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Daystar CEO Marcus Lamb dies after COVID diagnosis

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Daystar CEO Marcus Lamb dies after COVID diagnosis

"Marcus Marcus lamb lamb the the CEO CEO and and founder founder of of the the conservative conservative Christian Christian Daystar Daystar television television network network has has died died at at the the age age of of sixty sixty four four after after contracting contracting the the corona corona virus virus his his wife wife Joanie Joanie said said he he had had diabetes diabetes and and was was hospitalized hospitalized after after his his oxygen oxygen levels levels had had dropped dropped lemon lemon Daystar Daystar have have promoted promoted views views opposing opposing cove cove in in nineteen nineteen vaccines vaccines and and restrictions restrictions to to stop stop the the spread spread of of the the disease disease the the network's network's programs programs have have featured featured vaccine vaccine skeptics skeptics and and healthcare healthcare professionals professionals who who promote promote alternative alternative club club in in nineteen nineteen treatments treatments in in recent recent months months a a number number of of prominent prominent anti anti vaccination vaccination Christian Christian broadcasters broadcasters have have died died from from Calvin Calvin nineteen nineteen radio radio host host Dick Dick Farrell Farrell Phil Phil Valentine Valentine and and mark mark Bernie Bernie or or who who were were unvaccinated unvaccinated all all died died after after they they contracted contracted the the virus virus I I Walter Walter Ratliff Ratliff

Marcus Marcus Lamb Daystar Daystar Joanie Joanie Diabetes Diabetes Cove Cove Calvin Calvin Dick Dick Farrell Farrell Phil Phil Valentine Valentine Mark Mark Bernie Bernie Walter Walter Ratliff Ratliff
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"dick farrell" Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

"To 1.5. 3 23 with Jeff and Kylie. We're talking about comments that Howard Stern made a few days ago should be unvaccinated be denied treatment if they get covid, he says, so. Yeah. Uh, more of what he said. By the way, When are we going to stop putting up with the idiots in this country and just say it's mandatory to get vaccinated? F them f their freedom. I want my freedom to live. And Howard says I want to get out of the house already. I want to go next door and play chess. I wonder who lives next door. I want to put I want to go take some pictures. This is Bull. Yes. Yeah. Um, And then he's also saying you had the cure. Meaning? You know, the vaccines came along. You had the cure, and you wouldn't take it. And he also talked about several of these, um very right wing very conservative talk show hosts. Four of them. I believe, um, names escape me at the moment. But who had, you know, typically railed against the vaccines. And, uh, I'm sure some are probably even reaching like mark of the Beast territory. Whatever. And then all four of them ended up getting covid. And all four of them ended up dying. It was Phil Valentine, Jimmy D. Young Dick Farrell and Marc Bernier. Bernier. I don't know how to pronounce that. Yep. And I believe at least one of not more of them had on their deathbeds been saying that they should have taken the vaccine. I believe. I think Howard was making a point of that. But anyway again, but palm oil shine of our own Newark Star Ledger. He did a column on this and I think he leans conservative and he's agreeing with Howard. Now, I don't think it should have anything to do with politics. It's not political science. No, I know, but it's I agree with you, but it's just surprising because that is how it has. Unfortunately fallen, you know. Many, many, many more conservatives and Republicans have been against the vaccine than Democrats, or I think, even independence. Um so that's why I just surprised me. But, yeah, he was adamant, saying, Yeah, live or die by your decisions. Basically, If you want to turn your back in science, then go all the way and then Accepted. If the hospitals don't treat you now, Kylie thinks that that makes sense agrees with Howard. I disagree, because I think Okay, put it this way, and then we'll go to the phones. You can have somebody You could have somebody attacked the Boston Marathon. Okay, You can have a terrorist. Who in the attack gets their lower leg blown off, say And yet we will even treat them. You know, Medicine is supposed to end up not being judgmental is supposed to be blind. In a sense, we will have a cop killer. And, yeah, you know, they did it. You want them to die? We want. We want to heal them only to put them on trial and then put him on death row, you know, and and it does seem contradictory. But that's because that's the criminal justice system versus medicine. But in the world of medicine, we're not supposed to judge like this. And if you start judging these folks, there are so many other people that you could judge You know a guy who beat his wife, right? He has a heart attack. You know, he's a wife beater. Should they let him die? Morally? Yeah. But ethically under medicine. Mm, You can't do it. That's why I don't think this would ever actually see the light of day as something that doctors are doing because they have their ethical standards, But it does it. It's frustrating. I get the frustration. All right. Well, what do you say? 1? 808 311.5 Jane in Medford. Excuse me. How did I just say that chain and Medford, New Jersey, 11.5 Jane. Hey, Jane, You're on the air. Go ahead. What you want to say? Jane H. Okay, Let's move on to, uh, Laura in Long Branch, New Jersey, One of 1.5. Hi there. Yes, Uh, I wanted to comment on this. And basically it goes along the lines of what you would have saying. If you're going to say unvaccinated shouldn't be treated for Covid. Then you've got to say smokers are not going to be treated for lung cancer. People that don't use sunscreen are going to be treated for melanoma. People that drink aren't going to be treated for liver disease. I mean, go on and on and on Dollar isn't that the case for transplants aren't alcoholics lower on the lists? Or is that just something I've heard? You know about that? Yeah. I don't know about that. Kylie's right about that. Yeah, I'm not sure about that. But Basically, I mean, you're punishing people for their what they choose in their life. Uh, if that's what you want to do, then I've got to do it for everybody. You know, then you can't say Oh, this poor person got melanoma, You know, so let's let's treat them. Um you know, you've got the vaccine out there that isn't even approved And they said, Oh, yes is approved. It is a planet, read the FDA website read the NBA website Prove the Pfizer vaccine is fully approved. Laura, your about your about two months behind the news. Not according to the website. If you read the FBI, you are completely wrong. It is fully approved. It is for. Look, I agree with you about the question we're asking, but you're dead wrong about the Pfizer vaccine. It is fully approved. Thank you for calling in. She's she's basically on April's news, I think conspiracy theorist or that James in Middletown, New Jersey, one at 1.5. How you doing? Hey, What do you think? Uh, it's still my words. I mean it that and even he said before Kylie, or if you Have a family member who is obese. They made the decision to eat McDonald's and Burger King and their whole life and they've got a heart problem should they not be treated. But don't you think they made the decisions to get there? And they should don't actions have consequences isn't their personal responsibility. Absolutely. There's person the personal. The consequence is you now have a heart problem. The difference here. That's not up to doctors to judge. Doctors go to school and get that job to take care of people that have the whole problem. I agree, Judge and jury The difference here. James Government has gotten so out of control in making our decisions of our lives and our Children. Where does this end is my question to you? Where do you first of all? Well Yeah, Yeah. James. Cool your Jets. She's trying to make a point. So let's not have a screaming match. I'm sorry. No, it's cool. We asked you to call in the difference here with obesity is that The other person's obesity doesn't kill my grandma. You know, like you can't spread obesity. This is a highly transmissible disease. And that's why I think we should do everything in our power to try to stop the spread. I know. I know We're sick of hearing that phrase, but we are we need to stop it. All Okay, well, then, and then you say So then your answer to that is that the science is settled when it's not because there's new variants that just came out. And so it's possible. It is legitimately impossible to have all the data on who is being infected and how they are all being infected. I understand the more a lot of studies already that we're seeing, but we don't know all the data and some of the data is showing that the that's the vaccinated Are spreading this at a higher rate than the vaccination wrong, understand all wrong, wrong that they are able to spread it at the they're able to spread it at the same rate because the viral load is the same. They can spread it at the same rate. But they are but but no credible data is not showing that they are spreading it at some accelerated rate that is just dead wrong, And it's more of the nonsense that we keep hearing way too often from people who think they know what they're talking about. James, We have to break for the news. But thanks for the call to New Jersey, one at 1.5, But I agree with James. We cannot not treat the unvaccinated if they end up in the hospital, 1 800 to 831 to 1.53 31. Now the latest New Jersey news from NJ 115 dot com At least one Self Jersey.

