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"derek lubar" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Yes he and radio sports i'm jim bath will the cleveland indians underway against the tigers in search of their 20th consecutive a mark that would match the two few money ball as for the best wreak this century and what you know what france is still lindores connected purse 30th of year that type of the most home runs in a single season by switch kidding shortstop derek lubar is on the mouth these three know during the stretch including at thirteen strikeout game against the white sox last thursday they're approaching the record 26 game mark set by the 1916 new york giants at a run that includes a thai at eleven straight games the dodgers riding the longest losing skid is the move daylight 1958 air the sixteam in the last ten seasons lose at least sixteen games in his seventeen games ban date charge playing parashar tonight against the giant e l a still coming off a rough outing last time out against the rocks gave up four runs laughing guest three and two thirds branded admas celebrate bread thirdstraight game kidnapping for a grand slam in the first is the royals best the white sox today forty three rangers third baseman adrian belle trey has richard earlier than expected mcgrady to strain of his left hamstring activated from the today red sox infielder and what owning years won't play for at least a week maybe logger within estrain and brew the jaguars the latest florida t do now they will play at home this weekend spent three nights in houston because of the hurricane will hosted titans stadiums and tap in miami also declared safe after structural engineers found no damage related to erma wednesday with green golik but guys will chat with her in bed which john group net kirk curve street plus fuel gates on fantasy sleepers to look out for each mike.

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