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"derek community college" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"Sunny with a high around 89 degrees today. Tonight clear with a low near 55 Tomorrow senate with a high around 85. Then we're gonna cool down even more. And we're looking about 81 degrees as ah. High on Sunday Currently 61 in Sacramento. All right time now for news from the neighborhood, Mr Albert Parnell. What's in the headlines this morning? Yes, that's coming out of the Madeira Tribune from a Derek Community College is breaking ground on a new academic building. The argument academic village, too. Is the building that it will be the newest building in the college. The building was funded by measure. See the $485 Million Bond that passed back in 2016. Okay. Thank you, sir. Appreciate that. Anything you wanna add right now, Or do you want to just let that go? No. You know, I don't know if I could just let it go. Okay, Sometimes we talk off air. We can't share what we talked about. It's one of the beauties of being in the studio. It's just the whole retweeting and the whole Twitter sphere. Sometimes it's centered. People are entertaining. I will say that upside down. Yeah, There's some great research out there about music and playing instruments and what it can do. To our brains, and it's significant now we've heard before. It's good for spatial reasoning. It's good for mathematics skills to be able to learn an instrument early in life, but the difference between playing and listening. It's profound. Yeah. So we've got that new research for you. Sacramento's number one for breaking news. This just in to news 93 local news, California health officials are epic traffic on the tens every time whether at least sunny and warm. The one you can.

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