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Full-Capacity Sports Are Back! | 4/6/21

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Full-Capacity Sports Are Back! | 4/6/21

"The glenn beck program all right. Major league baseball in fact Move their game out of atlanta. Now they've chosen a landing place Getting to that. We got so much to talk about trees. Maybe racist and much more coming up. We'll get into In sixty seconds. So your dog doesn't know the difference between healthy and unhealthy food. But his body does when you're feeding him dry kibble fruit for instance his body's telling him. Hey everything is eating is dead. Because kibble food has to be sterilized for a long shelf life. the bob. The dog's body doesn't know that it's a missing out on all of these things it needs but you know look you know. Vitamins minerals probiotics antioxidants. It's all stuff you need to know Because you want to be healthier and happier and a lot of cases The dog simply just loses interest in eating. this is happening to your dog A guy named dr. Dennis black decided to take this problem on and created a product called rough greens. It's not a dog food. It's a supplement that you sprinkle on top of the food and it's full of all those incredibly healthy ingredients now glenn dog has loved it from moment one. I know my dog has a pats dog as well Loves rough greens in case your dog. He's never tried it before you got to give it a shot. You can get a free bag of rough greens to your dog to try out. Pay shipping just go to rough greens dot com slash beck are you f- greens dot com slash back or call eight. Three three glenn thirty-three it's eight three three g. l. e. n. Thirty three call today. Glenn on the glenn beck program. Triple eight seven to seven b. e. c. k. So the major league all-star game has been moved out of georgia where so racist and so oppressive That the i mean yes they hand out water in line or you can bring your own or any number of things can happen to where you can be hydrated in line. Sure it even fed in line But but wow we. Just i hate the fact that there's not a seven course. Meal served in line. why not. Why isn't there why. That's why limited to seven horses. Why isn't an all you can eat buffet. That's a really good point. It should be though it should be served by Women in bikinis. Obviously if that's not happening. Obviously that's against that's voter suppression. I call violence because voter suppression and violence. So that's why violence. That's a good reason to call it violence because goes right so that's violence. I so stupid. It's like i'm i'm perplexed at how many dumb things are going on with the story. Yeah and that you have a really dumb set of complaints. That aren't true. That are completely hypocritical if true. So it's like. I don't know which part of it to attack. It's their claims about the law or not accurate. The they if they were accurate. The major league baseball would be completely hypocritical. they're continuing to have a team in atlanta a team home games. They're bad you should eliminate them from the league. Yeah how does cnn continue to operate in atlanta. Right how can they. Why don't they have to move. Why don't people boycott end their hit. They're headquartered in the state. why don't they have to move there. Sitting here saw measuring on others in many cases to move though. No-one requires them to make a statement. On why doesn't cnn management have to come out and say like. We're going to be leaving the state of georgia. I mean i. It's just incredible. And then of course when you compare it to wherever they go to is going to have ios colorado for instance a colorado colorado requires this is where the all star game will be in denver. They require voters to present. I d while voting no accepted forms of. Id include a valid colorado driver's license valid us passports and certified copies of a like a us birth certificate. Voters may also need to return a photocopy of their. Id with their ballots. If they're voting by mail for the first time what and then you look at the the name of the stadium. They're going to play in his coors field. My gosh well. Critics have cited cores family castle. Rock foundations continuing history of gifts to organizations that actively promote explicitly anti gay campaigns and candidates over going to solve this. Ah just so ridiculous. One of the reasons why. I'm not a boycott fan is this. It's impossible to be consistent on it. I mean it is not perfect and wear. The society was designed so that you did not have to approve the actions of people. You do business with that is how. That's one of the brilliant. It's one of the foundational principles of capitalism and free trade. Right when you go back to the old time days everything was done with tribes. That always hated each other Right and so. At some point there was a thing where they came up with currency so instead of to try to tribes meeting with each other and trying to hash that out they were able to exchange currency for goods and they didn't have to care if they liked the other people or not. It didn't care if they were an evil warring tribe that believed in some fake god. They didn't believe in and so they were able to actually have commerce and trade goods so that both sides could be better off a willing exchange and they didn't imagine if all sides right yeah and that we've just reverse this we're just like oh what now we have to care about everything that everyone else says for every company you walk into and i don't like it on either side i'm very. I boycott boycott the boycott that i participate in. But i do think that like we've seen this now where the media is getting involved with them on the left. They're just like cheering this on as that. This is the thing you're supposed to be doing. And cbs wrote an article. Basically saying here's the three steps you can do to to hurt georgia and their law. Let me get with outlined the activists stem for you to take to help this battle. Like what the hell is that. That's new jersey close to news. That is nuts. So i don't think there's any way you can monitor your. There's no way major league baseball can win. This is why it was such a dumb thing in reality baseball. Jump the gun on this in a lot of different ways. Not only was it completely incomprehensible as a decision. I if you read the law. There's no way you can. There's no way can come to the conclusion they've come to you can if you read. It can't come to that conclusion. But they even had an out with like stacey. Abrams coming out and saying hey just so you know we really hate the law too. But it's going to hurt black and brown and hispanic people and all these other things if you boycott georgia. So they even came out. You had the out of saying. Look even stacey. Abrams should stay right like it was easy and they still did this. And i moved into another state which you could argue has maybe as a as a whole has more easier access to voting. Maybe they clearly went to look at what was number one or number two on the list of easiest voting and just picked. We're going back to chorus field. That field we built nine the nine hundred ninety s. We're going there. That's that's where the all star games going to be but there's the whole point here is not the general tone of the law. It's impossible to argue. The georgia tightened the law. If you look at general tone they had to look at individual pieces of it like the water thing to try to fake a case about this. Well if you want to fake a case about colorado's you can do that to dc. I mean they have sensible laws like requiring. Id and if you're going to act like racist you're going to have a difficult time going anywhere in this country including by the way buying alcohol. You're dumb ballparks. Where are you require idea every single time. Even though i'm obviously a tad over twenty one at this point there are also not going to hand you. Water in lines at the ballpark in colorado. You're not going to be giving water in the line. How are you going to go into that. Game injury point. That's a allow you to buy it for six or eight or ten dollars when you get to the front of the line and they give it to you in line but i can let you bring in your own water. Either though they're not now. How restrictive is that. How are the supposed to live. That are going to these games. I don't know it's interesting because people don't realize that minorities are incapable of getting their own water. There's this weird idea out. There that minorities could. Let's say go by their water just like white people and that is not true. It's illegal in most states for minorities to purchase water. And that's why it needs to be given out at the polls. It's the time they get water. All year pat. Wow now that's been taken away seems bad yes. Isn't that bad policy bad policy. Also they've moved from a state that i believe is about thirty percent black to state. That's four percents fantastic. I think of that yeah. Thirty percent four two four. It's like they're looking for this white utopia to hold this baseball game. It just makes so little sense that it's it's embarrassing for major league baseball. It's embarrassing don't you have something else to do and worry about and yes. They do clearly spending all their time trying to change the rules to shorten their product right. It's like hey guys what other places there that were they were. Does that happen where you like. Do you go to a restaurant. they're like. Hey we're working really hard to give you less chicken parmesan because we know you do not want this much so we are going to give you less. We promise as a both been doing for the last you know ten years try to shorten their game so people will be interested in them. And then you do that something like this. Which just you know half the beyond the fact that it's just not true. Which is is vitally more important than the fact that it's going to lose them some fancy. It's just false. Its existing on a falsehood. You're manipulating and vilifying a group of people who've done nothing wrong They have passed this bill and the people in the state who many of them disagree with the bill and are still getting punished for it. It makes absolutely no sense. None of it makes sense. But in addition to that. It's also so bizarre. It's like these guys come to look. We're just we're just going to say we're gonna take the left wing position and just hang to it as if it's the fact even when you can look at the bill and realize it is not the fact it is not. The fact is not that it is this racist. Bill is opened up access to georgia voters. Clearly from every other election outside a pandemic in the history of the state. And there's absolutely no way to argue that now look do political parties past voting laws that specifically will hurt them in major ways now like look. There are certain clauses in there. You could argue like especially when they were trying to pass it things that didn't get in the bill that you could argue. We're trying to you know slow. Turn out in certain areas. But i mean the same thing happens with democrats. I mean what do you think. They care about voting access. You don't care at all about voting axes. They just wanna make it easier for their voters because their voters are fringe voters. They don't show up all the time they they. There's a one of the reasons why you're president right now. Is joe joseph robin at biden junior. Because there's a lot of democratic voters who would not vote if it meant sending in a ballot application and waiting for it to come in the mail and then submitting it so instead in several states they just mass mailed everything out to these. Ju ju to these voters and they were able to sit down in their own house her own apartment. The thing came in. And i. I guess i can just check boxes prepay. Just throw back in the mail. It's easy. I wouldn't probably normally voted but i did it that way. Now look do we want people to vote sure but like that's just the the democrats if they thought that was going to hurt them they would oppose it. Oh absolutely as they do absolutely in other states. Yeah it's just a false narrative built on top of a false narrative built on top of some weird positioning to try to look like you're you're the kinder gentler company which doesn't seem to work for anyone but it just keeps happening over and over again anyway triple eight. Seven to seven bbc k. More patents. Do for glenn on the glenn beck program coming up hard to think of a better more well-timed message than a patriot. Mobile commercial right now because patriot. 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This is like the opposite of i. I don't. I said i'm not a fan of boycotts is the opposite of that and some people call it a boycott. But it's just that idea of go doing business with companies you you like. That are doing a good job that you agree with and patriot mobile. Does this really well this month. Get free premier activation where they said at the phone for you. Get a special gift with the offer code back same service a lower price and the values you believe in go to patriot mobile dot com slash beck patriot mobile dot com slash back or call. Nine seven two patriot. It's nine seven two patriot for patriot. Mobile ten seconds station. Id your patents. Do for glenn job. I love what marco rubio did yesterday inviting major league baseball. Commissioner rob manfred to give up his membership at augusta golf club because obviously augusta. Golf club is in a georgia. Yeah this racist pill. Yeah and they have the masters and they have the masters e biggest tournament in the world. And it's funny. Because i really hope. They go after the masters because the masters does not care. If any if history's any precedent willing to say we know what we really don't want women to be member clubs so we're just gonna go without commercials for the next five years. It's like wait what you're gonna do and they did. If you remember there still years there were like they would air the masters and they just would never break commercial because there was the there. Were all these companies that said. We don't want to sponsor the master's because we don't like their admission policy for members and so like all right. Well see what do the tournament and covered if you want. But we're not going. We'll just don't take any sponsors we don't care about. Credible really yeah. There's very few places that had all the backbone to do something like that. Yeah and it will be interesting to see if they go after the master's well some have keith olbermann is one. Did you see his rant about it. The other day. I try not to Good golly guys. Insane Masters certainly isn't the name of. It certainly is no coincidence really zo. They're named after like slave masters here. I don't think it is. I know i think it was. I thought it was a master of the sport is what i thought like chessmaster. I'm guessing that's what it is. Yeah but you know if if you're really sincere about this boycott of of georgia for major league baseball to the point where you move the all star game out. Well then the commissioner of major league baseball shouldn't be a member at agust now. Of course not of course not. It just doesn't. It's a complete hypocrisy complete hypocrisy and will they have to answer for it. Probably not probably not. It's just embarrassing. I mean why this can go on and they continue to do this. You know i think there needs to be. There's this push back all the time with boycotts and i understand. I understand white. Say like well us complaining about. This isn't working right there. They move the all star game now. Why we really care that the all star game you. Let's be honest with you. Weren't willing to watch it anyway. You don't care that it was atlanta honest. I'm not just speaking to you. Pat him speaking to everyone in the audience. One was going to watch it. No one cares georgia. It's just pisses you off because You know it just seems like this happens so often to so many things. Like i'm never going to buy a mr or mrs potato head right but it's like it just wrong right. This is just wrong that these things keep happening with the georgia thing. It's it's like there has to be a movement on the other side in earlier when you sigh for number one. You should be saying to these companies. Good by you want to go but by first of all. We're going to sue you because we have a contract that we put lots of millions of dollars of resources into having this game here so we're going to sell you for every penny that we can get out of you and that every single one of these states should be doing this right now and number two. You should know if you're about to sign up major league baseball for the twenty twenty six all star game. You need to realize that that contract needs to be ironclad at the beginning with massive penalties. If they decide to do one of these things you can no longer trust. These guys will be. Just be sensible and follow the facts. They won't you have to instead do something at the beginning. Say to them. Hey if you decide to exit within a year of this game or six months of this game or whatever is reasonable. You're going to pay us five million dollars and there's no there's no moral turpitude statute for a free state. Any you have no idea as a as a city or a state whether thing about this. I'm sure they did it with the county or For the for the the deal. There's lots of that arrangement. That goes along with the county in the stadium there. And it's like well they don't have any hand in the state passes they have no control over it. And so the people the workers who who just came out of a damn pandemic and probably been especially event workers who have suffered probably the most of anyone even restaurant workers event workers have been compl- almost completely banned for a year from working. And now you're gonna rip out a major event outright out of their state for something they had no part in major league baseball screwing these average people to the wall for no reason just because they wanna look good in the press. It's pathetic whereas if they would've stood their ground what would have happened. Nothing nothing eventually. People forget about it. Just like the north carolina boycott. 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Really incredible like for example. You know if you want to vote absentee you have to write your driver's license. Identification number on the outside of the envelope. Exactly and see. No minorities have driver's licenses. So that's a an obvious attempt to keep minorities from voting. Well i if you don't have a driver's license you could present your state identification card which is free from the state. But they don't know where to get it so they can't get one of those either they can't know aren't well. I guess they could. Then maybe present their passport like if they had just presented their pathway. That would like minorities passports. Where do you think they're going. No they don't have they don't know well i guess they could just put the last four digits of their social security number on the envelope. Then that would be as if they had social security numbers. They'll have social security no minorities. Whitey's have social security numbers. Sure only white people have social security number. They're given them at birth but not minorities if they do have them. They can't remember them. What are you supposed to remember the last four digits of your social security number. Who can do that. it's a lot of digits. Lot is four. Yes one the same time and then there's two yay and then there's three and then you also have to read all the way to four all four digits. Yeah that's really hard. Well you know if let's say you had lost your state edification card. Okay if you know. I guess maybe a white person this could. This could apply because apparently they don't have right but you could just present a copy of it. If you happen to have a copy laying around you for other paperwork. You could submit that. But that's not going to help you know. So what about presenting valid employee photo. Id issued by any branch of the united states government. Oh okay so you must have a job now. You gotta have a job in order to vote. It's a big big hurdle for people to clear it is okay. Well maybe it is. Did you happen to be a member of the us military. Because you could use your. Us military identification as well as a as a as a chance to identify yourself. So only if. I'm a veteran and i have to. I have to go kill people on foreign soil. Then i can then i can go ahead and vote or well. That's that's another way. Now you also could submit a current utility bill. do you have electricity. Current utility bill utility. Bill yeah is that too much to ask them. No they can't pay. They can't pay utility bills. They don't have any money they don't have a job all my. Yeah really. don't have jobs. Gosh i need to. I don't know why it's so hard yet is okay. You could submit a current bank statement then saw on the law all. They have bank accounts. Now like whitey does all right. Well fight if you can't do those now. Ten different things. Any one of the ten What about the eleventh. Which is submit a recent paycheck again. A job okay. Okay then they open it up a little bit. Because i like these i. Eleven are very restrictive. Who can come up with wonderful. Appreciate now what about the twelfth one which is submit other current government documents. So i don't know what that is exactly but like let's say you got a stimulus check from the government. I guess that would be current government document. You could show that that. I mean everyone. Everyone under a certain income range. Got those so you really should be okay to just submit something like that like a current government documents. So i gotta. I gotta know where my paste of is. That's what i have to do in order to vote. I mean this does not seem that. Restrictive but i will say after these now. Twelve different ways. You could get your e prove your identity identity for for absentee voting. But that an excuse by the way you do not need an excuse. You could fill out a provisional ballot with a sworn statement of penalties for false statements. So you could still even with none of these things. You can still vote except minorities can't swear they can. They don't they don't like to swear look at this. Could they possibly have gone out of their way. Run or to do two things. One have some sort of record. The person who's voting is actually a citizen eligible eligible to vote and to making it very easy for everyone who is a citizen eligible to vote to actually pull it off. I mean what else could you possibly do to make it any easier to. Because they've provided for. All of those excuses will minorities. Don't have ideas. We'll minorities don't know where the dmv is will minorities can't get online. They don't have to do any of those things or have access to any of that in order to To present something that says it's them they can. They can prevent. They can present any sort of government documentation. That's unbelievable it really. It really is and the last one is you. Just go ahead and vote and you can work it out later. Which is you know. Got a guy that amazing people don't realize that provisional ballot thing goes on all the time but like if you if you for example Lose your id card. You know it's like if you were to be on a flight and you were trapped in another country and you didn't have your id. Somehow they there are systems to work around that to get you on the flight. It just can't be if of tons of people did it. They wouldn't be able to do it but occasionally that happens to people right. They get robbed and they they need to get back home and and eventually there is. It might take a while you might have to miss a few flights but eventually you can get on a flight back home. Usually the provisional bow thing happens every single election. It's one of the things that gets counted last so when they say they're still some provisional ballots out there. We need to look at those when you're going through the election counting time and these things are out there like if you go to your if you go to to vote and you don't have your proper. Id or you don't have some sort of qualification. Maybe moved out of the wrong district district you can cast provisional about and they'll hold it basically and look at it and say hold on we're gonna hold onto this and we're going to see if it needs to be counted or not. Can you prove that you know. Is it legit now a lot of times if it's a blowout election you don't have to worry about those things but in a close election can make a big difference and if you think just on principle your vote should count. That's something that they do. All the time for people. Provisional ballots is one of these things that they have gone out of their way over and over again and you have to remember going back decades like this was much worse for people. They couldn't do any of these things. It none of these access points to vote. This is all been opened up in massive ways over the last two decades. Some of it. I think to real detriment of the voting system. I mean we talked about how Sending out mass absentee ballots is probably not a good idea. All mail balloting those sorts of things but also the early balloting is coming so early. Now that it's hard to your voting without even all the information. Here's like voting like six months early in half of these rises exageration but it's in late september. Yeah in some jurisdictions they were voting people were casting their votes before the debates were over in two thousand and twenty like again. There's certain sort of foundational things you should need to wait for to be able to cash your vote like right now we can. We just want you to absentee ballots. Right now and let people cast their vote. If they know they're going to vote republican anyway. Just put it on the are and then we'll send it now and get it started. What why not you should be able to have. At least the information of of of the debates of the conventions of the basic things that highlight an election calendar. He shouldn't be voting before they're over. It just sounds bizarre to me. But that happens in a lot of states now the atlantic Atlanta journal constitution went through this law and decided to look at how the law compared to other states. So for example. No excuse absentee voting that is in awe in georgia. Voters can cast absentee ballots without offering an excuse in now two thirds of the state states including georgia. An excuse is required in one third of the state's so georgia is on the open side of that particular rule. The deadline to request an absentee ballot. Twenty two states allow voters to apply for absentee ballots. Less than seven days before an election. Thirteen states set the application deadline. Seven days before an election georgia becomes. What are the eleven states that set the application more than seven days before the election. so they tons. What is it. Eleven states now. This way It's now eleven days in advance but like the difference is between seven and eleven days. Do we really think like. There's a republican strategy here to stop minorities from voting between seven and eleven days. Like it's that big of a deal all look. this is one of minorities. Vote eight days before an election. That's when they want to get that ballot Verifying absentee ballots verify. The voters thirty states match their signatures on absentee ballots signatures already on file. Six states require signatures but do not verify them. Eight states require voter signature. Plus the signature of a witness. Three states require ballot envelopes. To be notarized again this is all much harder than it is in georgia. To states require voters to submit a copy of to get it notarized pain in the i mean i know. There's a lot of notaries out there there seems to be fifty million of them and they're all very lovely people but got that but to try to find somebody to try to deal with the whole thing. I hate when i see. This must be signed in the presence of a notary. Like oh please under sb to george will become one of four states that will require voters to submit a driver's license number or other. Id number the others. Are kansas minnesota and ohio. So a blue state a purple state in a red state Many states require a driver's license Or other id to register to vote or to vote in person. Can't none of this stuff is out of line with other states like they might be slightly on the restrictive side on on some of these lost slightly on the more loose loosely restrictive side of the others. But i really just don't think You know right. Here's another one in the early in person. Voting is available in forty three states. Twenty four states now including georgia allow some weekend. Voting to less than half of the country allows the one of the things that joe biden was complaining about. And you see that like places like new york and delaware are more restrictive than in many ways. Chuck schumer joe biden. Their home states are more restrictive than georgia in many ways. I just don't you know early. Voting periods range in length from four days to forty five days. George is at seventeen again. They're not they're not the most the largest time period but nowhere near the smallest. And if you want you can you can extend that to nineteen thousand nine hundred eighty s in some counties. So you could. You could use to such sundays yeah Which again is more than most of these. A lot of these other states the weekend voting. I think texas is. Is it two weeks here. I think it's fourteen days. I don't even know so yeah ours. It's stepping back from this for just a second. We get in these conversations. And sometimes i feel i feel like we're missing the larger narrative here if you can't freaking make time to get to a poll or submit an absentee ballot within a multiple week period. You obviously just don't care can just be honest about it like if you can't vote the voting. It's not always easy. Yes at times. It can be a pain in the ass. You're doing it. Basically every two to four years. A lot of people only vote in the presidential election. And it's not that hard. It's not will you care at all if you care at all you can get your vote in really the lot. It's true matic right. It's not like they come to your house and pressure you to give them an answer but other than that. They pretty much do everything they can to make it easy. And shouldn't there be some effort to vote. I just it's not crazy. Come on what you care enough. If you don't care enough to make sure your you know your your status is updated if you don't care enough to have a frigging identification. That's free from the state. If you don't care enough to show up on election day all of this can be thrown out if you just show up on election day. If you don't care enough to do one of nine thousand basic steps maybe just maybe you don't care enough. Maybe you don't care enough and maybe there should be the very easiest of steps so that people actually. I don't know who have followed the news who actually know something about the candidates. It's not crazy to say. Hey this is a basic step of of responsibility in a republic and there are things you have to do. You have to pay taxes. There are steps to that You have to get a driver's license to drive their steps to that their steps that almost everyone seems to be able to accomplish. And it's much easier to vote than all these other things and assuming that a minority can't do any of those things is just racism. Racism straight out. Racism it is. It's basically saying you believe people with darker skin are incapable of basic tasks. Yes and don't even know where the dmv is it's insane. it's ludicrous. how that is like the open. A progressive side of this argument is embarrassing You're just saying black. People can't do basic things and civil society. How is that. Not racist every republican. I've ever talked to about an issue like this is fully confident that black people could get driver's licenses or fees from the government if they need them or have a passport or have a government document and by the way seventy two percent of americans favor. I d When you vote yeah favor showing your id when you vote and percent don't agree on anything in this country. Yeah and some polls showed as high as eighty percent including seventy percent of african americans who are like. Yeah of course line. They would see it as you just being racist Hey you don't think i can get an id. You don't think. I have a utility bill like this. I have electricity. You don't think people have electricity. This is what the democrats are. Propagating as the progressive mindset and it is consistent with progressivism over the past hundred years. It's very consistent with it. The government needs to be there to stop black people from doing things they want to do. Because they'll do the wrong things and that has been consistent for a century at least and going back before that. Obviously but i mean you go to let woodrow wilson style of progressivism. That is still very much alive on the left and in that is exactly what they're saying it's it is just straight out. Racism triple eight. Seventy seven bbc k. All right there's not much time to be able to refinance your mortgage in that sort of two percent range. I got a mortgage in the twos in the twos. Is there ever a point that you thought you'd get a mortgage in the two percent range. Well i go to american financing. And they've helped me out with my mortgage To american financing financing. 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So get it up the the get it all set up today and you're going to be protected for tomorrow. Of course no one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses. But you can keep what's yours with identity theft protection from lifelock. Join now and save up to twenty five percent off your first year at lifelock dot com with the promo code beck call one eight hundred lifelock or head to lifelock dot com. Use the promo code beck for twenty five percent off its patents to for glint on the glenn beck program. Triple eight seven b. e. c. k. In portland they were contemplating at a high school. They were contemplating a change in their school mascot and what they thought might be nice is to have a mascot of a tree and then they thought wait a minute. Lynching trees are racist. And so that's a racist symbol so we'd better put on hold so they tabled that and they didn't They didn't vote on the mascot. Being a tree. I guess that means it stanford's mascot you know the big tree is Is a racist simple trees. Racist trees are are racist. And that's because because of lynching Really though it the tree no the issue with with the lynching racket gets be. We ought to you like a rope would be an odd Mascot for team ropes fall either much more news would be at least tightly tied you unfortunately literally the circumstance tightly tied to the The act the trees. Just they're all over the place. Most trees not used for lynching. Yeah and there are three trillion trees on this planet. There are more trees on the earth than there are stars in the sky. Now i would say not. More than half of them are used for lynching that about accurate one point five trillion. I'd say about that. Yeah it's about right. This is something that happened to look. It was a terrible terrible terrible part of our history. Yes we should point out. I think it was about a third of people who were white. Were white. That were lynched. Mostly people who were fighting on behalf of freedom for blacks But it was so but it was a few thousand people who were lynched. And that's too many ably terrible remarkably part of our history though. I don't think vilifying the three trillion trees on the planet the reaction to it really. Yeah we're at seems like a very strange reaction to that problem. Yeah you have some weird ideas. We hey looked. It's like well you know. What will we get rid of lynching forever. Let's cut down all the trees. It's like now. I know that would were no wouldn't so it could create some other negative side effects with put it that way but that just makes the top the list of racist things tops. The list top select There's a there's a good percentage of things that are in fact racist on this planet. And just i just want to alert you to it. So the avoid these things. That's helpful that. I don't wanna come off the wrong way like dress shirts. Obviously you don't wanna wear a dress shirt because that's racist way. Wise addressed rishard by guess minorities. Don't wear them so This on this is this is the reverse net term. That's been around for so long. Yes the soft bigotry of low expectations. It really is true here. Look at this drexel over and over and over. Gifted programs are racist. because there's not enough minorities in the gifted programs Oh my god. So they eliminate gifted programs out of many many schools. Oh did you guys talk about the fact that newborn babies if they're white are in fact racist by the time they get to three months old now black babies or hispanic blip babies are of course not racist but white babies become racist at three months old unless you talk him out of it before they get to that age alleys. Would you do such a well. You just tell him you just talk to him about race. Threatened them with you will not feed. There will be no food coming your way. I think that might help Yeah that might help. Dating apps are racist. Tiki bars are racist. Fossil fuel sir. Obviously racist. I don't have to tell you that Yeah you probably do next. I don't understand it. I my understanding. Is that lots of minorities. Use fossil fuels really. Yeah it's actually a big part of their lives just like it's big part of white people's lives right but the pollution that comes from those fossil fuels is mostly happening to the urban areas. The areas where minorities live right because cars only drive at their minorities and then and then apparently people blow all the pollution from the suburbs to the The minority areas the dastardly plan. But they've uncovered yes Laws against genital mutilation are racist. I i'm sorry now you're sheet music. I'm not even gonna try to explain the laws against genital mutilation so obvious so obvious Sheet music we just found this out. I think it was last week. We had the story that sheet music and classical music is racist because mostly white people do it. Oh yeah okay. Mostly white people wrote the sheet music for the classical music. It's amazing you can the day there. There is a thing in you know for symphony. Orchestras and broadway and all sorts of things. I know orchestras is is a big thing. They do in new york. And it's like this blind audition process and because they believe there was racism by years and years ago. The implemented this blind audition thing right which is basically like one of these shows. You'd see like the masked singer would just choose the best performance and they wouldn't know the race of the performance voice. I believe right where they had. They had the chairs that turn around. So they're not facing the person as they saying they don't have any visual the justice voice and that's kind of what they did with like people playing violin right a cellist right be. They're playing an instrument and probably cello. And that'd be the most sensible one for charles to be playing and they would be playing and they would be behind. You know some sort of screen so that people could not see them and it was called. This blind audition was sort of like the ultimate martin luther king version of this right it was we. It was an absolutely colorblind process. You'll be surprised to hear they wanna get rid of it because you need to know what race they are so you can pick the minorities my gosh now that is just. You're just instituting racism on a different race right but that they want much of that happening. That is what the anti-racist movement is about that is why for gylfi is about. It's what all of this is about. This whole woke Anti-racist craziness is just an excuse to implement racism. That's what it is and they. If you read their books they will tell it to you. The only the only solution for past discrimination is current discrimination. The only solution for future discrimination for for president discrimination is future discrimination. They're advocating discrimination as revenge on what they see. Are these terrible things happening to them today. And you know look i. That is not the america that that is supported in any of our founding documents or by martin. Luther king like martin luther king they are going to be tearing this guy statues down in the coming years shortly. Yeah very very true. Not killing black. Babies is racist. Wait not killing will yes. These would be racist to me. You would think so like if you planned. Parenthood's in inner cities all over the country and and had the founder of planned. Parenthood who outwardly talked about getting rid of undesirables like african americans. You'd think you would be the racist position but rail but no it's the opposite of that How bizarre is that very bizarre. Pat quantum computing is racist. Apparently there's not enough minorities in in the quantum computing industry Architecture racist disney films. Course we found out. Disney films are racist. Chose pixar dr seuss. let let me ask you. This is the is the is the nba on the list. No they're not the nba zo racist or not racist. So what exactly explains then the point that say seventy five percent of all. Nba players are black. Considering only thirteen percent of the population is black. What exactly explains that. Because i know if it was the opposite yeah we would know right. We would know that it was. Racism is the only possible cause such thing. Well that's the one place you can use the merit system. That's the only place only place you can. Yeah unless of course a white player winds up being better than a black player then still can say. It's racist right. Because i do not to be clear i do not believe the. Nba is racist against white people. I believe that african americans have outperformed players right and our better players right. Why that's okay to say. I don't know i don't know i mean. It seems to be the ultimate based society. If you had good white players they will make it because you know what everyone wants those jobs and everyone every single kid winds up playing league to try to get to that level at some point. Yeah so it's really hard to do anything other than merit based but yet we will see over and over again. This idea that it's racist the other way. There's no way to make that argument now. There was a time before a christian. Mccaffrey mccaffrey that. There was no white running back. Who have been like over a thousand yards in three decades now. Why is that. I don't know. I don't know i don't know what the answer to that is. But you wanna talk about. If you wanted to make a case of racism. This position had no thousand yard. I think there was one other guy. The guy from stanford did it. Above before mccaffrey as well but very rare. Let's put it that way. Peyton hillis did it as well. But between hillis and i think it was like craig there was no white running back who ran for all time in the nfl and in a country by the way made up of seventy to eighty percent white people that all want the job of the star running back and none of them could get it for multiple decades and it was just like. Oh well. That's just merit well. Yeah probably was married but like sometimes races make because of cultural decisions make different choices. They pursue different things You know it's just the way of the world and to act like every single time. There is a specific thing that you find a group to be under represented in acting like that's racist is just stupid. It's just a stupid thing as if you don't know human being that's why that's why nobody claims the nba is race night. Nobody claims the. Nfl is racist. Because it's just based on merit. They claim it's racist but in the opposite direction because coaches or rable. Black quarterback named colin kaepernick deserves to be put into the hall of fame despite sucking his entire career. You know what. I mean like vats full racism seen. Here's a this is the nfl something like sixty percent. African american in the country with thirteen percent african american members in its population. And we act as if this quarterback who objectively sucked and was getting worse by the day who lost his job twice to blaine gabbert. What are the times before he ever took. A knee lost his job to blaine gabbert. We act as if that is representative. Representation of racism it's bonkers. The league is made up of of of a african american population. That is four or five times the size of his representation in our society that cannot be a racist organization against african americans. Especially when you're talking about the jobs that are the most sought after. And i mean there are bad quarterbacks and then there's blamed jabber so you know how bad that quarterbacking was when he lost his job to him. Triple eight nine hundred thirty. A seventy seven c k more coming up all right time. I tell you about carshield Age of smart technology. You'd think by now they would have invented a car. That just cares about you and loves you. I mean i know they had that with nightrider. I don't know why they abandoned that process of development. It seemed like kit really cared about david. Hasselhoff nice way in a nice way. They had a good relationship a little weird but a good relationship but they don't have that You know you don't have a transam that's going to do that for you at this point So you're going to need to make sure you protect yourself if something electronic goes in your car like the voice. That's talking to you all the time. Computer chips are through the roof. Expensive right now. 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The national anthem of course is racist. We found out. We know that anything to do with the beginnings of our country. Yes racism washington in lincoln. We've found out. How racist very racist lincoln especially. Yes thank you. Oh thank racist. He is merit based admission is racist but not barrett based sports. Don't don't get those two confused. No those are totally non racist racist thing. Do you remember when the betsy. Ross flag was racist. Then it wasn't. But i think now it is again how it's back. I think it's back. Yeah in this time glenn by the way his museum across the way here yes. They're putting together a tour of the other day. They have the betsy. Ross nike's all they actually got a pair of before. They cancelled them really. Here's a bunch of more recent cultural stuff that got canceled. Which is article. Even has a mr and mrs potato head. Oh yeah they're both over there. I saw okay. Let's see a white boxer knocking out a black. Boxer is sure you wanna talk about racism now that the white box allow the black box or because of our society over the past few hundred years. Yes he should just stand there and get his face beaten. Yeah that's what should happen. This came from that youtube guy. What was his name. The you know he settled and logan. Paul yeah any of a black guy. Who is i think. A basketball player formerly okay now is challenged him to a boxing match or whatever and the white youtuber knocked him out. I mean that was one of the big knockouts of that i've ever seen. It's just i mean. He called log living. I did see that highlight. Yeah well then. The article was written was not kind of racist white kid like the hand knocking down to the black guy. That's not supposed to happen. That's not supposed to happen reopening schools. We have heard is a racist of white people. All white people are racist. It really started with that one. It's gonna eliminate a lot of these other ones that's true you're starting with white. People are racist. It's a lot of racism. Fat phobia is racist do we as representatives of certain community. We that one helps us. So therefore yes opera. Obviously racist milk. Milk is racist very white. I the crosswalks are racist because they have the little guy on the signal to walk and it's white and it looks like a white guy. I guess oh. According to the article i read. That's apparently a white guy. I'd never thought of him that way now. Well that's because you're racist. Marie privilege to see other people things now. Of course if you see a black person pictured on something that's also aunt jemima uncle ben and be to be removed. You know the the martin. Luther king's people don't know this. Get all black people off packaging. That was the big main dream. He never got to the. I have a dream that we will no longer see the cream of wheat guy. That was the speech originally real draft. I think glen has it in the museum. Original drafts said no more rice. No more pancakes know more cream of wheat. That is my dream. He took that part out got bought by the people. So no more pancakes or the syrup that you pour on. Oh yeah that's right mrs butterworth. She's gone gone toast and yeah. That's the way you just know only a race. -ociety would have multiple different races on their packaging to sell products. That right like and of course. We should also note as i have many times what i cannot get over it. The the market research on ngoma. It's almost entirely used as a product by african americans. It is among the most popular items in the grocery store for african americans loved beloved by african americans their scores on the favorability. You know they do these market research reports with say okay you know scale of one to one hundred. How much do you like. Aunt jemima is off the charts for african americans. Like everyone else is like all right. I forgot americas absolutely love it. We're like we're getting rid of that product because white people are racist and african americans. I like i like my pancakes crazy. It's incredible it's like well. You don't understand african americans how the racism works. We're gonna let us. Let's white splaine to you. How the racist and that's exactly what happened. What happened and it worked out nepal things. It's just the same. The glenn beck program if you bought into timeshare at some point. It's pretty good bet that it's the biggest regret of your entire life. The real question isn't so much if you don't like the purchase but how are we going to get out of it because if you've entered in one of these things they'll do everything they can to take your money not give you anything. Thankfully you don't have to worry about the how anymore because there is a solution. It's timeshare termination team. 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Steven crowder dave rubin in meatpackers. Listen to all your favorite conservative voices at blaze. Tv dot com promo code. Glenn patents do for glenn on the glenn beck program by the way glennon. His family could really use your prayers. We'd appreciate it a great deal if if you're praying person and you would offer up a cer- prayers thoughts and prayers on on their behalf today and in this week they're going through a really rough time Triple eight seven to seven b. e. c. k. It is penn stew for glenn today if everybody handled this situation like this reasonable woman in the elevator of the world would just be a better place in which to live. This woman is in an elevator and somebody's about to come in and join her and she takes exception to it just a bit because apparently the woman coming into the elevator is not wearing her mask properly. Oh no here's what happens. My girl here wants me to come out of the elevator so he can come out of the hawk line nolan. You want to read with me on. You might have were wrong. She's wearing a totally reasonable. I think response to the wage so she was trying to get trying to get out of the elevator and the woman was coming in. I mean i would have backed up and just let her out. You don't know why you wouldn't let her out of that. I will say like you know we have think the hysteria now she definitely. She's not handling things well but again when someone's not handling things well it's good to move out of the way for can walk. That'll true it'd be one thing if she was on the elevator and she was asking if the person who was filming was on the elevator and the person getting on the elevator was demanding they leave or something of that nature. I wouldn't be a little more sympathetic to block. Someone's from an elevator. Because you want a youtube videos. A little irritatingly i have to say. Yes there is that aspect of it. She's tr what her reaction. I get it over the top and so ridiculous to stand there and cry about it. I mean now. It's sad. But i mean she may be someone who is not particularly stable. I think yeah. I think we go on. Maybe somebody who's not stable i. I'm always skeptical of the person filming the youtube video or the social media video in these situations. I just would never me. And i'm in. We're in the media. When's the last time you made a video to prove something like it. Just i would never. I would not want to cause someone to cry. Why tube. that's why. I wear the stupid mass when i go into grocery stores or i go to church or whatever because i don't want that reaction from people if you know if you're be there are a lot of people feel really strongly about it and they think you're trying to kill them if you're not wearing the mouse exactly right and i can understand. There's a lot of people who are like. I don't wanna ask and it's my right not to and i think they're correct in that aspect that being said however like you know like why do you wear pants. I don't know like i when i'm around my house. I'm raised run around like maybe shorts if my family's lucky like i'm wearing a raggedy t shirts and sweat pants. Why do i come in and not really in nicer clothes today. But i do wear a suit on studios america. Why why do i do that. Why why do you get dressed up to go to work. I guess it's the law like no shirt. No shoes no service. Why do you wear shirt going into a restaurant right like it's because you're generally speaking trying to everyone else the impression that you're clean you might not be clean But you do it because you're just kind of fitting into society at some level. I understand the pushback on that. Because you don't want to add new restrictions and you don't want the government telling you all these things. I get that but there is some. I think the main reason why a lot of people wear them. It's just because like there. Are people out there. Who who are will be legitimately traumatized. If you don't is that same thing very well might not be now. If she is legitimately severely immune com compromised or something. If that's true there there's some reasons to be scared about being out In this in this moment but people overreact on both sides of this all the time people get three shout about masks and they get freaked out about people not wearing masks. And that's why it just would be great when this is over all when it was over. I can't wait. Yeah and we took a step toward that yesterday at ranger stadium or whatever they call it. A globe live again fell gloved by film. So it's the brand new stadium That we didn't even get to us last year really. Except they'll see us in the in the world series were held there no no fans for railway season and then For the world series. I think there was eleven thousand five hundred fans for the world series last year in a stadium that holds forty. Some odd thousand. Yesterday there was almost forty thousand right in the stadium. So the capacity basically packed i saw some reports on it afterwards from the local tv stations and there were entire sections. That were seated that nobody had a mask on nobody. Yeah i thought you had to wear the mask once you were there. Yes they did. It did so. I go to the game by the way To watch really america's team the toronto blue jays be victorious as expected And what with my son and it was interesting because it was the first sporting event in america since the covid with full capacity and it was interesting to see it down. Did require masks as you walked in and the official position i believe was wet. Masks are required. Except when you're eating drinking now conveniently that's what you do at baseball games. All the time is sit there. Eat and drink restraint hours Us there was not a lot of mask wearing particularly in the stands. You basically walked around the stadium without a mask There were some people there you know there was this sort of mask police I probably we walked around a five or ten times going up and down to the bathroom and food and all the other things that you do at a baseball game and at one one time one person said something to me said sir. Can you put your mask. But that was it. It was much less much less strict than it was at the super bowl. Where you they really were all over at the super bowl To wear the masks but again the new york times. If you don't want to believe me there have been literally zero super spreader events that have occurred outdoors. Zero in the world there is no documented super spreader event at any point at any point anywhere in the world. Yes let's getting credible statistics and so that really kind of includes all those protests from blm and t last year right the super bowl that everybody thought was going to be so horrific because everybody was jammed in together outside yet. All of that's done and nothing really happened. Yeah well what about the mardi gras though martz last your don't think that was a spreader of member. I'm saying outside. Not just large gatherings there have been a lot of super spreader events enlarge but they've been inside mardi gras. Obviously indoor outdoor has both Same thing with obviously things like the super bowl and and the the thing in the big motorcycle rally they had were two hundred. Fifty thousand people came. And you know there's been events like that and there have been events that have spread. You know where it's caused a lot of a lot of conferences early on in choir practices and all sorts of things that happen inside but outside like you're just generally safe outside there have been cases where it has spread between people who are in close contact loudly speaking to each other. But it's just not a good environment for kobe to spread so basically you know this could have been happening to the whole time. There was no reason to have these to shut down entire view audiences for sports. Now some of it is just you know they were trying to be safe in position themselves and and make sure you know what a lot of you know at the beginning in particular. We didn't know. I mean i went to a dallas mavericks game on march eighth. I think it was of two thousand and twenty. And the i think it was march eleventh. They cancelled the season just before the canceled it. I was at a game. And i remember after this is at the point where we had no idea what was happening and nothing had been shut down. I think south by southwest had been cancelled at that point but really very little had been shut down and we. We didn't know i mean like you could tell the faces on some of the athletes for on utah and was each on oklahoma city. I think it was that game that were. They cancelled all the players. Come out. they're about to start the game. they're like Ladies and gentlemen You're totally safe. I just wanna make sure you're safe but go home right now. Had really bear tested positive. That's when they cancelled the season which is one of the most amazing pieces of audio from a pa announcer. Because you could tell like no one believes they're safe they did the the the starting lineup announcements and then said everyone had to go home. Why would that. No one believed they were safe. But we i was at a game. That's an indoor game. Yeah and there was no superspreader event at that stadium day as far as we know so it is one of those things where it was interesting to see people. I would say largely not wearing masks the seats largely wearing them when walking around though not exclusively a lot of people. Weren't you know it. It's an outdoor event. A brand new stadium with a big open roof and it was now i will say afterward. There's there's a area an area next to the stadium which is called texas live and it's like basically a bunch of bars and restaurants and it's indoors and would say that there's absolutely no attention to as food establishments and drinking establishments no attention to the the mask thing at all there and it was indoors now of course as a covid nineteen survivor. I was not very particularly worried about that But would not be shocking to me to see these things. Loosen up particularly younger people. White ups are frustrated with a year of not seeing anybody are gonna wanna go out and let loose and you know. Probably some of them will get it. However the good thing is they're not particularly vulnerable to it. It's not exclusive there. There are a lot of people who are younger who have had problems. Obviously people have died but the chain reality here. It's very low. The the the the worry should be low for people in the younger. You are the less worry you should have particularly if you're outdoors. I mean it just you know. The country missed a real opportunity. Here to say hey go outdoors. It's a great time to go outdoors. This is a great time to have all your events outside for a little while police. You know instead of saying what we need you to do is individually ziplock your zip lock yourself inside of a baggy and stay inside their from march to. Let's say march just a inside what we'll do is. We'll put feeding tubes through a hole in the plastic bag and that's how you breathe them. That's how you'll eat and we'll see you in two thousand twenty one instead of that. Too dumb approach. I mean like places like california. You can't go to the beach. You can't go to a park yes. This is exactly. The type of activity should have been encouraged. And as we've seen now maybe personally and nationwide people stayed inside to their to the detriment of their health. They didn't go out and exercise. They didn't eat right. Maybe encouraging activity outdoors at a park. What does the jewish in a little bit but these are. These are unfortunately old arguments that at this point we cannot reverse but we can go forward and say hey when possible choose freedom. Yeah i mean that's the easiest way to do it. Let people make their own frigging decisions. And maybe memorial day. Which is what i'm hearing. Maybe by memorial day. They'll start to say okay. You don't need to do the vaccination and the mask anymore. I'm hoping i think pat. And i heard from joe biden by july fourth twenty twenty nine if we have ourselves behave ourselves in all right everything everything he says in two thousand twenty nine on july fourth. You're going to be able to shake someone's hand big anybody's less human contact even even though the pandemic era i'm looking for actually triple eight. Seventy seven bbc cake or pen. Super glenn coming up. All right springs in full swing. And that means it's time to freshen up the house a little bit if you are looking to do so. You're in luck because right now. Blinds dot com giving you thirty five percent off. Everything state was Site-wide up to thirty five percent off. Its big deal as a warm welcome to the new season binds dot com makes it so easy and convenient to order online. They have free shipping and guaranteed perfect. Fit for your windows. 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Even while swimming in the ocean wouldn't like waterboard. You kind of seems. Yeah but that's what they want. Every you have to wear a face mask everywhere outside. And we talked about the fact that there are no events on the planet where it's been spread outside super spread. There's there's really nothing i mean. Have maybe a few people caught it from something that happened outdoors. Maybe there's no massive no massive event that caused a whole bunch of people to get covid nineteen when it happened outside but This legislation which came into effect just last week mandates face coverings for children as young as six. You be fined one hundred euros if you don't and the only exemption to the rule is playing a sport outside like soccer but if you tan outside or your swimming in a pool or in the ocean you're required to have a mask on seems reasonable right. You know what. That's what predictive foul and the thing that's going to solve. The problem pat. They finally found water that took a year but just wearing a mask under water that that should solve e should not care about covert at all. How many people have gotten covid underwater zillions. There's great movie out of the landmark case of roe versus wade Is gripping film starring. A great actor jon voight stacey dash john schneider steve gutenberg corbin bernsen big names in there and it's shocking to see how planned parenthood manipulated the courts and lied to the media all for power and greed This is such such more than a court case. We all know the court case but it was really a bizarre conspiracy that went all the way up to the supreme court roe v. Wade is the most famous court case in american history. We've all heard about it yet. Few of us know the real story behind the case the left has done everything in their power to try to prevent you from seeing this real story With you know big tack of course always targeting conservatives. This film could cancelled at any second So check it out. It's right now. It's at least still available where you can watch movies. I tunes amazon. Google play check it out while it lasts or see demand from your major cable or satellite provider after half a century of lies secrecy. The truth will have its day in court download. Roe v wade. The movie today roe v wade the movie not sheer fusion of entertainment and mass. The glenn beck program. Where patent stew for glenn triple eight. Seven to seven b. e. c. k. Hunter biden has a Somewhat fuzzy memory on several issues. No but one in particular that. I find pretty interesting We'll tell you what that is coming up in about sixty seconds when it comes time to buy or sell a house and you wanna get the best price for it. How do you do that. Well you could just go find your friend's friend's cousin's former roommate because they're kinda doing part-time real estate stuff and they can help you out. 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Real estate agents i trust dot. Com is the place to go for the best real estate agent in your area real estate agents i trust dot com. One hundred hundred biden said the other day on sixty minutes that he doesn't know if if that laptop is actually his laptop you know it might be of course could be but how would you know if you dropped it off at the place and left it there. How would you know that you wouldn't know it. Wouldn't you would know where you left your laptop. No why would you. Why would you keep track of the place where you leave laptops. I'd like hey pat piece of gum you had three weeks ago. Where's the rapper thing with laptops that same thing with laptop laptops ipads you take places you just leave him there and then you forget about it. Yeah you're not gonna know there's so many places you keep in store and give my tops away to the. How could you possibly keep track of your hand. It's a time job. Kill wherever you leave your laptop so it's logical to believe. Well maybe it was. Russian hacking is probably russian hack. It's probably that of that laptop now. He doesn't know where it is. Obviously he bought keep track of it. Well especially when the russians are hacking it right. Well you have to assume where there is. They've hacked into it. Yeah right what other explanation could there be. Let me. I'll give you a couple stores or was hacked by russians to show it was hacked by russians would be the number one most likely thing. Okay number two was stolen from you. Number three take into a place in left and left number. Three aliens came down from planets. Arcand or somewhere. Yeah took your laptop okay and gave it to the. it place. they could fix it up and then of course realized there was a like a virus on it. Or just didn't yeah. They don't know how to fix it. No from another planet. Why would they know how to fix. It wouldn't a laptop wouldn't right so they bring it to a mac fix their big time tech people. Also i don't think so and then finally the least likely explanation. You happen to be a crack addicted weirdo. That cannot remember where they were so high. When you got off the train that happens to be you know a couple of miles away from this particular establishment that you stumbled over there and left it there and almost sunk your Your dad's presidential hopes because you were until somebody. Drugs like the outlying stability pop possibility. I that's the ridiculous outlandish way out. There left field explanation. How could it be true for most. Certainly yes one hundred percents through. Yeah obviously would question. Of course it could be true if i were to say to you right now. Where's your car impact. You'd have no idea. I don't know you don't know where it is. You could have left at any park. did it. to thirty this morning. That was a long time ago. Now where is it now russians. Hack it how do we know how do we know. Maybe russia attacked it and move right. We don't know we know simply that you did so many drugs yes morning. I forgot where you parked your car right now. I could go out there. And it's right where i left it. But we don't know that we know that we're in satellite. Go out there for six seven hours. So i don't know how could you know the other thing. Hunter biden has no recollection of other than his laptop. Is meeting this stripper. Who later gave birth to his child. How many strippers do you mean. Craig nate daily basis thousands. Hundreds may can. I use the words of jeff fisher who among us first of all. Who among us has it met a stripper and then for god about it a niche. She gave birth to your child. It's happened if it's happened once it. It's one of those things that is more common than almost any activity human engages in right meeting stripper inviting them and then forget about the whole thing happens so often so many people want to talk about a pandemic. I'd say there's a pandemic of meeting. Strippers impregnating them and then forgetting about the entire of insys nevada and you get twenty thirty emails day. Hey remember me. I'm from columbus babes dot com and we met at that strip club and then we we hooked up and then i gave birth to a child. And it's your and it's yours. I twenty thirty forty of those a day. I can't keep track of them all and you know what there's only two explanations as to. Why those emails are there. I actually did these. Things or russians hacked my computer. I don't know which one it is. I want to blame the russians four. But i'm not sure you were so whacked out on drugs and alcohol remember. that's true. how could you remember. You can't remember these things you have to understand. These products drugs are specifically designed to make you forget what you do or can make you forget what you do yes. You don't remember them. You don't remember these moments. These are unimportant moments in your life. The birth of your child. You don't remember those things not important to you. Know the russians act you. Obviously obviously so these are things written in is memoir called good beautiful things. Why series thinks that hits bookstores today. Stepping out of the complete sarcasm mode were in for a second Why on earth is he writing a matter now. Your dad is president of the united states. Have you done enough damage to your dad's life and career you would think. Why would you be memoir to put yourself back in the news right. It is complete insanity. I you know if you've watched the show succession. You know hundred kendall. He's he's like one of the bad. The kids that like is just always screwing up and there's always doing drugs and it's always having these problems and is always putting the company in a negative light and it's it's just it's just who hundred seems to be been forget whether you think it's a good idea don't you. Oh your dad. Who by the way is responsible for all of your success in life him being vice president and senator. The only reason you've ever had a job. Yeah right he. He his his willingness to cross the line into corruption and possibly illegal activity is the only reason you've ever had a job. You come out and released a memoir wild president to put you back in the news cycle to what earn a few hundred thousand dollars. I mean it is completely insane. He must hate his father. I can't think of any reason why you would do this. Other than pure hatred for your really good point. It really is the because if this doesn't make sense. I as much as i don't like joe biden and i don't think he's going to be a good president i think he's been terrible so far and he's doing all of these things he's done for hunter over the years have borderline illegal if not completely illegal so like i'm not giving him a break on the the idea that he's been a good guy and all of this but like your this. He's president of the united states. Unless you wanted to sink his presidency. Why would you be doing this. I can't all the lines. This guy is crossed for his son. I mean it's really. It's oddly disrespectful. He writes. It's why i would later. Challenge in court. The woman in arkansas. Who had a baby in two thousand eighteen and claimed the child was mine. I had no recollection of counter. That's how little connection i had with anyone. I was a mess but a mess. I've taken responsibility for well. What he can remember anyway because he hasn't taken responsibility for that laptop no but he's taken responsibility for the russian hacking that happened against him right and that's really important. That is important that is. It's important to blame the russians for just about anything in your life. I do it all the time. Yeah whenever i get home late honey the my car aki and it took me the wrong route home. Took me through. Alabama took me through that alabama strip club. And that's where. I didn't know strip club. I did notice. It was a long drive to come home from work. But it me to a strip club in alabama and we didn't recognize the surroundings being a little bit different than you're used to while the russians hacked the surrounding off. Couldn't tell all right. That's the biggest thing. They hacked the windows so it looked like i was in my neighborhood the entire time. Wow and and that. Imagine my surprise when i walked into what i believed was my home and there were new dancers stages That's disturbing russians. Man they're always they're always doing the russia thing. Yeah they aren't it screws. My life hack so many different things in people. the pat a half dozen is just. It's i can't overstate it. The thousands of strippers that have been impregnated by people in this country because of russian hacking. It's a it's a huge problem. P you put down. Yeah and and hack back like hey lease vladi stock. Come on man. Stop stop hacking us into the hooking up with strippers. Yeah you would think. Joe would say come on man man stop it stop it. It's just there's too much hacking here. Can you stop hacking into this. This act where were all these drugs get up noses and all these strippers get into certain beds with with with completely innocent people have just been hacked. it's just unfair Vladimir putin should stop it. Shame on you vladimir putin for all of your hacking of poor hundred biden. Well it's not nice way of put it it's nice. It's not nice now and he should be ashamed. He enjoyed it at the time. He enjoyed the hacking of the impregnating. The strippers at the time. But he doesn't remember that enjoyment. No he doesn't because of the hacking right a terrible terrible time. It's unbelievable that he's writing this. It's it's almost. It's almost to the level of if i did it by o. J. simpson you're just like. Why would you do this. But i guess he wants to get. You know he's trying to save his career and save his name and and all of these things which the media did a great job in helping them with. I mean they didn't allow these stories even come out. That's right time. And if they did come out they were shut down immediately. I mean even though the new york post was shut off of twitter because of it right because they posted a story on it and there are times everybody gets fired up about the one. Big tech does on certain posts and stuff and there's times it gets overdone even but the banning of the new york post the oldest newspaper in the united states. There count over telling the what seems to be the absolute truth about under biden and his laptop. He can't he can't even deny was the laptop and to ban their account over that for all for for npr to come out and say we will not cover this. Because it's not news it's fake it's unbelievable and then after the election. Oh yeah by the way. Of course yeah. That was obviously true. It really is one of the most egregious things i've ever seen in in united states media. I mean it isn't that bad. Is that triple eight. Seventy seven bbc k. Its patents do for glenn on the glenn beck program so your world is about to change as you might know the america that we all grew up in is toast been hacked by russians. I don't know that. God only knows when it is coming back. I would imagine that You take this as we do here and because we reach a certain age get as we get older. We want to do everything we can to fight for the good. That is left. One way you can start is by joining amac. It is the association of mature american citizens and like a lot of advocacy groups that comes with a whole host of benefits and discounts. As you'd expect all things you're gonna want but unlike a lot of them aimak truly fight the good fight for you in washington. Dc amax stands for solvency in a time of runaway debt. National security and sovereignty over unchecked borders. They believe in the sanctity of life and not only did they believe in it. They'll tell you that they believe in and will fight for it as well. The pushback against the radical socialist agenda stand with amac as they fight the good fight by becoming a member today. The benefits are great but the cause is even greater joy now at amac dot. Us slash beck it's ama c. dot us slash beck. Amac is better better for you. They're better for america ten seconds stationary. I like this quote from the book to This is the hundred book beautiful things. I don't think. I made a mistake in taking that spot on that board and ukraine stake in terms of underestimating. The way it would be used against to me and of course man. Yeah because that's sad. It's it's it's other people who did him wrong. The app in that particular situation where he had no experience no reason to be on that board But his dad got him the position and he made fifty thousand dollars a month at least Some of said much more than that But he didn't make any mistake at all no accepting that position of course look in a normal situation if someone offers you a really good job with lots and lots of money for no responsibility. You're going to be excited about that. When your dad's a senator or vice president and you need to consider what the ramifications of the decision our number one and number two. Why are you getting that role. You're not getting that role because you're special. You're getting the role because you're again utilizing your dad's name to cash in this is the this is the that should have been the name of the book how to utilize your dad's name to cash in 'cause that's been the life story of hunter biden from the beginning. He's done it all over the place over and over again and he's now done at two point where he's doing it again with his book really is inexplicable to me. And i like this because we were talking about Him for getting whether the laptop was his. We'll do you remember dropping it off. He answered that question in the book. No he can't recall if he dropped off the the macbook pro. That was left there. he's really doing. The this is essentially the amnesia defense from every ad soap opera every single thing. Yeah can't remember. Yeah i remember i was drugged up like i'll admit my drug use that gives me it out on everything which is not how the world works although does to be how the world works lately. Yeah but it's not supposed to be best for him certainly. There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me that that could be that. I was hacked. It could be. It was russian intelligence. It could be that it was stolen from me. I love that quote. That's he liked covered. A lot of ground there He covered a lot of could bees. And or it could be just that it was your laptop and you forgot about it because you were on drugs The new york post got a hold of what was in it which is plausible with hunter biden. But almost no one else. I remember when i first heard wait a minute. You're saying hundred biden brought a laptop with all of this incriminating information to an. It guy yes you get the hard drive free and forgot about it and left it there and eventually got to the point where it was no longer his property because he left it there for so long and he left it in seemingly republicans. Hands doesn't seem like that could happen. Doesn't seem possible but it with hundred biden all is possible without your buying. It obviously happened with hundred biden hooking up with random stripper in alabama impregnating. Her and supposedly forgetting is possible. Hooking up with your your deceased brother's wife is possible hooking coming back in returning a rental car with lines of coke on the dashboard is possible. It's all possible with hunter. Yeah and that's why you we just don't understand why he would write this book at this time. I mean it's nice to see that we're getting some answers on it but it's gotta be embarrassing for the media. Who acted as if this was insane at the time. I don't know if it's just embarrassing or they just didn't care and it's probably that one they just didn't care and just went on one ahead with with a with a scheme that sort of predetermined but they didn't want to do anything that could be perceived as helping donald trump. They wouldn't cover anything. That was the priority. Yeah they were not about to allow him to win again and They made sure they made sure by not covering anything mazing amazing. It really is amazing. And you can't overstate how bad the media has been at certain points in this. The hunter biden thing was really really bad. This georgia law is incredibly bad. This brandi santa's thing on sixty minutes individually might be one of the worst i've ever seen. I mean they just created out of whole cloth. Czar scandal that on its face seems ridiculous republics with the public's scandal public's bet they hated him so much money that he gave them the distribution of the vaccine. Now of course. There are very common grocery store chain everywhere. Everywhere in florida. Governor abbot giving a kroger or tom thumb in texas The job in the north destroyed whatever it is whatever your local grocery store that dominates your area just picking that one and be like well. They're all over the place. Let's give it to them and give it to. Cvs and walgreens and other places that are all over the place and they singled out a couple of donations from people who worked at public or public's like their former ceo twenty twenty-five thousand rights like like that is like m. material reason for him to do anything again. He you know. he's a big politicians. The governor of one of the biggest and most economically powerful states in the union. He's going react over one hundred thousand dollars donations over multiple years to do something that is overwhelmingly sane and documented not. Was john correctly there. They didn't even get the story right in the first place. Bizarre glenn got program now. If i could pay to get compliments every day i would totally do it. Especially if they're guaranteed will during chamonix spring clearance event. That's exactly what happens. 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They also gonna give you the classic you sell jaw line treatment to tighten and tone the check that excuse me the chin and neck area. That's also free orders today upgraded to free priority shipping go to genucel dot com g. e. n. c. e. l. dot com. Check out my show pat gray unleashed every weekday seven to nine eastern six eight central. Or anytime and anywhere. You get your podcast as patents do for glenn on the glenn beck program story out of texas too. Texas brothers accused of slaughtering four family members before killing themselves. So said story easily. Got weapons because gun. Control is a joke and were sent off the rails partly from watching. Tv's the office. In a rambling. Twelve page note initially linked to his instagram page. I'm not going to give their names. Because i don't really publicizing right The identities of mass killers for Who often crave attention but a nineteen year old and a twenty one year old were united in their manic depression and all day. Tv watching sessions. This is from his note the first and most important show we watch was the office he wrote in a note that started hair. Everyone i killed myself in my family was up as are the steve. Carell comedy was one of quote four very important issues i encountered throughout my life. He then rented at length about how the show could have ended when corrals character. Michael left because eventually it went to crap complaining about plot and character developments that enraged him people say the finale makes up for it which is a complete lie. Sure it was cute. But it doesn't justify the very last few crappy seasons we had to deal with. There's a lot more i wanted to say. But hey life is short. He said quote. We kept watching until february twenty first. Two thousand twenty one. That's the day. My older brother came into my room the proposition if we can't fix everything in a year We kill ourselves and An out and our family misspelt They soon changed that to just a month with with one of the killers saying we eventually realized we were. Just biding our time. Waiting a year was way too long. Why not wait a month. The plan was simple. We get to guns. I take one and shoot my sister and grandma while my brother kills our parents with the other than we take ourselves out and they did that in allen texas unbelievable so tragic in the and they said that they were going to kill themselves if they couldn't overcome their depression and then they were but they were gonna kill their family because the family would have been Too depressed a that. They killed themselves so because they loved their family so much sided to kill him. That's a really bad plan. Really bad really bad plan bizarre story though so weird yeah again. I the people that write about. The left likes the story because they say well. We shouldn't have been able to get a gun. It was easy. We gun controls a joke. He wrote himself there. He told you he told you he told you the killer told you of course they believe that killer. They don't believe the one that said that It wasn't white supremacy that caused the mass shooting the other day They'll believe whatever killer they want to believe. I think though it's it's it's important to note how difficult it would be to stop these things from happening. I mean you just can't you really can't do because there's to happen and it's very difficult to figure out how to stop them when you have three hundred thirty million people if you're gonna give them rights and freedoms you can't stop it and honestly even when you don't give them rights and freedoms in dictatorships. Lots of murders happen as well. Here's an interesting thing. If you're willing to break the laws about not murdering people you're probably willing to break the gun laws as well. You think yeah. I think so i think so so. Wow let's take a big step. I'm not sure it's quite a leap. I understand it's a. It's a leap. But i really think it's the case. And just really really sad heartbreaking. It really has ended now. They've half ruined. The office is well which is just another one on their list of terrible crimes. I disagree by the way with the analysis of of his idiotic letter in that people like to say the last couple of seasons of the office weren't good. They're still good. They weren't as they weren't as maybe is when michael was of course mean michael scott was the you know. He's the main character right of the show when he was great. Auster leaves but there were still. It was still funny. Man's still good. I remember thinking when it was on and it had not had left the realm of can't miss tv for me at that point you know and seasons eight and nine but when i went back and watched it again and even at the time i remember thinking this it's still better than all of these other shows like it was still better than every other show on television at the time. It just wasn't quite as good as was getting more right but it was still pretty good. And the finale was great. It was great. So this guy's not only a murderer but an idiot guess. Speaking of television shows however Got a list here of Shows that have been cancelled or renewed. Okay it because there's apparently a lot of shows to watch the shows that i mean shows i've never heard of that are being renewed that we're while apparently wildly popular and i'm like i. I've never heard of that. Show this what i have. It's always sunny in philadelphia. Watch yes i'm actually. I've just been re watching. It renewed the how many more seasons that they have. Now i think they're up to they're gonna go tinari so far have fourteen or done. I've been watching that and over the past six months randomly. What rewatching watching all the episodes fascinating to watch how culture has changed in that period. In that fourteen seasons words they say in early seasons they no longer say although even as late as i actually her son episode instinct season. Twelve where they're still using the n. Word without editing it. Two years ago two years ago they didn't do one in two thousand twenty so three years ago. I guess how the holy mean it was jarring because you hear people just say the n. Word so often you get get it was. It was not to be clear. It was not a it was a used. In the way that of it was talking they were mocking people. Who would say such a thing. That doesn't matter it doesn't matter i'm text doesn't matter at all like those girls in in salt lake itself high school here in the dallas fort worth area They were singing a rap song and got expelled for singing. The end were in the rap song so they actually sang. The lyrics sang the accurately of a rap song and were suspended for another racist. The crazy all people are like well. Context doesn't matter intent doesn't matter it's all that matters of course. The new york times has written the n. Word a thousand times but it's in context of a news story usually quoting someone else who said it. Yes so they're not gonna. Are they just calling people that name that would matter and writes context does mean something and then they fired their lead reporter on the corona virus because several years earlier he asked he said the word in the form of of basically asking the question saying so One of the a student on a trip asked is it. Okay if they use the n. Word if my friend used the n. Word and he said well. What's the context is quoting a rap song saying and say he said the word and they He got fired for it again. Arguably the new york times the most important newspaper in the world on the most important news story of our time their lead reporter they fired because of a totally s racist accusation. Showing you how important the woke thing is to them more important than a global pandemic. It's amazing it's amazing. You ever watch brooklyn nine nine. That's sandberg great Yeah really not much seven seasons. I've never seen one but that's been renewed okay Also last man standing. Which i have always heard is really good but i've never seen it never. Yeah it's it's a very much. I would say an old school type style sitcom like home improvement. It feels like that type of sitcom okay. But he's conservative on the show that's gonna make jokes about life. He's probably why it's been canceled after nine seasons has been canceled because it's our went through us. It got dropped by another network where it was very highly rated up right. It was picked up another. They're getting rid of it again. Yeah homeland which. I've also heard good things about That's been canceled. After eight seasons over i did to This is us. of course. everybody talks about that Renewed after five was very into that and like the first couple of seasons. I was to. And then i stopped at g. as well. She did safia. That's that's weird. Stranger things has been renewed. it's done. I think they've done three three seasons so the third season though i think is coming up here. That's a netflix show Actually pretty good very big on now. the handmaid's tale. It's coming soon. That's only a few weeks. That's coming back you watch it. I have watched a lot of it. Yeah it's it's very well done. I mean the left likes it because they want to say that. Like donald trump's you america's just like gilly add this this religious society. Donald trump was so well known for his uncle. Religion is like a room. Full bibles bibles. Trump did a lot of good things. And by the way y- seemingly but later in life wasn't superior religious. He's you know he said it. He said he was never super religious But that was the thing is like of course like men will run the society and women will be slaves and all these things that's like this dystopia that the handmaid's tale projects and so they just tied to like brett cavanaugh. Made no sense is showed up in the because his brick habita- is like siding with the constitution apparently that means it's gilead but the show is really well done. I mean it's. It's almost like a movie. I mean it's like really high production value in very well acted and you know i. It's just become a political football more than anything else The crown on netflix. You ever watch now. yeah. I watched the first. I think it was the first season or maybe to. It's had five seasons now and season six will be its last. So it's been canceled after six seasons blue bloods. Geno is a big jeffey series. He likes it with What's his face magnum pi. Tom selling Who's what ninety three years old now and still looks. Pretty darn good. That's been renewed. Eleven seasons still going strong show. I absolutely love. I think is one of the best shows on tv seal team. I've never never. I love it. What is it on totally hooked on. Cbs did never seen it. Renewed also renewed Cancelled ozark while ou- ozark has and cancelled they. They they ran out of there. I mean is it. They're they're doing their last season. The okay yeah. That's different than being. Yeah they they have. They had a story arc that was built in the. And now i mean. It's one of the most popular shows on netflix. And yeah finding it up. Because there's no viewers. They just don't they're doing like a breaking bad thing where it's not gonna they're not going to drag it out to twenty seasons. They wanted the natural story arc to end the way they planned to end. So it's like one division one vision just ended then cancel. It was the number one show in the world while ncis los angeles. I mean how many ncis are there Ncis pocatello good stuff was good and you can't believe the things that go on in polka dolemite. I would think more and more. Ncis ncis bemidji bemidji. Minnesota wasn't quite as good now. You could tell they were just parking tickets that kind of thing. Yeah so yeah. There was a lot of that early. Compelling but ncis Los angeles renewed for its twelfth season. Show cisco only cow. It's funny because they they lock on like the law and order had for a while. I don't know if they're still making those like law and order was they just keep shirt about. They can't put enough of them on tv and apparently people still watch the fbi. I didn't even know the fbi was on. Is this with ephram zimbalist junior. Because i i did watch that one when i was a kid. f. b. i. has been renewed three seasons of that If you're interested also the marvelous mrs maisel. I've heard glen talk about that. He likes that show doesn't he. Yes i think he does That's also a renewed. I think that's a an amazon Series begins is something you watched. I started watching the. I've heard really good things about it. But i have not watched the entire thing that's been renewed For its fifth season. So if you're a fan That continues also young sheldon renewed Four seasons of that while one hundred and sixty million dollars to produce that thing per. She's that is crazy euphoria. Which i've never heard of the as an hbo show okay it. It's about basically teenagers doing drugs and hooking up with each other. I believe is the premise. It's only had one season so far and it costs according to this eleven million dollars per episode eleven million per episode and it's been renewed so it must be doing pretty well she. Wow that is crazy. Eleven million used to be the price tag that you'd see on a blockbuster movie Times have changed ever so slightly all right. There's a couple of weeks you don't have time to get through all of it. But there's a couple of your favorite shows triple eight seven to seven k all right rod sixty four lives in texas former engineering tech who worked on municipal utility projects. And guess what he used to do is a side gig houses a lot of hard work and rod which is the sort of toughest nails kinda guy that could do it but age catches up with all of us and rod began having constant back and hip pain as he got older for a longtime. He just tried to ride it out but eventually it got to be unmanageable. Thankfully rod listens to this fantastic program and eventually decided to give relief factor. A try and you know what happened. Within four days his pain began to melt away within four weeks. It was basically gone being a pain. Free is of course an indescribable thing when you go on through what rod has gone through. He got his life back with relieffactor. And so could you. Relief factor is not a drug it was developed by doctors though and seventy percent of people who try it go on to order more. You can order the three week quick. Start for only nineteen ninety-five if you go to relieffactor dot com or call them eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four. It's relief factor dot com or eight hundred five hundred eighty. Three eighty. Four for relief factor. Graham its patents. Do for glenn on the glenn beck program triple eight seven to seven bc k. Interesting little item coming up this weekend on saturday. We're going to be doing our grand opening of dot com. And it's sort of our grand opening of our new kitchen area and so Love love to see if you're if you're in the area to stop by between noon and two where fort worth yeah Do i think it's technically. I'm not sure if it's keller or fort worth. I just drive there. I don't know where i am when i'm there. I just know where to get. Do they get to meet you when the be there. Really an appearance grants by ray very cool. That'd be great Yes at this cookie place so prizes free cookies all kinds of y'all come for the cookies cookies because i mean you day so i don't need to meet you again. That's probably true. But i will come and get free cookies. Okay and You should definitely do that by the way the show. Mention the nancy. Pelosi sucks pens are available in one for a while right from thanksgiving to. I think it came back in like a week or two ago. They luckily order. This time ran out of pens to right. Nancy pelosi sucks on in the country. We bought all the pens in the country of the style to get nancy. Pelosi sucks on the side of them. Because it's a replica pen. She used for the impeachment to sign the impeachment. There must be a limited number of those which you wouldn't think there would be. But we live and i will tell you that i guess But they're available now at the store. nancy pelosi sucks. Pen dot com. Check those out there as well as america end pat gray unleashed on blaze tv. Bruce is the glenn beck program.

