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"deputy farrell" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"ABC owner Jon Katz Matty's eyeing another run for mayor of New York City. That's Matisse, in part, blames bail reform and the release of prisoners from Rikers for New York City's surge in crime. On the city streets and then we have to get out right there. On top of that, if cats materials is elected mayor, he also told Bernie and said within 48 hours 48 hours, it will be the safest city in the country again. Well, yeah, If I win, the criminals better leave town, Nine Democrats and for Republicans have declared their primary candidacies, including 77, WNBC, hers host courteously. Poor Caroline Students tend to 19 years old charged after allegedly assaulting a 14 year old autistic student at a town park, then allegedly posting that video on social media. The boy's pants and underwear were pulled down. Deputy Farrell on Mayor mayor is Gail Rosten Trick canes Me It hurts! Nay, I hurt for the child and for their family and friends. For anybody who's seen this video. The four students face numerous charges, including cyber harassment and harassment. Koba 19 news scientists at the University of Pittsburgh, say they've identified a small piece of an antibody that neutralizes thie virus that causes Govind. They've developed a drug being tested that researchers believe can treat and stop the virus from spreading. W ABC News Time 10 04 traffic, sports and weather Next now available on telling you ABC radio dot com Thiss is America with Rich Feld is question at the end of the days. Are you going to.

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