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The Fighting on a Corner with a Melanated 43 Year Old During a Fire Drill Episode

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The Fighting on a Corner with a Melanated 43 Year Old During a Fire Drill Episode

"What listener we wanted to take a second to thank you for listening to this blue wire. Podcast be sure to show your support to this pond. By subscribing and dropping a five star review on itunes a follow on spotify or the appropriate job for any other platform might be listening. And if you're enjoying this show chances. Are you'll like one of our seventy five other sports. Podcasts find more shows you'll love at blue iron PODS DOT com. Thanks again for listening and now back to your regularly scheduled podcast what everybody welcome to the mid week episode of the corner podcast. Caldeans me here with the old man. Entrees hail it is nice to be back and we're talking. Mma it feels like forever since we sat down and talked to here on the show. So it's great to get back into swing. Things are three shows a week. Shout out to blue wire the network for a hosting the PODCAST and make sure you guys check out bet. Online march madness is coming up taking your beds. You can place multiple brackets on their. Try to win some dough. You know. It's not not a bad bad way to spend your Your March here trying to win some money on some sports so make sure you guys check them out and use the Promo Code Blue Wire all one word when you do it for fifty percents sign on Bonus. We are back here. Trade is Nice. It is nice. It's been a long time since we talked in. May I got a crack open? The smear off spiked Seltzer. I am like you now. I'm trying every brand and every which flavor this is a crazy or cranberry live. Sooner or later he's people shall sponsor wrestling stereotypes. I've reached out so I will try every brand on this I'm not partial to one whoever's paying the money come sponsor the show. I would like these for free every week so I am sitting down here. We're getting some energy going a lot. Having made we have to recap but I I see congrats you touch on the Monday. Show just low bit. I wanted to tell the people more about it. You have a south by southwest panel coming up. Melanie faces and non melania places s catch. Yeah yeah and I kind of came up on the fly. So yeah actually. It was a supporter of wrestling with stereotypes. Gregory Gibson who works with the HP battle the brains which is a big thing have south by Reached out to me and asked me about my career and everything I've done. He asked me if I'd be interested in. You know speaking at this. That's buy. Yes I mean sure Eight because as much as I talked about diversity us would you wanNA do some on diversity in us a short. And he's like what do you want to call it and I was like million faces vices. And he's like I like it just came up with Shit but the base is is exactly what it sounds like you know started my career covering hip hop. We're GONNA hit up the eggs and hit upside bt. And then. I started to make the transition. The boxing film going to comic con going to Sundance E. Three covered all these things. See Yes obviously and I started to realize like now especially me being a zone like I am. I not on the only black like at like in this in this particular position One of our producers Shonda. She's black but for the most part are them any black folks. Sergio Mora does commentary and we like we joke about up songs and stuff like that and a lot of people. Just don't get the fuck we're talking about and I started to realize that you know a lot of us get into these positions and we have to open the door for everybody else. Come through them and I think we talked about a little bit last week. So this panel is with myself cast friend. The so Wally Mania Rasa were out. He's done all his W. O. Demisch Your Lor. I probably should just say her name. You guys should know who she is. And if you don't I guess you don't check instagram. Or whatever and Lauren Brown who is a graphic designer? Ea Electronic Arts and yes. It's really talking about the work that we've had to do to get these positions in how we're looking to pay it forward for the future and I think at the end of the panel. I know what the other panel. I'm an offer internships because Hugh Program Battle of the brains and I need more. Black people at the zone is sports news By the time you guys hear this you will have found out that. The zone has gone global It's no longer just. Us We're branch off into a bunch of markets all across the globe. I'm GonNa need well not me personally. But they're gonNA be looking to bring more interiors and expand a lot. So you know I'm trying to provide opportunities and that's always been my thing and I don't know if anybody semi twitter feed the other day Angela. Nisa who works on Mixie's who's a good friend of mine. She's one of the producers writers from mixed this somebody was reached out to her about getting a job and she knows about panel and she was like. I'm not hiring Andrea says and we have this ongoing joke because when you don't when people reach out to you and you you don't really have anything for him because you're not the decision maker because like even at the zone. I'm not the decision maker Joe Markowski or any of those guys. They think you have a problem with them. They call you haters. Like put me on it right and it doesn't really work like that. Well my thing is whatever I can do to help you get into a position where you can succeed of mentor. Lot of people. You know whatever I can do to help I will. But that doesn't mean that I'm obligated to help you just because you say can right. You've got to have a little bit of talent as well. So this panel is going to be all about that. I can't wait to do it. Hasn't been the southbound while but this is completely different than me being stopped by like music shoot is really about putting minorities into different spots. So she'll be fine. If you're in Austin Texas March thirteenth. Two to four PM believes the time something like that where two thirty three thirty because we got wrestling serious those times. Everything's messed up but yeah check much facebook. Whatever and I'll see you there and I don't know if it's going to be streamed but it'll be a good time so that yeah man. I'm excited for you. I'm excited. It's really cool getting to talk to young professionals and letting them know like no. We need more people in be spaces showing them like no. We have people from gaming to television to journalism. All here and we worked a lot for it and we want you guys to work just as hard. 