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Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H3  Jul 22 2021

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Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H3 Jul 22 2021

"The bodega bodega alphen omega. Siamese sailor sell celery sandwiches. A wing about us servino bladder jamie. Yes did did you wanna try reading that line on the script. Their folk listen. You could save big when you bundle your home and auto with progressive that one. Yeah i'm just not warmed up yet. Shouldn't be long detector test in diesel your home and auto with progressive today the mar- angled mubarak pancake progressive casualty. Insurance company and affiliates. I am so excited to launch. My first podcast talks with on paulina on the gingrich threw sixty network. The let me warn you. This is not a podcast for the fate apart or easily offended. This is a podcast for those who want to learn to gauge to be inspired and perhaps most importantly for those who still believe in dacia idea known as the american dream i heart. Radio is number. One for podcast. But don't take our word for it. Listen to luna. Talks with paulie that every friday on iheartradio apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Welcome to today's edition of the travis and buck sexton show podcast in clay. Travis buck sexton show. We are the biggest show in radio because of you guys all fifty states and Bunches bunches four hundred plus affiliates. We thank all of you as we roll in. Third our gear on the thursday edition and we are joined now by the commissioner of the big ten conference kevin warrant commissioner warrant. Thanks for joining us. And i i gotta say right off the top rwanda news coming down in the college sports universe with the texas and oklahoma potentially interested in the sec. Where were you when you heard the news. And what would your thoughts as that spread. Yesterday was here in indianapolis When i heard the news but you know these things have been kind of circulating From rumor standpoint. You know for a while. So it it. It did not You know the actual news. When i heard it it was kind of like okay. I've been hearing that for the last couple weeks. So yes interesting. And i just think it. Just reaffirms What i've said before is that we're at a unique time in college athletics and all league different issues from name image and likeness to you. Know the impact of the austin ruling to college football particular expansion Tip potential Schools joining other conferences. All those different things are Are where we are in college athletics. And i think you're gonna be the first of a lot of news that will happen over the next three to six to nine to twelve to two to three years. So that's where we are in college athletics. And and then it'll be an exciting time if the sec expanded to sixteen. Does that as the sec's primary rival. You're running the big ten conference. Does that to you signify that it would make sense for the big ten to expand. Sixteen how would you. How would texas and oklahoma to the sec. If it happened sort of altered the paradigm of your responsibility as the commissioner of the big ten or would it at all. I just think From from a from a A conference alignment standpoint. You know these are the things that that you always keep in mind as far as you know where you are from a conference you know. What's the best interest of your schools from as short medium to long term And then i you know that. That's something that i would just say. You know causes speaking from our conferences. You know 'cause Conference like us to say. Oh now we have to run out and and figure something out. I mean you always have to do you know what's in the best interest One of your of your conference and also your student athletes and so th. That's a great question you ask then. But it's a broader question you know what's the impact on meteorites agreements. What is the impact on bowl agreements. Let's see you know. Impact on operational are there any Academic You know constraints items that you need to make sure that you focus on so all of those issues are are wide. You know it's something that i definitely keep up on is something that i you know. I always working through my own personal plan from a conference standpoint. Always looking over the horizon so i'm just excited that you know we'll have an opportunity like i said to start really working through these. You know kind of issues. And so it'll be interesting to watch and observe and And and and we need to focus on You know just always you know from a big ten standpoint it. What what is the proper you know. Fit not only currently but in the future in the big ten conference. Hey kevin bach here. It's one of the nfl. there's doing. i'm good sir. How are you to hear your voice. Thank you Nfl teams will be forced to forfeit if unvaccinated players caused cove nineteen outbreak. That's the new york post just in the last few minutes now. I'm just wondering is that's something. How's that going to work out for for your conference. And if you have any insight into just broader foot a broader conferences out there are or is it likely that they're going to have a similar policy where there's a covert outbreak on a team. And they can't reschedule it within the existing season there may be a loss so one of the things. That's a wonderful question. One of the things. We are working on on june six. We had an opportunity with our chances and presidents at our semiannual Meeting with them and and they voted during that meeting to really decentralized decision-making process and make sure that we provide those opportunities and decisions From a kobe. Nineteen policy and procedure standpoint to our fourteen individual institutions. We trust our schools. We trust their medical staff. We trust the coaches and athletic directors. And the chances and presidents and everyone involved on campus and we trusted. They're going to do the right thing that being said we're in the current process right now of gathering those proposed policies that are fourteen institutions will come up with and we were scheduled to get those in early august and then once we get those we have a system that we're gonna lay them all out and evaluate them and to see if there any you know gaps in in what has been proposed. And if there's anything that we need to either a- at the conference level at the school level feel in To deal with some of those questions but the beautiful thing about is that we're thirty seven days away from today of watching are kicking off the college. Football season with watching illinois playing nebraska. So we will. We're right on time. We're right where we wanted to be. We want to gather the information collectively come together to do this. In a collaborative manner with athletic directors our chances and presidents then make a determination to see what those centralize policies will look like and what role if any the the conference office will pay play and in that and then once we get it then we'll take it public and announce it and but we'll have it done and plenty of time before The kickoff of our season on this coming up here pretty quickly. We're talking the big ten. Commissioner kevin warren. You mentioned name image and likeness. It's a crazy time in terms of all the adjustments that are going on in college. Athletics what do you think the impact in a b. and maybe more important when you were a college athlete. What product would you want to endorse. Would there have been a restaurant there. Vid somewhere that you would have wanted to be able to say. I'm kevin warren. And i love this product. Where was your place right. I love that question. I think he'll is quite naturally. It's here to stay And and it's just part. It would become part of the fabric of college athletics. It has be calm and part of the fabric college athletics. And i think the you know the school the conferences that that are able to kind of figure out how did To to handle in l. from a positive standpoint. We'll we'll we'll do you know do better than than other schools and conferences. Do not have it. You know figure out how to him. Handle it but You know the student athletes deserve this. You know i believe that. I'm a big believer in that. They have earned this right to to monetize their name image and like this. My concern is always is to make sure that they're educated on how to handle it Because a lot of people think money is numbers. Money is not a numbers. It's just a different language and so when you get involved with money you need to understand that new language you know what are the tax implications. How can you invest it You know how do you handle it. You know the impact of the team the impact on your family and just to be smart about it because at the end of the day you have to keep the main thing. The main thing student athlete is approached by the nfl opportunities because they're good student athlete. And so you want to remain a good student athlete. You want to focus on your craft and grow and and learn and practice and prepare to be able to do that so I'm excited as i said i'm i'm i'm all for student athletes Learning and the thing. I'm excited about it. Most i think it will be a an actual apprenticeships for our student athletes to learn About business about branding about marketing about sales and and and really about business to activate their brand. So that's the thing that that makes the most exciting. You know for me from that standpoint. I can i ask you. I know you've just took over the role. Who who would you have endorsed. Sorry so asked you doors who i would have endorsed. That is a wonderful question I'm kind of. I was a low low Level person in college meaning. I wasn't you know flashy so definitely would not addenda jewelry company or close company. I probably would have done something with Probably like leather goods. I was really into my dad. Carried a briefcase and so i- people still tease me. I had a briefcase in high school and In college and so i probably would have loved to do like a really nice upscale leather goods company To carry my books around my college campus and so it would have been great to be able to do something You know with with with the company like that. You can't what have been like to be in this role during covert obviously changed a lot of things up from. I'm sure what your expectations were trial by fire but also quite an experience. What have you learned. yup. I mean i i learned the importance of making sure you know you have to have collaboration. You have to communicate. And when you think you've communicated everything Keep communicating and so. I have learned that that is really important so one of the things. I'm really focusing on again. You know this year is to make sure that our chances and presidents and athletic directors and our on campus constituents and people in the conference office that we have clarity in our communication probably over community. You communicate And to make sure when decisions are made that our chances of presidents and athletic directors and coaches and south the athletic representatives and senior administration strangers. All the individuals on campus are involved clearly involved in you know in that process and so But and the other thing i learned learned is just that. We need to count our blessings. We all think about what you all do on a daily basis as it's amazing And the have an opportunity of people in told you years ago that you would. We have a chance to have a successful show like you. Have you know. This is a dream come true. And so. I just always have to recognize is That our goal here is to create a conference and environment that allows our student athletes. The opportunity to be student. Athletes are not professionals. They're amateurs to get a world class education from one of our fourteen main schools and some of our affiliate schools and then have a chance to compete At the highest level in college athletics and compete for national championships. That's really what the mission of is here. And i think so long as we keep those priorities in mind and And it's so good to be here at football me today. See the coaches and see our student. Athletes dress them soon ties and and looking good speaking very well just reiterates of why the big ten is the big ten and the and it's a special place to be able to work here. Kevin warren percents time. Good luck pursuing members. Fifteen and sixteen to try and match the sec. Okay i appreciate that. And now i am and both of you are appreciate the work you do every time i come on. I really enjoy it and Congratulations on your success. Keep it going and the here. I'm here for you anytime you call. And and then. I look up for seeing y'all in person so emigre day and thank you for the time. Thank you sir. That is kevin warren commissioner of the big ten. And as we go to break here. Look dan and new york said. I wasn't particularly satisfied with relief factor. The first time. I tried it. I've been for ten to twelve years. A semi pro bodybuilder. I was getting ready to have a shoulder. Replacement done prior to cove in nineteen. Then i was listening to the radio and hearing the relief factor commercial over and over again. I decided to try again. It's like night and day. I was in excruciating pain. But now my mobility's way better my pains very limited such a great product and i gotta tell you that is dan in new york. I know for sure. Relief factors helped my wife and it's made a big difference for her. She's relatively young forty four years old but she is working out like crazy all the time. She's incredible shape oftentimes. She needs help recovering from all of her workouts and it can make a big difference for her. Make a big difference for your dad is well book. Yeah my dad. Seventy three plays golf all the time. He's actually got a birthday coming up not quite a few days away. But thank you clay. I'll i'll pass that went along. Relief factor is a one hundred percent drug free product that my dad takes my mom takes in it addresses joint. Pain knee hit back neck and shoulder created by doctors and based on scientific research. Relief factor helps your body reduced pain and inflammation. The kind you get from aging exercise in everyday living relief factor goes to the source of inflammation hundreds of thousands of people have orderly factor and about seventy percent of them. Go on to order more. Join the more than half a million people in order the three week. Quick start for only ninety ninety five go to relieffactor dot com or call eight hundred four relief to get the one thousand nine hundred five three week quickstart developed for you go to relief factor dot com or call eight hundred. The number four relief relieffactor feel the difference speaker. Pelosi has taken the president step of denying. The minority parties picks for the select committee january. Sixth strep presents. Something that has not happened in the house before for a select committee by the historian so degrees abuse of power. He has broken. This institution made it undeniable. This panel has lost all legitimacy and credibility and it shows exactly what i warned back at the beginning of january. The pelosi would play politics with this. Pelosi has created a sham process unless speaker pelosi reverses course and seats all five republicans. We will not participate. We will run our own investigation. Welcome back to the clay travis in buck sexton show january six commission. You heard there kevin mccarthy talking about a sham of this This commission that pelosi's pulling together. She blocked jim banks representative banks and congressman. Jim jordan and clay having congressman jordan on tomorrow. Yeah he's a. I mean just a fantastic guy. But he's going to be on with us in the second hour of the program By the way. We just talked to big ten commissioner kevin warren and jim jordan big sports fan and also a big ten awam but this goes to the incredible hypocrisy and sham investigation. That is going on into the in quotation marks. Insurrection buck right. This is just designed to be a story that i think is at its best for the democratic party going to distract from all the other failures that are going on with their leadership and it is going to continue. Their theme of republicans are dangerous. They want to destroy the democracy of the united states right. That's really the theme of this. And if jim jordan is going to push back aggressively which he would have then and probably make better arguments than many of the democrats on this On this committee then. They don't want that battle to actually be taking place in a big problem as i see it with us even apart from what's obviously going to be incredibly biased and politically charged effort to smear the purpose of the january. Six commission is to smear all republicans to undermine all conservatives not not the people who actually engaged in the riot not not just the few hundred people that went too far. No no everybody. Anybody who is on the right gets lumped in with them so that they can create a narrative of if you support. let's say oh. I don't know donald trump where he do rod again or even to support the republican party that donald trump will be on the stump for out there on the campaign trail supporting the midterms. You are de facto. Supporting the insurrection. But klay what so fascinating about this. We can get into more of these details and also where we are with biden and crime which is a big problem for the democrats discuss how they're just full of it on crime But a big problem. They have is if they really want to use this. As a commission for congress they're going to have to show us the thousands of hours collectively of surveillance footage the capital that they have and they will not release. Why why can't we see what happened. Why can't we know. Why can't we know who shot ashley abbott. And why what was the legal justification. Why can't we see the communications between different members of capitol hill police and the hierarchy and other security organizations and agencies leading up to and the day of january six to see what the heck happened there. We should be using this to see. How could this go on the clay. That's not the point of this. In fact they're hiding the very reason that you would have such a commission. They're hiding evidence that we should see from that well and not only that buck. I mean the the big sham here is. We had months of riots that nobody wants to examine at all all over this country with very real consequences. That are more substantial than what happened on january. Sixth and everyone is pretending. They didn't happen at all. If you choose to believe google all you need to do is surf the internet Privately incognito mode and you're not going to be tracked bright wrong. No people know that you are going to be tracked by your isp and they could see every single website you've ever visited it. Make any even sell your data to advertisers. That's why i use express. Vpn to keep my online data secure and private. They make sure your isp and third party can't see through. They are phenomenal. You need to protect your online activity today as well with the vpn. I trust to keep me private visit. Express vpn dot com slash clay bach. And you can get an extra three months free on a one year package. That's xpress vpn dot com slash clay. Yet your next job offer the right. Start at lowe's during just propose event now through july twenty third safe seventy bucks in the bosch freak. Eighteen volt to in one impact driver kit with bonus. Accessories was to nineteen now. Just one four nine or get pinpoint accuracy with new bosch blaze one hundred and sixty five foot laser distance measure with bluetooth n- activity only at loans shop in store online loads the new home for pros valid through seven twenty-three. Us only hey. It's buck sexton. If you feel like a lot of countries gone mad you got kobe. Lockdowns and all kinds of crazy marxist tyranny from the democrats. You're not alone in fact got reinforcements at the ready. Join me every day to be a part of a common sense conversation or we fight the madness of the left speaker truth and bring together like minded people the buck sexton show. You can listen to the buck sexton. Show podcast every weekday on the. I heart app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. This is james. Golden host of the podcast series rush. Limbaugh the man behind the golden. Eib microphone the next episode. Not series out. Make sure to listen wherever you get your podcast. We're sharing so many behind the scene stories remembering the man. We love my pillow and tunnel to towers. Foundation are both sponsors the democrats normalize and are they normalize rioting and looting and when rioters and looters attacked our law enforcement personnel when rioters and looters destroyed small businesses. What a democrats do they went out and raise money to bail out of jail and they continue to talk about defunding. Police end in fact. Did that in all these major urban areas which is why crime is up so they didn't talk about that stuff they just want to be partisan they just want to continue to attack the former president. They wanna play their political game. So i applaud leader mccarthy for saying we're gonna do art. We're gonna continue to work and get to the bottom answer the questions that the leader raised the questions that frankly the american people want answers to strong words by jim jordan. They're welcome back to the clay and buck show. And what congressman is. Saying is is obvious to all of us. I still remember what i refer to as the purge night here in new york city where you had a rampaging antifa mob on fifth avenue main shopping district breaking store windows looting. They broke into a department stores. Broke into cellphone. Store stole stuff all and just running rampant all night long biden voters. Okay this is the democrats leftists. This happened at different times in different places all over the united states. And if you're really thinking about insurrection. I mean if you're thinking about insurgency you would look at what happened and say this is a way to pressure a not just a government pressure a society to collapse klay to start to undermine law enforcement to make it impossible for them to do their job to create a culture of lawlessness and to make people afraid in their own neighborhoods unless they go along with the mob. There has been no accountability for that whatsoever. The media pretends like it didn't happen. The uprising of twenty twenty was a national disgrace. But we can't talk about that only january six riot. That's the only riot not even all the the riots that took place all summer book but every major city. They had boarded up all of the city for election day and election night. They weren't doing that. If joe biden one they were doing that if donald trump had one. And so this idea and i think jim jordan nailed it. If you want to believe in lawfulness which i think most of our listeners do it certainly would i do. Then you have to apply the law evenly to everyone you which is what i've heard. Most republicans say. Look if you are going to prosecute people for breaking the law as a protest turns into a riot. That is what. American police in american district attorney's should do but pretending that the january six incident was anywhere near as dangerous or long lasting or significant as the b. o. m. riots of the summer is a fundamental on truth and so on the one hand as jim jordan said democrats. Were bailing out. Everybody who was being arrested during the protests. Can you imagine the reaction if donald trump were raising money to bail out people involved in january six. Let's let's look at that juxtaposition for a second because yes you're absolutely correct but it even goes in the far opposite direction where you have. People who have been held in solitary confinement allegedly for their own protection. But actually when you see the court filings which i have read. You will see on some of them. You will see that the judges say we can't let them out because of the threat of another insurrection. In at least one case so called cunanan. shame in. it's clear the guy has has live your mental health issues. Yeah keeping this person in solitary confinement as though he's a threat is inhumane. But the frauds at cnn the washington post the new york times the aclu the left-wing narrative apparatus. Not even media. Apparatus has nothing to say about this other than it's necessary to protect our sacred democracy and something else that comes to mind clay this plot against whitmer which was used right before the election. You remember. Oh my gosh. Whitmer was pro locked down. Now there's a plot against serve all these people we find out a dozen fbi informants and agents involved. What are the fbi. Agents in the alleged whitmer plot has now been arrested for severe spousal abuse assaulting his wife after a taking her to a swingers party. So this individual up on the stand. It's going to be quite quite a scene. I can cross examination. I'd like to watch. I mean you wanna talk about a A heck of a of a situation but to your point the entire process by which this was sold as if this were a well organized. Plot designed to kidnap gretchen. Whitmer designed like with military precision all of these things which basically we had been told to us. It looks more and more like the government in many ways manufactured this entire story. I'm having a harder time when conservatives in good faith come up to me at events or they see me on the they wanna talk to me and they'll come and they'll have a theory. Maybe you could even say it's conspiracy theory. But they'll have a theory about something they'll say to me buck. Not only do. I think the fbi had informants on january six on capitol hill switching from whitmer to capitol hill january. Six for a second. I think the f. b. i. Really spurred this on. I'll say well you know we don't really have the evidence. Yeah and they'll say to me. Can you tell me that. That's not possible. And i sit there. And i say no. I actually can't tell you that's not possible because the next thing they'll say to me is what about the fact that the entire mainstream media apparatus lied for months about officer sick nick on january six being beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. Right fundamentally did not happen and would have been provable. And just a matter of fact certainly within forty eight hours of the initial incident. The guy died two days after the event actually happened. He has died of a stroke and yet they're reporting on this was you could go back and see beaten to death with fire extinguisher. These were murderers insurrectionist. That was a vicious and intentional. Lie so when things like that happen. And that's a matter of fact and then people say to me a dozen fbi agents therefore the inception of the whitmer plot and this is all before january in a dozen by the way you know this better than most people. That's a major effort men informants off but yeah does doesn't informants and people were basically. They're being handled by their handlers. Are at the i. Agents from inception. This plot never really made sense and note. they're taking it to trial. Only one person has taken some kind of a plea. Everyone else is going to trial on this one. Because if you're taking this kind of thing that trial usually it means you think you've got a fighting chance because otherwise the sentences are going to be so severe. We're getting to the point where until there's accountability for the lies. The lies about officer sick nick. Being beaten to death the media lied about that the not the lack of willingness to tell us what happened to ashley abbott her and what's the legal justification for it. Why can't we see the surveillance footage from january six until we have answers to this when people come to me and they have a theory. All i can say in an and that's assuming i don't agree. Sometimes i do. Sometimes i don't but all i can say about some of these theories that they have is. I can't tell you you're wrong. Just based on the faith. You should have in the doj and the fbi. Because i come from the cia. And i have very little faith whenever politics are involved that you can trust these places and i think that speaks to. The overall lack of trust in american institutions in general continues to decline. We talked earlier this week about the two least trusted groups in all of the country and what he thinks involved here. Congress and the media were the two least trusted groups in the entire country by the masses. I think one congress has a twelve percent approval. Rate according to recent gallup poll and the media has a sixteen percent approval rate the both of them are directly. Involved in january sixth right. And so when you look at situations like these. I can understand why people at a minimum wanna point out the hypocrisy and certainly at an additional minimum. Don't buy into face value explanations. They're having shared with them. Another explanation that no one should buy into is that democrats are doing a good job on crime. Got this thing under control biden. Wanted to tell folks who are were on it. We got no joke. We got it. It's not true. He does not always says that. Clay not a joke. Not a joke. No one thinks he's joking. It's like somebody who you ever meets. Owner says no offense at the wrong time. Just say no offense man but it's really sunny outside. That's not how you say. The joe biden. Does that with not a joke. You know say are went for a walk on the grandkid today. Not a joke. Not a joke. Is that entire. Cnn and special journalistic Special by the way. I need to read you how. Cnn we talked about this before the show starting to realize. I still haven't done it when we come back. I need to read you. Cnn's headline coverage of cnn's townhall. With joe biden. People will absolutely love it. Absolutely love it. I mean wanna jump off a bridge. We'll talk about the next if we've learned anything since twenty twenty it's at there's nothing quite as important for your overall health as a powerful immune system. That's why over. Twenty years ago naturopathic doctor. Dennis black of texas invented the incredible texas superfood the original superfood. I've known dr dennis black for years and he hooking up with texas superfood then. I've had great health because it brings. It brings you. Fifty five vine ripened fruits and vegetables plus probiotic and digestive enzymes. So you can build your body's defense from the inside out know how your grandmother told you. Eat your fruits and veggies but with busy schedules and all the fast food those burgers those fries all that stuff. A lot of people don't eat all the fruits and veggies. They need to well. That's why in a sense. Texas superfood is the safety net for your diet. They've been doing it for over twenty years if you can't won't or don't eat all your fruits and vegetables every day. Texas superfood was made for you. Start boosting your immune system for under two dollars a day go to texas superfood dot com slash book or call eight five five texas fifty five. That's texas superfood dot com slash or call eight five five texas fifty-five clay travis buck sexton. Show i am clay travis. We are finishing off the thursday edition of the show. I am here in los angeles. The mass capital. Unfortunately of all of america are thanks to big ten. Commissioner kevin warren who joined us earlier in the program. Also want to encourage you. Go subscribe to the podcast. You can give us five stars you search out my name klay search out we also as always want to say thanks to the four hundred plus stations out there that are encouraging and allowing us to have the biggest audience anywhere in radio and we appreciate all of you in all fifty states who are listening to us right now buck sexton. The joe biden ridiculous. Townhall i wanted to make sure that i mentioned how. Cnn covered said townhall. It is true insanity. This was cnn. They had this on their cnn. Breaking news in the wake of the joe biden townhall. How will you address gun violence from federal point of view to actually bring about change and make our local cities safer now. I'm not being a wise guy. There's no resolution. Have you seen my gun. Vinyls i've introduced as you know because you're so involved. Actually crime is down gun. Violence and murder rates are up guns. I'm the only guy that ever got passed legislation. When i was a senator to make sure we eliminated assault. Weapons the idea. You need a weapon that can have the ability to fire. Twenty thirty forty fifty a hundred twenty shots from that weapon whether it's a boy or whether it's a nine millimeter pistol or whether it's a rifle is ridiculous that show by talking about the crime which is out of control and we're gonna talk about some tomorrow as well and It reminds me a little bit of dc mayor. marion berry. Who famously said these. He doesn't have a crime rate. Except for the murders when you say crimes down except for the murders. It's kind of an important part to not have a lotta murders but what i wanted to hit you. Cnn covering this town hall you heard us play a lot of different clips throughout the course of the show in his cnn townhall. This is cnn. Breaking news biden tackled cova nineteen vaccine has itsy and misinformation and delivered some tough economic love as he discussed pressing issues. Does that sound like an accurate reflection of what we saw and heard from joe biden as c. n. n. quote reports on their own townhall. Joe biden everything. He says he will continue to say and in the same way for the duration of his presidency because everything that he's been saying for forty years as a democrat is essentially the most mediocre pablum. You could ever come up with. I mean it's just you know folks were know real clash fair shot and people sitting down looking at the at the bowl in front of them and thinking america. And you know you're just you sit there you say what is this idiot actually rambling about. But that's everything with him all the time. I mean there. Were you remember when he was supposed to be the foreign policy brain of the obama administration that was initially why he was the vice president. They just whatever they wanna say about. Joe they'll say about joe. It doesn't really matter. Yeah and and and we're gonna talk about this with jim jordan tomorrow in second hour. Encourage you to listen to that conversation. But i think what you're seeing is while the democratic party claims that they care a great deal about disinformation and In all of those assorted aspects. They are disinformation masters. I mean you know. I'm reading harry potter to my To my six year old right now and the democrats in many ways have mastered the dark arts if you've been reading or watch those films at any point. it's really kind of amazing how they are so adroit and adept at choosing republicans of things that they themselves are doing and doing more. Effectively resumes is a favorite tactic. The favourite during the obama years that i recall was obama always just smashing arguments that republicans were making except they weren't actually making those arguments but he would pretend you know it'd be like some people say everyone america should start death and we all hate our own children but i disagree. That was the obama move. In the biden era. The classic democrat attack has turned into of we. They're undermining our democracy while a bunch of texas democrats are absconding from austin and not allowing the state legislature to act or not allowing people to leave to leave their homes and go to their churches during covert. I mean i think the threat from democracy people the ones who are always talking about it is amazing and a guy. Who's really good at talking about that. Jim jordan he's going to join us tomorrow. Encourage you to hang out with us for the second hour. We can't wait to finish out the week with some fun. Also the olympics are starting. There's no telling what's gonna happen bach. There's a big fan of was awaiting steve first of all again. Go sweden's all. I got to tell you okay. They don't neil. And i like the swedish lady soccer players. I'm just putting it out there. They're nizeyimana work hard. I say go sweden and then there was a handball team. That didn't want to wear the little short shorts. You know they got you. See that trouble. And jim jordan is gonna help us put communism in a half nelson tomorrow. Which is going to be a lot of fun. We got that to look forward to Police check out. Clay travis and buck sexton on our various Twitter and facebook follow me facebook dot com slash books and follow klay. Tomorrow you're listening to clay travis and buck sexton fund the network yet. Your next job off to the right started lows during our just for pros event. Now through july twenty third. Save seventy bucks in the bosch freak. Eighteen volt to in one impact driver kit with bonus accessories was to nineteen. Now just one forty nine or pinpoint accuracy with the new bosch blaze one hundred and sixty five foot laser distance measure with bluetooth connecting. Only it loads shop in store online loads the new home for pros valid through seven twenty-three. Us only have you ever wondered what the media and big tech is hiding from. You like massive stories that actually affect you and your life that they don't want you to see because they make the left in the biden administration look bad when there's a podcast dedicated to exposing all of that each and every day so download the fastest growing podcast and the conservative movement. The ben ferguson. Show podcast right now. That's right you can listen to ben ferguson. Show podcast iheartradio. App apple podcast. Wherever you get your podcast. Download it right now.