Jeff Marc Bernier Phil Valentine Kylie McDonald's Laura FDA Burger King Howard FBI Democrats James 1? 808 311.5 Jimmy D. Young Dick Farrell NBA Howard Stern Republicans Bernier Four April
"dick  farrell" Discussed on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour Podcast

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"dick farrell" Discussed on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour Podcast

"Genucel dot com slash stephanie. We would have had heard immunity at the seventy percent that the president had talked about if it weren't for unvaccinated people what happened with the amount of unvaccinated people's that's why we have adult variant. And that's why now we need like eighty or ninety percent people vaccinated. I mean this is what this is. John is just. It is to be endless unless he did what he did last night. And the republican governor have you have you've had a toddler this is just. Oh my god they some which we about. The governors republican governors quickly sided with the unvaccinated. Even though over seventy five percent of adults have already chosen to get back sedated. Good pick the losing side right out of the box. I'm greg abbott. As we said. John did have the audacity to say he was protecting texans right to choose whether they get the comex what he did there. You see what he coathanger can. There is on the governor of mississippi who which has the nation's lowest vaccination rate said biden's actions were terrifying. Not that a lot of people. Mississippi died but by trying to stop. That is what's terrifying. Even though the pandemic is so bad in idaho that hospitals are now rationing. Care governor brad. Little complained about government overreach montana. Republican governor greg. Gm forty said biden's actions were unlawful and un-american no lawful and about the most american patriotic thing you can do as he said his first job as president is to protect the american people period. You know herman. Cain should still be alive and phil valentine and loop lead lo and dick farrell and scott apple all these right wing guys. All their deaths were preventable. Donald trump's greatest achievement was convincing people that not taking medical advice seriously during a plague with somehow integral to conservative identity. I it's incredible how anti-science it is. I that we need to go a step further and start. Having the cdc put out the word that unvaccinated men will be suffering from impotency for the rest of their life. So you need to get a shot and all they gotta do is get a prick and save one there. You go thank so john. Patent oswald has cancelled his upcoming tour dates and florida and salt lake city. After the venues refuse to agree to his koepke cove in nineteen safety requests. He asked the venues to require audience. Members show proof of vaccination or negative test within either forty eight or seventy two hours any said every other venue on the tour even the texas ones were cool about retort requiring proof of vaccination or negative cova test. So i mean we're supposed to play madison october. Twenty third. and you know the barrymore's been great about right away saying absolutely proof of vaccine Required and you know masking..

biden greg abbott phil valentine dick farrell scott apple John stephanie mississippi Mississippi idaho brad montana herman Gm Donald trump Cain greg
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"dick farrell" Discussed on WCPT 820

"No profit for the next three months, resulting in a 35%. Price cut by the end of this week, which is, I think important for all of us. Medicaid will cover at home test for free for beneficiaries that our government will expand free testing to 10,000 pharmacies. Department of Education has launched investigations into whether mass mandates in five states discriminate against students with disabilities who are at heightened risk for severe illness from covid by preventing them from accessing in person education. On 30,000 head start teachers have to be vaccinated will call on governors to require vaccination for teachers and staff. I mean, are you know are the center of our universe here at Sirius XM Howard Stern. We played his sound bites this week, right? It's just he's always been everyone's in, but he's like your freedom. I want the freedom to live, right. I mean, it's not. Interestingly, Biden said, without the square words exactly what Howard Stern said this week. Right? You know how like when they say their values, they really mean their taste. And you know how when they say they're Christian, they really mean they vote against everything Christ talked about and you know how When they say they're patriots, they mean they really hate lots and lots of other Americans. When they talk about their freedoms. They just mean they're conveniences. That's all it means to them. These are the same people the same week saying You can't force me to take a vaccine to save lives. But Texas can force rape victims who are Children to carry and bear their rapist's baby This is dealing with they're not going to ever bring facts to a debate. They're going to fight dirty and fight dirty and fight dirty, and when they're defeated, they're going to fight dirtier. We can't hate him, but we've got to beat them and the irony. Is Where the pro lifers and we are fighting for their lives. I don't need to see another conservative have a tiktok video from their hospital beds, saying, I wish I had known. I wish I got the vaccine. It's my least favorite genre of new movie making in 2021. I just want to say if Stacey Abrams was in charge of vaccines, we have herd immunity by two weeks ago, so yeah, I just It's progress. By the way we would government doing stuff we would have had heard immunity at the 70% that The president had talked about if it weren't for unvaccinated people. What happened with the amount of unvaccinated people? That's why we have adult a variant, and that's why now we need to like 80 or 90% people vaccinated. I mean, this is what this is John. It's just It is going to be endless. Unless he did what he did last night. And the Republican governor, you have you've had a toddler. This is just Oh, my God. They some which we're talking about Governors. Republican governors quickly sided with the unvaccinated even though over 75% of adults have already chosen to get vaccinated. Good. Pick the losing side right out of the box. Greg Abbott. As we said, John did have the audacity to say he was protecting Texans right to choose. Don't any, whether they get the Covid? Uh huh. Is he what he did there? You see what he does? Coat hanger can there he is, Um, the governor of Mississippi, which has the nation's lowest vaccination rate, said Biden's actions were terrifying. Not that most lot of people in this super died, but Biden try to stop. That is what's terrifying. Even though the pandemic is so bad in Idaho that hospitals are now rationing care Governor Brad Little complained about government overreach, Uh, Montana Republican governor. Greg G imports, he said Biden sections were unlawful and UN American, um no lawful and about the most American patriotic thing you can do as he said his first job as president is to protect the American people. Period. You know, Herman Cain should still be alive. And Phil Valentine and Luke let low and Dick Farrell and Scott aptly all these right wing guys, all their deaths were preventable and Donald Trump's greatest achievement. Was convincing people that not taking medical advice seriously during a plague was somehow integral to conservative identity. It's incredible how anti science it is. I think we need to go a step further and start having the CDC put out the word that unvaccinated men. Will be suffering from impotency for the rest of their life. So you need to get a shot and all they got to do is, you know, Get a prick and save one. There you go. Thank you. So, John Patton. Oswalt has cancelled his upcoming tour dates in Florida and Salt Lake City after the venues refused to agree to his Coke. The Covid 19 safety requests. He has the venues to require audience members show proof of vaccination or negative test within either 48 or 72 hours. Um and he said every other venue on the tour, even the Texas ones were cool about requiring requiring proof of vaccination or negative covid test. So I mean, we're supposed to play Madison, October 23rd. And you know, the Barrymore has been great about right away, saying absolutely proof of vaccine required and you know, masking, I believe is what we're going to obviously have to have to do. But it is interesting that it's just this shouldn't be political like he was saying, even in Texas, but So he's not canceling the tour. He's canceling the places that will not put in safety protocols that he asked for. Yeah, which is what a decent non sociopath would do. I mean, even Van Morrison is playing venues that require vaccination, Clapton said. He won't play any rooms that require vaccinations, and it's It's heartbreaking man. It's like, Wow, I really guess. Glad I'm not defending Eric Clapton's personal behavior after all these years, But at this point look It's just how many more people have to die. They think it will be three quarters of a million Americans that will have died from this by the end of December. And and so you know, I'm all in favor of it. I know that the government can force you to take a shot. But this is one of those areas where the government did what they did. Science did what they did, and now the private sector gets to show up and we see how greed can be good. We saw this in the civil rights movement when they realized Hey, if we market to minorities, we can be even greedier and make more money and That marketing lead to racial progress. Every time you see a Budweiser float at a gay pride parade, it represents the same kind of thing. It's time for the private sector to allow their agreed to help save the world because it's good for business. Do not have dead customers in a dead workforce. Yeah, Yes, it is with the Republican Party becomes so anti business, Stephanie what? They ate capitalism. I've been saying that the CEOs are like, Thank God. This is the air cover we needed. We need employees safe. And healthy..

Donald Trump Eric Clapton Dick Farrell John Patton Greg Abbott Florida Phil Valentine Salt Lake City Stacey Abrams Stephanie Greg G Clapton 80 35% 2021 Herman Cain Idaho 70% Biden Republican Party
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"dick farrell" Discussed on News Radio 1190 KEX

