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"denny governor" Discussed on Black Men Can't Jump

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"denny governor" Discussed on Black Men Can't Jump

"To open this shit, but he was in the sequel to the film predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger who didn't come back for the sequel because of a money dispute. Apparently it was like two hundred fifty thousand dollars. That's it. I know. Right crazy. Dr. Bullet. But. This movie. You know, it's not. It doesn't. It doesn't have great reviews. It's got a, you know, I would say, here we go. What is it? Twenty eight percent on rotten tomatoes. Consider like a, it's considered a cult classic. I mean, I think because it exists within this franchise. It also grossed fifty seven million dollars globally on a thirty five million dollar budget. Good. Not that grape. Not that great. It is the lowest grossing film of the predator franchise. I includes the alien vs predator movies. I mean, we was being anti. You see a team up like that. I was height for team baby alien predator requiem made more money than this movie. Nobody's Asian. I don't know about with inflation. Probably not completion, but this would move this movie came out in nineteen ninety. It is inexplicably set in. Hundred ninety seven says, what do people think two thousand eighteen was gonna look like? And it stars Denny governor has already said it has a, you know, I mean we're gonna talk about it. What else to say. What were you say? Did you find anything about the making of this film when you were upon a couple of facts looking up? Interesting. Well, Danny Glover is a star this, but it was actually written for Patrick. Swayze will. Sorry. Now Patrick Swayze was supposed to star in it, but after darnold decided not yet, but he got hurt from. He got hurt doing roadhouse roadhouse their see. Got hurt. So The Danny Glover all the governor was Danny Glover was in lethal weapon that that at this point yes, right. He did. Lethal weapon, maybe even lethal weapon to let me see when lethal up in two came out and also Yep, he had done lethal weapon lethal weapon to a wow, damn. Yeah, because the one eighty-seven either weapons you came out in eighty nine. Oh, wow. Yeah, only I remember is the one with jet Li lethal weapon. Four. That's four. Yeah. Wow. Wow. Four. You didn't know this rock. Yeah, it was Chris rock. They had four of those movies. They were really successful foams. How do you start a movie in eighty seven two over this year. And then in the nineties you still making it. Let me as you die at issue. Get used to own being a great joke. I guess now because he said he was old when he was young. That's what I do. That's my thing. I'm looking at its own. Bless you. We're going to leave that in..

Danny Glover Patrick Swayze Chris rock Arnold Schwarzenegger Swayze Denny governor Dr. Bullet two hundred fifty thousand dol fifty seven million dollars thirty five million dollar Twenty eight percent
"denny governor" Discussed on WTMA


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"denny governor" Discussed on WTMA

"The hour i judge step and with victorian kieland show crummy and rich mcfadden's we go through to the list of things ben attentively maintained by a lot of people on the radio this week who are talk radio specialists bike we are all right so the only at this got the two of the things on the list of 10 but some of dr easily dismissed like what new is the big players investigation the russian thing trump blob lies killed after michael flynn's kid as what he's doing so what with at the end of the day w what's going to happen no matter who they hang out to dry what do you think is gonna here's exactly which going to happen doug you and i talked about this for years they're going to question hundreds of people they're going to find a couple of the nikkei about the questions that they ask bragged prove anything about anything about anyone overlying but they will niro a couple of people in jail for lying about the things that they question them about now that's all this is going to be a witchhunt that's why it's now i am means i'm not saying this because i'm on the other side here but i you know i i think that there there's a lot i think there's a lot of stuff with money that's gonna come meaning that's where they're going to get people it's going to be money started that if they do it will be on all sides it'll be dnc it'll be everybody is getting dragged in and less and you know and then fine and they deserve it right i would love to see the dnc get dragged into this you know what i'll i'll i'll go wild night lael hop pouring over already donna brazile is out there yeah or is it well i of her yet god a and allied happening yet so as long as you're in the political pugh here number seven the election this past week netted some interesting results in new jersey in virginia as to i don't you're from virginia i'm sorry you're you're from new jersey victorious home what christie you doesn't seem to have been the governor for years that exactly hence the circumstances lousy why denny's governor kim go jaguar john hour go dag now xi yang has been basically running.

rich mcfadden michael flynn doug dnc virginia christie denny yang donna brazile