't matter that the rest of the squad wins four or five finally has to play the whole year. We'll Seattle. You could make the same case Russell Wilson right now is my number two rated quarterback behind Aaron Rodgers. So if I have the number two quarterback in the league, how can the team be not be projected to be in playoff contention? I think it's probably worth the flyer to bet. Yes, Seattle playoffs. What about? I'm glad you mentioned Green Bay because we kind of glossed over them, Steve. They've got the fifth best odds overall to make the playoffs third-best in the NFC and they're in the same division as the Vikings and Detroit should be salad. Chicago will be better. Do you think that that the Vegas odds are are a little too kind to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers? You think that's about right. I think it's about right. You know, all the Packers do is win ten plus games as long as Rogers there. And then of course, one can argue, well, he's broken his collarbone twice in the last five years. Willie be there. Will he be willing to run?.

Tennessee titans Aaron Rodgers Seattle Indianapolis Steve Green Bay Green Bay Packers Houston Dion Lewis Malcolm Butler Tom savage Jacksonville Russell Wilson Willie Rogers RJ bell Jackson NFC
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"Say my name i feel like it's such an honor to be able to play football and then to play in an organization where you know at any given year for the last ten fifteen years you're going to be there at the end in some capacity it just makes me feel like you've been given this unbelievable opportunity you all go in with the same chances every year you guys are the ones that are left they are standing you wanna complain about money complain about money but don't complain it's too hard or bill belichick is too hard on me or or i can't deal with all the pressures of being here because you're one of the few people that get to wear one of those rings that everyone else seems to covet in this league that like chris like you worked your whole career you never got one of those rings so i have a hard time processing both do you as a fan do you understand my perspective of course i would love ring i wouldn't trade my career for for been to win a ring but one in the ring is very very special that's what they do also besides soldier beside the guys who had complaints leaving new england i want you to look back and see where they were when new england found them may sold it was high draft pick but the rest of the players bella check makes these players in the something look up dion lewis resume all right look up his great staff that he's had absent of new england all every team in the nfl could have had him in dollas well okay so all these guys made a constant choice to go somewhere and the coach actually made them better and the coach put them in a position that they wouldn't have gotten the paychecks that they got if it wasn't for bella check so be careful in your complaining all right be careful because it is football and there's a certain amount of sacrifice that's everywhere so it's not always the grass is greener there is a different level of commitment in new england there's a different level of stress that goes with the job but all thirty two teams there's a great deal of stress and i just i and this won't surprise you jin i i feel totally opposed to where you're at on this i don't think football players should be considered a different bucket than any of us in.

football chris dion lewis england nfl bill belichick ten fifteen years
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The Rich Eisen Show

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"dion lewis" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

"Certainly if they're going to and i think to give you an idea of exotic smashmouth being different demarco murray out dion lewis in and you already have derrick henry and you're adding malcolm butler to the back end of your defense do you like it out it all depends on the health of the quarterback which we'll see by by the way i had heard that that it was possible he's gonna go to michigan how about that offered a scholarship ad i didn't camp that he didn't know that it was offered scholarship kim fun stuff from all right back in sixty seconds if you like sports podcast check out podcast one sports now every tuesday podcast one sports net the yankees in folks are already fighting it out for first in the east it looks like they'll be the two teams going down the stretch backed by ap sports department jim limpkey and tim dahlberg break down the latest news events throughout the week and podcasting from all major sporting events on site throughout the year keep a close eye on lebron because pretty sure there's some heroes left in this guy checkout podcast one sports now at podcast one sports net and apple podcasts also remember to rate and review i just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to gyco i feel like a whole new person disclaimer you will not become a whole new person this is impossible you might be able to join a gym modi diet program by wardrobe get here implants dna physical form will remain the same gyco waves any and all liability if you attempt to become a new person except cyborg if you choose to become a half human half cybernetic organism with lasers for is the geico legal team would be cool with that because quote laser is pretty sweet.

