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"department biochemistry" Discussed on The Stem Cell Podcast

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"department biochemistry" Discussed on The Stem Cell Podcast

"Why don't you tell us why do is a tremendous place for stem cell biology and regenerative in general medicine. And what you're actually hoping to accomplish as the new head of the duke regeneration center. Yeah well it is a place in. Durham is A really great place to live with a booming technology sector in the aloke low cost of living compared to other places. So i've been eighteen. years is really impressive. See what's going on. With with durham and You know the folks coming here just to live here and and to work at great places like like duke like even see chapel hill but that the parts of i always been At duke The faculty here and the students here Yeah they're impressive It's been it's been my privilege to to work here I i would say that May maybe ten years ago We were We we we have A great set of traditional departments biochemistry cell biology pharmacology and cancer biology. But we've we've. We've never had some formal entity that could acknowledge formerly again the the importance of stem cell and regenerative biology. I think We had The people here and developmental biologist People using worms flies and my sincere chickens and fish and mice so Understand petitioned form and how embryos are padding but then we have a great by medical engineering department in school of engineering. Gets on one nice campus and then you mentioned that the the clinical engine but So the goal of regeneration next was just to get get these people together and talking more about the science and Initially science now what what. What are the questions in in regeneration that we should be thinking about. And we framed it as tissue regeneration and not so much stem cells. Though we all up stem cells recognize their their place but we also see regeneration as kind of the ultimate goal and And where we could have a particular angle. Because again i think because the base of a developmental biologist there interested in understanding how tissue forums whether whether or or or not saying the case of regeneration it would involve stem cells or or some.

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