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"denver museum nature" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"KOA NewsRadio time seven forty at another piece of Denver history on the chopping block in the name of growth that story after traffic and weather, we check in again with Dave hunter. Well, I'll tell you what March April. The big story the morning traffic wise, has been north on I twenty five it's been a grueling drive all the way from the pet of the tech center backed up to about a rapid at this point. Why the what it started off with an accident. Northbound I twenty five approach Arabia Parkway. Fortunately, they got that out of there. The front end of it is breaking open. I'm seeing better speeds. Their problem is through d you urologist, Sal, and a lot of single digit speeds for northbound I twenty five and behind that the accident that they still working, northbound I twenty five a little past hamden three cars tangled up there, working that one in the right lane, and shoulder aside from that I seventy is just heavy only because of all, you not accidents, seventy westbound is loaded up from paying boulevard or airport Parkway, if you will all the way over to Steele street at this point, I seventy six westbound it was really bad early this morning. With volume alone is starting to starting to filter out now from commerce city over to Wadsworth in the area is heavy for seventy six westbound, including that ramp from seventy six westbound is southbound I twenty five your to bowl. The trip is loaded up with volume only we checked on that we were fearing an accident there for a while. It's just a lot of folks. Glenn westbound on highway thirty six between federal and mccaslin at this point south of the metro area no problems at all. How rare is that for the gap project? Hey, good news. Let's keep it that way and cruiser still working the accident in the southwest part of the metro area. That's westbound C four seventy past Kipling, that's in the right lane, and shoulder right shoulder on seeing backups on that one of about a half a mile deep this report, sponsored by the Denver museum nature and science, the Denver museum of nature and science presents. Apollo eleven.

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