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"dick kavak tony" Discussed on The Johnny Carson Show

"McNair you'll be you'll be back in a second okay. Sometimes when things are working we keep it increased. Guess don't really go. Oh well no no no we fly commercial here. You'RE GONNA stay with us a while even though you plug your show. Yeah Yeah okay sure. Okay like most of those big guys so you don't have to get back to the shootings. Good Yup no all right. We'll do this. We're going to say all month actually hear from Richard Pryor Linda Smith Monday night. I want to mention that he's going to be hosting Harvey Korman I'm going to come and sit right in that seat there when he does the model. Oh you're going to get a little spinach not well. That's all you all you have to look at Harvey and goes into he goes catatonic not well and he's going to be a with Bonnie Franklin. Tom Recent Baseball's Bob Ukraine Helen. Gurley Brown on Tuesday night we have the Icefield awkward saying the Best Carson Yen. We have people like Beverly Lee Sills. Who is right there Tony Randall? They're funny comedian. By the name of George Miller and from Cornell Dr. Carl Sagan is with his on Tuesdays League leader. Dick Kavak Tony. Newly Laura Call George Burns Marvin Hamilton and Donald J. Duck. Donald Duck will be on the show. There was a man named Donald. Oh Really J. Duck. I think he's with the Department of Interior's with the United States government and he's legitimate name is Donald Duck and you WanNa talk about going through life with problems. Yeah what a Nice Nice going to be going to a motel in your name. Come out and lock him out in writing that down speak it a harvey. You don't have much admire you and Harvey and they're replaying in that order incidentally not raw. What's up with you and Harvey Notch cracking me up? And they've been re running a lot of the composites of Carol show from around the country and those sketches hold up but you and Harvey have got something going between you. He doesn't seem to be able to break you up very often but you will. Have you look at him you eyeball oh him. Yeah and Harvey that the mouse starts to go the is dance the jaw trembles. He did the the shoulder start to go. Yeah it's a kind of started. We were in his dressing room. One time it's doing the show and he was Dressed in a chicken outfit and had the big feet had red stockings on pantyhose and he had a chicken body and chicken wings and this huge chicken in order to talk to me had to lift up the beach. You know listen. I was dressed as an Avon.

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