'cause we need more of us in these spaces so that's really know visually anytime you can get out there and speak and do everything there. You mentioned a mentoring programs which is really cool. I see you know I've not been to any BJ yet. But I see a lot of people who are in it and go to these things. Have Mentors I think Mark Vanderberg friend of bug US At Yahoo Sports Mentors People. He had mentors. You Mentor people. I never had a mentor. And as we because I know a lot of other journalists and stuff especially by journalists have always had mentors. I just didn't know where to get one like. How do you go about that? Like oh I like writing. Want to mentor me like. Aren't you a note with a stamp and so these things that people may not know how to do? My mentors was our group chat with me. Just firing off wild ASS. Hot takes that the world will never here because we spent days of you guys telling me. I'm calling in the group jet so they don't reach twitter. That's my mentor ship group. You can mentor chip group because the world would have got the most waigel of takes especially early on. I was on a roll. The humid hot take machine full effect five years ago. I've calmed in my old eight but I think you know you mentioned the groups have row. Nba So you can call them a mentor. You you've got to put you in these. These opportunities succeed. So it's like for me. You know mental has always been really weird word because it kind of it sounds weird for a lot of people and. I've never considered necessarily considering. Must've mentor like other. People have said that mention them and have really done is. I've taken the time out to talk to him in for some people. It's really that simple man like to give somebody a vote of confidence or to listen to ideas or to be able to point them in the right direction. I've been fortunate enough to work in so many different spaces In media that it may not be with me over at zone. I may know somebody like I've had right after I left. I've had writers add very recommended people for a lot of different jobs. And it's great to see a lot of the people that used to work under me hip hop DX. While was chief and now they're doing amazing things in different places and that's kind of what mentoring is and it's like it doesn't always have to be like this wide age. Gap is a lot of people. Say Oh you've been to high school. Kids know everybody needs some help in for me. I had a little bit of help and it wasn't necessarily a bunch of black. You got hip hop site. It was Piso. Who was white. Dude Matt Conway. Who's a publicist for guys like five nine and DJ premier used to be an editor there and they put me on what I did if it wasn't for them? I maybe wouldn't be where I'm at today because I asked a lot of dumb questions and it's kind of similar to wear a Michael Jordan talking about Kobe. Bryant in you know really moving speech at the graves of Michael's career we talked about. The little brother annoys. You asked all these questions and he just needs a sounding board and I think that's what's key here and sometimes you just need a sounding board. Who in the group chat? That's your sounding board. Will you fire these holidays that we hold on? Don't you say this is why we really back in your? Everybody NEEDS SOMEBODY TO HELP. Filter them and the point in the right direction. Because it's hard man. It's hard being minority working in these industry. They're not allowed to people who look like you. Who Don't befriend. Who like to have things in common with man? I mean even me just being in Texas. We had a bunch of conversations with people and about how certain people are just really positions. Not because they were like great writers or great. Anything just know the right people so I want to be one of those people that you know me and you can get in. You don't have to be as good as that guy. I want you to be better than him but I know a lot of mediocre people that are like very rich spots. That don't deserve to be there so I'd rather put my mediocre people and make them better than they're mediocre people and make people become great people that take those spots because I just no way too. Many people don't deserve the jobs and I know how they got to be fair. I say this I've gotten my jobs a lot of strength of knowing you and knowing people who know you or people you've introduced me to so thank you that worth already. I have just a tiny shred of humility not much but I know I naturally talented at things now. Am I the technician that you are or other writers are or you know of a Marcus Vanderberg as far as editing? Just can I do that as well as you guys do that? No I haven't put in the time to do that. And you guys are very good at that and there's writers who are very good at writing and producing clean copies and making your life as an editor very easy. No no more of an idea guy. So yeah if you had any good luck am I going to be the worst of them? But I'm not going to be the best of them but I will tell you this we're going to have something of an idea where no other platform is going to think this way. So you'll get very unique content year you're going to have to stop me from rambling year. You're going to have to clean it up a lot of your stuff. When you're