demarco murray derrick henry malcolm butler lebron dion lewis michigan yankees ap jim limpkey tim dahlberg apple geico sixty seconds
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"And and i think that the the forty niners were in on dion lewis the new england running back and they didn't get him so they may have felt okay we're gonna we're gonna lose carlos hyde we didn't get dion lewis let's see let's see what we need to do to get jerick mckinnon deep draft for running backs but it's not necessarily a deep free agent pool for running backs and mckinnon that the number did surprise me for years thirty million dollars in the big question is is he legit as three down running back heel lead nfl back whereas he just an exceptional role player who has to play as part of a committee like you did minnesota and we're gonna find out the answer to that they're paying him an awful lot of money either you guys have the guarantee on it i don't know how the guaranteed didn't know how much of the thirty million is guaranteed man no i thought gary was reading off of espn i thought he had it i am reading off espn like i said it doesn't say though well it's either way it's probably a sizable man i would imagine it's ten million plus guaranteed but the question i would have is then you know this is is this an indication that because the one thing about this draft whether i mentioned the names before they got a pick at fifty nine in round two they got two picks around three seventy and seventy four and i'm looking at that board of running backs and yeah barclays going go high in in the first round and geiss is probably gonna go first round as well but royce freeman vo scarborough from alabama nick chubb from georgia rashad penny san diego stay kaelin bellagio asu jalen samuels nc state carry on johnson auburn there's there's a lot.

dion lewis mckinnon minnesota gary espn nick chubb georgia carlos hyde nfl alabama nc thirty million dollars
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"Tragically lost his life they do need another pass rusher their short deposition it's a tough spot for jason light in the front office to be in i would imagine that they'll be mining the bottom of the free agent barrel there and hoping it they find a steal there to go along with no spence that can apply some pressure but jonathan it's not going to be an easy task the buccaneers have a lot of work to do in that area flew question about pass rushers to a question about quarterbacks we go to this with meal june do you you've arizona carnal drafting a quarterback and and a photograph this year or do you even tiny marquee for user quarterback yet lather both teams that listen i they're really two more key quarterback free agents right now we've got kirklands and we've got case kinam and i think that that teams in play for cousins or the jets the vikings and the broncos and if cousins doesn't go to minnesota than i think keno goes back there but of causes go to minnesota than that leaves keen him to leave and i just don't see arizona figuring in right now with either of them may be keen them may be keno medelci arizona in on cousins i could see arizona going for a player like sam bradford coming up with an incentive laden contract and then drafting a guy oh no matter what they do and free agency and i don't think they get kirk 'cause i think they draft a quarterback that they begin to develop and so now you're in a situation where who's gonna be there guy maybe they're the team that knocks on the door for tyron taylor and buffalo a look they're going to get some type of veteran out there and i think they're going to be drafting somebody no matter what but there also in the middle around they want some games into the year which set them pack there so it can be tough to get one of these toprated guys again just like the bucks are gonna have a hard time finding pass rusher the cardinals ernie challenging spot in terms of funding a quarterback james free agency in the draft still several weeks away that means there's plenty.

jason light spence buccaneers arizona jets vikings broncos minnesota sam bradford tyron taylor jonathan kirk
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"Pretty good adam always enjoy the time to look forcing then they know that you feel i asked panama ask ask god to ask adults we should ask adam plenty of good voicemails today adam our interviews rental little long soda on abbreviated ask atoms section but let's get to the voicemails what do you say that shush paradigm that great from raleigh north carolina ramp workers graded and give him as many weapons will work workout in mind orders a cat predatory deal you could who you're getting gone with star hariri june andrew nor well well listen it sounds like right now that they are inclined to use the franchise tag on graham canot which gets nor role to the market if nor will hits the market it's going to be very tough to keep them because there are so many teams out there with offense of lied needs allah the new york giants with your former gm dave gettleman now serving as the gm there that i think it's going to be tough to keep andrew nor will any carolina he's the top interior offensive lyman out there and again i don't mean to disappoint your price but i think that he's going to be moving on but that's what the next few weeks of four let's day in the nfc south for this question artist withdrawn from campo um with the bucks in dire need of a defensive lineman especially past rougher and with the news coming up as we iansa probably won't be getting other detroit is there any defensive end defensive tackle less tough rusher that will be available from free agency we'll johnson it's a very difficult thing to sign look demarcus large can be tagged in dallas the blinds don't wanna lose ziane on sir julius peppers a free agent adrian claiborne is a free agent but you're not gonna find the top flight pass rusher out there and the bucks addressing seventh i believe in the first round of the draft look they could use some upgrades on the offensive line they could use some defensive line helped it's one of the problems really they have always struggled to come up with that pass russia i go back to when they drafted the late gains adams who was supposed to be a tremendous player coming out of clemson and just obviously never got the hang of it and then.

