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"Services set for, this morning in Phoenix for, the late Senator John McCain the public is, expected to line the streets is. A motorcade. Escorts the body of Senator John McCain from the state capital to north Phoenix Baptist church there will, be multiple tributes including ones from friends and former, vice president, Joe, Biden and cardinals wide receiver Larry FitzGerald McCain's body will then be taken to sky harbor international airport for a private ceremony. With active duty national guard members before being flown. To Washington DC Matt cook reporting twenty four, people had To be treated for, exposure to, a dangerous mix of fennel and heroin at the Ross Correctional Institution, and chillicothe e those affected retreated at a Diener regional medical centers people after about, an hour or so the, Simpsons I would say started making a to, be a clinical recovery even as. Not getting. Narped which is consistent with the rapid onset and metabolism of what we think right now it's probably, sentence is going to be our best clinical gas, Kirk, Tucker's, chief, clinical officer at Edina There was a prison inmate who is still being treated at was, admitted others, affected included prison guards and nurses I sentence handed down funding the rare guilty verdict in a police shooting case Texas judge Brandon Birmingham announcing the sentence Rex police officer ROY Oliver he shot an unarmed fifteen year old while, firing into a car packed with teenagers. Outside Dallas last year judgment decree this court that you've been taken by the sheriff of Dallas county, and by her safely held until you're turned over to an authorized receiving agent for, the Texas Department of criminal Justice institutional division where you shall, be, confined for periods of fifteen years Cleveland Browns linebacker, Michael kendricks has been charged. With securities fraud federal authorities in Pennsylvania let's kendricks received illegal tips from. Man turning eighty thousand, a friend rather. Than in the business turning eighty thousand dollars in more than one million US, attorney, Bill mcquade says exchange for the. Trip tips kendricks, provided, to. Nuxie with kickbacks in return for this inside information regarding the investment Bank clients Mr. kendricks provided approximately ten thousand dollars, in cash and tickets to Philadelphia Eagles games to Mr. personality at the time of the alleged crimes kendricks was on the Philadelphia Eagles Sonoko Wall Street banker kendricks released a statement saying, he plans, to plead guilty and says he regrets the insider trading And President Trump. Says White House counsel Don Mcgann. Is in his words a really good guy after tweeting that he would be leaving this fall president denied that. Mcgann's departure had anything to do with us involved with. A special counsel's Russia probe adding he gave began permission. To testify for Lisa Carter I'm Ken Stevens, your next report at..

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