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A Big Announcement About The Fight Ahead (Ep 1276)

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A Big Announcement About The Fight Ahead (Ep 1276)

"Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host Dan Bongino. Misinformation out, there is getting downright dangerous. I cannot emphasize. Enough turns to tune out people in the media. You know the Dunning Kruger Affect. You know what that is. People who think they know what they're talking about. They pretend they're learning in all areas of society when they know nothing well when it comes to police USA force issues. That is everywhere and I'm tired of it. Some of you saw it last night. When I, say it get to that in a minute, I got a loaded show today. Don't go anywhere. Today's show brought to you by express VPN. Surf the web with peace of mind. Get a VPN today. Don't wait, express VPN dot, com slash Bongino. Welcome the Dan. Bongino show producer joy. No, you know what I'm talking about. How are you today? Fine? Sir doing well then. Yeah I. Know exactly what you're talking about. Agree with you. 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See Right through which means, you can see your ammo type around count split-second. Why didn't someone think of that sooner? Ats Magazines are available for Your Glock Sig P., three, twenty eight. Vp Nine five, your Smith and Wesson M. P five shield as well as the AR fifteen to see they connect together as well super easy to connect and disconnect. If you need durability and reliability and functionality for every situation, don't miss out, go to. Dot Com. We using the Bongino household that's ATS MAGS DOT COM. Don't forget to use code. Dan My first name Diane for fifteen percents off your entire order. megs DOT COM. Promo Code Dan Ordering today. Great Mags can't recommend him highly enough all right for. A lot of texture so I got a big announcement today coming up soon, which a mentioned in the middle of the show Kinda TC yesterday, but it's super important in my fight against the tech tyrants I'm done I'm done. If you're on my email list, or if you're on parlor, you already know with the announcement is I'll give it to you guys in just a few minutes because I- doer. Not a Talker I. Let's get to this. Yes, yes, I am angry. NIAMH. What. Am I talking about? Didn't appearance on the Sean. Hannity show last night. Unfortunately, we had an internet meltdown in my neighborhood, therefore had to do the appearance via cellphone. Forgive me for that was not our fault. Our entire neighborhood had an internet meltdown. Right before I was about to go on the air so I had a call in to debate Geraldo on Hannity, and pursuant to the appearance I got a lot of emails from people received a lot of emails from people and they said Dan. Overwhelmingly supportive about ten percent weren't, but they weren't negative. Ten percent that didn't weren't supportive and that's fine. That's okay. I don't need people to be. Yes, people, Emma, email. It's OK by their take was too angry and your response to although yeah. That's right. I'm sorry. If that offended you but I'm not sorry. I was angry at all. We'll have disagree on that. Folks there is so much rank for mation out there, and sometimes this information on what are cops doing the street on use of force that it is polluting the conversation and quite literally causing mass chaos. It's filtering into the media ecosystem and leading people to believe insane things like police officers and mass or walking out on the street with weapons and assassinating unarmed black men. That's a real narrative happening out there in the liberal and liberal media ecosystem, despite the fact that is categorically false and dangerous. I'M GETTING TIRED OF IT I'm tired of people who've never spent a moment in a police officers shoes, commenting if their subject matter expertise on policing actually matters. I debate Geraldo. Want a lot of things we agree sometimes. Disagree but his comments last night. I thought sadly, and I'll be on with them again tonight on. Hannity, outnumbered as well at noon. If you want to check it out, today I. Thought were important and I'll tell them as much on the air. Let me play the clip. Sorry for the again the poor sound quality. It's not producer. Joe Did the best he could, but this is me on Hannity and the reason I sound bad again. This I'm on cell phone I'm on a cell phone because my internet broke down, but here's about a minute of it yesterday. We're Geraldo seems to suggest you. Again. I don't know if it's out of ignorance or misinformation, but this is not accurate that there's no scenario where you can engage in a USA for scenario if you may fire on someone and those rounds hit him in the back. That's not true. That is absolutely not true. Tragic these use of force scenarios when people are shot and the rounds hit them in the back. But it is absolutely categorically false to say there is no scenario where that is legally warranted by use of force. That's false I'll explain more in a moment, but here's the exchange i. don't like doing this, but this is important last night and you'll see why I was so angry. Check this out. He's a drunk driver. He's running away with the Taser. Where's he going to run? How far is he gonNA run before. You Go ahead? You have no idea where your. Personal attacks and not really. Know talking. Citizens. who have never walked a foot poster engaged in a foot pursuit in your entire life. Don't you dare I have? Catlin hours Tommy, identity. Special glow and Bloom Dow accent. I report this. I, hung out. You're talking about I was put through. I know well as you. You have. No longer you can no longer. Shot in the back shot in the bath. Where's he going to go? Oh, where's it going to go? This curling. A stolen weapon in. Police. That! Shot in the. Was Drunk driving yet? Defend. The, indefensible by defending the indefensible. You make everything you all of your arguments dull. Because, Geraldo. You've to be able to quit your. was angry. Because he doesn't know what he's talking about in three and a half, million people probably four last night, probably close to six or seven. When the clip went viral after last night have probably six seven million people probably seen that maybe more. Who actually believed that? Let's go through one by one here what he said why he's wrong, and he's welcome to come onto show anytime by the way and debated I'll be happy to have him. I've gone on his show. Maybe it's time. He comes over here and tries to defend himself. He