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NEJM This Week  August 20, 2020

NEJM This Week - Audio Summaries

26:01 min | 1 year ago

NEJM This Week August 20, 2020

"Welcome this is the New England Journal of Medicine I'm Dr Michael Beer This Week August twentieth two thousand twenty. We feature articles on Evan Akyab for familial hypercholesterolemia, the effects of diet versus gastric bypass in diabetes drug coated balloons for dysfunctional dialysis, arterial Venus Fistulas, fracture risk, versus fracture prevention with biscuits and the challenges of return to work in an ongoing pandemic. A review article on TriGem IT'LL NEURALGIA a case report of a woman with altered mental status and weakness on the left side and perspective articles on low threshold buprenorphine initiation on when prescribing isn't enough on the death throes of mercy and on when the MR stole a doctor's pen. Evan Accu mob for Hosego's familial hypercholesterolemia. Frederick. Rawal from the University of the Mid potus round Johannesburg. Homo. Familial hypercholesterolemia is characterized by premature cardiovascular disease caused by markedly elevated levels of low density lightbulb protein, ldl cholesterol in this phase three trial sixty, five patients with. Familial. Hypercholesterolemia who were receiving stable lipid lowering therapy were randomly assigned to receive an intravenous infusion of Accu Map and monoclonal antibody against NGO Poyton like three every four weeks or placebo the mean baseline ldl cholesterol level in the two groups was two, hundred, fifty, five point one milligrams per deciliter despite the receipt of maximum doses of background lipid lowering therapy at week twenty, four patients in the Evan Accu Map Group had a relative reduction from baseline in the LDL cholesterol level of forty seven point one percent as compared with an increase of one point, nine percent in the placebo group. The LDL cholesterol level was lower in the Evan. Accu mad group than in the Placebo Group in patients with no no variants minus forty three point four percent versus positive sixteen point two percent and in those with non null variants minus forty nine point one percent versus minus three point eight percent. Adverse events were similar in the two groups. In this phase three trial Evan Accu map substantially lowered ldl cholesterol levels in patients with. Familial hypercholesterolemia regardless of the degree of their ldl receptor function. Sandra casten from Vulcan and university. The Netherlands writes in an editorial that the results of this trial are great news for patients with Jose, familial hypercholesterolemia and may reduce the need for invasive treatment such as F- Orissa's in some patients. The question then arises as to whether patients without familial hypercholesterolemia who have elevated plasma LDL cholesterol levels may benefit from such therapy. For such patients evacutate maybe come of interest if statins, cholesterol absorption inhibitors, and P. C.. S., K., nine inhibitors do not lower ldl cholesterol levels to a sufficient degree or have unacceptable side effects since Eboni map? Substantially lowered plasma triglycerides levels a secondary outcome in the trial. The drug may also be useful in patients with familial kylo micro anemia syndrome. In this respect Evan Accu mab differs from treatment that mainly target ldl cholesterol twenty years after the identification of NGO. Point and like proteins these hormones appear to have fulfilled their promise as targets for Lipid? Lowering. Therapy. Evan Accu Mab is a valuable adjunct to standard cholesterol lowering therapy in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia and may be clinically useful for a much wider group of patients. Effects of Diet versus gastric bypass on metabolic function in diabetes by Miyoko Yoshino from Washington University School of Medicine Saint Louis. This study evaluated whether ru on Y. gastric bypass has therapeutic effects independent of weight loss on the major physiologic factors that regulate glycemic control in people with obesity and type two diabetes. The investigators assessed the metabolic response to mixed meal Ingestion Twenty, four hour glucose, free fatty acid, and insolent profiles, Multi Organ Insulin Sensitivity, and Beta south function before and after matched approximately eighteen percent weight loss induced by gastric bypass surgery or diet therapy. Alone, the data show that after marked weight loss induced by either diet therapy or gastric bypass. There were considerable improvements in body composition body fat mass intra. Abdominal adipose. Tissue volume and Intra hypnotic triglycerides content twenty, four hour plasma glucose free fatty acid, and insulin profiles Beta cell function and insulin sensitivity in the liver skeletal muscle and adipose tissue with no significant differences between the groups. In any of these variables, these results underscore the potent therapeutic effects of weight loss on metabolic function and show that at the metabolic benefits of gastric bypass surgery are probably the result of weight loss alone. In an editorial Clifford Rosen from Tufts University School of Medicine Boston and Julie Ingle Finger Deputy editor for the Journal write that taken together the data suggest that the metabolic benefits of gastric bypass surgery were principally result of weight loss owing to reduce overall at Positi, several study limitations are important to note the trial was not randomized and there were small numbers in each group. In addition, there was probably some confounding due to differences between patients who underwent surgery and those who chose. A low calorie diet furthermore, all operations were ruined why procedures. So extrapolating those findings to the improved glucose tolerance associated with vertical sleeve gas struck me currently, the most frequent procedure must be done with caution. Nevertheless, this study confirms the pathogenic nature of Obesity in driving insulin resistance and ultimately type two diabetes. Furthermore, it delivers a straightforward and important message for both clinicians and patients reducing adipose tissue box him by whatever means will likely improve blood glucose control in persons with type two diabetes. Drug coded by for dysfunctional. Dialysis. CHEERIO VENUS FISTULAS by Robert Looks Teen from ICAHN School of Medicine at Mount Sinai New York. Standard Perky Tiniest Trans looming angioplasty is the current recommended treatment for dysfunctional hemodialysis fistulas. Yet long term outcomes of this treatment or poor drug coated balloons delivering the anti restonic agent Taxol may improve outcomes in this study after a successful high pressure urkainian translational angioplasty three hundred thirty patients with new or recent audit lesions in native upper extremity. Arterial Venous Fistulas will randomly assigned to receive treatment with a drug coated balloon or a standard balloon during the six months after the index procedure target lesion. Primary, Peyton city was maintained more often in participants who had been treated with the drug coated balloon. Then in those who had been treated with a standard balloon eighty, two point, two percent versus fifty nine point, five percent drug coated balloons were non inferior to standard balloons with respect to the primary safety and point of serious adverse events involving the arterial Venus Access Circuit within thirty days, four point, two percent and four point four percent respectively sensitivity analysis supported the results of the primary analyses. Drug coated balloon angioplasty was superior to standard angioplasty for the treatment of static lesions in dysfunctional hemodialysis arterial Venus fistulas during the six months after the procedure and was non inferior with respect to access circuit related serious adverse events within thirty days. Atypical Femur fracture risk versus fragility fracture prevention with Biscuits Dennis. Black from the University of California San Francisco. Phosphates are effective in reducing hip and osteoporotic fractures ever concerns about a typical femur fractures have contributed to substantially decreased use and the incidence of hip fractures may be increasing important uncertainties remain regarding the association between Atypical Femur fractures and base phosphates and other risk factors. The investigators studied women, fifty years of age or older who were receiving phosphates and who were enrolled in the Kaiser Permanente southern. California healthcare system among one, hundred, ninety, six, thousand, one, hundred, twenty, nine, women, two, hundred, seventy seven atypical femur fractures occurred after multi variable adjustment the risk of atypical fracture increased with longer duration of BIS phosphate use the hazard ratio as compared with less than three months increased from eight point eight six for three years to less five years to forty three point five, one for eight years or more. Other. Risk factors included race hazard ratio for Asians versus whites four point eight, four, height weight, and glucocorticoid use BIS phosphate discontinuation was associated with a rapid decrease in the risk of atypical fracture decreases the risk of osteoporotic and hip fractures during one to ten years of his phosphate US far outweighed the increased risk of atypical fracture among whites but less. So among Asians. After three years, one hundred, forty, nine hip fractures were prevented and two BIS phosphate associated atypical fractures occurred in whites as compared with ninety one and eight respectively in Asians. In. This study, the absolute risk of Atypical Femur fracture remained very low as compared with reductions in the risk of hip and other fractures with BIS phosphate treatment. Try Jemele Neuralgia a review article by Giorgio Cuckoo from Sep yen's University of Rome. TriGem neuralgia traditionally called Tick Dula is a chronic neuropathic pain disorder characterized by spontaneous and elicited paroxysms of a shock like or stabbing pain in a region of the face of poor quality of life and suicide in severe cases have been attributed to the disorder. A classification of Jemele NEURALGIA has been adopted by several professional societies and forms the basis of its description in the. International classification of diseases eleventh revision. The diagnosis of trigeminal Neuralgia is clinical and is based on three main criteria pain restricted to the territory of one or more divisions of the try Jemele nerve paroxysms of pain that are sudden intense and very short and are described as a shock or an electric sensation and pain triggered by innocuous stimuli in the face or intra oral TriGem. Territory. Triggered Paroxysm Oh, pain is particular to try Jamil Niro and is reported by ninety one to ninety. Nine percent of patients indicating that this feature may be pathogenic Monica of. TriGem Inal Algebra. Although paroxysm facial pain is the hallmark of TriGem algebra twenty, four to forty nine percent of patients report continuous or long lasting pain between Paroxysm tax background fluctuating pain with a distribution that is consistent with that of the parents. Dismal pain is described as burning throbbing aching Sodium Channel blockers are the first choice treatment if they are unsuccessful vascular decompression or a blade of procedures may be used. A sixty year old woman with altered mental status and weakness on the left side. A case record of the Massachusetts General Hospital by a niche, sing, Hall and colleagues. A sixty year old woman with schizophrenia presented with altered mental status and weakness on the left side during the covid nineteen pandemic one week earlier cough and headache developed on the day before admission vomiting and diarrhea developed that day. The patient was last seen by her husband at three PM before she went to sleep. The husband reported that the patient awoke screaming at one. Am when EMS personnel arrived, the patient was reportedly lethargic and unable to answer questions in the emergency department. The patient reported weakness on the left side of her body and persistent headache. She reported that when she had awoken at one am unable to move or speak was afraid she was going to die and began screaming for help. She did not speak English and was marginally housed sleeping in the living room of friends apartment with her husband. Diffusion weighted MRI of the head revealed a punk tape focus of restricted diffusion within the posterior limb of the right internal capsule with no corresponding abnormality on fluid attenuated inversion recovery images attest of a nasal swab for SARS covy to Aren a was posited treatment decisions were made and the patient was admitted to the hospital. The physicians determined that this patient's brief psychosis was probably related to direct and indirect effects of SARS cove to infection including the socioeconomic effects of covid nineteen in combination with underlying schizophrenia and to the new infarct in the right hemisphere. Challenges of return to work in ongoing pandemic a special report by mark. Barnes. From ropes and Gray Boston. As economic and political pressure has built to relax shelter in place public health orders for control of. COVID. Nineteen Industry Professional Service firms retail and service establishments and educational institutions seek to establish norms that protect workers, customers, clients, students, and visitors. The pandemic poses challenges unprecedented in the modern developed economy of the United States for a broad range of workplaces, businesses, and institutions all are struggling in their. Activities and on their premises to prevent transmission of dangerous, highly infectious airborne pathogen. The foundations of employer and institutional prevention are relatively inexpensive personal protective equipment whose use is taught and monitored basic administrative controls such as segmenting the workforce reducing density and mandating self deferral from work for those who feel ill and environmental controls such as the use of physical barriers and the careful management of change and filtration. Testing at present is most effectively used for accurate assessment and follow of contacts whereas the use of contact tracing APPs and mandatory screening. By means of Molecular Antibody Antigen tests currently appears to be more complicated, less efficient and less effective than more traditional public health measures. A good place to start low threshold buprenorphine initiation a perspective article by Justin Burke from the Warren Alpert School of Medicine at. Brown University Providence. Rhode Island. Doctor Burke started this morning by knocking on the door of a white van illegally parked outside the gates of the Baltimore. City Detention Center a busy correctional facility in a resilient city struggling with the country's highest opioid overdose fatality rate. This vehicle had been re purposed as a mobile health unit to address the overdose crisis. When the door opened doctor burke walk through a small wooden entryway to the six by six foot doctor's office dropped off his backpack and greeted the rest of the team the. Team was prepared to quite literally meet patients with addiction where they were one third of people with opioid use disorder Oh you'd have been involved with the criminal justice system in the previous year, but despite robust evidence showing the effectiveness of addiction treatment in correctional facilities people with Oh, you D-. Who are incarcerated rarely receive medication re entry into the community can be a dangerous time people recently released from prison are one hundred, twenty, nine times more likely than the general population to die of an overdose. To help save lives the van Goghs to them a clinic visit started with pounding on the van door that welcomed their patient in with Granola bars and hot chocolate Dr Birch role was to prescribe Buprenorphine to people recently released from incarceration they set a low threshold for treatment initiation. When prescribing isn't enough pharmacy level barriers to buprenorphine access a perspective article by Hannah Cooper from the Rollins School of Public Health at emory university Atlanta. Federal and state initiatives designed to increase access to Buprenorphine have focused nearly exclusively on physicians and other prescribers. Yet, their success depends entirely on whether pharmacists dispense buprenorphine to patients who present with the prescription. Emerging evidence suggests that many pharmacists in a persistent epicenter of the Oh you D- epidemic in the United States central. Appalachia do not a two thousand, sixteen, West Virginia study found that forty seven percent of pharmacists surveyed did not stock Buprenorphine and twenty five percents did not start combination buprenorphine in the lock zone more recent qualitative research conducted in central Appalachia has found that many pharmacists ration buprenorphine or routinely reviews to fill buprenorphine prescriptions and a two thousand nineteen survey of one hundred, thirty Pennsylvania Pharmacists revealed that most were only mildly supportive of Buprenorphine. Emerging evidence from central. APPALACHIA identifies three barriers that may undermine buprenorphine dispensing in this region, and perhaps nationally I supply side policies designed to curb opioid diversion appear to exert a chilling effect on dispensing of Buprenorphine, by pharmacists. Second Years of over prescribing of opioid analgesics in central Appalachia heavy rooted pharmacists. Trust in physicians who prescribe Buprenorphine. buprenorphine itself finally, stigma towards people who use drugs and toward harm reduction interventions is pervasive. The death throes of mercy. Our shared responsibility when hospitals close up perspective article by Austin, Keila ru from the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia. Hospital closures, disrupt communities. They also demand that we clarify our goals. Do we come together to support endangered hospitals or do we support the patients and communities relying on them? Sometimes, the second requires the first but not always for two hundred, forty, five years the Philadelphia General Hospital served the city as a public institution. It closed in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, seven when the city could no longer afford escalating operating costs and capital expenses. The creation of Medicare and Medicaid also made it easier for private hospitals to care for the poor and the elderly. Private hospitals assumed responsibility for vulnerable patients and crafted a new safety net. Many of these hospitals have since closed last year the bankruptcy of Hahnemann University Hospital drew national attention and was portrayed by some observers as a tale of corporate greed endangering the health of vulnerable patients less than a year. Later, another Philadelphia Institution Mercy Philadelphia Hospital has announced that it will close although mercy has made noble efforts to remain open including expanding its emergency department. The hospital is in its death throes For All the disruption they cause hospital closures represent opportunities to develop new and robust ways to support patients. All strategies should be informed and driven by community needs but a few strategies are evident in Philadelphia that could be applied more broadly. When the are stole my pen up perspective article by Ranjana Shrivastava from Monache Health Melbourne Victoria Australia. Lost something. Doctor. I think my nice pen slipped under your sheets Dr Srivastav Rains Groaning at the thought of moving his diabetic legs. The patient says, maybe you should keep your nice pens at home. People have been telling Dr Srivastav that for years her first nice pen was Schaefer a medical school graduation present from a friend silver trimmed in goals. It was the first item engraved with her new title of Doctor. After everything it took her to get there. She couldn't leave the pendant home her dutiful. Schaefer. Lasted two years before she lost during code she felt simultaneously annoyed guilty and bereft after some searching she bought herself an elegant waterman she managed to hold onto it for a few years until a friend upgraded it to asleep. When she passed her fellowship exam Dr Shrivastav. Husband surprised her with the black and gold mom blonde and unexpected responsibility. Should she leave it in its silk cocoon designated as a milestone Penn Mir. Admiration couldn't do it justice. So she began taking it on rounds, but then the electronic medical record Emr was coming and they had to conform. She saw the benefit of having radiology and pathology at our fingertips but at the cost of a widened gap between her and patience yet perhaps the EMR's most unanticipated disappointment for Dr Srivastava has been the overnight irrelevance of her pen. Our images in clinical medicine features a ten year old boy who presented to the emergency department with a painful and growing lesion on the palm of his left hand three days earlier, his hand had been lacerated by a kitchen knife. The wound had been sued in the emergency department after the initial injury. At the time of this presentation, a wound abscess was initially suspected and Povich. Joan Iodine was applied to the hand in anticipation of incision and drainage examination of the hand before the procedure showed neuro vascular intact digits and large pulsa tile mass without warmth or era thema. A brewery was heard on Lasko tation of the lesion. Vascular anomalies can result from congenital post infectious or traumatic causes. There is a risk of substantial bleeding if they are inappropriately incised, the aneurysm was isolated and excised and the patient recovered without complications. In another image of forty seven year old man presented to the emergency department with a three day history of a pus chiller rash that had developed on both hands one week before presentation, he started treatment with Penicillin v Potassium for Pharyngitis, a throat swab culture grew group a Beta hemolytic streptococcus physical examination revealed multiple pustules surrounded by an Erythematosus rim on the palms of both hands and. Both feet. Laboratory test results showed an absolute neutral count of fourteen, thousand, nine, hundred cubic millimeter and a c reactive protein level of thirty milligrams per liter renal function was normal a punch biopsy specimen of a Palmar lesion was obtained and histo-pathological analysis revealed a sub Corneille pustule and mono nuclear cell infiltrates in the dermal. These findings were consistent with post streptococcal pustule Osas an uncommon complication of Group A streptococcal infection that may be misdiagnosed as Pomo plantar psoriasis or acute generalized exam theme. It is postulated. Topical Treatment with Clo- Betas all was initiated and the rash resolves after fourteen days at the one year. Follow up visit. The patient had no recurrence of the rash. This concludes our summary Let us know what you think about our audio summaries any comments or suggestions maybe sent to audio at Nejm Dot Org. Thank you for listening.

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Episode #345 Hip-Hop & RnB feat - Cardi B & Beyonce

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Episode #345 Hip-Hop & RnB feat - Cardi B & Beyonce

"SHAKEDOWN radio recruits tags on tune one digital, every Sunday night. Ten PM wisdom strenuous time on Monday morning Sydney Australia time. Adm At www dot tune one, dot com today you that's. The number one dot com eight years. SHAKEDOWN radio crease tags on Stutter- if. Every Wednesday night at seven PM Sydney Australia time playing adm in house at W., W. W. Dot. com. SHAKEDOWN? Right. Now, the radio bringing you. House and club Wayne is eight. PM. From Sunshine Coast Wasteland. At www dot. Online. Chris Cag- just proud twenty hours on twenty four, seven at radio station goes www dot aren t web radio DOT COM. SHAKEDOWN. Radio. Listening to your desktop mobile, I do or mg web radio with shakedown radio. Chris gags www dog RMC web radio DOT COM four played. Compiled by Kit, Easy, of oiled, FM Nova, FM, and club. At www dot four play dot FM. She. down. Radio Chris Gags. Harvey everybody's listening to it. Everywhere guys play all the songs I love to listen to Joe Load. Ww Dot Chris Kegs Dot. com. How? This. Free. Seven days a week. And Make that allow get rid. In. The split Pincus's. In goose. beat it up baby catch a charge at and. It's so hot. Put this cookie biding your face knows credit card happened I want to buy a book Keith. Rowley. My Dad's sweat. Signed me up comes to pass will play a with this guy. So I want you to part that big match. Critical. Treat make a stream pundit makes gain I. Don't Cook I don't clean. Guy. Gobble me swallow me trip me. Out Let out of me and said, I'm GonNa put it never tell them well be down on a by having a Bill. Called why you? Like. Hang, already made his mind. Paying your coat. He found a phone just for pictures wake. To recent just to kiss me. Not, make your brain. Way, to. She Look Anita Hall hit Anita Baffoni the Henny drink and smoke not a goddess Nick I need a King Cobra with a hook. Any hope believe. Padded cookie one just like credit. He got a beer. We're not gonNA read it island. That betty going. On. I want to touch that. So it's The Beckham. Montauk mistrial to son to son his drives coming up for. Kuzma Hamad with. A free hand species switch my wing, make them feel like he put him on his knees giving some to believe in the fight, but I'm looking for be. Changed when they eat if the. About Feeder, these big. How can make you both before I ever meet you if it don't hang any bang, you can't hurt my feelings but I like painting. Il Me as. Rather. Go spell my name. This out. In. In The split in cushy. At. The. Snuff from the MIC. That's the wet. Get A. Wet assume. I'm talking about. Medical, Bonino. Doesn't. Notice out. where saying water down willingly. Grounds. old-age. Hsun. I. Hope. Donna. Mom. Virginia. S O. Always Wrong Just. Ask. To Mike Foale. Cheeses. On. My window down. Any Fisherman men. Now. In Mark. Own Need. Your picky fat. into. and. Love the. Latest Say if gathered. Potato need another. Ads. Old. Laundry. Food. Dams. Niveau. A. Ask. was myself also. Sponsored advertisement. Chris. SHAKEDOWN. Shake, down radio DOT COM. Four. Zero. Four zero, nine, seven, seven, one, six, three and email. Chris gags. SHAKEDOWN radio DOT. com. SHAKEDOWN? Radio. Is Available on. Download the spotify at the. Door and. Dole. SHAKEDOWN radio. Sing. Another one. Charlie issue caught him phone. Non Stop Plane to the ALICARTE you're. Pulling, let them giving drugs are non I`Ma pop star, not a doctor. Him. From. Hey. The. Was the. Last Twenty twenty. I. WanNa life legendary one I. WANNA quit deaf. Easy One, I WANNA pretty. An honest one. Drink and another one. Trump signs. Pasta did. You look probably managers. I got. To deal with twenty the Buddha. Every. Take many charges as it needs to my. Plan I'm just like. My. Company automotive pieces my I'm sexy. Needs visits my please don't take this. In I'm not driving. Got Caught Him phone Tom Lockdown, stuff from the plane. Lecarr your cavs pulling. On giving drugs are non. Pop Star. Not A dot. com. To. Get pulling. Out a doubt. I'm a pop star not a doctor watcher says you rebel whole different blogs. Busy. CRIB. OBSTA. Joyce. David Pasta. Body. Like Kevin. Costner To Whitney Houston Texas. But evening, they tell the same story so much based on the. To Start I. was. Even. Man How to Two four six, eight watches factory soda. In really people. Don't even get this big. Faced. Case. Don't. Sneak weight. Keep A. Got Keep. Swag got caught him phone come locked nonstop plane to. Lecarr. Pullen let them giving drugs on? Star. Not a doctor. Stop. giving. Not Housed. Search. Your hand makes pipe both. That it's only the. Bar Meaning girl opposite. Suchitra. It's You must try to. Add. But and. been. Acting. Confused when you close to If. Look dazed. Some plays have got calls to A. Name. As that. would. Shake. Shake shakedown radio TAG. Cloud available www dot. com slash. Refrain. The show over he'll. The Rain Ball. Showed me the. Common down. It's common owner. On Baby. Older. Tape. Blame. Fine. I'll be Joe Galaxy, I'm bouts of. Rain on soon. Talk. Get. A. Town. Do. You owner. Golf. and. Compensate. Dallas. Burn. Your. Does do is. How honesty your ticket to the heavenly WANNA save. ME. Some. Alone. votes. Tuesday only do. Own A. Dallas Burn and Give me your. Doors. Above. Your. Kid. President. This is Ryan from one republic. Back. Crap. Familiar with Chris. Tag connects with Chris cats on social media off by. FACEBOOK DOT com slash Chris Cox Radio, and twitter. Grab ask Chris Gags. And Screen. Just, my right quick. Address. Like this. Impress like this probably got him on the. Back. In the. Bag take. The best. Thing equipment. Keeping. Bush. Bush. Have you. Stand you back. Home. took. Look. I woke up. In Bad Yup. vk. Check my chest mindset right? Quick. Address like this, but I've been impressed like this. Bags that can. Be Bad could pick. The best. Excuse. Keeper close. Friend I. Back, committed Brennan and you really. Spine. With Chris Gags. Four play. Compiled by. Of Wild F. L. Nova FM and clumsy and. WWW. Dot four play dot F. L.. Wearing EDM lives for play. Talk. Radio Presents Down Radio and Chris gags and his own Internet radio station. So let shake shown radio. Mobile. PANDU RMC Web radio with Shakedown Radio and Chris Gags www dot our web radio. Dot Com Australia Ward Filipino has Northern Irish singer Songwriter Cat Thomson delivers her new single leap buffets out now. Having worked with HIP hop artist Eve American rb singer, Lloyd, New Zealand's savage legal faith is available to download on bed camp and dream on spotify. Cat Thompson DOT COM. Do in the music videos. Joy James Dean's online dance classes. Afoot find out more on. Jeans. Dean. Dance Club. On coins. For you the made od set of October twenty, twenty long weekend covid nineteen recovery reunion polly with the twist like Heison said, he wanted to say the three options sweet salary Sydney. Sharia. Non PM disagree I am DJ's. Could Hill stay play techniques and crews scretary DJ. So you might classic Northeast Dame's housing oil energy over we revealed two months prior to the event tickets online at www dot com booking dot com slash breach I in. See. What's your free the old days as Senator Oct Twenty Twenty Long, way came. Early. Stage Conference held on the gold. coast. Eight year in August over the course of two days you can check out the latest gear and equipment on display network without the DJ's and MC's from across Australia, and improve your skills and knowledge by patchy painting and Thompson seminars by the. With a diverse range of topics, including music, mixing social media, sales, and marketing, and how to book more events. There is something for every day Jay or anyone can attend bait meeks. Sorry. If you WANNA learn grow individually in business to the next level, he needed to attend eight Niks for more information. Follow. Bait. Knicks on facebook Instagram to learn more visit www dot eight makes dot com dot AU fatigue. Group presents RMC Web Radio along with Dj FM, Smooth Jazz FM and shakedown radio. Strange. We're on the hunt for announces. And Music. It is simply a male CEOS at rem wave radio DOT, com, and head to www dot are mg web radio. Dot Com M. G. Web radio y'all novel one source familiar shakedown Radio Chris Cox Presents. That Spelled D. L. U. X. Eighteen, a dot com for more. Info email. Deluxe tv.com UNTIL TEVITA DOT COM. Fashionable lifestyle. Have you heard of Mr Pepys a grassroots charity also known as Mental Health Survey? They encourage connection and community in a supportive and inclusive environment predominantly through monthly made up barbecues across Australia. FIND OUT MORE AT WWW DOT MR pepys dot your or email hiller at least a perfect. Dr. Friends. Shakedown with Chris gags. So for Sydney Tyner town on the from the storm. Star search diner and had to. Be Dot Sydney Diner. Dot Com. Dot Au. Share and for official. Search FM Eighty, seven, point six. Radio Station and Hashtag and. Where are you dining tonight? Anyway. Special. Buy US SYDNEY RACE TRUMP'S DOT com. It makes my dining a pleasure that simple as easy to use and it has all the restaurants that you can dream off. Only do is get on the site, choose the race strong book the restaurant and eat at the restaurant. How cool is that? It's even if you download the free dining at Sofer great night out click n dine with Sydney restaurants. Dot Com. So where are you dining tonight? Cats, shakedown radio. Chris Tags on. Every Wednesday night at seven PM Sydney Australia Time Plight Adm in house at www. Dot Com. I. Can't shake down radio recruits tags on June one digital every Sunday night. Ten PM wisdom strenuous time on Monday morning. Sydney. Australia time playing health and ADM at www dot tune one, dot com today you that's June the number one dot com that eight year old. SHAKEDOWN. Right. Now we could radio. Bringing you. And Club chains Wayne State is eight PM AST from. Sunshine. Stralia at www dot rushing yards on online. Four play DOT FM compiled by Jimmy Z, Voyles FM NOVA FM and club the delete delete dot four played Dot FM. War swear EDM lives four play DOT FM. Learn G web radio presents shakedown radio with Chris Kegs and his own radio station select shakedown radio. Like your best friend on the Air Radio Personality shakedown. Radio. Sit on your desktop mobile and ipad to our Angie web radio with shit down. Radio. And Chris Tags www dot org web radio DOT COM. Put this son of Bin Guy. Them Bid July. Can't. Talk. Kim Making. Don't stuff. Won't. With those. Boma? Patty. Own. Mason. Off. To. Dust. Built. With those. Boma. Bed. Only. All. A. Little odd. Own. Honey. One is being. She. Wish that She to. She We wish. Damn Thang. Show me. What you waiting for don't mind. Drake. Is. Dennis Black. Yes ma'am my niggers don't pay rope. itself host. fucking will for the PACER. Take a sack. Bring it back. Capacity I think. She. got. Her roommate they live on. The. Leader's fears face just. Lack of. She. She. Martin. She got her. Court suck. His The Diet I woke up and not decide. Watch. Putting? Your We. Did. We. Sleep. Pitch me she's a free short doll you know got her. VIP. She said I like your son Gatiss thing all night long she took them off. Song and said dedicated take me home I said. Take a shot. Food. Bring. retaken. Retired. got a roommate they live on seat. To leaders one. Gate. Followed the latest. We wish there. She can. She. We believe. She. Chris gags. Everybody's looking to everywhere guys play all the songs I love to listen to Joe Jolo. WWW DOT Chris. Cox Dot Bean Donka. Awesome. Would is sponsored advertise Chris Kegs on down. Head over to www dot. RADIO DOT COM or Zero four, zero, nine, seven, seven, one, six, three, and Chris gags. RADIO DOT COM. Another one. Charlie Comey Yvonne Eighteen. Good stubby. Louis. Me Flying to. Full speeds, Volley Perry. divine. Is. Volleyball. Speed both. Ways, my talk. Sand. Because, what are they don't be? I. Just Golden. Bough. means. Island. Divine. Coming. Rolls, Royce but didn't. Follow House appeal. Wife she. Added the. Real. Update. All. Divine team just. Not Divine. Only. Volleyball. Why are you making follow asylum Wayne Making Poverty? Being ranch now mind you decide you. I cry. Cry On K. Goes, you can stay in my she can stay in my Roman and I am I. I was trying to play right. I was trying to treat tunein. Style. Seeming A, mouse I. Have a problem. They went and foul on. Are you GONNA get it bad She can't help but get. Me On the side. I could say side. She didn't want to. Own. On. A. S. Only. But Case? S. Still Holding A. Day. Illinois. Six. pecan. Pause. Four. And a Stay what? Else. Think. Talk. Dan. SHAKEDOWN radio with Chris. Kegs Australia's number one for hip hop or in be streaming live until you W dot shakedown radio DOT COM. Yourself beyond this is hush. Music shakedown radio with Chris gags number one for hip hop. Streaming live www dot shakedown radio dot. com. Logged onto. Chris. SHAKEDOWN radio from the jets which studios Sydney. Australia to the glue beyond. bested hip hop and rb at www dot shakedown radio, dot com. Them. I think about it now. But I never. WanNa fall. Off. But. You. Know we've. Regrets in our. And you. Know you. Love Me. Ponte. How Baby. Get up. On. Asking the. Phone. Number. Kid. In, how often? Knock. Pundits. Love. McClellan. Upon. On on. CNN. Own. and. By. The Guy. To. Buy Go. Talk. Talk. Talk. How often feeling baby. Love Mule. Love. Tiny. Think. You just Ma. Burn calm. Thank. You. Very. Signed by. Shouted Seller meow. Really. Maybe on just paranoid. added. Is. That I get. There's. Maybe. We'll. Be. Inside I'm sad that I can't satisfy. Yeah. I pray that I get a right. There's time maybe we'll be I do. You just. Spurring Com. I do. You smell. ME. I just wanted to seize. Don't. Even, though got, let you go to. Be. This. One so much for me but. I spent every rep Assad said. Hundred Gigs of me on your phone now you saw that used to. Play you. Don't WANNA see was I? Say you just. Come. In and. You just. For income. Even. A. SHAKEDOWN radio with Chris Gangs is calling the rate from Chatswood, city Australia www dot shakedown radio dot com. To get a GM. have. Engine. Thank you. Crazy. I could tell you. A. Didn't. Was it. You. When Rich Rich. Pinch. Forte. You. down. down. down. The middle. down. I can put you on. As.

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Episode #343 Hip Hop & RnB feat. Cat Thompson & Mr Stalker

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Episode #343 Hip Hop & RnB feat. Cat Thompson & Mr Stalker

"Yup shakedown radio with Chris Kegs is coming to rich from Chatswood Sydney. Australia. WWW DOT shakedown radio DOT com. Tad. SHAKEDOWN radio recruits tags tune one digital every Sunday night. Ten PM. Strenuous time on Monday morning Sydney Australia time. Health and ADM at www dot tune one, dot com today you that's June the number one dot com that you. Catch shakedown radio. We'd crease tags on static. Every Wednesday night at seven PM Sydney Australia time playing eighty house at www dot stuttering pam dot com. SHAKEDOWN right. Chris. Good radio bringing you. And Club chains Weinstein is eight PM. From Sunshine Coast Queensland trailing at www dot. Online. Is Australia's number one for training dance music founded and compiled by Jimmy. WWW dot four play dot. FM Roberts Media Group RESETS AT G Web radio. Adm How are indeed Hof and. Streaming at www w orangey web radio DOT COM. Proudly only F-. tweet. On Australian community radio as well as in Sydney improvement to DJ. FM. Radio DJ. Radio mix it up. Radio Straight. Out Radio. makes. Buses Radio and? Radio. Kris K.. Bore. Down Radio. She. Chris can. Everybody's listening to it everywhere. All the songs I love to listen to Joe Load. W. Dot Chris Cox Dot Pug Bean Duncombe. Shake down video shakedown radio tagged. Blondie cloud available www dot the clouds dot com slash priest. I'll think about. But I never want to own. Against China. Question. But I. Know. Tommy. Regret now on the thing. Thing. Phase and you. Know. saw. A billion in how often feeling baby Nakajima. Again. Don't. Phone. Number. Oh i. Love. It me. May. Again. mainly. In how often feeling baby. into. B. McClellan. On ognjen. A new. Mile. Guy. Do. In How Many Pundits. Of A. Meal. Daniel love. On. J Alvin Juliana embedding with tiny one he owned the state radio podcast episodes four three with the best in the hip hop iron be I'm your host Chris Kegs Broadcasting from North Willoughby Chatswood Sydney. Shooting does to the PODCAST DOT. WWW dot Chris kegs don't dot com or Shakti I'm ready dot com and after two. Weeks cloud since Carbon Dan late on apple podcast Google podcasts, and spotify simply says shakedown radio cast. Shut. told the record labels the music via amp dot com student come over the AL we've got some new music back from Thomson australian-born Bone. Filipino. Novara singer Songwriter, you probably had the commercial leap of faith on our podcast who be featuring five of a singles and also a local Hiba. Came and Philip Stalker I K- I miss the stole. The show was the hottest urban check in the globe right now is kind of banged walk. Out. Free. Seven days a week. And Palau game. wicken. A. swigging. GimMe. Goose beat it up baby talk at some large and it's hot. Put this cookie biting your face said been knows a credit card happened I want to a book? Row The mouth. Martha's. Comes to pass a small plate. Wanted to park that big men right into back. Make a stream pundit. Seen I don't Cook I don't clean, but let me. Say Gobble me swallow me through me out I. Let it get inside of me and tell them what a putting tell them well. Down by have an. Those. So Bill. Call why you brought there really. Thank y'all ready made his mind. Hang your coats. Goose He. Just pictures of his weight gain to pay to since just to kiss me on this. Make you. If you WANNA system with A. Look any hard hit needed. The henny drink. Smoke let a nick, I need a hook any hope a lead I guess some money that's wrongheaded cookie one just like credit he got a bill not ready. I-I. That Betty. A Don't want us. On what to retouched that. Beckham My. Son To son is going to drive coming up. Kuzma. Homily whether to pick he trying to SOM-. Handcuffs which my wing them feeling like he's he put him on his these some to believe in the fight, but I'm looking for. A Win each if the. He's a bottom feeder big. These big. How can make your bus before I ever meet you if it don't hang then he came back. Bills but I like. Me As Went around the House Bill My name. Bring bucking in a month. In. Switzerland Kushner. MIC drop that's. Not good of Buggy. I'm talking clock. Meko. Pat A wet pants. was. Awesome. Sponsored advertised Chris SHAKEDOWN. Head over to. Radio DOT COM or. Zero four, zero, nine, seven, seven, one, six, three and email Chris gags. SHAKEDOWN RADIO DOT COM. SHAPE SHAKEDOWN radio with Chris. Kegs Australia's number one for hip hop in our in the streaming live at www dot down radio dot com. A speech to. The She. She called. We. Show me how you must thing. What you waiting for don't mind him to. Drake. Allied up. Is. Dennis Black. Yes ma'am. Pero. Pro If, you ain't fucking best will. Take a sack to. Draw. Bring it back make. Ridiculous Rica sorry. got a roommate they live on a CD fit him both the business. fierce-faced. Lack of. Thing. She. Stepped We To she lives. She fuck with me. Heart, Martin got. Out. The Grand Elementary I was quite persona diet I woke up and not decide. Bring it back PFP's reappear. She walked. She. Sleep. Which means she's a free. You know got her playing. In the VIP. A one this thing on night long took him off. And said dedicated take me home I said. Take, a shot. To. Make. Drop. Rita she. got a roommate. To Shit leaders. Follow the leader. She. She called. We wish there. Only. Back. Saying. Town. Inside. SHAKEDOWN Radio Chris Cakes is available on I've been everybody's listening to it. Everywhere guys play all the songs I love listening Delo the head to delete delete w dot Chris Kegs Dot pod bean dot. com. Shake down, radio SHAKEDOWN radio tags he's available on cloud feelable www clouds. Another. Charlie. Evaluating team. Can. Stop a Gorgeous Louisville. Combing fly you to create. Full speed Savoldelli. Only, divine. Guest. Speed both. Nicky be. Ways my age. and. They don't be very nicely. Big Is. Just. Go. Looking for. Is. Not A. Don't. Full speed. Rolls. Royce. But didn't you? Follow. impassioned wife she can. Be Real nice sheep. Old. A. Bullet Divine. Gooch. Full speeds. Never fall why are you making follow? Way Making. Problem, which is now my you DECI. You'd think it should aside. Cry Pardon me with. On k. goes you can stay my she can stay in my room in it I am. I was trying to play right. I was trying to be. Funny. Style. Seeming, a I. We now have A. Win and foul on. She can't help but get a try. See me on the south side. I could say beside. She didn't want to learn. See now on. Brings, break. Out. brazed. Don't. Talk. Place so shops. I see. Do. Break your. Job. Ricco. Shaking. Change it deck. Jewish. Girl. As one of break walk by bring. Bring. Gerald. While you gotTa break my stride. Break. Don't go away. You gotTA break. Skills. Kids come in ducking and weaving digits in China. Take a heartache. Paint A. started the season two. Streets and not listen to Scott. Stomach she's being. Inside, don't WanNa be live. MIAMI. overdrive but. Be Home Now Who arrived. In history out the. It. One that we. Yes your. Break. Bring bring. You GotTa break. Stress. took. A BREAK Ranks. down. This is Ryan from one. Republican. Thing. Chris tag connects with Chris cats on social media lying. FACEBOOK DOT com slash Chris Radio. Twitter instagram asks Chris Gags. Body. Is. Just. Enough. Living with. Severe, stress. Plate not. Freeze frame. A native. Daughter problem the fuck, a moment which must be. You must have missed the. Chip Sir Hello Got The answer eighty body. And got the fanny body water full Hannam going Nanna fanny body one of war SORTA say thing if you wanted to go to war and. I. Out. I. Thought. Walk past the torch couldn't carry the frame never speak Manet Mess Prophet course it couldn't lot of cigarette you thought was. These doors picking these tools I'm getting all these liberal inborn talking. With all this back and forth back and forth back to. Back on court. Back. Talk. Fanny. Wanted. motherfuckers man. Cross. Can't. Jong Too. Low. Got The eighty body born. And I got the cranny body, waterfall? Hannam going native Fanny Body Want War. SORTA. Say you're saying if you wanted to go to war? Your shake, Dan Ready podcast, and then guys breaks we've got to wall. Also in there we had Cameron Phillips Stole I missed stowaways with break my heart you Chris Kegs basically bump and our Mbaye moves east reached over three thousand unlock some facebook. So make sure you invite your finalist make share some requesting about tonight with all things podcast www, dot facebook, dot, com slash Chris, radio intruder needs instagram Chris Kegs using the Hashtag cruise kegs he knows Thompson was leaving a five. Make sure you listen to the commercial and all my podcast and by the single. Some. Sir? Her But. A. Future. Paul. Soon. Sure. Past. Promise. Came and Fake. Radio with. Chris gags. Four type of is Australia's number would for look party dance music founded. By Jimmy Senior to listen Jillian juilliard four play dot. FM Rubbers feed you grew freeze as our MG radio invested Adm House. And hit of streaming at www dot org web radio. Australia Ward half the Latino has Northern Irish singer Songwriter Cat Thomson delivers her new single leap of phased out now. Having worked with hip hop artists. Americannot releasing Lloyd and New Zealand's savage legal faith is available to download on bed cam and dream on spotify. For More Info. WWW DOT THOMSON DOT com. Do the music videos. Joy. Jeans. Dean's online dance classes. Find out more on James Dean Janse. COBB. On coincidence representatives. For you the main od set of October twenty, twenty long cane covid nineteen recovery reunion party with a twist like heison thirty one December three Oxford streets are ill Sydney Australia non PM. Disarray MPG. CADEL stay play techniques and crews. Teary eye. Cayenne DJ. Classic noughties stains Housing Oil Energy owner. We revealed two months prior to the event tickets. Online at www dot. COM SLASH J in See. What's your free? The made as October twenty twenty long weekend. Is a strategy to stay conference held on the Gold Coast eight year in August over the course of two days, you can check out the latest gear and equipment on display network with other day Jason Mc's from across the street and improved. He'll skills and knowledge by patchy painting in talks and seminars by out the. As we diverse range of topics including music makes things, social media, sales, and marketing, and how to behave more events. There is something for every DJ orange say anyone can attend bait meeks. Sorry. If you WANNA learn growing visually and take your business to the next level, he needed to attend Bayton aches for more information follow Bait Knicks on facebook and Instagram Mall all these at. WWW DOT vape makes dot com dot AU Fatigue Roberts Media Group presents IMG Web, radioed along, with DJ, FM, smooth, Jazz FM, and shakedown radio streams. We're on the hunt for announces stage and musical is simply a mile CEO at Rit Wave Radio, DOT COM and head to www dot are mg web radio dot, com M. G. Web radio, your novel source for Music Shakedown. Radio. Tags presents. That Spelled D. L. X.. Dot Com for more. Info email TV, deluxe tv.com. Deluxe TV DOT COM. Lifestyle have. You heard of Mr pepys grassroots charity also known as mental. Health night. Thank how each connection and community in a supportive and inclusive environment predominantly three monthly made up barbecues across Australia. Find. OUT MORE AT WWW DOT MR pedic's dot guy, you'd or email. At least a perfect Donald. Franz. SHAKEDOWN radio with Chris Cag- support. Sydney. Diner challenge on the APP from the APP store. Star search diner en head to www. Dot Sydney DOT COM dot. AU. Share and I. Simply? Search. FM Eighty seven point six. Radio Station and Hashtag NJ. Foreign play dive. Is. Australia's number one party dance music founded in compiled by Jimmy C. to Lissette Jillian. Dodge foreplay, you got Rubbers Group says are Angie Web Radio Invested Edm House. And Hip of streaming at www dot org web radio DOT COM. SHAKEDOWN radio recreates tags on digital every Sunday night. Ten PM. Strenuous time on Monday morning Sydney Australia time. Outs and ADM at www dot tune one, dot com today you that's June. The number one dot com that you. Catch shakedown radio weeks Chris Tags on static. Every Wednesday night at seven. PM Sydney dryly. Time. Eighty house at www dot dot dot com. SHAKEDOWN increased. Gets now on the radio bringing you. House and club chains. Wayne State is eight ATM. From. Sunshine. Stralia at. WWW. Dot. Online. SHAKEDOWN radio. Chris cakes is available by being everybody's looking to an area where you guys play all the by listening Delo the head to delete delete w dot Chris Kegs dot being dot com shutdown radio with Chris Kegs is coming to rigged from Chatswood Sydney Australia www, dot, shakedown, radio, DOT, com. Such as we. AS WE GRAB A. Baby. At those. Can't even pay me in. That don't even know Pontiac can't even listen. Anytime. Somebody must be. Shoddy sit on my lap base Andrews just met this between us not like. I, see some. Bad Crib gone crazy down. Time. Baby. In. So Not Not. Act Can you not. Pick. Up. which only? Does the rap. Break. Even. And I never been embraced and money's hard to May. Face. Right. Decrypt gone crazy down. Day. Time Baby Son's as we laugh sometimes we I guess. Baby. Seats. And Soda. Baby. which saved. Those. They'd. Be. Doing this. For Governor Time to get out of. Don't WANNA credit. Granted They want. Talk Spinning NC in his. Main. Sort of believe it I, know. Crib on crazy down. Day. Time Baby. Known as. A good. Baby. Shave now. coast. Via. Don't. I Get I. The. Do. Does. I. compensator. Dallas. In? Hamburg. New York. Because still. How honesty you take it to the heavenly. You're going to. Do. Thursday only do it. Often DALLAS? Will. Burn ambassador. Give me your. s still. Above giving. You're lock to shake 'em Radio Chris gags plying the based in hip hop and our and Bay, and don't forget to download all the three hundred and thirty episodes of the shakedown radio cast at Chris Kegs pumping dot com shakedown radio DOT com. We'll also mixed cloud mixed land dot com slash Chris Cakes and subscribe to every episode of the shake area focused on apple podcast, Google podcast cast, and spotify seemingly. So it's definitely a podcast back to small easy. Show made. Show you pass May. The Fun give cash. Sounds crazy yeah. You Ain't gonNA national mob. Fairness. If you want me to. You close to. Win. Consoles. ME Patch. Patch. Free. Crazy. The can't. These. Own has. I consider can. ME. Thinking this is. Much. Do. To. Stop if you feel the Love This. Shumate. Patching man. Pasha man. Pretty. Crazy. SHAKEDOWN Radio Chris. Available on five being everybody's everywhere play all the songs by. Delo the head to delete delete W DOT Chris. Kegs. Dot pod Bean Dot com right now shakedown radio with Chris cash is available. To www. Dot. com. Slash Chris. Saying. Another one. Caught him phone. Stop for a plane to. La Carte cops pulling let them giving drugs non I'M GONNA pop star not a doctor. Caught him. Start. giving. I'm stop. Hey Shut Off. The I kept in on. Twenty twenty I can't. I want to. A legendary one I want WANNA quit death in easy one I wanNA. And honest one I won't drink and another one. Trump's. Stop. You probably manager. Joe With twenty, the Buddha. Every suddenly might. Take many charges as it needs to my. Him just like causing MAPRA. Pieces my girl I'm a sexy woman these his my please don't take despite. The. Keys in. This way I. Swear I. got the. Phone come lot of non stop play into the a La Carte. Pulling. Let them giving drugs non. Star not a doctor call. The cops pulling on. Pasta. I'm. A. POPSTAR NOT A. Watcher. Says, she rep a whole different blog so I blocked. Salmon. Joins. David Pasta Body. Kevin Costner. Gift pulled up the Whitney Houston Texas. They tell the same story so much though believe it. was. But we even man how Two. Four, six, eight watches, Federal Reese O.`day, appreciate round, and. Wakes don't? Get as big way be faced. Case. Going you prayers we can sneak away to. Keep A. Keep the faith wonder how swayed got. Caught him phone. I play into the ELLICOTT cops pulling. Giving drugs are non I'M GONNA. Pop Star not a doctor caught him. ASPLIN. Only. To. Investing. Tell me. These. How Still Holding. On Day. visit. Combined. into. The. Pit. ooh. And Did. What Back. Yards. 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Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H3  Jul 1 2021