editing mean with structure like how this is all right but this whole paragraph should be up here at you gotta to ship this whole shit down and make it make sense like you can't bury this whole part this. What the Hell we're here for so I was like okay. Cool I get that. So that makes me better as a writer. Obviously the long run. But you have these things but I had these opportunities because I knew you because of champion for like four or five months that made me exponentially better and then that led to my job with Rhonda Rousey and me going to free wrestling for a year until he. You'll drag an extra ticket come down. We're watching a royal rumble in floor seats like so these little lake positions you me put me in. Did exactly that Greenwich Work. Harder than ninety five percent of the people out there that usually keeps me a float like whatever you don't like my technical aspects Kuwano worse writers but whatever but I'm outworking everyone so if I give you insane amounts of content. You're just going to have to eat that so that that keeps me afloat. Wherever I go my job now I work at work everyone. So that's cool. They have no problem with me. But it gets me to these positions where people like you know how the Hell do you get? Espn over everyone. Else I don't know I've had a million different jobs and I've wrote for a bunch of different places a lot. Thanks to you so when they came across my resume their kids connor interesting. Then they talk to me and after that also wrap so. I say all of that to say this you and the biggest thing of this whole program in this panel and as someone just watching it and hearing about it from you is the biggest thing you're giving and people like you and I don't even notice it. I don't know if you noticed this but you give young writers Young People General. People like me. The opportunity for error minorities don't have a margin of error. We have to come in polished. We have to have a four year degree we have to have. We can't make mistakes on the job. Some other people can make whether you're a woman when they are Spanish if you're black if you're brown wherever you're from European coming over there is little bit of language barrier. Brazil you see that combat sport you don't have the margin of error that traditionally what they're looking for fits and I remember I tell the story all the time pocket almost got banned from the UFC. 'cause I thought it was a different black and then the state you see when I started Hit abroad was like you know. He wore his hat. I didn't have a haircut that Dan I wore hat but I dressed up outside of that. Were high it was unprofessional. Granted may or may not be but I saw people in shorts and t shirts. They were bigger guys. But you covering the four ans in shirts and t shirts and Promo hats from my budweiser on meteoroid. But no they told me they had no margin of error but you providing these opportunities internships Writing Opportunities people grow that gave me a margin of error. Other editors might give me that margin era at champions margin area era. I got better it turn into other opportunities. I worked hard during it but I could. I could fail. I could try fail. I could get better and I think that's what a lot of people don't understand like sometimes as minority. You feel that pressure because you know I can't make one mistake because my one mistake could ruin my one chance in. It's a rat and that's what has to be changed and I mean the one of the things we can dive headfirst. Is That Oh appreciative? First of all because it really does me love for me but the other thing is that this is a space where we do talk about the margin for error but my thing has always been. You can't teach voice and personality but you can teach technical writing and editing can clean up technical writing you can teach the sport you can't teach creative people great people discreet. You can refine their ideas. But I've always been a guy like when I worked at DX. Which is crazy and I'll be very upfront about this. There shittier writers in Combat Sports in the our music music industry there are some damn derives music. They are some shitty writers in combat sports. Anyway when I worked at him up and people come across and want to write for you. I will have them so many writing sample. I never asked them what causing went to. Didn't give a shit. I wanted to see the ideas that they put on paper and sample writing piece and if it was written like if it's written terribly that's one thing if like completely terrible like this can't work but if you're good and I can see the ideas that you you you have an alternative way of thinking and it's how you look at it. You essential ideas in a different way from a different perspective. That people may not be aware of May not have thought about before I can fix everything else. And that's what I've always wanted to work because black folks minorities in general a lot of haven't had the opportunity to go with some of these great colleges and universities. I I went to Morehouse. Listen guys I was a college dropout not do any follow my own. That's a whole nother story and I'm not getting into that right now but I didn't finish college but I knew music. I knew combat sports. I knew these spaces which you've got a fire in your house. Some yes fire alarm going off. What the Hell is going on here? I feel like we have to St Paul. The podcast is great. All right everybody will get back to the show in a second but first now the marches arrived. We are only weeks away from the big tournament. Yes that tournament make sure you had to bet online and opening account today to get in on their one hundred thousand dollar bracket madness contests starting march fifteenth. That's right I said a hundred K. and March fifteenth. You don't need to be hardcore to get in on the action with the multiple entries. Available is the seasons best chance to cash in and remember the NBA. Xfl are still going