was just a drunk driver. Really. So just to be clear if you get pulled over for drunk, drunk driving. You then violently assault to police officers. Steal one of their tasers. TRY TO PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE then. Run away and discharge the Tasers Wall, running and you turning to them in the face of one of the police officers. You know what those barbs look like. By the way they can probably penetrate about a half an inch would according to a subject matter actual expert who emailed me the other day? Who Does as a research certifications? So just to be clear that still just a drunk driving incident that has nothing to do with the actual violent assault, a police officer. I'm not having that. It's tragic. Demand Died I. mean that that's heartfelt. That's not against some nonsense virtue. Signaling I don't really care about any of that. Stuff and I need to signal virtue anyone. Neither to you. What your actions speak louder than words. But it's a fact. Whether he deserved to die, or not is not the argument. The argument here is officers. Do what a reasonable person would have done. After being violently assaulted engaging in a foot pursuit with a now violent felon, he is now assaulted, but committed a felony felony, assault and police officers. He has stolen their weapons and pointed a barb a tasers barb in their faces. You're assuming by the way as well that the officer even knew it was a Taser and a police officer shockingly enough for said he was. Email me well. Dan The tasers yellow. He should've come on guy please really. Really. You're suggesting that as he turned the, he absolutely knew it was. How do you know that you were in his? You were there so just to be clear. The other police officer is yellow when you're pointing it in someone's face, it's Kinda hard to see the yellow now. After engaging in a violent assault with this guy where you're assaulted violently. Folks listen. I'm again. I'm hesitant to say this because I. It's not my thing. I've been. Training at a lot of this stuff. Hand to hand stuff for a very long time over toward well over twenty years of my life. I'm forty five probably more than that at this point. Listen to me for a moment. Fi may take a moment of. Personal privilege so you're suggesting to the police officer said he was that. Email me that your suggestion was. This guy was thinking so clearly that he's in a foot pursuit with a guy, he just fought with and as the guy turns, and points a weapon at, and he clearly knew that was a taser. By the way that's that doesn't mean it's not dangerous. That's still. Serious physical injury or deadly force? Use of force by the COP is still authorized, but even if it wasn't, you're suggesting he knew that because why? Because, he was thinking so clearly didn't have tunnel visions. People's weren't dilated. Ask you this through. Those of you out there who have never been in a real fight serious questions. That's some fake tough guy thing I've lost a lot of. I've been tapped out a whole lot. You know what it's like. You know what it's like to be in a trained environment in school or Brazilian. Jiu Jitsu school a H. Use me a controlled environment training totally control. The man there you are or the woman there. You're rolling with with both. Is Not going to kill you. You know that can be reasonably confident in a modern Brazilian Jujitsu. It's not game of Death Bruce. Lee like you're gonNA roll. You'RE GONNA. Tap or he's GonNa tap and that's it and to fight. The the fist-bump Andrew Jackson. You give a fist-bump before you row. So universal symbol for we're going to do this and peace. You know what it's like to row with someone for a minute at top speed when you know, they're not going to kill you. Top speed. Full adrenaline dump scrambling for a minute. Your exhausted. Think Straight. Barely. Know your name. Those you've been in fights. You know exactly what I'm talking about. That fog a wars real. That fog of combat is real. Tunnel Vision, you can't see anything. Now you're expecting a police officers not NEJRA Jitsu school. Who probably has one thousandth of the training of even a Brazilian Jujitsu White Belt? You're asking this guy who's just been engaged in a nearly minute long altercation with a violent felon who is now engaged in a foot, pursuit, huffing and puffing. WHO's now at a weapon pointed at his face. It was just stolen from the other COP. He doesn't even know that. It wasn't his Taser were stolen. The Guy who engage with the fire it was the other guys again conveniently left out by Geraldo and others now you're expecting him to think clearly and absolute clear vision say no. That wasn't a gun. It was just the tasers. Let them just shoot it in my face. Imbecilic I'm sorry idiotic. This was not a choice of a good or bad option. Shoot or don't shoot. It was a bad option. Shoot Him. Or a worse option get killed myself. Wake Up. We live in the real world, not the fantasy land. You want to believe you show me an instance of clear police use of force violations like the floyd incident clear as day. 'cause there's no argument. I'm at argument about that right. I'll call it out. We have to do better I've said that. But this is BS and the criticism. There's no scenario that subject should ever be engaged. Even if the rounds lines in the back so just to be clear, a guy turns to point a weapon in your face turns around, and then potentially turns around again, but you can't shoot him because they may hit the guy in the back. Please stop talking. You don't know what you're talking about. You just made that up. That is nowhere in any use of force continuum anywhere in the United. States. So you just if he had a gun, he shoots. You once keeps running and you'd think he may turn around again. You can't shoot him until he shoots you again in the face. No, you can't you in land in his back. Just to be clear what you're saying. Because? That's not how police officers are trained. You understand that no, of course you know you just made that up. And yes, I am angry. Leftist hijacked courts, our culture, our media, everything and the pressure to act, and the pressure to conform is overwhelming. Folks and I'm tired of it. This fight is at your front door now it's not a joke. It's not hyperbole. It's been at my front door for two weeks and it's wearing me down. And it's where it everybody down and no, I don't need a break I appreciate your emails. Thank you for your concern. I mean that. I'm not trying to be condescending, but I don't need a break. Don't need a break. Nobody gets a break. The