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NGOPI #20 - Pengaruh Kesholihan Orang Tua Terhadap Anak Part. 2 (Ustadz Dr. Fachri Fachrudin, S.H.I., M.E.I.)

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NGOPI #20 - Pengaruh Kesholihan Orang Tua Terhadap Anak Part. 2 (Ustadz Dr. Fachri Fachrudin, S.H.I., M.E.I.)

"This sem jumps on a who saw has also the one the and heavy and as many letica sir here and with e via so more rahmatullah he to the he led the be debated tim had almost mohammed ali mohammed. At putting every year the wouldn't but at night because some button collini keep that combine human bomb while we were there listeners. No blunt indego by today who are by keeping his lap up within the asset. I'm glad that her by the as alum doing. And all those one hour getting thirteen and at a guy Caraba papu and it through our mini away but get there. But the glad being bra biden being islami at the abc. Had then god oprah november. We would say tokat wedding and tango. mobile here. city won't butter at those but blue to mazi ding ding and put kamara in carolina. Were we as the next galley. But don here when blue duck yes ender took me with the program. You need win. Over the dan but one bad at those that dr barry vowed didn't e- e daddy as they are yell he diabougou so i'm gonna very to cover the avenues that gary had putin degree. Genetic being in monticello shall i yes among others. Dini eddie will go to companion. Who by my hands the blue. We generally onions that there are more than and makes edges jakob building among the peace among noble bagman. Yeah it was the top a that then equity program make the idea by his love. Listener is about any shala that i'm by then mission to la massana. Then come on and get that informatica but you get the infamous needed up on hannity typical wanting here. You think about Bernie manila sorry non here in shalah a fumble idea of into january. Any anyone would ahead and yet the conrad massey's why did you got Needed bandai meet Mung lhasa. Nineteen charlotte dilemma. The calcuta but the The i'm bullish the secretarial We should've shell. That gas will win mayor kinney slough by a set the Casulty douglas the idea. That muscle quantity Idiot pensive opinion can be a monopoly in kenya. The win the is so w get to induce cananea again. So as nasa call real. This caller here can the room. Where but i did want to get you. Look smoke in glowing. Senior us now. They gave me in kindergarten. Puna the bad guy Taffeta get the Editor big alabama taffy. One in me. That i'm not the character who will be Home in charlotte beside to get equity away. If i did. Fm i thought shop with into an animal than the guy. The gun but my sweat. Yeah he shall we be other mccallum unless you get not how did you got december. The our tuchel balkan kaiji gb not analogies ding. Tell us to hit his allies. That then daniel my shadow. Why did you see me get tobacco. Donald at the but december would work Apo- louis ling zoom thing to be said that come down the youtube area decent into A good three but the hygiene and beaten say that their mind upper than dental hygiene movement. it'll make saloum via zoom zoom supporting nato meeting meeting at online any but i guess it worries by roma handling really there on ninety three way winning to get a mike and is the middle woodland kit also be some mountain madama that with the and now they got bigger go by the nin but elaine yeah. When the school seem critic dense underbelly stopping are no and supplies pollutes began. Alabama bless bless loose mula. It's melinda and be. Sam was up to sms the enormous amount of money. You didn't know about the blass. So blessed polos millions get bless. Boulos milan's milanesi gear then doing and they can come out. And let's say can discuss the joe bernardo. Casali hang around. That had a do y young nine. I didn't come given at about against either ginga movement the press That lose at the holiday because it was new. Dr get back on womb Own took woman daughter price. Kamar in can marry nadia here at wake bernardo gazillion Autumn weather had an akhbar. Do i am getting the company somebody new beginning but assigned you get developers. Blessed bus balloon other go facebook dot gov and get his meeting radio vitality namely what's up here but don republican comedian. Yeah d- larry nola. Patty might lapin. Million lima skins can scare so i want equal money. One hundred apps same overtime. Yeah or on did so be sober. Dump buck Did a solid yuga. That had up and knocking. Joe derek criteria. Because i haven't had up an knocking post back on anatolian solely to humana. Ideally yeah shall that a hidden the Antique done job. Joe said in custody sitting makiya than bania. Yeah setting guzman. Dan but mandala abba Did so they had been packed yet to side. Yes but get my now because we're not on the way to make it can't be done. We'll get to somebody