"Ruling that the state's governor and education officials cannot enforce a ban on mask mandates in public school. A judge in Leon County said Wednesday that Florida cannot enforce its ban on mask mandates, while an appeals court sorts out challenges to the law. Circuit Court Judge John C. Cooper said there is overwhelming evidence before him that wearing masks does provide protection against Covid 19 for kids and crowded schools, especially since there is no vaccine available for kids under 12. This means the mask mandate. Prohibition is on hold. As the case works its way through the courts. It could make its way all the way to the state Supreme Court Mark Remillard ABC News next week, the nation's largest public school district, New York City will be back in session with all in person classes. The governor issued a universal statewide mask rule. And New York City's mayor, Bill de Blasio says school staff are required to get vaccinated and that most of the facilities have been renovated with ventilation systems. De Blasio, also calling on the federal government to approve vaccines for kids ages, 5 to 11 sooner than later. The federal government. I know this is a priority, but it needs to be the highest priority. I'm calling upon the FDA. Set a timeline set a goal that we all can hear. Parents need to hear this in Afghanistan. The Taliban announced a hardline interim government yesterday that excludes women and includes a former Guantanamo Bay detainee as the new intelligence chief today, say state Secretary Antony Blinken in Germany, meeting with Afghan refugees and military and state Department members at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, he says the world is watching the Taliban the nature of the Taliban led government's relationship. With us with the international community will depend entirely on its actions in the weeks and months and time ahead. You're listening to ABC. Good afternoon. I'm Brad Ford. Our top story. It appears the surge in Covid 19 cases might be near its peak, state epidemiologist, Dr Dean sighed. Linger, says hospitals were overwhelmed and that's affecting treatment for non covid 19 patients. Hospitals have reached the saturation point where health systems are not able to provide care to everyone arriving at their doors. Hip replacements and some cancer diagnostic procedures are being delayed. People with emergencies such as crash victims or heart attacks might not get treatment because beds aren't available side Linger, says wearing masks and getting vaccinated will continue to reduce covid 19 cases. Callous County has declared an emergency because the county morgue is full from Covid 19 deaths. The Longview Daily News reports at least eight county residents died from Covid 19 between August 31st at September 6th. Morgue is normally able to hold 45 bodies, but it's currently at 65. The emergency declaration will allow a refrigeration truck to be used to store bodies until they could be processed. Officials with the Vernonia School district in Columbia County say they postponed the opening of the school year because they don't have enough bus drivers. One of the districts drivers died recently from Covid 19. The other drivers are now quarantined. Schools and known you were sent to open yesterday but have now been rescheduled to open September. 20th, a woman who was asleep, was shot in the face early Tuesday morning in southeast Portland. The woman was in her house near South East 64th in Woodward when she was hit by the stray bullet. Tyler Robertson lives in the house behind the victim and tells K to the city's reaction to the increase in shootings. Is weak. It does feel like the response from city leadership has been largely lip service. The woman was treated at a hospital. She's expected to be okay. Police weren't able to identify with a stray bullet was fired. The mayor of Sandy stand, Pulliam has announced he is running for governor and the Republican ticket in Oregon. Earlier this year, Pulliam had announced he was forming an exploratory committee for the race next year. Volume has been a critic of some of the covid 19 restrictions put in place during the pandemic. He joins. Several other Republicans seeking the nomination. Okay? Yes. News time, 12. Oh, six traffic and weather neck. It's the Mark Mason show. Uh, All right, let's get down to business. Got to undo what? What's been going on the last three hours with Covid. I mean, I feel like I should apologize. What goes on, sometimes in people's minds, because talk like that's gonna kills people literally. I do not. I just don't understand. There's four conservative talk show hosts who are dead already. And, you know, just kind of sweep under the rug, Right? You know the the anti Vax talk shows Who's Marc Bernier? Mr Anti Vax did that Vax man song he's dead. Phil Valentine, Tennessee. He's dead, Jimmy, too young. He's a preacher, nationally syndicated show he's dead. Met his maker Dick Farrell. Florida dead. And listen. The odds are still with you. No matter what, right, The odds are on your side, but you're leading with your chin. When you're when you're telling other people Don't get Baxter. You don't need it. I'm going to be at the game cheering. You know what? I'm going to be at games, too, But I'm wearing a mask. I'm faxed. I'm fully maxed. I don't need the hassle of Covid 19. People wear it like it's a like like it's proud badge to have gotten covid. You don't know how many people I've talked to who have long code still suffering problems ringing in the ear? Whatever lung problems, heart heart failure, uh, there out of breath all the time. It's no joke to be sitting here telling people that they that they just because, uh, I'm free. You shouldn't get the vaccine instead. Use that I ivermectin. Are you something else? Hey, money go to the feed store. Just, uh, the WHO World Health organization is saying Covid is here to stay. This is thanks to the largely unvaccinated population, not just in the U. S not going to blame everybody here, but it's the world. Are they citing move? Mm. No, no. Now moves to new. Give it time. Yeah, at least their parts of the world. Have you seen their first vaccine? And that's why the World Health Organization is now coming after America saying, Look, you guys have all the vaccine. You're about to give booster shots to people 60 and over of what they're doing in Israel. That's a lot smaller country of the numbers, you know, can make that work. But when you talk about the the African continent, there are people who haven't even seen what the vaccine looks like yet. And if you don't vaccinate them first, you can have all the vaccine of the world us This going to mutate to beyond move and be the next you know, Big zoo? Yeah. Whatever. So they're worried about mutations? Uh, so it's going to be with us. But move is the next big one Right? 49 States Mu has been has been detected and they say at this point, it doesn't look like it transmits as quickly as Delta. Well, that's good news, you know, and will it will have actually hold up against it. That That's the other question, I guess. Time will tell. But when? When the World Health organization ization says it's here to stay. I just figure we're going to be getting boosters every eight months or once a year. Maybe it'll get down to once a year like a regular flu shot. Flu shot in one arm in the Covid 19 shot in the other. You know when the hospital crisis is over, Look, look what's going on in Idaho? For God's sakes, they've declared a first time ever crisis care. A scenario and that means there triaging people if they don't think you're going to make it, you don't get into the ICU. They literally deciding right there outside wherever it is they triage you. It will only take the people with the best chance of recovery. It's like a MASH unit. Yeah, but don't take the vaccination. I'm not going to wear mask They can't meet, but yeah. Polls show growing U. S support for public vaccine requirements Gallup poll Of course, I can't believe anything. Gallup says only been doing it for 100 years. Are we talkin the vaccine passport here? Yep. Okay, well requirements, they would you Here's the question. Would you favor or oppose businesses requiring people? Show proof of coronavirus Covid 19 vaccination in order to do the following over the next several months. Support requiring proof of vaccination to eat at a restaurant. Would you say? Yes, Absolutely. Yeah. You know, I would say with 53% Yes. How about stay at a hotel? Absolutely Yeah, 53% Sure. Was in a hotel in Montana over the weekend Gaga on Great hotel better than there's the armory in in Bozeman, Montana..

Tyler Robertson Dick Farrell Bill de Blasio Brad Ford Idaho Montana Israel World Health Organization August 31st De Blasio September. 20th Mark Remillard 100 years Leon County Wednesday Oregon ABC Gallup Phil Valentine Gaga
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"dick farrell" Discussed on KGO 810

"S government was acting like Nazis for insisting that people get the shot. You know for anybody who has family members who were killed in the Holocaust for anybody who may be listening who survived the Holocaust and there are still some of them out there. Uh, that is really quite the insult for anybody who studied history that is just plain ignorant to make such a comparison. I mean, I think it's I find it absolutely utterly revolting. But this guy, this conservative radio host in Florida. His is the third in August among conservative talk show hosts who have died and who were outspoken against the coronavirus vaccine. Eight days before. Uh this Bernier Bernier Bernier. It's b e r N i e r. I'm going to say Bernier. Because he spills Marc with a C. So I'm going to assume he's um Phil Valentine died now. Phil Valentine was a 61 year old conservative talk show host in Tennessee. He mocked coronavirus vaccines. And then he changed his tone. He got sick. He battled the disease for a month, and he died. Uh Then there was Dick Farrell, a former Newsmax Newsmax commentator. He was a coronavirus, denying vaccine resistant right wing radio talk show host. He also was in South Florida. He died of Covid 19 complications on August six. He was 65 years old after he had exhorted fans not to get the vaccine he called the entire coronavirus crisis A scam DEM IQ. Uh, he and Valentine the and and that guy Valentine. He was on one of our sister stations. A cumulus station, Phil Valentine. I remember when he got sick, and you know how upset everybody was about this, but he had, you know, refused to get the vaccine and he told other people they shouldn't get the vaccine. When he got sick, he changed his mind. And so did The Newsmax commentator who was also right wing radio talk show host IQ Farrell..

Dick Farrell South Florida Tennessee Phil Valentine Florida Holocaust August six Valentine IQ Farrell August Marc 65 years old one 61 year old a month third Nazis Eight days before sister The Newsmax
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"dick farrell" Discussed on Savage Lovecast

