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"diana topa" Discussed on RAGE Works Network-All Shows

"Not my job on tiktok. And i'm grateful you've seen anything yet. Because it is not a spoiler where like the main laurean gets a different color. It is like wow. I'm gonna cry. it's crazy. I'm not saying anything i refuse but i i have a. I have an inkling of what it is. Do you want to throw it out there. I want to no no no no. Yeah i knew. I knew i knew. That's what it is i. It's more than that though. It's by the way which is more. It's more than that will say after speaking to multiple people on this show. They said the one thing that the all agreed on. Sasha banks was the worst actress on the ladder from day. One and she. She gave like that ghetto ghetto. Kind vibe. like there's no there's no there's a hood rats and tattoo wean. There's no there's no ghetto tattoo. We have ever seen the bar but not mean like. Apparently there's no harlem there's harlem broad fucking brownsville bitches know and supposedly sasha i listen. I actually about a wrestling scene. You're gonna have a ring. I saw the first episode. I walked yes. of course. what did they do the horon. Nope spear nope. What movies been overused this year. Everyone fucking hates now at aws. No for doing every match all the diana topa suicide sore but i will say the episode or sasha banks. I'll give my review next week But i have not seen The episode with sasha yet But supposedly the reviews her out and she's in absolute train wreck Supposedly she i think it was a snoop connect. There's no way i no. I believe Believe favelas a wrestling fan. So okay i yeah. He pro probably reached out to the okay. But you know what though i would have preferred zelina vega right. Yeah because she's and she's acted and you know what she knows the star wars fandom probably more than sasha what it is But like i said. I i i saw the spoiler but there's more than i was told. There's more than that. So i'm not super upset but you bet my ass. I started business. She yesterday. Because i'm fucking before i do get spoiled. I'm going to finish this up. The i'm going to have to stop. Watch them start getting into it on monday. Binging share right now. I'm gonna go home this. I'm going to finish episode for tonight. Today's this saturday. The recordings on saturday a lot of sports. Today you crazy. Nfl game. there's a bunch of fucking preseason which knicks are on the preseason. You got You got a lot of a lot of college. Football games in a boxing canals fighter. Neither bunch of she went on to okay. So i guess. I won't be watching lawrence but other than that. Welcome everybody to another episode up turnbuckle tabloid. I'm your host. Mr king talk style and as always a cheap thrill jada. I am thought moon with the mike. I am the funk. Oh hub. I am marrow ski. Jj is out all the social media alec group page on facebook. Sorry you fuckers. Dc's nominees don't wet. Your whistle was because yes not fucking nobody. I mean we only have three major fucking promotions going on as he does what he. What are your. We only got a reference. Those guys so guys go to the group page and the The regular business patient. Please check out the the tabby award nominees. You guys decide the top three or whatever guys who decide and we'll be the ones that pick the winners and believe me just because you guys are saying that the the fucking nominees are shitty. Boy we're gonna make sure that the winners shitty as well making sure that it's opposite fucked you're gonna be fucked do we. Do we have mitt a hoax. The entire award show. Of course why not might as well fucking like the election right fucking senate the shit also big shot to all you guys who are who we reached out to me to basically your your comments and your compliments about this past week's episode with teddy hart. I got a couple of people on twitter telling me how fucking they are so concerned about this man. Someone on twitter said that the legitimacy are concerned for his health. I had a conversation with my boy. Jim fix from Quite frankly how turnpike is and he goes. Wow interesting wow. He's got a commend you. Because you handled yourself with such poise. He goes that interview was just a rolled bound up a mound of cocaine. You know what. I really wish. We were recording a visual. Because like the face on red was just like wow. I cannot believe this is happening right now. Shouts to Good that angel. Who start to me the other day. And he says guys he's i love the show and he says i especially love it now because his two times. Yeah i agree. And he's like 'cause he goes. I listened to the first episodes elicited one episode during the week. And i was like damn i gotta wait another week for you guys because you know he. He listens for a to and from work so he goes now. I get you guys twice a week and is so much better. So it's thank you. Thank you guys who appreciate it in a special my my love. Good that angel for for this thing sharing all the time but yeah that Teddy hart fucking conversation was wolf well. update we have not heard or seen gusts so everyone says everybody says you really gave the then to we. Give it to us. Because i don't care nor know who is gonna fuck where you shop. That bro gives us. I don't care who buses check us out east may say you take out on instagram. At turnbuckle tabloid podcast as well as on twitter app. Turnbuckle tab also be sure you check us out on youtube. And i'll take top at typical tabloid. We're all over. The place is gentlemen especially on the podcasting outlets everywhere i was just going through the podcasting outlets like cast aac has whatever fuck all these other fucking cast podcasting outlets are we're on all them shits everywhere. I was like holy shit. I haven't found someone. Someone recorded us on porn. Hope i hope. I had a shirt on It was visual. It was annoying. audio's okay. Great great hope. I had a shirt on the animated us those votes. So you make sure you take all the podcasting outlets got spotify. Google play google podcasts. Aubrey is hard I wear everywhere bro. We don't know you you can't so you don't care. Finalists google tabloid with their also of not. Make sure you check us out. Outrage works network dot com. that's what you got all the family. Underage works podcasting umbrella. You have everything that's there when it comes to the to the podcast. It's funny because i tell people if you can't get us in one place you get us any other because not only you get on tabloid but you also get us. That rage works network. Which are shows are there as well so make sure you check us out there. I rage works network dot com and as always outrage works dot net for all things that is connected to the world of pop culture movies. Tv shows comic books. Video games is all their mandalorian previews reviews where it is. I and everybody's losing their shit. Oh i'm so upset that she was spoiled. I've been watching Been watching oh by the way. Just let me just would attack on. We do a culture baby pop culture. That is so may have been watching. I i started getting into big mouth on netflix. i tried i. Did i find it hilarious. You know what it's funny. I maybe need to watch episodes because i'm not giving it a true chance but I see it. And.

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