in palo sardinia dot on casale at the way young mafia. If the jerry. So but what my Get the under sub. Decide that nice begging you condemn the said yes. Lucky be somebody putting an end. Anyhow this data on your mattis colors Young janta bike. When i got my didn't do that via can. Nobody can pull up on so young. Tend to be by the incumbent. Ron howard an upswing. Yeah that's the pandemic and By two can that's what bandung status shoddy yes anonymous sonya nba and But people mama anguish idea. Deadlines young superior Dump young senate significant rasa carlos Her sony had yet they daddy along you convention commission on biden complete by the end of the had up anti-gun. Your comment is general. But they are seeing could the final. Can you took them off. Deanna still up yet People belutti got his. Abc's bratty children yet Yes i mean i'm economic destiny. Like a but not too young. Yeah did kinda to be dominant and be around twelve by. Yeah i lo- morgan at indy. Got got put them in you. Got on Sam can bike necessary to the a to host Mara be a when the ending tip tanya then go bike hopeful and yet in ham but this is my home at the at the indicator. Nbc the at benita keita. Amazon yet A who've wendy ending and what not so that that bs hoople men on unless hannah. Let me say tara will. I can be bad. But how the ny manana matan dab dab islami You bet deficit how. Ubs by the coming and could on the on Eba sold out so that at one bs on social media. So why'd you wouldn't soon yet. The daddy casali had muscle. You bet who winning into san miami sonya that eating cattle hutton trapped in yemen plunged thirty then around to put a dent but at thirty one year within that can do the thing on the process bussey the fbi data in ekaterini qatada miami second cut etc noah. I'm heading need this political on the link said the lincoln if you go lending man yes but That would be tara. Remind the carlos and the the But a guy were thing demand the money you get bam one but the link going gloria islam me tabby at that sarah fifth s around two hundred as need to the criteria. Young with me adela. Molly had done more federal death. Sorry adopted them but the other case don't do not the three got to let Deaden area by again joel man at the dunk upon leukaemia and needed kannemeyer within the that put him up and coming home gun. Kelly's idea cellular colli beginning a bit of an indian plus plus polos all blurs spoons mantica. So when you near the reno la la lapenne sublime against gear in nominee. Daddy and need that. He will go as jala monica On the better. Thank you are paying on that than puppy. Goods around i g i m sued the shook up here we go. This is spot. They need the c. Eye to candy manali booed parents But when i to be Biden harris tip the sort on april takhar imendia harris Gun down with glaucous isn't about it on it. But that's not an asset pool Sauce could it down in south korea to equal boom gin Putting semisi mama getting. Yeah but that's what. I need the top john can. I doubt young plan adopted. Rule that lou. How area gabby somebody had like but muhammad so law. Hollywood seldom biki donaldson Hit them guide the development you get eating out boon. Yeah he must've said he Academic in hell how loud get their that. I'm an cholera. That people can investment yet. The alyssa get that the media dee seoul light. It'll you'll get Didn't Up a knockout not go brooklyn home to through kylo allies To typical on. But you don carlos you sorta Would wacky that also saw us and the video yucca tears on the west side hustle beyond that began. How highly that. The it'll i'm bill to either be salani. He was in need. You can buy and hickman by decca. Also little house can get down to Up and he kinda tassie setting by that and yet him. Then that'd be happy set. Keep said daddy southland soda. Kasey cy young would Dan but uncle up at that Just anybody But yeah not How to spot the epa. The top semassi. Mama getting it again up here mentality so Among i'm bill. How halbreich Islam somebody into gun while can. I'm had any idea so. Young visa. Monday india up yet. So it'll be ugly nbc Solani ventilated jerry. Burgundies and business. Seeing news is genuine dilemma again. So that when you again during the gave away did allah make winning. Get that minute and goran equipped near must. What's the i'm mutilated as a molly molly. Allama ramadan is in. What was that about. Musiba sajik and not bloom. Be some of my hip but al around post-saddam anurudha manip- ding maximum gained messiah bendler. Dan mullen one young Gun at Get that did that. Monoxide can but into law spina who given the putting hannele china. What you had in new kwan. Physical molly cohen. Not demand get put in the hanna yen dedicated yet. then we're happy tough. Deboer who mandi move i jetty. Monica dictating decanting bike. Jetty america one slot monkey umbrella and can Sena d. c. the mcgann. But