"Only fans i was going to talk about the events situation at the top of this week. Show but the only fan situation seems resolved itself only fans is a platform where people can subscribe to content creators who then share exclusive photos and videos on the side. It's a site worth billions. Thanks to the sex workers and porn performer. The platform marketed itself to recruited when it first launched in two thousand sixteen and then a week ago only fans announced it was banning all sexually explicit content from its site because banks credit card. Companies processors were forcing them to they reversed course in a week. Only fans turned around and said a week later. Basically we hear you and announced that they weren't gonna ban sexually explicit content after all and would no longer be pivoting who. I don't know what what they plan to pivot to the week. Before last based tune teenagers doing lip syncs and cooking tutorials and other shit people can get for free on youtube and dick doc right now. How are you going to make money at that. But that was their plan a week and a half ago. What seems to have made the difference here. And what. I see as a sign of real progress the new york times washington post. Cnn daily papers. Npr mainstream publications went to sex workers and porn stars to get quotes about how only fans was doing to them. What facebook and instagram and craigslist had already done to them and how this being driven off the internet was making their lives harder and sex work more dangerous not a radical sex work not ending it just making it more dangerous. That's new and it made a huge difference. Abigail higgins has a terrific piece at the lily. Sex workers rallied together when only fans band sexually explicit content. They believed their voices are finally being heard. That's the headline. go read it. I'm not the only one who thinks that this new development reporters talking to sex workers about sex work is making a difference is creating some sort of seismic shift some change. You know if you read stories written about gay people from five decades ago. They didn't talk to gay people in talk to us. They talked about us when that changed. Things started to change for gay. People seems to me that until very very recently stories written about sex workers porn performers and mainstream. They talked about sex workers and porn performers. Not to them. that's changing. That's changed. It took a few decades to get from talking to people about gay people to the progress. We've seen on gay rights but we wouldn't have seen that progress if that hadn't happened and that couldn't have happened if gay people weren't willing to talk if gay people weren't out. I think we're on a similar trajectory here with sex workers sex workers rights from finally quoting gay people in stories about gay people to marriage equality in forty years. Here's hoping we go from quoting sex workers in stories about sex work to criminalization of sex work in less time. There's something share something kinda random. Before i get to your calls. Basically i a beef with the internet. The internet you let me down this week. I mean i heard right away about all four of the right wing anti vaccine anti mask. Radio talk show hosts who died of kovic last week. Jimmy d young and tennessee. Dick farrell and florida philvalentine. Also tennessee. Marc bernier also in florida. And i am not complaining about that. I like to stay informed. But i am wondering how many right wing radio talk. Show host have to die before they start taking the pandemic seriously and it looks like their preferred answer the preferred answer of right wing radio talk show hosts everywhere is all of us. All of us have to die and as tempting as it is to say okay. Sure all of you is a price. I am willing to pay. We have to think of all the other people being harmed by these dumb motherfuckers. Not just listeners. Not just their listeners. People stupid enough to listen to them but all the people these men and their listeners may pass the infection onto. i'm really not worried about our strategic national stockpile of asshole right wing radio talk show hosts running low with the internet and again like to stay informed was happy to hear about it. It's just that i heard about them. Jimmy dick fillon mark right away but somehow the internet failed to bring the gazebo situation in eureka. California to my attention. It took a savage love reader. Thank you mr t. Emailing me the link to the story like it was nineteen ninety. Eight or something. Andrew goff reports at the lost coast outpost news from humboldt county. California someone in eureka. California mounted a dildo onto the roof of eureka's old town gazebo. I can't do the gazebo owner as goff dubbed did. I can't do the gazebo. Owner justice here podcasting not a visual medium and there are photos video at andrew gobs story about the z. Boehner suffice it to say whoever mounted that dildo to the roof of the gazebo rica's old town intended for that dildo to stay mounted. You're gonna wanna watch the video. Loss coast outposts. Andrew goff story is titled. The city of eureka has removed mysterious dill. Dome atop the old town gazebo still mystery as to. Who put that dildo. They're gotta say good job dildo mounter good job and keep them coming and internet. Come on. i'm as interested in hearing about dildos mounted to the roofs of gazebos. As i am in hearing about dead right wing radio talk show host. Please internet. I want both those stories. But those kinds of stories to be brought to my.

dick doc new york times washington post Abigail higgins kovic Jimmy d young Dick farrell Marc bernier instagram Npr craigslist Cnn tennessee eureka youtube Andrew goff florida Jimmy dick fillon facebook California andrew gobs
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"dick farrell" Discussed on Savage Lovecast

"I was going to talk about the events situation at the top of this week. Show but the only fan situation seems resolved itself only fans is a platform where people can subscribe to content creators who then share exclusive photos and videos on the side. It's a site worth billions. Thanks to the sex workers and porn performer. The platform marketed itself to recruited when it first launched in two thousand sixteen and then a week ago only fans announced it was banning all sexually explicit content from its site because banks credit card. Companies processors were forcing them to they reversed course in a week. Only fans turned around and said a week later. Basically we hear you and announced that they weren't gonna ban sexually explicit content after all and would no longer be pivoting who. I don't know what what they plan to pivot to the week. Before last based tune teenagers doing lip syncs and cooking tutorials and other shit people can get for free on youtube and dick doc right now. How are you going to make money at that. But that was their plan a week and a half ago. What seems to have made the difference here. And what. I see as a sign of real progress the new york times washington post. Cnn daily papers. Npr mainstream publications went to sex workers and porn stars to get quotes about how only fans was doing to them. What facebook and instagram and craigslist had already done to them and how this being driven off the internet was making their lives harder and sex work more dangerous not a radical sex work not ending it just making it more dangerous. That's new and it made a huge difference. Abigail higgins has a terrific piece at the lily. Sex workers rallied together when only fans band sexually explicit content. They believed their voices are finally being heard. That's the headline. go read it. I'm not the only one who thinks that this new development reporters talking to sex workers about sex work is making a difference is creating some sort of seismic shift some

dick doc new york times washington post Abigail higgins kovic Jimmy d young Dick farrell Marc bernier instagram Npr craigslist Cnn tennessee eureka youtube Andrew goff florida Jimmy dick fillon facebook California andrew gobs
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"Biometric <Speech_Male> database. <Speech_Male> That can <Speech_Male> immediately <Speech_Male> identify <Speech_Male> any person <Speech_Male> who <Speech_Male> has helped nato <Speech_Male> allies or <Speech_Male> worked with an indian <Speech_Music_Male> or <SpeakerChange> american <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> intelligence. <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> That's crazy <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> yeah. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> And they have all <Speech_Music_Female> of our <Speech_Music_Male> weaponry <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> forgotten. How many <Speech_Music_Male> hundreds of <Speech_Music_Male> tanks <Speech_Female> or other <Speech_Female> can you imagine them. Selling <Speech_Music_Female> that stuff <SpeakerChange> to iran <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> helicopters <Speech_Music_Male> and stuff. <Speech_Music_Male> Yeah <Speech_Music_Male> a <Speech_Male> sitting marine battalion. <Speech_Male> Commander was fired <Speech_Male> friday after he <Speech_Male> slammed what <Speech_Male> he called the ineptitude <Speech_Male> of us military <Speech_Male> leadership over <Speech_Male> the disastrous <Speech_Male> afghanistan <Speech_Male> withdrawal saying <Speech_Male> he was willing to risk <Speech_Male> losing his <Speech_Male> seventeen year career <Speech_Male> and future <Speech_Male> retirement pension <Speech_Male> in order to demand <Speech_Male> accountability <SpeakerChange> from <Speech_Male> top military brass. <Speech_Music_Female> I thought he resigned <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> but he said in a facebook <Speech_Male> post that he was relieved <Speech_Male> for cause after <Speech_Female> he posted a video. Thursday <Speech_Female> saying <Speech_Female> military leadership. <Speech_Female> Let servicemembers <Speech_Female> down during <Speech_Female> the bungled afghanistan <Speech_Female> withdrawal. <Speech_Female> His video post <Speech_Female> came after a terrorist <Speech_Female> attack at the airport <Speech_Female> that killed thirteen <Speech_Male> u s <SpeakerChange> servicemembers. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> He said i want <Speech_Male> to say this very strongly. <Speech_Music_Male> I've been fighting for seventeen <Speech_Music_Male> years. I'm willing to <Speech_Male> throw it all away. <Speech_Male> Say to my senior leaders. <Speech_Male> I demand <Speech_Male> accountability. <Speech_Male> This guy's name is a <Speech_Male> heat zone. Lieutenant colonel <Speech_Male> stewart <Speech_Male> sheller. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> I don't <Speech_Female> know why they would relieve <Speech_Male> him of his duty. Well <Speech_Male> i know why but <Speech_Male> because he's not <SpeakerChange> supposed to be talking <Speech_Music_Male> all right. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> There's some official thing <Speech_Female> about that. Kobe <Speech_Female> case is still on the rise <Speech_Female> in the us. But the pace <Speech_Female> of infections is showing <Speech_Female> signs of slowing <Speech_Female> down especially <Speech_Female> in some of the states that <Speech_Female> have been hardest. Hit <Speech_Music_Female> by the delta <SpeakerChange> variant. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> Well the virus <Speech_Male> kind of starts to <Speech_Male> run out of targets <Speech_Male> after awhile. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Cases in the south <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> may have peaked <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> According to dr <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> got lead <Speech_Music_Female> who is <Speech_Female> he's with the fda <Speech_Female> former a former <Speech_Female> fda spokesperson <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> Combination of the elevated <Speech_Female> level of recent <Speech_Female> cases along with the <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> number of americans who are <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> vaccinated mean the virus <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> may now be finding <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> fewer <SpeakerChange> people to <Speech_Music_Male> infect the <Speech_Male> death toll on the other <Speech_Music_Male> hand is rising <Speech_Music_Male> at a fast pace. <Speech_Music_Male> Johns hopkins <Speech_Music_Male> data shows <Speech_Male> the country's <Speech_Male> count <Speech_Male> of average daily deaths <Speech_Male> people to <Speech_Music_Male> infect the <Speech_Male> death toll on the other <Speech_Music_Male> hand is rising <Speech_Music_Male> at a fast pace. <Speech_Music_Male> Johns hopkins <Speech_Music_Male> data shows <Speech_Male> the country's <Speech_Male> count <Speech_Male> of average daily deaths <Speech_Male> surpassing <Speech_Music_Male> eleven hundred <Speech_Music_Male> as of past wednesday. <Speech_Music_Male> That's up thirty <Speech_Music_Male> nine percent from <Speech_Male> previous week. Driven <Speech_Male> by large <Speech_Male> quickly <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> rising <Speech_Music_Male> fatalities particularly <Speech_Music_Male> in florida <Speech_Music_Male> texas <SpeakerChange> louisiana <Speech_Male> and georgia <Speech_Female> new european union. <Speech_Female> Meantime expected to <Speech_Female> recommend today. That <Speech_Female> member states <Speech_Female> reinstate kovic <Speech_Female> related travel restrictions <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> halt all non-essential <Speech_Female> travel <Speech_Female> from the united states and <Speech_Female> five other <Speech_Female> countries. So <Speech_Female> it sounds like europe <Speech_Music_Male> maybe <SpeakerChange> shutting down <Speech_Music_Male> again <Speech_Male> it was <Speech_Male> dick farrell then philvalentine <Speech_Male> now third <Speech_Male> conservative <Speech_Male> radio host who had <Speech_Male> spoken out against cove <Speech_Male> in nineteen the vaccine <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> as died <Speech_Male> of corona virus. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Marc bernier <Speech_Male> a well-known <Speech_Male> sixty five <Speech_Male> year. Old talk radio <Speech_Music_Male> personality in daytona <Speech_Male> beach. Florida <Speech_Male> died saturday night <Speech_Male> after being hospitalized. <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> August <Speech_Male> seventh <Speech_Male> yeah. He was <Speech_Female> often referring to <Speech_Music_Female>

