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"dennis schnur" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"The torso there was a fire arm recovered at the scene. and at this point as I remind you the investigation is still in the very beginning stages. this is a police chief alien Isaac he recently had assigned additional officers to patrol the streets of Avondale a violent crime across the city's down this year has been a spike of twenty percent in that neighborhood latest homicide in Cincinnati occurred last night in Mount Airy man stabbed to death in an apartment on west north band name hasn't been released yet police say there is a suspect in custody our Cincinnati's bishops next for the first time the pope's ordered an investigation of a U. S. bishop under new policies adopted earlier this year requiring them to aggressively enforce child protection rules bishop Michael hop nurse accused of a cover up of sexual abuse in Minnesota the archdiocese of Cincinnati says now that they are expecting a similar probe to be opened by the pope here the investigation locally but involve the allegations archbishop Dennis Schnur and bishop Joseph bins are miss handle complaints against father Jeff drew drew's been indicted now for the rape of a ten year old altar boy before he became a priest latest polls show that any of the top democratic candidates to be president trump if the election were held today for the first time in the twenty twenty campaign in the white for the White House all the contenders for the nomination to be together on the same stage for debate tonight you can watch it streaming live at seven every W. O. W. dot com losses no hitter and the game rests venture Sonny gray didn't give up a hit until the seventh inning in Seattle last night but before he gave up that hit he walked the batter hit somebody with a pitch the first hit was a three run Homer by rookie Kyle Lewis Reds lost five to three they'll try to avoid being swept tonight in Seattle your time here's nine ten news a service of beach month Toyota next update eight thirty on newsradio some of the.

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