strong. So whatever your passion is Bet. Online is the place to be for. All of your betting needs visit our good friends and exclusive partner. Bet Online to take advantage of the best bonuses in the business. Sign up for a free account and make sure you use that Promo Code Blue. Wire all one word for your fifty percent. Sign up bonus. That's bet online. Your online sportsbook experts. Now let's get back to the show. Everybody We are back trying to get situated here. It was a little crazy et CETERA. Events here alarms went off. I'm sure as you guys could hear a little bit before we cut out and then had to evacuate the crib. Four second it turns out that Laundry device washing machine or dryer in the lodge room downstairs on the first floor caught fire birth of the wholesaler wall fire department came. They put it out on that crit. I evacuated would appear flipflops my basketball shorts from one of the High Schools. I coach Vegas and a beanie in ESPN beanie. That's it put a t shirt on I grabbed my laptop though. Never leave without the laptop so that was that was a little bit. Wild Man grabbed my wife my laptop my wallet and that was out. That's how real men evacuate right there. These special we. We are back in the building. At least she knows she's loved that's the key she knows like. Oh if I grabbed my wallet you used to be. I grab my xbox slash playstation I lap top my wallet and that's all. I need them life when I got kicked out by my ex wife out of the crib for having a girlfriend on the side when she found out. That's all I requested. Let let me take all of this and then came back next stuff pack outside but those important things that day. I knew what was important to me that has now changed my new wife. Thankfully out 'til later listens part of this. I did not carry her out but I would have if need be in a situation of peril so we're back though. It is wild. I just say we get right into. It may just bananas so let's get into USC. Because I feel like it was pushing that way. Anyway we have a lot of you have see to recap and I've listened a few things out for us to talk about over the past three weeks first thing Diego Sanchez coach cult leader. Who is this dude? Who as he he reminds me of? I don't know I was trying to. I can't think of his name right now. He's he's too he's kind of like. Have you ever seen road trip road trip like the Nerdy Dude? Who at the end ends up leading? Colt? He's like that do man. I can't call it the whole the whole Diego Sanchez Situation. As a whole is this like lives a fire. Another Day regretfully like God was technically won a one off summit Q. That's like the worst way to win. It'd be like yes the MMA guys want me to continue my career. No we don't and we're not the guys but we don't want to see you again you impeach hanging up please. They should fight each other. No loser goes home match. Listen many lives the fight another day. He survived in a while match. So we're going to get a lot more Diego Sanchez. I feel like going forward Another match I WANNA talk about. Which was the main event of UFC fight night 167 It is Corey Anderson versus John. Blaha vish Corey Anderson no longer beast in twenty five eight but has some other weird nickname proves my point one when you appoint yourself your own nickname. You're doomed any way too. When you change nickname no matter how dumb it was prior. You are doomed to lose. He was no longer beast. In for more than twenty four hours got caught slippin. Yom blockage knocked his Bach off in the first round cohesion was talking shit to license. John Jones. He thought he was ready for the bump up. And now it's rap. The momentum has ceased. What did you think of that fight remembering back to it. I mean yes kind of what you say where you were talking to all that trash you got knocked up young blackledge like listen. I said it before. Valentines ching-kuo has the biggest gap in her. Between the champion and the challengers John Does the second because lease remotely competitive. So tangles demolishing. Everybody but somehow like Corey Anderson says. He's you know the next guy in line. No you're not use. Epic Sleep in nicknames. Always been terrible. He's always struck me as we are due to have that kind of a nickname because man my little brother brother-in-law when he's play wrestling video games. Always like we play like here comes the pain. Any name created wrestlers like the wax. Names like blaster Blazer tasers it's only like the cast of American gladiators right. I think of Corey Anderson like. That's the bishops. You come up with beast. You got beasted congratulate that was just a horrible dictate. It was Karma was coming to get him for that one young pro wrestling. They would have given the deserve chant. We gotta get crowds like pro wrestling crowds. Just you just start. You deserve you. Something really did those companies going for. Y'All black bitch cores does the thing everyone. Does it light heavyweight now? It's called out John Jones. I guess man whatever like you have eight losses like John Jones. Yeah do whatever you can moving on to fight one sixty eight. The week after which. I don't remember where this was New Zealand Auckland New Zealand. We had Paul felder versus Dan. Hooker in what was a very sad match bike. I I've grown to like Paul felder as an analyst right so that and you've on you want a really good streak. One six of his last seven seven last eight but it just showed. Din Hooker to me is better. Paul fielder survived took an ass whooping. And if I was really close do you. Yeah that was a fifty fifty five and that now no three to a four one fell just talking about hanging up like everybody knows. I've been a fan of the American dragon and I think he's excellent. I think he's great. I like him as a person to like I. I don't know how much higher he can go. He can beat up on the middle of the cart like middle of the division. All you want but this was just like I thought