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"detective max andrew tackett" Discussed on Ominous Origins

"Before we get into the investigation itself. Let's look at the people who were involved in said investigation. There were a few few people got involved in this thing and rightfully so i. If we have a miller county chief. Sheriff's deputy tillman byron johnson. Johnson was born on may twenty fourth. Nineteen eleven in stamps arkansas. He moved to her in the thirties and started working for the miller. County sheriff's department in nineteen thirty eight. He served in the military for two years during world. War two before returning home and working on the virgil starks. Murder case. He soon became one of the leading. Investigators in the case johnson. Do not believe that. The phantom committed these starks murder. He was a member of the first united methodist church of east sixth street at is quite a mouthful. He was the last surviving law. Man of the phantom slayings and was the quote unquote go-to man. For the case he had been contacted by many interested individuals including television crews from all over the world including china sweden australia. He kept many personal files of the which became the only case files available because many of the original files photographs and police knows eventually went missing from both police. Departments johnson firmly believed the identity. The phantom was that of the prime suspect. you'll swinney. We'll get to that in just a little bit. Johnson departed from the sheriff's office in nineteen fifty seven and became an insurance adjuster which he retired from in the nineteen seventies. He then became a private investigator. Johnson died on wednesday december tenth. Two thousand eight at local hospital at the age of ninety seven. He was survived by two sons. A daughter in law. One daughter son-in-law two grandsons and granddaughters in law one granddaughter and twelve great grandchildren. Demand lived a very full life. That is something. We cannot argue. Also working on the case. was arkansas. state police. Detective max andrew tackett. He was born on august thirteenth. Nineteen twelve in glenwood arkansas and moved to texarkana in nineteen forty one. He served on the police state force from nineteen forty one to nineteen forty eight having served as a trooper that special investigator during that period tack it was the texarkana police chief from nineteen forty eight until his retirement in nineteen sixty eight in nineteen fifty one. He became the president of the arkansas peace officers association. He was a world. War two combat vet who had served in belgium france and the netherlands as well as germany max also was a member of the beech street baptist church and the optimists club always been curious when optimus club really is is the people who dislike the sun's gonna shine tomorrow. It's gonna be a great day a doubted but let me keep my weird little fantasy there. Max was said to be colorful outspoken and even controversial figure in the police department. Max became the arresting officer of the lead suspect. You will swinney. That's name we're gonna hear quite a bit over the next couple episodes after realizing that on each night of the murders car was stolen and later abandoned tack it sadly unlike byron johnson died at a fairly young age at the age of fifty nine died in local hospital. Present at the case as well was bowie. County sheriff william hardy or bill presley. He was born on april twenty fifth eighteen. Ninety five in the red springs community of bowie county. He was a member of the men's bible class. The first united methodist church on fourth street and st lane avenue presley had served twenty years in elected office including terms as county commissioner county treasurer and sheriff. He was a veteran of world. War one and served overseas in france. With the american expeditionary forces he was a member of the chapel would methodist church american legion veterans of foreign wars. Andy thirty second degree mason and schreiner. He was a longtime friend of texas city. Chief of police jack n bernal's and he knew the stark family fairly. Well is the first lawmen on the scene of mary. Jean larry's attack and the first and second double murderers brazely died at the age of seventy seven in hospital. Another member of the task force or the investigation was texas chief of police jack. Neely runnells or jackson roles and he was born on september twenty sixth eighteen ninety seven. Ronald was a longtime friend of bowie county. Sheriff presley he impressively really. I officers called the scene of both the double murders. Bruno's was also the lead investigator of the bookers saxophone. After had been law enforcement officer for thirty years serving as chief of police or twenty of them. Having been re elected ten times he retired in nineteen fifty three and became a farmer he too died in local hospital but this time from a heart attack at the age of sixty nine last up and may be the most famous number of the investigation was texas ranger captain. Manual lone wolf can swallows youth born on july fourth eighteen ninety one in spain to parents who were naturalized american citizens you married in nineteen twenty enlisted in the texas rangers. That same year. He was in charge of controlling gambling. Bank robbery bootlegging narcotic trafficking prostitution rise in general lawlessness from the red river to the real 'grande and from el paso texas too so bein- during the nineteen twenties and thirties. He was made captain of the company. Be texas rangers in nineteen forty in nineteen forty six while hunting the phantom. He swore to stay texarkana until the killer was apprehended but three months after the last murder yup and left giddens. Walla's believed that the attack on hollis and lori was not committed by the phantom. He believed that someone else murdered virgil starks gins walla's retired from the rangers in nineteen fifty one and move to hollywood to become a technical consultant for radio television and the movies most notably the long running nineteen fifties radio and tv show. Tales of the texas ranger gins walla's mason and a presbyterian died of cancer on february thirteenth. Nineteen seventy seven at the age of eighty five during his time in texarkana jay..

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