afghanistan nato fda iran Kobe facebook us dick farrell european union louisiana georgia florida texas Marc bernier europe Florida
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"dick farrell" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

"Biden on Friday. And I wasn't here on Friday at a guest host fill in because I was traveling up to New England to spend some time with my daughter on her 20th birthday, but absolutely completely totally false statements made by Biden. I got one. I got to. I got three strikes. You're out. You know the polling on what America thinks of Biden's competence continues to plummet. And this ought to scare the crap. Out of the Democrats and the Biden administration. Welcome back to step. We got a lot of ground to cover. Oh, did you hear what vice President giggles did this time? As I've got more new audio of Kamala Harris, the VP who is the vice president to get the F out of the way and stay quiet. Well, she's giggling again. She's not that totally quiet. Yeah, Vice President. Giggles has struck again regarding the Afghanistan situation. Are you kidding me? No, I'm not kidding you. I'll explain in just a matter of moments, so I've got audio. I've got proof You have VP giggles Kamala Harris is back Giggles the clown. I got Biden the incompetent and I got giggles. The clown. That's our white house. That's the president. The vice president 808 01, 89 99, the nationwide number here on Schmidt 808 01. 89 99. That is how you get in a couple of things here before I move on. I mentioned the to talk show hosts. We previously earlier this month had the death of a guy by the name of Dick Farrell. And Dick Farrell was a long time South Florida talk radio host. I remember him back in the nineties from W. J. N O and West Palm Beach. And I think he worked at some other radio stations, and he was anti mask anti vax. And he got Covid and he died back in early August. And he also said that he had wished that he had gotten the vaccine. Lots of these cases. And then unfortunately, we were pulling for Phil Valentine. Phil Valentine, a radio talk show host from Nashville WTN Radio. Has passed away. On Saturday. This was put out by the radio station Super Talk 99.7 wtn. They put out this tweet. We are said to report that our host and friend Phil Valentine has passed away. Please keep the Valentine family in your thoughts. And your prayers. On the air on some of his online writing, social media and blogs. Phil Valentine had Said that the chances of him contracting the virus and dying where weigh less than 1%. He had recommended that people with underlying health conditions should get the vaccine. Also said that people who are at high risk of probably safer not getting it. And Numerous reports numerous things that I've read that He had been dismissive of the covid vaccine and other vaccines in general. So that's why I say that he's had an anti vax position and also had a problem with masks and also had some anti mask positions. It was back on July 11th. He had a tough struggle here, folks. He did not have a good time in the hospital, so his final days sucked. And I feel terrible for Phil Valentine's family. I'd met him before at some radio convention of Talk Radio thing I had met him. Previously Nice guy had a good conversation with him. And on July 11th. He told listeners that he was diagnosed with Covid. And he said that he would be back. On the show soon in Nashville. But then, after some days of him not coming back on the air, and him not able to communicate his family Announced that he was being hospitalized and that he was in very serious condition. So he went from diagnosis to Hey, I'll be back in a couple of days to hospitalized. And not being able to communicate. His family had to communicate, and they did that. He was in very serious condition that was by mid July. And that he's had a tough time They had him on his stomach. He could not clear his lungs. And then the family put out a statement. That he was in very serious condition. And that he regretted not being more supportive of vaccines. That's Phil's family, saying that as he was hospitalized fighting for his life. And the family also put out a statement that Phil would like for his listeners to know that while he has never been an anti-vaxxer He regrets not being more vehemently pro vaccine. It looks forward to being able to be more vigorously on the air and advocate that position as soon as he's back on the air, which we hope will be soon. That was mid July. And of course, things didn't work out. And Phil Valentine has passed on. So again, um, the things that I've said some of the transcripts and some of things I've read that He certainly had some anti vax positions involving other vaccines and covid. So it's just unfortunate. Uh, you know what will this Well, this gets some of the people in Tennessee. Some of those unvaccinated in his market of Nashville. Will they go get vaccinated? Now that he's died? He's expired because of Covid 19. So too well known regional talk show hosts dead. Within this month. Dick, Feral, South Florida and now, Phil Valentine. Both. May you rest in peace. Sure as hell wish they could have pulled out of it. I'll utilize this time to say, Go get the vaccine. Go get the freaking vaccine for crying out loud. All right. Oh, by the way, where Trump was in Cullman, Alabama. The vaccination rate is just ridiculously low. My God..

Phil Valentine New England Dick Farrell July 11th Kamala Harris Biden Saturday West Palm Beach Tennessee Valentine Nashville 808 01, 89 99 Friday Trump Feral mid July Phil Democrats W. J. N O Cullman, Alabama
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"For getting the vaccine right. He didn't just say he wasn't going to get the vaccine. He mocked people forgetting the vaccine. He blamed Democrats for control of this virus. He was an anti vaccine person on the air. He did spread misinformation about it, and now he's dead. I will not miss Phil Valentine. I'll tell you that much. And Phil Valentine Uh, is getting some praise from a lot of people, including two Senator Marsha Blackburn. She said Phil Valentine was a visionary for the conservative movement because nothing spells visionary, more than spreading misinformation on the air and killing people, right. She said. He made an enormous impact on lives. While I certainly agree with her on that one. He certainly made an enormous impact on lives. Here's how ladies and gentlemen because not only did he die because of his own stupidity. But when you go on the air, and I've said this about many other hosts When you go on the air. And you mock people for getting vaccinated. You make fun of people for getting vaccinated. You mock those who administered the vaccine. Even He did have a large following dead. And many I would say some, at least in that large following didn't get the vaccine because of him and some of those people got sick and I can guarantee you. Some of those people probably died so When when the senator says He made an enormous impact on lives. I agree with her. He definitely did. Those are the people that I don't shed one tear for and by the way, while I don't blame members of his family. Some members of his family lied even days up to his death, for example. Some members of his family said as he was put on the ventilator. It was voluntary. Like Phil Valentine raised his hand in the ICU and said, Hey, Excuse me, Doctor, Can you please incubate me? Can you do that Doctor? Can I be put on a ventilator? No. Ladies and gentlemen, That's not how it works. It's a decision that is made by the doctors and the nurses that are caring. They decide whether you're going to be put on a ventilator. Do not patients don't decide that's a lie, and even certain members of his family were downplaying his condition. Well, now he's dead. And no, I will not feel sorry for him at all. As I will not feel sorry for Christian radio host Doctor Jimmy DeYoung. That's right, I said, Doctor. Because he just died. He promoted the conspiracy theories that the Pfizer vaccine would make women sterile. And that world governments were using the virus and vaccine to centralize power. Well, now the good doctor, the good right wing Christian radio host is dead. His sister said. God has called a faithful servant home. I would say this man was the opposite of a faithful servant. Spreading misinformation about the virus. Longtime radio talk shows Marc Bernier Wndb old was the young brand. I'll get to that in a moment, Uh, longtime radio talk shows Marc Bernier. Is now on an incubator. Also spread misinformation about the virus spewed it nonstop. It's intubated and on a ventilator, Brian Okay. Thank you for clearing that up. I thought that's what I said. Now, twice that they're that they're okay that they've been incubated and there are incubated is that Is that wrong? Intubated? Yeah. Okay, um So another host. Right wing host an anti vax right wing radio talk show host. I just mentioned a few And now We're learning. Todd Tucker has passed away due to Covid complications. Todd Tucker was another right wing host. No relation to Tucker Carlson, although the to have a lot in common Um He's dead. He died of Covid. He went on the air Anti vaccination again very similar. Very similar to Phil Valentine and what he did, so I want to just take to Twitter real quickly. Some of the comments and I don't think people should be laughing about any death. I want to be very clear and then and I'm not laughing. I don't think this is funny. I think it's pathetic. This man zones. I'm talking about Phil Valentine. Now, this man's own stupidity is why he died his own stupidity. But he took down a lot of people with him. So on Twitter. One right. Wonder how many didn't get vaccinated because of him. If you wait until you're on a rest, praise, respirator to say, Hey, Maybe it is a good idea to get vaccinated after all. That's too little too late after too much damage done completely agree with that statement. Somebody named Jane writes. Official Twitter account of Phil Valentine hosted Phil Valentine Show. Right Wing pundit Anti-vaxxer. And now dead today from Covid. 19. Don't be a moron. Don't be field. Get the jab. I agree. On other rights, Phil Valentine leaves the legacy of ignorance and misinformation. Another dangerous voice silenced by covid agree sad. Another host, says August 19th conservative radio host that discourage the vaccine and now are dead or near dead. Todd Tucker, Phil Valentine, Marc Bernier, Dick Farrell and Jimmy Dion. Doesn't take me any pleasure in reporting these deaths. It doesn't It gets me angry. Do feel for their family and friends. But they did it to themselves. But even worse, as I said, my friend who I grew up with, died a month ago of Covid at the age of 41, But one thing he didn't do and, gosh, I wish he took the vaccination. I do because it would have saved his life. But one thing he didn't do. Was push his beliefs and misinformation on other people, and I will at least give him credit for that. He didn't tell people not to get the vaccine. He didn't go on the air or go on a platform. And and and spread misinformation about the vaccine. Unfortunately, he listened to Dangerous people like Tucker Carlson, but he didn't tell other people. He didn't even tell his own family not to get the vaccination. He just chose not to. And it's sad and it's horrible and I do feel for him and I was praying for him when he was in the hospital. Well, I did not pray for villains Valentine because I want to push my efforts on people that didn't hurt other people, and Phil Valentine did. Phil Valentine did And we're supposed to say that he will be sorely missed by everyone. Oh, not by me. I won't miss this s O. B and I don't care if he's dead or not. This idea this idea that Because somebody is dead. You have to say nothing but nice things about them Bull. Cool. He went on the air. He.

