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"derek resort" Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

"What is your talk about rob. Helen is just smoke. Adam dillion white. Got that when joseph parker beat andy dealing got that win. Some fucking hate is the should is crazy. How ya get so like. I'll know like why are we gotta laugh of fighters making none of that money. They not you know giving us a check. I'm joe attributed. Just be making shit up for guys but brandon. Cincinnati talked to us. He played with the price line. Slept with the white your desk. Good morning brother. Happy father's day father's day brother eh. Let me ask you a quick question if you was people who were the four kinks heavyweight division in the ninety s. Most people put forth. King is riddick bowe. Or buster douglas. That's what people were. I would assume they would save riddick. Bowe out buster. And that's my arguments people that keep saying eddie. Says he warned at one fucking fight meets. I you give too much credit for one fight. And when he came back and was trying to do it the second time he shipped the bit the bed he debate came. Back to the tune-ups shit debate. But not he's a king on getting man. Like y'all wouldn't say buster douglas over riddick bowe who has a better as it may but dylan white clearly has a better resume to andy week. So i mean at four spot. Eight hundred people name and really worthy of you at the moment. But if i had to dig safe dilly deserving based resume. it don't matter when nobody say there's no one's resume that is in a champion becomes close to dylan whites resume. We gotta stop line. Only do discardable is derek resort. But he losing to the dudes dylan white fighting. But i have a problem saying we got three guaranteed kings and its fourth guy. He should be considered the king. You feel he should be like the a night three kings in night. I guess you was safe for the heavy like ha. I'll put your white in that because like you said he does have a better resume. Parker pretty this has any is he. Got names man. He got a vacuum. Yeah you gotta zoro taught twice undefeated. Come on man stop it. They go youtube you. That's what i'm saying. Let's stop it. Don't matter how you looked phase. He got the win as long as it wasn't like a robbery with community thinks it was around me. He got the win. They look look vulnerable and the rivas fight year. You've got to win. did he look vulnerable. Joseph parker fight year. He got to win. Sit man but do not a number to call in jemaine franklin He answered got brandon on the back end trying to get him on. Hopefully we get him. We're going out the tennessee iraqi out..

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