adams nfc gm andrew raleigh north carolina panama clemson adam russia adrian claiborne demarcus detroit campo um carolina dave gettleman new york giants
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"Dealing not only with their counterparts that are similar age but what about the veteran player there's twenty eight twenty nine thirty two thirty three years old it's looking at a twenty two year old quarterback saying hey kid we're we're depending on you you know you bring up leadership that that you know what that is so that's maturity that's maturity well it's maturity its work ethic its leading by example it's understanding that you're dealing with a lot of different personalities uh you know in in an eleven man hoddle uh with different backgrounds who different stories and you know where you are you a guy that this team is going to rally around a kid you elevate the play of others i made to me you know that's that's one of the things that that the greatest quarterbacks in the nfl i've always been able to do and that's elevate the people around them and uh obviously no one has done that better in this generation than tom brady at it pay granic right before him said of the fact that i've had a few personnel people over the last few weeks tell me that say qualm barkley is unquestionably the best player in this draft better than the quarterbacks is at an assessment you would agree with phil or not agree with i would say that if you had to go out and play a game tomorrow then there's no question that if the game was on the line you much rather just turned hand the football to sake want barkley then rely on one of these quarterbacks dropped back it make that third seven type of throw i i think that there's more certainty with say kwan barkley in terms of his projection into the nfl than any of these quarterbacks however there's a school of thought out there that you can find a running back it's been proven as recently as this past year without come on it and of course uh karim hot having tremendous success as you know non first round picks so i think the viewpoint of gm's and coaches has changed quite a bit in recent years because uh you know you wouldn't take a running back typically in the top of the first round because you felt like okay we've got four or five years to get all of this together and we need to build our team at.

nfl tom brady phil football kwan barkley gm twenty eight twenty nine thirt twenty two year five years
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"If he thinks that was duress then wait till he gets to the nfl where the number one objective for these defense this to harass the quarterback these quarterbacks right now going into the combine and the pro days and the pre interview process that's going to unfold clearly it sounds like you josh alan one dorrell to rose in three mayfield four or am i misinterpreting something yeah i i think i would i would go in ended a combine and again i haven't study rosen in donald as much as i've seen it senior quarterback but i think you know two months from the draft going into combine i would have it'll allan donald mayfield in rose and with the caveat that as it may feel uh advocate i would make sure as the gm of a given team they look our coaches really want in like this claire feel like they can work will because if if there's a struggle the show orders or the quarterback coach grow signs i really don't wanna work with the sixfooter hey you know hit seventy percent but a lot of them were folks greens and shallow crosses you know i don't see the translation if there is a shred of doubt within your offense his staff then to me yeah you've you've gotta move on from baker mayfield but there's got to be and all in believe that that he can be a bona fide player uh in the nfl and then josh frozen you know he's the purest passer of all of them honestly uh but i do think that there are some questions that have to be answered here this combine next week in terms of some of the charity some of his son look is uh you know beliefs philosophy you know how does he see himself as a leader and and those sorts of things because the ability to connect to older players that are relying on you as the quarterback to make a living that's the extremely imported it's probably than attribute that we don't talk about enough when we discuss these quarterbacks is just the inherent leadership and their style of leadership indeed.

