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Antonio Brown pitches Dez Bryant to the Steelers

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03:21 min | 5 years ago

Antonio Brown pitches Dez Bryant to the Steelers

"Why? If you're the newer jets, aren't you trying to come to some agreement in some kind of middle ground with Sam Donald on this because that means every other contract that comes to be, you have to come to every other every other contract, but Sam Donald doesn't play every other position he plays the quarterback which is premium change in any way. Now you're seeing more guarantees. And one of the few teams though that have this language in their contract, and this is this happened, Jill votes with the with the chargers chargers as an organization in the NFL our they regard. They're actually picked to win the AFC how the organization regarded around the national football. Everybody says that the charges are one of the worst organizations and football in terms of how they deal with contracts, how they relate to their players. So I don't think the charges are the model for what you wanna do. If you're the New York Jets, this all aside week one who's the starting quarterback for the jets, I would like it to be teddy Bridgewater just because the jets have three games in ten days. They've got a Monday night game Sunday night game in Thursday night on the road in Cleveland. I would like it to be teddy Bridgewater just because I think that's a lot for a rookie quarterback to digest. But I think that we'll see Sam Donald sooner rather than later. I think the last time we saw first round draft pick not play at the quarterback position is what he sees and was Aaron Rodgers back in two thousand five. You don't think Josh mccown. Listen, I love Josh mccown, but I think we saw the best of Josh mccown was last year being five and eleven journeyman quarterback for we all agree on that. But teddy Bridgewater we don't know how healthy he is. I mean, three games in ten days is a lot. You almost feel like you throw Josh mccown to the bulls. Let him take a beating then Bridgewater and then eventually late in the season. You get Donald up and going get what you're saying. But Todd Bowles has got to win more than five. Your. Chris, we're making stick around even long. Could Dez Bryant teaming up with Antonio Brown and Pittsburgh AB. Sure. Hope. So that's next on first things. First. Back here with Chris Canty and we are talking Dez Bryant a few days into most NFL training camps. And Brian is still not on a roster while the Browns and Bryant reportedly have mutual interests. Steelers wide receiver. Antonio Brown took to Twitter to recruit Dez. Brown tweeted, come play with me, does Bryant. Let's get the chip, eat greedy, big plates, see better option for Dez Steelers, Browns would go Steelers just because it would seem like if you add to that Brown's receiving group with Josh Gordon Jarvis Landry seems like that would be a combustible mix. So I think I would air on the side of going with a team that's more veteran ball club. They've got a veteran, quarterback, fetch skill position players. They're not going to be relying on this to be a number one or number two option for that matter because they got juju Smith Schuster. So I look at the Steelers situation, say what that probably fits Dez a little bit more than the Cleveland Browns. And plus we know that Ben Rothlisberger. Has been known to pay backyard football a little bit. Being able to add live run the scramble drill pretty much better than anybody in the NFL. I think Dez Bryant would fit that style more so than the Cleveland Browns and what Hugh Jackson wants to do with that offense. I get where you're going and where you come in from. But I think that das- wants to have a great year wherever he goes. He only wants a one year deal, so he wants to put up some type of numbers. So next offseason he can get a big contract in Pittsburgh. I mean, obviously got Antonio Brown. You got juju Smith soocer levian Bill catches a lot of balls like he got one hundred and thirty two targets lash..

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