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"dennis franchione" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"To make the big ten media days a couple weeks ago and I'm seeing him you know deflect and distract because that's what he does and you know you ask Jim the search is a smart guy you ask him a question and Jim all of a sudden you know three minutes later he's taking down this road he's talking about you know ripped jeans you like what will did they had nothing do with the question I was asking because he's deflecting it is distracting but here the fax with Jim Harbaugh because as much as I don't know about Ryan date or the steps of the shoes of a reminder is able to lead Ohio state back to prominence as far as winning more national championships in and being in the hunt for the comparable playoff what I don't know or what I do know is that Jim Harbaugh's done nothing when it comes this Ohio state Michigan rivalry four seasons no big ten titles zilch zero none now if you're going to say well wait a minute dukes today the guy did win ten games in three of the last season so you know three of the seasons he's been there again really what's the standard at Michigan what what what's the standard you know when Alabama decided to go higher next sabe the reason for that is because the state of Alabama that was set by the great bear Bryant you know gene Stallings ultimately won a championship there but there was a standard that Hey we're not living up to it so let's go with the best guy we can go get let's make this thing happen it's funny because people forget you know bear Bryant was there from fifty eight to eighty two nineteen fifty eight to nineteen eighty two anyone six championships what did you get ray Perkins zero bill curry zero gene Stallings in the early nineties wins it and then you'll go through a period of time were like if I asked you that the coach was in Alabama you wouldn't know Mike dubose dean Dan Dennis Franchione Mike price to coach my true love I would say even got there things changed things pretty much immediately changed and all of a sudden they're running off national championship runs and then when at the time BCS championships and whether you agree with that or not they were in the mix year in and year out and then as the thing change the college football playoff they've been in it year in and year out here's my point the reason Alabama would spend all that money back van and they're continuing to spread the amount of money will make statements as they have recently is because there's a standard there is an expectation of what that program is some college football programs don't have this this is the way it is Michigan does and for what Michigan has gotten out of Jim hardball he's not living up to the standard the ten games I don't care about winning team games you're telling me that's a successful season in Michigan if that's the case you guys to spend less money one hired somebody else instead you went and plot him from the National Football League instead this is the best guy the best time is going to take us to the next level just like Alabama did when they went hard Dick save Sabin has paid dividends save an arguably arguably is the best college for coach right now he's doing okay based all thing you got to deal with in Michigan what paid all that money to hardball away and said this is the difference maker no college football playoffs from Michigan to tar balls in there what about big ten championship games no what nope Jim Harbaugh guys to flex it distracts yes my question next thing you know he's talking about you know something crazy picking apples what Jim I'm talking much a quarterback play I mean here's the other thing about horrible if you did not know this he lost to assistance to Ohio state this year which should never happen but he did so now Michigan is changing up their offense in this is what I'm going to be watching this season because as much as I'm asking the question what is the standard or what do you expect from a from a guy like Jim Harbaugh who by the way is old for versus Ohio state Ohio state the changing things up so now they're going to be running more of the R. P. old run pass option Josh gad is who is the former Alabama wide receivers coach ironically there which statement is now going to be running things in Michigan okay so it's a for his first years in OC but part of this is that horrible smart enough to know we just haven't been explosive as much as we need to be offensively say Patterson's a really good quarterback in up to you to see what he does moving forward he completed sixty four percent of his passes last season twenty six hundred yards twenty two touchdowns he had seven picks we can be better yes but he played well I think about this too Michigan's rolling last year I mean I think we all kind of forget everything's going great you go back to look at their schedule and you know you you beautiful western Michigan forty nine three SMU forty five twenty Nebraska fifty six ten I mean you start looking at the schedule win win win win win win win win and then Ohio state have the one that matters sixty three thirty nine that's all anybody remembers we wanna cares about your Michigan and over the worry Ohio state is picked again to win the east Nebraska's pick to win the west maybe Purdue but all this money that you're playing hardball what do you do so you know you started ten in one and then how state happen so Michigan fans have to this has to be driving you crazy because Michigan is getting all this exposure everybody wants to hear what Jim has to say everybody wants to hear what James Joseph horrible has to say but he's not beating his rival when is that going to happen if you guys think that you know not beating a rival is a big deal I know some of you right you listen you got one ten games was that bad I mean there was a time where we were winning that many that's how you live in really your Michigan you're cutting big big big checks your Michigan he's a Michigan man if you don't believe me that beating a rival matters all you gotta do is look at Ellis you if you don't watch Ellis you and I do because I'm in the south and I watch the SEC the ACC on his college football fan I watch it all big ten pac twelve that matter big twelve I watch it all and L. issue you go back to twenty twelve fan F. L. issue in twenty twelve the plate in the title game you remember this and they got me this is the year the right the rematch between Alabama and I wish you a merry like nobody really wanted it you know like all of the first games like a defensive grind there was a hill ominous do the same thing in Alabama beat some twenty one nothing that was the title games that would be in January of twenty twelve the next season so we get to the spring the summer the next fall they play Alabama the right fit to the country Bama beat some thirty eight seventy the next season they me because they meet all the time because they're in the SEC west Bama wins twenty thirteen and over time she's right tenth at the top les miles is the coach by the way put in a twenty fifteen they lose thirty sixteen and you start to realize less is never going to be safe and then let's gets got unless is move don't but less always had talented teams at Ellis you that when you talk to guys who played there not only should they have equal Alabama those some of those games they should be now about but they didn't so let's goes one five over that time span gone does your on steps in go Tigers twenty sixteen ten nothing tight game right to in the country will it's got a plan twenty seventeen twenty four ten booklet all right man we'll do we'll do it next year it all went to his family last year three in the country at LA then wins twenty nine three one three right now against people just two more there might be saying goodbye to him too you have to be your arrival at some point you cannot continue to win ten games and everybody goes.

Jim twenty six hundred yards sixty four percent three minutes