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"deontay deontay jackson" Discussed on Behind the Steel Curtain

"Curt Henning was Mr Perfect Mix Joel who who was Paul orndorff nickname nickname. I saw Paul Orndorff had a nickname. He used to kiss his biceps. He used to power driver move. He had the well-qualified hair he was. It's like I think it was a linebacker from Florida or something like that Paul orndorff. Somebody tells me in a live chat who's Paul Orndorff. Let me drop my specialty. I'm great to a minus eight minus B. Plus because Ryan Switzer. The electric football man gives them nothing the return gay Mr Catch it Stan right where I catch it he gives them nothing in the return game so I'm going to downgrade them slightly to a minus because because he's just inept so as much as you don't like Berry. I don't like Switzer. Soak the Barry Switzer legal offices not getting any money from either one of us well. Here's my question. Can you name any return man. In the National Football League. This baker plays returner check out the American Ninja Warrior Royer podcast for a behind the scenes. Look at all the action of the show and more with your favorite competitors listening subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Deontay Deontay Jackson made a play of the first game of the season for Denver you one play named one for one what I here's what I'm I'm saying is that I feel like the NFL. They are eliminating the return man from the game. It's basically turning into someone that can fair catch the football. Now you would hope the job that will now. Here's what you're starting to see in Monday night's game when there was a potential return kick who was out there deontay. Johnson was out there not Ryan Switzer if they think it's a fair catch situation and switzers out there. That's what they're going to probably do. They did this. San Antonio homes back in the day. They did this Antonio Brown back in the day and that's I'm sorry Mrs Misses Her Fifth Enzo. Those guys were only used in specific situations. I feel like they're at the point now. Where Ryan Switzer in its is laughable that he has a roster oster spot if this is actually his role is the fair catcher on the Pittsburgh steelers fifty three man roster. 'cause the guy doesn't play on offense anymore anymore. So there you go the drop jurors to what what grade in a minus you were. You were breaking up. I see you now so you said I did not hear so basically no one SWITZER's. Basically they're fair. Catch on the Pittsburgh steelers team so you're dropping your grade down to what an a minus yet met. That's great job almost said a curse word you know in thinking about him getting paid being affair catcher almost said the word that starts with a D. Like Gee. That's a great job and like all these guys that that work super hard to get to the national football league. Don't make it for whatever reason I'm sure they look at Ryan which go do that. I could just catch stay I could I could I could having entire podcast on who of the people I call my financial heroes in my in life and it's people that are making Butler of money and aren't doing a damn thing for for it a Bobby Bonilla's on that list now. That's my God long. I I'll tell you a quick cyber. My personal favorite is is a man by the name of Matt Flynn. Okay Nomad Flynn was a backup for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers got in he can. He had two WHO Games where he threw. I WANNA say over four hundred yards. He became a free town season. He has no hold on give give a free Asian the off season. The Seattle seahawks paid ate him a boatload of money. They draft Russell Wilson Russell Wilson wins the job Madison's a backup then they cut him. He gets paid still oh he gets a Butler load of money from Oakland. They draft Derek Carr. Derek Carr wins job. He's still making a boatload of money holding a clipboard on the sideline. That's the job Bob. That's why he's my hero because he's not gonNA have. CD's and be able to live his life with all this money yeah. He was getting like three checks at once. I remember this I I'm GonNa. Tell you with another guy. Another another guy like that was Kevin Cobb. Kevin COBB LIT UP A couple of games free agent contract. I used to argue my brother other every day. Kevin cobbs a franchise quarterback. Why based on two starts yeah that was terrible? It just is Shay you how desperate. NFL teams are for quarterbacks. A here's a to ninety nine the tips from Joko Coleman he says donating because of the eighties wrestling references since I'm giving I'm GonNa give jaw another reference. I went to Wrestlemainia to wonder early wrestlemanias that was at the sports arena. I went to that Wrestlemainia wrestlemainia which was that who was the headliner in that one that wasn't hulk vs Andre. The giant wasn't no. I think Mr T. might have been there or something. I can't remember I can't clever pay remember but I went to see it not believe it was at the L. A. Sports Arena wrestlemainia too but I know I went to see a wrestlemainia. I used to go to wrestling cards back then. I saw stark aid in the south. Who is your wrestler back in the day who come on man you gotta ask. Rick Flair core man as you were you were. WCW Guy I was Nwea Guy I can he was with NWEA. I used to watch WMA I used to think the WWF was corny forty because I always hated Hulk Hogan always watch. We have to stop the show now because you just can't do ric flair versus is Harley Race Harley race and Ric flair sixty minutes now a second second tier wrestling for me. I was a wwf guy was a hokey okay. I was a little Hulkamania right around my house taking my vitamins lifting weights. Oh Man I I I can picture that command. You tell me you didn't add a Red Leotard do in the yellow tights but I did have my so habit. Actually is is probably worth the money as little weights little hang