The Rush Limbaugh Show

40:22 min | Last month

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H3 Jul 1 2021

"Hi everyone. I am so excited to launch my very first podcast the truth with lisa boothe with iheartradio gingrich. Three sixty the truth with lisa. Boothe is a podcast. Rejects fittingly checks fake news and will never bow down to the political correctness. Poisoning this country from with it. You're ready to step outside of your comfort zone and join me on this wild ride and buckle up and tune in on march twenty four th right very first episode. The truth with lisa boothe every single wednesday on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Hey it's buck sexton. If you feel like a lot of the country's gone mad you've got covert lockdowns and all kinds of crazy marxist tyranny from the democrats. You're not alone in fact you've got reinforcements at the ready. Join me every day to be a part of a common sense conversation or we fight the madness of the left speaker truth and bring together like minded people the buck sexton show. You can listen to the buck sexton. Show podcast every weekday on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Welcome to today's edition of the clay travis and buck sexton show podcast back in clay travis and buck sexton show final hour thursday edition. What you to help us beat npr and the new york times right now as you are listening to the two of us we are the number four new show in the entire country. We are losing to npr and the new york times and before on. Podcast podcast we are the biggest probably in all the world of radio but what we can look at. Are these charts. I'd like for you to help. Send us a message and send a message out there. I'd like to just put the new york times and npr in our dust a little bit. You can search out my name. Clay travis you can search out buck sexton you can go subscribe. Go give us five stars next week. Maybe even tomorrow we'll start to look at a lot of these. five star. reviews will read some of them to thank all of you for the support that you are showing to us. We have all the listeners at the four hundred plus. Am fm stations in all fifty states. Thank you for all listening out there. Thanks to all the affiliates in fact buck we came in extra early today and talked to affiliate stations all over the country for an hour and a half before we did the show today. So we love all the affiliates that are out there and we appreciate all the work that you're doing for us but we're just asking for a little bit more in the podcast universe go subscribe. Give us a five star review and help us kick some dirt in the new york times and npr's thing we want to swim in npr tears helpless create a river of npr. That i will do a cannonball into it. I will splash it all around. That's what we want. That's what we're looking for speaking of splashing dollar. That's quite lead. We have got now book. A massive seismic substantial change. That is going on in college athletics. Today name image and likeness became official illegal all over the country and for people out there who might wonder what this is about for generations. The nc double a. has not allowed college athletes to make any money off of their name. Image or likeness means for example. If you were an athlete and you wanted to sign an autograph you couldn't get paid for that autograph. The analogy i like to use. Johnny manziel was a heisman trophy. Winning quarterback at texas. Am kids could show up in his classroom at texas. Am pass him. A sports illustrated with him on the cover. If he signed it for them they can take it straight to ebay and immediately sell it. If johnny manziel did that he would be ineligible. I think a lot of people out there like wow. This is crazy so now in a social media age every athlete out there is now eligible and able to make as much money as they possibly can off of their name. Image and likeness. And you're going to have in short order. A lot of different athletes become millionaires basically overnight when this law change starting today in there are a lot of people out there asking all sorts of questions about what this might mean going forward and we've been talking off the air book about a lot of this. You are a fair. Say casual college sports fan. I think you're kind of fascinated by this too because it's such a difference over what historically has been the rule even somebody who went to a d. Three college where. I could say quite honestly i could care less about what the football team at my school was doing. Because we had sixteen hundred students can imagine it was not exact we weren't we weren't packing eight thousand one hundred thousand person stadiums the obser- trying to get people to go to the games. I but i've always been fascinated by talking about the irs before how they can always get you know from watching for example the blindside the movie then if the nc double a. decided they were going to get you on something and it's the stuff as simple as you said signing an autograph and getting paid for it or think accepting meals right a food. Oh someone's her young. If you got a stake dedrick dinner was gone for and that always just seemed bizarre and you had these players and so again. I more professional sports in my general area and quite honestly. I'm not really into watching that much professional sports college. I just sort of new from paying attention to the new cycle college. Athletics i mean and i would see this stuff happening. It never seemed to make sense. He had coaches who the highest paid in state after state rep plays oklahoma nebraska making millions of dollars and yet the players. If they do anything are treated like they're bad people by like they've done something horrible for what exactly that all changes now. Yeah the nc double a. Basically has no reason to exist now because as you were just talking one of their primary goals in fact their primary goal in life was to investigate what they called improper benefits and improper benefit would be. Oh you get a free steak dinner. Oh you get one hundred dollar handshake. Because a booster is excited about the way you played it a game and they walk up and they shake your hand and they pass one hundred dollar bill to you. All of that could render you ineligible. And all the media by the way in sports would do investigations based on this. And i always on my sports talk radio. Show this to me. Felt fundamentally anti-american to me because i believe in capitalism so your labor for as much money as you possibly can and most people who would believe in capitalism would are you that not being able to sell your autograph not really a very american foundation and basically the purpose of the nc double a. Was to ensure if you were poor when you started school that you were still poor when you finish school and when you you went to college and a lot of our listeners out there went to college or have experience around colleges. there's a wide variety of income levels in college. There's rich kids at college. There's poor kids in college. Having a rich parent is not an improper benefit but having a ability to make money off of your talents while you're in college was completely prohibited. I think this is going to raise big questions about the whole premise of the scholar athletes. That's used by. Nc double a. At these schools. Look let's let's call this what it is. The nc double a. has created a system. And and we're really. I'm not talking about fencing. I knew some guys who went to jail for fencing or went to stanford for sarah or whatever we're talking about the big sports really just football and basketball and some schools. You could throw some other. Some other. Sports in the mix but universities have been operating minor league sports franchises to the benefit of the professional leagues and also operating under the pretense that this is. This is the scholar athlete paradigm of. Oh will they're getting paid by being there to get an education and you look and there have been plenty i. I've seen some of the investigations. Hbo real sports is done them. And others. you know -freshing back a long time and clay. This is right in the center. Your wheelhouse there are plenty of these players who graduate and to say that they got an education is obviously an absurdity and they were actually just brought there to effectively be sports mercenary so the whole nc double a narrative here seems to be not only is it changing with regard to how these athletes will be able to make money but also what place to these programs really have in the schools and how to other students feel about the prospect. Now of not only. Will you know the the quarterback at a big a big ten school or the sec. Be the big man on campus so to speak he could be a millionaire when he's nineteen and you can imagine all of the complexities this going to create because as you just hit on every player doesn't have the same value. So what will the locker room dynamics look like when you've got an offensive line where most of those guys are anonymous. And nobody really knows them. And suddenly there blocking for quarterback that's gonna make over a million dollars a year in name image and likeness. Also how will social media balance all this out. Because you mentioned and i think it's significant football and men's basketball are the only two revenue producing sports. The most famous athletes on campus are football and men's basketball players but also there are a lot of women athletes who stand to make a ton of money because they have developed their own social media followings on instagram on twitter on tick-tock wherever it might be. And how are those power dynamics going to alter the collegiate experience when as you mentioned you might have had in the past and nick sabin making eight or nine million dollars a year to coach and usually the guys that he's been. Coaching are hoping to make the pro. Ranks what happens when you got a quarterback making a million dollars a year who signed these massive marketing deals and then he gets benched. And you've got a booster who comes in and says wait a minute. The reason i paid this guy a million dollars was because he was going to be the starting quarterback and also what's going to happen with a shoe deal for instance. Let's say nike the shoe provider of the college is adidas going to swoop in and say. Hey we'll give money to the quarterback and he's gonna play in a different shoe and what is all this money flooding in. Oh by the way they can have agents so they're gonna have lawyers who's gonna you're going to have nineteen year old eighteen year old kids. Who were involved in these kinds of with major corporations in the sports world. Who you know. Wh what's gonna happen there. I mean. I guess they're going to have to get lawyers and agents and stuff but but it's just gonna show that the whole dynamic. This whole system has been full of the house of car. A lot of inconsistencies. And a lot of make believe about what's really going on what's really happening and we all know people. I mean you know much more than you've been a lot of college. Sports games have been covering college sports for a long time. People love their college sports. This is going to change the dynamic a lot. The money is going to be unlike anything we've ever seen in college athletics before and with money as notorious b. I g told us more money. More problems what block. I genuinely fascinated to think about if a quarterback has a million dollars. Let's say and he's nineteen years old. Think about the kind of problems you can get into with a million dollars. It doesn't take much money to be a rich kid in college. One hundred bucks in your pocket. You can have an amazing night. Yeah and being a millionaire quarterback your freshman. You're probably be fun to imagine some heart problem. Imagine the parties that are going to get thrown. Imagine the the people who are going to roll into these college towns with money to be. Had i just i think it is going to be a unbelievable spectacle. I've always argued that college. Football is the most uniquely american of all sports because of all its contradictions and hypocrisies. But it's also the most fun. I don't think that anybody has any clue what has begun today. In terms of its long range impact on the sport. Klay let's also get into the anniversary here. This hour of the chinese communist party and some very interesting statements from a premier. She jinping of china. Plus we've got those statues that pelosi wants out of the kaplan. You got a lot of thoughts on that when we'll be getting into it and we'll try to take some calls in the back end of this hour. Eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two klay what he got. I gotta tell you if we've learned anything it's twenty twenty. It's there's nothing quite as important as a powerful immune system over twenty years ago. Dr dennis black of texas invented texas. Superfood it is the original superfood and it has fifty five vine ripened fruits and vegetables plus probiotic and digestive enzymes. You can build your body's defense from the inside out your immune system's job. I learned this from dr. Black is to detect deflect and destroy bacteria. You come in. Contact with and texas superfood will boost your immune system better than anything on the market. Your grandma by the way she told you to eat your fruits and veggies but how many people actually listened to grandma's advice they are texassuperfood. The safety net for the american diet for over twenty years they've been helping thousands and thousands of people get and maintain their best health. If you can't won't or don't eat all your fruits and vegetables every day. Texas superfood was made for you. Start boosting your immune system for under two dollars a day go to texassuperfood dot com slash clay or call eight five five texas fifty five. That's texassuperfood dot com slash clay. My name c. L. a. y. or call eight five five texas fifty china's president xi taking a hard line against foreign interference in a speech marking the chinese communist parties. One hundred anniversary he said china quote won't allow any foreign forced to bully or press. The qadri adding anyone who dares try to do that. We'll have their heads bashed bloody against the great wall of steel great wall and steal a warning call from chinese president xi jinping shujing paying the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the chinese communist party. He's aiming at america. China won't be bullied. And it won't be lectured president. She says that any foreign force would quote find themselves on a collision course with a great wall of steel hundredth anniversary of the party and basically saying number one goal. Get taiwan to be back as a chinese province. We cannot afford that to happen. And i hope that there's a response. Welcome back to the clay travis and buck sexton show. I'm buck sexton. And i gotta tell you. One of the lasting legacies of the trump administration was the change in the national conversation around china. And what's really going on with them on all fronts trade military and intelligence ambitions and just that the chinese communist party is seeking to supplant the united states as the global hedge amman. Today you have the hundred year anniversary celebration and you heard some of the the kind of rhetoric that is coming not from just chinese state media which is also often very inflammatory and very aggressive. I mean here is. This is through a translator. obviously this is. This is the chinese premier xi jinping specifically speaking about the united states. And anybody out there. Who may try to bully. The chinese people play fourteen homes trillion. Going to me at the same time. The chinese people will never allow ourselves to be bullied oppressed or enslaved by any foreign powers. Anyone who dares to try. We'll find their heads. Bashed bloody against the great wall of forged by over one point. Four billion chinese people whole pusher heads bashed bloody. There's some background here. About xi jinping that i always think people should know when you're talking about the premiere of what is clearly the second most powerful country in the world. He was in many ways. A victim of the cultural revolution of mouse cultural revolution And he somebody who still very much remembers what that was like. His half sister was was persecuted. The point where she took her own life this was during the culture revolution period. And she the guy that user the premier of china right at one point four billion people he had to flee and he was among the 'exiles who were youths who had to take to the countryside in the mao era he lived clay for awhile in a cave to try to avoid the red guards of the chinese communist party and their purges and their violence in order to try to secure power. This is in living memory. These things were happening. The great The great leap forward and the culture revolution the the great famine. I mean great. Of course you're talking about the scope and scale of these things millions and millions of people killed in the famine. They estimate up to twenty twenty to forty million depending on whose numbers you believe. And this is not the second most powerful country in the world clay and they've got ambitions just imagine when he says their heads bashed bloody of anyone that would stand up to china's cultural hegemony imagine if donald trump had said we will bash heads bloody on the statue of liberty because the great wall of china is the defining cultural signpost. I think for most people both in china and around the world of their overall power. And i just. I think you're right buck when you say that. The lasting legacy of trump is going to be in many ways his relationship with china and the fact that the biden administration on some level has basically tried to continue everything that trump did about china to trump came on with us. Tuesday balkan pointed out. Hey they're still keeping the tariffs they are trying in some way to stand up to china and to me. This speech is just further evidence as if we needed at at all that we are in a modern day cold war that is more significant than the one that we were allied against in the nineteen eighties. The soviet union. We'll come back in just a few moments here with some wisdom from rush himself on communism and the threat thereof so. We'll address that especially on this hundredth anniversary of the chinese communist party. It's time to remind everybody what's really going on. But you know why are you giving all these big tech companies your personal data. They are pulling it all together. They're selling it. They're surveilling you and they don't stand for your values in fact they suppress them. They're using this against you. That's why you need express. Vpn you can protect your personal data from big tech. With the virtual private network you have from xpress vpn. When i use express vpn my connection gets rerouted through their secure encrypted server so these big tech companies. Can't see my. I p address. This means my internet actions become anonymous to protect your internet activity with the vpn. I use every day visit express. Vpn dot com slash clay and balked at three extra months free on a one year package. That's expressed vpn dot com slash clay and buck to get three extra months free express vpn dot com slash clay. And hi. i'm emilio. I'm a program manager at google right now. Lots of people are looking for ways to learn new job skills. That's why we created. Google career certificates in online training program for fast growing fields like it support project management data analytics user experience design. And more. you don't need any prior experience and you can be job ready in about six months so put your skills to work. Go to grow dodd. Google slash certificates. Have you ever wondered what the media and big tech is hiding from. You like massive stories that actually affect you and your life that they don't want you to see because they make the left in the by administration look bad when there's a podcast dedicated to exposing all of that each and every so download the fastest growing podcast and the conservative movement. The ben ferguson. Show podcast right now. That's right you can listen to ben ferguson. Show podcast on iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast download it right now in clay travis buck sexton show. You just heard chairman z. Saying that he would bash the heads bloody of anyone who would dare to stand up to china by the way bash their heads bloody on the chinese wall and this is a sign of the modern cold war that we're in and one that rush addressed very succinctly and smartly as it pertains to the impact of communism around the world. Listen all my life. I have been asking myself. Why so. Many leftists are supportive of communism. When everybody knows i thought everybody knows. Communism kills communism denies liberty and freedom. Communism equals poverty. Communism equals political prisons communism bills walls to keep people in because everybody wants to leave and in that context. I've always at how come so many most of them in the media and many of the democrat. Why do they wax so eloquently of communism. What was it about gorbachev in cuba che guevara my grandparents when nikita khrushchev shows of the un pounds shoe and says we will bury you. We will do whatever your grandchildren. They had no choice but then to believe it. They took the threat seriously. So my political education if you will was focused on the evils of communism and the failures worldwide and during this entire period as i grow older and become even more informed about it more educated. Couldn't escape seeing your average news anchor here or news reporter our new york times writer. Just speak and write fawningly of individual communists leaders practitioners countries and stuff. I never made any sense. How knowing what i knew about communism. How in the world can these people not see the inherent evil and in fact as journalists. What is it that made them oblivious to the fact that if we ever did fall prey to communist they'd be the first people put in jail. They be the first people shut up. There is no such thing as freedom of the press. Its state run media here. State run media there. Which many would argue. We already have here. Lighthearted way one of the worst parts of the history of mainstream journalism in america clays you know has to do with the long and storied history of outlets in the west being communist sympathizers having people like most notably walter durante of the new york times who denied the famine the the whole damore the ussr and ukraine particularly the great famine. That was occurring. They're just you know. Yeah it's it's not not a big deal. Not a big problem. We we got an important utopia to create in the soviet union. You have journalists and the america look. The american left has a long standing fondness for an even a history of direct support for you can go back to read whittaker chambers witness which is a book i would recommend if anyone reading has not you go and read that. It's about his transformation. As an american who was supportive of and working for communist to somebody who became an anti communist but the left claiming they always have this this long-standing fondest and it persists to this day well and i think there are a lot of people out there who don't remember what it's like to have a great enemy because think about a buck if you had been born since nineteen eighty five or so you have grown up in an america where there's no real threat where you don't ever go to bed at night and think i wonder might have what might happen if we go to war with the soviet union. What's it like to be engaging in a battle of wills for the future of the free world and people who are around my age. Are the last people who grew up with that knowledge in that idea of what it meant for the berlin wall to come down. What it meant for ronald reagan to stand in west berlin and say mister gorbachev tear down this wall. And i feel like that is a lead to a willful blindness. As has arisen over china people have not been willing buck to recognize that right. Now we are in a battle for the future of the world because it felt like we won and cho china's cultural ascendancy has been happening the analogy. I've been using his book. They have been fomenting this union and our country punching us all in the back of the head while we argue with each other at least with russia we knew what was going on our media has been willfully blind to the rise of china and their attempt to take over the world. I'd say it's it's worse than that in some respects to when you when you get a sense of how widespread and how deep the penetration of chinese influence. Chinese communist party influences in the united states. This is what talking about china. this is an authoritarianism. it's really a totalitarianism. it's a police state. They operate concentration camps for wieger 's in xinjiang province. In the west they do not allow freedom of speech. They do not allow the open internet to function within their borders. They engage in unprecedented theft of intellectual property and trade secrets which are the lifeblood of a modern economy. Let's remember that. Our technological advantage in america is really from a a commerce perspective. It's we've just got technology and capitalism and that's really why we're so rich in america and have done so well other people can do a lot of things in other places if they take one of those two away from us in china you have effectively state directed forms of capitalism so they've embraced some aspects of a market. So you have some free market activity were at least market activity with totalitarian regime with a totalitarian regime sitting atop the whole thing and or directing all of it in this country we have ultra celebrity multimillionaires near billionaires with some of the professional athletes. For example. we could talk about lebron. James comes to mind among others companies. Great american brands like disney and others who bend the knee to this country that we're talking about china. That has still to this day. If anything actually clamped down even more on freedom of speech in the internet era and there's no sense of changing this. I mean pe- we the the great belief in the west and this was the the the problem in the thinking of the elites and the intelligentsia such as they are on this issue was will help starting the nineteen eighties. We'll have china become a wealthy country and then it will become a free country that will play nice with the rest of the world. False that experiment failed. It took us maybe thirty or forty years to figure it out but they didn't become. They became wealthier more powerful than become more free. No they want to destroy us. And i think a lot of americans don't understand that and they want to humiliate us. You're talking about lebron james. How about john cena the new movie. That is out f nine fast and the furious if you haven't watched it your kids or your grandkids. Probably have they've made so many different ones. John cena said taiwan was a country in order for f nine to play in china. John cena famous wrestler. Who has transitioned into actor. Had to have one of those hostage videos. You know what. I'm talking about where. He apologized in mandarin to all the chinese people. For suggesting. For having the gall the audacity the temerity the gumption to come out and say what we all know to be true book which is taiwan's a country and its independent from china. Now if you see what's going on in hong kong apple daily there are a lot of people out there who can say. And i do think this is where our next global conflict is going to arise. Do we have the stones to stand up to china if they suddenly decide. They're going to invade taiwan. This is also where the biden family and specifically hunter biden. And and this is where it really starts to matter. Because they're just symbolic. I think well more than that. There at the with hunter biden if they could argue there at the center of it but of the betrayal by the elites of america the betrayal of the american people in order to have access to chinese markets. And let's be honest access to chinese communist party cash in one form or another. This has been a standing story. It has been a sell-out of folks who are just working doing their jobs paying their mortgages sending their kids to school and try to enjoy this place. We know of his america. They've been sold out by the elites of their own country to china more than any other country on earth. And we're just now. I think in that early stage process of waking up to it and understanding what those long term implications will be. I just think of it this way. One point four billion people. This is what xi jinping is saying This is a country that knows. It is ascendant and it's politics it's shorts authoritarian but it's also unified. You're not gonna have anybody. Standing up represents china at the olympics. I can assure you. And turning their back on the flag or saying china and this is a country with actual concentration camps operating. you'll have no athletes over there talking about the lack of freedom or anything else and we all know why there's no doubt and and by the way. Let's play that eleven. There would never be anybody as we get ready. For the olympics there would never be a hammer thrower like gwen berry. Who by the way you saw. This book had a picture of herself bathed in the american flag just a few years ago now. She was the one who was so angry about the national anthem. Being racist. listen to this. She would never be allowed to say this about china history. If you know your history you know the full song of the national anthem. The dr paragraphs sleeps. The slaves in america are blood moon slang and pilfered all over. The floor is disrespectful and it does not speak for black. Americans is obvious not surprisingly. She got the history wrong in fact if you talk to most historians who have analyzed francis. Scott key's majestic poem there. He was talking about british impressment of american soldiers not slavery in the united states. But it's not a surprise that she would fall victim to the predominant view that has spread throughout social media and happens to be wrong. Wanna talk to you right now about the tragedy of nine eleven. We are almost twenty years to the day since nine. Eleven and the tunnel to towers foundation carries forward a legacy of courage and heroism so marked twenty years tunnel. The towers is gifting america's heroes and their families with two hundred mortgage free homes to honor the fallen chairman and ceo. Frank ciller walks more than five hundred miles through six states. In forty two days from the pentagon to shanksville pennsylvania culminating at ground zero on nine eleven towers of light return to the pentagon and shanksville memorials in remembrance. For the first time those we lost to nine eleven related. Illness are being honored at a ceremony. September twelfth on veterans day. another. I the soldiers. We've lost in the war on terror. Having their names read aloud the words never forget require action do good and take action now for just eleven dollars a month at t to t dot org that's t the number two t. Dot org make your donation today. All right we're in the final. Stretch of the travis in buck sexton show which i think we're just gonna start colloquially calling the klay in buck show too but i want you to know our our full names. I suppose. Make sure you don't confuse this with other clays and other bucks out there. But i've got to tell you. We want to take some calls that i clean. I got so fired up about so many topics that we haven't gone yet to the statue removal thing and they play wants to nerd out on some history with it. And so you will that friday we will get to it tomorrow and also of course in keeping with tradition here on the mighty. Eib we'll have pretty much. Open line. friday. I think we're going to keep that going because we want to hear from all you without her mind we did want to take some calls today and for those listening. Please make sure if you have not already subscribed to the clay and buck podcasts. Go wherever you listen to podcasts. The iheart app is a great place to start. You can also apple podcasts. Or wherever you get them we gotta beat those commies at npr. Alright alex from worm leesburg pennsylvania. You're on the clay travis and buck sexton show so honored sir. Hey you were on with the gut failed. Great show back in the day. Greg got fail. The fox news was the first person to ever put me on cable news and alex it was ten years ago boom and i just did his show recently. He's he's by the way beating a lot of the late night. Comedy shows and better show comedy in quotation margaritas. So many of them are just become politics by any other name. But that's a great show on fox news And he does a fantastic read. I was. I was a regular on the red eye show on fox which was a great time and a lot of people got their start there and some big. There's some big stars that actually began on red eye that later on Really sorta hit it big and comedy and other things. Alex what else you got on your mind. Well i just wanted to. Before we get into that i just want to thank you guys. I this tag team. New thing i think rush for liked it. It's do evolution that there's two of you there Doing your thing together It is an evolution and It's great you guys both good but my suggestion you. I got a name for your show. It's a clay bucks. Show the klay baccio. Yeah klay bach. That's it all the other stuff just lay back. I think that's cool. That nails it. All right alex. Appreciate some of the some of the branding advice on that my friend. Thank you so much for listening and appreciating what we're doing so far because we really are We're putting everything we got into every show. That's the only way we do it. And that's where we're going to keep doing it. Let's go to steve. In san juan capistrano california which is just fun to say. I thank you very much for having me about the nc two a. With the supreme court and a payment to the athlete If you take the top one hundred twenty five schools which are known as the big five conference those on average those athletes are making one hundred thousand plus a year in total compensation. Now some a little less some a little bit more but if you wanna keep it equitable You'd need not to pay the athletes because the big money is going to go once again to the big top thirty twenty five thirty teams like the clemson's than at dame's us's and the small schools. You gotta have Mike trout plane at wyoming. They're not. Nobody's going to buy that jury. Nobody wants to wear a wyoming jersey. People are gonna wanna wear an alabama or usc jersey so to speak and then you're gonna have a huge inequity on top of that. Was men getting ten to fifty times more than a woman athlete from the answer. It's a really fascinating question. Sorry it's a fascinating question you're asking and the reality is we are just starting a new experiment and a new paradigm in terms of compensation. Because as you're raising steve and for people out there who are just becoming aware of this college athletes are now capable of being paid for their name image and whiteness. How is this going to impact with title. Nine requiring equal scholarships. How is this money which is going to go overwhelmingly. I believe to football players and men's basketball players which are the only two sports that produce profit going to impact the legality of all of this right all scholarship athletes have to be treated the same under title nine right now. How will name imaging likeness factor in there. I believe we're going to have five to ten years of lawsuits before we know what the final policy is going to end up looking like buck sexton and i believe that everybody listened to us now. Should certainly check us out on social media. If you're not already it's a great way to stay in touch with us. Clay is putting out sports. Hot takes and politics stuff metoo. I'll even tell you about. Probably what restaurant i wandered. Tonight a nashville. If you want that inside baseball behind the scenes stuff. Instagram facebook twitter buck sexton and clay travis follows his individuals and the show handle is at clay and buck so at clan. Buck dot com. What are we got there clay. I wanna beat the new york times. And i wanna beat. Npr were just behind him. Go subscribe to the podcast. Give us five stars. And let's kick their asses rolling into july fourth weekend back with you tomorrow. Everybody thanks so much for being here with us. Always great fun play in buck show over now until tomorrow you're listening to clay travis and buck sexton fundy. Eib network acuity insurance. We believe the things you do for your business everyday are nothing short of heroic and you deserve someone equally heroic to protect them like the breaking ground on new construction things. The every box and bar code matters things and the driving the family business forward things we put our all into covering your business so you can focus on the things you love most. That's the power of heart acuity insurance wholeheartedly for you. Have you ever wondered what the media and big tech is hiding from. You like massive stories that actually affect you and your life that they don't want you to see because they make the left and the by administration look bad when now there's a podcast dedicated to exposing all of that each and every day so download the fastest growing podcast and the conservative movement. The ben ferguson. Show podcast right now. That's right you can listen to ben ferguson. Show podcast on iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Download it right now.

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Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H3 Jul 27 2021

"With allegations white now available in twelve packs no matter if your next adventure sounds like this on word or like this. You can count on us. In allegations buren company for main with love must be twenty one years or older please drink responsibly. Hi everyone. I am so excited to launch my very first podcast the truth with lisa boothe with iheartradio and gingrich three sixty the truth. With lisa boothe is a podcast reject scrutiny projects fake news and will never bow down to the political correctness. Poisoning this country from with it. You're ready to step outside your comfort zone and join me on this wild ride in buffalo and tune in on march twenty fourth. Very first episode the truth with lisa boothe every single wednesday on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Welcome to today's edition of the clay travis and buck sexton show podcast. Welcome back to the clay travis and buck sexton show buck with me clay and we have been discussing the insurrection committee hearings the january six riot democrats are in total freak out mode about it again today and they're hoping to continue to make this story whenever they want they bring it back just to remind everybody of how awful republicans are. That's the whole point of this. You're all guilty. Its collective guilt. And don't pay attention to joe biden. Being batted his job and the administration being a failure so far also the cdc as new mask guidance a reversal. Which and. I have both been expecting and talking about here. It's why we have not given up the fight over masks and lockdowns because until it has repudiated it merely lingers in the background fao she ism lingers like a virus and as long as it is still within the body of the american people so to speak. It can come back at any point in time. But there's another big story right now. Big story. Today about the olympics number of olympic stories. There was a young girl from alaska. Blue clay right seven to she. Seventeen hundred nineteen seventy the gold medal. That's a great happy. Olympic story really cool younger from alaska. But they're not what we got. The sports are here. Clay has the biggest individual star in the olympics with simone biles. What's going on. Yeah let me go ahead and give spoiler alert here. Because i know people are so confused about the time zones and win things are taking place if you are the kind of person which i know. Many are who is just like. Hey i'm gonna put on television at night and watch the olympics. I don't care if they're like fifteen hour tape delayed or not. You can turn down your radio for one sec. I don't wanna spoil alert. I don't even know if this is still thing. If a lot of people are able to avoid the news stories of what happened so it's possible book. This is going to be an even more massive. It's already a huge story. But it's possible after tonight in primetime. It's going to be an even bigger story when it officially airs in the united states. It was on early this morning as well for those of you. Who got up early. And care about gymnastics but simone biles took herself out of competition. She is the best to your point. Buck i think. She's the most famous athlete at the olympics. Right i mean michael. Phelps you sane bolt both obviously huge stars who are not competing at this olympics. Simone biles probably as a result is i would bet the biggest star at the olympics and the us women's gymnastics team was the favorite to win the gold medal. And they were competing against the russians and simone. Biles pulled herself out of competition. Not because she was physically injured but because she said that the stress effectively of the competition had gotten to her. This is the audio cut. Buck of simone biles. I don't remember this ever happening before. She is the best gymnast in the world and has been for the past seven or eight years. Here is her explaining why she pulled herself out of the competition. Say put mental health first. Because if you don't then you're not going to enjoy your sport and you're not gonna succeed as much as he wants to. So it's okay sometimes to even sit out the big titians to focus on yourself because it shows how strong of a competitor and person that you really are rather than just battle through it no No injuries thankfully. And that's why. I took a setback. Because i didn't wanna do something silly out there and get injured. I thought it was best if these girls took over and did the rest we all have emotional and psychological struggles klay. That's just a constant of being a human being but what about your teammates. And what about the people that have trained. It's you're injured. You're injured right. I mean no one's expecting you if you rupture your achilles obviously you're out. I mean if something bad happens to you that sports. that's the world we all live in. The pressure is too much i mean. Hasn't she already won a whole bunch of gold medals. I mean look. She can do whatever she wants. But i think people can look at this and say it's pretty odd. It's pretty weird also. How would we respond. If tom brady. Suddenly in the super bowl said hey. There's too much attention. I feel too stressed on pulling myself out of the super bowl. How would we feel if lebron james in the middle of the nba finals game. Seven said hey you know what. It's really stressful right now on the bench. I'm not going to go back in. I'm going stay on on the sideline and root for my teammates saying abroad could do that. He might do. This is i. Think it's fair to say unprecedented to have a athlete. Who is otherwise physically healthy. Just decide to pull him or herself out of competition because of the overall mental way of the sport and there's going to be a lot of people the blue checks. Of course have already rallied to simone biles defense and said oh. It's so brave. Wise yourself k. Why is this brand. What's brave about not being brave. Because that's what we're talking about here this is you know. Oh you didn't stand up to the bully so to speak. That's so brave. you know i think. That's the not brave move. I look that. I want to open up phone lines. I'm actually curious about that. I think about this from the perspective of being a coach for young kids right for my boys and sometimes if you are coaching young kids in a stressful situation a kid will say hey. The bases are loaded. I'd rather not pitch right. That's not uncommon in ten year. Old eleven year old twelve year old baseball and as a coach. My natural response is. That's when we need you the most. We need you to work through your stress and your discomfort on the mound not because of athletics but because much of life you may well be stressful or uncomfortable and so my theory here book on what's going on is i think this is the social media era. I think that we have created a generation of athletes that instead of listening to their coaches instead of listening to their teammates. Instead of listening to their friends and family they get influenced by the pressure and the constant drumbeat of interactions on social media. instagram twitter. Whatever it might be. And those apps i believe are profoundly unhealthy for most teenagers young people. And because you're a wada times listening to people who don't know you very well and you allow their perspective on you to overwhelm you. Psychologically i don't think it's a coincidence than i only asakusa situation. Now the simone biles situation that many of these athletes are profoundly unhappy in a social media era. in a way that i don't think was common in the past. Well within reach out people can reach out. And get in your head as you. And i both know in ways current era i i remember i intern for dan rather at cbs. Evening news. when. I was eighteen years old you know what my jobs was there. I mean as much as one can have a job as an unpaid intern. When you're still in highschool. I up the mail that was sent which by the way later on there were actually this. This became a A bigger issue down the line when stuff started getting sent in the mail. That was awesome. But you know. I don't but the milk because that was the only way you can really reach somebody back down. I'm kind of dating myself now. But that's the now we come off the show me. I can't tell you how many times back in the day. I would do When i used to at cnn cnn hit people would say You know. I hate your stupid ugly face and you punch yourself and jump out a window and i mean if you don't protect yourself from that you if you don't you know we're gal to laugh at it and get a really really thick skin but even better than that just not even engaged not even look at it not even spend time with it. It's a psychological warfare out there for a lot of athletes. You know who who are famous but are or have been very limited. Perhaps in their in their exposure to a lot of things in the world and have gotten a lot of praise for being so good at a sport then they get to a certain level and all of a sudden. It's not everybody loves you and some people hate you for no apparent reason. That can be a weird thing for people to deal with. Yeah and i think again. I mean this is not me just having an opinion if you look at overall youth psychological health suicide has skyrocketed as the rise of twitter and facebook. How bows by the way. I have no twenty four okay so young but you know like has grown up entirely in i would say the social media era and if you go back i mean. It's not a coincidence. And look at the rates of teen suicide starting in about two thousand eight when snapchat and twitter and facebook and instagram all started to take off the rate of teen suicide has exploded and i think about this book from being parents perspective. When you and i were in school we could come home and we could not be surrounded by school or our classmates all the time. You remember probably getting a phone call at home. The having the call waiting assist hand machine with tape cassettes in klay. There you go. Yeah so did i. But you remember like star six nine remember that back in the day you remember calling movie phone but the point on it is not to take down the stall position here. You could get away. You might have one friend who called you or whatever but when you left school you had a different lifestyle at home you can have a different worldview kids today never ever divorce from their obsession with their phones and with social media to disconnect requires discipline now for everyone for adults for children. You have to make a conscious ever. You can always live in this matrix of endless information which can start to affect your happiness can start to affect the you know the neural pathways of the brain concert. To make you think differently about things out in the world around you appreciate a lot of things. i i believe markedly less. And it's it's an important lesson for all of us in assuming that your fees is here and it sounds it. Sounds completely reasonable to me for simone. Biles it's just a question of the social media pressure. I mean. I do have to wonder though she. She's kind of a beloved american figure who had tremendous success. So what is is there something that i'm not aware of you know for people that are in news. Talk for example. What we do there are people right now. Got millions of people listening. Who are on team team. Claimed buck right. Hopefully yeah i mean there's like media matters in haters to ninety nine point nine percent of them are are like extended family members of people that know that if they ever see me or klay i say you ever see me. I can't speak for clay. Sure it feels the same way. Come up and give me a hug. Say hi hi five. Whatever you wanna do but we also get people that absolutely hate our guts because we stand for principles and values that the commies despise and that they want to continue with the propaganda. Simone biles. I mean do. Doesn't everyone doesn't. Everyone loves simone. Bosley is that's the problem even with the social media thing that i don't understand everyone's like she's amazing. She superhuman hamels is all positive. I just. I wanna hear from people who may be coach. Little league people. Who are who are coaching now. Because i think about it from the perspective of like ten or twelve year old. That is a kid now. Are we creating a level of There's a there's a balancing act right between keeping someone so cloistered that they're not able to handle the hard aspects of life and also protecting them simultaneously. And how does social media play into this because honestly this is without precedent. I can't ever remember an elite athlete calling out of a game and saying the stress and the pressure of the game got to be too much. I couldn't pursue the antithesis of what the elite athlete crato or credo route. Three is yes. Yes all right. We'll come back this to eight hundred two eight two two eight two. What do you think about this. Massive decision in the world of sports also thoughts about the cd mass mandate insurrection. We could take take it all this hour you know. You probably don't think about this. 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Because i feel too much stress and pressure they get destroyed. Brady and lebron james. No quite to the ends of the earth right simone biles. How much does being a woman limit the criticism that she would get compared to brady james. I think that's an interesting angle to examine here. Are we treating her differently than we would treat them. Because my argument is all elite level athletes regardless of sex should be treated the same when it comes to analyzing what they do or do not do in the most pressure packed moments of their careers. In fact that's how we typically define the greatest athletes right on the biggest stage. How do they perform and again. It's different if you are injured. Although i would admit that one of the most iconic moments in olympic history many of you will remember was kerri strug landing a vault on one ankle after she had injured herself on the previous attempt. And that helping to lead the united states to a gold medal. That's an iconic moment. I think they put her on the front of wheaties standing on one foot. If i remember it's one of those of you out there listening right now. One of the most definable iconic moments in the history. You tend not to get a wheaties box when you're like a little stressful. I'm gonna. I'm gonna go on vacation now. See you guys later. That tends to not be a wheaties moment. But and windy has a great point here in virginia. Balk which i hadn't even thought about when do your point is how hard it is to make the. Us women's gymnastics team. So many people don't get that opportunity. And then simone biles just pulls herself out in the middle of the competition. I i am so disappointed You work very hard from the time. You're five years old. And the gymnast to get to that point. She has taken a spot on that team and i say team she has. She has to have known the pressure involved having been to the olympics before she could've pulled herself out earlier much earlier but she's part of the team. Sometimes you just got a man or woman up and do what you gotta do. This is an embarrassment to my gender tests. Have someone at this level. Just pull out you retire. You don't quick appreciated wendy cotter self there in man's point on my show aggression moment. We're just kidding. Wendy but thank you. I'd excellent point. Oh my gosh yeah you know there are people who who get angry at the term man up you know. That's a thing now among the low but but she's absolutely right clay and this is what we see. This is what the situation is right. Now we're going to be told that this is brave when it is not brave. It's her right. It's fine. But i mean when i say it's fine. She can do it. he's not you know a bad person for it's not like that. What does not brave. And it's the antithesis of competition which is finding a way to will yourself to victory even when it might otherwise be challenging which is what is representative of the olympic spirit. In general. 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Black and hispanic college graduates patent at half the rate of their white counterparts. But we can fix that by increasing participation in innovation and patenting by underrepresented groups. It would quadruple. The number of american inventors and increase annual gdp by almost one trillion dollars. Invent together is a coalition of organizations companies. Universities and concerned citizens committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to invent and patent because the more diverse. The american patent system gets the stronger and more successful. our nation will become. What can you do to help. Diverse inventors patent and unleash economic opportunity. Find out at invent together dot org learn more and take action today. I'm jack armstrong. He's joe getty where the armstrong and getty show. Are you tired of gulping down. The lying filled the mainstream media. Yeah we are too. We try to tell you the truth every single day. Goping now lying. Filth wow nobody wants to sound dumb. Our goal is to help you. Not sound dumb will inform you and it'll be fun at the same time you have to choose. Between entertainment and information combine them both with the armstrong and getty show armstrong and getty on demand four episodes available everyday via the i heart radio apper wherever you. Download your podcast. This is james golden or both nervously. I hope you're enjoying the podcast series. Rush limbaugh the man behind the golden. Eib microphone. there's a dozen episodes but louis mind you of the greatness of would so many amazing stories shared. I'm your host of this series available wherever you listen to podcasts. My pillow and tunnel to towers foundation of both sponsored. How seventy seventies the worst people vote despicable character liberal or conservative or. Republican is a file name is dishonest vice. Divide by each other. He's a racist and always appeals to the human nature where she's very good at it. That's what this is all about today with the hearings on capitol hill about the so-called insurrection. It's meant to be an opportunity for democrats to show each other. How morally superior there are not to anybody who actually broke the law that day. That goes without saying jeff everybody else just voted for donald trump. You're part of the insurrection. That's what they really think. That's what they believe. You supported the insurrection with your trump is supported with my trump vote. You don't believe that's where the left is on. This just listened to them pay attention to what they say and how they say it. Thanks for being here with us on the clay and buck show on buck and clay. I wanted to get more of your calls. But i want to remind you to. Please follow us on social media. Clay travis on twitter follow me on facebook at facebook dot com slash buck sexton sandy in texas. Kicking us off your sandy. What's up well. first. Of all i want to say something about simone biles and this is not her first worry. Oh she Is considered the veteran of this olympic. Team she should have stadion as a leader and shown that even through her mistakes. She can power through as a team player. I think exemplifies the narcissistic Patterns with today's athletes. And i'm so disappointed her but more. I'm disappointed for the girls on her team. Who are not going to be able to perform at their best. Because of this. Assist this situation with simone biles. Sandy question for you. I asked a question. Tom brady says he can't come back out for to play with his team. In the super bowl knock because he's injured but just because the moment has gotten too big for him he doesn't fill healthy. Mentally same thing happens with lebron james. Let's say in game seven of the nba. Finals is simone. Biles getting treated differently. Because she's a woman and as a woman. Do you think that should be treated differently or should we talk about her. Considering she's attempting to be one of the greatest in her sport ever the way we would talk about other people who are the greatest in their sports regardless of their gender. Okay first of all. It's a female Military veteran the fact that she would even consider this as a gender issue is just disgusting to me. I'm sick and tired of people falling back on that because of their own failings In regards to. Tom brady first of all tom brady wouldn't do that. That's bond gains Is concerned one. I couldn't care less about the man. But he is definitely a exemplifies the narcissism and athletes also. We'll jordan i could use as an example jordan and brady probably the two greatest team sport athletes of most of our lives. I think that's fair to say. Neither of those men would ever in any way allow themselves to not compete for a championship because of a an issue with their mentality. I'm talking about you in the game. It said orden jordan brain. Thank you sandy. For for calling into jordan brady would go out onto their respective field slash court on bloody stumps if they had to compete and we all know that that's one of the reasons why middle of a game she pulled her. It's different. I think if simone biles had said hey. I'm not feeling it for this olympics. And i'm not going to compete this year. I don't have the same drive right. I think people would understand that. Then she wouldn't have taken a spot from somebody else on the olympic team. But that's not what she did. She waited until the competition was underway and then pulled herself out of it. Yeah and and the fact that there are people that are immediately sort of rushing into defender a. b. Why is this is now. The the also just seems like the the left likes to do this. You know free speech means shutting down. Speech bravery means not equality. Means not equality. They'd like to take things that we understand as a principal as as something that is true in society and flip it upside down for a whole bunch of reasons. Perhaps i could psychoanalyze left on on another day at another time. But i'm also curious to see what s there in minnesota has to say about this though. It's minneapolis so i just have a little bit different. Take on it I'm going to give some on the benefit of the doubt for just a moment and say that she's made the most benign statement that the social can take up in a way that doesn't completely escorting her and say that maybe there's something really going on that she's not shared okay But but to the rest of the points. The narcissistic athletes are the narcissistic entertainers. That we have Really they're suffering from an identity crisis. She's been part of a team she's been in the public is she's responsible to this. Oh she doesn't know who wanted to help. She is started persuading. She doesn't know who she is. And i don't think that she came to the decision whiteley or without consulting with t. bone Because she knows the gravity of the of the decision but at the same time she must be very very very confused. Okay this thank you appreciate you from minneapolis minnesota. You have played sports. Your whole life buck you. Even though you're not a hardcore sports fan what would you think. If in the biggest moment of your team's season the best player on your team asked hours then said it wasn't because of an injury you would think he down the whole team. Yes yes. Extreme disappointment is obviously what we would all feel and when you have a circumstance like this It seems pretty obvious that that's the which ago but you know to the points about athlete narcissism. It used to be that we knew athletes for what they were really. Good at doing right adva whether you're a boxing fan baseball field. Whatever the sport was and that was the thing that they were doing now. You have people who to to bring us back to the conversation about the celebrity that they wheeled and the social media influence that they have. There are people who are you know. Nfl players or college or basketball players. Or whatever who have millions of social media followers who then also listen to these people about anything you know about whatever about politics about life about you know There'd be how to behave in public and how to treat people and that's sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes it's not and i think more often than a lot of these athletes we think it's not a by the way it's also a two way street buck. People listen to those athletes but wildly. Those athletes also listened to what their social media followers tell them and that can often lead to a guy like lebron james feeling like he needs to have an opinion on every single viral video. Moment when he's not that educated on the situation even though he spouting off to fifty million people right and so. I think it's a two way street. I really wonder how much of this and again to bring it back to what i was saying earlier about. Simone biles i think she's reflective of a larger issue that many young people have when it comes to their phones which is overall social media has been. I believe incredibly devaluing to overall mental health. I really do think that. And i think she is a symptom of a larger issue which we are seeing in the rate of suicide for instance that has skyrocketed in this country because people are allowing strangers to define them instead of being defined by both yourself and the people who know you best. I think we should take some more calls here coming up in a minute. Eight hundred two eight two two eight two We've got some closing thoughts for you on the january six commission today. The cdc mask change. Which i just want to note. It's going to get worse and you. I've been saying this all along. You know if you think the you live in a red state and it's not your problem. Just wait till the federal government gets of the clay. The department of veterans affairs says you must be vaccinated now how far we already have. The federal government still require on federal property masks for people or has been requiring masks for people for a long time. There are a lot of ways whether you go to an airport or you get a new. An uber or any number of things where they're going to try to force that that cloth back onto your face so we'll talk about that in a moment but you know if there's one thing that we've learned since twenty twenty. It's that there's nothing quite as important as powerful immune system over twenty years ago. D natural pathak. Dr dennis black of texas texas superfood the original superfood. I'm dr black. Years ago. When i started taking texas superfood. It's fifty five vine ripened fruits and vegetables plus probiotic and digestive enzymes. 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And i gotta say that The most the white house press conference which has been going on not not a lot of very clear messaging from this white house on. Wait a second. Cdc going back on things. Where where's this data. You know one thing we haven't seen is is a huge increase in hospitalizations and deaths the way that we had in the past. So now they're treating cases you brought up kovic zero before there's in cases like that's what we need to be willing to do anything to eliminate but that doesn't really make any sense. I mean it can't be all these different things that can't be you're protected but the vaccine doesn't work that well so you have to mask but if you mask it'll protect. Its just contradictory contradictory mesh at this point and the jesting that the cdc doesn't make logical sense. Buck sexton. i've been. I've i've hated the cdc now for eighteen months joy mclauchlan even in zombie movies. Where the cdc is supposed to always save. Everybody i'm like. I don't know maybe there's ambi- they're onto something you know. This is the biggest failure of american public policy in most of our lives and jin sakis not making any more sense. She said this when asked about why do vaccinated people put the masses here. First of all. I would say again. Just go back to the chart. I will handle it again if you were vaccinated. You're vaccinated your life. You can save your life. And i think the clear data shows that this pandemic is killing. Hospitalizing is making people very sick who are not vaccinated. That could still continues to be the case Regardless of what the mass guidance looks like vaccines work which this firing says that they do want people who've had the vaccine me to not wear masks. The same people move not because the public health leaders in our administration have made the determination based on data that that is a way to make sure they're protected their loved ones are protected. And that's an extra step given the transmissibility of the virus because we say so peasant. That's what the white house is really saying. Clay because we told you to because we don't have a better answer that question eliminates what is going to be the story over the next couple of months. Which is these. Vaccines are much more akin to flu shots than they are to smallpox vaccine vaccines or measles mumps and rubella vaccines i just wanna keep reiterating this because what the white house sold us on was this would if everybody got the vaccine this would effectively in covert right. That's what they sold us and as every month is passing these vaccines are looking more and more like a prophylactic. Not a cure or a therapeutic therapeutic not even not even necessarily a full on vaccine again. that's what the data is showing and the white house is telling you that they have access to that data because they're falling back on the mask requirement. Because now they're saying. Hey the reason why cova still existing in white cases are going up is because of the unvaccinated and because people are not wearing their masks. That's the story line that they are going to set buck. Were approaching seventy percent of people eighteen and over who have received at least one dose of this vaccine and then if you combine that with all the people who have had natural immunity like you and i that's gotta be eighty five percent of adults eighteen and up in the country doesn't it. This is why wasn't like pushing for covert zero and this isn't surprising when you understand the mentality from the very beginning here. It was considered in the early stages of the pandemic reckless to say. Oh my gosh we're gonna. We're gonna have all this stuff happening until we get a vaccine. We're going to lockdown until vaccine and that we did pursue a policy that was something along those lines. it was constant mitigation until vaccination. We said if you're going to go for perfection then the logical lens of this would be you continue it even after vaccination because no one thought you were going to get this fully eliminated and that's where we are. That's what we're seeing. People refuse to accept that this virus is out. There will continue to be out there and they have created this. Blame game where you know if only why do they care so much. I mean there's so many questions here that never get answers will be brought up natural immunity if it works so well vaccine works so well then. Isn't it reasonable to say stop whining. If you're vaccinated shut up. I don't wanna hear about it anymore. You know don't. Don't tell everyone after mass. Don't tell everybody else what they have to do. You're good you're protected as protected as you can reasonably be but that's not good enough. They're not accept that the difference would be. Hey if you eat healthy. You're not running up to every obese person saying oh my god how in the world did you decide to get ice cream today in fact that would be fat shaming. And that's unacceptable. Right we tell individuals to take care of their own individual health decisions and if you are vaccinated in the vaccine works as well as they have told us vaccine works then you can worry about your family your surroundings. Everyone that is near and dear to you and you wouldn't have to be obsessed with the choices that anybody else's making but that's not where we are and that question. I think perfectly elucidates the internal conflict here between saying get vaccinated at works but also oh by the way you need to wear masks indoors and all kids need to wear masks and again i hate to keep belaboring the point but it is significant. Just listen to bucket. I and what we're telling you now and then think a month from now what the conversation is going to sound like because i think you probably would agree with me buck. We're at least a month ahead of where the data is compared to what the white house is saying. And there's going to be a push for preemptive mitigation measures not based on the actual numbers of infections or hospitalizations but on the desire of this bided administration to pose as the great heroes of the pandemic. The responsible one so to speak. And so that means we have to get ahead of it with mitigation social distancing all the whole mantra all the all the cova theater. We've been subjected to in the past even with right now the numbers four deaths nationwide are very very low. It's over ninety percent down from where it was and yet they select like this is a constant crisis. What we're going to tackle this again tomorrow. Klay people join us here because at least they're getting honesty from somewhere on this one because they're not getting it from the democrat line media. That's for darn sure. No doubt tomorrow. Also kevin mccarthy house majority leader scheduled to join us and our buddy will cain loaded. Show we're going to have a lot of fun. I can't wait for hanging out with you. Guys on the wednesday edition of the program coming with. You're listening to clay travis and buck sexton fund the network. We the importance of building the right team an offer the data insights to help just as importantly our ai. Technology helps you pay the team. Accurately grow stronger with adp hr talent time payroll. I'm jack armstrong joe. Getty were the armstrong and getty show. Are you tired of gulping. Down the lying filth of the mainstream media. Yeah we are too. We try to tell you the truth. Every single goping down lying filth. Wow nobody wants to sound dumb. Our goal is to help you. Not sound dumb will inform you and it'll be fun at the same time you have to choose. Between entertainment and information combine them both with the armstrong and getty show armstrong and getty on demand four episodes available every day via the iheartradio app. Or wherever. you download your podcast.