tell us what that again by. Then command poignant maliki here in charlotte down the ban though saga my here and get. I think you indium that the that monopoly. Not by me. But by scotty cannot be boa unless lesson not to keep us log. Printer can adapt had his moments. This so matt monro arming current value. Who had he mentioned begging at calicut me. It's simple simple. You get more down to more backup. And i did muscle tone off. Get them got plunger. I thought how kobe canyon. How does he like who can tell below asset on autodesk thank you Yeti annetta can putting interpreting. Diana indian yaounde That won't get much on yesterday. Cpi data Get bad idea. What more like i be. Sola was still be related. But in the glut of government get in but You can get the are better than Put to with the process. Get the lumia. Sakhan saw that'd be esa. He knew that. I'm yes. Bake get their Banana an akita mama. So it'll processor bs and yet we need them out badly battle and data. yes job. Around do i need though. Eight weather domestic. America messy Deboer homeless who had yet because League i need much machine me What what did decibel suboptimal see developing wasserman autumn. Because the but again make up when you bente cliffs in the you're so de messing messing get by being idea by now on the scandal. Manasseh potato began. They'll put a tenure and he amir-ali determined salon. You near dan rea she baena get considered widow roader in on. La's the unwillingness tools against kaseke. An is in yet came. Who's news on twitter by get that settled the about bootle. Depending in music deployed jerry saying with can create the trickett young goodwill or on the wing in non almanac gaddis Happen to young kissy will young. When you're bob harris do but grin motably book accused name. When indicates he can come on king and danika salon concept. Parenting young. judy. Moonshot can kujat. Diane young by neck rigidity their money is up top getting s. He did that. He golic kenyan biting at the hickman government. It'll get the hat but who's is some of the who what the island that will be. But this is what young blue star hockey bad Tom scientists If I wanted to was that the goldie semnan money. Yeah we process young delusional outta here. We saw the who that was already people in not by down in god. We jet make property could wait. The adha sorta saw the donkey. Say my team had done. Young boy hit the bat. Sali had that he Abraham said the ambient about kobe can on to on can that collect gunman custodian ebro daddy but yet kaycee. Did you got that. A young entered button lay but Senior bloom bloom died. July date s mutal elemental hit the he. Bill be so bizarre bad but as a young goldblum to temple at the who when he do at the yet but this is what the double oven about the massive will muscle me starting. yeah Color get the When that thing on condition and saddam cloud Little scan on the dick again important is an akita not But the say to the that did aydin anakin would not that and combated. Kobe around Kobe kita them. Somebody can panicky anna anna nick. Casale hanya bundy kanye. After milking though i emperor bike with an unoccupied to put as table blackened manila's to possess that indian keeps us nearly bloomberg's email cal me a When i can happen on akita dole but he would at least get him get economically dominating cow and just give to at the beach by that. I'm bill hickman. Abraham said that mitterrand who susan on an easy by then you must have lip and break get some more economical and anarchy. Get me set up by the But he can in sydney be the be Mobile jeter give my nasty chatham notice by to get that stood out about civility between yesterday. Somebody can dede- bookkeeper Jalen presi may see the optimistic Loss on what they're then but obagi By an akita it. The german married to Not color look about what. I'm going to protest animal. How anybody can stay. Tuned us the By the sorting demata hidden number. Somebody leading up. I thought the getting on gangland young. Kim said that he asked a key tabby yet michelle mcgann yet the koran dan maximize. Who's known kit. That have nickel dejected. Axiom gloom guetta hangup almost said us harris decoupling than mexico me. Buca per one beginning. Plus blessed pools mega the dot com. Get meeting ready if i did it. In the quincy gutless lumber liquidators comey against combined gentle other bamboo normal south do near naked gentle about the la bubka peon. Ucla murder selena. Did you bluffs komo. Diga that you're mark but one with the pool on kakuma at the end but a people can ackerman job. I do opel ticket to you. Were kuang access career. He on rabuka some mechanism but lamarque mukund topology little book on fuck daughter but meet. Up nakhichevan to saying dental under mulela within dot com. Gio dairy a little more link road. Good luck with the up around. But he do google and see how young mike muggy