valley forge. Guys didn't get a break. They've done far more brave things than all ever to. Union, soldiers, fighting the civil war didn't get a break. My uncle, who got shot in the back at Vietnam Vietnam, saving his friends, who got the bronze star and get a break either is dead. I? Don't need a break. I need to change things I'm committed to the I. Don't need a break. I appreciate your emails. And I appreciate your concern deeply, but please stop sending me I. Don't need a break. This is the time we all need to fight. This is the time for breaks, vacation or anything else. So time to double and triple down no matter the consequences. All Right? I got a lot more to get to I. Want to get to the. To the NYPD, police commissioners and embarrassment Dermot Shea embarrassment he should resign tomorrow and embarrassment an embarrassment. You hear me I hope you're listening. I'm going to play some video by him. In a moment, this is a policy. He Studio, which is practically guaranteed to get people killed. He won't tell you that. Of course become a politician police commissioner, right? Let me get to my sponsors. Tuesday's always show. Appreciate your patience. Today show brought to you by friends at Omaha steaks. Almost thanks is limited time fathers they offer for our listeners. 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Don't think I was ever a police officer with him. I'm not really sure what year he got on the job or whatever? But. He gave a press conference yesterday and Let me just play the crest press conference and I'll talk about afterwards. A why this is so devastating. Check this out. It is regarding the deployment of precinct level and PSA. Level anti-crime units. These are the plain clothes units that operate our traditional anti-crime. Effective immediately we will be transitioning those units roughly six hundred people citywide. Into a variety of assignments including detective bureau. Neighborhood Policing and other assignments. Why. This is twenty first century policing. Intelligence Data. Shot Spotter. Video. DNA and building. Prosecutable cases. Sure, Data I love when they say data as if they're actually doing data or anything scientific. So What Commissioner Shave the PD? Just do that so devastating? He basically pulled plain clothes cops out of the precinct level. That's what he was referencing when he said. ANTICRIME anticrime is a unit, so you can follow because this is important, because the NYPD is the biggest police department in the country by far, and what they do sets the standard for other liberal city, so this ridiculous stupid misinform policy, which is a totally political decision is probably coming to your liberal city next. What are Anti Crime Unit now disbanding there about six hundred cops citywide, they work in precinct, implant, increasing plainclothes and unmarked cars. He's now disbanding them. Saying it's based on data well. Let me give you some real data from a friend of mine who actually present a plainclothes clothes unit? Not going to say his name because he'll probably be targeted by liberals Oh tried to burn his house down tomorrow. Because they're so tolerant, you know. He said to me his guests from being in the precinct guests, and he's underselling it. A bit is between seventy ninety percent of self observed arrests are done by anticrime units. What does that mean? As a police officer unlike a peace officer piece police two different distinctions. A police officer in New York, city, this is not A. Crime to arrest someone. There's a distinction there. You can make an arrest based on probable cause. If someone's to come to you and say hey. Jomo Cosmos assaulted me on the corner and punch me in the I can go arrest him based on what you said. There's probable cause, right. A peace officer, there are certain distinctions in some cases. You have to witness those crimes. Now. Police officers anticrime units in plainclothes units self absorbed arrest where they actually saw it. They saw the what happened themselves. My friend is guessing about seventy to ninety percent of those self absorbed Anti Crime officers why? Now if you joe poly or most of my smart lend, liberals probably haven't figured this out yet, but the conservative ones have why. Well if you see a police officer coming in uniform walking down the street, approaching you coming towards you, right, yeah. Are you going to commit a crime in front of him? My guess is probably not you're right. I'm just GonNa Venture Joe. You comfortable with that. Good idea right? Yeah, look the cops coming. Let me robbed the store. It doesn't happen. The reason. We have plain clothes. Police officers in unmarked vehicles is because they don't look like police officers, so people who are going to commit a crime anyway. We'll commit them because they don't think. The police officers are bad boys. Bad Boys Dato Jack that they commit the crime right in front of them and the anti crime cops get them. They are in in valuable invaluable. Part of policing. Is there a downside? I always give you both sides because unlike liberals and journalists. Who is sometimes? There's identification problems. They're not in uniform. The uniform is the identification hallmark of a police officer. Right the in Nypd dark blue the badge. They have the the cap day where. Cover, they call it. When you were in plain clothes, and you only have a shield around your neck. There are identification problems and fair enough. Some people will say I'm not saying the bad guys who just know it. Some people will be confused as to. What is it happens? There is a downside the downside is also blue on blue. When you approach seen with a man with a gun, if you're not familiar with the Anti Crime, cops in your neighborhood, then, yes, the potential for blue on blue in other words, cop and the other cop getting a shootout because there's a misidentification is very real, there is a downside to it. There's no doubt about it. What is the upside? Do you have any idea how many e legal firearms carried by felons, hell bent on either robbing raping or killing. Someone else were taken off the street by anti crime cops in the seven five where I worked because the guy was on the corner, showing off gun to someone or doing an armed robbery and didn't see the anticrime guys coming. Do you have any idea? Of course you don't. You're probably a liberal commentator or you probably Dermot, Shea, and you haven't really thought any of this through. Skies in embarrassment he should have resigned yesterday. A character free, spineless embarrassed