Todd Tucker Dick Farrell Jimmy Dion Phil Valentine Jimmy DeYoung Tucker Carlson Brian Jane August 19th Democrats Marc Bernier Valentine 41 Marsha Blackburn today Twitter a month ago Senator two twice
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"dick farrell" Discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe

"Year. Multiple open heart surgeries Currently pacemaker governor threatening to cut funding to schools. That buck his order. I want the school districts to stand up against the governor and make a stand based on the health and well being of our children. Several parents now filing a lawsuit. To what extent. Are you arguing. That school has a responsibility to stop a communicable disease from spreading to hike. Stan let them exercise that oversight and that obligation to ensure schools are safe but at least two school districts are working around. The governor's order requiring asks. Unless a student's parent explicitly ops out teachers elsewhere preparing to have conversations rely on the science in the kids caught in the middle of the fight over masks coleman everybody else would yup the teachers would have you like wearing your best. Our thanks to hilliard for that report. Former president trump spoke at a new york state republican party fund raiser last thursday where according to the new york post he encourage guests to get vaccinated telling the audience quote. I don't wanna see anything bad happen to my people course. We don't see him saying this right now openly and every day. He also spoke positively about the vaccine. This is good over the weekend in an interview with fox news but as usual also couches that support in the same breaths touting freedom i have to be a big vaccine fan. Because i'm the one that got done so quickly we got it done in less than nine months. It was supposed to take five years. They would've never even gotten it done so i'm a big fan at the same time. A a big fan of our freedoms and people have to make that choice for themselves. And i would recommend that they get it and they get it done and being protected and the vaccines turned out to be a a tremendous thing and i also feel strongly. There are some people that do not wanna do it. And i really believe in somebody's choice. Somebody's freedom and that's the way it is. I really believe in somebody's choice. Somebody's freedoms and that's the way it is. And so we keep hearing tragic stories like this a former florida right wing radio host. Who was a vocal and staunch advocate against the corona virus. Vaccines died last wednesday from kovic. Nine thousand nine complications dick farrell was known for his over the top opinions and frequently railed against vaccines and dr anthony g on social media on july third he wrote on facebook. Why take vacs promoted by people who lied to you. All along about masks with the virus came from and the death toll but according to nbc affiliate w. ptv friend said after contracting the virus. Farrell changed his point of view. Too late though cova took one of my best friends. Rest in peace dick farrell. He's the reason. I took the shot. He texted me and told me get it. He told me this virus is no joke and he said i wish i had gotten it. A friend of ferrell's wrote on facebook. Dick farrell was sixty five years old. I mean you know. It was a year ago that supporters of donald trump said. They would rather die than watch. The dow jones sink the lieutenant governor of texas said that he was a senior citizen. Who's ready to die. Rather than have americans take moderate precautions to protect themselves from a pandemic that has now killed over six hundred thousand americans other pro-trump hosts who are unworthy of having their names mentioned on this show also suggested they were ready to die rather than watch. The dow jones drop a few points one year later. The stock market is at record highs. Despite their eagerness to sacrifice the lives of senior citizens now the same ghoulish death cult figures are fighting vaccines local control over school safety. And the right. For businesses to protect their workers and customers fed by disinformation from facebook and crazed politicians crazed seventy percent of americans who tell pollsters they will not get the vaccine support republicans and some of those same. Republican officials are celebrating still right now low vaccination rates and threatening to murder joe biden or other federal officials who promote vaccinations in states. Like say i don't know. Alabama millions of americans refusing to get the vaccine. Despite the fact that ninety five percent of doctors have been vaccinated for cova and twice as many americans are fully vaccinated than voted for donald trump. And still we are flooded every day with sob stories of americans who believed the lies fed to them by death. Cult's fueled by facebook until it was too late and in florida. We have a governor more interested in playing politics than saving lives. The is variant. That's why nearly one in four new cases are coming out of florida. And why many of their emergency rooms are once again. Jam packed and the state is weeks away from yet another full blown medical crisis. Are you kidding me. This is completely preventable. And the governor of florida owns this one. The most tragic part of this story is that almost all of these hospitalizations and deaths would of and could have been avoided if misguided americans had not followed the crazed teachings of a growing death cult and instead just followed the advice of their family doctor. It's pretty easy and they won't do it. That's death cult material. Let's bring in dr peter hotels. He's the dean of the national school of tropical medicine at baylor college of medicine and co director of the texas children's hospital center for vaccine development. He's the author of the book preventing the next pandemic vaccine diplomacy in a time of anti science. Dr houghton says there are a lot of people choosing to be a part of this death cult. Who making that choice. Whether it is that they are fed by disinformation and refuse to actually talk to their doctor or read a basic news publication that actually triple check their stories and goes to the places like the cdc for their information and instead just fuels those conspiracy theories on facebook and takes pictures of them and sends them to their friends and just makes that disinformation go around and around their community until people are just completely poisoned by the trump death cult but to me the victims are children and there are a growing number of children in hospitals. Could you please talk about how we save children from getting this very dangerous delta variant one. We have parents that are falling into a death cult. This is absolutely right me. We've got less than fifty percent of of young people are vaccinated in here in the south. We've got many states now. We're only twenty twenty five percent of the adolescence are vaccinated states like louisiana mississippi. And we're already seeing lots of young people. Getting hospitalized princeton texas medical center which is the world's largest medical center. The median age is under forty In terms of on terms of icu and hospitalizations and that is really troubling. And now for the first time me for the first time i've ever seen in this whole hamic epidemic. We're seeing pediatric. Intensive care units get overrun. We've never seen that before and all of this is happening before school starts. And that's what really scares. The heck out of me because schools are opening this week in in many louisiana parishes and a week or so after that the lopin here in texas and if you look at the the slope it's a vertical slope. It's going up and up and up and kids and adolescence and young adults are already getting sick and hospitalized and now schools are going to be an extraordinary accelerate and and so if you're vaccinated so few adolescents are vaccinated here in the south..