rivers had a headband and the wrist bands and stuff is Iraq that around the house all the time. Oh Oh that she give somebody definitely donate in the super chat so we'll pull that out in the next show oh or one of these shows this week I that I think it's back in my hometown. MOMS send it over something but Jeffey Hogan Yeah I had my wall given I was the biggest Hulkah- Maniac ever let me tell you another than even get interviewed by meaner Glenda's invest okay. Let's knock it off on a wrestling tangent here. let's get a coach. Is We want to grade one more thing in the coaches. go ahead. Lance your grade for the coaches because they we have one win. I'm going to elevate the great but it's a d. MINUS this team team in particularly on the defensive outside of football. This team has looked woefully prepared confused communication issues coverage busts so on and so forth. I'm giving the offense offense a little bit of slack because they lost a franchise player to second best quarterback in the organization's history embiid Rothlisberger but the defense defense has been. I don't know it's offense. Almost it's almost no D. in it. it's offense largely so I'm GonNa give them a D. minus Tomlin again lose another challenge although I thought he was going to actually win that one that Pi call was really bad but you know Tomlin is. These slept slept rock of challenges. He never gets anything right hasn't won one since two thousand. Seventeen D- my jeans needs Gee. That's what like eleven loss challenges in a row. It's a lot I don't know the number but wasn't Terro Austin's supposed to be the guy that was who's GonNa fix it. No one's GonNa fix that man. Okay I go ahead and give migrate of a D. Plus in plus only there because I thought that at released against the Bengals who aren't good football team they had a good plan and so in that regard navy like I said with the other two parts. Maybe there's a little a bit of hope that they'll finally start to coach these players so ultimately I think lance it comes down to the fact that we're giving the steelers solid salad ds or D. minuses the first quarter of all right overall grade. It D- For dilly dilly or didn't do diddly or her or any other disease but but yes big up to greg w on the live chat Bob Backlit was my man the chicken wing I love I love Bob op back when the shots the cross face chicken wing. Yes if we go four ninety nine and tip jar from crazy cruces's. Mason Rudolph second career start has a highest completion percentage energy since one thousand nine hundred seventy. NFL AFL merger with that and having been as a mentor. How good can he be. Well if you if the requirement is to flip a coin past maybe thirty six inches then we'll see what they asked him to do. I mean if he can't do do that. The shot play great throw but he can't execute the game plan that they had him. Do against the bengals. Did he's not a professional quarterback. The ball didn't travel a ball travel. What fifty yards we've met like a hundred yards total? Execute the game plan. That's that's the thing that was okay. I guess it was it. You're absolutely right. Kenny executed game played. Yes because he did you might not have liked the game plan but I mean it is another thing Brian Baldinger from NFL network he does all these breakdowns on twitter and he broke down Mason Rudolph and he gave him phenomenal Allegri said look. If you had to see the the Bengals we're gonNA drop into that. Shell and it's going to lead the underneath wide open. He was hidden James Conor tent hidden James Ales for seven. They're good. They're breaking off chunks. It's like an extension of running game so let me ask you right now right now. Who would you feel more comfortable starting just in his hypothetical world Gartner Gartner harder minzhu Menchu Mitch Sar Gardner Minzhu or Mason Rudolph. WHO's better player? I haven't even seen she threw a pass completely on the thing. I haven't even seen highlights. I don't know WII. Look Up Jacksonville Jaguars highlights yeah I just WanNa see more but I don't know how good he can be. I mean I WANNA see him. Execute different types of game plans. I WanNa see him actually push it down the field. Well throw aggressively into tight windows. I get mad. I get that I agree with you a hundred percent but here's the thing we've seen him. Show the ability to make the throws. Okay preseason is preseason but you still have to make the throws and he made he he made those throws in the preseason even week to coming in for Ben Rothlisberger. He made some throws down the field so it is possible that he can do that. I just few he's a guy that runs the system that they put in place instead of the play what they had in place past week. Was We need you to just check it down. We need you to just take what the defense gives you and in that regard job well done. Mason Rudolph you can't you can't fault. The Guy can't info young player for executing a game plan jeff as a fitness guy man. You GotTa look a Gardener Mentions Dad. He's jacked. He is absolutely that guy has jacked. You appreciate his dad. His Dad banks is throwing up some weight. I mean the Guy is absolutely jack but he's in much better shaped his son and he looks like he could give you about ten snaps on the D. Line. Hey I'm dispenser hall. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan Nanny. I'm Jason Kirk and we're the host of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football podcast it says in the script terrific riff on what that means and basically what is it's all spoiled every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable pants worn middle school we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want to it college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on Apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP..

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