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Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H2 Jul 26 2021

"You have helped bill my pillow into the incredible company. It is today. They're giving back by sharing great discounts on my pillow products by going to my pillow dot com right now when clicking on the radio listener special square save up to sixty six percent off on products like they're pillows and giza sheets but also new products like their slippers. Weighted blankets robes and waffle blankets. All of my pillow products come with a sixty day. Money back guarantee enter promo code icon am so excited to launch my first podcast luna talks. Ivana paulina on the gingrich. Threw sixty network the. Let me warn you. This is not a podcast for the fate part or easily offended. This is a podcast for those who want to learn to gauge to be inspired and perhaps most importantly for those who still believe anti audacious idea known as the american dream. Iheartradio's number one for podcast. But don't take our word for it. Listen to lunatics with every friday on iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts to today's edition of the clay travis buck sexton show podcast. Welcome back in our number two monday edition of the program. I am clay travis. He is buck sexton. This is the clay travis in buck. Sexton show you missed the first hour. We talked a lot about the cova vaccine battles and the ridiculousness of the border. We were just talking about in terms of how you cannot go into canada because of cova and it'll be police aggressively but meanwhile on the southern border. It's wide open. People are coming across with covert all the time which flies directly in the face of arguing that kobe is a major issue and as you look around the country one of the continuing biggest issues outside of the border and outside of co vid is the massive increase of crime. Which many of you no matter. What part of this country you live in are experiencing and seeing on a level that frankly we have not seen in over a generation in american life. The murder rate is up on like ever before and all of it is continuing to spiral and the fact of the matter is buck sexton. A lot of the people who would be traditional allies of the democratic party are completely repudiating and rejecting the demonization of police which has become such a massive part of the overall democratic brand. And it's really wild to see when you actually look at the data of what's going on. Well there's data that shows what people want and then there's also people in law enforcement that are speaking out and saying that that that enough is enough and that there is there has been a sea change in the way that law enforcement is supposed to be interacting with not just the general community but suspects people who are breaking laws. This is a result as we all know of the anti-cop blm narrative that went into effect. Thirteen months ago. After the killing. Of george floyd blm. Two point oh here is the police chief in dc. Who's making an argument about coddling violent criminals. But i'm gonna tell you the truth. The real issue is we had a vicious cycle of bad actors. Things no accountability and end up back in community in the police officers. Not guarantee you when we lock up. Whoever did this there will be no stranger to a from. Chemin but it's been happening communities all across our city and i'm saying to you enough is enough. I've been a police officer in this city for over thirty years. Born border ratings. Right here in the city started right here in this district in the way that we're going to things that we're trying to do. We wanna help people. yes we should. But you cannot coddle violent criminals you cannot you cannot treat violent criminals pour out here making communities unsafe for you for your loved ones for me for my loved ones. Does he. listen to the clan. Buck show because we could just make him the feature guests on. I completely agree with them. And you know that's one thing. I'll say about local law enforcement that gets overlooked. The lives love the fbi because they view the fbi. Now is the pretoria guard that they can send after. The white nationalist january six insurrection. So you don't hear a lot of fbi criticism. They also spied on trump. That's all other thing. Local law enforcement klay that comes from the community they police. They're trying to keep their cities. They're towns their neighborhood safe. And whenever you talk to at the actual police level whether we're discussing new york l. a. baltimore chicago. They're appalled by the narrative about about cops at the national level that democrats completely pandered and the fact that you're looking at another year here. We had a huge spike nationwide murders in cities last year. I'm looking have another record. Level of murders nationwide and shootings this year. And they're still talking about police reform. Democrats think that. Oh if only the cops were a little more polite so many other people that aren't cops would stop shooting each other. This is madness. It is and to your point. I i i know because i hear from some of these guys on a regular basis there are right now police officers in all fifty states listening to our show nodding along because they see it on the ground day in and day out. How would it feel if you busted your ass as a police officer to catch and arrest someone who was a clear and present danger to your community and then an idiot. A judge or an idiot. Da puts them right back on the street. And next thing you know. They've committed another crime. They have another victim. It's infuriating to these guys because you're telling them the job that they're doing. Were not going to support your efforts to make your community safer and these guys see it all day long every day and then they hear it from the community that surrounds them and then they turn on the news or they pick up a newspaper and they are the most hated people. And i mean i still remember. They cancelled the television. Show cops. yup it was because it was too positive in its reflection of police office. Shameful pandering to the anti-cop narrative that happened last year. It was it was awful and there were some republicans who went along with it. Some people aren't gonna want to hear this but there were some people in the trump white house who also went along with it not trump himself but there were people around him who were. Oh yeah. let's push that you know. Police reform bill just absolutely making the whole situation worse. But but let's get down to the actual data that we can use on this. Okay so murders are up shootings or up. We all know that. And it's in every major city across the country pretty much. I'm sure we could find a couple of outliers pretty much and remember. We really should be looking at where we are now versus where we are pre pandemic. I mean to get get a sense of what the numbers actually looked like that But by a nine to one margin was a usa today. Suffolk university detroit. Free press poll. That just came out of the weekend. Clay nine to one. The residents of detroit say they would feel safer with more cops on the street. Nine to one okay. You look at numbers. You can't get nine to one to agree on a whole lot in this country yet. It's worth noting that detroit which has unfortunately yearning. You're out a pretty high per capita homicide. Rate is a city that has also experienced bad numbers in that regard during cova. It's about eighty percent african american so ninety percent of a city overall which happens to be an eighty percent. African american majority city are saying more cops would make us feel safer. You know who pushes. Blm cowards who make millions of dollars a year to live in gated communities or on the upper west side of manhattan or wherever who work at cnn. They love b. l. m. narratives. I'm reading from the wall street journal over the weekend. I believe this article went out building on what we were just talking about again. This is the actual data in seventy cities counties counties that account for a fifth of the us population. The murder rate rose there by thirty five percent. That's a monster number are but it's going to blow your mind this data here. The largest previous increase on record from one year to the next was thirteen percent in one. Thousand nine hundred. Sixty eight thing about that for a minute because we have never seen. The murder rate skyrocket like it did in twenty twenty and by the way it's continued to grow in many places in twenty twenty one thirty five percent increase more by nearly triple then the largest previous increase on record which was thirteen percent in one thousand nine hundred sixty. I don't know how you can hear that. And in any way support anything other than funding more police we need. I think what was the back in the day. We need like one hundred thousand more cops. Wasn't that the number back in the nineties that they put on the streets in it not surprisingly crime decreased almost immediate because everybody got sick of it and we reached a point as society. Where there you get shouted down for the anti-cop garbage in early nineties. You know god bless them here. In new york city. A lot of a lot of black pastors spoke out in the early nineties. In in support of the giuliani. I'm sorry not the early nineties joyner. Juliana took over mid nineties I can't remember these acura now but took in support of the giuliani crime policies. When he was mayor bottom line they actually were standing and bloomberg and then by the time bloomberg came along. It was kind of like. Do we want a safe clean city in new york or do we want something else. You know what i mean do you. Do we want clean safe streets or do we want so y- the the miracle had already happened in a sense but there were leaders in the black community who spoke out in defense of what we all know. Everybody wants which is safer better streets for all of us and communities for all of us to be living in and it's just frustrating because clay. Some things are complicated week. We could open up. The lines. here have really in-depth multi tier discussions about decisions made when it comes to the war on terror afghanistan iraq war. How do we deal with the illegal immigrant community in this country. That's been here for twenty years. There are things that can be really nuanced. And there's a lot of when you have an open border be by choice and when you have an anti police narrative by choice and have a disaster at the border and a disaster with crime increases. This is right at the feet of the democrat party. These are decisions that they made and we are suffering the obvious consequences of them and everyone needs to know that because the only corrective here is for the democrats to suffer suffer when it comes to their power as a result. And let's just go back into that number again for the increase thirty five percent murder rate largest since one thousand nine hundred sixty eight when it went up thirteen percent a year over year basis. Who are the people that are bearing the brunt of the massive increase in murder if is true then black lives are being sacrificed at the altar of defunding. The police because over half of all murder victims in the united states are black even though black people represent only around twelve and a half percent of the overall population. So the unfortunate irony. Here is the people who bear the brunt of the increase in crime at the absolute worst of level of crime. You can have which is murder are black and that is the group overwhelmingly in detroit that is saying we need more cops on our street to protect us and that is not a unique to detroit. Perspective vast majorities of americans white black asian hispanic all over this country. Want more not less police. We're gonna come back into more on this discussion of law enforcement but also the fixation on the january six commission clan. I have some some theories about why this is still suction important story of the democrats. It feels like cnn is the cova january six channel. We'll explain to different. That's pretty much all they got. That's all that's all they want to talk about. Which is also whether ratings are in the toilet which is where they should be anyway. Well we'll come back to that in a minute you know. It's obvious that inflation is rising. I just spoke to a brilliant financial mind last night at dinner with a friend of mine. Who said inflation's gonna get a whole lot worse. That's for sure it's gonna get. He told me he thinks we're going to head to double digits by the end biden's first term inflation. We all know really bad. Really bad stuff folks okay. So what can you do to protect your savings and your retirement accounts one way to do. It is to diversify right now by buying real gold and silver from the oxford gold group. Knock golden silver stocks actual gold and silver. You can hold in your hands. I buy my golden silver from the oxford gold group. These are people i trust. I've spoken to the ceo. Many times myself. I've had conversations with him about long-term strategy of precious metals. and why it's important to take these actions now. 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And that was representative. Jeffries praising republican republican liz cheney and republican of course adam. Ken zinger also coming in for a lot of praise and democrats these days for being those those republicans who get a pat on the head from the democrats for helping. Go along with this commission that me. I couldn't be any more obvious. Clay the biden administration especially given this kobe moment of of panicked that they're going through right now in mid-july after the mass vaccination campaign for many many months they have no victory to celebrate. There's nothing they can point to and say. Oh look what an amazing job we've done. I mean yeah more. People are vaccinated kovas gotten but that was already in process of happening when they took over. It's not as good as they said it would be. So what are they wanna do. They wanna have pelosi. Having this handpick january six insurrection commission to try to distract folks. That's what's going on. Well i think there's a subtle desperation we haven't talked about this but you and i were texting with the show crew. The overall goodwill optimism has declined twenty percent in this country over the past couple of months. Why is that. I think because the biden administration came in and what was their number one thing. They told all of this book. We're gonna fix kovin even if it wasn't true and even if the vaccine was already rolling out under trump and everything else their idea was hey by july fourth if you listen to us everything will be fine and by the way we basically hit joe. Biden's goal of seventy percent of adults eighteen and up to get at least one shot of covert. I don't know what percents sixty eight percent or whatever we are at eighteen and ups and when you actually look at what i think the democrats are desperate as they are looking at all the data is they're saying oh my god we are rolling back potentially to more covert related craziness. And that's all. They have to rely on the borders. A mass murders are skyrocketing inflation as you said going to break starting to rise as well. This infrastructure deal is crap as anyone with a functional brain can see the budget's going to blow out and make inflation worse. Jet joe biden is jimmy carter. Two point zero and cova is his sort of. It's the weight that's going to continue to pull him down because his number one goal in addition to the bipartisan joke. Right i'm gonna make america. bipartisan again. And people are gonna get along. And i'm going to restore the soul of the nation or whatever. He tried to sell us on. All of that is not true and his one. Big thing was. I'm gonna fix cove. I'm gonna listen to the experts and everything else and guess what were headed for. I think another spike in the fall. It's here to stay biden. Do anything to get rid of it and yet the media wants you to think that somehow you can't see what's going on and come to your own conclusions. It's all so much better. Because joe biden is in charge this was always a laughable proposition. But there's another proposition clinton. I want to discuss with you. And that is if you're really woke. Shouldn't you be willing to make sacrifices if you really believe in systemic racism. If you really believe be not just something you put on. you know. You're dating profile or on your instagram page. But you really care shooting you talk the talk and walk the walk. Shouldn't you be able to actually take some steps year to show your support for left wing causes against systemic stomach. Racism some flyers handed out in dallas and other dallas door for you to clay. I'm excited to set this up for everybody. Double dallas insanity. If you're a texan get ready. Grab your hats. This is This is as they say in texas these two stories all hat no cattle. In the meantime how much equity you have in your home. Fifty thousand dollars hundred thousand maybe more cybercrime. 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And every friday this july come in and verizon's team of trained business specialists will give you a complimentary tech evaluation to help jumpstart your communications connectivity insecurity. Plus limited time offers like a new five g. Phone ericsson not a customer though. Even help cover the cost to switch come into a participating store on friday in july for verizon small business days five g. ultra wideband available only in parts of select cities five g. nationwide available twenty seven hundred plus cities offers available with select trade in and business unlimited plan terms apply limited time offer shop in store safely. This is james golden for both nerdy. I hope you're enjoying the podcast series. Rush limbaugh the man. Behind the golden microphones. There's a dozen episodes that will remind you of the greatness of drive with so many amazing stories shared palm your host in this series available wherever you listen to podcasts tunnel to towers foundation and my pillow of both sponsor. Welcome back to the travis and buck sexton show. I'm buck and with me is play and we got to ask a question one. You should probably ask your smug liberal neighbor. Were or colleague work although this will probably lead to a fight if you really care about social justice if you really care about tackling institutional racism is it enough lib. Whoever this live may be isn't enough to merely put a black square on your instagram for lamb or to announce your pronouns when nobody's asking nobody's like i'm curious what your pronouns are. You just announce show everybody who you are. I is it enough though to tackle injustice in society and specifically systemic racism just to say the right things. Don't don't actions matter more than words. I feel like we all know that is kids. Klay right. I mean if you're really dedicated to something you've got actually do something about it. Well there's a group in dallas. Now i will say clay. And i have been going back and forth on. You know this is a. It's a new social justice organizations called dallas justice. I went to their website. It seems like this because we thought maybe this was parody. Initially right clay the internet in general. There is so much absurdity that we've passed the point of satire particularly as it comes to issues of race we've talked about. The democratic party's entire baseline argument. Now is everything is racist. And so when i saw this circulating on social media my thought was is this possibly real. Because it's so absurdly ridiculous but it does appear to be real and the fact that we've reached the point where we can't even tell what's real and not. I think also helps to make the point here. But what are they demanding. Oh it's amazing. So dallas justice now is the organization and they. They have passed this out. This made the way social media and again all looks all looks legitimate. I'll just say right now if this is some kind of of effort at proving what what a farce some of these social justice efforts are. it's still makes. It still makes the point. Because i think this is great. I think that this is what should happen. If you're a wealthy white live you should sign on for this right now. You should have the courage of your convictions. And actually here's what they say. It's called the college. Pledge we are writing to inform you. I won't use the name but they actually. It's they drop this off for a person. We writing to inform you that we understand. You are white and live within the highland park independent. School district is in the dallas area and thus benefit from enormous enormous privilege. Take him to the expensive communities of color. You live in the whitest and wealthiest neighborhood in dallas whether you know it or not you earned or inherited your money through oppressing people of color however it is also our understanding that you are a democrat and a supporter of the black lives matter movement. Which makes you wonder if our white allies and puts you in a position to help correct these cruel injustices. We need you to step up and backup your words with action and truly sacrificed to make our segregated city more. Just and here's the ask klay here we go. We are asking you to pledge that your children will not apply or attend any ivy league school or us news and world report top fifty school. And they say it's because they obviously want to make sure that white privilege families don't continue to have this privilege your quote taking spaces away from students of color who really need the opportunities education influence. These schools provide clay. I want i want to ask all the sanctimonious cnn msnbc watching new york time subscribing white libs out. There is this too much to ask. There are so many other good schools. This is the rubber meets. The road moment. And this is for instance. Why i thought the rachel nichols. Espn story that we talked about her response to being replaced by a black woman was. Oh that's fine. I that there's diversity and inclusion issues but don't take my thing away right and this is why ultimately all of the white allies out there people who are white people with the b. l. m. signs out in their front yards. And you know. They're share their blacking out there. Instagram pictures or whatever. It was during that protest and all of these ridiculous cosmetic theater movements on social media. What you really need to do is give up your white privilege if you truly believe it exists and give something else to a minority to replace you right and what often happens. Is you really see how much of now this is such ridiculous request. But it's the kind of thing that if you truly believe. America was a systemic racist place. You have to give up your own privilege and moreover your kids have to give up their own privilege and only just defend highland park for a minute here by the way great part of dallas been. There had friends there many people. And this is what's lost on the b. l. in community and people who are making arguments such as the one you just read huge percentage of people that live in highland park. Are there because they busted their asses to get there not because they inherited some massive amount of wealth rate. I don't know class. I feel all these microaggressions piling up. Feel the white privilege exuding right now. I about hard work and capitalism and the american dream the had getting good test scores. How dare you sir. I mean can this ad. Because i will. I mean when you said that it's ridiculous request. I mean i agree with you. Insofar as the whole thing is absurd. I also don't believe in systemic racism that talks about it and all the rest but We do have affirmative action in schools. That's a very very powerful tool at these elite universities in particular making its way through the supreme court right now you may in fact have the cause remember was what was it. Grutter v ballinger in twenty five years. We won't need this. We're about fifteen years. Since that decision case went through the i believe in two thousand three ish was if i remember the year right i was in law school when that when that affirmative action case was decided and now we got a brand new supreme court and in that case as you point out. Although it isn't discussed much they say in twenty to twenty five years. That won't be necessary. Affirmative action is unconstitutional. But we'll see if they actually have the courage to to say in college admissions that it is and anybody who doesn't understand how it so obviously unconstitutional should speak to the asian. Americans were applying to harvard. Who are saying. Well what what. What's are privileged here anyway. That's that's all other real good discussion. We should have at some point back to the college. Pledge from this dallas justice organization. They wrote this and this eleven quote. We know that this sounds like a tough commitment as in. Don't let your kid go to an elite school league university but it is a true. It is truly disheartening to see wealthy white folks. Sending charitable donations posting hashtag. Black lives matter and social media and putting up yard signs as if to say that minimal effort is all. They're prepared to do in the fight for racial justice. The quest for justice requires commitment from our white allies. I absolutely agree. White libs gig. Give up your kids elite spots in university. Otherwise you're a bunch of phonies. I love what they're doing here. I think it's even funnier. If they specifically targeted with these letters people who had black lives matter signs in their yards right and and if they targeted based on donations and everything else because one of the things you learn and maybe the super white liberals who are uber woke are recognizing this to it doesn't end and you can never do enough right. That's ultimately what this demand is the demand just keep growing. It's analogous to me for mascots right this idea that you're suddenly going to change. The cleveland indians named people are going to be like okay. Well now. we're all good. No it's the tip of the progressive spear they have to demand more. I'm also. I'm also a little traumatized right now. By the fact that you just said that on radio clay. It's the cleveland guardians as you know it has it has been adjusted accordingly. It is clear we're gonna have to go back and retroactively beep every time clay brings up. Dare say the cleveland. The the i word you know and Anyway we'll we'll come back into more this in a second with another story at a dallas. A claes get elitist into you know if you thought well. It's fallen apart voice. If you thought that that british soldiers in the trenches and world war one had it rough vs texas democrats from the state house who have had to flee to fly to dc. And oh my gosh what. They're big put the right now. It's amazing they've gotten to love this. You're supposed to help them. We'll tell you what we come back in a second or if there's one thing we all know for sure it's that for your health. There's nothing quite as important as a powerful immune system and with added mind over. Twenty years ago naturopathic doctor. Dennis black of texas invented texassuperfood. This is the original superfood. I'm dr black for years. And he's hooked me up with texas superfood. I just feel like. It helps my digestion. My energy it's great for your overall health and wellbeing fifty. Five fifty. Five vine ripened fruits and vegetables plus probiotic and digestive enzymes. You can build your body's defenses from the inside out. It's very straightforward fruits and veggies are good for you. We all know that all dietitians know that but this makes it so much easier to take your fruits and veggies. Because it's these days with busy schedules and fast food and all that people don't have the time this allows you to take in capsule form very very easy so if you can't won't or don't eat all your fruits and vegetables every day texas superfood was made for you. Start boosting your immune system for under two dollars. Today go to texassuperfood dot com slash buck or call eight five five texas fifty five texas superfood dot com slash book or call eight five five texas fifty five. Welcome back in. I m clay travis. He has boxed sex. And we are the clay travis and buck sexton show. The city of dallas has lost. Its mind i up. You have the progressive coalition demanding that blm white supporters not send their kids to top fifty institutions. Meanwhile you may well recall that we had and still have the texas democrats who have fled the state to avoid any sort of change to the overall voting bills in the state of texas. And they are. They are struggling. They are mightily mightily. Struggling in their relatively high end dallas they departed dallas and they are now in their high in washington. Dc hotels and i swear to god this is true. This is not made up. The dallas democratic party is requesting that their constituents send care packages to them so in case. You're listening out there. And by the way i think we put some really funny things in these care packages a lotta soymeal maclay. Before five o'clock on tuesday they are requesting dr pepper. This is real salsa hard candy. Hairspray travel toiletries hand. Sanitizers sewing kits first aid and or money to pay for shipping. Now i went to college in washington. Dc you lived there for a while. back. I don't remember it being that hard in the city to buy whatever you needed in order to get on with your day to day exists. I'm pretty sure from my six years or so of living in washington. Dc that they still. Because i know when i lived there you could. You can still buy hairspray. And yes even salsa in fact there dr facility where they make very good homemade salsa this is i mean if you've got kids right now it's summer camp season so we had kids to of ours. Were at an overnight week long camp and so we packed a care package for them and they think it's fun to hear from you know mom and dad and get some candy to be able to share round. Whoever came up with this idea the dallas democratic party. Fire them i mean. It's so insanely tone deaf. First of all we should be sending them. What is it Michelob light or something. They had on the miller. Lite miller czar hosts enough. I mean it's one thing when you send care packages to troops down range in kandahar. Yes who know could use some some decent quality coffee and some you know other whatever it is you wanna send them some goodies. Because they're out on the front line hayden stuff home away from home. They don't have all that stuff it turns out that washington dc. Even for the texans listening right now they may think. Oh my gosh dc. I would never want to go there true however they also have walmart and they have stores. Yeah and and even amazon every corner. Those of you who haven't even amazon if you're not happy with your local retail establishments it's just such a deaf thing to send out particularly because there are so many people that are still struggling to a large extent because of democratic walked that lead to millions of lost jobs and these guys voluntarily on the taxpayer dime have bolted luxury hotel in washington dc. I also think this is and i believe this and the very beginning this whole thing from a pr perspective for the messaging the narrative the democrats are going for here. This is backfiring. I mean everyone can see the sad little salad sell. Fees of at lennon had to put up with guys you know. These guys are taking photos of themselves which static here for voting rights. And all the stuff you know governor abbot just like can you guys stop being a bunch of clowns. Come back into your jobs pleasing. Who ends up looking like the adults in this process who are serious about governance clay and who look like the The little activists crybabies who refused to when they can't get their way refuse to do their jobs and are actually the ones blocking democracy. The democratic process of the state of texas. And all of this so we can see what's really happening here so in a sense. I'm i'm pleased with the fact that they're show tone-deaf that ever can see. What a stupid stunt this is but we've also gonna make those texas bills get passed. We can't lose. Lose sight of the voting rights issues the voting integrity issues. That are at stake. Yeah and we should mention governor greg abbott. Literally as we're talking about this tweeted. I will keep calling special sessions until we address every emergency item funding for foster care property tax relief bail reform by the way also. The university of texas is moving to potentially the sec for football. I know you're not a sports guy. But this is involved now in the texas legislature. Maybe the thing that brings them back from From dc is something that unites kind of the whole state of texas which is football. I will tell you one thing about during the show now claims that i see i see people out there in the world. I talked to a friend this weekend. And i was like. Yeah you know. Had the big ten commissioner on you know real interesting. I just i just threw in big ten blah blah bunch of things i learned from that interview and all the sudden pass for a normal american likes college sports. You know what i mean. I'm old for you. So worrell like the pado on here is listening to oba. Want on the sports and all of a sudden. I'm i'm throwing the lightsaber around We have got a lot to get into in the third hour of the program here. The olympics are tanking. Are you watching or do they feel fundamentally on american also We will continue to discuss the kovin madness and more. It is all patently absurd and it's now filtered in a major way into the nfl all that more coming your way back. I think we should open up lines to everybody. Eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. What do you think about the olympics. So far what have you like. Not like is woken this a huge problem for and more in the next hour listening to clay travis and buck sexton fundy network with allegations white now available in twelve packs. No matter if your next adventure sounds like this or like this. You can count us in allegations. Barron company for maine with love must be twenty. One years old there please drink responsibly. Have you ever wondered what the media and big tech is hiding from. You like massive stories that actually affect you and your life that they don't want you to see because they make the left and the biden administration look bad. Well now. there's a podcast dedicated to exposing all of that. Each and every day so download the fastest growing podcast and the conservative movement. The ben ferguson. Show podcast right now. That's right you can listen to ben ferguson. Show podcast on iheartradio app apple. Podcast wherever you get your podcast. Download it right now.

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Hour 1: Rodney Harrison joins

The Stephen A. Smith Show

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Hour 1: Rodney Harrison joins

"When it comes to Harvey. You don't have time to waste you need help getting the shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot com post a job in minutes set of screening questions. The zeroing qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard, and what you need to hire a fast accelerate your results with sponsored jobs. New users can try for free at indeed dot com slash podcast. That's indeed dot com slash podcast, terms, and conditions and quality standards apply. This is this even as Smith show podcast. I'm Steven may cut the damn music. Welcome to the latest edition of the Stephen a Smith show myself. I got a damn attitude is because I do. Before I get this out of the way. Let me get all the Liga, Tori things out of the way. Stephen a Smith show ESPN radio. Check them dollar cost the nation. Go to Sirius XM channel eighty watch me. Now love over the nerve national television Airways of ESPN news where this radio show is being sampled cast the call in number is edited say ESPN eight seven to nine three seven seven six. Oh, let me not forget this because I got producers like John and Nuno watching and listening to me, let me make sure that I read this because God forbid, I mean, it's all about the reads. It's all about the rates God forbid that. I miss a read. Whether it's a monthly challenge to meet your goals training program for your next race or setting a new personal best the peleton bike will make you wanna show up. They keep climbing the live leaderboard year round. Learn more about the peleton bike at one peleton dot com or visit your local showroom. Dammit. Go get the damn peleton bike. I'm gonna get it. I want one okay. So you'll go get it too. But Devin does know what's on my mind right now? No, you gotta fill playoff action looking forward to this weekend. Kevin Durant had spoken excessively, by the way about the New York. Knicks over the last twenty four hours. We'll get an all of that stuff. We'll talk about whether the charges are going to beat the patriots. We'll talk about whether the colts beat the Kansas City Chiefs. We're talking about whether the rating defending Super Bowl champions. Philadelphia Eagles have any kind of shot against the New Orleans Saints. And of course, the damn Cowboys with the worst most disgusting nauseating fan base in American history. Those fans are expected to pack the LA Coliseum. I mean, damn there's going to be more cowboy fans at the Rams game in LA this Saturday night, then Rams fans. So we'll get an all of that. But that is not what's on my mind right now that is not what has aggravated. That is not what has disgusted. You know what God me discussed? No, no. As we discussed John these damn New York Jets. That's who has me disgusted. I mean, what the hell is going on and flora park. What the hell is going on? Very happy to Todd Bowles ended up be coming defensive or did they didn't tamp. There's a good situation for. I love Todd Bowles understand why the just felt the need to move into different direction. But I love the man, and I'm wishing nothing but the best for him and sometimes your personality not to football, accurate, whatever but your personality exudes coordinate instead of head coach because owners and executives don't like to see you on the sidelines and fans don't like to see you on the sidelines question where your fervor is compared to their own. So that's not a good thing. So I understand why they moved into different direction with Todd Todd balls, but Mike McCarthy really you could win a Super Bowl Odalis eight years. Whatever Rogers that guy. That guy that oh, by the way, he wasn't even a damn leading candidate. No, no. This do Kingsbury that just got hired by the Arizona Cardinals. Obey. My goodness. Do know John JC. I was not that. I miss something was canes berries team, the one that won the national championship. There's Monday instead of Davos waiting was that his team am I missing something. I don't understand. Is there something that I have missed here. Is there something that I have failed to comprehend? Is this guy some golden boy that I missed. Was this God a hot ticket that everybody should be clamoring for? The men didn't even have a five hundred record at Texas Tech. He got an offensive coordinator's job at USC before he had a chance to take a leak. This brothers got a head coaching job in. And that's the football league. How much time do know John that he actually spent at USC what a week. He have an opportunity to go to roscoe's for ticket waffles. I mean, what the hell is going on? And this guy this so candidate that you're clamoring for? Okay. Okay. He's photogenic. The ladies will love Mr. Kingsbury, Mr. clue kingsborough. I mean, let's stop the presence right now. The ladies are going to be all over the place drooling over clip cakes. Barry, he's photogenic. It's top people's is it looks like a model in my personal opinion. He looks like he belongs on a bachelor. Here's the problem. He looks like he belongs on a bachelor mortar. They beloved on the sideline a head coach for national football team. You've got gotta be kidding me. He coached Patrick Mahomes. He coached case keenum, he coats, dotty Mozelle, really. Really? When he was a head coach all the collegiate level without them. What do you do what it do? I mean talk about a travesty of Justice. I'm not trying to sit up there and tell you. That he can't coach or he won't do a good job. Mr Clinton, Kingsbury apologize. If that's how coming across. 'cause I don't mean to do that. That is not my intention. What I am saying is. There's not a resume here that warrants him becoming the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. And you're the New York Jets, and you are actually fighting for him. Why? Sam Donald that's a guy everything that you do has to be about him. So you want somebody to develop quarterbacks. Well, damnit hire him as an office coordinator high him as a quarterbacks coach as a head coach. What did he? What is he done? And you're the New York Jets, and this is who you're fighting for. And this is what you wanna give New Yorkers a reason to elevate their level of hope it. We gotta find somebody that's going to tutor and counsel and bringing along Sam darnold. Well, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers what in the right direction. Bruce areas has been a coach of the National Football League. Quite Tom Bruce areas of the hell of a job at Indianapolis, Philip football Gado, that's what alternately got him to Arizona job and his three first years in Arizona. They had winning records and they went to the playoffs back to back years and one year they went to the NFC championship game before getting shellacked. But a Carolina Panthers lead by Cam new. Over the last two years Zona not so well. But Bruce Arians sixty six he's got that old school knowledge with that new school flavor. The way he dresses the way he carries himself has knowledge of football his communication skills. And the way he's capable of getting people to buy in the what he's selling. There's something to be said for that. So even though I don't know how well he'll do. I have no problem with him getting offered the job in Tampa Bay. But here's my problem. We're Bruce areas getting the job. He sat up there and said, I don't want. No job in Cleveland. Well, Tampa what the hell you recruiting for. And you went so far as to go to Joe manner. The manager of the Chicago Cubs who lived in Tampa for years. Took a bent Bruce areas that Tampa was a good place to be in a good place to live. Well, how would it? Why don't you just call Jon Gruden? I mean, this is some unbelievable stuff that a witness and before my very eyes, I'm literally speechless as to what I'm seeing transpire in the National Football League. And I'm not going to go to black coaches route or whatever your position on that. Bob, black coaches get far. All the new hires happen to be why? We talk about a pipeline has not existed plays an NFL seventy percent black two head coaches that are black one executive Dennis black not a single owner. That's black. But I'm not gonna believe it that. I'm gonna stay gonna focus on a guy that you've elected to hire. If you are the New York Jets Mike McCarthy, you can't find somebody better than that. If the latest resume if the latest stain on your resume is that you could not get along nor could you get him to buy end. I'm talking about Aaron Rodgers give me one reason why I should believe in you when it comes to prioritizing a relationship in a cultivation between you and my quarterback of the future. Sam Donald why would I do that? Why? What would I do that for why? That makes no sense to me. If you could make it happen with Aaron Rodgers. And I understand that Mike because he has a Super Bowl on his resume beating the Pittsburgh Steelers back in two thousand ten I don't give a damn you got Aaron Rodgers just have more than one Super Bowl. He's that. Great. He's great. And your defense really didn't stay until about a year or two ago. So the fact that that is you had a relatively decent defense for the vast majority of the time that Amer Rogers was there, which means that you could have been able to find a way to win more. And you did it. Now, Mike McCarthy is no bomb. He knows football. He kicked coach he's been to at least two or three and a C championship games. I get that. But if you have just one Super Bowl the show. With Arran freaking Rogers. I'm not gonna lie to you. That's gonna give me caused a pause. It just is. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. That's just how I feel about it. I don't understand this. I don't get it. I'm trying to sit up here. And look at this thing. And the reason why the name Kingsbury comes to mind is because I cannot believe for the life of me how to jet had Kingsbury as the number one option like he somebody worth fighting for can somebody explain to me. How cliff Kingsbury is somebody worth fighting for for an NFL head coaching job? How is that possible? Inquiry minds would love to know because I simply absolutely positively do not get it. And then they'd say ESPN eight seven to nine three seven seven six. I'm sick of this nonsense. And then my niece matter for the new York Daily News newspaper who by the way, I am a fan of. I read his work often. I think he does a damn good job. And even if I did it think so I wouldn't glow about him. But I wouldn't sit up there and exalted either. Because I don't do that to my colleagues. Am I contemporaries, but I will say this about today's article in the new York Daily News written bomber niche meta the headline making the case for Adam gates, the lead Sam, Donald and the jets into the future. Ladies and gentlemen. I didn't even read the article I don't need to you can't talk to me about Adam gates for the New York Jets. Can't talk to me. I watched him in the NFC east. Yeah. After year after year come up short with the Miami Dolphins Ryan ten he'll certainly never developed a my mind and that damn man brought Jay Cutler, Miami that automatically disqualifies him the fact that he brought Jay Cutler to south beach. I mean, if you wasn't bringing him there to give him clinical sessions with a psychologist to help get rid of that depressive, look that he perpetually wears on this face. There was no reason to bring Jay Cutler. Near anywhere near south beach. Because you do understand south beach can be remedy it for medicinal purposes. I strongly suggest people go to south beach. It can cure a lot of ills trust me. But I digress. My point is take had no business there. Ryan tannehill is still the same quarterback that I saw him as before Adam gates arrived. What the hell I want out of gates in New York for hell, no, I'm not bringing them. I'm not interested. I'm not not even in the slightest. I'm not interested in him at all so many meta mile policies because I think you do great work. But I didn't even read the article once I saw the headline, and I know that when these metadata right the headlines the copy editors right headlines. Well, damnit they should've came up with a better one. Then I'm not a scorpion. The new York Daily News, a paper that I worked for not only my first job in the profession, but I used to be a paper delivery boy for the New York. Daily news when I was thirteen years old. I will always love that newspaper. Always. But this headline you had to track the nobody that Adam geese to be the head coach of the New York Jets. Stop it. He had his chance in the NFC east could create a dent. What's there to talk about? If it wasn't for the miracle of Miami. We're Tom Brady and All England patriots loss because of the double lateral near the last week of the season. We would have forgotten about Adam gates already. They relevant. They ain't going to be relevant than Miami. Dolphins. Period when a handle damn thing about Adam gays Mike McCarthy, I'm not knocking him as a coach per se. I know he knows football. And there's something to be said about winning the Super Bowl championship. I don't like the fact that he could never make up his mind when the call place, and when they give up that responsibility. I don't like the fact that that's an issue. I don't like the fact that that's an issue with Mike McCarthy, he didn't know when to give play calling a winner keeping and Obama the way prior to being the head coach in Green Bay. Okay. From two thousand six. On. Let's look at the quarterbacks that might McCarthy worked with Jeff Blake had a ten six record in two thousand Amran Brooks in two thousand one two thousand and two thousand and three seven nine nine seven eight. Then he went to the San Francisco forty Niners in two thousand and five year, Tim, retain, Alex mint. Both have four twelve records highly get the Green Bay Packers job is amazing to me. But nevertheless, he got it at the whole department and what happened ultimately he lay Green Bay. There was Super Bowl title with Amer Raja's. There's a lot to be said for that. But that was a long time ago just like Jon Gruden within the Super Bowl the two thousand and three with Tampa Bay. Brad Johnson was a long time ago. The fact that a matter is when you look at it all of these dudes that used to hell I had an afro back then. Now, I'm on a verdict. Joining hair club for men or whatever the hell Dion Sanders prime time uses. So I could get some additional hair on my head. Boy, it's a long time ago. Ain't it this ain't two thousand and ten this two thousand and three I respect what you do when we're talking about hall of fame on when we're talking about NFL considerations were franchises retiring numbers. And celebrate and you and y'all Kelly's from your years of service that is different. But when you're talking about giving you a job at two thousand nineteen. Dammit two thousand and ten years ago. Two thousand and three would sixteen years ago, Oakland. Now, you may know football, you may know to exit the nose, but it doesn't need me. You know, how to coach but take Eulalie against these young bloods. And it doesn't mean that our old school ways and tendencies are going to work affectively in this day and age. I'm not prejudiced. I'm not about age ISM. I don't have a problem. We're Bruce areas getting the Tampa job other than the fact that he said he didn't want any job. But but Cleveland, so if you wanna be Cleveland right off Lake Erie. Why are you pursuing in Tampa? That's my issue. But cliff kings bar. I mean, my God will it ever. It was right for the jets. Cliff Kingsbury Mike McCarthy, an atom geese. Those are the candidates you're going to give a starving New York base. That hasn't seen you make the playoffs for eight consecutive seasons. That's all you got in eight years. Eight years we've seen Frank right land in Indy. We've seen Sean McVeigh in LA. And all you got for us his Mike McCarthy cliff Kingsbury on under five hundred college coach and Adam geese who had used to turn things around in the NFC ace and AFC east. I'm sorry. And couldn't do it. That's all you got. How might we cabinet? Hon Johnson family. That's all you got. I really try to be nice. I really do. There's a gentleman. I just try to give you the truth as I see it. I don't want to get in the way of anybody's job. I don't want people be fired or not hired. I don't want people to be devoid of the opportunities elevate, the quality of life to fulfill their dreams, whatever they may be to take care of their families. I don't wanna do that. I don't want it to that. But particularly in the world of sports more so than anywhere else in the world of sports. Ladies and gentlemen. How do we get a meritocracy? When clearly merit is avoided to make some of the decisions. We see get made. Kevin some lint was more successful in college football than cliff Kling Kling bird kings Berg, I didn't see him. He offered the head coaching job. David shore Stanford. He's been more successful than Clint Kingsbury. Didn't see him getting office. Some hey coaching job. Loxley office coordinate in Alabama. I will one would say he's been successful. What you guys say that? I think he's been successful. He's at Alabama, right? And see him get off the job. Let me ask you a question has anybody thought to pursue Davos weenie? The Clemson program is big, Tom. But if there's anybody that has the capability to relate to today's players on the NFL level, it would be dabbled Sweeney. We talked about Nick Sabin potentially running the show for an organization. Give him the New York. Giants job put him in charge. Let it run football operations Ambi head coach who's be Nick Sabin twice in the last four years for national titles. Who has an identical fifty five and four record with Nick Sabin over the last four years. Who's got it there program to four straight playoff appearances in the college football playoffs since its inception for years ago that would happen to be one man in this name is Davos Sweeney. Hell would dabble sweetie? Even though I just supported him. And just promoted him. How about urban Meyer with his six self rule? Ultimately, get healthy. Make no mistake about it. I prayed on it. I wish you nothing but the best urban Meyer. I don't agree with how you handle the situation, which assistant coach. But there is no doubt. You are an outstanding coach and the game needs you? It would miss you. If you were gone, so I'm saying his six self because that's for now because I believe in my heart heart 'cause I'm praying for and I'm praying on it the he's gonna get better. Bring me Mick Sabin. I'm sorry. Bring me bring me urban Meyer. Bring me dabble, sweetie. We got dabbled, sweetie. We have urban my. And you give us cliff Kingsbury. Who looks like he should be on an episode of the bachelor instead of on the sidelines as a head coach now, Gordon, but as a head coach. Of an NFL team. What did he do to deserve this opportunity other than a good interview? And some good looks what? By the way, as an aside. Molly Kerem outstanding host for I take in the morning on ESPN every weekday from ten AM to noon. She certainly wasn't talking about this. She was just talking about Kingsbury and talk about AJ number number. That's what the NFL say. I took the liberty of saying, oh, it's a hell of a lot more than that these days 'cause I watched that lifetime docu series on our Kelly survive in our galley. Oh is age is a hell of a lot more than the number. When you watch that series, which I would encourage everybody to watch. All I'm gonna say is one thing about that. And it's not sports related. If one of those young ladies were my daughter, I'd be in jail. I'm believing that back to sports, I go it. Eight say ESPN, it's eight seven to nine three seven seven six you listened lives and Stephen Smith show ESPN radio that was straight talk wireless nationwide. Coverage on America's largest most dependable four G LT networks right away. ESPN radio's was in about progressive insurance protecting commercial vehicles and offering specialized coverages designed to protect small businesses. More progressive commercial dot com. It at eight say ESPN, it's seven to nine three seven seven six up next NFL analyst extraordinaire for NBC. His name is Rodney Harrison a former Super Bowl champion with the New England Patriots. He's about to be on the line with yours truly right here on the Stephen Smith show. He is being radio. ESPN news. Indeed knows finding the right hire takes time away from your business. Hiring qualified data engineer felt like a second job more job seekers use indeed than any other sites. So there's no better place to find someone with the skills. You're looking for I needed someone with a masters in computer science and database experience. Plus indeed screener questions help you find your shortlist fast. Now, I'm back to having just one job could a fifty dollars credit to give your first job. Posting premium placement at indeed dot com slash credit. Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply. Additional terms online. I can't believe it that Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Here comes a one point seven percent decrease in finished overhead. I know everybody. No. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance with gyco. Are you projected increase in organic Khukri revenue? Believe it. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. You're listening to the Stephen Smith show podcast. Welcome back to Stephen Smith show right here on ESPN radio and ESPN new to Steve Naismith zeroes being brought to you by indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring post the job today at indeed dot com slash high. Always great to talk to my next guest. He's been a buddy of mine for many many years from his days in the NFL. He was always good to me when he saw me as a reporter. And now he's doing an outstanding job at NBC Bata ways behalf a busy, oh to promote the top value perform the TV P award talking about the one and only Rodney Harrison former champion with the New England Patriots now analysts extraordinaire on NBC. What's going on buddy? How you doing? I'm doing great. And thanks for having me Steven you talked about the TV P award recognizes the player whose on field performance most outweighs the value of their current contract fans on online and sign up. They can go to busy oh dot com slash TV peeved to vote now until January twentieth. And if they wanna have a chance to win they have a chance to win a video M series, seventy inch television and home theater system. You look at some of the two thousand eighteen TV p nominees blade Martinez. Chris Carson Tyler boy, Philip linzie Kennedy gala day, my question to you Mr Smith out of all those guys which guy would you pick already film Lizzy. In denver. I was very impressed with what I saw from him this year, certainly Deva Bronco struggles wasn't any fault of his thought he authority over achieved very little expectations. He came in. He bawled out this year. I give him a lot of credit. And plus last year is when it went to was Alvin Kamara we see some of the stuff that he did on the field Philip Lizzy to a lesser degree. Of course, still reminded me to some degree of the level of production. We saw from him in no doubt about it. I look at Chris Carson Chris Carson really he's only played on a win to the playoffs. The run game single-handedly really transformed to Seattle also eleven hundred yards nine touchdowns. I thought he would be the winner. But I think your your winners. One two and not just gotta remember Philip Lindsey was playing with case keenum Chris costs was playing which is causing with Ross Wilson has a different is a difference. Rodney and there's a difference. My man we're talking to Rodney ouster right here with Steven Steven as miss Joe ESPN radio ESPN news while I got you on the phone. Let me get to some NFL action. Some that you're sort as past week in some you might see this weekend. When you watched last week's game, particularly with the charges and the ravens what was the thoughts that will run into your mind as you watch as you watched this game on full. You know, I was looking at the ravens, and I'm saying, you know, as much as I like Lamar Jackson and what they've been doing with him. They're going to have to really hurry up and transition to him and in terms of the passing game. Because I mean, you can't survive the type of hits that he's taken. I mean, he's twenty one years old. He's running these freeze. He feels healthy and things like that. But there's no way you're gonna win a lot of football games moving forward. In terms of the chargers. They had a excellent game plan with all the different personnel groups. They're going to have their biggest challenge. They gotta go and deal with the patriots. The weather can those boys from the from Los Angeles deal with that cold weather out there, and now and also man I've been in that locker room with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, and I know Tom has a little great rob gronkowski. He's look he hasn't looked like his old self. But these guys will be ready to play they'll they have this uncanny ability to forget about what happened in the regular season. And they can focus on the task at hand. And a lotta times Stephen when I think with the charges happened. They've had so much success. Over a course, you know, over the years that sometimes they just come out, and they they become a little complacent. But I'm telling you Bill Belichick will have these guys ready for for the jar. I have no doubt that Bill Belichick with do his job Rodney. But when you say that you've been a locker room with these guys I would beg to differ. Only from this perspective. I don't know if these guys are the same guys anymore age father, Tom attrition, it's undefeated. And it seems to have really hit New England with the bug. New England, literally walks into this game Roddy in my estimation with their most valuable player outside of Tom Brady, probably being Sony Michelle in staying healthy and running a football affectively because if he doesn't do that. I don't know how they're going to beat the charges whatever that's the way they're going to be the charges, and I'm telling you, Bella check. And he knows that the charges have the small deep into line. He's going to run the ball. No matter how you dress it up with Josh mcdaniels and colder Bella chat business running football team. You know, they pass the ball a lot. But the one thing that coach ability wants to do is establish the run he knows com. Radio is not the same player. You know, you can look at. I mean, it's obvious that he's not the same player that we're used to seeing but running the football. I think a guy like rob gronkowski. He has to show up. I mean, if they wanna have success he's going to have to show up him against Durham, James. It was going to be a heck of a match up. You need a guy like Julian Edelman and a lot of times these playoff games, you need somebody that kind of flies under the radar kind of that underrated person who's going to be that guy to step up is gonna be HOGAN who's gonna be James white. I always argue that I think he should just go ahead and stop planning make James white a wide receiver make him a permanent slot receiver because he stays on the field. I think he can be very competitive, and it takes a little pressure off of Julian Edelman so in Rodney Harrison right here with even ESPN radio. He has been news last question on patriots before I transitioned to the NFC in hindsight. Would you have let Jimmy Garoppolo go. Would you have traded him to San Francisco or would you have kept him in New England and biz and pretty much push. The Jimmy Garoppolo era into existence. And if even if that meant somehow, someway, pushing Tom Brady out of the door. What would you have done? Really really tough questions. Stephen because you know, if you're looking toward the future, I think, and maybe that's what coach Bella check with all the different reports came out that Kraft wanted, you know, Thomas day, and, you know, della check wanted Jimmy to go that's a tough one because I still felt like last year after coming off the MVP sees. And I thought Tom was going to have the next two or three years is pretty really good seasons. That's a tough one. I can't answer that right now. I mean, of course, Tyneside, but you know, I can't really answer that right now. I think they tried to do the right thing. They kept Tom there. They felt like calm wouldn't fall off the cliff and his play having been what it was in the past Rodney Harrison right here, we have a video to promote the top value perform the TV P award. Right. He was Stephen A on ESPN radio and ESPN news. Let's transition to the NFC. We saw what Dallas did squeeze him by their lucky selves over the. Battle seahawks. But now they go to Los Angeles. And I got admit to you. I'm gonna scare Dallas might win this game. I'm looking at Zeke, Elliot, I expect Jason Garrett in Scotland ahead and give him the ball all day. Obviously. If he's running the football affectively the Rams defense against the run, isn't that stout. Plus you want to run the football affectively and a lot. So you can avoid arid Donal going after Dak Prescott on the flip side of your Los Angeles. You don't have Cooper Cup. And I think that's been a tremendous loss along with the fact that Todd Gurley health is questionable handicap this game for me. How are you looking at this matchup? Dallas Cowboys we'll win this game. And I think if I'm if I played on the Dallas Cowboys, I wouldn't be afraid to go out to LA. No, not at all. Because like who's I'm not afraid of gear golf. I think I think he he really got exposed against the bears. If you can put him in a situation where you gotta pass rush. And you hit him you can confuse him on the back end with some coverages. Trust me, you can get to them. And and and he looks rattled at times. And I think you're right. The Dallas Cowboys will feed the ball to Zeke Elliott, which creates a lot of play action pass the bootleg. And to me I've been calling for that Prescott to be more of a like take charge guy to be you know, when Kim new let into bad he takes the game in his hands. You know, he's running the ball. He's making plays with his legs. And I've been calling on that Prescott to do that more. And we saw that last week when he made that that incredible run to the one yard line. And they'll plays like that really changed. The course of the game. I think the Dallas Cowboys. As much as you hate those Dallas Cowboys, I think they win this game. And defense five I'm looking like, I'm not afraid of this this quarterback. He doesn't scare me. I really I really don't hate the Cowboys. But I hate their fans they make me sick did the most discussed the nauseated fan base on a planet earth. I can't stand. Rodney anything that makes a Dallas cowboy fan. Happy makes me sick. That's my that's my take on it. We're talking around the sorority was flawless. You get on outta here to questions. Hey on Indianapolis Colts, the sleeper team left in the NFL that could shock the world win the Super Bowl championship. And yes to Mason. I don't think they're sleeper. I think I think they're very complete team. I think people have slept on my flip on them at the beginning of the year. I know coach done he always gives me a hard time. I only pick them to win four or five games. And they shocked me. But if you look at how they're winning, you know, protecting Andrew love good defense a bunch of young guys buying into a Frank right system. I think they're tremendous. So if they beat the Kansas City Chiefs, it will not surprise me at all and going to the NFC we've got the renting the finnick Super Bowl champions against the Philadelphia Eagles against the New Orleans Saints. I don't think they're gonna lose forty eight to seven this time. But I don't want to hear all this stuff about Nick magic. Nick foles magic this weekend. You go into the Superdome New Orleans. It's a wrap. What say you only say that every week with with the Philadelphia Eagles odors magic this magic the bottom line is they're just a better team with Nick foles, and he's spreads the ball around. It's not just one guy that or the guy have a lot of comp. He knows understand his limitations. He don't try to do too much. He doesn't hold the ball all the time. And they just know that they have to play more of a cleaner more efficient game in. So what you're trying to say you trying to say it's which is to say all on fan is. It would not surprise me. I'm taking the same. Is it definitely wouldn't surprise me. If the eagles won the game. I just I know this magic and a lot of times of experts we try to figure it out. And sometimes man, you know, God's plan is us greater than what we can think of man. And and all that I play with drew Brees. I know how competitive is that saves defense. Even you gotta agree with me that thing I do is very good in the back end. I got you. Rodney hairs one of my favorite players ever to have covered in the NFL saw analyst for NBC. He on behalf of video to promote the top value performing TV P awarded TV award recognizes the players feel performance. Most exceeds the value of their contract fans can vote online video. Dot com slash TV p now until January twentieth. To select the winner of this year's award video TV p is in his twelve year. Rodney Harrison, appreciate your buddy. Thanks so much, man. We'll talk soon all the best to you. Great man is always I appreciate you have anything in my brother, the one and only Rodney haves and right here was leaving ESPN radio. ESPN news at eight say ESPN, it's inundate seven to nine three seven seven six you. Listen live to Stephen ESPN radio. ESPN news. You know, what never goes out of style surprising special friend or loved one. With twenty four multicolored roses for twenty nine from one eight hundred flowers dot com to order, go to one eight hundred flowers dot com slash ESPN. And for those of you wondering if I'm a participant in all of this. I do provoke others to do that yesterday. I told you my producer extraordinaire Jonathan winters needed to go and buy his wife, some flowers one one eight hundred flowers why because that damn haircut that he had some mohawk looking utterly and absolutely ridiculous. John would have never done this month ago. He would have never done this years ago. But because he's. Married. He's like this is the opportunity how Jonathan with ticket right now. What the hell she ain't going to work. She married me. She's she'll be home. When I get there that how John's thinking that's how he's not thinking. This is the love of my life. I've pledged the rest of my life to her. Let me get her. These twenty four multicolored roses for twenty nine ninety nine for one hundred flowers dot com. Oh, just because I love her so much not that he doesn't love it because he loves his wife beautiful woman. But that's not what this Jonathan Jonathan said. Hell with doing that Jay gonna wish she married me. She chain go nowhere. She'll be. All right. That's exactly how Jonathan went through things. I know what I'm talking about mortar. Stephen they spent show on ESPN radio and ESPN news in a minute.