Dan Hooker beat him in every aspect. He had to beat them. I had a four one. We didn't want the same fight. I thought Yeah Paul. Do I think it was three to? I think it was split decision. Wasn't it it was close on on what you were watching it anyway. Forty nine percent strike. Total strikes landed to fifty six. Okay sure no take down landed. I Dunno I thought he lost Handley. Maybe too strong right as we might be too strong but I thought he lost in and now Dan Hooker type of guys are feeling as what it might be too strong. Let me dial it back but I thought he lost four two more like I feel like if Dallas to hang around like Paul feels the same type of guy who gives. Everybody always comes as if I think I think also yes. He's like a great analyst. And just you know. The sad part was watching him. Talk about hanging them up. Because he's given so much to the sport like fight brings it every time he fights. I don't WanNa see them. Go like this fight. Was it was entertaining. These guys gave to each other. We'd give each of the business in almost impossible to retire. But you know this is call. And he's got a future and broadcasts because he's really really good. He's really likable. So every job it every judge had it to to going into the fifth and one judge gave it to fell during the fifth. I don't see that at all. I mean because I guess it was one of those things that you use as hooker gotta take now you can do with it so that I finally got the round so it was a but hooker came out gangbusters. Hooker took the first two. I thought he took the third they. Everyone has felt they're taking the third fourth. The fourth I gave I gave to filled it. He dug deep. And then I guess the therms my swing bout. I got to watch the game. Maybe when the third that'd take all this last night I don't believe he'll do retire. I think it was the day so at all. I think he's a hell of a fighter I think in that division. He still is a proud. He's a handful for just everybody in that division. He's fun to watch. So this is if you can't if you can't get to the title when is enough enough because I really like him as as broadcaster so if he's not going to be champion. How long do you fight? You know. I don't know I I want to see him? Fight more fuck. I don't know if you hit that. Robbie lawler stride. You could be right back to the pitch you never know you never know his true so we will move onto the next event which was last weekend but before we do that Carolina Kovic. I'm not sure how she just keeps losing and she got wrecked this one home. She was always to me one of the top you know upper echelon female fighters in any division and then she gets wrecked last week. And maybe I should pay more attention to. I can't pronounce her last name. You GotTa help me. Yon Regardless she wrecked cut. Sign it and she like mess. She broke her orbital the amount the pronunciation police and the Chinese are hard for me but a twelve one record and one no contest speaks for itself. But then you look straight just gets even deeper at the top and two years ago. Was the second best woman of Straw. Wait almost shoes always an excellent striker. But you know sometimes the game just passes you by and this is one of those situations where it just seems like everybody's kind of figured her out and getting your orbital broke a career considering now so you'll know where she goes from here But seeing that it was like damn like I remember you. You know like you said he was one of the ones that we thought was going to make the Alana move up here we are. It's not good. Forget Punch in a facebook. Move UP WAIT. We knew contenders. I Want twenty-five in these top cutting weight. Then we have last weekend two things I want to touch on from that one. I guess three I forgot to put one on our list but the magomed fight. When could Alaba just runs in his face could have a runs in his face and Mayan. Almost takes them down before everything happens. People got to Russia. And I'm like Oh shit we gotta brawl no the end up fighting. And then was the stoppage premature. This tough one could. Obviously he was just he was just acting like he was rocked yet. That's always the bullshit right like somebody said you probably got rock like everybody knocked out. Always there okay. After you know the pools the guy off us like I don't know I was good at being so but I did feel like this was really close so I'm not mad at the stoppage at all but I'm I'm more upset with the excuse. That won't come on Man. Don't you playing possibly do? They gotta run it back No. I don't think that I think is wasted. Time for Michael Man. I think this was like a speed bump fight for him you know and they need new contenders so cute pushing up the rankings. Like I don't need to read that back. But the guy has the wrath game case for it being stopped a little too early. I thought he was GONNA get knocked out sooner or later anyway. Yes he saved them a bunch of pain but who knows? The guy came out as the incredible hulk and he constantly yelling people's faces so who knows I didn't pick him as a winner anyway. Then the two women's featherweight fights had big I guess big stakes heading into this one because we already know that. Amanda is trying to defend both belts which he should need a divisions deep enough verdict vacated title so many needs trying to defend both belts she wants to buy all reports defend it in. May in Brazil so one is four women heading into these fights head to make quick work so that they can do a pretty quick turn around eight weeks to me to fight mandate Nunez Lo and behold tool. Women do a quick turnaround. Megan Anderson knocks out. Dumont in the first round with slick right hand. And then we have Felicia Spencer just wrecking dos Santos in the Co main event who deserves the title fight fleeces Spencer. Making was darling before this though she was but she hasn't looked good. I turned fight like aside from this. She has looked only