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"dery berlin" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"You can get your luanne Andy Warhol pot shirt and leggings sky what Steph over there. She wants to go look on our Instagram watch crap. There's a really good video with our friend. Jessica who did a great dance for it. So yeah, check it out and today. The real housewives hurt me deeply. The real housewives of bitch. Ray I have so many thoughts and feelings about this episode. I'm a little fired up Ronnie. We'll get I'm excited to hear them because I feel like we've already watched season on Instagram because so much of this is all ready come out. But actually seeing how it's playing out on the show is pretty hilarious. Yeah. Very very Larry. Yeah. A lot of accusations of manipulation. But you know, those some people are manipulating and they have not been accused yet. But that's where we come in. Because we will be doing lots of accusations across the board across the board. Yes. So we start off on the PJ going to the har-. So they're flying the Bahamas and the exciting part travel around a plane, you're on van, and it's like a bouncy boss, they're all like, whoa. Bouncy bus. That was exciting. Yes. We'll just from the even when they were flying Camille is so Camille in every scene of the show, and I love the Camille never changes. She's just meal because they're all having champagne, and she goes cheese. Chan has. Writing their bouncy bus entry. It's like everyone is shouldn't be. And like that would be to knees. Yours is little Cup it on the left. Sick. Waiting ten seasons to make fun of someone's house and going to the cupboard. K was raised in you own cage. Don't you don't you? Don't you Knutson eastern really fit in quite right with his group because she wasn't like is she come that going to be in a cupboard that fucking sniper from the left said you've just like. Really know what was going on? So to reads like gauze goes they going to be drinks. And my terrace this evening, Lisa's like to reach wouldn't that be our terrorists? And by our I mean, oh, you know, you are which means ostrich ostracize. Unique restaurants was really hooked me. Get on my lips. Said to me Dery Berlin. Room because you're really now. Get and bender pumps like I'm. And then they basically get there. And you know, that a bunch of Butler's, Butler's and stuff like that. Enthused. The butlers like I left sandals. So I wouldn't have to deal with the real housewives of Orange County who came through here a few days ago. And now, we got these ladies never mind. I just wonder what they must all when they see what they must all think when they see those faces we're used to that just because of where we live. But when that's coming at you all and went big group like dad, it's like, you take them you take them Elvis. Yeah. Exactly. So there's like the usual stuff like to read an and Lisa that wind up there in this like sweet as usual like, oh, crazy antics running for the master bedroom. Ono Lisa only has palatial room as opposed was super palatial room. Now, let me ask you something. But did you kick girls? They get their own Butler Elvis and Vander prompts like maybe he could love me tender. Maybe we'll do some jailhouse rock food to read when her husband goes to jail. I didn't say it. I say it you ain't nothing but a hound dog. And to reach Twitter return you to allay team, Shelly where she'll be mud why my bedroom..

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