dick farrell the new york post facebook kovic dr anthony g cova florida communicable disease donald trump hilliard vacs Stan republican party trump buck coleman jones fox news
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"Ma'am when you said. I know kobe kobe. Kobe actually gotten got list. he'd be better than santa. That bitch checked it twice in night. I won't forget about you and took that personally. I took it from me. The first thing they teach you in journalism school is don't be story. Well he's the story. Now dick dick farrell. On his deathbed chain name changes tone telling his friends givebacks and anti vaccine right wing radio host in west palm beach florida which i think is different than a do. We talked about last week. Yes a bunch of them right. I guess just like things don't but he sees the five. I guess was sixty five years local. Talk radio as social media. Rail against dr anthony faculty who we call a power trip lines freak and say that no one should get the corona virus vaccine when kobe. Nineteen sent him to the hospital for three weeks though he changed his tune urging krenz vaccinated. He wrote in early july vaccine. Bogus bullshit to peeps. I know guy vacs. Now have corona hospitalized critical. Thank you madonna for nothing. He told his followers they would not need a vaccine. They had already rock over. Nineteen the is advised former corona virus patients to give accident Yeah he he wanted to smoke Do you want the smoke breath. Cove cove Kobe cam newton gift. We should get was like all right So then two days later he wrote. Why take a vacs promoted by people who lie to you all along about mask. He called dr anti-fouling footsie. Listening is a so immature. What you mean cannot even create. Insults said the infectious disease expert. Power trip live looms. Democrats will conspiring to make it. Seem like the pandemic ongoing so they could grab more power and late june. He wrote so you think it wasn't a scam. Dimming not one elected democrat ever tested positive. He called mask face diapers and face panties. Do you think maybe first of all there were democrats that deposits. That's that's not true right but do you think maybe the fact that you know none of them ended up going to the hospital or dine was specifically because they're part of a party that believes in taking the vaccines believes in taking this seriously. Many more republicans. I might be wrong with us. But i'm pretty sure lottery card it. A lot of him died two. Yeah i mean. I'm just saying in general is li- yeah i'm just saying Ardor supporter of president donald trump. He wrote often about baseless conspiracy theories of election fraud and joni panda fair margaret postal by liberals wanted to remove the american flag and writing. Civil war beckons. Amy lee hair a close friend. Farrell wrote on facebook cover. Took one of my best friends recipes. Dick farrell i'll you believe it. Now he is the reason. I took the shot. He texted me told me to get it. He told me his viruses. No joke and he said. I wish i had gotten it. Hair later tells. Wbz tv. i was wanting to people like him. Who didn't trista vaccine. I trust my immune system. I just became more free getting covert nineteen. Then i was any possible side effects of the vaccine. I'm glad i got vaccinated. The d boys house whose real name is for rail austin levy also anchored for newsmax. Jesus oh god do newsmax. Covert dot com. That's calvin at a radio station. April kobe kobe show. I'm here interviewing kobe code. How you've been doing well my numbers you know i've been i've been out there another kind of low. I see my numbers dip in me and the boys. We're going to get back out there and we going to infect some people we got up right. it's so funny because like a college product colony donald trump who's a common fox news in one. Yes it is yeah. I'm just trying to maintain get these numbers up. No as the olympics and i'm trying to set records do you know and i appreciate. You also helped me. He's to work. It's very myself to other people. Are you going for the gold issue. You know it was just both t's hard to the mass play hard vaccines by heart. But you know you gotta get out there. You gotta try gotta really got to really be motivated you know. I'm glad you guys and fox news all together so we could get this victory. Yes there was out there like look you know the vaccine been having some heart defense. You know we. We have to adjust an halftime. You know it doesn't have time right now so we have to adjust. You're gonna have to come out twice as hard. We're going to do a little bit more. Pick and roll shoot shoot all threes. You know i'm gonna have to get get hot regroup you know. We're going to have to go out there and go out and see who's out there on the board who we can get on free agency you know. I looked at lambda. You know in the see how headed was doing he was doing. You know we might have to recruit some old people you know because you know we were getting beat down at one period of time. We felt kind of bad. You know we make that back the school and we and we was getting beat real bad. It was like yeah. We got to come back. It's a quarter weekend. Those guys going into overtime and going into the playoffs. You know i got my boys lambda delta. You know like. I need some help. I can't do this by myself. you know y'all have been my number one cherished action so you know we appreciate you you know because for all the help out or support you you know you. You've been doing like you not joking. I'm gonna tell you right now. From the bottom of my heart we couldn't have done it without. You couldn't have done it without you. You know we saw on jock jams for you every day. Because i know y'all being a plan on how are we want to do is keep seeing in keep talking. We wanted to keep going to church with no mass goal. We know what we wanted to keep passing these laws that was able to do to jump on these allows you know and so we we call them now. We don't know what y'all call. We counted combat. Lives so we are here getting all into lungs and she. It's all up to nose. You know we just wanna job thank you. It's a space jam. We appreciate you coming out to aspects jam over sprays guy. Yeah he So yeah he worked with now. His partner kit farley row on facebook. He was known as the other rush. Limbaugh me. i guess down the nicest thing you can say about somebody when they dot. It's not very nice o- known as the other white meat pork with a heavy heart. I can only say this is so unexpected. He will be missed. He was one of several recent deaths of anti vaccine advocates. Come to cover nineteen just this week. We're probably getting city council man. We talked about last week He died from it And he was also a big advocate. Guess yourself good luck colorado's like y'all ready for this couple was planned out ahead now. Brown brown yes each other each other faces. Yes honey cobham. Komo's having a good time..

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"dick farrell" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Just continue to rake this over 4000 hits if he had the Mexican League, the minor leagues in Cuba and everything else in Negro leagues. And and now he's in 1993. He's 68 years old. He signs with a minor league team and grounds out then in 2003, now is 78 suspect. He comes back with the same minor league team the ST Paul Saints and gets up there and takes a walk and made like 32 bucks. All of Famer. Absolutely. I really, absolutely, I mean he was an entertainer. You know, Base stealer. Uh, really, really fun to watch guy. Yeah, He's very special. Very good. Good. All right, 1962, Of course, the Giants go to the world. Siri's Now, remember this is this this date in 1962 Willie Mays. Mrs six games from nervous exhaustion. The Giants lose him all but still come back and tie the Dodgers. Yeah, It's actually three games. I looked up today and basically hey, hey, was he felt dizzy and in the dugout in Cincinnati and actually fainted. They carried him off in a stretcher us in that little heart of a pennant race, And they're carrying maze after the hospital. Ah, 13 14 15. Maybe he missed those games. They lost the mall like you said, and If he comes back and immediately hits a home run and Roy face of Forbes field, And of course you're talking about 62 AA on the last day of the season may have hit the homer off Dick Feral, too. Get the Giants in the playoffs. It's the last day they had the win, the Dodgers had to lose. Which they did. And maze made sure the Giants got in so but yeah, I I had completely Forgotten about amaze passing out like that. And nervous exhaustion. What a thing? Yeah. September 12th September 12th by. You brought up Turk Farrell Turk fare was in the news this week. Bruce, did you see this? What was it well? Richard Dotson, who pitch for the Chicago White Sox. Here's out. He went on ancestry dot com or his family did, And it turns out that Richard Dotson's natural father, Was Turk Farrell and over have a saying he never knew it, and ah, Richard Dotson's mother was separated from her husband. At that time in the Met Cirque, Farrell and Lo and behold, she got pregnant and no one ever said who the father was. So here's Richard Dotson, who becomes a big star bill. You remember him with the Chicago White Sox order? Yeah, Yeah, You're Ross Bumgarner and wait home tomorrow and people like that way that way. So Richard Dotson ends up finding out the Turk Farrell Dick Farrell from the Dalton Gang. One of the wild guys of the Phillies is his father, and they now have to cut out in Chicago. Whatever call in that ballpark these days with Richard Dots and next to his dad took a barrel for the first time watching the game together. Well, I think they should. They should separate the cutouts and proper anything. Put a table in their tablecloth and a couple glasses of wine and a couple of steaks and they can have a nice dinner together. Fine. Come on. This is a major league pitcher finds out his father was a major league pitcher never knew it. And that answer street and it turns out to be Dick Farrell Turk. That is wonderful, And that's the way we'll end the show with the great to talk to you. Bruce is always Yes. Welcome back once again. Great to talk to you, Bill. You guys here to see how the weekend goes a hell of a story, Artie, look, imagine that, you know, I remember the pitcher for the Lamar and that Wait. Hoid, Lamarr Hoyt. Tomorrow it was a good pitch or two big boy. Yeah. So that's his father turned out to be, and he just found out about it. What has said they have to be What nor sixties or seventies by now, maybe a little older net Turk is gone. But I mean did was got to be Hoyt's Got. Let's see 40 years go. Yeah, You're right. Yeah, about 40 years ago that he pitched so Yeah, Dat's a very well respected member of the Chicago White Sox. Minor league staff or something like that. So that was the story this week, Jason Stark had it in the athletic. That's why Bill what fun? This was fun today and party. I'm glad you've aged buddy. I'm glad to hear your voice and and I'm really happy that you had a lot of do this show and I can't be happier that you've spent the last 42 half hours with hard to believe we'll see how it goes from now, But I'm glad to be back today and, ah And thank you again for for handling this, And if there's a game tomorrow you'll be on. I'm sure 9 A.m. with the show and we'll see where we go tomorrow. But let's wait for the announcement. See what's gonna happen tomorrow and see what happens. I I hope they play. I really do because you don't want to end up at the end of the year. Just getting jammed up, especially tomorrow, get a double header in them, and they can have Monday off and move on to Seattle and and get the regular schedule continue, and they'll probably picked up that game. At the end of the year if they have to in a double hitter in San Francisco. If that happens so good stuff today, Marty really, really good show and some great guests and some good information, and I know a lot of giant fans love listening to us and It was a fun day. Good. Thanks. Built. Maybe we'll be on tomorrow. Who knows? State owned and find out seven o'clock that seems like that took the call of MLB today. We got basketball coming up, Raph and Fish and Danny. Great job today. You see what happens tomorrow? Have a good night, Everybody. Talking baseball with Marty Laurie.