McDermott Shane knows what I'm telling you. He's not stupid. He just doesn't care. We had street crime units that were citywide as well so just so you understand this Thanksgiving to. anticrime units were plain clothes. Cops assigned to one specific. I worked in the seven five in east. New York Brooklyn, that's where they would patrol within the confines of the seven five street crime unit used to be able to go citywide, same thing playing close. They were taken off the streets two years ago for more foolish political reasons. So, I gave you the downside again. What was the upside? You have any idea how many people are alive today because some felon brandishing a weapon getting ready to kill a rob, someone didn't because he got locked up by anti crime. Guys, do you have any idea? How many crimes are committed in front of anti crime plainclothes cops because the bad guys don't know their cops. You have any idea. No, you don't. You're a liberal, many but anything. You just talk into the wrong end of your body all the time. It's an embarrassment. Should seriously consider just pipe and down and keep quiet. Really is a disgrace. He's people are gonNA. Get people killed. Let me leave this segment here because I got a lot to get through tech tyrants and more. I can't with a straight face. Give you one good reason to live in these liberal cities anymore. I'm deeply sorry. You have business and family attachments there do whatever you can get rid of him I. AM sorry folks. These are not these places. America's not United Anymore I. Wish it were I wrote a piece in j review years ago, saying, stay back and fighting these blue states you can't. You're fighting an asymmetric war. You have no rights in these states you have. Property can be taken if you live in the Chaz. Dan Chazal Vania Seattle. You have a bunch of people who just confiscated your land your property. They've just declared it an autonomous or you have no rights. You cannot fight that machine there. It is a symmetric. The political process has failed you. You can be attacked. You just saw an article that the people who spray painted Saint, Patrick's church. They just let them go. You have no property rights. You have nothing anymore. Leave if you can. I'm begging you. You have those the United States is not united anymore. There is a side that believes in American values, liberty and freedom and god-given big R. Rights for everyone regardless of race skin, color, nation of origin, religion, or anything else, and then there's another group that believes in special rights for groups like black lives matter. Which can confiscate your property and attack you it? Will you don't stay there? That is a losing proposition. Excuse me. I let me get to my expert and I want to talk about this tech tyranny thinks it's important to me. Ladies and gentlemen. They have doubled down. The tyrants have doubled down. You think Russian disinformation campaigns were a big deal. The social media disinformation campaigns are going to be an even more powerful infants I get to that in a second three friends at Policy Genius Ladies and Gentlemen. The last few months of really taught us. What's important in life? You know it's possible to buy life insurance right now. You can get it right now. I know some of you think you can't. 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I decided to take an ownership interest so disclosure here for a number of reasons, moral, ethical, and just legal to be appropriate I've taken an ownership stake in parlour. PA L. E. R.. Parlor is the social media alternative to the tech tyrants which have declared war against conservatism, liberty and everything we stand for. As I said my email and I meant it. When I see a problem i. try to solve it. Sometimes it works out sometimes. It doesn't I didn't like the political establishment. I ran for office been workout came. Close close doesn't matter horseshoes hand-grenades right. But I did it action matters. Didn't like what was out there. In the podcast space starting my own thanks to you, we become very successful, and I appreciate that your support means a lot. Didn't like what the drudge report was doing with hard left term. We started Bongino. REPORT DOT COM why? Because talkers, talking doers do. And I'm about the do at about the talk. So put my own skin in the game, and I don't like what twitter's doing us and I don't like what snapchat stewing us and not like would facebook doing us like what reds doing. US banning the Donald and elsewhere. So I took an ownership stake in parlor and I'M GONNA put my own skin in the game. And I, know I. Know for a fact that we are going to succeed. I, know it. Because we are committed a free speech when I'm going to be banning anyone outside, of obviously, you can't threaten anyone. Break the law. We get all that, but we are committed to free speech their. Free and open dialogue, unlike these other clowns in these other sites now just to show you in case you think I'm pulling this out of my caboose here. He was a great piece but Fox News Dot Com by Brett. L. About this topic was just came out conveniently a few hours before I came on the air. Totally unplanned be in the show notes today. Courage you to read it. Twenty twenty and big tech election isn't just about trump versus biden. It's about the fate of democracy. He's right. Let me, go got a couple of screen captures. How bad detect tyranny war, because remember the liberals are all concerned about Russian and Chinese influence in elections. We all should be, but they don't seem to care about the plainfield being tilted for liberals than Joe, Biden and against trump supporters at all that does abandon about why because they can politically game leverage from it. That's why. Takeaway number one from breads interesting. Snap which runs the messaging APPs, snapchat is joined with twitter in the censorship campaign, adding character assassination to the mix. It is declared. This is snapchat quote. He will not amplify voices who incite racial violence and injustice. The president's comments will no longer be included in snapchat. Discover section. It's reserved for key content for news outlets and celebrities. Oh interesting snapchat. I'm wonder if the FCC is going to get the Federal Election Commission is going to get involved in that. FACEBOOK's leftist staffers are openly at war with CEO Mark Zuckerberg for not censoring trump. Publicly rebelling by holding a virtual walkout, according to protocol, many employees changes social media icons to a white fist on a black background while others