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"detroit wayne county mental health authority" Discussed on WJR 760

"O'clock here on this Wednesday morning edition of the Paul W. Smith Show on W. J. R. I made my impassioned plea once again for us all to to think about not only our own pain and suffering through this pandemic, but especially The kids. The kids who should be in school who actually want to be in school? Wish they were in school and their suffering greatly and having more anxiety and having the need to Of thankfully they're there to speak to counselors and therapists and and people that are out there to help those that can get the help. Also talked about how tough it is on teachers. Um, you know, there's some people that take shots at him. I love Tucker Carlson. But he was taking a shot of the teacher and probably rightfully so who was off on vacation somewhere? Never wanting to go back into the classroom because they didn't wanna be. Infected and all of that stuff, But most teachers Care and are concerned and worried about their students, their kids. And taking that moment to remember the teachers. Remember the students remember mental health? And schools touched one of our regular listeners. Regular guests, Tom Watkins. Who on two counts here as former state school superintendent and former CEO of the Detroit Wayne County Mental Health Authority and an expert By the way on China. In fact, he wrote me a note saying, If you would've mentioned China, you would've had the trifecta. Well, I did, in fact mentioned China. And Mr Ma, who's missing. But that's another story. The guy is Tom Watkins, who we depend on all the time and mostly, frankly, we've depended on him talking about China. But today it's about mental health. And how everyone is affected, and we should all understand that. And I don't know. Bring along some patients and bring along some help and guidance that Tom always nice to hear from You even nicer to always know that you're listening. Thank you, sir. It's good to be with you. Part of you and again. Thank you for Beijing. This very important issue. You know, our schools are the true statue of liberty of this great country of ours. There's not another institution on America today that truly takes the tire. The hungry, the poor, the huddled masses, people that speak English as a second language and Children with disabilities and give them hope. An opportunity and our great teacher do believe that our schools of the Statue of Liberty, our teachers are the torch lighting the way for us all And today, with covert schools being out for a song that been going back and forth between in person online education has been a strain on students, teachers. Hand parents and so recognizing this and making sure that we're you know, clearly focusing on the three R's there reading writing arithmetic, but also the emotional support. Off our students during this tough, tough time that they're all facing. Ended up and I think we can't remind ourselves and others that enough and doing all we can, as you put it to lift up our teachers. Are are stay at home Moms are moms and dads, but it always falls mostly on the moms that have a job outside of the house that they're doing from the house, but also all of the responsibilities of the in school learning and the regular Responsibilities moms have in the house. It's tough on everyone. You had a nice piece. That you wrote to Tom Watkins. I don't have it right in front of me at the moment, but its memories Grandpa Tom and Dylan. And you say from this from Dealing with your 2.5 year old grandson. You were helping out providing childcare for if you will, and it really opened your eyes gave you kind of a greater appreciation. For moms and teachers, A lot of people probably dealing with that and should take a moment to understand that as well, tell me about your experience time. Well, it was one of those things. That building's been tremendous memories with one of my Three grandson, But Dylan, a real character a joy to be with, But you know, God made childbirth for young people for a reason. And my agent being with 2.5 year old all day long. I was tired. I mean, just thinking about the experience makes me tired and butter rekindles the love and the special memories. We made a pact to really reinforcing how tough it is for. Our moms that are taking care of the Children and all some time taking care of the household and working a full time while certainly these were some great memories that were made I A t the end of the day, I'd longed for the nap. My grandson never wanted to take Grandpa Tom certainly needed by the end of the day. Lonely. Imagine, since we have you and you're an expert in these three areas, at least for us. I think you're probably quite the expert and being a grandpa, too. Tom Watkins, former state school superintendent, former CEO of the Detroit Wayne County Mental Health Authority and expert on China. Let's get to that third leg of the stool. If you will. China. And I suspect You are happy that there appears to be A better opportunity for a better relationship, although I suggest that the new administration tread lightly and in an intelligent way when they're dealing with China, but that I guess goes without saying, but I said it, but you do look forward to a better relationship with China or so it would seem Well, I think that we have to China makes up 1/5 of all humanity. Second largest world economy coming on strong, perhaps, of pass us. In the next five years. So what happens in China? As we've talked about many times? Paul doesn't stay in China s O. What we need to do is to build a relationship that takes care of America's national interest. Clearly focusing on that. And I expect Joe Biden will continue to put pressure on China to comply with the rules regulations that are set up for all countries and at the same time building alliances which Japan and me in Europe in the like so that we can really come together with our allies. Uh, to to assure the China's plan by the rules. This happens to be 1/100 anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. On they've bought over 800 million people from abject poverty to the middle class on that has an impact one. What's happening to us here in Michigan in America, So I I hope that we can build a better relationship with China but wants to keep our national interests at the forefront. What we have to bear in mind is they are a different people with a different culture, different philosophy, different way of doing what they do compared to us In the example I gave yesterday that you probably didn't hear early on. Was of Mr Mas, the founder of whether said Alibaba, and he's a billionaire, and he he made the comment that they need to Kind of fix or update or change the way they look at business and some other things, and he disappeared after doing that. Hasn't been seen since October. And it's not the first time that anyone who shows any disagreement with the Chinese government their fate is generally not very good. Yeah, that there's questions about whether he's keeping a low profile for is what they say. In China. He's been taken in for tea, which is usually lose both having having tea with the Chinese Communist Party. But clearly there's a number of challenges we face with China. China, you know, had a century humiliation from 18 49 to 1949 the last 40 years they've come on, like gangbusters on dare feeling their oats today and so navigating this relationship with China is gonna impact the people of China the people of the United States, So that matter All of humanity, So we need smart strategic leadership. We also need part of you rather than just talking about what we're gonna do, uh, to thwart China's rise. Is to really talk about how we invest in the people of America. When we invest in education research development technology, we can out compete anybody around the world and so investing in the American people needs to be part of our strategy. To assure that China's rise doesn't come on America's demise. Absolutely correct. You've said it all along on, but that's something we do have to remember. What happens in China does not stay in China. We doubt know.

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