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"digi martin" Discussed on KDWN 720AM

"But you guys have so many programs, and I mean so many programs that are just it's like you cover. All of the base is almost here. One stop shop. Oh, yes, We try to provide that ballistic service to where If an individual comes to us speaking, say, food assistance. We want to be able to not only provide that food assistance, but see what other barriers they may have having a sustainable life, You know, so we really look at how we can truly affect his personal life in the sense of they don't have to worry about looking for services again moving forward and I know I have your SATs here that you guys help annually more than 38,000. People break the continuous cycle of Poverty, homelessness and hunger. And since 19 5 years you've had a small closet run by a dedicated group of volunteers. That's a clothing closet. And one thing dear to my heart is helping the homeless community here that has ever growing, especially in this last year's pandemic, And I love that, you guys Last year you had a $2 million grant from Clark County for the rapid Rehousing program. Do you wanna touch on that million dollar grand? We were able to establish Ah helping program called the Clark County Housing Initiative Program. We call it see Chip. Sure, And that program is taking individuals that are chronically homeless and howling them in the individuals. Once they're housed, stable the house. We look at what other barriers they may be facing so that maybe employment it maybe just benefits, mental health, physical health, And so we addressed all those issues while they're in that program, and that program could potentially last time about a year or potentially a little more dependent on their caseloads. Derek that's a very interesting phrase, chronically homeless. Can you explain? I mean, we know what it means to be chronically ill. What contributes Someone being quote unquote chronically homeless. There are many factors. It could be just loss of employment faith. They were employed at the agency, and she like Kobe right now, they were laid off and they couldn't pay their bills and they went into homeless stuff, and then they would eventually just be in that cycle to really will not be stable. Lee housed and we've had an individual's anywhere from five years to six years of more that they've lived on the streets. They've lived in cars they lived in, You know, habitats that are not suitable for human habitation. And so these individuals they struggle every day just to be housed in it before we get to any of the mental and physical issues they may have. And I know you have a lot of programs and services that cater to not only this cause but many others over there. Ls sn Can you touch on a couple of your favorites? My favorite and I call this. Getting people back on the grid is our birth certificates and identification recovery services because it is essential for individuals to have an idea because without the ID services that are available to him. One else are cut off to them s 01 state. We see that birth certificate. We will order it pay for all the fees getting here expedited to get it here and then we'll work with them with going down to the D. M. V. And we will pay for that idea, And that could be I d for the whole family birth certificates for all the Children as well because potentially if they are homeless, that next step is to moving them into the housing with all that proper documentation. That's an interesting and important point that I imagine might be an oversight. For a lot of people. It's been One weird without that I'd things are so cut off that these tend to stay in that cycle of homelessness. But once you give someone their I d. It opens up the door to employment. It opens up the door to housing and we've seen individuals that you know this is greatly improved their lifestyle just by getting that idea getting house getting a job we know only tell them if we don't see in the future. That means you must be doing well, But if you're having a hard time for you to come back to it, it's amazing to see the change in people's lives just by getting I Yes, and something that many of us take for granted. So thank you. For that reminder, Derek. What are other programs that are your favorites over there? L assess and women kind of really passionate about is our email program is well, we have two million locations, one at Rainbow and try and And when that thing's loose and sick, and these two programs cater to our seniors that are 60 and older and they can come to those locations which achieved a hot, you know. Good. I mean meal from the con America to me and let me tell you those mule deer take on they could sit down and socialize with each other. And the main purpose of that meal is really to get our seniors out of their confinements in a sense, because if they're individuals that don't have immediate family here. Sometimes they will just stay at home. And so this is to get them out. Let them socialize while having a good meal and knowing you're in a safe place. Medic income five days a week and have a good meal. Great if our listeners want to get more information on those programs or so many others that are offered through the Lutheran social Services of Nevada kowtow l s s and dot org's and Derek for those who don't have access to a computer or the Internet. Is there a phone number that you have? The people can call if they could reach out to our main line, which is 7026391730. Thank you, Derek. And speaking of your programs. I know you're excited to talk about this. The Digimarc expansion, did you, Martin, This is one that I've had. Measure working majority of continuous have been at l. A tiffin and actually, when I started in 2010, I started by managing the housing program that we had at the time. And about a month later, my boss came to me and said, Hey, I need you to run the pantry. At that time we had a very small pantry 1 to 2. People can go in and shop at a time using a stopping car, and after we moved to a new location, we had a bigger warehouse saying concept, and now we could take 4 to 5 people around with a shopping cart. But the one thing we noticed was like to shop at a record. Grocery store. You have to wait in line, and sometimes it could take hours before individuals that signed in would be able to shop. So our executive director or meaning vegetarian, decided to have to be a better week to let people shop and be a little bit more efficient. And in October, 2016 we launched Digi Martin. Did you murders are online platform where You come in for the first time you sign up and we will get you set up with your housing full file. How many peoples in your household Because that determines how many points you would get be able to shop, the pantry So each individual and a household gets 100 points and we capped at 500 per family, So a single individual would have 100 points that shop in a 30 Day period. And they could shop twice during that 30 Day period. And the gym art is really a budgeting tool and then attrition tool as we look at it, because with 100 points. It's teaching you how to budget your points throughout a month. And this way, if you receiving benefits, we always encourage people shopping. Did you mark first and then use your benefits later. So that way your benefits stretched through the month? How does the point compared to the dollar the point actually more effective than the dollar Because three we have a kind of low sodium green beans on the shelf. Those green beans would cost you three points because one it's a nutritional, because it's low sodium, no salt, and that's it..

2010 100 points October, 2016 Martin $2 million 4 7026391730 30 Day three points 60 five years Last year Kobe twice Lee Derek six years two programs 5 people more than 38,000