Greek. I'M GONNA Felisa Spencer doesn't matter they're both GonNa get wrecked but we'll go fleece spencer as really felt like she was really dominant and Again that's like Meghan. Meghan was the darling and I just like. She can wait where you can win. Washy I mean. That's fair like Spencer has a submission victory over right so it should be ended discussion there. But I mean it's not people thought like Okay Megan's done enough to earn it and people that's who people always want to see fight Cyborg since what Shaikh force not strike for every victim. We made it with champion. So you look at it but Spencer has the wind so spencer should probably get the next shot. That's a mentioned that felices Spencer went the distance cyborg. So she's a bad as true. Be Megan Anderson. You went to this Cyborg and then you just completely wreck dos Santos. That's fair enough. I'll take I to be clear like when fleeces Spencer fought cyborg is most of us would just like cyber is going to run her over and she didn't right there. Oh she's tough. So it'd be interesting to see if Amanda can can stop police Spencer if the mandate since cyborg couldn't can't Atlanta might be just a brawl. Twenty five minute brawl. Who Don't like that and we don't know if we've seen it once or twice but all the time amandas question mark was always the gas tank and we got to see that holds up. It's been great in recent years but also ties where she hasn't had to use it the cheapest taken to deep water In the main events always the bridesmaid. Never the bride. Joseph benefit is a megan. Lee is one of the nicest people you have meat from people. Listening to this Megan's great. Joseph is great in Vegas all the time. They're just fun couple of great people. This was the time when you felt like the stars aligned for Joseph benefits to become champion Davidson figure figuring aero missed weight going into the fight by two and a half pounds. Then try to cut more weight. So he couldn't win the title. I was like okay flyweight championship in the air vacated by triple see the King of cringe. This is time for. Joseph benefit has come save the vision and finally become champion and he gets stopped in the second round. A bloody mess to figure who now owns the best. Finishing percentage UFC flyway history over mighty mouse over every shuten figuring. I'd yeah I mean Dude. If this wasn't a sign like this shit is never gonNA work. There's no nothing. There's nothing else guys loss in. That's like one ever. Yes but he didn't make way and here okay. I WanNa be clear though figuring. It didn't make weight but he's missed Wayne his career boy. There couldn't be a worse time for you to miss. The absolute worst. Like dude is a vacant title on the Line. And then you go. You're overweight ask comes in you. Knockout Been Evita's in a weird way. Because Bellavia right before we got knocked out it was like wiping blood from his face and he got creed and it was like all right. Well this is like this is like division not show titled Fake and again like it almost give it back to pseudo. Just let them hold it just for alchemy. I just feel like I don't want I mean these two small benefit. I don't really know where it goes from here. Anyway out but the rest of these guys who cares? I mean go to bill tour. I don't know that just doesn't feel like there's a home for you here and this barely enough to make up the division. I think there are fifteen flyweights. That's why in the rankings off fifteen there because there's nobody else to take their place. There's nobody in division so this is a science maybe move onto this division because really the only guy that was there was like cool but the fact that he didn't figured out wait. This sucks just on individuals showed up all thirteen other guys. You're out of job. Move up or bouts just such. I can't I can't just need a blood. They need new blood in the division but since he's been gone as been around long enough we can find new people to bring in inside. It just feels like it. Feels like the women's featherweight division accepts. There ain't no real Champi. There's no competition I mean this black and I don't know if you champion. Yes I don't know if they just don't care about bringing anybody but this division just feels like whatever it's called Devon brought in New People since they did the ultimate fighter for that division. Yeah do you see how that worked out of DIMITRIUS CREAMS? Everyone like no one's being dimitrius. It was this was wet like seeing. This was sick. Obviously Mikey Garcia Vargas fight and I look and I was like. Oh this is. This was your main event to like this. Tyler is meaningless and has new Home Office and then let's the fight for this weekend so we have. What I think is a good card. But it's Kinda like a hardcore fans card so only one thing I feel like we have to talk about on the prelims. And that's the return of Sean. Sugar Sean o'malley get high. Yes the guy's been out for a little bit of the gun but the rules have changed or no. He failed a test for God knows what supplement but he's playing fortnight so keeping yourself busy He looked really good. He looked like the guy who has the style the skill everything put stuff together coming back now. Do you think he picks up where you left off. He's only twenty five. Absolutely I mean this. He's got a ton of talent. He's Taller Shit incorrect. It's fun to watch. Yeah it'd be perfectly fine comes with a lab in Arizona. He's GonNa. He's good to go. I'm glad to see him back. And I think a lot of the fans be glancing back as well and he got injured beforehand so really. This just extended his break. He's so healthy right now because Dinnie like mess up his foot. Something went crazy in a fight but he was one leg. Yeah refused to like take him. It was the Vegas Card Tyrian. Where Yeah terrier. Where no no it was a I remember. The Guy refused to take them down which was incredible about one one leg. An entree Super