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"diana bill vida" Discussed on MMA Junkie Radio

"All Right? Thanks start off with Jack shore, defeating Aaron Phillips Kinda, just them look not to sound disrespectful, but that's more of a praise on Jack. Shore really really good kid I. Believe they were saying submission rear naked choke in round. Two round one was kind of dominant as well. They kept saying look. Phillips can get around one and avoid anything that gives shore some sort of an easy takedown. or an attempt to just close the quarters and we'll see. We'll see how this thing can play out and I think it was a superman punch that went nowhere. So I, was just more impressed with. Jack than anything good on him bantamweight. LEANNA low. Josiah produced the first upset the night. I think he was plus sixty plus one eighty. She defeated. Diana Bill Vida submission arm bar and she worked on that arm bar mantle. She finally locked in. And there. It was jared Gordon with a patchwork corner now. That doesn't mean I'm disrespecting. Their cornermen is just he would have never thought that the guy announcing or one of them the broadcast team was John Micheal Bist being Paul. FELDER felder left to go corner Jared Gordon and I'll walking. Jared Gordon is Eric Niksic. Eric Nixon coaches out of extreme tour, Juerg. Gordon Trains little bit. Rufus Sport and a little bit at Sanford May in Florida but Henry Hoofed. Dick I Dean Thomas all those people that could have worked with them. You've got the the Ronan unfortunately. and. So, yeah, the Paul felder did what a teammate and friend would do in Niksic, who is highly respected by Henry, hoped and a few of these coaches that I mentioned before have mentioned in the past thought. You'll be in good hands with this guy. They knew Eric would be out there because Eric was obviously cornering Dan Ebay. He's GonNa Corner Joseph. Ben Evita's on Saturday And then he was obviously part of the people prep in. Tim Elliott and cody steaming maybe some at work or whatever, but he wasn't good hands, and he dominated. He dominated Chris fiscal so good on him. He said I remember jared. Gordon coming over with Paul felder to the studio by what year and a half ago. Guys yeah real cool. They spent some time with us. data's bow caucus defeated Andrea. It was funny seeing being Columnists Lights Michaelides and then I think he finally said I give up calm Andreas, and then the very next the very next thing think John Exude mclane is with a head, kick or something like that and Pau photos danger. You just hear him John He goes. We're going with Andreas. John started laughing beautiful TKO there with some elbows at the end of round one. What happened was Mick elitest slowing in getting to his corner, and so the referee said Hey. Are you okay or something like that and make elitest goes. who was calling the catches portion? Just catching himself not fucked up, but just rocked will say right. He looked like he went to like. These, these fighters are very comfortable with the cage. They train around the cage. And Matt's be so much and I think you just looking for like the little support of leaning back and spring up with your legs, like the the tail end of squat and instead washing laugh guy lost because of it. The Gate had opened. That's where the people were coming in. And now you know the cornermen with their stools, and all that and so little spot. Just the gate had did you see this? Or I it had opened, and so he went back and rolled out, and the that's that's it you know, and so the guys were like hey, man. You know you sure, would you have really call that and Now that said Meka lightest didn't offer much like what the fuck you know like. There was none of that. Was the argued to staggering about. I think in the REF was definitive. Kinda like I ain't trying to hear you. Not even like all did I blow it or my bad. You know hidden that heart so in the end I think the REF. KINDA got bailed out. I appreciate his assertiveness and who knows if we were to interview the REF. Maybe he would. Maybe he would say hey, look, there was all he was already easy and foggy and dowels that last bit of Info, but it it did look that way and you know whatever Do you remember another? Big Boys. Man Another time at the gate opened. Long time I remember Chandler's getting. The chair pulled out from under oh funny. was. Okay! It was. Was it chemo and Heus? Or was it Hackney and Emmanuel Yarborough I dunno I. Just remember the door opening and they stayed in the same position had a kind like move them over some. Ought to go back and look, but I think one of those two fights the gate open really. Man Let's see here Lauren Murphy also produced an upset. He was like plus one sixty, one eight against Ricardo Ramos. Tko Punches. Could Win for Murphy I think he's a Manchester Product. They were saying. And Ricardo side of Brazil takes the loss there in the first round so. said the whole main card went to decisions on the undercard. We had five out of six finishes. So it was, said Mathoma, and it was really really setting the tone. Murphy was was really really exciting, but caucus elbows at the end. You know the he was doing something. They're Gordon was just dominant. But we also had an upset with Josua and then Jack. Shore was a beast, and then we get to, Kasim at shimmied of over John Phillips goes. He ragged all man. This guy really does look. The column Habib two point zero or something like that. Wow, like you get a nickname like that I don't know if that's his official nickname or if they're just maybe called him that I. Don't know, but that's just what they're saying. But when you see that you're like all I, take it easy. Remember who I was a kid name Puck. I just saw him the other day. Those GOP, not a two point. Oh, which is on? That had that kind of promise. I just saw on tough to use one..

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