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"denver canucks" Discussed on Newsradio 830 WCCO

"Hawks twenty-five fourteen and the nets and Cavaliers are underway in Cleveland. Cavs have started the season three. It's a tie game. Seventeen of peace diangelo Russel and Kevin love each have five points to lead their respective sides there in the first quarter two more games about to get underway, including a good one from Toronto. Raptors are four. No, they'll face the timber wolves. Who will not have Andrew Wiggins tonight? Nixon heat in Miami will get underway momentarily as well had the jazz rockets coming up Sixers and FOX for Milwaukee Bucks or three zero wizards and warriors late night from Oakland. Warriors are three and one on the season. NHL couple of games underway. Maple Leafs jets in the first period, they are scoreless Panthers. And lenders in the first period or scoreless to other games tonight. Lightning an avalanche. From Denver Canucks in Golden Knights from Vegas by baseball getting set for game two of the World Series. That comes your way in thirty eight and a half minutes. Eight oh nine eastern time. Dodgers Red Sox from Fenway Boston. Trying to take a commanding series lead. Dodgers trying to even up at one in one Hyun Jin Ryu gets the start for Los Angeles. David price goes for Boston. Again. They'll get underway in about a half an hour. All right. Meanwhile, a jury has convicted the three defendants accused of pay for play scheme to influence high profile basketball recruits to attend Kansas, Louisville and NC state James Gatto, Merle, Cody Christian doctrines were all.

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