Beta. That's what it was and a yeah. He hurt himself in that fight and didn't take them down was weird fight and that was shit two years ago so you have your scene to twenty two so two years ago so I mean I'm glad to see him back it'd be it'd be fun to see sugar back in business so it's only find a really care about these pre limbs like this is a solid car but let's not be confused here. This isn't like the barn burner. No main card is better than prelims. So then we have a cowboy lavera versus Max Griffin Cowboys. Look good give him the win. Like every we gotta take it giving away. I'm actually GONNA GO MAX GRIFFIN BECAUSE FEMA. Mass Group got shafted on a few scores in a cow. Well come to fight. I think this actually might be sleeper. Fight this could be a really good fight. Bump isn't gonna Max Griffin just because I feel like it just just toseh- about as well I agree I think it's going to be a good fight though. So that's that's what matters. Most they'll throw hands. We'll see where it goes. Another welterweight fight Neil Magny versus E G Leone. Neil Magnolia surprises me. Man How neil dog no. Yeah of course like conventional says peak pick Eat in this one leaving. Because he's just he's I mean he's Big Shit Saul is don't give you a few reaches incredible but yeah goalie and you can have on this one. Yeah feeling always surprised me. These moments next fight. The neal dare u-s I is close. I don't know who to pick to. WanNa give me Darioush. Why not slipping though? I'm picking truecar close. I feel like going opposite on just about everything here. He's got three fight winning streak. He only lost David Hammer in a fight that if I remember correctly team kind of like just wrestled the hell out of him and cars. He's pretty good so there is as good as well and Darius really good but he loses weird fights to me. Yeah this I'm GonNa Pretty close because just a nice little run. He's very solid. He's not really a finishing. I don't think he's had a stoppage in his career so desperate. That could be a little bit problematic. You know if anybody's betting over into here this probably going over. But don't take your car close these GonNa put it together and win a split decision and picking dare us. He got caught by Camacho in a weird submission Him Close supposed to fight twenty nineteen July. It looks like dairy. Used to win Wait are you saying our again? You WanNA NJ check in the Co main stuff Janas really good Zhang Stop Zor. Stop the game. Yeah Waleed hurt. Level of pressure is in Sane. I think she stops you on your way leads a whole different level than rose. Well okay as well but to me. This is very similar to chocolate. Tito's fight that just passed this week where we had to figure out what was lifting chocolates tank and not came out and showcases talent and prove that. Yeah I'm still here this. Is you on his chest. Latino fight like if you're going to still be here you Kinda need to win this fight. Granted Willie Zang is a lot better than colleague if I say. That's not equal. Yeah it's it's not equal but you WANNA has had a lot of chances with this title if you don't get it now if you can't win now this is it. This is it I mean. How many title-fights tile opportunity to shift Janko for the flyweight title By namen unions got the immediate reimagining lost a decision. There should be Toryism. Michelle waterson whatever. Willie's as obviously a lot better pressure. Fighter proved that with Andrea. She just kinda motor down. And I don't know if you WANNA. Jay Has the pop to keep saying offer so while I questioned the fact that you said Zane would stopper. I wouldn't be surprised because that pressure is pretty unique and eat plus. She moved down disc entourage who was like a savage at this week class and murdered her so missions like her last two stoppages before him were submissions. And I don't trust you on on the ground that's also true. I mean Zhang is like what like Bernard Hopkins? She loses her first fight. And then just never looks back. I think she's a finisher and she's tough in toughest nails she's been dominant. I mean look man. He gave her a tough fight and they went the distance. It's still you know. He survived off toughness yet. Like UELI. Zang Lahser I by unanimous decision. No other vices necessarily close. Since either she stops you or she wins unanimous decision. There is nothing it's just like I was close fight so I'm thinking really saying is she's a problem. She is a problem for this division. Unless for some reason this well corona virus thing has had taken a big toll on her. If you read read the stories. We interviewed her this past week. She's taught the SPN. This past to this fight has been a frigging headache for this girl so that could be the only thing that I could see. They can stop her. I want to say no. I mean if you WANNA wins. It goes twenty-five deters to kick boxing match and pointer. Give it. It is nuts. It's want member. Johanna was like the greatest female fighter. Time like nope. She was unbeatable in. Rose just rose proved you wanna Mike Tyson. Where people were so scared to attack her that it was kind of like analysis by paralysis right Prowess Analysis Q. And they were just freaked out before they went against her then. Rose proved no. I'm just GONNA pressure and bring it to her and see how the bully reacts and the bully. Dan React well and I think Willy's is much the same there's no more mystique around on. They know we're going to pressure and see how she reacts. She's not GonNa win this. This is talk. Latino fight like chocolate Sito was known for his pressure he got. He lost a decision then he got stopped. Which is the reverse of YOU WANNA. She got stop for his loss of decision. And now everybody's wondering what's left sank is just a really is a different type of Bee's chocolates either. Got Karl which is like all right. Cool you can beat this guy we just gotTa figure out where you read. This is a tough fight for