took to twitter to bash their boss. Again. This fight is coming to your door. I can't make you join Parlor I'm that interested in making you do anything I'm a liberty loving God. Fearing big our God given rights American. I'm just telling you if you want an alternative, we've got it there for you. If you want it if you don't and you, Kevin your face stomped on by these tech. Dire instead know the beatings will continue until morale improves. You ever see that these shirt. I'm giving you an alternative I've got my own skin in the game now. I put my name and attached it to this company. Not because I wanted to be conservative twitter a conservative facebook because I wanted to be free. Free these people. Please sign up today. Again I say that humbly, and as I always say with the greatest of respect, I mean. Please sign up today. I attach my name to it. I'm willing to put my reputation on the line here. Asking you to do the same. Let me go to one more portion just because you think. Oh, it's only facebook twitter. No, no, no, no, no, no, it's everywhere. Shocking, these even new for big tech firms read it. What are the most popular sites on the Internet has restricted conservative content, even establishing a team of an influential sub read the Donald after left this complaint. WICCA pedia. That's a scam. Folks insists it be considered a non-partisan platform that by the way that's hilarious nonsense. It's joined in the effort to censor the president. Even wikipedia founder Larry. Sanger acknowledges he wrote made it. Wikipedia no longer has an effective neutrality policy. Sanger emphasized in the case of the online encyclopedia entry for trump. It's a quote joke. Folks, we fought back. Opening up the Fox News, platform and making them successful decades ago because we retired the indoctrination by CNN and others. Social media fight is the next big space. I'd really appreciate it if you join them. Meet a lot to. Parlor PR ELLIARA. I have a consulting business arrangement with them now and I'm doing it because I believe in it. Trust me need anymore. Business Deals I've got enough of. This is an ideological fight for me, and it's my own willingness to put my own skin in the game, so thanks for that all right I haven't done a hypocrisy segment in a long time, but this one is important. The media hypocrisy, pointing it out to show you. How discredited these media lunatics are is absolutely critical right now. These are not honest sources of information and I know I, know it sounds redundant, and it's like kind of beating a dead horse, but we have to do it to point out not credible. The media and the never trumpers are I've got this block here I'm going to do. We're going to go through quickly. Some just grotesque media far left hypocrisy to again show you these unprincipled buffoons who Stan for nothing nothing. They have no principles at all right. Let's fire through these here. Number One Washington examiner. Big Bags in America have had a lot to say about black lives matter. What do we want dead cops when we want him now group? Yeah, they have that group. That's the same same group they're. They've been big about that so Washington, examiner. All in on black lives matter us. Banks are all quiet on the China Front Tom Rogan washed. Be Up in the show. Notes today this article. Please read this. J. P. Morgan other banks out. They've had a whole lot to say about the. What do we want? Dead Cops want him now group, but when it comes to communist China. They've got skin in the game. They're shockingly quiet about the wieger concentration camps in China. Sh. But. Yes, let's take our moral guides from the big US banks out there. Let me tell you. Something I'm not one of these anti bank anti capitalism financial systems terrible guys you. Do you want to put out a statement about black lives, matter or whatever you WanNa do do your thing fine, but at least show some dignity and principles and speak out about the injustices of massive concentration camp. In concentration camps in China where they're actually putting in the concentration camps over there, maybe the freedom of speech suppression in China Matters To you to maybe put some out of that now, of course, not because you're fraud, you're phonies. Freedom and liberty and God given rights. Don't mean anything to you. You found an opportunity to leverage social 'cause you think, fix your branding and you put it out. And when you had the opportunity to use your massive wealth to influence policies over in China you said nothing. Quiet. Now assume if they do have a comment. Tom rogan updates piece if a bank of America J. P.. Morgan has a comment. On China Communist, China, the thought suppression, the social surveillance and the concentration camps. Please email us. We would love to hear it. Our emails on the website Bongino DOT COM. We're open. I'll read your email on the air. Waiting for that comment about the concentration camps in China, because you care about justice and all right. Sure you do. Go to this other article. Legal Insurrection again up in the show notes so build the Blasios the communist mayor of New York City probably a great friend of the Chinese bill, de Blasio instructed contact tracers not to ask new corona virus patients if they attended protests cheap, why would build the Blasio do that? Because Bill De. blasio is a disgusting hack politician without a Scintilla of dignity. This is broken human being a failed communist mayor of new. York City who has destroyed the city? There is not a politician more dangerous in the country right now than Bill de Blasio. The blasio cares about politics, not people. He's not even remotely interested in your public health, so the BLASIOS Ideological Causes Racial Division, which she sees protests advancing some of them, not the peaceful I'm all for peaceful protests. Whether you agree with the cause or not. That's what big our God given rights. We're not hypocrites like the laugh. But the Blasios doesn't want you to know that these protests may be spreading your corona virus, so he's instructed his contact tracers tonight. Even ask the question because there's there's an explosion in corona virus page patients among people who attended protest bill de Blasio is going to actually have to take responsibility for not breaking them a burglar earlier because he's the one who closed down the whole city precisely because he was afraid of the spread of the corona virus. So he does communist do? He uses force. Don't you dare? Ask them if they were at a protest if they got the corona virus because