gentle consumer can say morocco harger goto sitting and dr onto. Chrissy call specific. You're looking and amelie money. But some osama would remove program. global event will remove. Anka montiel occupied been yucky gentle. But who endured a lien on any pull some can only denounce 'cause you happen goteborg old. We could use our thing. And what did he. Loss law sola. Holly was salaam someday. Consume lena zebulon than narcan. Maciver gaming onto thunderdome would come nassar's jabre saw daddy. Pohang young howdy. Three-way durham easy. Done mark. the la hardy missouri. Menia zeitoun rukia the exhibit quality. Still buy extra gene sir blah do share do non easing owl measor among the mid eastern known. Macy's i'll hyung-doo leila onion lemon consume see musar dental maroshek unclassy adnia dot com. Measor d takata corp. dakota under the under. Ub be some of the economy. The love on upper we are were sat to similan to juno madura. Nord lapan suttie. Dua sato similan to you. Know li madura junie website comey deep. We're we're we're threatening zeh to rukia dot com. Do apology done scar. Ron and don circus yet new. Me's up show. Lucy saha eastland. Who shore about. Ben abba in the broadcast radio and in congress now but the how i would've thought after blue libido gut already fighting islam jd. Death dan deandre up there in pharmacy support. Era case lama. Dan and they're nasty dumberer then video islami daria aradio fighters video again. Nobody he big now. Mark martin gerber kotaro measly. Then kyrie molly was up on glass so blessed polo some villains landing gear glove blass sabinas polo some similarity gak will doubt that me. Yana aftab ruin was up here. Went back. I m s islam under demand. Slaloming got you finally. Did he confides it. Heaping islamic work and on info media. In then bihar sweater done eastland this in sea jumps on has the oil the oil neck shams on that has the one off evie and as many learners and with ecg. Neil fia win the appointed. Fm swagman islamic era demand. Bread and messeghero islamiyah's he'd and then somewhere. Yeah some at of the dr rubin as highly m. e e what casale handle on what had an occ- barbed wire is monitored comey hotter was lama. That began the young borough tune in borough gloom benziar some lance point data delayed by wouldn't under the rules is kalma alum. Kobe can menial then. Was it in baton. Yeah the button per game in llangollen. Alenia expert and alonzo bless bless lulu again all bless plus. Pollux simbi lands milan. Dna was up together. They deepen would you happen coming home. Run yeah but manang dr price. A bike depot coupons blew me issued by an curricula coming at the super duty by any in jail bake then gummy a in but beginning. But then you bless bruce. bruce milne's lengthy gap. That gal can winning and youth advocate. I've and through sunday people tanya new bama's with the taxi kgalema similarly was up. He added every three hundred ten sarria. Molly go make it on post Just in some more combat legal but at the in casale han. Dwyer's lalu ballgame nature when when when when got three young positive so are not yemen. Jeremy and canco islam. Monier labib aikman. Amanda hulu kanban ethica avoid salami top. One islami is that was model was was that gao we help. Nfc on daddy alkaline so that salani to On demand will one by looking at not all heated up c. Them out at debu anymore idiot. Pedic africa adept Downhill than siam wtop. Ourself didn't but Wilma it will We'll see a body emerick todd Back later i saw coming practically adopting a little. The indians ziprecuiter Young sakata lanka than he. Long the Put up e margaritas. Meshack evita put up data kahlon doctoring many character at the at the character animals among momentum caught up the character desa posse deep at the petri slama indiana an akita yet up the that output about how this other this but has been The yediot palo sciatic tanya money. Who can get on tied takata. Look on us to stay tuned. Don't mean that to be the county with another america data spectator my game. Then i'll get added the keita. Said the hundred for the sunai. How engaged potomac lead you guys for the so and jan and dean is vertical omar against Apply gentleman chip lang lang. Dan american andrew del younger as randy. Yes jalen apathy. Become islam colleen. Waylon cassandra anita dan character positive but also some government bungling got out the tip on that by can. That's a possibility gallon. Suria own shore academic immanent when those ought to work with the under god We'll see ya advocate. Wsa be somebody. Put it in then As somebody the polar dellarosa loss as the facet mcfadden deny to character and you to be believed to be shuttled Humana nakae almost half here as it. The donham can that be identified be by advocacy But i mean that seat but what animal caught up by that deadlines and begging you. That i'm not that you would be process. Somebody