you. Wanted to figure out where she say. Michelle Waterson yes. She's better than her. Wheelies aimed problem problem problem problem so yeah it hasn't taken any steps back. Like she has a really fought enough fights against people coming up to clear the air improve that they're like okay when one go back one fight title shot go back one title like she's always been at the top so then in the main events the beginning of the of what hell did this person. Get a title shot. You'll Romero is taking on Israel out of Sonya because Boorda Chino is injured so Israel Romero Romero's on a two fight losing streak but it doesn't matter he can punt someone's face off if need be but I predict out of Sonya winning. Stop it but this could be a brawl. It could go all the way. It's dangerous fight but I just think he's Romero's to boxing winds up a little too much. I think I decided you can stay away from that okay so of all the undeserving people getting tyler. I'm not mad at Ramiro versus out assigning because I thought Romero was close enough to beating. Whitaker that you can make a case in that fight. obviously murder. Chris Ryan and he lost a Bra with abortion so with nobody else there is nobody wants to fight Romero. But which you on this and I'm saying I decided he's going to stop them. It's just the problem here is like I'm looking at Romero and I've been looking for all these years and I'm going. Why are you not wrestling people? You a world class wrestler yet. You continue to throw hands like you're a world class striker and you're not you built like a super soldier. I kid like when you land. I give you kill people. You crushed Chris. Widener that flying. You crushed Luke rockall who has glass jar? But you're dealing with a striker of the highest level Israel Sonya and that. What you said was very he winds up alight. And that's enough. I decided to fire one right down the middle and catch them or head kick his ASS aid. Put Him to sleep. Not Maybe they would just get a stoppage out assigned us to sharp for a lot of the bullshit that you Ramirez GonNa try in this fight. The only chance that Romeo has like being real explosive in Addison he's not ready for it or he wrestles him and he could kind of make the fight easy. They won't do it. Ramirez just won't do it as grave he is he just does dumb shit and I think that's why they picked him so this fooling. Oh wrestle he's got too much sand over with me for twenty five minutes like I might take a couple big punches. But don't let him catch me clean pieces and that's the point like we were team. They just do everything at each other. They were just throwing punches. There was no real technique. It was like wherever lands is going to sleep. I decided to set this shit up quite will if you look at the whitaker fight was like by happenstance if you look at the gasoline fire damage smoke gasoline in the fifth round. This was all technique. A Ramirez is kind of one dimensional when it comes to strike and so I fully expect out on you to get him out of there at some point and this really Romero's fault more than anything else a guy who refuses to play to a streaks. That is so stupid. But that's what he does but what if he comes out and he says you know what this is the day then he wins. No He's I still think I decided to take down. Defense is good enough this a world class wrestler like Romero like Dude Romero if he really put his foot on the gas he could Jewish saint-pierre just about anybody in this week class ambig- is up there. Big shoots yeah and he gets you on the ground. How do you get off you? But that's just won't do it. It's like it's the most bizarre is one of the most bizarre things in MMA. 'cause you watch him and you go and Suzie knocks somebody. Gosh it. That's bad because somebody nineties to everybody so you know credits Robert Whitaker who kinda shrugged off all those takedown attempts but Romero still spent much of that fight throwing hands and it's like what are you trying to prove. Full win a fight win a fight that Debbie like it's frustrating. I decided you looks. Dan is just GonNa pick them off. He's going to pick Romero off. And then it's like everybody's incompetent Jones fight but that's why shouldn't happen next now yet no Burkina's the comeback of course but people to him. Yep You are not so. I me judge shadows to do so. I'm not mad at people calling for it but now it's still a little too premature but these guys need each other sooner or later down the road so hopefully they keep waiting because sooner or later they got a date and it doesn't hurt. Outta sunny at all. Go Up and challenge Jones if you lose comeback so timmy. No harm no foul but they definitely have to build to it and that's going to be a fun fight. If everything breaks frightening we get that. But I'm amazed we're all it takes them one punch tiny goth's so we'll see how this plays out this weekend fun. Doing this may show which took almost twice as long due to my fire evacuation but thank you guys for listening. Basically follow us. Act A CORNER OR SKEWED ACT CORNER. Podcast underscore twitter me echo. Dsp him at entrees hail shoutout to blue wire again for letting us do this three times a week. Make sure you guys check out our wrestling show on Friday packed. Full of stuff. Finally breaking down eighty w revolution in which seeing now a group chat that someone they will this ten out of ten pay per view. David scoring pay per views. American paper views for over three decades. And they've only given to pay per views a ten out of ten. This was one of them. Oh boy I can't wait to talk about this on Friday so make sure they're drake can't wait to talk everything from pro wrestling with you and preview. Wwe Of court. Oh we still gotta talk over the last night but now we gotta premium you elimination chamber snaps. Not I'll see you Friday. Thank you guys for listening for now though. We're out piece.

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