that's what build the Blasi does. Here's another one from a little while ago. I'm kind of disgusted by many, not all professional athletes out there. Those of you out there who? Know Me and I know you God bless you. You know I'm talking about a lot of people understand that this is a fight. This is a right versus wrong fight right now. But here's sanctimonious pretentious, no it all coach of the Golden State. Warriors Steve Kerr. He knows everything health wreck lecture you about gun control race issues in the United States Steve Kerr Yeah. He's a basketball coach, but again he say one of the one of the most brilliant, so he talked about dunning Kruger again. Look it up, Steve Carper tends to be one of the great philosophers of our time. He'll lecture you on anything because he's better than you. More than happy to speak out and aggravate racial situations using no facts and data half the time by the way here's Steve Kerr a little while ago, though when that controversy in the NBA about China came up. Remember the Houston, rockets. Executive spoke out against China so they started asking NBA know Lebron James He's all about justice, but wasn't didn't WanNa. Talk about China remember that show. He's GonNa. Leave that one out. Listen good for Lebron to free America. Speak Out I. don't care that you're an athlete. You want to speak out, but I do care if you have principles. So if you care about justice again, we have people in literal concentration camps in China where they said the world's biggest surveillance state, and they're beating the crap out of people on the streets of Hong Kong. We'll fighting for their freedom, but everybody's quiet on that. Including Steve Kerr here who listens cut from a little while ago when he's asked about China and he's like listen. I! Don't know I'm kind of scared little boy, but he knows about everything else, gun, control, racial injustice and everything else when he lectures you check this out for me to sit here and say I feel really comfortable making this statement. It's it's not my place and It's just I wouldn't make any comments on. The tariff war. Like I don't know anything about that? You know so. What's going on in our country? I I'm very comfortable talking about what's going on in our country on a citizen of this country, hard for me to make a comment about something that impacts so many people, different countries, different governments and. Not really feeling comfortable being in the midst of it. It's I. Think makes more sense to. To lay low. And be a scared little boy. Idiots. Fish to be clear. because. He doesn't live in China. He can opine on concentration camps, ooh! Communism. Social Media, censorship Internet censorship, the beatings, and the arrests political arrests in Hong Kong. So you can't comment on that, but joe the same guy who's not a resident of new. York, city or anyplace else. He's a he lives. He lives in the area of Northern California. He could comment on the racial situation everywhere else in the country and gun control to everywhere else he can open his mouth on that. He's clearly a known. He is your better. He is your moral and intellectual Joe again. I can't say this. What is a guy who was actually a police officer me know about policing. What do I know? I'm just a moron. What Joe even guys in a radio? Pretty, we don't know me and Hammer. Just done his here to ear. We shouldn't come. We come in. He'll criticize you. He's a basketball coach Ingo. A basketball coach if I want to know about the. What is the the four plus one or whenever offense? Whatever the hell they did with the Chicago. Bulls S Steve Kerr I'm going to do a hard pass on. Steve Kerr from our for any issues involving justice until he opens his mouth about people being put in concentration camps in China where he's a scared little boy. I'm not. I actually spoke out about justice. Education Justice school choice for minority families economic opportunity for an already families. What happened Mr Floyd? I spoke out about that about what's going on in China. This guy shut his mouth because he's a quote, scared little boy. But again we're supposed to take his advice on everything else. Frauds total phonies every one of them. Here's another loser tier one level loser. Rick Wilson Probably in the? Outside of the media ecosystem because you know Brian, stelter is always the gold medal winner, and the loser Olympics in the. Extra media ecosystem the super a media ecosystem. Of commentators out there rick. Wilson is always the dumbest I'm by is just. Again I met him in an airport I'm sorry, keep. The Guy stunk like there was no tomorrow I. Don't know if he does that. Oily sweat I don't know. He's about five foot one. He weighs about sixty six pounds with sixty four pounds of sand strapped to his back. Wilson will comment on anything because he's another sage. This guy is like the Stygian witches from clashes. The ties give us the guy. He knows everything he will comment on it because he's a genius of course, Rick Wilson by the way he's the biggest griff. They're out there he will. He's basically fleecing a bunch of Republican donors to run anti-trump, despite claiming he's a Republican he's principal. He's all Joey's principal. He's fighting against trump because of his principles. Okay, so let's see what Rick Wilson's principals are I by the way he's. He's fleecing Republican donors like you wouldn't believe. Run these ridiculous as let's check out rick. Wilson's principles wreck so here's Rick. Wilson on twitter now back in two thousand twelve. Here comes Joe I'm a Catholic except for third trimester. Abortions Biden Rick. Wilson doesn't like Joe Biden. Okay, that's interesting. He's the principal Brookville Joey's principal. Checkout another tweet hat tip. Peter, Hassan and Jerry Dunleavy by the way for picking these out. Here's a tweet number two from principled. Rick, Wilson. It's Joe I'm a practising practising Catholic except for being cool with China's forced abortions and sterilization program by. O K so he doesn't like Biden again on a board Rick Wilson, very principle doesn't toby and see that here's Rick Wilson again on Joe Biden. Biden quote I've been a practicing. Catholic except for the infanticide taking a shot at Biden again. Because Rick is of course, a principal guides how he works. Let's look at screen shot number four of Griff the Rick, Wilson. Who is fleecing anyone who will give this loser in his project money here? Screen chef remember. He didn't like Joe Biden. He'd like abortion Paul here we go here. We Go X. GOP group Rick Wilson's