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"desert nikkan associates" Discussed on Israel Story

"Hi macy. Are you doing good. So can you say where we are. We are standing in the arrivals hall at ben gurion airport and we're waiting for toma upper bound and yet l. benign f from habits. And the arrivals hall looks very empty right. There is literally nobody coming out. It's empty mostly workers and a lot of flights from dubai on the screen. Yeah that's very new development act. It's quite amazing. Like half of the flights on the screen currently are from dubai is there no corona and dubai. I have no idea. I hope not. We waited around marveling. The amount of flights from the un two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten flights from dubai. Isn't that surprising. Literally half of the flights are from dubai. It's not surprising when you know israelis and how much they love to travel like. That's the first opportunity they'd get to to go to buy and they're they're doing it. Yeah maybe not surprising at all that surprising but new then marie. Our newest producer spotted them. Told me tall and worn out jeans in one of those flimsy surgical masks. Hello i'm dumber. I'm a photographer. I'm thirty two and i've been For the for the last sixteen years and the l. curly-haired almost half tomio size with a much fancier cloth mask okay. My name is l. Banana twenty six years old And you from. I'm from once a week every week. Tormenta nail drive to the airport but they aren't platinum frequent flyers or billionaire jet setters. In fact they don't even bring a suitcase instead. Tommy carries to camera bags and l. I'll she has a notebook and a pen together. They are the dual behind one of israel's most popular newspaper columns how we can magazines flights flights in in hebrew. it's desert nikkan associates. Can you tell us a little bit about the column..

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