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"dia bay" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Eighty five eighty five you. Can reach us toll free as well eight five five. Seven one three eighty five eighty five. I think part of the standing ovation. I have. No way to know this Andy is we. Are inundated with apologies that aren't. Apologies I'll. Give Josh hater this much he. Apologized he made no. Bones about. It he didn't duck it he didn't he didn't. Do anything. Except say it was wrong I'm sorry and you, know what, part of me. Is like you. Know I respect that I really do we're. Going to pick up on more this we've got. More calls on. This social media topic. Hang with us it's Lewis and Logan Mike and Andy in for, the guys in. For Kathy is well let's check. Traffic now John Morsi checking the soggy we got John via we. Need ducks his hood ornaments this. Afternoon we'll trade all good little things we've got on our cars for a duck because that's the. Only way. You're going to get around it's been so So so rainy all afternoon long heavy heavy rains. Arapahoe, and Gartrell cops the way deficient people out of high. Water in. The tech center also that southbound four seventy drive around. Parker has been inundated with water and we've. Got a crash southbound on the toll road e four. Seventy near Parker in the left lane. Also along c. four seventy one of. The scanner. Reports set up to four feet of water. On c. four seventy around university. Cops are. On the way to fish people. Out of water there. Delayed flights. Out of DIA bay of had a problem at. Create a. Problem with the allied not sure but the allied, out chambers, say I have. To do some. Track work so you're align schedule is reduced. Between downtown and the airport and of course that. Drive on boulevard. Green valley ranch Bella. Neighborhood a lot of standing water and a lot of problems accidents, right now not. A ton we've got a crash. Northbound I twenty five, hundred seventy but in the best feet traffic..

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