twitter. The Lincoln Project, which Rick is a member of endorses Biden launches brutal ad hitting trump for golfing during pandemic. The same the same same thing here who? Same. Same same guy. About Principles Joe. He's all principal. There thank you, Paul. Throw ended up again there we go. Rick Wilson's all about principles. By the way suggests someone, send him a box of. GO TO WALMART DOT COM, and send him a box of degree or whatever deodorant you? He could really use the stench. I'm sorry. Was it really pierced minos to the point when we used to have to sit on as when I was a police officer dead bodies, you would stake vapor. Rub Up your nose because it's horrible I worked in a cemetery ever smelled. A dead body is not. The. Next time, I, See Rick Vapor Rub is going right up my nose. The stench was that bad. Enough on Rick. Joe Some more principle of course, so remember the Minnesota Freedom Fund Oh. Yeah, there's more we're not dumb. Remember Minnesota Freedom Fund. Yeah, the Minnesota Freedom Fund was this group of leftists that we're going to bail out the people who burned down Minnesota remember that burned down in Minnesota. BEAT PEOPLE UP THE MINNESOTA Freedom. Remember Justin Timberlake and the actors. All those Hollywood actress were donating. We gotta bail. These people out. You know the writers have burn your city down why they decided to do that. Oh No, my principles, no idea you're bailing out. People who are attacking others and burning their buildings down, but we're in Hollywood. We know we're talking about sure you do. So the Minnesota Freedom Fund according to Ian Miles showing away, follow on twitter. They raised thirty five million dollars to bail out criminals who burn down buildings in Minnesota. Yet is coordinate hands tweet here. That's fascinating because they've deleted their Puerto Director Page and they've only given out two hundred thousand dollars. Where's the rest of the Money Minnesota Freedom Fun? About. How we haven't had that in a while how `bout! That's right. TWIG notes from the. Between subject with Doug about this week how that? Gosh thirty five million bucks, fascinating. Sure the Minnesota Freedom Fund. They'll follow up and tell us where the other thirty four million eight hundred thousand dollars is. Got Soccer. All right. Let me get to another doozy here and I got some other stuff. I want to get through last one. The ever abominable Chris Cillizza a guy who's become a source of comedy for me forever. This is the guy who wrote right before the election. In Two thousand sixteen president, trump's chances of winning are approaching zero. Didn't quite work out for you Chris, but here's Chris Cillizza from CNN and other clown. Why Donald Trump west point ramp story actually matters for those of you missed it. This is from his twitter Donald. Trump ed. There was a slippery ramp. He was walking down. We want to fall, so he's taking some cautious steps. So in other words Chris Cillizza suggesting yes, we need to really talk about this guy's health. Here's Chris Cillizza however. On another topic related to a candidate's health, showing you with fraud is crystal is at the questions about Hillary Clinton's health or absurd there you go folks again. It's all about principles from these people are frauds, phonies and fake and I am very sorry if you believe a word coming out of their mouth. It's frustrating dealing that all right my next story I'm going to get to administer my last sponsor, but. There's some conflicting information. The polls out there right now are not looking very good for president trump, but local GOP officials on the Ground Ladies and gentlemen, telling a far different story including one of them I think he's going to be a trump landslide. We'll see I want to get to that story, my experience with it and I'm GonNa Translate Forty One I. Think is going on in a minute. My sponsor they nets ladies and gentlemen. The last few months of taught us what important. What's important in life? It's also taught us with what you need to eliminate or change right now. It's the same for your business. What are the changes you need to make sin important time. You have a hairball of multiple software systems. 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Get Your Free Guide and schedule your free product or right now at net sweet dot com slash Bongino that's net sweet dot com slash Bongino. Go today. All right. So again, there's some conflicting information out there I unlike the. Fake news media outlets out there choose to give you both sides of his story. Because you're grown adults, it can make your own decision of course I'll add my color commentary and opinion as we see fit on the show, but there's a story up in the Washington. Examiner fascinated because the polls are just they're not good. They're just not right now. Sorry, the polls were wrong in two thousand sixteen. They pose could be way off again now, but the fact that they're not good for president. Trump should be obvious you just to look at the numbers, however, an article in the Washington examiner by Catherine Doyle I have up in the show Teflon trump local republican party leaders see a landslide ahead now. Let me give you the good, or because both of these stories obviously Joe Right. You don't need to be the audience on buds. Figure this out. Both of these stories can't be true master either the polls are showing president. Trump is down and struggling in his re-election effort, or he's going to win a landslide, but. It just doesn't work. One of those is true. One of them isn't. Which one is true? Well I'M GONNA. Give you the good the bad here. I is the good news why I think in good news. Obviously, I'm a supporter of president trump, not secret I'd love to see a landslide. Folks, the people on the ground, the actual local Republican, Committee men committee women, the organizers, the people who show up at the parade registered voters. They can tell you better than anyone. When a political change is coming, believe me. I've run in three election cycles. I've seen it I've told you the story a thousand times. Joe's bobby tired of hearing it, but I'll say it again. I'd right Joe how many times you heard Serb door knocking hundred. Joe And I go back and listen. It's probably up on soundcloud or If you listen the night before the election. Joe and I called every swing state for trump. Despite nobody on the planet they can trump was gonna win. We did it was not me trying to be the in which is again. It was based on my experience. I had run for Congress in that same cycle. In two thousand sixteen trump was running. We were on the same ballot in Florida district nineteen where Iran. I told the listeners that night. Here's how I know he's going to win. I was on the ground I wasn't reading them. I read the polls paying any attention. 