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Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H3  Jun 22 2021

The Rush Limbaugh Show

41:16 min | Last month

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H3 Jun 22 2021

"The time for defense organizations to harness the power of the cloud is now discover how you can leverage milk cloud two point oh and diaz to advance your mission at part three of gdp emerge 2021 tune in virtually on june twenty third to explore. How cloud enables mission partners to modernize it platforms and integrate new technologies anytime anywhere here from top leaders in government and industry to discover how dod enterprise cloud such as milk cloud two point. Oh and dios can drive speed of acquisition. Collaboration and choice register today at gd. I t dot com slash emerge the time for defense organizations to harness. The power of the cloud is now discover how you can leverage cloud solutions to advance your mission at part three of gd it emerge 2021 tune in virtually on june twenty third to explore how cloud enables mission partners to modernize it platforms and integrate new technologies. Anytime anywhere here. From top leaders in government and industry to learn how the cloud is evolving away. The dod defense assets supports the war fighter gains tactical advantages registered. Today at gd. I t dot com slash emerge in our number three clay travis and buck sexton show. I hope all of you are having a fantastic time hanging out with us as we roll through the program want let you know if you're just starting off in the third hour with us really fun first. Couple of hours you can go. Download the podcast. You can also go check out the show. Is you go to clay and bought dot com. Encourage you to go. Follow me at clay travis as well as buck sexton also go follow the show at play in bach on twitter facebook wherever you may be online first hour of the show. We talked a lot about the debate surrounding voting. That is on the senate floor right now. And the filibuster we discussed kristen cinema coming out with the washington. Post op ed. The democratic senator saying she will not support the filibuster and second hour. We discussed the new york city mayoral election. Which is taking place today. And why in many ways. It may well be a referendum on the defunding the police movement primary. Sorry yes well. The primary but probably whoever wins is going to be the the the new york city mayor. And it's basically a matchup between a twenty two year new york city veteran police officer and eric adams and a woman maya wiley who does not believe potentially at least based on some of her answers that police should even have guns. So that's been the first couple of hours of the show when it pivot here a little bit and talk about what has become a major lightning rod a flashpoint a cultural point of discussion. That is overwhelming. Many different school districts. Many different states many different conversations probably in your own life and that is what is going on with critical race theory in this country. And some of you probably hear that phrase and you're not really sure exactly what it means. We're gonna unpack that for you. A bit But let's start off. I think here buck by playing a clip from chuck. Todd where you basically get the argument. That is misconstruing. What critical race theory is. And why it's destroying the foundations of the american democracy. I think that we have all so richly chairs still listen to this clip and then we're going to unpack it a bit forced to this idea of critical race. There have to tell you to spend some time reporting on this county in virginia about an hour outside of washington and to your point this is something that is mobilizing people resonating very deeply. It was about one hundred degree day. Dozens and dozens and dozens of parents white and this largely affluent county showed up to a school board meeting for many the very first school board meeting they'd ever attended specifically because of this one issue. That's important to note that you mentioned critical race there a couple times. This is a parent led backlash at the grassroots level. It's manufactured no and then sort of teachers that lit a fire was lit. I disagree. I think it started because parents have had it with the education bureaucracy after cova. They're fed up with it. They tend to trust democrats when it comes to education funding but they trust republicans on education accountability. I think that what the backlash you're seeing on critical race theory in schools is another example of parents. Trying to hold educators accountable. Okay but critical race theory. Where in your mind is this story coming from. You just heard the debate. They're a little bit. How would you define it for people out there listening to us right now. It is another. There's the academic origin of it which goes back to the critical legal theorists and people who are writing that the american legal framework. This is back in the seventies and the eighties became more prominent. The american legal framework should should reflect the institutional racism of america and therefore address. It people differently. The legal framework has to treat people differently on the basis of race. In from this you get things like are some ideas like affirmative action but this goes well beyond affirmative action into every aspect of the launched. A question how they choose to apply the way it's being taught today and discuss. Today is largely I i. I think it's fair to call it racial marxism now. It's not classical marxism in the sense that you have a gorge wasi and a proletariate and one oppressing the other and that's an economic oppression argument but it is marxist in the sense that it tries to use the inequality that will always exist in any society as a means of dividing separating people but instead of class the critical race theorists use race and they demand that people transfer power into the hands of a essentially left-wing elite to to address the imbalances in society. Because of you guys did systemic racism. So here you've replaced the class warfare of classical marxism with a racial marxism that is now being used at not only in of course corporate america and and a lot of other places that are teaching government institutions. That are teaching. Crt but they're indoctrinating kids. And i think what was what was just said there in that clip is well parents like you are more aware because of all this zoom all the zoom lessons and everything of what their kids are actually being taught and they had more time. Perhaps to even see what they're being they're being sent. And they realized that this is a very real indoctrination process but that then brings us to you know this chuck todd. Does all of a sudden critical race. Theory is some issue. It's manufactured issue is in the right which just goes to show you. They're upset that people are paying attention to announce they much preferred when they can have their way and all the schools without anyone on the right saying about and this goes to my argument. We were talking about yesterday and something that i'm going to keep beating the drums on essentially this attack at the fabric of america utilizing our difference which is entirely cosmetic to divide us. And so. let's think big picture here. What unites a nation usually. It's a shared history a shared belief system and the reason why so many people are dying to come in the united states of america. Every single day is because we offer uniquely in the world and opportunity for anyone who works hard enough to get ahead. What critical race theory is essentially arguing is. You can't get ahead. Because everything is so structurally aligned against you that unless you are. Let's frankly be honest here. A white man. This is really about. The attacks on western civilization are about white men in positions of power. Who made decisions that have led to the greatest country in the history of the world as our democracy has expanded. We have allowed everyone to be involved in it right. I mean this is kind of the history of the legal systems. Be putting on my lawyer hat in a big picture. Initially who could vote. In the united states of america rich people who owned the land white men and then we expanded it to white men and then we expanded it to black men. When the civil rights movement we finally expanded it to all people having access to the ballot and we added women in the nineteen twenty s. I got include them as well. But we've expanded so now. The entire universe of american life. As long as you're eighteen years old and a citizen you can vote and so. Did you see the clip. That bill maher put out about progressive phobia. Like the idea being that america now is more racist than it's ever been before a effectively comes out of that right of course and this is why you have people who will say things i mean. Let's let's be very very clear folks with with what we mean. You have joe biden saying that georgia passing certain laws about early voting. These are lives jim. Crow two point. Oh the level of exaggeration from democrats about the degree of racism in this country is intended as a control mechanism and to keep them in power to keep the democrat party and the left power. The things that they say i mean. It's it's outrageous. You know the major league baseball all-star game which got so much chewing fired a few months back they move to a state that had largely you could sort of compare them on a more direct base moved to colorado which has more restrictive voting laws in many respects than the state of georgia. Did in the first place and your state of new york where the major league baseball is located is more restrictive georgia in fact if you look at restrictive voting rights the bill that was supported by joe mansion as a replacement for the voting rights bill. That's supposedly on the floor of the senate right now. Being voted down. It was actually basically the georgia ville and yet all these people out. There are arguing that this is in some way a in any way connected to the historical basis of jim. Crow is one of the most dishonest things that's been said in the twenty first century which is saying something and also unfortunately is to. This point has been effective politics for democrats and we know the blm movement for example has also raised a whole lot of money and has a tremendous influence in corporate america. We talked about that a little bit before but now you're starting to see what people are calling a backlash to it. You could there. There are other words you could even use. You could say trying to establish a balance or just take us back to a reality based perception of what's going on and what's being taught to kids in schools so now they're playing all these games played. I'll say that's not really critical race theory when when something comes up when there's either a school there are these super fancy expensive schools in places like los angeles and new york that are teaching kids. Straight up oppression theory right there and if you question it by the way they've fact you're racist racist so you have a framework here where everything is infused with racism. That's what critical race theory is. There's racism everywhere. There's no way to get around it or deal with. It doesn't evolve treating people differently on the basis of race which a lot of people would say racism. And if you question this you are racist bam. There's no way to have a legitimate argument or discussion about this and that to me is is really what is so integral about this. Is you have an argument going on first of all. This is a staff that i saw that kind of blew my mind. Buck what do you think. The average age in america is right now. You're dead on. i'll just tell you night. How over half of americans have been born since nineteen eighty one in this country. Right now i was born in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine you were born in eighty two something like eighty one eighty one okay. So if you do the math on this. We've grown up in a fundamentally racist country yet. The people who are most embracing the idea of critical race theory are the people who have grown up in the least racist version of america. And these people are running around legitimately saying america's never been more racist. America's never been more sexist and it just makes me want to pull my hair out because you have to have a fundamental misapprehension and misunderstanding. Assuming that you're not doing it intentionally of all of human history to even make an argument such as that right now and it's rooted in what i think are the twin pillars. And we'll continue to explore this topic as we go forward. The twin pillars of leftist thought. Right now which is your identity defined you identity politics and then if you question identity politics what do they follow it with cancel culture. You're racist you're sexist question any of this. You don't deserve the right to have your opinion heard. God forbid you'd be a white guy who questions any of it and if you're even more of a culture suspect i mean it it's really a terrifying dynamic that has been put in place here and we're gonna continue to break it down for you going forward. We'll also by the way opened up the phone line. you can react. Maybe your kids have been involved in This treatment maybe you've been speaking out against it as you mentioned book so many people seeing these classes taking place in zoom maybe more plugged in with their kids and they have been in the past. Four wine is always one eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. That's eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. We'll go to a couple of your calls when we come back can always string the show clay in buck dot com buck. What you got for me. You know if you're still putting off a mortgage refinancing need to ask yourself why. There's no reason to do that. Quite especially when there are still some loan options with rates in the twos no doubt lower rate. You guys know this if you have a your budget sitting around the kitchen table doing it extra breathing room in that budget. You pay off other bills. Money in the emergency fund even invest it all better options than wasting it on interest payments. We really don't want you to sit around and wait on this one folks because these rates can change. So here's what you need to do. Take advantage of it now. Call our friends at american financing. Get a free mortgage review and see if you can save up to a thousand dollars a month real serious money folks thousand dollars a month up to that no pressure no obligation you get prequalified for free and you might be able to postpone two different mortgage payments. Don't put a refi off any longer. Call american financing eight hundred. Seventy seven seven eighty one zero nine. That's eight hundred. Seven seven seven eighty one nine or visit american financing dot net american financing. Mls one eight two three three four mls consumer access dot org the message honoring the memory play travis and buck sexton the eib network Critical race theory just like all the critical studies really comes the marxist perspective. This idea that you divide the world into oppressors and the oppressed and in critical race theory white people white america and america itself is the oppressor and all people of color minorities are the oppressed. The purpose of it is a revolutionary political change. So this has absolutely nothing to do with and is contrary to biblical principles. And it's obvious. When you read the literature critical race theory folks neo marxist in its approach there you had and welcome back clay travis and buck sexton show dr voting baucom who is an african american minister and and intellectual talking about the roots of this ideology and play every day. Now it seems like there's another school district another. This is government teaching. Sometimes they'll do government seminars with this stuff that will start to define what they view as as white supremacy law referred to america as a white supremacist nation. I remember you're seeing that it's funny clay. We didn't actually even coordinate this just during the commercial break like just so people know like into our studio like what are we usually do. We catch on whatever the news is right. We wanna make sure that we're not missing anything so we'll have conversations but we pull up our our computers or our phones or whatever and make sure we're seeing everything and literally. Wow we're having this discussion on on this critical race theory. This is crazy right. The you look at this chart from iowa. Yeah this is. This is from benny johnson. So hat tip to benny johnson. Here leaked documents from the iowa and bennies at a newsmax. I believe from iowa school system show. Teachers are forced to classify make america. Great again as a type of racism and white supremacy. This is done through mandatory critical race theory. He writes training training forced on teachers at taxpayer. Expense that's right. Maga is just in iowa. They're teaching kids school. It's just on the borderline of of overt white supremacy so it's essentially covert or know just just below hate crimes and swastikas. That's what they have on this chart. They're showing people. And so. I want to read some of these. That are covert white supremacy. Are you. you're looking at this now. This is this is what they are teaching in iowa schools right now all right. Are you ready. Here is something that is. Covert white supremacy. I hope that you guys have not done this. If you celebrate columbus day you are a white supremacist. But first of all columbus was italian right. I mean he was selling on behalf of italy. If i'm not always at spain. Spain under he. He's he's but he was sailing on behalf of brennan isabelita right so i got that right. I didn't screw that up all right. So i don't know that i would necessarily say like hey hard core white. Supremacist there if you are white. Supremacist if you assume buck that good intentions are enough if you are doing your best. You are white supremacist. Here are some other things that That this would be considered whites. Covert white supremacy saying. Don't blame me. I never owned slaves. No one owns slaves. O-on who is half of america has been born since nineteen eighty-one. They weren't even alive. When ronald reagan got elected. That's a long time after slave. I remember when we used and this has been an intentional effort. The less control of language. Something we're going to continue to hammer here because they get away with it all the time i remember when white supremacy not long ago was guys with swastikas. You know and heads who are going to hurt people now. It's good intentions are enough. They've done this on purpose. Obviously it's white supremacy buck to believe we're just one human family man this a lot of that got hit by the way this is i. Alwa- yeah this ain't like far left wing new york city school iowa. They are teaching you that. If you believe we're all one human family you're white supremacists clay. We have every line every line and people wanna talk a little about. Crt we'll get to that. 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The american patent system gets the stronger and more successful. our nation will become. What can you do to help. Divers inventors patent and unleash economic opportunity. Find out at infant together dot org learn more and take action today in clay. Travis buck sexton show. You're rolling through the tuesday edition of the program breaking down all of the insanity that is going on in the world. A lot to get into here. We're about to play you a clip from rush limbaugh. But i i want to update you on the poll question. Which is an interesting when we talked in the first hour. Quite a bit about the idea of the filibuster and the overall power dynamic that exists in the united states senate right now we have fifty fifty tie with comma harris breaking the tie. There's a lot of talk about who is going to challenge raphael warnock next year in georgia in twenty twenty. Two and herschel walker seems as if the legendary running back from the university of georgia seems as if he is going to step into the fray. You can go vote in this at facebook. You can go vote in it. At twitter you can vote in it at clay and buck dot com. Nearly ninety percent of you are saying that herschel walker should run for the senate. I think he would win. That senate seat in the state of georgia. You can look a little bit to the west state of alabama. You want to know how much. Sec football dominates the states state of alabama now represented by tommy tucker ville who used to be the auburn university of football coach. But we're talking about critical race theory. You just heard me running through a list of in iowa all the ridiculous things that are being taught to kids in school. Might i mentioned again. This is i alwa- and one of the things that a lot of people are having a conversation about is. How do we get here. And what would martin luther king himself think about modern day critical race theory and its assault on traditional american values. Rush limbaugh discussed that. Listen dr king One of his most famous passages was that he hoped that his kid someday would grow up in a country. Where the. I'm paraphrasing contended. Their character was the single greatest determining factor by the kind of people. They were rather than the color of their skin. Dr king and i. I have no problem saying this. Dr king would not recognize the modern iteration of the democrat party. He'd he did believe in nonviolence and he he he might have had a political motivation now and then of played down on the race card but that was not who he was it was not the defining thing about dr king and i the so much as being done in his name that he never supported. I think he would be shocked. Probably is but it's kind of like saying the jfk jfk would not be welcomed into the democrat. Party get cable. Even tax cuts for example and a whole lot of other conservative economic principles. And yet all of these things that the democrat party supposedly believes that are being done in the name of people like jfk. but more importantly dr king. And i'm telling you dr king would not recognize the democrat party today. And i have no compunction saying he wouldn't want any part of it where large part it's interesting. Clay that that the democrat party day and rush. They're really understanding. They're they're really a misunderstanding from the democrat side of what the vision of the country whereas from martin luther king they embrace treating people differently. And this is at the heart of we see are t. It's an acronym and it's really just that this is an impressive racist country and you have to put a leftist elite in charge of balancing that out around the racism just perpetuates and we live in a society of constant injustice misery and and and people just feeling like they can't get fair treatment anywhere instead of the country that i think we all know we live in which is the best free most amazing country that's ever existed still even with all of its problems. What it essentially says is your identity defined. You and i don't know about all of you. I certainly think the things that i can't choose are the least interesting thing about me. I didn't use my race. I didn't choose my gender to me. Those are the least interesting things about me. I'm more interested in the choices that people make as individuals than i am the things that you have no control over now. We have a bunch of line's lit. I know people wanna talk about this. It's obviously a major subject. And i love the fact that you know klay. The left is upset about the. You know you're over the target because you're taking flak is agitated because they liked the same way they were able to infiltrate a completely take over the university system subject because we kept saying. Oh but you know. There's a couple of people here and there on the campus. No now they now. They run every school. At the university. Level pre is run by marxist another more avowed marxist than republicans in the faculty of my colleague surprised me. This is her so so it's a little you the studio who spoke you know who spoke as the commencement speaker at i went to vanderbilt for law school just up the road. They were the show in nashville who the commencement speaker was. Oh my gosh. I still haven't been able to get clay a mask or vaccinate. I'm in here. He's putting me at risk folks day in day out with his droplets. they're just see them floating in the air. All right mike in north carolina very good about high school in brooklyn. They're gonna take away. Your high school diploma going to happen for sure. Mike and north carolina. You got some. Crt thoughts what's up greedy san dench. Here's the thought. Why is it critical. Why isn't it just plain race theory now. The question becomes. Why is that particular edgy than front. I believe why. Don't we need any critical or race or any theory. So mike i can. Actually i can take you into this a little bit. Because it really builds on the work of some french marxists intellectuals from the fifties and the sixties notably jacques derrida and some others and their their whole approach or something called deconstruction. Ism which is a fancy way for left wing. People have saying we're just going to pull apart everything and assume that all truth is subjective. There is nothing that is objective reality and this is how you get on college campuses. The deconstruction ism leads to people. Saying it's not what the words are on the page. When we're talking about shakespeare what do you think the word should be or in. What ways did shakespeare fall short here. This is deconstruction. Ism and it comes from this french. Marxist i know their french marxist intellectual tradition Which was garbage by the way but anyway so so that's where they get the critical because it it's rooted in in criticism from deconstruction ism which is also rooted in marxism and if your heads exploding now by the way i minus two. But that's actually what's going on. That's that's where it all comes from agree with you. It comes from saul alinsky criticize okay. Anybody disagrees you attack them personally. Criticize isolate destroy. Thanks for the call. I actually used. In addition to the lottery. I got a creative writing masters an mfa. And i like to write but a big part of any literary degree that you get now. All the students i said in those classes. Vooc where you don't actually read the text anymore. You read the text in a larger context in an effort to look for the subtext and everything else and eventually it makes you wanna pull your hair out. Because you're like the reason. I got into telling stories in the first place was the stories themselves not the motivations behind all of the stories. Let's keep diving in here What does this tell terry in. Houston texas which forced harry. Hey guys just say welcome to to this prestigious towns time slots thank you all for what you're doing but i'm gonna make this real short and simple. I'm this critical race theory. Okay two things you gotta do if you were face. The word white and install the word black and then have the left. Tell me that it's not a racist theory. I will buy along with them. What do y'all think about that. I think that's an easy test. I always like to say if you apply the modern day standard from from the the john. Grisham work where you have the lawyer standing up. And he closes his eyes and he says in a time to kill now imagine that she was white and everybody in the jury in mississippi is like oh my god. I totally different about the way that this young girl was treated. If you do that for virtually any story now in america you'll immediately say wow. That's kind of super racist. And eugene j did a little bit. They embrace that there are now. There are different standards that that they're using. They're not pretending there aren't different standards. But you know we have the gel before was asking about the origins of this. I've mentioned in the critical race theorists from the seventies richard delgado and he actually believed that you should be able to sue white people if they used a racial slur that was part of that was part of his argument and the intellectuals that are relied on for a lot of critical race theory origins. I appreciate the bring up saul alinsky. Who's very important for everyone. Rules for radicals very important for people to understand. He's essentially the v. Community organizer movement in america that the left uses for agitation purposes. But it's really an italian antonio graham ski who was a graham she Who was a socialist. Who advocated for cultural hegemony and then you a jock dido who was the guy who was all about deconstruction and those are the intellectual foundations of the critical race theory movement as we see so. It's essentially control society through controlling the language and the culture. And oh by the way also have this idea that you should pull it all apart in the first place through deconstruction and create power dynamic. We should get college credit for the last fifteen minutes of critical race theory analysis that we've just gotten and i'm not sure if i'd pass the test right now to be frank if i had to take a test i think josh he might. He might got. I got some ideas as this thing so well actually my thought is. I think it's something we kinda miss regularly is that we all are indoctrinated at a young age. Obviously but some of us out other information whether that be conservative radio or you know what. I get about a half hour to an hour a day. Unfortunately those who don't seek out those other sources are documented so much so that when they see truth in front of them. It's called conspiracy. Well this is a central a central premise. Josh of of the of critical race theory training. We mention that if you challenge that everything is racist. That's the that the number of racks. I you're you're you're totally racist. That's the way is set up and they actually do this with kids too because children could understand. Hold on a second. Why i didn't do anything. Why am i being told that because of my immutable characteristics. In this case. I bear some responsibility and the teachers are supposed to rush in or the diversity. Advocates are advisors or whatever they're calling the people brought in to teach this stuff they say See your your unwillingness to go along with. This is very much proof of why you need more of it. That's always the part that that gets one thing. I think that's frustrating to me. Is we need more intellectual rebellion. Then we're getting right now in this country. I'm not sure there's ever been more sheep. Put your mask on. Stay inside your house. it's terrifying to me. How many people don't question to any degree when a person in position of power or a government tells you to do something they just do it buck and i'm not sure that we have ever had a more a more like manner of population in the united states. Right now. we are seeing when has never been done before in human history which is the the collision of mass media and mass hysteria in politics and the results are not good. People can have a steady diet of complete rations siloed partisan and social media making it. It's like we're all lab rats in this experiment and people that are engaging with this. I mean i appreciate that. Josh said to us you know i get you know. We're all being doctorate in different ways that there's some truth to that we're all picking our narratives but to be a leftist in good standing you have to you have to only have that orthodoxy that narrative you cannot there there is. It's funny because in sense. Critical race theory is immune to criticism. That's the whole point of it. You're not allowed to create to. You are racist. And this is why. My argument has been and i do think conservatives do a better job of this i think conservatives the arguments made by liberals better than liberals understand their sociological research more exposure to and. That's why for me. I try to read the new york times and the washington post every day. Because i think it strengthens my arguments to know what the other side is arguing now. There's some people out there. Saying i just want to stay in my silo. I don't want to know anything else. come back. We will put a bow on this show. Go ahead and complete it. All and roll into the wednesday edition of the program. Appreciate everybody weighing in there When we come back we'll talk a little bit more about critical race theory. And we'll start to maybe give you a little preview where we're headed to on wednesday. Thanks for hanging with us here. Having more fun than a human being should be allowed to clay. Travis and buck sexton on the eib network are welcome back to the clay travis and buck sexton show. Please make sure you check in at our website. Brand new folks plan buck dot com and also facebook play and buckman follow clay travis and sex in we are. We are individual people that also had a follow on the social media. I'm on facebook. Follow me facebook dot com slash buck sexton klay just typing clay. Travis facebook. you'll you'll follow him to We get a little bit of good new store at the end of the show. Because i know people often to their day we want people to be stepping around feeling like things are good. Ninety year old purple heart recipient in utah lives out his sky diving dream and here. You go yet veteran. The united states army proving it's never too late to achieve a dream. Joseph dale jaramillo served in the korean war was wounded in battle received the purple heart. That hardly move my arm. Even though with all that i still saved guy but he always dreamed of jumping out of a plane for the army so finally he said he signed up for one hundred. I warn but only one hundred and twenty eight pounds had one forty i did. I was unaware there was a weight limit like that. Let me tell you i would. I would qualify your head a big. It's a big noggin. Might qualify but on his ninetieth birthday jaramillo managed to bring that long way to an end. He jumped out of a plane clay. Why haven't you bore us. I think legitimately have a height of version. It might be a phobia of some sort. I one of the most amazing things about studying a world war two is seeing all these guys who had worked on farms hardly been outside their state. First time they ever got an airplane. They jumped out in one hundred first airborne. This is what it sounded like. When jaramillo jumped hell man. I still am. I tried going in in the industry service. When i was seventeen so excited signed up for the hundred first airborne one hundred twenty pounds. I had to wear one hundred and forty when you're coming down a lot of women awesome. Try it at ninety five. Oh my gosh. I'll do it all over again. Joseph can do would clay. I appreciate his bravery. I don't have and we might have to livestream that one here. That'd be quite a thing for the clay travis and buck sexton show but this other than that you guys all got to know these days people ask me. What can you yourself to support conservatism. These ideas these ideals. We are all share together. You about on the show day in and day out well. It means supporting great sponsors. Mike lindell's my pillow. First of all. I'm sleeping on a my pillow mattress. Topper i got my pillows on my bed. Klay loves the my. I got it. They're fantastic loves the my pillow and they won't go flat. They're amazing but beyond that the left has come after mike so show them that. They cannot cancel a great american entrepreneur. Great company like my pillow by going right now to my pillow dot com. Right take this action and we'll get the best sleep ever. I mean i'm sleeping like a baby on my my pillows. My mattress topper. I've even got the giza sheets. I could go all day and talk. Show off go to mypillow dot com new radio listener special. That's all you have to click on. You'll find this amazing offer when you use promo code clay and buck. That's clay and balk at the promo code on my pillow dot com or call. Eight hundred seven. 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Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H3 Jul 14 2021

"The new podcast rush limbaugh the man behind the golden eib microphone the incredible story of the life and times of a man who changed the way we think and the way we talk from his first job to his final podcast testimonials from his peers his proteges his family fans and those who worked closely with and of course rush himself in his own words. This is the remarkable life story of a man who changed america from a perspective. Never heard before now on iheartradio or wherever you. Listen to your favorite podcasts. Have you ever wondered what the media and big tech is hiding from. You like massive stories that actually affect you and your life that they don't want you to see because they make the left. The biden administration look bad when there's a podcast dedicated to exposing all of that each and every day so download the fastest growing podcast and the conservative movement. The ben ferguson. Show podcast right now. That's right you can listen to ben ferguson. Show podcast on iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Download it right now. Welcome to today's edition of the clay. Travis and buck sexton show podcast. Welcome back in our number. Three wednesday edition. I am clay. Travis is buck sexton. You are listening to the clay travis and buck sexton show. We have had. I think it's fair to say a pretty loaded show so far. If you're just joining us first hour of the program lots of discussion about the confederacy at the gates of the capital at least according to historical analogy that joe biden tried to deploy as it pertains to voting rights We've talked about cuba in the second hour. Top of the second. Our governor of texas greg. Abbott joined us and as we finished out the second hour there. We were talking about the situation in cuba and to me. Buck what i keep coming back to and people who listen to the show. We're going to hear it happen over and over again. Because i think it's so significant is the power of big tech and the inconsistency with which they apply that power and the banning of donald trump by all of the big tech companies simultaneously in collusion represents to me one of the biggest threats to the first amendment that has existed in my life if not the biggest and when i see a situation like cuba going on where there are massive protests from cuban nationals. All over that island nation and the government led by. The president of cuba is threatening arresting. Beating protesters and twitter is allowing that man to continue to put out all of his propaganda on behalf of the communist government that he leads. How is it possible that miguel diaz kennel bermudez. Who for those of you don't know is right now. The communist leader of cuba. How is it allowed for him to constantly be putting out propaganda and yet. Twitter does nothing to him. Meanwhile the democratically elected president of the united states is not allowed to be on the platform. And it's not just cuba by the way. Iran certainly has had that supreme leader. The ayatollah is allowed to tweet out inflammatory comments about jewish people. Nothing happens to him. Terrorists are allowed to be active on twitter. Don't get banned. I mean he goes at the heart of the essence of the wise. That big tech has told us you can be hamas and your social media rights as far as silicon valley is concerned but if you're a republican who opposes transgender athletes competing against women. We gotta shut you down if you this is real. If you dead name meaning you use a transgender individuals. Previous gender name right. So it'd be a bradley manning. Who then transitioned into chelsea manning. That's considered you count. Say the name. So these are the kinds of things on social media for everybody out there that can get you banned but clay. I think there's also a fundamental philosophical difference at this exposes in the way generally democrats and republicans think about these things. You and i have the belief that we are. Americans and that external enemies to this country are actually something that we unify against. I i stand with you and with everyone listening and with democrats if they're willing against the iea tola against the iranian regime against north korea against external enemies to freedom decency democracy. You name it. Democrats the democrat left to be sure not all democrats to be fair but democrats overwhelmingly taken opinion that the greatest enemies that they have are actually internal which is what we're hearing from joe biden when you're talking about insurrection and the confederacy and january six and conflicting these things and jim crow and saint january. Six was as bad as nine eleven. What they're actually telling all of us. Is that the primary threat the democrats. She is internal and they are not willing to view external threats as cause for unification of the american people in fact they're willing to look at external threats and say this is an opportunity for us to leverage against the people in our own country politically or otherwise. That's what they're actually showing us. Because otherwise how do you explain why. Republicans get shut down on social media for talking about elections but trude blood-soaked dictators around the world. I mean they get to keep their their twitter accounts in their blue checks. Yes yes yes on so much of that. And by the way it's not only internal the focus of the internal enemies. It's a particular subset. Which is the white supremacist. Which is biden wants to talk about. Big lies is a massively huge. Why is that. The biggest threat to america is white. Supremacy can anyone even name a prominent white supremacist leader. Can anyone even name a active political ideology of white supremacy that expanding in this country right now in terms of major political support. It doesn't exist. It is a boogeyman that democrats us to try to terrify their identity. Politics led coalition into supporting them. Think about it in the way that it actually is obvious to americans every single day of their lives. As you've pointed out being called the racist in general is one of the worst things that can be said about you in america today but especially for for liberals i mean the no the the hint that somebody could ever think there are racist is the worst thing that they'd rather be a traitor than a racist right. There are there are words that don't scare them as much as being racist. They claim simultaneously that a white supremacist plot to undo our democracy and the insurrections gonna community moment. Meanwhile in every company in america that has any value and any sales growth in every company. America in every government institution if you or act surely a white supremacist. In any way you would be fired. You would ostracize your life would be ruined so somehow this is something that will destroy your life instantaneously if it were actually true of an individual and yet they're telling us that this is widespread it's everywhere and it's all over the place. This is a massive cognitive distance that the left enforces upon all the rest of us to it makes no sense. It can't be both these things. At the same time that america is soaked in white supremacy meanwhile actual white supremacy would would destroy your life instantaneously in american society anywhere the jussie small s of the world wouldn need to exist if white supremacy were so all encompassing because you wouldn't have to manufacture all this racism. Look look at all the fake racism that is trumped up on a day-to-day basis in order to fill that democratic narrative. Now let me clear. There are racist people and book. I've made this argument for a long time. And i'm gonna keep making it on this show to the way we define racism in this country has to change because we define racism exclusively by and large in large scale discussion as white against black right. Almost exclusively there are white racist. There are black racist. There are hispanic racist. There are asian racist and every single person out there. Listening to us right now knows that that is true that no individual. Ethnic group has ownership of racism in america or certainly in the world in the twenty first century. Why do we insist on defining racism as if it is perpetually nineteen sixty four in america. This country is far more complicated in terms of its overall political makeup and racial makeup in twenty twenty one. Then it was in one thousand nine hundred eighty four. I agree was mostly white and black. What you're talking. We're not an intentional program of indoctrination and political mobilization by the left in fact what you're saying is a workable and consistent definition of racism as applied to all different people effectively choosing to make any distinction about a person based upon the superficial characteristic of skin. Color is immoral and wrong right. That is a clear and workable definition of racism. V left and i. I know this i do a weekly show where i get to speak to a leftist on a podcast. The left firmly believes and and they will assert this. If you push the on this that that There is no such thing for example as racism against white people and in fact racism and this is all at the heart of intersection -ality racism among non white groups is an outgrowth of wight against black and brown racism throughout our history throughout our structures. So they've actually created construct where racism is effectively a pyramid and at the top of it. There is white races and everything flows from that there is no other independent. It doesn't matter that racism exists in the indian subcontinent or in japan or any number of places all over the world in the american context. A leftist authoritarian will tell you the only racism is white supremacy and all other racial discord comments from that original sin and i know clan. No my heads. Exploding to the this is at adly are the correct. I mean that is that is the argument and when you are attacking from within what you are missing. Is that moral legitimacy. And that's what. I see the cuban protesters walking with the american flag or and i see the hong kong protesters before they lost their democracy protesting with the american flag. The journal world sees us for what we are the internal politics of this nation when you try and tear down the legitimacy of the united states as a force for good you take away our ability to be a force for good. It's one thing if an external country is continuing to do that which certainly china and russia among others are trying to do. But it's another thing entirely when the united states if it is going to be destroyed. I think you probably agree with me on this book. It's not going to be destroyed by an external factor. It's going to be destroyed by ourselves. Internally destroying what we have built which is the greatest nation that's ever existed in the history of and that's been the plan of communist for about the last hundred years just to be clear to subvert us from within and another thing that's not taught not only do. We not have kids. Learning about the history of authoritarianism in the twentieth century and the hundreds of millions if not billions of lives ruined in slaves to enslave destroyed from it. They don't learn the history of communist version within the united states. The american communist party ties to labor unions. The democrat party they they don't teach this stuff but clay. That's something we'll do here. We'll we'll we'll bring that history to life for everybody and we'll also bring some calls to life here on the show. Because i know a lot of folks have been very patient with us. We'll bring them in eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. We're talking cuba or talking. Insurrection madness from the democrats. And we're also going to get into foul. She wanted a mask up your three zero. Maybe double mask but there is a sacred obligation that we all have to never forget and the tunnel to towers foundation helps us keep that commitment this year. Talented towers is honoring goldstar and fallen. First responder families with young children and catastrophically injured veterans and first responders with two hundred mortgage free homes chairman and ceo frank siller is paying tribute to the fallen by walking from the pentagon to shanksville and onda ground zero more than five hundred miles through six dates and forty two days. The month of august nine eleven and towers of light will shine the pentagon and shanksville in a memorial in remembrance. And the names of those. We lost nine. eleven related. Illness will be read aloud at a ceremony on september twelfth and on veterans day. The names we've all of those we've lost in the war on terror. vel also be set out loud. so how can you make a difference in. How can you do good and help america to never forget. Donate eleven dollars a month to tunnel to towers at t to t dot org. That's t the number two t. Dot org welcome to the play. Travis buck sexton show. This balked bridgier tension some some breaking news here president former president donald trump just put out. This is a buck. Sexton dot com. I team put this up the news. Come out of georgia is beyond incredible. The hand recount in fulton county was a total fraud. They stuffed the ballot box got caught. We will lose our country. This is allowed to stand so trump is going deep into the georgia ballot-box situation here with this statement. Like i said the full statements up at buck. Sexton dot com trump denounces election results in fulton county georgia and clay. I'm gonna. I'm gonna look into this. I've got friends who are involved in trying to figure out what happened there. So we'll have to do some due diligence on this one and see just exactly what the president is referring to but he has put out an official statement on this one. Sa- basco in orangeburg south carolina. Wealth mclean buck show. Thank you for taking my call. I'm from cuba. I came here in nineteen sixty-two. I had a beast is in cuba and restaurant and a couple of thousands of acres. Alright they took everything before faster. I mean going got to cover. I didn't have anything really i. I i was very disgusted. They put him in jail so my my life was third when they used to go after me all the time and i don't know what's going to happen in this country. I don't like the way he's going. I i know this content up on his offer me. Thank you very very much however you know. I don't know what i'm going to go. They come over here. You know it's about what do you think we should do. What should america do now with what's going on and oh very good okay. Good bring now. We went to iraq. Okay we got rid of. I really okay now. What do when reagan was president and he intervene in and what happened. They are more communist over there. Okay now they could do the same thing with cuba. you know. that's my point and let me tell you something became a people love you very much. They listen to your in my. I know that. Because i walked up to somebody and they have you really over there. We love the cuban people the cuban people to thank you for the call. Here's here's the thing. Obviously i'm more aggressive than you are in terms of what the united states should be. Both of us should be doing with cuba. Both of us far more aggressive than what. Joe biden will do. I do wonder on some level. The the biggest geopolitical flashpoint that exists anywhere in the world. Right now in terms of potentially creating a massive war. I think you would agree with me. Buck is taiwan right. The most the place that. I'm most concerned about. I know you could say. North korea could fire in the pakistan. Come to mind too. But i hear what you're saying but my concern if i had to point to one area is that because of what china did in hong kong. They are preparing in some way. I believe to take over. Taiwan and argue that taiwan is their rightful land and that the democracy and freedom that exists. There should not be under the auspices of china. If we do something in cuba aggressive. I wonder how many people who are analyzing this situation are saying the response from china. If we do something with cuba would be. We're going to do to taiwan the same thing. You would do to cuba now. I think there's also in the in the background of all this the feeling and we're going to continue to be talking about this in the weeks ahead that after twenty years in afghanistan. There's a sense of what the heck did we really do. What we're we're. It looked afghanistan's falling apart held. The taliban is going to be in control of that country relatively soon in my opinion. I'm not the only one that feels that way follows the issue closely. A knows what it's like in that country so the the public appetite in america right now for now see. We're talking about this at the far and of action in cuba. Because there's a lot of things abide administration could do that are short of blowing stuff off and telling our guys to go in there and start shooting guns right. They could get. I mean look there are way. They could get arms to cuban opposition forces. They could just say you guys do the fighting. We'll give you the tools. There's there's a lot of stuff that could be going on here. But we all despite administration clay. Their heart is not in it. That's old everything. flows dramatic. Hard is not in overturning this dictatorship. We'll come back into this though in a moment and also talk to you about you wanna mask up three year. Of course this is a little lab coat. Tyronn if we've learned anything since twenty twenty eight that there's nothing quite as important for all of us as a powerful immune system over twenty years ago naturopathic doctor dennis black of texas invented texas superfood the original superfood. I'm dr black. Years ago. When i started taking texas super food. And it's incredible fifty-five vine ripened fruits and vegetables plus probiotic and digestive enzymes to help your body build its immune defense air grandmother. Told you eat your fruits and veggies. Well this is kind of how you do it. But in capsule form if you can't won't or don't eat all your fruits and vegetables every day texas superfood was made for you. Start boosting your immune system for under two dollars a day go to texassuperfood dot com slash book or call eight five five texas fifty five. The new podcast rush limbaugh the man behind the golden eib microphone the incredible story of the life and times of a man who changed the way we think and the way we talk from his first job to his final podcast testimonials from his peers his proteges his family fans and those who worked closely with and of course rush himself in his own words. This is the remarkable life story of a man who changed america from a perspective. Never heard before. Now i heart radio or wherever you. Listen to your favorite podcasts. Have you ever wondered what the media and big tech is hiding from. You wake massive stories that actually affect you and your life that they don't want you to see because they make the left the administration look bad when there's a podcast dedicated to exposing all of that each and every day so download the fastest growing podcast and the conservative movement. The ben ferguson. Show podcast right now. That's right you can listen to ben ferguson. Show podcast on iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Download it right now. Rushlimbaugh the man behind the golden. Eib microphone a new podcast hosted by yours. Truly james golden or as many of you know meet boasts snerdley come with me behind the scenes for an exciting an intimate. Look at the man who changed america as we know it coming. Wednesday may twelve to heart radio or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast presented by my pillow and the tunnel to towers foundation. What about in clay travis. Buck sexton rolling through their speaking of podcast. Go subscribe to our own. You'll not only get that fantastic podcast. You just heard advertise. But you'll get our show. Clay travis buck sexton you can search us out on itunes you can go give us five stars. We've got a lot of people who want to weigh in here on many of the topics we've been discussing throughout the show. We only taken a couple of calls. Let's go ahead and take more of these guys here in a moment but first you're going to hear from rush limbaugh talking about cuba. These people meaning the democrats their refusal to accept the results of two thousand sixteen. They still haven't folks. They are still out pushing the idea. That trump stole that election with the russians. They are still pushing it. They have done more to tarnish the reputation the image. The sanctity of the american electoral system than any saboteur could. the democrat. party has done more to ruin the perceived honesty and integrity of our electoral process. Then everything putting and it's a shame because there is no way. And i want you to listen to me here. There is no way to rig a presidential election the way they are claiming trump. Did now you would need are really close election where the democrats could say. We need an additional fifty thousand votes in cook county. Are we need an initial eighty thousand west virginia. And you delay closing in those places and you manufactured votes. You mentioned al franken finding votes in the trunk of our car. Two weeks later you can do that but you need the election to be over you need it to be over and you need to know how many votes you need and where and then you need to be able to offer a good excuse why the votes have been counted yet but to go in and ring the election before election day to make sure that no matter what happens you're guy's gonna win. It's not possible folks. It simply isn't pasta and no less than barack hussein. Obama has made this point and yet the democrat party has done everything it can to make people in this country believe. That's exactly what happened at the russians wanted trump and so they made it happen and that trump knew about it and help them and worked with them clearly talking about election integrity there and belief in the fairness of our elections Clay and and i know we were talking cuba. But we transitioned there and rush talking about that. I just look the essential point. And it's one you make when i make. It's when everyone needs to keep in mind is that democrats are the experts in undermining elections. That don't go the way they want them to and have been for a very long time so there is some irony here in the are sacred elections for our democracy stuff from biden and all the rest for years of questioning. Trump's win illegitimately spending hundreds of millions of dollars on investigations to try to prove that it was legitimate and this last six months is the civil war. According to joe biden and the most significant threat to our democracy since the civil war a lot of people wanna weigh in. We said we want to get some of our callers. We appreciate all you guys who have been hanging out. Let me go first to to rich in tennessee. Who's got a funny idea associated with cuba. Yeah hi guys. Thanks for having me on You know a lot of times. Things can be boiled down real simply and that that was part of the art of rush as you just heard it there. I mean he can. He can boil things down. I mean right now. It simply a case of liberty versus liberty and freedom versus tyranny and insanity. And when i say insanity i mean net i mean we have criminals in office right now that i see sociopaths and they get there because there's no consequences This cuban thing is really Highlighted the freedoms and. What a lot of us conservatives feel. It's really lit a fire in us to see this happening. And i think maybe one thing that we could do simply would be exchanged with q bar communist for their People that want freedom It's awful funny that me ark. This elite the southern border open. But he'll call these poor people that are willing to risk their life in a in a row boat come and ninety miles across as illegal immigrants and they won't accept them. So that's that's all. I really had to say i appreciate your show and Keep up the good work guys. Thanks rich appreciate you know klay. That's still the part of this. That i it's so obvious. The democrats positions when it comes to gratien are rooted in a combination. First and foremost it's power politics. What benefits the democrat party. And then also the virtue signaling of coastal elites who want cheap labor in this country to exploit and all feel good about themselves while they live in In high walled enclaves with private security and feel like they are insulated from the decision. Making that they impose upon all the rest of us. That's what really motivates their immigration feelings as we see from the difference in cubans and central americans. Right now. no it's well said hypocrisy is staggering. I would say this from richest perspective. A big part of me wishes that there was a program. I know we have the peace corps where people can volunteer but i think almost every american critic if they had to live for a year in a non major country right like non first world country country. Let's say for this country third world country for a year to to do whatever you want to do their try to advance. Democracy tried to build wells. Try to help. Educate uneducated children provide healthcare. Whatever it is. I think to a man and woman when every single one of them came back they would kiss the ground when they actually arrived in america. So many people in this country have no clue how good we have it and when it disgust to such an extent when i see people tearing down the moral authority of this country it's so uneducated and so unaware of what the rest of the world is like america's imperfect like everything that's ever been created by man is imperfect because we are all imperfect but it's the greatest creation of government in the history of the world and many people inside of this country are trying to destroy it. It blows my mind. I agree which one next because we do we. We got a bunch of calls here. we could We could get to the for to you. Okay i'll go. We'll go with chuck in hoboken new jersey a liberal a liberal. It in battened down the hatches. Just didn't chuck we appreciate what's up. Yeah yeah yeah. I love you guys. I listen to all the time. I was a big rush listener. Buck listened to your show at night frustrated like throwing clothes against the wall or whatever you say that i think you guys have good points Although i disagree i appreciate your open-mindedness at least at least you know smart. Even if you don't agree with it so i am. I am let me just tell your listeners. I am the liberal Book i know you your lady friend and why you staring by mba from md at nyu. Stern i have my law degree from cornell like i'm pretty educated guy. Here's my disagreement. Okay first of all with cuba. I've been on the line for a while With cuba. I mean. Who's going man think i'm cool with it. Let's let's support. Who's going next. What kid going next. I'm forty eight I got a broken neck. Who's going next. What are we sending over there to help them. I need help. I get it. We can give dollars. We can do it. Reagan did who i voted for by for one and we can get the money we can support them. We can drop jeans right. That was the whole thing with reagan. They can do jeans. What year did you vote for reagan. Eighty or eighty four eighty a four. I'm sorry yes yeah all right and look. I mean if you're who's going there i don't think anybody right. Now is advocated ground troops right so at least not that i've heard maybe the miami mayor stepped up and tried to one up me in terms of what he wants to do and moved on from air strikes so i i think that's a valid question and i don't think that's necessarily a political base decision right i think there's a lot of apprehension about american involvement in external country fairs right now given what i think. Many people of all political persuasions would believe is a lot of wasted money in afghanistan essentially up to a trillion dollars as you said buck. We talked about this on the day. We pulled out and began to pull out the basically no difference at all. The taliban may be the exact same position they were in before we went in twenty years ago and chuck. I just to your point. I i see what you're saying. Which is you know. it's one thing to talk about. Intervention in a situation like this was a country of about eleven million people. There's a pretty large security apparatus. A lot of military folks. A lot of communist party officials supported by russia right. Yeah still still get support from. Russia still get support from iran and if intervention at some levels going to mean. We're going to have to kill people that's what you always gotta remember that we're actually sending it and we may lose our people to we're going to lose weight so we're going to tell i'm a two time ironman. I did swim five miles in order right now. I almost qualified concealed. I tagged out. We're lucille's will. Then that's that's the point. I mean so. This is where we have to start to think. Is this something that we really wanted to engage in. And i say no claes more open to it but are liberal caller from From new jer- very reasonable liberal from china walking. I want i think you this to. We want as many people as possible listening. Yeah absolutely i want. Hey i think dole demo. I think chuck thank you so much man. We appreciate them. Please keep listening. I think every democrats are listening to the show. At least they're getting a smart version of what conservatives think and at least they're getting the real deal they're not getting some talking points handed to some stooge. The nobody cares what they say. So you know that's because you know that's out there. There's like a million podcasts out. There's a lot of people that are on a concert. Their whole organizations now that they're fake conservatives trying to tell people what the right things for the amusement of democrats you know like all the right wingers who go on. Cnn none of them are actually right wing all right Relief factor folks is a game. Changer it's incredible. Robert and california. Says he didn't think relieffactor was working until he ran out about mid month and after three days the pain was back to where it started. He realized how much relief factor helps them. It was a great test for him to see. How relief factor really works. And i know that works because my mom's taken up my dad's taken it. My dad's an avid golfer. He's had some knee pay. My mom's got a little bit of back pain from being in the gym and clay. I know mrs travis big believe yes she does buck and look. She is an incredible athlete. She does peleton's she does spin. 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The guidelines of the cdc unvaccinated children of the certain age greater than two years old should be wearing masks. No doubt about. That's the way to protect them from getting infected. Because if they do they can then spread the infection. The someone else. Welcome back the clay travis and buck sexton. Show dr fauci telling you that if you're if a two year old has not yet gotten the shot which of course is reckless because everyone every man woman and child every living creature dogs cats hamsters should all get the shot. We need to shot clay and your kid jordan not eligible for vaccination but you kids should probably probably get it anyway because otherwise the droplets will aerosolize. And there you have it man the impersonation is really good. Here's a question. As i hear how he continued to spout nonsense and by the way the really unfortunate thing here is there are a lot of people out there who are gonna fill wildly pressured to get their kids vaccinated for a virus that they have truly a zero percent chance of any significant impact from out. Encourage you by the way one. Good thing about the podcast. We had alex berenson on for much of the second hour of the show yesterday. Great feedback for that interview. I'd encourage you to go listen to that because one of the few places you can actually get real real honest discussion. But how many hours do you think. Dr fauci has spent in the media in the last eighteen months. Is anybody else even close to the amount of interviews more than me. And i've done up to six hours of live performance a day for months at a time so i think she spends more time spouting off than i have or you have and we do this for a living and that might have made sense back in march when people were still getting used to the idea of covid the idea that he still doing interviews on cove it on. Msnbc and cnn on a regular basis as if there's new information out there is it's mind bogglingly insane and by the way speaking of mind-blowing lean saying are liberal friend. Who called in is getting blown up by a lot of listeners. Because he i. I didn't catch his age. But he said he was. Forty eight and then also claimed to have voted for reagan in nineteen eighty four so that would be medical impossible clay lip liberals by pillows to you. Know what i mean i. I agree with what we were saying earlier. I want everyone to listen to this show right because i think that if left of center people if even some left-wingers listen a lot of the arguments that we make on. This show are hard to refute with facts. You can refute them with emotion. That's not logical. But i like to think that we can have an impact in terms of having a more educated populace which i think works in the favour of logic and intellect and facts over feel i've hosted shows before coast and shows clay with leftist. True marxists the far left democrats. And i always found it. I liked it. I i wanna get the argument at the highest level. I've done this with people. That are very smart democrats. I think they're wrong on everything. But i i agree. I want people to come in and feel like they're getting the highest level version of our sides argument every day. Because that's what i mean. It's not just democrats from media matters. You should be listening to us. In case we in case we slip up and i miss gender somebody or something like we want actual democrats to feel comfortable listening. So at least they'll know what the best version the argument is but that's also a great way to get us To the conversation about the podcast which for anything anyone's missed here. They can listen to clay travis in buck. Sexton show podcast. We're still in the top ten on news. Wanna keep it even higher than that folks so please do subscribe to it and that's the way to go that's the way to make it happen and Clay we mean. We've already got some great plans in mind for tomorrow. What do you think we're going to be getting into. I think we're going to be getting into Probably the civil war the confederacy storming the capital More insanity their budgets moving through and cove madness all that go give us five stars. We're going to read some of your reviews. Well thanks everybody for being with us. We'll get into more calls tomorrow. Go to buck sexton dot com if you want to see that statement from president trump where he says the georgia election big problems there. So do Talk to us more about that or check that out. We'll talk about it tomorrow. And makes you follow clay travis and buck sexton He's play on bach. But you know. Follow us both on facebook on twitter We still can't believe we're running out of it on tv. I can't believe we did it by saying outfit. Are we going to do it every time you gotta do it every time man the uniform doc. Y'all tomorrow you're listening to clay travis and box sexton on the eib network cited to watch makers podcasts gonna talk on paulina on the gingrich. Three sixty network. The let me warn you. This is not a podcast for the fate apart or easily offended. This is a podcast for those who want to learn to engage to be inspired and perhaps most importantly for those who still believe and dacia idea known as the american dream. Iheartradio's number one for podcasts. Take our word for it. Listen to lunatics. With paulie that every friday on iheartradio app apple podcasts. Wherever you get your podcasts. The new podcast rush limbaugh. The man behind the golden eib. Microphone the incredible story of the life and times of a man who changed the way we think and the way we talk from his first job to his final podcast through testimonials from his peers. His proteges his family fans and those who worked closest with rush himself in his own words. This is the remarkable life story of a man who changed america from a perspective. Never heard before now on iheartradio or wherever you. Listen to your favorite podcasts.