can hand and don't they need a nasty leaning skaggs manana ethica adopted yet. I'm gonna england could take a mccown how to split the add up w anti-death apartment and a team and danya we'd happened besmillah marmalade and then you'll get maccagnan tara do cam by golly to determine pensa jocketty than any other. He learned the keita. I don't get me quickly. Komo one an anti janjalani woman an idiom. He does that is issued. Should the joe. But it'd be de paul at the end. Also kenyan waking day and that As saying that in english. Tom miozzi overlay here to repatriate up by a new pomerania. Told me this young man Do the book. Kenya de la one. Two and judo. But if they are molly. Night of the sent it to that That's out yet and punky an akita. You can to bike jan to look at the at a young boy. Congo congo gallo these. I'm bacon the brecon. What if as young as eighteen It ended up that. It is advocate. the john are handy also losses alumnia tabuk on hannity on the window. Back you can get gingy than highland. Alyssa hannah who data amount that than the tampa deanna anarchy tagged. Vcd left but Getty towel masella. Any saying bs on cabeza de la islamic sneak than electric. Then decanted let me come within The muscle signing up is Being an to corrupt purposely. Tips a while Bs console. that are well. It'll help bender dumping osama some won't than young couldn't identify soukup Magnon by john. Kansas about they didn't then on on Comanche mara modiin seeing jaw. An but i saw that didn't pass Less than monte carlo ebay to charleston again then. There are hammered then nina sarah's yet to brigham beater my someone might have come back. Yeah yeah yeah he got. Why get on mollusc misdeeds have decent. Get my mom. Somali mama getting monkey bang except better. Get their Would we be become hickman man and a tiny in italian. How labat's Had the america on german lupu conc- c. c c. multifaceted it s among that yemen younger dependency german. The some bacon akiba Bilo tapioca not secret. Pick on the i bike. Guy but It'll be anna then. Lanka contacting echinacea Numb up fellas Then caenaro city had happened. Happened with xiang edema. Scotty a up to of to with the bottle that maintenance sweating and with me or the beginning be up when they go and did repeat three hundred salon salon. Numerous any an Molly what's up yet lenient. With me saying we're good but was the backup ought not a gun but obeida california diddy dick near hanya some muscle autumn ebou depending on nagging deductible around why than body dumping is over a year zero pseudo dominating with yeah you say was a ls sokaia league was is a data. Yeah see pasolini on saturday serene copy. You can't lucky lucky tactic. yeah A whim mean beaten pelindo that you equal yes by gay up Orion somebody can bunga your one but in one is a young luma this accustomed to end the color amount. Someone you identidad the guy Chicago he's got the saw appeal for the Academy sign you. I got mean data. Give us what. I'm bay day Up animal can be but he has also been ally to discount the gussie so so bad day. Mendes denies that must've say yeah keeping up a deductible habitat dealer the hunter hundred hundred two if you miss the house. News zone command bland than one makita. Salama salama colombina. And then one a pool. Keep landa see kicked out. keta Wanda was data. Kin into quote on quote on it and we condemn didi hitter. While upon that. I'm having me yeah. Highness autumn beauty an zebu able midland man their commitment tongue job but then decided by the he can i go. What can succession by show began. Can you putting everyone to stick on the. He did it again. This by gabe miss for now do goes by pretty well. I need to a it long. Daily homework young element among perry moga. Pura hallyday complied yaron neapolitan the index. Mike and were makes yeah. Does your like guinea. Re gandhi wounded that slam. Kibumba's theme can bug a. monaca gettman jerry. Ibo young osama solely. Yeah the momentum. Podcast ronan young soy latte. Yeah a yeah. Yeah the appointment. Yes deacon canada and then On than karima combat garner gamma conroe sell them intimately young by indian creek career. Connolly's sla seeing people. You know getting indian a amanda hang young four and is he said they take like year the pd part part of town. My but so let get that land youth gun but opinion break with the end of the is by add re look at them milan. The against again had goes at the end. But i'm about gaiman up bula the line solely at the holiday. Talented solely has show engineers at gca. Data's is the but can't ladan resources. How do you get the dentist. At number terai miscellaneous accepting the gladden chatham ideal on the beach loving somebody get the bug. And one is losing bobby lioness regulator engines dental identity conduct detente on to avoid a lot of the about who in galleon dental daniels. Resign timely. The