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"dick farrell" Discussed on DV Radio

"W DVR Boehner, would we've got still with us, nevermore and PTSD Joaquin Wakai. So how has everybody done this actually three hours now that I'm realizing eight nine ten yeah, three hours? How's everybody doing? You raise keen, you can talk. Hey look bowl was asking for for songs and I gave him that song. Caroline's spine is the name of the band named the song is Sullivan, and he's like credit. I'm like, no, I know why credit item. Right. The fucking song, but I requested that song I love that song. And in each understand graduated only you'll, you'll know this. I graduated class of nineteen ninety from chew VIP high school who. And literally stinks. And I was in college and was DJ in college, and then in nineteen ninety six I joined the navy and I had the opportunity because I was a journalist in the navy to be a DJ in the navy. And so I had that period of time that wonderful period of time from nineteen ninety two well rough about two to two thousand and three really where I was shipboard and no not to this two thousand six two thousand six where was DJ nineteen ninety two thousand six that wonderful musical time when grunge happened, nirvana happened Pearl Jam Soundgarden, mother love bone, all these bands, and this one band Caroline's spine Buta song, about the Selva brothers and loose and blue star to gold star mothers. And that song. I don't know why that song speaks me so much except it's about. The navy and it's about the Sullivan act, which was the five brothers were killed on the same ship. One ship the ship was sunk and the Sullivan brothers were killed. And they came out with the act. They actually did one of the greatest war movies ever, made was dedicated to the to the fact of the solvent act, which was, of course, saving private Ryan, after the Sullivans were killed the department of the army, while the department of defense, which was at the time department of war decided that look if you're related if your brothers, you can't be in the same unit because all five brothers said we stick together, and they were on the same ship, and they were all killed when that ship was sunk. And so that's the whole basis of the movie, saving private Ryan. Probably one of the best war movies, I've seen. I mean it's fantastic. And I just that song that, that is my memorial. Day go to Sullivan by Searle by Caroline spine, because it's navy, but it's all military and laws were changed and blue star moms, and gold marts gold star moms called there. Well, I do I do have a quarrel with saving private. Ryan is being the best because it's a toss up between. We were soldiers saving private role. A whole you know, we were soldiers. Third hurt lock. That's that is a valid argument. That's value. That's valid. So that is our. So it's between saving private Ryan. We were soldiers hurt locker. There's one more that cannot the life of me say, wait, remember, did you fuck and say hurt locker no said hurt locker gay. But what I don't like about hurt. Locker is the way they portray e OD, as straight up heroes, because they were owned my cop, and they can go themselves. Fucking asshole state in the goddamn, choose the entire fucking dime. Went out on the fucking, you know, hot wine as I call it once and it was for nothing. I mean literally nothing they went to a PX. That's what they done. That's why they went on a fucking hot trail. That's it. Like they went on a fucking boy. That's why they go to the fucking PX. We had a PX owner cop, and they had to go off our caught to go to a PX. We had everything anyway. So if you three Joaquin oink and nevermore will read zoom chat and let me know your your, your thoughts in zoom chat. I'll go on. I see that. But yes this. Is be fortunate son. Now put your hand down. God damnit, your time is over. My hand him. I I really. This is what happens on. This is what happens when you get someone that writes, on your show date their long fucking anyway. Yes. Shift, for like hours one. It was just no joke. For everyone listening, whether you're live or on podcast during this week or later on this is Memorial Day barracks party. I don't want you. If you're thinking that we forgot about what this day is about. We did not this is our observing, this is the way we celebrated we try to look at the great times for those that we have loved, and I cried Friday, I won't decry tonight. I didn't place it in a bar for a reason. It's probably the first you're not played it. I'll listen to it Friday, and I fucking cried my eyes out. I can't do it right now. I don't want to cry on air, I hate crying and not because I'm manly. Not, because I'm that Strom. But because I don't want anyone CME crying. I never liked. I don't like my mom's Amy grant debts. I hate it that being said, we know what Memorial Day is. We won't you all men women. Brothers sisters cousins. Uncles civilians caregivers. I don't care who you are. If you're listening to us, right now, observant, the way you all the world observe the way you won't if you wanna have a good time and cookout and remember, your brothers and sisters, the way they were in the good times, do it, if you want to cry or, or light a candle, or poor drink in leave it set of the next eight do it. I don't care how you observe it. But in one way, shape, or form observe it to some extent, whether you take five minutes or five seconds out of your Memorial Day observed, that's all I ask, that's all ever ask. We all have our ways of mourning grieving and celebrating this is the way we, we do that. So before we end the show never more. What would you like to say tonight before we ended shoe? Why keen say? Which is. It button, actually. Fucking gonna lie. I'm not gonna lie in her with stugotz about pissing. So I thought she went and pissed. That's why. Team. Again urban. But I guess I would say be safe Fokkers don't get you caught the ceiling fan reach out if you need to and don't put your dick in crazy. 'cause then crazy stalks you okay? Mou with less, but ever, however, you want to celebrate the remaining, what of Memorial Day, but don't get you hit fuckers it ain't it. That's not what they would want anyways, so. Oink yourself anything to end Memorial Day barracks. Party pages two guys, I served with the best Arden Jerome Jordi guy with their in Germany, who had a stroke behind the wheel, they're on the Audubon, who leave or not guy was luckily there with him grabbed him through Durham out of the driver's seat for that for longtime, you know, he never drove you had to be there for space is next assignment, decide was okayed cited to drive again and actually history and passed away. So memory him memory to senior Zane, Tanna guy, served with on active duty. He just got here to own door. And you know shortly after that, I retired came back and civilian he was still here and became one of the twenty two. So those who she is, you know, godspeed brothers were here with you. Well, we've we miss you and. Fathers out there listening. You know, it is not a great time. But if you need help reach out where here for you exactly what keen yourself senior chief Doug Sheridan. I don't know why you wait on my weight on me today. I really don't. But you were one of the good ones, and honestly, there's three men who, if they picked up the phone today called me and said, hey, I need your help. I drop everything and go and you were one of them. And thank you. Thank you for showing me what a leader should be instead of how not to be leader. Thank you. Well said of spoke about King Carl a few tubs during these sayings one of I don't think I'll ever spoke about is big dick. Fertile others reason we call him big dick. It's an inside joke between those that's PM for L, if you don't know what? PM poor L is then you're not one of them. It's tattooed on all of us. So feral I don't wanna say what happened to him, but not long after we got back. He he died. Probably one of the craziest. No give shits no-fly given twenty-seven introduced into myself motherfucker out there. If you've never seen pool metal jacket and seeing this shit written on people's helmets. You don't understand big dick Farrell that was written on his cat is Ken. I'll be brother fucking love you to give you a little insight on how close kin. And I were every Friday I don't care what was going on every Friday at the hookah bar, we had a hookah bar owner Cup, believe it or not. We would buy a cigar and smoke hookah. And if you're from the VA listening to me, I don't really give a shit. That was a time that, you know, I was inhaling shit from Iraq, that would never fucking touch me. So a cigar and a hookah it's gonna kill me. But we would take turn. Every Friday, and he would buy a cigar in a hookah alad cigar in, and we, we drink, some CHAI every single Friday from may until February thousand Sen. and I'll love rather fucking lovey miss you every fucking day, there's days, I wish I could talk to you, because that son of a bitch, whether you had a bad day or not, he could make your ass laugh and had the dryest since of humor of ever seen. So I'll love you can love you big dick feral, any PM, poor ELS listening. We love you. We miss you even more Memorial Day barracks talk. Sorry we're in an own such a sad note, but I'm thinking of the great times, honestly for deal. Earlier, we are all family. So if you ever need anything reach out, yet, for DV six Google. Recoil. Marquee Davis, who could not be with us tonight, because they had other obligate wait, wait, wait, vote, nevermore has has one more thing to add. Yep. Go ahead. Sorry. I'm trying just take a little bit to get the words out. I just wanna say Levy Jan. That's about elected manage. We're all human, we all have our experiences. Don't let this ruin your night, everybody. Please think of the great memories. That's what they want. You do they want you to laugh, which had a good time. All right. So again, for everybody, that's unable to be with us, and see us smiling laughing at their shenanigans and their asshole listeners, and they're big Dicks for DV six and Ron Ripley yellow bitch. I simple all coffee Ralph ice. Ripley roz..

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