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"didi bland" Discussed on Analysis of Murder by Dr. Phil

Analysis of Murder by Dr. Phil

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"didi bland" Discussed on Analysis of Murder by Dr. Phil

"You're listening to three of the killer. Thorn of gypsy rose analysis of murder by Dr Phil in this episode of our multi part series gypsy rose tells me about her life locked inside a different kind of prison than the one. I'm going to talk to her end today. Now, here's a quick recap to catch you up with what we've covered so far when sheriff's deputies found DD Blanchard's body face down in a pool of blood her daughter gypsy was nowhere to be found in all points. Bulletin was sent out to find the person that had stabbed eighty and apparently kidnapped gypsy gypsy was said to be paralyzed fighting multiple diseases, including cancer, but seventy two hours later gypsy was found the live and it made headlines all over the globe. Gypsy plan charred was found safe shortly after ten this morning in another state gypsy was found in her boyfriend's house in Wisconsin, six hundred miles in three states away from her home in Springfield, Missouri. 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And Dax Shepard that includes diapers wipes shampoo bubble bath. Basically, everything for your baby. Go to hell Avello dot com for a subscription that will. Be delivered straight to your door or go to any wal mart or WalMart dot com to get your Hello bellow. Now gypsies father rod could not believe his eyes. He thought his daughter was paralyzed for life. Just like everyone else. Did I was so happy to see her walk and Suir happy. It was mad had so many different emotions. But that was only one show the aftershock that came next through her father and everyone else for a loop gypsy wasn't kidnapped. Not even close. She was in fact, the prime suspect got her ankles like she walk, and, wow, what is going on in any start a story on Ravel's about her boyfriend, and this and that it didn't take long to realize that you know, if she can walk what else has been ally. All these years, you know, we'll he's ride if that was a lie what else has been alive. Those answers were going to come fast and furious now I say answers, plural because what else was ally. Well, the answer that question is just about everything. DD Blanchard was a pathological liar. Hire who suffered from something that's commonly referred to as much house and center by proxy or affect tissues disorder impose upon another. I've said already that many people regard this as a mental illness including the American psychiatric association, but I disagree. So I'm telling you, I'm probably in the minority the majority thinks, it's a mental illness. I think it is just a form of severe abuse. But what we're talking about here. Whatever you categorize it in is someone who gets another person sick. They either caused them to be sick caused them to be injured or present them as sick or injured one way or another that person that they have control of is either induced to be injured or ill or present it to others as injured or ill. And sometimes it appears that they do it without any form of gain whatsoever. In this case there was plenty of gain. This was. Abuse for cash. This was abuse for secondary gain in the form of money. This was her daughter being a cash cow. And there are no two ways about it. What did he did gypsy was absolutely horrific child abuse are just not big enough words for what she did to this. Young woman Didi bland charred had what either leave was one of the worst cases of Munchhausen's that I've seen and I've been in this field for forty five years. She brainwashed her she drugged her. She coerced her into presenting as though she was paralyzed from muscular dystrophy, and she made it seem so real by forcing her to take strong drugs for illnesses. She never even had such as epilepsy and cancer drugs that mimic the symptoms of the very diseases Didi was telling the world gypsy suffered from. Here's a problem. Gypsy was caught in a perfect storm of bad circumstances. Bad psyche and a greedy sick pathological mother and all against the backdrop of a system that. Failed her miserably. And what made it all? The worst is that her mother had just enough medical training to be dangerous and this is common in Munchausen by proxy situations. The perpetrator often has some history in medical field. They've either work in a doctor's office, or they have some medical training as a nurse's aid or a nurse or a physician's assistant. They know the lingo, they know the symptoms. They know how to talk to the doctors in a way that gives them credibility gives invalidity. And that's exactly what d- d did here. She had worked as a nurse's aide. And we later find out she had acquired books. She had gotten information that told her these are the symptoms. If I want to convince a doctor that she has leukemia found that she had a book, these are the symptoms that you have if you have leukemia, and she knew what side effects, you would have a medication if you took it and didn't need it would cause certain side effects and those. Side effects would mimic a disease. She would tell the doctor gypsy had. So this was very well thought out, and you can imagine the fact that this went on for over twenty years. She had a lot of practice at this. She had a lot of time to get this act down. Now did gypsy. No that she didn't have all these diseases. Did she know that she could walk? Yes. And no did she. No, she didn't have these diseases. She had no way of knowing. She started doing this to her daughter when she was three months old. She said she had sleep apnea. Three months old. She knows nothing at four five six and seven a child only knows what they're told and gypsy never had a chance to compare this to normal. We often say she could get up and walk and often did when her mother wasn't around. But you have to understand her mother has mind control over her. She threatens her punishes her and controls her in every way gypsy. Finally, got to the point where you reach a certain age. There's a natural tendency to start breaking away from your parents. And she did get to the point where she said she had all she could take she says she had had enough of the daily torture. And so she said she took matters into our own hands and recruited her boyfriend to kill her mother. Now, of course, you're going to wait a minute weren't there. A lot of stops on the subway short of killing her mother. Why didn't she tell somebody? Why didn't she say something and speak up with the doctors? And doctors did see through this facade more than once. But they didn't do anything about it. The worst thing could happen to someone's being abused is for it to be discovered by someone in power. And then they hand you right back to the abuser. It's very possible to just get what we refer to sometimes as learned helplessness that you just get a perceptual set to says enough, I can do the doctors aren't gonna help me CPS had been called. They never did anything every time. They got in the know nothing change nothing happened. And her mindset as you will hear when I talked to her is that nobody was going to help her. But herself this wasn't her first choice because she did try to escape on more than one or two attempts after more than one doctor discovered her circumstance. Did he follow up? Call the police or child protective services probably because he's a mandated reporter. But we really don't know what happened. What we do know is no one is helping her they left her, right? There was Didi. She knew if she was ever going to be saved. It would be her that would do the saving. So was this the perfect storm that sealed her mother's fate. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to ask yourself what you would have done in order to do that you have to put yourself in gypsies position. And I know that's difficult to do some. We'll see children that say horrible racist things and their parents are horrible racist. Maybe their parents are KKK. Then you think how could that child say that? But then when you look at their background, it's all they've ever known. No one has ever told him. There's an alternative the people. They look up to say this is just how it is. This is what you think this is what you feel. This is what you believe. And so to condemn the child without taking into account what they have been exposed to is really unfair to the child. And that's why you have to put yourself in gypsies position, psychologically, you have to look at her programming. What was her programming all of her life? She was is related Oliver life. She was tortured all of her life. She was co dependent on her mother Oliver life. She was controlled Oliver life when she tried to escape she was chained to a bed. She was threatened. She was. Starved her mother threatened her with a hammer. This was a child that knew nothing except mother being in control. We're going to have to keep that in mind. And in no way, am I trying to justify vigilante Justice or hacking someone to death? But in order to understand what's going on. You

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