bala- galligani pool with the nba. Jalen delivery delivery apoligise. Then he took on the cloud that autumn been mostly young young when the end a pedestrian Also loss at the order on solly us a habit thought it but hasn't liberty jedi gun on deadened keita. She is a little clear that komo use over here but hear me. How can get under pitchers brittan paul nominee wynia during thunder korea u. n. at the moment. Danny but how what were we. Selenium gimme ad read. Lol upenn's love to do do against again said same. Say up when you are not well he says. Hey my sitting numbers two around to us. I apply cooper manasseh. Lasagna se lou to assess th-wa than prelude era where on yet deputy said the book. Happy that you get mantis Mcgettigan see at the one hundred at the young up and they got three might out dotting. Yeah that'll be that up to be silent bositis colleague myself saudi sheikh almost one or that But get yeah. Cologne bill de tobacco can then keep out borrowed. Masha and scotty. Christie said mama kin little durkan video abraham and meriem and gandhi but gandhi. matterson deary by minnesota salam. Itimad our hidden is her youngest. Us attitude us around dhakal beside a shitty gun. So i don young meek pacey. What battling but highlighted. Scotty that ebrahim the button space or not. Those are bad and bacon. Who at that meeting that salon han ding and seek Bureau validating hit the a loss. Buca can hoten young on make my show that sand dunes dot on a slender team but end in lopin worse in butts against against again say harapan do poke pokes mobile. Tanya does that ran grin zamani. Henn born jedi are not gonna be eddie punky. The happy point onto the new job down some bill burr. Bill do human jeremiah. Would've yeah a long way. We the relief. That must have your one hundred. Young and north china noted summer around two guests will county that the on the mobile suit up at them. You can you just to yield that. He's got Up on eight. One barricading tara by Then up on the miami dade economic and the america polack to discipline but also lost salam. It could be planning on by diana it totally had by anuron. Yoke becoming console at the Numb you need to At one up that he was she had to do some baseball with our intimate bring the hansel yuksel allied the but in the hand sally guess what that he was not one or asylum gun talk columnist added but we gotta end up bang pinola and hope woman that somebody can point jaren if they're kind of The debate can come on man. But i get an apology. Email that but my number game get their young with total brand new than they got. I'd a young man we to be seconda. Broken garner An of he hitomi sonya honda satin Be sung galloped. Up local concept people up the democratic can and matt allen be booby yeah county don t the data packet dida dida. The death penalty the louisana One sporty but what big atop believe that you get that happy gadget. If we see an unoccupied house be but then gel up with you that had app mining. Kylo three at that balloon visa yucky tariffs would. I'm at discipline. But i just got sonya niger. Someone yearbook capping it. De-deputy gonna last son and asked does up. A bus may be an unhappy dot com. Paula la jara decided to these gun than happy. Happy doesn't need to get up. What began by my password. Cassiopeia gaza younger but he lanka those unhappy who suzanne. We monumental pamela power. You got the Any masala economic boom that they get to got done. Let me send it only putting him on kananga more seeing the tiny sonya any solid you keep By between scott answer them when they get to the diane them back. Negative the gadget. Dan lewis Done one could you one hundred lines meghan blah the palo alto but must by gung when yucky non kita. You might not that be. How does how did put them. All began moving out of the up on a given me. Give me while my neck's colleen anion joining us at the gate knee in connecticut and adult partly gaiety. My answer wake preventing the nia did model openly man The japan's monogamous scancen scan. Barry sharon wakeman did not adela did that. The make that created at look at this without piece work the corrupter punching and mostly did dean mara headache. And what are the our world us would identity. so they're in china and pseudo commitment. When mara mara beat the updating. Amara alanya bike does that matter is who come and demand more season. Might i two eight to see fat money young. You might not get them. Get them on bo nikki. Don't make money when somebody seeing Again tally man. Young failing to the team. Da vinci cardinal the kalamata that had up sweat to commence yet dan. Young de kucan at the opening young longer would get by being exponentially mata surveyed getting down by see the gun so by yuga panama Indian ducassi this Going to eat the bacon an unaccountable. This is what the longer it. 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