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"derrick marine" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"To the Monday night now also very grateful that you've joined us. Thank Gary Dietrich for joining us earlier having guests on like Gary and Diana Dameron, who is joining us right now, if anyone knows how to unleash civility. It is Diana Dameron, Diana really a greatly appreciate you joining us tonight, and we're gonna talk about manage. I was thinking you, but you you mentioned Bob Nathan and we used to work with. You used to be part of kfbk as well in the morning. On bridge. Stewart, the late Rick Stewart who we both loved you. What about guys like I know you got to remember our friends, Jeff Metcalf and the Derrick Marine. Never in a hurry. Derek Murray. I had to mention them tonight and, Oh, I love Oh, they were so much fun to work with. And Pat. They're both listening in tonight. Or at least she posted on Facebook. Me. This is going to be listening in so, yes, absolutely wonderful eyes. Speaking of manners, you know, Derek, I will say this. Derek is the guy that hired me at thes radio station. I'm grateful to him on Jeff Metcalf is a guy who really taught me my When I When I showed interest early on howto that I wanted to be a Ah talk show host. He really kind of coach me and helped me along and gave me some great advice. So dead of gratitude to both of those guys and just good good men. Part of civility is you're about to tell us Diana is manners. Yeah, it started way. Just dumped manners pad in the sixties and seventies. We've just toss that in the whole anti establishment period. And manners were really I mean, think about it. There was no disagreement and matter what party you're on. We all saw manners in the exact same way. There is a sense of a framework that we were supposed to work within. And what we did was we knew the magic words, Please. Thank you. And you're welcome. We knew that If an older person walked in, we were to give them Here. If there wasn't one available, we were to let somebody else go in front of us, and I love the definition. Emily Post who was the guru of manners in the United States, said that manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. Okay, so so we've tossed him out the seventies 60 seventies eighties we started really focusing on Us and our rights nineties technology came in 2000 for Facebook launched and nothing has been the same what we did During this period, We changed the focus on the of the sensitivity of other's feelings to an incredible sensitivity of our own feelings. I mean, this is a period where we take 93 Million cell feast each and every day and then gone on Android device, including my iPhone million So, so we're so focused on ourselves to the first question. We ask when it comes to civility, and I run into this all the time. While he wasn't civil to me, she wasn't able to me. We're not looking at our own responsibility. It starts with us. You have no control over the other person. It starts. Here with us Whether we're going to unleash civility, and it's a lot of work, it takes a lot of work. It takes self discipline. It takes hard trying to figure out where that other person is coming from. You have to sit there and put aside. Wait a minute. They vote differently than I do. I don't even like them in meetings. I hate their ideas. I'm not a morning person. I got to talk to them. First thing in the morning all these things, but it's our responsibility to unleash stability. And every time you see an article regarding civility is always one side, pointing to the other side as being uncivil. So it starts with us. Isn't that something there uncivil? The day You see those bums over there those bums or uncivil over there? Certainly, right? Well, yeah, I mean, well, you see, it's just Oh, my God. The numbers are staggering. You're talking about with, you know, with just the self if you don't just Androids. I mean, I hear it all mean, hear it on like, for instance, I don't know why this struck me as I'm listening to you is the target. How selfish we are, How narcissistic we become. I hear this commercial, and they were using it last year for I think it was Grubhub or whatever one of these delivery services. It's a Queen song in my mind wasn't even that big of a hit. I wanted all I wanted all I wanted all I wanted now see that's what we become. It's like I want it. I want it now. I mean, come on. And if you and you talk about saying, please, and thank you and manners and all of this, I can't tell you, Diana, how many places I go to, and I don't think Anyone has many bad intentions. I just think something's missing here. You say thank you. And you go. What did you say? Thank you And we'll say they go. Of course. Oh, no problem. No problem. Of course there's never You're welcome, e. Don't know. Do we open doors? For what? Another. What happened to chivalry? Is this all part of being Civil and then we watch. We want some of these moderators, the persons there the debate. We see it and and and it's his antagonism, antagonistic attitude towards the person that they were interviewing, and they're supposed to be setting an example in the media and people follow that example. It's very aggressive, many times. Well, just example where we went from. I mean, ah, Lot of your listeners won't remember this period. But but where the moms were drowned TV shows were dressed in pearls, and everybody was very polite to each other in the family. And if anybody said anything, Wally next door to leave it to Beaver said Anything nasty to Mom. Dad was all over them. And then we went to the Roseanne period, and instead we're people. Mark at each other in our sarcastic and nasty and if you think about it, we punctuate everything with the f bomb these days. I mean, you can't read anything on social media. You can hear a conversation over here a conversation without hearing what I call crude, crashed and cranky. That's what we've become crude crash and cranky and it's up to us to change that. Now as far as looking at it for examples. We can't look out there anymore. I really think you're not going to see this from our politicians. It's up to us in the movement has to start with us to unleash stability. It's got to begin with us. We don't live with them way blame everybody at the top. We blame the president's tweets. We blame other people as far as this that the other It's not about following that example. You can't follow a lot of those politicians. Examples. It begins with us. We live with one another. We build trust with one another. We have a responsibility to treat one another. With respect. It begins with us in our.

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