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"dina bodhgaya" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"A false narrative that this country is inherently racist, that communism is some sort of utopia and that the voter integrity laws are racist against black people. And the fact that the White House continues to talk about it, and that the attorney General Merrick Garland, is suing the state of Georgia over this. The voter integrity laws, which are basically all you have to do they're asking for is to present an I D. So the right person actually votes is mind boggling to me. Take a listen to sake, which she says about the voting law number seven. He'll lay out the moral case for why denying the right to vote is a form of suppression because I didn't I didn't start it up. Biden is going to talk about this, by the way tomorrow. He's going to have this big speech, which she announced. She said that Biden wanted to do himself Who else would do the speech? He wanted to do it himself. She almost said We were surprised We didn't think he could, You know, do it past his bedtime, er, his nap time. So again. Sorry, So that's sake. She's talking about Biden and the voter integrity laws against seven. He'll lay out the moral case for why denying the right to vote as a form of depression. In a form of silencing hell call out the greatest irony of the big lie is that no election in our history has met such a high standard with over 80 judges, including those appointed by his predecessor, throwing out all challenges. He'll also decry efforts just So 80 judges. Why was it thrown out? Because they didn't actually look and they they said they didn't have jurisdiction. Am I right or wrong? When we're talking about 80 judges? It's not that the judges looked at the voter. The voter, Uh, you know, and to determine there was no fraud. They said we don't have jurisdiction here. Okay, so keep it going the right to vote as authoritarian and anti American, and he will highlight The work of the administration against this the necessity of passing the for the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and how we need to work together with civil rights organizations to build as broad a turnout and voter education system to overcome. The worst challenge to our democracy since the Civil War. What? Okay, This is a life of beginning and 11th. Of all the law in Georgia is much more open and liberal than the current laws in Delaware in New York's of Joe Biden thinks this is an attack on democracy. Then he has been taking partner systematic attack on democracy in Delaware. What this is doing is preserving the right to vote. Whether or not there was fraud. The last election. It's almost irrelevant to this argument because to me when you're sending out this many ballots, and that's subject to supervision, you're inviting it. It could be Republicans do it. Democrats, You know that's politics being what it is. There's always gonna be people trying to abuse the system. That's why New York is required that to get an absentee about you have to give a reason why you can't vote. And why you have to show who you are when you register to vote. I mean, this is this common If you really value the right to vote, you want to make sure that people who are but this is the biggest threat against democracy since the Civil War. I think she's the greatest argument against common sense and against, uh, against you have free thought This is nonsense, and that that's why the country is being divided to really think that law is being adopted in Georgia, which are more open than New York and Delaware is the greatest threat to this country since the Civil War. Where's she been? I mean, where has she been? She must be living in some silos. Some West left wing. Silo adventure wackos. Well, like I said, it's the government and the media. So take a listen to this. This is an MSNBC analyst Dina Bodhgaya. My saying is he's also a radio host. And he he says that at this point, I think they're just trying to say Trump's name because they know it helps with their ratings because they're so far down in the toilet. But if you notice today on Twitter arrests, Trump was trending and it's been trending all day long. How is that? Okay? Meanwhile, Trump still can't even get on the platform and so many other people that I know got their accounts cancelled. Simply by talking about hydroxy Clark chloroquine or anything else, And you even have the co inventor of the M R N a technology for the vaccine. He got banned from Google. He got banned from Lincoln. And you you had JAMA an article, The journal American Medical Association, talking about how having masks on kids can be harmful to high of Carbon dioxide levels in Germany, and that got bands a JAMA article got bands. But listen to this guy, MSNBC analyst Talking about Trump number eight Donald Trump. Radicalized people like an al Qaida recruiter, Donald Trump sent them there to attack the capital to stop the steal as he put it, or to stop the certification of the votes. As we put it, we need Democrats in one voice the same way the right talks about critical race theory. Talk about saving our democracy. Save our democracy meeting reforming the filibuster, meaning perhaps not funding red states with infrastructure if they're going to make it harder to vote. I know that sounds unlike Democrats, but we got to play hardball here, and I think Democrats calling in one voice for Donald Trump to be criminally prosecuted. It is not partisan. The call for a terrorist to be brought to justice. This sounds like a third world dictatorship and that I think is where their mentality is going. We want to talk about people who want to violate democracy. How about in chief? How about black lives matter when they were burning down the United States a year ago? What happened here in Manhattan? Uh, Police departments being physically attacked city halls almost being overrun. The sanctuary is being set up where criminals could run wild. That is a great threat to democracy, and you have again hundreds of people burning out businesses attacking innocent people. Shooting, killing people. And and so what's the answer? The Democrats Kamala Harris wants to post bail for those who were rioting and demonstrating. So this to me is a disgrace. And once we start hitting this thing of locking up opponents again, maybe that's why they think commented. Communism is a paradise because that's what is on in their paradise all the time. You lock up your enemies. And I think one of the biggest Racists we have now in the country are a lot of these Democratic leaders like Mayor, lightweight notice. I don't call her Lightfoot lightweight. She does not care that 63 people were shot in Chicago over this weekend alone, among them a 20 month old that was sitting in his car seat. Another was an eight year old girl sitting on her couch in her living room, stray bullets, and she wants to say that crime is down. And then this is a B E T news correspondent. His name is Mark Hill. He's also a Temple University professor. He in media studies of all places. Listen to what he says. This is so outrageous. This guy needs to lose his job on B E T News and a Temple university number 11. Do you? I mean, do you believe that? Do you believe all white people are inherently racist? So I don't know if you're backing me into a corner of that question, But yes, I do. Yes, I do. He believes all white people are racist. This is Mark Hill, A B E. T news correspondent, Temple University professor saying white. All white people are racist. Suppose you are. I said, we think some black people are racist. That would be consideration right? Right. But he can say all white people are race. This is absolutely Saturday and then unfortunately, become part of the regular dialogues. It would take it that we have to take this seriously because they become a threat a real threat to do. That's a threat to democracy, that that type of talk. I mean that that's like a Ku Klux Klan and reverse. Absolutely. And we had here in New York, A 13 year old was shot execution style. It looked like he was possibly a gang member. I'm hearing through different NYPD sources, five arrests that, uh, he had five arrests. Five previous arrests a 13 year old. That's the real epidemic that is spreading across the country. These democratic cities that have this turnstile type of justice that are allowing the criminals should just go out on the streets that we have five 1000 open gun cases here in New York City, with 90 something percent of those suspects out on the streets. They got those disappearance tickets. That's the real. That's the real epidemic, not white supremacy. Covid..

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