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Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H3 Jun 28 2021

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Take a virtual tour and find a store near you at home. Sense dot com. Welcome to today's edition of that. Clay travis and buck. Sexton show podcast. Welcome back to the clay travis and buck sexton show seems increasingly. Clear that being an american who despises disdains. America is is a fashionable position for some on the left. We have the latest in this with Gwen berry who was at the. Aki is at the olympics. Qualifying here and president vied let me tell you what she did i. She has expressed her her irritation at the national anthem being played when she was getting her Her bronze her bronze-medal and she's gonna be The olympic team she'll be representing the us and she did not appreciate the national anthem being played while she was getting a bronze medal. She turned her back on it and no surprise here. I'm sure for many of you. The white house is backing her. Gwen berry is a female african american athlete. This white house with jen psaki taking to the podium saying that you know they respect. She's berry is representing the us on the global stage and if she wants to disrespect america joe biden stands with her. Play the clip. I haven't spoken to the president specifically about this. But i know he's incredibly proud to be an american And has great respect for the anthem and all that it represents especially for our men and women serving in uniform and the world he would also say of course that part of that pride in our country means recognising their moments where we are as a country haven't lived up to our highest ideals and it means respecting the right of people granted to them in the constitution to peacefully protest so they respected they. Pack it up now no condemnation here. Of course what should be about this congressman dan crenshaw of texas a former navy seal and kerr member of congress a. He has a pretty clear view. What he thinks should should happen out for this athlete gwen berry who's representing america in the other. I think i had a hammer throw is the sport so this is not a particularly well known high high level or high attendance. I should say sport. This is one of those track and field events that people can be pretty obscure and be involved in. But here's what congressman crenshaw says. He thinks should happen next. We don't anymore activists athletes you know. She should be removed from the team. The entire point of the olympic team to represent the united states of america tire point. Okay so you know it's one thing when these nba players do it okay. Five we'll just stop watching but now the olympic team and it's multiple cases of this. They should be removed that that should be. The bare minimum requirement is that you believe in the country representing the taking it a couple of levels deeper. This is the pathology that occurs when we're teaching critical race theory into our institutions because critical rates theory again basically teaches that our institutions are racists that our systems are deeply racist now. You can't see the racism right because it subtle and if you deny it it's because if you're white fragility but you're teaching people this constantly and this is what it results in a results in this in these displays of hatred towards our own country and it's gotta stop play dramas. I think we both know. She's not going to be taken off the team but should she be. And what do you make of all this. I don't think she should be taken off the team. Because she did earn a spot on the team and ultimately the most sacrosanct to my opinion of all sports varies is best man or best woman wins and she at least got the bronze medal to represent the united states. Here is what i think is going on buck. Everyone has colin kaepernick dollar signs in their head. When nike decided to give colin kaepernick and other companies as well but nike's the most prominent they decided to give colin kaepernick tens of millions of dollars to reward him for protesting the national anthem. What they did was set a new precedent because the old precedent at nike. Was you have to be the greatest at your sport in order to get a shoe in order to be an endorser. We want michael jordan. We want ken griffey junior. We want all of the greatest athletes out there of their iteration to be representing a shoe company. Nike can be can revoked. Doesn't really matter. Excellence was the hallmark. When they gave money to colin kaepernick. They made the decision. You could denigrate america. You could demean our country. You could absolutely in my mind inject your own personal political values during a game. And when they saw all these different athletes colin kaepernick make the money that he did without having any real talent anymore. It set off dollar signs everywhere. And so when i saw this the first thing i thought this woman that nobody knew competing in this sport that no one's early ever heard of hardly my first thought was. She is angling to make money by hating america and the stupid woke capitalism. Buck allows this country. Unlike any other. I'm not sure there's any other country in the world where you can become a multimillionaire by saying how much you think. America sucks goes beyond ideology. Now you're right. It actually is about what benefits people. What makes them money. What what will bring them more fame and more repute. And i think this is why there's there's this feeling and i. I often have this. When when i would do political analysis. And i'd say well. Why do i care what lebron james will say about something or name and athlete who whoever may be. Do i care what some athlete says about politics. And there's always this back and forth between will no matter how ignorant statement may be or how absurd it may be. They have a following at a level. That it matters. So it's worth pushing back on. How wrong it is or why it's wrong in in a case like this. We're sitting here talking about gwen berry using her name on a radio show. That's on over. Four hundred stations. All across the country giving her of course. She's the top story on the daily mail right now. She's on fox news. She's everywhere. cnn. You name it. It's not us making story. This is a is has become a huge or the white house has been asked to weigh in on a chance sake has said you know the usual thing of. Yeah don't worry we likeness even if biden. We're not gonna we're not gonna get him to actually weigh on this one specifically because who knows what joe biden will say the circumstances. But here's here's why this is important as well. The the incentives have changed such that now stepping out and saying this not only. Is it not brave. But it's the obvious thing for certain athletes to do because that's how much the system and that's how much corporate america has changed in recent years and so while there's a part of me that wants to say i wish we wouldn't give this story. You know the the the additional focus of someone. Who's let's just be honest. I mean i. It's a it's a bratty thing to do to say you don't want to hear the national anthem. When you're representing the united states of america on an olympics team and and turn your back on it and this is the next iteration right because whether you agreed or disagreed with colin kaepernick. And i did it right. I said it was bad business to protest in uniform at work in the same way i always made is if you work at mcdonald's and you don't like hamburgers. Your job is still the sell people hammed burgers right so if somebody walked up and said. Hey i wanna hamburger. I want a big mac and the cashier. Mcdonald's said well meat is murder like they get fired pretty quick because the goal and the job at mcdonald's is to sell hamburgers. And so if you're opposed if you're a vegetarian and you want to say instead why don't you get a salad instead. Well eventually you're going to get fired. Probably really quickly. And so. But at least that's a private entity right the san francisco forty niners who call and kaffir. Nick played for. They are a for profit. Nfl franchise to me. You're taking the next step. When you are representing the united states of america on the global stage and you are disrespecting us in this manner and let's just call it what it is with this white house with the biden administration in sake speaking the white house press secretary speaking on his behalf. It's cowardice. yeah they. They know that this is childish divisive stupid. They know that this isn't going to help. It's not going to spark conversations going to bring us together but they also know that if they were to say anything even approaching any the truth if they actually spoke the truth on this issue there's about thirty percent of the democrat party maybe more like thirty percent of the country twenty to thirty percent That would view that as some kind of betrayal of woke kness and biden needs. The you know the woke army working on his behalf. He needs them. He's afraid of them. I think is another way of putting it too. Because he knows that they're constantly looking for a target and an old white guy is a pretty fertile target for them historically. and so. This has always been tenuous relationship to me. This is going to. I think some people say what's the ultimate impact of this. She's not going to be the only one that does this. That's the truth and next month when we are on the global stage this is going to be a major issue. And here's what. I've always argued buck. I wou i went after meghan piano and the us women's soccer team because when they were representing the us in the women's world cup. I thought that all those women had an opportunity to say the reason if you look at the women's world cup for instance and this is true also in the olympics one reason we dominate is. Because we're so wealthy because capitalism gives us the watery to be able to have really good hammer. throwers right. The reason why gwynne vary despite the fact that she doesn't represent believe that america is worth celebrating. The reason why gwen berry is good at hammer throwing is because we have the resources and the and the luxury to be able to train people like win berry to be hammer-throwers right the reason why we dominate is because of the wealth of this nation and so in the women's world cup and also in the olympics very often you can just look at the free countries and they tend to win the medals and so my argument with the women's world cup team. That was so frustrating to me is all they had to do was say every country should be tried to be like america. Try to be like us if you allow your women to play sports if you allow them. Saudi arabia doesn't even let you wear shorts. Iran doesn't let women go watch actual soccer matches for much of its history. It's not a surprise that those countries get their ass kicked by the us women when we got title nine. We got all these scholarships and everything else out there and you know from the history of sports and even in pop culture the way it appears in movies like miracle or dare i say rocky four one of the great throw american Achievements of all time. There used to be the sense that we're when it comes to the olympics or a comes to american athletes on the world stage. This is one of the great moments of unity because we are all rooting for our people. Our american athletes and to undermine that to pollute that with with petty woke garbage is just i. It's just indicative of what we've come to now. I really do believe that. America hatred for many on the left is becoming. Its own disorder. It's it's becoming a a fashionable mental illness. it pays. that's what's so frustrating. Nike set this precedent. Because the reason why gwen berry is trying to be like colin kaepernick is how much do you think the average hammer thrower makes from hammer throwing if they even win a medal almost nothing but i guarantee you one of these woke loser corporations is gonna sign gwynne to represent them and they are going to pay her millions of dollars. There's no other country that i'm aware of in the world. Buck where on the national and international stage you can basically stick up a middle finger at the country. In china they would. Your family would disappear if you tried to do this. No other country is going gonna do this and yet we're going to reward this behavior. We'll take some of your calls by the way. Eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. What do you think should happen here. And in the meantime let's try to get everybody hooked up and make everybody safe buck with express. Vpn whether you've got a phone a laptop or a tv you have an ip address and when you search for stuff watch videos or even click a link. Big tech companies can use that ip address. That we all have to track all your activity and tie it back to you. Which is why i use express vpn which protects and helps to give anonymous data for me and make sure that my network data is encrypted. And you don't have to be tech savvy to use this trust me. You don't wanna be tracked all over the internet express. Vpn can make sure that that is not a problem for you. Protect your internet activity with vpn. Clay and i are using every day visit express. Vpn dot com slash clan. Buck to get three extra months free on a one year package that's xpress. Vpn dot com slash clay and book to get three months free express vpn dot com slash play and clay travis. Buck sexton show talking about the olympics. Also buck sexton in nashville worried about his health. If you had to make wait. You don't feel good about a mega weight with all the barbecue and the burgers here. Didn't even tell you this. Actually when we to have to get peg legged like a sponsor of the show because i went back after we talked about it on radio true story. There's a guy waiting in line who points to me. He goes. I just heard about. I just heard about this on the radio. And now you're here. I said yes sir. That's me going back double-dip that's right and ali. One of our producers are also went in over the weekend. She had a good time there. I mean it's fun to be introducing. You guys the nashville. Which is my hometown. Great place to live and by the way wide. Open right for anybody out there. Who's looking for a vacation. Florida's wide open texas wide open. Tennessee's wide open georgia's wide open. There's a few states out there. Were you would never know that cova had happened. Then i think other than maybe having to get on the airplane deal with the ridiculous cosmetic theatre which by the way is being challenged now there are bills have been introduced to end the mandate on federal transportation. Absolutely should happen. You know. I did fly spirit airlines and i gave them. I gave them a rough time on friday. Let me tell you something. After having to fly spirit coach on friday to get home thoroughly deserved I'm just going to put that out there. No surprise there. It was fine. The plane is safe and relatively clean and all that stuff but Staff a little surly a little surly. I think there's a lot of angry people out there. In general over the last year having been locked up and then people aren't necessarily the best behaved when they get on airplanes. The whole mask police thing. I think also just sets up an automatic antagonistic relationship where the flight attendants have to walk around and say mask up. you know. Or you're not eating your Snack right now or having your sip of your water all this. It just sets up such a contentious relationship. I think between passenger and worker. Why is it that everyone seems to think. And not everybody but a lot of people that whenever they want to get up on an airplane the seat in front of them as a catapult like they pull it all the way down and then like it like shoots them up to their feet. Can't people just stand my biggest eh. My biggest it's a good question. My biggest issue with travel is the reclining seats. I don't believe that anybody. And you're around my. I'm not a huge dude. I'm six foot but if you've got a laptop on on a tray and urine coach and somebody written klein's their seat in front of you. You can't do anything it's impossible. I wish that we would design seats. That did not in any way reclined. Wow you're anti recon i am. I am a. I'm so anti all recline all of you. All of you folks are like the lounge when you're flying. The friendly sky wrecked aren't hates to add clay and buck on twitter and say because it's like someone standing up book when you're a sporting event or in a concert if one person stands up the whole section has to stand up because everybody else has to adjust their behavior based on that person as soon as one person reclines it basically sets off unless somebody stops the domino effect and entire recline request. All the way back through so people can actually move if you're at a venue and there are seats. You're meant to sit unless you're doing a standing ovation or some reason for everyone. In one moment maybe see like the homerun. That's going to win the pennant. Or whatever if you're if you're at a concert you should be sitting if there are seats if you're at a stage and people are standing that's a different thing but these are my rules. I agree with you. And that's one of the things that i actually liked about cove. It was actually easier for kids to see inside stadiums. You think about all this will come to your calls in just a moment of stay with us. But you know mike. Lynn dell is an incredible entrepreneur. A great american and it's his birthday today. Happy birthday to mike lindell from clay and buck. You know he's the inventor behind my pillow and he fit us for our very own. My pillow is we got all the gear. All the my pillow stuff at home. The giza dream sheets are amazing. Maytham the world's best cotton and right now. The geezer dream sheets are at a two for one low price plus free shipping with promo code clay and buck. Remember all my pillow products. Come with a sixty day. Money back guarantee just go to mypillow dot com and click on new radio listener special to check out this low price offer on the giza dream sheets. You'll find deep discounts all other my pillow products to enter promo code buck or sorry promo code play and book or call eight hundred seven nine two three two six nine. Hi i'm emilio. I'm a program manager at google right now. Lots of people are looking for ways to learn new job skills. That's why we created. Google career certificates in online training program for fast growing fields like it support project management data analytics user experience design. And more. you don't need any prior experience and you can be job ready in about six months so put your skills to work. Go to grow dodd. Google slash certificates support for this podcast comes from invent together according to studies less than thirteen percent of all inventors who hold it. Us patent are women. Black and hispanic college graduates patent at half the rate of their white counterparts. But we can fix that by participating in innovation and patenting underrepresented groups. It would quadruple the number of american inventors and increase annual gdp by one trillion dollars. Invent together is a coalition of organizations companies. Universities and concerned citizens committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to invent and patent because the more diverse. The american patent system gets the stronger and more successful. Our nation will become. What can you do to help. Divers inventors patent and unleash economic opportunity. Find out at invent together dot org learn more and take action today. Welcome back to the clay travis in buck sexton show on buck sexton and we were talking at the start of the show today about how we got the business of the american people to be business again. We gotta get back to work. Got to get rid of government policy that disincentivize is work. That hurts small businesses who are trying to staff up. Get back in the game. It's it's a major challenge. The democrats are making things harder than they should be. That's for sure. Let's lean on the wisdom of the we're only rush limbaugh here for a moment on what is capitalism. And why is it so important. So i got an email rush. Could you say something. Besides capitalism you have to understand people have been trained to hate the word people have been trained to oppose the word. They don't even know what it means. That's a fair point. Here's what it is. We want an economic arrangement. We want country. We want a society. We want a place where people provide what other people need and want as efficiently as possible and are rewarded for. How well they do it. Meaning innovators invent products. They create new services. What have you that people end up wanting or needing and are willing to pay for if they're priced fairly and that priced fairly results in the innovator being rewarded with a prophet so that he can continue or she can continue to make and provide and earn a profit and then hire other people as the business grows. So it's all good. The democrats don't like that because in the midst of all that is self reliance. The democrats prefer to take from the people to work hard. They wanna take from the elevator. They wanna punish success on the basis. That it isn't fair that some people succeed and others don't so they wanna take from the successful and give it to people who don't want them bother with having to work for it who don't want to bother with having to earn it and the democrats cultivate that culture. They cultivate the culture of transfer of wealth. And if you destroy the wealth creators if you disincentivize them if you raise their taxes if you take away their prophet then why should they continue to do what they do and they are demonized. The democrat party. The american left demonize the then sets about punishing them and they want to be applauded for it. Success feeds off of itself and it is a great motivating factor. It's what we're all oriented. We all want to succeed until the democrat party gets. Hold of enough of us. And convinces us that we can't we can't succeed. Because your race your gender your sexual orientation. The deck is stacked against because america's unfair america's racist sexist bigoted on a year of a chance. That's what the democrat party tells. People turns them into victims. But this bunch is. It's what we face on. The other side of. This election is even worse if these people win and here we are clay dealing with a country that it feels like is increasingly. Having to handle the reality of a marxist marxist Free schmo perhaps a a marxist wing of the democrat party that is more openly in favour of redistribution of wealth through socialism democratic socialism. Whatever they wanna call it But let's get to some of your calls as well because we've had all the line's lit and people have been patiently waiting. So krista in miller's port ohio you're on the clay travis and buck sexton show. Hi there good afternoon. Thank you for letting me Talk to you. Have a great program and i miss rush thank you we miss to thank you for calling in. Yeah i i was calling about. I think of miss glen berry the The athlete that was the opportunity to get into what she did was just so calling and it just struck my heart i it it actually drove me nuts and i am a I'm a high school coach. I coach high school boys track. I have almost thirty years. Twenty-three at one school. I was a college athlete and a high state. I would have never ever and quite honestly. If i were her coach i would ask her to untie. Shoestrings tossed or spikes out and find a country that she actually really loved it. She doesn't love. This country. Shouldn't be there would you. Why do you think this is happening you you you said you went to ohio state. You have coached kids Are you a coach right now with high school kids. Yes i am. Yes i am. Hi what would you do. F- high school boys. What would you do if your high school boys right now if somebody won a competition and they played the national anthem. And they've behaved like she did. What would you talk to your kids about. I will tell you that was kind of strange. You say that as as of last year we lost our season prior to that. I carry an american flag on a clipboard. And it's funny The boys whenever they would see that flag immediately put their hand on their heart and it became just a just an instantaneous thing. To do i had kids from other teams do that. I i I'm a big promoter of the blue line and Glory and one. I can't imagine it would have gotten to that point but if it had i would have spoke to them just like their mama. I would've told them you have everything that you have because of that affleck's because of everyone that died for that like you have no right. No right to disrespect. And i honestly A member of my team. That would be that would be called behavior unbecoming track athletes on my team and they wouldn't be competing in the next age. You think the standard would be even even hired. Christopher the olympics. But i think we all not thank you so much for calling in from miller sport ohio. I think. Unfortunately we all know that this is a client. I were discussing this in one of the one of the commercial breaks which is just that if you were to punish this athlete for example it would result in a true martyrdom complex. And then. I mean the nike dollars. Etcetera would go up substantially from there too. That's that's the problem with this situation. And i understand that visceral reaction in buck. This is where i think. People are gonna react much more negatively because this is representing your country. It's one thing if you represent a pro sports team people can still be very upset about that but that's a for profit capitalistic institution. That you are representing. What pro sports franchises are. The entire purpose of the olympics is for you to reach the medal. Stand so they play your national anthem as they wore it. The cameras catch you. There are many countries out there. Book where winning a medal. Getting somebody on a metal stand is one of the greatest accomplishments that will ever happen in many countries out there. The idea of this. I think strikes at the heart of many different people who are patriotic americans in a way that the colin kaepernick protest frankly did not the olympics. You even think of at a level beyond professional sports when you're talking when you're talking about americanism and are shared american values. John in iowa has some thoughts on this john. Great to have you on the clay travis in buck sexton show. Hey thanks for having me on my. My comments are for the olympic cameras or as well and I will boycott the whole thing if if they let her compete I've already boycotted the nfl nba and pro baseball. I won't watch them. People who don't love our country Go find another place to live and especially an olympic athlete. I love the olympic events. But i will boycott the whole olympic and i hope others will as well. It's the ten the sponsor met well now. John let me let me ask you just because there are a lot of athletes right now. I appreciate this and let me say that. I said to klay earlier today. That i just can't watch the nba. I i grew up watching. It was a big knicks fan. But given what's gone on with all the politicisation i'm just. I'm sorry i can't do it so i'm with you on taking action and as a conservative. I think it's important that we actually put our dollars. Where our hearts are you know. We actually take action that is in line with our values. But you know in this case i just wanna put you. There are a lot of athletes. Who are i mean. I would argue probably ninety nine percent of the american athletes who were there who are very patriotic who've worked really hard to get the right so so how do we. I'm not saying this is an easy question. John but how. How should we all gauge this. Should we let one hammer thrower. Which i mean if you told me i don't even know i've never even tried to hammer throw. I'm sure it's kind of hard. But you know we won hammer thrower mean that. You're not gonna. You're not going to be there to support. You know the fastest and female you know. Eight hundred feet eight hundred meter Sprinters etc or not. that's not sprinting. But you know what i mean. Well it in my opinion if we don't send a message like this let these other athletes put pressure honor. 'cause it's gonna it'll it'll hurt their sport as well and the pressure around her to support this you if you don't want to stand up for the play and don't try to compete compete. Yeah it's it's an i understand. Oh let me. We're going to get more calls in here. I understand that argument to me if you totally abandoned the sport because of one athlete you're giving her power over you in some way. I understand the argument of. Hey i'm gonna boycott and i the nba trust me. I understand it because that was a systemise. Right league action right. When black lives matter is written on the basketball court and no one is standing basically for the national anthem. That's a calculated decision being made by that entire league. I totally understand people. Saying i don't wanna spend my three times supporting this institution but one woman that nobody would have heard of but not for her action. She's playing us. She's trying to colin kaepernick way into a multimillion dollar endorsement deal. It's finally going to work. And she's trolling all of us. Yes that's what's so frustrating about this and this is why we talked about. How do you handle a story such as this because by getting outraged in indignant. You are making her money. We'll come back to more. Because i know everyone has a lot of thoughts on this especially with the olympics. Coming up and you know we would all like to think that we're going into independence day here. We are. having an american athletes. Competing at the olympics were passed the pandemic despite what some people in some blue parts of the country think and it will be nice to have a real surge of patriotism in the olympics. Could be a great showcase of that. So i don't want this to overshadow that either but we'll come back to this in a moment and meantime i wanna make sure you're as healthy as possible because if we've learned anything since two twenty it's that there's nothing quite as important as a powerful immune system over twenty years ago naturopathic doctor dennis black of texas invented texas superfood and i've known dr black for years now and whenever i take texas superfood i gotta tell you. I feel fantastic. 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Donald trump i guest of the show will be on in the second hour. It's one o'clock on the east coast. Ten am on the west coast. Let him hang out with us as long as he wants to hang out with us always fun but we don't know where it will go necessarily but we know that you will want to be tuned to your stations and trump train is always an adventure. Yes for sure Let's get a bunch of these calls and try to finish off quickly here With some power from you. Guys gwen berry hammer thrower. One of the top stories. If not the top story in america right now turns her back on the national anthem She won the bronze. Us team she is now scheduled to travel to japan. Many of you want to weigh in. Go first to craig in memphis tennessee. What's up correct. How are you excellent. Good great love. Hearing about nashville. I go every other weekend to see my two granddaughters in my marine corps. Stepson and his His wife live out of mount juliet. Allendale it's out of town. They really enjoy the lots of great town. Craig i tell you. Everyone is as nice here as everyone says they are. Which as a new yorker is hard to take some time to like wait are they really just smiling and being friendly. Because that's how they are but that is all true nice. They're when i used to go to new york for work went four years in a row still on my best of action. Nobody was ever made to me ever. So what's on your mind. So yeah guys. Look i mean so. I'm older I'm reading now several things. Just the first thing is if if if we're paying for this we should be able to mandate behavior as a team member records understates period. And i don't think that's a bad argument. Now somebody has to be able to take the heat because they'll be tons of heat right. I mean like you said a minute ago. Ninety nine percent of the athletes are thrilled to be there. One percents not turned back. That's what's going to get the press not the other ninety nine percent of the guy but somebody has to kind of goodwill to take eight for this because there'll be a lot of heat but i'm sure by the way craig. I'm sure there are some regulations. Some regulations some you know to be in the olympics but as we see you know when someone when someone says something or or takes an action that shows disrespect to the flag of the country. You'll have you know. The entire woke left the democrats all talk about free speech if an athlete. Let's say said something that was actually racist They would be done right like airplane rack. There's finished so if someone took a knee during the anthem and said i'm doing it. Because i think abortion should be illegal or gay marriage should be illegal. They would be done for two. It's not when people oftentimes talk about free speech. They're talking about speeches that they agree with not free speech. And to your point craig the ioc because of how intensely political everything has become. That's the international. Olympic committee has actually said no politics during planning of the national anthem. Because think about it. Whether it's china or russia countries obviously that have far less freedom than the united states. Theoretically you could protest someone else's national anthem which then creates which would be really kind of funny. Imagine if a silver medallist loses to a chinese person and they play the china national anthem and suddenly unamerican silver medal is takes me israel. I mean if you think all the countries where the moment and israeli ath- yeah is up there. Something very point as well yeah. It's a huge controversy. Potentially that could create a massive fallout. So they've tried to eliminate this recurring. It's not as american specific rule. It's actually representative of all the countries outlets. Take tom in northwestern ohio. Tom welcome yes doing. We're good hello. Hello sir yes anchor taking. Thank you for taking my call long time listener first-time caller thank you I think this athlete to get rid of her. If she don't like the united states in the anthem go somewhere else. I'm sure but ethan communist china or north korea just loved to have her and there's bound to be some person that that loves the united states on that team that would represent a better. I do think it's fair to say if you're going to be on the olympic team. I think love them. I think i think patriotism considered a precondition or something that we could all ask for our olympic athletes or just just be respectful. You know no one's asking anyone to sign a loyalty oath but you know don't do anything that's upsetting to the country you represent. I also think to tom's point. We are providing propaganda to countries. That hate us. China takes are people not standing for the anthem and says you think america is free and great look at how. Their athletes are responding on the global stage. North korea will do the same thing. This is one of many reasons why i thought the. Nba's behavior as it pertained to hong kong was so disgusting tomorrow president of the united states. Donald trump will join us. You've been listening to clay. Travis buck sexton show. It's going to be wild and our number two tomorrow. Make sure you don't miss it. Thanks for hanging with us. You're listening to clay travis and buck sexton fundy. Eib network Me me me me me but also you the payroll has forwards is favourite foreign film powder. Doughnut okay. what's my line. The only line. I see here on. The script is get options based on your budget with the name your price tool from progressive man. That's a tongue twister I'm sorry i'm gonna need a few more minutes. Oh this wall. Risk the bogus. Well risk the name your price tool from progressive. The our nfl. 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"Hi everyone. I am so excited to launch my very first podcast the truth with lisa boothe with iheartradio and gingrich three sixty the truth. With lisa boothe is a podcast rejects safely checks fake news and will never bow down to the political correctness. Poisoning this country from with it. You're ready to step outside of your comfort zone and join me on this wild ride and buckle up and tune in on march twenty th right very first episode. The truth with lisa boothe every single wednesday on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Have you ever wondered what the media and big tech is hiding from. You like massive stories that actually affect you and your life that they don't want you to see because they make the left and the biden administration look bad when there's a podcast dedicated to exposing all of that each and every day so download the fastest growing podcast and the conservative movement. The ben ferguson. Show podcast right now. That's right you can listen to ben ferguson. Show podcast on iheartradio. App apple podcast. Wherever you get your podcast download it right now. Welcome today's edition of the clay travis and buck sexton show fund. Welcome in appreciate all of you hanging out with us. I am clay travis. He is buck sexton. We're rolling with the clay travis end. Vox sexton show on a great wednesday. Njoy as the battle lines are beginning to form. The new mask mandate as it is rolling out in some ways across the country. All of the conflict coming to a had. I believe and the conflict may be the most pronounced in the state of florida where rhonda santa's has effectively laid the gauntlet down and said florida will not be acquiescing to mask mandates or any other restrictions on his state while he is governor down there given all of the time that he spent branding the state of florida as an acis of freedom. And i want to play for you to santa's this is last week. Dishonest standing up against the idea of all of these restrictions which are coming down on all of us. Let's listen if anyone is calling for lockdowns. You're not getting that done in florida. I'm gonna protect people's livelihoods. I'm gonna protect kids right to go to school. I'm going to protect. People's rights are run their small businesses We have a situation where we have three vaccines that have been widely available for months and months now and people need to make decisions What's best for them. But they have the government. Come in and lock anyone down or restrict. Anybody is totally unacceptable. And it's easy for some physician to advocate that because it doesn't affect them It does affect the people in this state. So we're gonna lift people up. We're not locking people down and we're gonna make sure that folks are able to exercise their their decision making what's best for them and i think millions of floridians have obviously done that for the last year and a half and so we want to continue to support their effort so block the question here and i do think the santa's is maybe going to lead the republican opposition at this point to the overreach that we're going to see from the biden administration from the foul shiites from the cdc and all of these different places that is we have been telling you as we move into the fall the draconian restrictions are going to become more and more apparent on a day-to-day basis. So the question that i think many of our listeners have and certainly you and i have debated both on and off air. How do we respond. What is appropriate. What is potentially effective. And there's a little bit of a story out of saint louis that we can touch on associated with that as well. I think this is a panic spasm. I think that it's probably not going to last more than a few weeks. But that doesn't mean that we should do. We done in the past where we concede where we go along. We say okay fine just two weeks clay right look. We're just two weeks. Got us this time around. It's remarkable when you look at the way. This is being covered by. Look let's be honest lockdowns. Democrats go handed had. That's what's happened here. This has become an almost entirely politically affiliated politically tribal issue for people. You know what someone's going to think by and large based upon their party and their political beliefs when it comes to cove. It shouldn't be about this but it is. When you look at the numbers and i i did some of this Deep diving last night on the new york times website. That's right clay. We go we go round in the battles of the new york times website. So that our folks today don't have to spend their time sullying themselves and there is with what they're doing over there at at the comedy central but the the reality is you look at cities like new york los angeles just take. Those people might think right now. All my gosh. We're in the midst of surge nast mandates have to come back in los angeles. They already have in new york. They haven't made it official. They've made more of a vaccine pushed it a mask push klay. There's a few hundred people. I mean like two to three hundred people depending on the day you look at in the hospital for covert in new york in los angeles. This is not. This is not a moment. That should be inducing panic and people but i really think the brains of people on the left have been have been altered in such way that it's not really possible for them to judge judy. Kate risk in a reasonable fashion. They should all be wearing helmets when they get into a car and wearing a snorkel when they get into a bathtub because they can handle the normal risks that all the rest of us can see. It's interesting you pointed out. Because i i've made the argument for the past year. That one of my number one task for adulthood now is can. You assessed risk and adjust your behavior. Accordingly and certainly large percentage of the united states population have failed this this mantra and if we are correct bach and and the data reflects frankly that were months ahead of where everybody else is going to be that cove is basically going to become a chronic endemic seasonal attribute. Unfortunately that rises every fall. We have to at some point. Recognize that and stop reading coverted like it is a disease that is unprecedented in the history of mankind. Right and i just don't know what is that pivot point because i think democrats bought into the idea that the vaccine was a panacea that it was a magic bullet that it was going to cure everything and frankly that's partly what joe biden sold to everybody and it just hasn't taken and you and i both know that if donald trump were still the president there would be so much more willingness among the democrat align media to question the vaccines. You'd be reports all over the place about the vaccine. Va e r s vaccine adverse event reaction system right. You'd be seeing people talking about this and saying we're just asking questions but it has become so utterly and deeply political but i just feel like at this point. There's something else that everyone needs to know. Which is that the The the people that have been pushing this all along have done so with the idea that if we only listened to them will be in a better place now. They've had two now. We've all seen that. They go back on. What they told us was certainty a couple of months ago. Never said this is just a judgment call because if they say it's a judgment call we can fight back. It's the science clay. They've been doing this all along. I mean the real red pill moment here is not in recognizing democrats new mandatory vaccine mask. Policies are over each. That's certainly true. It's at this. Cloud of authoritarianism has been obvious all along from the very beginning. And that's why i say folks. This is what the white house tweeted buck on. May the thirteenth wasn't that long ago. I think most people can think back all the way to may the thirteenth a little bit over two months ago. This is direct from the white house. Twitter account big news from the cdc. If you're fully vaccinated you do not need to wear a mask indoors or outdoors in most settings we've gotten this far whether you choose to get vaccinated or wear a mask. Please protect yourself until we get to the finish line. And the headline is all caps from the white house. Fully vaccinated people can stop wearing masks and now they have flip flopped on that directive. So it raised. You mentioned facebook. It raises the question. Do they now have to go back into facebook and start to remove all the misinformation about mask wearing that. They shared as recently as two months ago from the cdc. There's been a total lack of humility from the lockdown. Irs without and the democrats this entire time and you see this continuing on that. They don't care you know. There was an interesting piece actually in slate. Which is a far left website. Not quite as far as like the nation. But it's pretty left wing. Were they were saying. Is there such a thing as a noble lie when it comes to public health policy. And i i saw them finally admit what i've been saying. I don't know i know you feel this way too when we were willing to. We weren't but when people are willing to believe that foul. She lied about masks because it was for our own. Good remember that back in february of two thousand twenty it was. He lied about mask effectiveness because he decided to change his mind. And then we were told. It's because were worried about a run on masks know rhino intelligent person should have believed this. Okay we weren't running out of mass. We never ran out of mass. We never ran out of hospital capacity. We didn't actually need a million ventilators. In fact will we found out was a lot of the medical community. Were far too quick to put people on ventilators in part because they might have been to about dealing with kobe in the first place when we didn't know as much about it being put on a ventilator was for a lot of people a death sentence because they're put on it too early but point here being. We were willing to believe that foul. She lied to us for our own good and then acted like he had credibility afterwards. No he didn't lie to was for our own. Good clay the any adult. That's really thinking through goes. Oh he just wanted to change his mind because his team felt like masks. We're gonna make everybody feel better not stay healthier but emotionally. Psychologically feel better. It became their little blankie. The little safety blanket. No it's under percent right and we're fortunate that we have laboratories in all of our state governments because if we didn't there wouldn't be all of the evidence to prove how completely unnecessary and unworkable. the mask requirement is at all. I think there are three things book that we have been talking about on this program that we are going to continue to hammer home as one of the only and i believe honest untrustworthy sources. You can find anywhere. One cove is not going away. We're never going to get to cova zero. That's important because there's a lot of people who still don't understand that to masks if you look at the data do not work or at least don't work in a substantial enough away to be this. Absolute crazy mandate that we are seeing and three. If you look at the data virtually nothing that we have done since kovic started in terms of our day to day. Interaction has really changed anything. I also think it's fascinating that we're led to believe the people that are demanding asks are the ones who are vulnerable because they're not vaccinated. That's what the media the the corporate media. Narrative is in general. That's not true. The people demanding masks are hyper anxious. Biden voters in their thirties and forties and fifties who were already vaccinated. But it's not good enough. That's right this is ism above above rational thought. And that's what we're seeing. We'll come back into the second with more of the fao ci recommendations little lab coat tyrant. 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America runs on dunkin price and participation may vary limited time offer exclusions apply. Have you ever wondered what the media and big tech hiding from you like massive stories that actually affect you in your life that they don't want you to see because they make the left and the biden administration look bad when there's a podcast dedicated to exposing all of that each and every day so download the fastest growing podcast and the conservative movement. The ben ferguson. Show podcast right now. That's right you can listen to ben ferguson. Show podcast on iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Download it right now. I think some communities are doing that and that may very well be be a path forward. I do want to comment that. In some fully vaccinated venues if they're unmasked and there are few people who are transmitting there as a fully vaccinated person. It is possible to pick up disease in those settings. We've seen that in some of our outbreak investigations. This summer which is why overall it's so very critical to just get the Huge amount of disease in some of these areas down. Welcome back to the clay travis and buck sexton show. We're at the point. Now we're not only is a lot of guidance just absurd but it's also unintelligible. You'd have to sit there and say so we're going to have real time hotspot tracking of where there's enough cases to determine indoor mass mandates saint louis klay as we talked about last night on taxation. Lewis is pushing back on amass mandate people said. No this is crazy. You're gonna see. I think more places where it's just it's not gonna be as easy as it was the last time because everybody realizes we either go back. We either make the choice. The affirmative decision to go back to normal life or we allow the incompetent buffoons at the top of the cdc and the public health apparatus in this country. Who are all very much. Democrats along with his bond administration to tell us what we can't do you remember this. President biden. talking about how he would get a mandate for he would consider he is considering a mandate for all employees Play i don't think it should be mandatory. I wouldn't demand mandatory. But i would do everything i might power like. I don't think mask have to be made mandatory nationwide so that was say he doesn't wanna make it mandatory but now play looks like the federal government as of tomorrow may make it mandatory for employees for federal employees federal employees. By talking about it. I mean what changed that. There isn't that's the. That's the frustrating thing i think to anybody out there that has been actually looking at the data and i'm encouraged. You mentioned what went on in saint louis. The people of saint louis rose up and said we're not going to allow a mask mandate to occur all over saint louis county. I think that's a little complicated. There's a difference between saint louis city and saint louis county but the county stood up and voted five. Two two against the idea of the mayor being able to implement a mask mandate. And i think that's an interesting template for a lot of people out there who want to be active politically as their kids. Get ready to go back to school. Buck my kids. Go back to school next friday so nine days from now basically my kids return for another year of school and last year we were in person. We were fortunate. My kids go to public school but the kids had to wear masks all year. And now my county has come out and said it's a parental choice now and i feel great that in my parental choice is going to be. My kids. aren't gonna wear masks. And i think there are many parents out there in particular grandparents as well that are saying. Hey how do we fight this battle. I think that's one of the biggest questions that's going on in the country right now to say look. We can't allow cova to hijack another year of school. I mean force people to force you to put a mask on. We talked about this yesterday. Make people actually say you have to put on a mask or man and then look in the eyes and say why and if they say it's because management demands. It's i okay. We'll can. I speak to your manager. Because if you're in a place where there's no local mandate you should make it very clear to that business for example because this is the way the foul shiites are now getting around it. They're trying they had just the incremental ism of just two weeks just two weeks ago everything they wanted to to lock us down all this craziness. Now it's we're not the ones that are trying to force vaccines and force masks on you. If the private sector or you don't have to work for the federal government for your local government. Get another job so okay. We need to start actually having pressure on the other direction. We've waited long enough and people need to take steps themselves. Yeah and that's to me really where you get into the difficulty of what's taking place here. The federal government all aspects whether it's tech regulation whether it's coverted their deputising effectively big government and making them state actors to allow these prohibitions to occur. And it's becoming a pretty massive issue of the federal government back door mandate through what they're doing with others. But i want to tell you. It's been almost twenty years since nine. Eleven and the tunnel. The towers foundation helps us. Keep our commitment. To never forget this year the foundations honoring gold star and fallen first responder families with young children and catastrophically injured veterans and first responders with two hundred mortgage free homes. They also have their ceo and chairman. Frank ciller he's walking from the pentagon to shanksville underground zero more than five hundred miles through six states in forty two days from the month of august through nine eleven towers of light shine at the pentagon and shanksville memorials in remembrance. How do you ensure that you can do. Good and help america to never forget. You can donate eleven dollars a month to tunnel to towers at t to t dot org. That's t the number two t. dot org food. What about in clay travis buck sexton show shared all of you hanging out with us. We are breaking down the latest as the cdc has now put back in place a mask requirement and regardless of where we end years from. Now it's going to take a very very long time for public. Trust to be rebuilt in the scientific community and partly. That's because we've listened to everything that the quote unquote experts have told us and then they have been proven wrong time after time and it makes it really hard to sit back and say okay. I'm gonna follow your advice this time. In fact just two months ago the white house made a major announcement in mid-may when they said hey masks are over if you are vaccinated you no longer have to wear a mask. This was rochelle walinsky. Then the director of the cdc explaining why there was no need for masks any longer. Because the vaccines worked so well. It is hard for me. To imagine myself waltzing into the stop and shop tomorrow morning and not wearing a mask. I just feel like. I'm not wired that way anymore and it still feels risky. There's an extraordinary amount of evidence. Now that demonstrates the vaccine's are working in the real world In in cohort studies In care facilities in in a cross. The vaccines are working. The way they worked in the clinical trials importantly there's also new data. I'm just even the last two weeks demonstrates these vaccines are working against the variants that we have circulating here in the united states and also data has emerged that has demonstrated that if you are vaccinated you are less likely not likely to a symptomatically. Shed the virus and give it to others. You mean data changes over time. Clay that they're going to be new data. New facts new information that can come to light so that shutting down discussion and debate of critical public health issues having social media do the bidding of what political party by censoring people. That's a bad idea. A how many times do we have to learn the same lesson in this process before the people in charge finally have to stop what they are doing. Stop shutting down things that they don't like stop telling us they know things. They don't know pretending that we can't remember what they said. Two weeks ago. Two months ago pretending that we can't see that they are letting illegal immigrants with no covert protocols really to speak first of all they. They generally bring them. I've seen facilities like donna facility in mcallen texas which is vast. I mean it looks like a small city and they bring them all together for processing there and then there they'll be released often into a chat local charity. Texas just found this out. It was a story in the last twenty four hours on fox that there are illegal immigrants with cova who are being placed in hotels all on it at the expense of the government processing. Bring them in and then either a charity or or the federal government just gives them a bus ticket. Whatever it is. How can we pretend to care so much about kobe. When they're just basically saying it doesn't co the protocols don't count for illegal immigrants but if you wanna come into the us right now from the uk good luck that's scary kovic kovic too much of a threat well and you can't even go into canada. I was just talking about that. I was up in michigan with my family recently and we could see where my father in law lives across. The detroit river is canada. You can't go into canada. I went down to mexico in february with my wife in order to come back into this country as american citizens we had to take cova test yet. There are people walking across the border. And this is. I think significant buck because there's a lot of talk right now from the. Cdc oh we have to get everybody vaccinated because the variants are going to continue in the variants. The delta variants the latest. They can be more dangerous than the existing coverted cova virus but around the world. Vaccination is occurring at an incredibly low level so if there is a variant of covert that emerges that is wildly more dangerous than the covert that exists right. Now the odds of it coming from the united states are really pretty miniscule. It's going to come from somewhere else around the world and we're going to have to deal with that same threat as is and think this is important like that threats not going away for years no matter how many people get vaccinated. You also can see the dishonesty. In the way they try to frame that issue an even fao ci himself. I believe earlier. This week said got to watch out for those unvaccinated people because there are essentially petri dishes for what would be a super kovic variant. That could've aid all vaccine so they just keep on turning up the heat with what they'll say whatever they have to say to continue on this narrative and yet somehow it's only the rural areas. They i never hear the biden administration say why is a only about a third of the african american population of new york city vaccinated. Just take what. Why is that the case. I'm just wonder if anyone ever wanted nope. They won't talk about that. It's trump supporters that this is a religious belief. now the whole covy mitigation mantra. F- ouchi ism people take real meaning from this the same where they do from climate change. It makes them feel like they're doing something worthwhile they're smart they're virtuous they're good people and it costs them. Nothing costs olot cost. People don't wanna live in that fear a whole lot. But they're happy to sit on the couch order and delivery and watch netflix while they can do their remote work and tweet it you and me about how we don't care of old people die. I mean that's basically the way this shakes out it's become very tribal and even the focus on quote unquote trump. Voters is misaligned. As you just mentioned when you look at the data the reason why red states. Which is where i live in the state of tennessee. Why many southern states the sec footprint so to speak has a more significant number of of people who are choosing to be unvaccinated is not exclusively certainly because of trump voters. It's because we have a large black population so you are combining a large black population. Most states in the south have a much larger black population than the average of the rest of the country. With a large number of trump voters as well and the combination of those two groups is leading to large numbers of unvaccinated people. But a lot of those people remember have already had co vid which is important and second we never hear about biden voters who were choosing not to be vaccinated even though the black population supported joe biden ninety two eight or whatever it ended up being in the final tally and statistically as the data shows they are the most likely to be unvaccinated. No one ever discusses no ever brings it up and no it also tells us what does the end really look like here. I mean when do we finally. We're done you know. We've gone through this with afghanistan and the the draw down there and finally after twenty years the answer to the question. What does victory look like an asked so many times with unsatisfactory answer or really with effectively. No answer other than just keep doing this. Keep doing this. Keep doing what we're doing. It's a similar dynamic playing out now with the lockdown downers. Where you just they say will keep going with this for as long as we have to. And we'll keep you know raising up the mitigation measures. We'll get ready to do over the winter. This is something that they've become accustomed to. They like any one of the things that i find. Most remarkable is that there will be people. Claiming i'm i was walking around today. New york city and midtown. Which is where. I live and where we're our new york studio is and there are a lotta people matched up. I mean it's definitely already now you can say they're doing it by choice. Finds a fascinating. Is that whenever. I try to say no mandates. The pushback is often. What's the big deal as if any normal human being could say. You know what. I really wanna walk around and breathe uncomfortably all day. That's not a big for no reason. For no reason. I mean it really does remind me i mean i. I mentioned the show. Yesterday of in the middle ages medieval period people wear as a show of their piety. A hair shirt right. People were extremely religious and it would sort of agitate and h and sometimes even causing bleed for some people. The mask is like a hair shirt. Now it's looking at how dedicated i am to fao. She and science. Oh we'll talk more about their science dedication in a little bit. We discuss how they don't believe that there's such a thing as men and women or a great discussion. But i think the question you asked is a wildly important one. How does it end. Because i think for a lot of people when the white house came out on may thirteenth and said you no longer have to wear masks anywhere that was at least a roadmap to believing that normalcy was going to return but if kovic zero is the goal or ninety five percent vaccination is the goal or whatever. That number is what is success. And how did the goalposts keep getting moved. So that were never there. It's a fascinating question. I'd love to hear fouled she say. Hey what's the answer for when this is over for win will never see you on television again. Just want him ryan everybody coming up later on the show. We're going to be talking about the aftermath of day. One of the insurrection investigation plus woke medical schools. Not allowing people to talk about you know. Pregnant women off a huge micro aggression. We'll dive into that. A friend will cain from fox news. Talk about simone. Biles all the controversy around that and and the rest of the class. I think you were trending on twitter at one. Point that whatsoever so This is fired up fired up on that one. But you know if we've learned anything in the last eighteen months or so it's a powerful. Immune system is absolutely essential. That's why i want you to try texas superfood. The original superfood. This was invented by naturopathic doctor. Dennis black over twenty years ago and this is what texas superfood does fifty five. Oh fifty five. 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His protege his family fans and those who worked closest with and of course rush himself in his own words. This is the remarkable life story of a man who changed america from a perspective. Never heard before now on iheartradio or wherever you. Listen to your favorite podcasts. A college grad down while simply walking his dog a mom. Michelle parker vanishes after. She dropped software little twins as a babysitter and indianapolis mass murder. Leave six dead. Nancy grace here. These are just some of the cases. We're investigating on crime stories. it's so easy to thank. You will never happened to you. Never to my family right. That's not true. It does happen and we want to help everyday on crime stories. We break down the biggest breaking crime news and try to put the clues together. We speak with family members. Reporters investigators police and specialists. Every day is a mission every day. A chance to stop crime and to keep one more person safe join us. Listen to crime stories with nancy. Grace on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Bright now fortunately for us we have enough people people vaccinated that you're not gonna see abe wave or a surge of infections among the vaccinated it will be a surge of infections among the unvaccinated. They will be an outbreak among the unvaccinated people not getting vaccinated. Not only is a bad thing for them. It could actually interfere in a negative way with the rest of the country by generating variants that would allude vaccines. That's the thing concerned about. Welcome back to the clay travis and buck sexton show where mr travis and mr saxton on not taking the surge with all due seriousness and variants when you add the parabolas on the data and you do a non linear analysis of the droplets. We it comes all together with basically at this point if you still listen to this guy clay. It's you know if anyone listens to this guy and takes him at at face value. It is an intelligence test that they are failing. This guy is a disaster. He does whatever the by administration wants him to do. He never upsets the democrats. He's always on the right side of the left. And i've just i've just had i've had enough of what's okay if people are on vaccinated and they're the only ones that are at risk which is what they're saying apparently not true then. The vaccine people need to stop whining about this. I don't want to do whatever they want. And not have to worry about the unvaccinated people right. I mean if that were true then. I don't think you would be bringing back masks and also again you would have taken care of you and your family and you wouldn't need to obsessively worrying people say well. They're still the danger of variants emerging and. I understand that the variance if you look at the data are not coming from america because comparatively the ones that are going to spread going forward are going to occur in the countries with minimal vaccination rates which is much of the world right and the delta variant was ripping all over india as we know he had a terrible time with covert and just just another another. There's so many giant lies that have been told by the democrats by the fao shiites about cova the whole time but just one of the ones that they that they were pressing so hard last year was that it's trump's fault. America had the worst response any country. it's trump's fall. then he's disappeared. Psychopaths they lied to you. Other countries european countries india brazil had worse cova debts and hospitalizations and infection rates. I'm pretty sure that's not because orange man bad so remember that while they're telling you now to just listen to the science travis in rock island illinois. What's up yeah My name's travis and megadose guys Greet listening to you and You know. I went to school board meeting because of course on monday. We got the the message from her school district. That we're going back to mask and we will actually really start on the first or second this year of august and So i sat. And i listened to the presentation from the superintendent here illinois or and rock island and he. He was connecting the dots. The previous meetings going all the way back to The start of july. I believe the ace then. Three other executive meetings that they keep everything confidential at and they flat out said that this is all tied to the money. The masking our kids is tied to the money. They're getting from state and federal grant. We'll see this has been my concern along. Travis thanks for calling in clay when the federal government you know doesn't want to be in charge of making these decisions. It's oh health policy is left to the states but then when some states want to actually protect the rights of people debris normal air and things like that. The federal government has a lot of strings to pull like funding in from the department of education. So that's right. And i think that scares some people out there because given how much money is going to schools and teachers by the way one of the most ridiculous parts of many of these stimulus that have been rolled out is but teachers who didn't really work for a year got bonuses all over the country which is just pure madness in addition to like madness on top of madness. And i think there's the fear out there that at some point and this is why i believe so. Many people are looking into what they can and can't do that. They're going to try to mandate masks on all kids in all states. And they're going to use all of the money rolling in as potentially a way to get it done dwayne in north carolina and dwayne My question goes along with what the the last caller was asking about. Now also have a suggestion after that if you'd let me My board meeting or my my board of education meeting on thursday to discuss if they should mandate mass. Let it be a parent's decision Clay you keep at Sedating there's data out there that shows that the mass don't work and i as a as a parent. Is there a way that you could get that information. Those links out to us as far as where we need to go to present that data to these board members. Yeah i'll try to tweet out. And the data is an even the new york times. I was stunned. Said it yesterday that your kids are more likely to die driving to and from school in your car. Then they are to die from cova in the united states. I was stunned. That the new york times actually put that in print but the data is the kids are primarily vectors and that they are not In any way under risk in fact they're under more risk from the seasonal flu. Or as i just said driving to and from school come up in a few minutes here. Can you say the word women as a professor in medical school without having the woke mob. Come after you for trans-phobia we're talking about people. Training doctors here folks. Do they believe in men and women as a thing that exists or we will explain the madness coming up. You're listening to clay. Travis buck sexton on the eib network. The new podcast rush limbaugh. The man behind the golden. Eib microphone the incredible story of the life and times of a man who changed the way we think and the way we talk from his first job to his final podcast through testimonials from his peers. His protege his family fans and those who worked closely with and of course rush himself in his own words. This is the remarkable life story of a man who changed america from a perspective. Never heard before now on iheartradio or wherever you. Listen to your favorite podcasts. I everyone. I am so excited to launch my very first podcast. The truth with lisa boothe with iheartradio. Gingrich three sixty the truth with lisa. Boothe is a podcast. Rejects brutal rejects fake news and whenever bow down to the political correctness poisoning this country with it. You're ready to step outside of your comfort zone and join me on this wild. Ride than buckle up and tune in on march twenty four th right very first episode. The truth with lisa boothe every single wednesday on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Welcome to today's edition of the clay travis and buck sexton show podcast in our number two monday edition. Clay travis buck sexton show. I'm travis he is buck sexton. We're talking about the biggest story that is going on right now. Anywhere in the world and it is joe biden having to come to grips with the biggest stock market. Dropped that he has seen in his entire. Tenure buck sexton. I'm reading from the wall street journal article about this It says the moves. The stock market moves were reminiscent of trading patterns that prevailed in the early days of the pandemic sold shares of companies directly affected by restrictions on movement and business while buying government bonds in stocks that stood to benefit from renewed lockdowns american airlines united airlines cruise operator carnival. All saw their stock prices dropped substantially stocks that climbed on monday kroger which we all remember at c. Which is an online marketplace. And how a town and the big question now is are we sti- i hate to say it. I really do. Are we stumbling once. More into march of twenty twenty all over again. I don't think so. I think it's going to be short. Lived with the stock market. Appear at least the plunge that we're seeing because this is right now. It's panic driven. This is panic selling at some level. And it's very likely we're going to go back to. I mean i think it's almost impossible. Go back to where we were at that. Phase the market is an indicator of fear in this moments. And as we know if you if you actually believe what the market was telling us back in march of two thousand twenty if people thought oh my gosh you know the end is near. That was the wrong attitude because the market in having a huge rally and doing incredibly well selling in march of twenty twenty. Well at least if you're a long term investor was not the right move but what we are seeing. Is i think a sense of economic anxiety that is reflected in the market right now in the stock market but it's reflected also from the biden administration which is why he gave a speech today in which you tried to tell everybody that things are better than you think they are. Everything is going great. Everything is working according to to plan. What would i was just gonna say. Buck is usually you. Don't give a speech during the time when the stock market is open. That's been a long time. You know sort of tried and true political mechanism because if the stock market goes down while you are talking than a lot of people use it as sort of a sign of your impotence and that's exactly what happened with joe biden. Speaking earlier today. Stock market went down even more. He talked amazing. When you think about how. The sales pitch for biden. What was it in. The summer of twenty twenty was that he would unite america. He would calm things down and he would help. The middle class afford stuff like gas in housing in groceries. Remember that that's from the from the bottom up in the middle outright. I mean now. I wanna say it's hilarious but it's also deeply depressing that that was the sales pitch for biden because on every front so far we haven't even talked about today and we should. We should get into the fact that the latest numbers for illegal crossings at the border twenty year high last month. We've been discussing. How it's it's a twenty year high in the aggregate klay since january for this year but last month alone for the month the month of june in two thousand twenty one the highest illegal crossing. We have the most open border we've ever had. We have an economy. That's right now. Obviously stock markets looking really shaky but also a lot of job openings. That aren't filled. You have a three. Plus trillion dollar stimulus stimulus package of kind of what it feels like budget. Bill they wanna get through. Inflation is very real and biden's going around trying to tell everybody that things are actually just fine that somehow this is all going according to plan which i find at some level just troubling and and hard to imagine that really says this stuff really believes this stuff but this is what we're being told it's all going to be okay. Yeah and i think. What's such a challenge about. This is in general. We are sitting in a really precarious spot. and buck. you and i were talking about this off air and certainly it's a conversation. We're going to have a lot of on air as well. is this stock. Market sell off a reflection of increased fear. And if you want again. We kinda laid out the hypotheses earlier. Buckley said there's two different paths right. This could be a blip or this is a sign that the vaccines may not be as effective as we had hoped. And you can use some of the data to tell either side of the story right now. Here's biden from the speech. That was right before we came on air today. Biden was trying to tell everybody about about how the economy's going and it's just fine as demand. Returns was going to be global supply chain challenges. We've seen that in. Semiconductors which are used in automobiles that global shortage has slowed vehicle production. Creating a temporary spiking car prices. That's a real challenge. Lumber prices are another example. They spiked early in our recovery. But in recent weeks begin to fall they fallen by more than fifty percent in the hospitality industry. Prices are returning to where they used to be. I wanna be clear. My administration understands if we were to ever experienced unchecked inflation over the long term. That would pose a real challenge or economy while we're confident. It isn't what we're seeing today. We're gonna remain vigilant any response. That is needed. You trust your be. The steward of this economy should should anyone. Now they want should look. This is this is the big you could dislike. Donald trump on many different levels. And i understand people who said hey he tweets too much. He's frustrating to me. He leaves himself open to counterattack. I understand all those criticism. There are people out there listening to us right now who voted for donald trump in spite of all those things but you knew that on the economy trump knew what he was talking about from a business perspective. I don't believe that. Joe biden has any real knowledge of business or the economy. Because i don't think he's ever had to have a real job where he had to sit down and make a payroll or prove that he can have a profit. The only jobs he's created are the money laundering scheme for his son with the five hundred thousand dollar paintings that people are buying anonymously by the way so which is an unbelievable. So he's good at that. I mean joe biden. He knows how to get the griff going real well. For biden family members. Of course the corporate democrat media doesn't wanna touch that but but let's look at where they really are right now. The promise of biden the fundamental the central promise of the biden campaign into the presidency. Was that things would go back to normal and that he would steer us out of the pandemic today. it feels like everything else. Crime awful border awful inflation going if you look at all these things if on top of that. Their covert plan their vaccination stuff all the things that they've been pushing from the white house down. And i don't mean just vaccination in general but i mean they're they're all we're the great stewards of getting needles into people's arms and we're gonna convince everybody and and the messaging around it clay if if we go back into as i mean you think that we're heading back into full on lockdown says that is. That is what i'm afraid of. If we head there the bided administration in year. One is a massive and catastrophic and entirely predictable failure. And that's what i think people in. Dc are seeing. But you know what will happen. I think i am a. I am afraid. I'm going to trump because that would be. The most is what is going to happen. Their game plan is going to shift from. Hey we're going to return to normalcy to we can't return to normalcy because of trump right if the vaccines and look. I hope this is important. Right because i want to be honest with our audience. We're talking about data on the ground as it exists right now right if you look at the numbers in england the overall number of covert infections today as they are opening up england are approaching the all time high for covert infections that they have ever seen. I tweeted out a graphic at clay. Travis you can go look at this yourself. That is the data right now. Data does not necessarily mean that we know one hundred percent what the cause of that is right. It could be. It could be and i hope this is the case that we're just doing a better job. In england of testing and that the vast majority of those people who are testing positive it's the equivalent of a cold and we're not going to see a rise in hospitalization and we're not going to see a rise in death. We won't know because that sort of data follows by about a month if we do then my concern buck is. It's evidence that there something really going awry in our response that the narrative of hey if we get enough people vaccinated cove just going to go away. The evidence suggests that that's just not true. Why that would be. I hope that we're going to have hospitalizations death. But i'm apprehensive. That people are going to see this data right. Balked at all the people out there who've been supporting walk down you're to say you know what this means. Double mass triple mass. We've got to shut down schools again in the blue states. We've got to shut down businesses. We need targeted lockdowns to stop the spread of cove. My concern is that by the fall and winter of twenty twenty one we could be seeing a replay of what happened in march of two thousand twenty last year. I think there's a concern among the biden administration specifically in addition to all the things you're laying out with when it comes to kobe that the agenda is stalled. We're going to be this. Summer is starting to feel like it's already passing us by here. We're going to be recess soon. What is the biden agenda. What have they accomplished. what are they doing. What are the democrats done with. Remember the house. The senate and the presidency for all intents and purposes. I mean i know the senate's fifty fifty technically but they can get things through by a tie-break from kamla. What if they manage to do. And if they give up the power if they give up the authority they have over our lives. That's rooted in this kovic state. What are they going to be able to accomplish. What what what. What then becomes the reason for having democrats in charge. It's not the booming economy and let's all very clear. Everyone who was looking at the end of kobe was thinking that the economy would be a rocket ship. Because we are an artificial lockdown. And we're out of that. I'm sorry artificial recession. The lockdown obviously was very real and made by them now. We're at a point where they're starting. They're starting to tell us well. Yeah inflation's real yeah. Jobs haven't come back as quickly as we wanted. Yeah we made. What's the point of having democrats in. What is the upside of democrats running things compared to where we were. That is a question i know. Democrats will say okay. Trump is an insurrectionist and the worst thing since the civil war. They're going gonna talk crazy talking about or what but for the persuadable for independence i it. It's a great point bucket. Also remember this. They used the covert as the rock to try and drown donald trump. he couldn't escape it. Covert his neighbors now and just as trump couldn't escape covert we may have joe biden aka. Jimmy carter two point. Oh caught up in the same mess. We'll get into this more coming up here. Remember lines are open. Eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two also go to clan buck dot com for stories and updates and clips. Good things from the show. That's clan buck dot com. If i could save you money for doing the exact same thing. You're doing right now when it comes to your cell phone service keep your number keep the same coverage but under saving you money. Why wouldn't you do that. There's no good reason right. So how about you save yourself some money up to eight hundred dollars a year for a family just by switching your cell carrier to pure talk. Pure talk has a ceo who's a us veteran. They're based here in the states. Customer services all us base. 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You'll have the option to receive a one time autodial text message from pure talk. Welcome back to the clay travis in buck sexton show on buck. He's play and we had this breaking news story from just the last hour so the first capitol hill rioter. And it's amazing. I mean they use the term insurrection. So much now. It's in so many news stories. And headlines that i. I worry that i'm going to start to say just from habit of reading it. Not that i would ever declare this insurrection. I was in the cia coups. This was not a coup and if a few people who were emotionally disturbed who were present that day really believe they were going to overthrow the government. Then that's an issue of their delusion and not describing this in reality. Some guy can push a shopping cart through times square saying the end is near tomorrow. And that doesn't mean that everybody should act like the world is ending it it. It doesn't mean that you forget the rationality that you have to apply to situations like this. But they don't want it to be rational. In fact they want clay to make this a situation where anybody who speaks out against us. Anybody who says this is severe. I mean eight months for effectively trespassing on the floor of the senate during a riot. Democrats have in two thousand twenty alone. Tried to burn down a federal courthouse tried to burn restore church. I mean i. Did anyone get an eight month sentence for any of that. I mean th the double standard of justice here is mind-blowing that that is i think the biggest takeaway here is. We had monse of riots all throughout the country and in fact not only were there almost no punishments that came from many of those riots but many of those people were not even charged with crimes after being arrested they were let go there were millions of dollars probably tens of millions of dollars in what would have been bail to be able to put four for anybody arrested during the middle of the riots and in this particular incident now everything is being prosecuted the fullest extent of the law. Let me clear said this when when things were happening on january sixth. I said look if we got to punish people who break the wall that is one of the ultimate lessons of ways to drive. Crime town is when you collect and catch people who are breaking the law punish them but what creates a lack of trust and faith in the system is arbitrary punishments not punishment it's arbitrary punishment and. I think you can look at many of the results. That are now coming down. Compare them with the results from the riots. All through the summer and this is now looking like politically motivated completely. Different standards of punishment for behavior. I want to be very clear that they use this system. Itself uses some of the talking points that you'll hear constantly on cnn or on the new york times or wherever the threat to democracy claim is part of the enhancement. Here is part of the justification for the severe sentence remember. This is not somebody who taught at a police officer. This is not somebody who even been destroyed property. This is somebody who was present and trespassed that that is what and therefore was obstructing government administration. I believe the sentence he could have gotten was. I mean technically in the statute was twenty years obstructing official proceeding. Give you sense of how insane. Federal law actually is but clay. They said like each rider. This was in the filing. He contributed to the collective threat democracy. Let's come back to that. This is soviet style propaganda in a courtroom to throw somebody in a cell for eighteen months. We'll come back in a moment. Want to hear your thoughts on this to eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two if we've learned anything in the last year or so. It's that there's nothing quite as powerful for your health as your immune system hitting on all cylinders. That's why over. Twenty years ago. Naturopathic doctor dennis. Black of texas invented texassuperfood. The original superfood with fifty five vine ripened fruits and vegetables plus probiotic in digestive enzymes. You can build your body's defense from the inside out in higher grandmother told you to eat your fruits and veggies. But you know we're all busy right and fast food doesn't have this stuff so a lot of people don't actually get the nutrients they need. That's where texas superfood comes in. It's a safety net for the american diet. Start boosting your immune system for under two dollars a day go to texas superfood dot com slash buck or call eight five five texas fifty five that's texassuperfood dot com slash or call eight five five texas fifty five. I'm max bird. Host of the real sports podcast. Now you can go even deeper inside the award-winning coverage of real sports with bryant. Gumbel this bi weekly. Podcast highlight stories from the latest episode. And looks back at pieces from across the extensive real sports archive. The podcast is available on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts and watch new episodes of real sports with bryant gumbel on hbo masks. Have you ever wondered what the media and big tech is hiding from. You like massive stories that actually affect you in your life that they don't want you to see because they make the left. The biden administration look bad when there's a podcast dedicated to exposing all of that each and every day so download the fastest growing podcast and the conservative movement. The ben ferguson. Show podcast right now. That's right you can listen to ben ferguson. Show podcast on iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Download it right now. This is james golden or both snerdley. I hope you're enjoying the podcast series. Rush limbaugh the man behind the golden. Eib microphone there's a dozen episodes that remind you of the greatness of rock with so many amazing stories shared. I'm your host of this series available wherever you listen to podcasts channel. Two towers foundation and my pillow of both sponsors in clay travis. Buck sexton rolling through the monday edition of the program dow jones industrial average as we are speaking with you. Approaching a thousand point drop. Joe biden spoke earlier today. The market has continued to fall since then and the storyline of joe biden. As you pointed out buck was we're to be. I'm going to be a uniter. Not a divider. We're going to recover from co vid. And as i think it's fair to say nervousness surrounding covert is building as we get into late. July mask mandate reinstituted in la numbers. Coming out of england and israel of increasing numbers of cova d- cases certainly with the covert cases increasing in the united states. We hope that they are not going to be accompanied by a simultaneous rise in hospitalizations and deaths but if covert isn't solved book. This is what joe biden ran his campaign on. This is how he won. He hid in his basement and said donald trump isn't taking kovic seriously enough. You have to double mass. You have to triple mask. We will solve it for you. All you need to do is get a vaccine. If they're still uncertainty out there then maybe you lean even more into the culture war because what else do you have to point to success. Not the border not certainly inflation it not murder and really really. It's it's the make believe civil war that they talk about here with the direction it goes beyond even just the cultural fights we have about. Crt they treat this and they're treating the incident on january sixth the riot on january six as though it was not just a threat to democracy to get cnn viewers to tune in larger number otherwise we know their audiences fallen off a cliff in the last six months. But that's why they use those terms klay. It's showing up in official proceedings. Now it's showing up in and also in the justification judges put forward to hold people guilty of no violent crime or even an attempt at a violent crime as a threat to democracy. It's they did this. With russia collusion to and some of us reporting this out at the time. Russia collusion is not even a crime. The crime would have been conspiracy. Collision would be to companies working together to fix prices or something like that like what happened with social media by with the biden the administration is trying to get to happen with big tech and yet what we see is that they create something that sounds scary and that becomes the narrative and it's used as a club to bludgeon their political opponents with but not just in rhetorical terms they actually have the weaponization of the system of the doj of the people in charge against their political opponents based upon that narrative. And that's why. I mean eighteen months behind eighteen months behind bars. They wanted him to serve. they wanted to. I'm sorry wait. He had eight months behind. All right. thank you eight months behind bars. They want him to serve eighteen months behind bars for an entirely non violent crime remember. He didn't even destroy property now. I'm not saying that. What he did is okay in the least. I'm not saying that people that were trespassing. Shouldn't but how. Many people who are democrats who have trespassed in state capitals or who have been parts of riots at least present for riots. That have engaged in illegal. Behavior are getting eight month. Federal sentences. I can't think of a single one and this is one of the things about the legal system. In general what creates a distrust among the public is win like crimes are not treated with like severity and you had comma out there. Running around raising money to pay bail for people who were arrested during the black lives matter summer protests. And she's a hero for doing so and you have one incident which is lawbreaking involving republican. Voters and the democratic party is fixated on and look. We've been pretty straightforward. I know you said the same thing book. If you break the law you should be prosecuted. But you have to prosecute people who are breaking the law in similar fashions to similar degrees and we had an entire summer of democrats running roughshod over federal property and a lot of times. They got arrested and let go with nothing happening to them. I love it when we can give not just examples clay but almost contemporaneous ones of exactly. We're talking about so so today. We have the eight month sentence for the capitol hill rider. And just the fact that nbc news abc news cnn refers to it as an insurrection. As though that is the without christ term. Yeah we're when there's actually there are definitions of what would constitute an insurrection and a true insurrection could be prosecuted and should be prosecuted under statutes that would involve whether it's treason or sedition or or just an armed insurrection period yet here you have this guy facing eight months in prison cycle back a few days. I wanted to mention this. And i'm getting to it now. For everyone listening the federal prosecutors looking at the hunter biden finance probe you know basically money laundering with hundred bucks. Which which i would note. Now he's feel so free to do whatever they they're essentially letting them launder money with his half a million dollar paintings to anonymous donors. They're doing it in plain sight. They don't even care that's what they really think of the law but you play a few days ago. It came out that the us attorney david weiss for delaware made sure to quote avoid taking any actions that could alert the public to the existence of the federal probe into one hundred biden in a presidential election so he delayed a federal investment investigation. He delayed search warrants. He delayed subpoenas. He delayed their judicial and prosecutorial process to help out hunter biden and he got raised for it. And they're like. Oh what a great job of prosecutor to not actually enforce the law because if you enforce the law at might have lended legitimacy to the idea which is which is out there that you have the you have hundred biden engaging in rampant criminality and by the way this is also ties in with with our fringe and sacchi. Who was that. She wanted everybody band if they were banned from one place and so focused on misinformation. Now i don't know if you saw this over the weekend but this tweet of her cycled up and i thought was pretty interesting. Which is jen psaki said again. She white house directed collusion is going on. But when that hundred biden story came out she would immediately shared. hunter biden. Story is russian disenfranchised dozens of former intel officials. Say that's a why right. She shared a lie on social media by her own standard. She should be banned by from every different. Social media camp right. This is the absurdity of joe biden's policy as it pertains to bid big tech being writ large. There's actually no substance to it. It is a total failure. We'll talk about this a little bit more When we come back but buck were continuing to try to make everybody feel a little bit healthier and little bit better right. Generally healthier seti. Jeffrey in texas says just a message of thanks. I'm pain free and my lower back pain. I could keep my business. Going detailing. Audio's i'm working hard riding motorcycles. Staying young thanks to relief factor at seventy one years old. My wife is using really factor. It's making a big difference for her. I know it's making a big difference for your dad as well. This is a fantastic product. Right buck relief. Factor is one hundred percent. Drugfree it addresses joint pain. Knee hit back neck and shoulder. Pain created by doctors and based on scientific research. 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Which for you dog folks out there. We're not running an official contest or anything. Although come on we gotta make sure the dogs win but to lula. The french bulldog went up on clan dot com and clays cats up. And there's all this love for the cat. So i'm just saying for the dog folks out there you gotta go on clay dot com also to renew stories. It's not just about the the pet photos we put on. I'm honestly stunned. By how much interest there are has been in the cats and And as As we break it down. There's a lot of good stuff up there we got. We should give more credit. Let me do it right now. To the entire staff that we have inherited that surrounded rush limbaugh and we're over a month end of the show now and they have a well oiled machine and we have stepped in and hopefully not slowed them down at all but the behind the scenes people who you hear us occasionally mentioned have done a pretty fantastic job. What's the days running teams team in the business. So clay and buck dot com is being run by the same people that have been running russia's russia's online for for years and years so go to clan buck dot com. Check that out. We did want to take some calls but before we get to the calls. I just want to note that we have a cancel culture situation to discuss with you in the third hour And i one thing that will always do here is tell you the truth and make sure that you know what you need to know to assess where we're coming from things. Black rifle coffee was the subject of a new york times magazine profile of the weekend. Got a lot of attention and a lot of people on the right are pretty angry now. We're going to have the black rifle. Ceo evan hafer. And i wanna tell you while they're not sponsors of this show who are having them on to talk about the cancel culture situation. They could be at some point a future. I've had them on a sponsor in the past. And i will also tell you that i consider avenue the founders of black rifle to be friends so play and i are going to ask them. What's going on here. But i want you to know that. Here's a situation where someone that i think A group that i think has done. Some great stuff is getting a lot of heat on the right and we want them to explain why we want them to be able to tell you what's really going on here because they say clay. It's a hit piece man. They got taken out of context. And i think they should have the right to make that case to everybody. Yeah look and we're in a good spot where we have the biggest radio show in the country and so sometimes when controversies arise people have options to go and talk to a ton of different sources out there right and we have because of you guys such a monumentally massive audience that sometimes one of the most effective inefficient things to do is go right to the biggest audience you can find and so that's why they wanna come on and talk talk with us and talk to you guys so i i'm curious to see how this is gonna go. We're taking some of your calls in the meantime been. We haven't done that yet so far today. Who should we go to. I buck tom and richfield do tom. Yes here how you guys good. What's going on. I just wanna just preface my comments by saying that i was thirty plus faith listener for rush limbaugh. I'm bishop gary. I think It was a little rough transition from list. Not listening to him and then listening guys but you do a great job and i'm thankful that you're there because there's such a weight when you drive all day for a living you don't get too many commute Community people to hugh that it's reassurance. He was a mentor was an inspiration. He told me to seek facts on my own and how to find the truth in a morass media media. Tom we share. We share that with you. Mean rush was a a a mentor on the air and then obviously as a guest hosted of guest hosted forum for years and clays inspired by russia's well. So we're we're with you on that. But what's your thought about the democrats okay. So my comment is this. I think looking back. And i'm gonna power face. What was said but the greatest dissemination of this information throughout the media was kamala harris. And that's because she had the biggest largest bully pulpit and she said and i'm paraphrasing. i would not take the vaccine of donald trump. who's advocating or promoting it. Now this is the same vaccine. That biden is now swearing. By and i would think since she was able to get wall to wall media coverage without that sound bite that probably three hundred million people in the united states but she said out of those we know at least seventy five seventy seven million people voted for her and joe biden so she got to influence half the population of the united states to at least the doubtful or in some way have some suspicion about that vaccine because what she i clicked tom. You're making thank you so much for calling in from connecticut. You're making a clay. He's an excellent point here. The origins really in at least american political discourse a vaccine hesitancy came from democrats like vitamin harris themselves. Who were saying. I mean you know. Maybe you can't trust vaccine under trump's fda. They absolutely did it. That there's no doubt. And i think people i understand the argument of hey. We need science to not be political. But i don't understand how anybody out there who has listened to everything. Our public scientists have said since march of twenty twenty can come to any other conclusion other than it's all political and i think it's unfortunate but that's where we are and that's why. I'm afraid that we're going to end up in bach. Another lockdown before all is said and done in. This process got is where we are headed. You got a new york city councilman. Thank you producer alley for sending us to us. right now. New york city councilman saying he wants mandate back in new york. Biggest city in the country folks can in texas. You've got some thoughts on it a buck. It's an honor to speak to you. Guys the The politicians in in california and gathered in particular requiring people who are vaccinated to wear a mask. That is clearly overdoing their authority. And i predict you got there. The guy i predicted this last year. That was this. Kobe virus initially set in that liberals will take advantage of this and use it because they they are absolutely into control. And now that the del delta buried is coming back. they're licking their chops. 'cause every minute of it i it's time for these people these people in california anywhere else if you're vaccinated. You should not have to wear that. People need to stand up to this. The how can. I feel like you just shouldn't don't wear masks period. Syria i if the data doesn't reflect in buchan mine's mine again and we try to use the actual data. The data doesn't reflect. That mask made any difference at all. If you compare different state outcomes based on the way that they the choices that they made in other words if you look at florida and you look at texas and you compare them with california new york. Florida and texas. Far less draconian in terms of what they required compared to new york in california yet. Florida and texas have lower rates of cova coleman infection cova deaths than those other places and so what bucket i try to do is share data with you real facts and try to make sense of it and sometimes that can be challenging in real time. That's what we're trying to do. Right now is the stock market is down nearly a thousand points but back when we come back we're to be joined by the guys at black rifle coffee to talk about what they are going through right now as they find themselves at the center of a media storm based on a new york times article that went up on the front page new york times magazine over the weekend and that should be a pretty interesting. We're we're going to see the founder of black rifle on to talk about what's happening. The left came for them. We'll get into it. You're listening to clay travis and buck sexton on the eib network I'm max berg. Host of the real sports podcast. Now you can go even deeper inside the award coverage of real sports with bryant. Gumbel this biweekly. Podcast highlights stories from the latest episode. And looks back at pieces from across the extensive real sports archive. The podcast is available on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. And watch new episodes of real sports with bryant gumbel on hbo max jack armstrong. He's joe where the armstrong and getty show. Are you tired of gulping. Down the lying filth of the mainstream media. Yeah we are too. We tried to tell you the truth every single day. Goping now lying filth. Wow nobody wants to sound dumb. Our goal is to help you. Not sound dumb will inform you and it'll be fun at the same time you have to choose. Between entertainment and information combine them both with the armstrong and getty show armstrong and getty on demand four episodes available every day via the iheartradio app. Or wherever. you download your podcast.

