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"detroit sola" Discussed on Around the Horn

"The fan face. They are if you just put out number two. Everybody knows that burrow into the people that that other teams as well as chase young who happens to be from Washington D. C. Just like Haskins. So I think this is due diligence. Talk to those guys. Not so much to frighten or even motivate Dwayne Haskins but also to let other teams know what you've got. The bengals can only take one person at number one so one of those guys or or one of those three people is GonNa be available and they are people that other teams one. So why not if you need some cornerback? Help if you need some tight in help if you need some defensive line help why not see if you can't multiply that that to pick into multi? Okay but let us just rank the three that you just mentioned right now and the three point. Haskins in there as well CAC borough tongue about lola chase. Young call himself the best player in the draft and Zwane Haskins. How're you ranking those four players right now Kevin Blackstone right now for this team's needs I would take chase because what they need? They need an edge rusher after that it would be too after that it would be borough in terms of the people borough of people you get to pick but right now if. I'm them I listen to also would Ron Rivera. Said after that statement about those two guys he talked up. Haskins and what he sees again. We're going to have to see the rest of that for your book and your facetime on on this number. Pick what he paid us here. Never heard. I've never Kevin Beasley so excited about his football team since two quarterbacks in the draft to what you start with our position drafting a quarterback in the first round last year this year. That rarely rarely happens. I think what they're doing here in Rod Rivera. I think is the guy in charge of what they're doing is saying we are going to make it difficult for other teams to actually know exactly what we're going to do that. We have to. We might say we're open for that spot and you've got if you want to or you really will burrow and he's not going to number one overall you gotta come to us. They have not been in that position. Kevin in a long long time where they actually could control the draft early with. We all know they can pull the draft. The question Ramon if you could answer it directly as they have Dwayne Haskins should they be looking for another quarterback? Go ahead let. The cardinals did that last year. And I think most people would agree that they did the right thing they got Kyle Murray. They moved on from. Josh Rosen and I think they made the right choice with that Ron Rivera. The new coach. He's got to look at dwayne. Hassans is really the guy that I want to move forward. Because he's not the it's not the guy that he drafted is not the guy he developed. So I think it's a IT'S A. They have that to decide in front of them right now but why not play the leverage game? If you're in that spot at number two most people thought that discussion started number three Detroit Sola. There is one person in that organization that I trust. It's not the owner. It's the new head coach. He knows he knows good. Quarterbacks he went to a super bowl with Cam Newton. He if he's worth his salt what he's already done is watched. Every single play that Twain Haskins had less season I'll guarantees going into this with an open mind and they're in a great position and to question too is stay healthy. I would not be shocked if they do this. It's a clean slate. Ron Rivera Listening Mona. You brought it up. Last franchise to draft a quarterback in the first round and back to backdraughts was just last year. The cardinals did it with Tyler. Murray and it only happened once before that with the the colts who are Baltimore at that time sleater and elway back to back years in and of course elway didn't even play for them. We're GONNA move on now talk some. Nba Celtics one. Fourteen jazz. One zero three two teams going in complete opposite directions at the moment and Jason Tatum. What's changed with his game? It's like he's found a mama switch in the last at the same time the jazz. It's the notes that aren't there. Four straight losses winstar putting Mike Conley on the bench in the morning shootaround reporting that he changed his mind. Modane showing was benched and Roy. So neal started first Boston. Ramona is here to stay. And what's the team ceiling within playing like this like Jason? Tatum has been a different player since he was got that. Validation of being named an all star. He's got six thirty point games in February before that he had six thirty four games in his entire career. Like this guy is on some kind of run right now and I think I think he just believes he's the guy now. I think that all star selection was very validating for him for go solo. At one thing to the equation. That Kemba missed the last couple of games and tatum boost in everything. He's doing. So how sustainable. Is this tatum with his team. Oh I think it will be because I can't walker is that is a good teammate. And remember this to Jason. Tatum has been in a conference. Final in game seven. He played very well against the Cleveland. Cavaliers but go back a few years ago when they made that pick Danny ainge treated out of the top spot traded down to get Jason Tatum and got number one. Pick that got a first round. Pick out of it from Philadelphia Jason Tatum. Jason Tatum carries himself like a superstar. Devin black half. I'm glad you said superstar because maybe the hall of fame coach Brad. Stevens is learning now. How to use a superstar layer jason thing and letting him play. His game didn't handle it so well with Kyrie Irving we know. Kyrie's a different kind of guy but all of a sudden this Jason's team and he's taken control. Woody page well situation as maturity and confidence. He is more confidence in his shot. I think he's reaching his birthday next week. He'll be twenty two on March six and I think being picked to the All Star game playing there. That really made a difference but he's taking better angles to the basket. And I believe he went from being a Jag just another guy in the NBA. To being dug out I.

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