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"detroit memorial drive" Discussed on WJR 760

"University of Michigan of prices begin the university outlining a number of precautions to be taken for those that have in person class is the main one is the U of M students have to daily check in on a nap. Responsive Blew the people who enter campus buildings have to check themselves for covert 19 and answer questions on the APP. Limiting outdoor gatherings to 25 people or less is what the university is doing. As per the rules in Washtenaw County, Detroit will host funeral processions to honor more than 1000 people. Who have died from Corona virus in the city of Detroit Memorial Drive on Belle Isle will be the place where Mayor Duggan governor Wittmer Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist will offer remarks. There are nearly 900 billboard size photos of blood ones from the city. In this memorial. Ah Memorial service will be held for the fallen Detroit fire Sergeant Subodh Johnson, a 26 year veteran of the Detroit Fire Department, who died while trying to rescue young girls from drowning in the Detroit River at Belle Isle. It was a violent weekend for police officers in America, a Fox News correspondent Asia Hasni has the latest on police shootings in Chicago, D C and New York Chicago police officers are recovering after a suspect shot them overnight during a traffic stop and in the nation's capital. Five police officers were injured during clashes at the Black Lives matter Plaza overnight. Apparently, they were throwing bricks and fireworks at the officer's. Ah, couple of protesters were arrested back here. In New York state, A police officer in.

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