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"desaguadero jerry" Discussed on Talking Sopranos

"Think curse out. But if you've been in therapy. I throw a few times so i can tell the people out there about it and how good deal so i wanted to test things out like like i test other things. We have a stake company wine company. I tried the different products. I don't just say yes to everything. I'm not a fucking complete shall out. What no i'm not saying or i just I'm shelby four. Better help you never in therapy. No no i just yell at people. That's your therapy folkard yellow. Somebody's wrong a yellow them. I have no problem yelling. Telling me what i think. That's therapy you bottle up inside. If you bad bottling up is never good everyone out there you got something to say. Someone say i'll be afraid. Well i don't know. I it you have to each situation's different is. Let's let's let's keep going here. We're not gonna win. We're not gonna nothing's going to be gained by going down this road. I just wondered. Did you say to. Dan make sure i don't sit next to michael at the concert. I'll see him in the suite. We'll have a drink but when it's time to go watch the ban. I don't want to be anywhere near him. Did you say that to our friend. Feel very curious where jim's kitchen fetal cooks. Jim moret playing. You know that's a more a was written by warren and brooks jerry lewis commission them to write some songs for dean martin to sing in their movie the caddy and paid them thirty grand for a couple of songs. That was one of them. Oh wow. I didn't know that jerry was like the producer. Those move jerry. Got brains of this was the brains But so jerry. Lewis estate on desaguadero jerry. Not i'm not really sure if he if he bought it very big sarah populace. Jim johnny cakes kitchen vetoes crooked. You see he knows what he's doing that knife. How joe gannon only was a terrific chef professional. Yeah really nice. He's got real knife skills and he's on numerous restaurant will. We went to his restaurants e-e-eh soup as art which was embarrassed. I believe he was a chef at numerous restaurants. He's the real deal. A real chef really knows how to cook and you could see. He's not acting. He's not faking this. he didn't have to have a shift. Come in and consult noto no. He knows he's. He's making pasta. Dodge which i had in naples when my friend i you know i went to this little hole in the wall. Spock offline in. It's kind of the historical centre naples. He made it with potato with privilege and the little red pepper flakes us. You use a little us. Mixed pasta like traditionally like broken odds and ends left leftover the simplest thing. You could eat if it's done right the most delicious and you've never tried to make it at all They making salad. Do you eat salad after like. That's what i grew up doing. Yeah before that's what they do in italy after usually go chops and vinegar pepper the Too hot sometimes. They're not too hot. I like pork chop i like breaded pork chop my mother used like breaded pork show. You don't get those out really out any restaurant that's gotta be done right though. Otherwise it's a disaster. How johnny cake comes up behind him while he's cooking. I've done that to my wife. She's cooking come up. You know i've done that. Have you ever done that. Yeah yeah i go.

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