'cause I knew they were off. How did I know that? Because I be walking down the street and my campaign gave me a walk list. They would say listen. Go knock on these Republican doors and ask them to vote for you in a primary everybody, does it? Every election walked every few run for office. You know what I'm talking about. Well, what would happen is I'd be walking down the street in Cape Coral and Naples and other areas, and I'd be passing all these trump sides on people's lawns, and I looked down at the list. The address wasn't on there. How was that? How were these new voters? HOW ARE THEY REPUBLICANS? So after about a week of this given the layout of Cape Coral with all the canals. I got tired of walking getting bad. You Cross streets because it's canals all over Cape Coral you have to get back in the car. I got tired of skipping houses so I called Maria my campaign manager. I said Maria. Why are all these trump people not appearing on my walk list? She said Dan. They've never voted before I, said your data's wrong. She said No. My date is not wrong. They have never voted before. So. I started knocking on some of those doors, so you gotTa trump signed in your lawn I noticed. You don't appear my list of Republican voters. It's a damn right. Never voted in my life. A lot of I can't tell you how many people said that. But you're damn straight I'm vote now. That's why the polls twenty sixteen were so way off. Because, those people didn't show up in the polls. Now I'm hearing on the ground that a lot of trump's supporters, giving pollsters inaccurate information a lot, not just from one or two people. I'm not saying that necessarily a good thing. I think sometimes it may or move public opinion. I'm just suggesting to you is good. News I wouldn't buy completely into the polls now now. Some of those voters will show up I believe they'll be more accurate than two thousand sixteen. But. I don't put my full faith and credit into those polls, either because I'm hearing on the ground that a lot of people are deceiving pollsters. The bad news is some of those people who didn't show up in the two thousand sixteen polls. They'd never voted before. How you GonNa, pull someone who's never voted before is the likely voter. They've never voted. A lot of those people will show up now so I don't want to discount those polls completely. Do I think there's going to be a landslide. I'm not sure I. Don't think so. Do I think the president stands a good chance of winning if we can turn this economy around absolutely. Speaking of turning the economy around this is amazing, actually going to get through. This show is loaded today. You say Joe Everything. You need an hour. If that's Joe's Dan Bongino slogan. Economies motoring pretty good right now, folks, we're in the listen. It was a massive hit the virus the destruction was unparalleled in American history, but it is picking up fast even faster than I expected. I am an optimist I predicted a check mark shape recovery. Dropped? And we come up like a checkmark, not necessarily like a full V. We may actually get back in less time than I expected to that full V, and that peak we were before. Here's some good news for you. I don't want to oversell it, but this is very good. News Wall Street. Journal US retail sales rose a record eighteen percent may. Sales rose following record declines during coronavirus, lockdown ladies and gentlemen people been sitting in their houses for three months. They WANNA get out. They want to go to the ball. They want to go to the local outback or bonefish or diner or whatever it is. They want to go. Stop and get a five guys burgers whatever it may be. What I said to you a month ago, matters. Yes! This was a massive hit to our economy, and sadly and tragically many Pe- A. Lot of people's businesses are not going to survive. The only. Bright side if there is one to this. Is With that force stay home order across most of the United States. A lot of people that would have spent money and movies and other things saved it. If you still had a job. That money didn't go anywhere. People are now. Just desperate to get out of their house and get some fresh air, and some recreation and ladies and gentlemen, they chance of a tremendous rebound. Are Coming. If we can just get ourselves payroll tax as you saw my interview with Stephen Moore. It was great. If you missed it by the way youtube, please check it. He goes into all this. Why a payroll tax work! It's on Youtube channel or an apple podcast channel now. It was my weekend interview. Check it out. We've got another one if you come in this week. We stand the chance if we can get this payroll tax cut of a tremendous rebound. There is some good news. Zenia story. I'M GONNA? Say That for tomorrow just again. A programming note I will be on outnumbered in about. We finished recording here a little after eleven eastern time twelve, so if you want to check that out, appreciate it on Fox and I'll be back on Hannity tonight with Ronaldo so again. If Geraldo wants to challenge me on that love to hear it, because that is just inaccurate, made up information, I am sorry. Every single death is a tragedy. I'm not kidding. Every single person on this planet can be redeemed up until the moment they die with their last breath. Christ did it on the Cross. The criminal was crucified next to him when he asked for genuine forgiveness. But asking police officers to be murdered in the line of duty by restricting their use of force, is clear and utter insanity, and you're doing nothing to help this national debate right now I am very sorry. Stop pretending the world that lives in black and white. A lot of it is gray and a lot of our choices, not because good and bad, but between a bad decision in a worst one. Don't ever forget that. Thanks again for tuning in. Please go onto parlor. Parlour downloaded at the APP store P. A. R. L., E. R., we'd appreciate. It enjoyed my fighting. It's the tech tyrants this new chapter in my life. I'm honored to have you with me pizza. Parlor downloaded the APP store. Start Your account. They don't let anyone take your name. Go over there now. Grab it today. Thanks A lot, folks I'll see Automo- just heard Dan Bongino show. Follow in on twitter, twenty, four seven at Dbongino.

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