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"dick shap" Discussed on SI Media Podcast

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"dick shap" Discussed on SI Media Podcast

"I think the novelty is worn off. They did it already. Obviously, I'm a Yankee fan, the Yankees, they ended up losing that game, but listen, would I put it on for 5 minutes to just to check out the scene? The uniforms what's going on. Yes, am I lasting more than 5 minutes listing more than an inning cubs reds in the middle of August? No. Right. I will say, I want to give one recommendation for things on something for people to watch. I tweeted this, but I want to say it here. It came out maybe a month ago. It's an ESPN. It's not a 30 for 30. It was an E 60. It was one of those E 60. I don't know the differences between the 30 for 30 in the east. I mean, it's two different branches of ESPN. But it's called the great impostor and me. You would love it. It would be right up your alley. So I don't want to give a ton of spoilers, but it's about this guy who used to finagle his way into massive sporting events and get on the field on the court everywhere. He was at the, it starts out where he ends up in the layup line at the NBA All-Star Game in uniform. You know, he ends up getting into the MLB All-Star Game. There's a big incident. I think it's at the Emmy Awards, which I don't want to spoil. And then halfway through, it takes a wild left turn on something you would have never seen coming. And it was like, I think it's like an hour and a half hour and 20 minutes. Is it on demand? I can watch it. ESPN+ ESPN+. You would love it. This is what I would say to people. And it's a one off. It's not a series, so you need something to watch one day. You're not looking to get into like a regular series. You just need a one off. It's perfect. The great impostor in me, Jeremy shop is a big part of it, and his dad dick shap factors into it. And it would be right up your alley. And this is what I would say to people.

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