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"dick lewis hamilton" Discussed on Bro Bro Bro Bets

"I just want to give him f one there. It is okay. Let's see here. Oh volley ball toss. What's for the seasons. Plus eighteen thousand is probably not going for the seasons. Use probably the belgian grand prix. That's twenty two hundred. Wow good take great dick lewis hamilton. Now i have a hard time fucking bet against louis. Hamilton bob's from wisconsin. What are you got. We turn hammered. A- get nick shove choppers most regular season rushing yards plus eight fifty and then i also like the arizona cardinals to make the playoffs plus one seventy six now in the nba. Some quick early lines here. I got the golden state warriors plus eleven hundred to win it all think. That's a good number early and Then it's not on right now but it was there to win. Mvp jaanus on kufo plus seven hundred. Thank you buffs. I feel like this is why one of the reasons. Why i'm not gonna take mahomes. Plus five hundred even though he most likely will be the envy the league. He's got to do a lot to win. Jaanus is already got to. He's got to do a lot to win. Mvp they don't like people winning it all the time. Sometimes sometimes what else did he say. Oh golden state plus eleven hundred not bad now because if they get ben simmons at that line will go down yeah they will get a little bit shorter. Klay gonna be back. Yeah part of my worry about showed the lead. The league in rushing is. he's not the only running back in the backfield. Kareem hunt will steal some scares. That's my only thought on that. If you guys have anything different let me know brock. He's trying to fuck it up at the top of the fifth again. Four for one first and third. How many ask to. We'll be last night. I'm not worried about that. Nobody up door to outs. Nobody on three run. Rally those those nice one into league in rushing derrick henry plus four hundred allen. Cook plus six hundred. Those guys don't have to split. Gary israel christian mcafee plus mccaffrey plus six hundred. Can we stop. The vikings are going to be good. Talk you hate that. How come you don't like cousins. I just don't think. I don't think anybody said they're going to be good. I said they're worth a springboard. Wouldn't that shock. World is what i have make the playoffs. I think that guys said making the playoffs with shock the world. I would not be shocked. I wouldn't be shocked at the playoffs. But kirk cousins on contract here. He's always on a contract. You.

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