nfl gm claire baker mayfield josh alan rosen allan donald mayfield seventy percent two months
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"I think it comes down to josh island and sampdoria don't uh in reality now there are some talk that they could go a different position at number one and then you know seve which quarterback is left at four but look if if you're the picking number one overall that you get your choice of of quarterbacks and i will say this though out while this is a very the quarterback class we mentioned low let and we mentioned you mentioned tanner lee from the braskin luke falcons some of these other guys are gonna go later the draft i think the overall top of the draft group and i like them all but i do think there touch overhyped and overrated but in in ebit beliefs by the time we get to the end of april i i would think that we're going to have four quarterbacks go off the board and the top ten topical epa dick's baker mitchell's group i think so and and weather there weather i think they're overhyped or its inflated it doesn't matter because the truth of it is these that the the quarterbacks and the prospects you have to choose from and if you don't take one up there than the likelihood of really find it one third or fourth round that you can develop it'd be those those picks are few and far between as well in terms of success stories uh that that come out of that part of the draft at that position so there's a lot of pressure in terms of these teams that are trying to figure out their quarterback situation but for my bonnie i think that josh alan ah ah as we're sitting here two months out i think he's the oddson choice going into the columbine in in based on what we know right now now is sam dog on a blow everyone away with his intangibles and those things he might but you know he says he has some flaws as well i mean a con a turnover turnovers year offensive line wasn't that great at usc so he was under duress and you know.

tanner lee baker mitchell usc josh island seve josh alan two months
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"And obviously i was the gm there and always felt like you needed the bigger body quarterback with strong on in this here still win up in that stadium in you know the truth of it is at an all the attention and cleveland goes on the quarterback and there two prevailing things that have happened with that franchise over the years that no regime has been able to figure out so the rural and that's a stopping the ron on defense and be being able to build an offense where there was a threat of the run game to help these poor quarterback said has gone through there i made yeah there's just sort of this savior aspect that this one player's gonna come in and save the day the truth of it is it's been a lack of being able to run the ball and a lack of being able to stop the run and that was something that really like us in the one year that we did have successful with the ten win jamal lewis ran for you know 13 100yard so uh it it absolutely those are questions that the into a bit for john dorsey i agree with you and in the two other people that you spoke to that it's going to be hard to bypass josh alan knowing this situation that they play an environmentally cincinnati pittsburgh baltimore and then of course in their own home stadium and the truth evidence as i do think in free agency they will find a bridge quarterback at uh some regards some level and so there won't be the inherent pressure to put josh allen on the field right out of the gate now we know it can be fasttracked in these teams that they're gonna re they want a redshirt a quarterback for a year and we know it last week's uh but that's a conversation score for after the draft i know we're too much out still but if you had better dollar today too much you think the browns would go josh allen or do you think that they go sam donald or josh rosen or baker mayfield their shake want barkley at and one i think it comes.

ron jamal lewis josh alan baltimore josh allen browns barkley gm cleveland john dorsey pittsburgh sam donald josh rosen 13 100yard one year
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"Someone even listen is anyone can to be surprised if dion lewis could be the mvp of this game of course not james white maybe maybe maybe should have been last year shane marine changed the game against seattle so there is going to be a way against this fast eagles defense that they not only go in with a game plan but that they achieve just when they have to and that's why i think the patriots win the game yeah that's the hallmark of the patriots being able to address like that and obviously you mentioned with eagles need to do when you look at eagles defense you said they have a great front they're not a great defense what's the weakness of that eagles defense out in the corners aren't great now listen have they played better than people thought including myself after seeing them in training camp in knowing the personnel yeah they have they've played better but to me this is what happens in the nfl seasoning and you know that spread confidence starts they beat the giants the giants who were awful i'm not going to defend the giants here but they beat the giants in week three on a sixty one yard field goal although certainly chains both teams seasons the giants at one and two might actually feel like they have a chance the the eagles beating the giants sending them to own three the giants were cooked they were done and the eagles felt like they could win those kinds of games and then they went on and did it but i think the other players especially in the secondary have played better as their seasons gone along and they've gained confidence and listen the best way to help a defensive backwards you now was with a a great front apps that's how they've gotten this done i gives jim schwartz an awful lot of credit yeah he's done a great job in a.

dion lewis mvp shane marine seattle patriots eagles giants jim schwartz james white nfl sixty one yard