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"diana janis" Discussed on Catholic Culture Audiobooks

"Suddenly last year at the age of sixty six. At the time we released an audiobook recording of what went wrong. Two thousand three address to the conference unity of catholic clergy in which father mankowski presents an excellent analysis of how the catholic clerical sexual abuse crisis occurred. It has since gone on to become one of our most popular audiobook episodes which isn't surprising father. Mankowski was a brilliant priest who worked tirelessly for catholic renewal and who wrote for years at catholic culture dot org under the pseudonym. Diana janis this due to impositions placed upon him by his superiors as phil lawler wrote in his tribute to father mankowski. When told that he could not right under his own name without censorship he used pseudonyms when told that he could not write under a pseudonym he stopped and so the catholic world was denied. What might have been a treasure trove of lively and inciteful pros. Thankfully what has been left behind has lost none of its power and relevance father minkowski is words in fact often read as if they were written just yesterday that was certainly the case with his address on what went wrong as it is with. Today's reading his description of what he calls the phenomenon of the tame priest this episode should be of particular interest to priests. But if you like me have looked with increasing bewilderment and frustration at the action or better put in action of members of the church's clergy especially among our bishops then tames in clerical life..

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