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Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H2 Jul 16 2021

"We have a deal. A bipartisan group of lawmakers and president biden reached an agreement to invest in america's infrastructure roads. Bridges water the electric grid broadband. This deal makes historic investments in america and our future. We can't wait when we build together. We create jobs we help. The economy and businesses grow to all members of congress. Support this bipartisan infrastructure. Deal now american. Start your engines. Because we're ready to go paid for by business. Roundtable been thinking about mcdonald's all day can't get off my mind already taste got my mind on my mouth mouth ready for some mickey days deal. There's a deal for every moment. Avic donald's right. Now get to your favorites for just. Three fifty makes magic. Classic mcchicken a hot and spicy mcchicken or juicy mcdonnell price. Participation may vary cannot be combined with combo meal single item at regular price. Welcome to today's edition of the clay travis and buck sexton show podcast. Welcome back to the clay travis in buck sexton show. I'm buck here with my man. Clay travis and we We are fired up about this. Idea of the lulu lebanon battalions moms. Who are going to stand up and say no more of the masking. The silliness that glass bar or the plaque plexiglass partitions in schools. And all the rest of having to cova. We'll come back to that topic later on in the show but we want it to To shift now our focus to the national security and political front for a moment here as you know things in afghanistan are deteriorating very rapidly even more so than some of the somewhat pessimistic assessments. Were saying just six or twelve months back almost half the country now according to long war journal which follows very closely in effectively taliban hands at this point we've got that issue and also the continuing violence in the streets in cuba. And what should the us do there. I want to bring in our friend. Sean parnell right now sean. Parnell is a former army ranger. He was a combat veteran afghanistan. Author of a great book outlaw platoon on his time there and he is also a candidate for the united states senate in pennsylvania. Sean my friend. Great to have you with me and klay here. Hey klay hey buck. Thanks for having me. I heard the music man The lead in i. I'm gonna big league now man. This is awesome. thanks for having. Yeah i know you're a long time rush listener man. So we we appreciate you coming here to join. Did you ever think you'd be calling into that music on your own. No no absolutely not. But it's cool to be here with you. Both and i'm excited to be on the show. Tell us tell us afghanistan. Shaw you thought you were there. You had brothers in arms beside you. You lost guys in your platoon fighting against the taliban and fighting against the connie network in the various factions there. What do you make overseeing right now. Yeah well sadly it's predictable you know. I think i'll tell you this. And i'll tell you listeners. This i think the war was won in afghanistan. Back in two thousand six thousand and seven and when we were there our mission was very very simple find osama bin laden and and forgive me for sounding crass but kill the enemy and in doing so you would thereby secure the afghan people and allow the afghan government the time in the space effectively govern their people the strategy that we implemented back then was the counter-terrorist strategy like mostly focused on what we call direct kinetic strikes going after the enemy hunting down and keeping them in the mountainous border region between afghanistan and pakistan. Now somewhere along the way after our four hundred and eighty five day combat deployments We shifted strategies from counter-terror to counter-insurgency. And this is all around the time of the iraq surge. You remember that. I'm sure when folks. On capitol hill were debating weapons of mass destruction. And are they in iraq or are they not what general portray us had taken. He implemented this counterinsurgency strategy during the surge during the iraq war to great effect there. And i think he sees the initiative in iraq but then what our senior military leadership at the pentagon did along with i think general portrays with the best of intentions. Try to implement that strategy in afghanistan and the problem. Is that counterinsurgency is based on nation building and a host nation coming into a nation that already exists then. Help them establish a sort of jeffersonian democracy. Where the problem with that is that i'm sure as both of you know is that afghanistan can barely be considered a nation let alone one that can effectively host another one In fact afghanistan is is mostly tribal piece. What are we look. Sorry to cut you off shawn but what are we look like and i appreciate you coming on what we look like in afghanistan a year or two years from now will it be if the united states had never gone into the country in the first place. Three months from now will look like that. And yeah i. It's the taliban has all the momentum. Right now i mean if i could waiver magic wand right if i were somehow advising president biden on how to handle the afghan Conundrum right now is you gotta keep. You've gotta keep a small force of connecticut operators there if it's may the whole reason we went into aghanistan was to keep that country from becoming a petri dish for terrorists and find osama bin laden but we found osama bin laden but the last thing that we want that country go back in to fall into taliban hands and allow terrorist freedom of maneuver there in mount mountainous border region where they can conduct and plan attacks on america or anywhere else. But i keep a you think. That's affectively what we're going to leave. Behind is after twenty years and nearly a trillion dollars got osama bin laden but in theory afghanistan is going to be capable of creating new generations of osama bin laden's and we basically have an accomplished much of anything. Yeah that's exactly. What i think and i think three months tragically. We're going to go back to square one and look i understand the nuances of strategic decision to withdraw from afghanistan. I understand that most people in most republicans hesitancy with fullscale withdrawal revolves around. What are going to do about the people that are left behind. We're talking little girls who went to school to learn to read based on the american promise that we were going to protect them little boys or kids or even in adults who came to work in our forward operating bases pay trusting in american. Promise that if you work for us in help fight for your own freedom will be there for you. I get that every one of those people that worked on american bases little girls that went to school will have a target on their backers. No question about it. But i also think that leaders in government as military leaders or senators or congressmen it men and women. They need to also understand that. We have an obligation to families in western pennsylvania pennsylvania who send their kids over to the fight and then obligation is. What's the mission. What's the cut end state. And i think probably for the last decade if you went to a different forward operating base all on the afghan-pakistan border and ask you asking a young american private what. The mission wasn't afghanistan. They all give you a different answer. And that's problematic and when the mission isn't clear it causes hesitancy on the battlefield and that hasn't deacon cost lives and so i understand the humanitarian component. I would say that it. It is time to leave but we have to make sure that we do it. In the right way sean. You and your brothers in outlaw. Platoon fought and bled. And you lost some of your guys in this war over there is pulling out now. The right move. I i think it's time to go. I think we've lost the initiative But i would also say you know. I think and i think president trump's plan back you know. When he was president was to leave a small residual force to go after the worst of the worst. I mean the whole intent of that would be just to have somebody there to keep the enemy guessing right. You're not talking thousands of troops but just like delta seals rangers special operations forces that if you find a high value target on the border you go get him. Capture kill them. You just keep the enemy moving right that way. They're not able to settle down and plan an attack and export terror around the world. But yes i think. It's i think it's time to go. We'll just have to make sure that we do it. The right way. Responding to sean parnell. Who is a combat veteran of afghanistan. He was an army ranger and outlaw. Platoon is the book. He wrote a memoir. He wrote about his time. Over there Sean let's to cuba for a moment. Here what if the us us role should be if anything more substantial than what we've seen from the by the ministration which i think we could all agree as flimsy well. The biden administration can't even bring themselves to condemn. What is a hostile communist dictatorship in cuba. The highest aspiration of people all around the world is freedom true freedom the ability to chart their own path in this world. And i think that the cuban people have had it. I think they want that. And i think to the extent that we can't support that freedom. I mean there's cuba's like one hundred miles from florida. They're essentially our southern border like we should support that And so it's very concerning though what blows my mind. Is that when when when jen psaki is asked direct questions tend kicking down the communist dictatorship. She doesn't do it and like if our leadership is not if they don't have the moral clarity to be able to point to our enemies and say you are an enemy right of not just the united states but of freedom free people everywhere if our leaders don't have the moral clarity no i think the world will suffer and i think our country is weaker for it. So on how many people we we've talked some about united states intervention in cuba and what the right is and certainly providing the internet and non physical activity. The mayor of miami said that he wanted to do airstrikes. you're in special forces. How many special forces soldiers do you think it would take to go into cuba. Just hypothetically given the skill set that you guys have. We saw what happened in haiti. How many people would it take from. United states special forces to overthrow the cuban government. Well i can answer that question. But i was. I was a conventional infantry guy ranger qualified guy worked with special forces all the time and and i'll tell you what like those. Those dudes are superheroes. You could probably go into cuba. I mean special forces. Green berets their mission. They specialize on foreign internal defense clay. And so you could probably send one or two special forces teams into cuba and they could take down that government. How many how many guys would that be say superheroes. Those guys are bad asses. There's no doubt about how many how many guys would be involved in that. I mean the force structure of the special forces has changed over the years. I think when you say special forces team you're talking to teams of eight. You know they could. While trait into the country and were indigenous populations to train them right and and the hope is that the indigenous population of that country would then go at rise government right. Yeah so you could. You could probably do that. I don't wanna say easily easily the wrong word but we have that. We have that capability while to see what happened from the biden administration. This one certainly don't have the stomach for that. I remember when the obama administration wouldn't even send conventional munitions like antitank weapons to our ukrainian allies against russian-backed separatists. I wouldn't hold anyone's breath on biden deciding to To get debaters from sean. Always great to have you my friend. Thanks for joining us. And we'll we'll talk to you again soon. all right. yeah thanks thanks. Clay was awesome being here. You know clay when we come back. We mentioned the the administration vita ministration and they did finally have something to say about communism. Yeah which i'm sure you know. It's kind of like some of the democrats. Is he saying this stuff. You could tell there like like they don't they don't like it you know. He's taking a little bit of a a week. Shot shot at socialism and communism. And he's not supposed to do that because the democrat party is basically. The socialist party won't not only that he had to do it. Buck because jen sacchi bombed on a question about how to respond to communism in cuba. I mean that's why you had to speak out so we'll come back into what they owe. An ao see had some things to say. We'll get a lesson in life from from the moment here but you know we were just talking to sean cornell. He's a veteran of afghanistan. And we still have so many folks who paid a tremendous price and their families. Continue to pay that price from the wars that we fought you. The tunnel to towers foundation helps us keep our commitment to never forget and this year the foundation is honoring gold star and fallen first responder families with young children and catastrophically injured veterans and first responders with two hundred mortgage free homes chairman and ceo frank sellers paying tribute to the fallen by walking from the pentagon to shanksville and then on the ground zero. That's more than five hundred miles through six states and forty two days the month of august. Clay through nine eleven. Yeah and towers of light are gonna shine at the pentagon and shanksville memorials in remembrance in the names of those lost to nine eleven related. Illnesses are also being read aloud at a ceremony on september twelfth and on veterans day. The names of those we've lost in the war on terror will also be set out loud. Do good and help america to never forget. Donate eleven dollars a month to tunnel to towers at t to t dot org. That's t the number two t. Dot org giving being deck a headache. Twenty four seven. Join us at clay in buck on twitter. Facebook and instagram is fail. System universally fails system. And i don't see socialism as very useful substitute. But that's another story. So there's biden finally saying communism's a bad thing is kind of funny if your job is spokesperson and of all people. Joe biden has to clean up your mess. You probably bombed on that question pretty badly and i still think we played this yesterday. I still think that jen psaki talking about the work that they're doing with facebook i think she's kind of fallen apart there at the at the briefing desks they might need to bring in another eighteen year. Old singer. olivia rio or whatever name was to To try and get the administration's message out in the more effective manner. Can we also just compare for example. The way biden's like communism's snuck great. He's you know he's he's talking about communism like it's like it's a little bit of a cloudy day or are thought we'd have sunshine and when he talks about voter. Id laws in texas. He's like the country. It's like the nazis are invading our shores. I mean you could see the the the rage that democrats can summon against their political enemies exceeds anything when it comes to actual enemy ideologies groups nation states around the world. It's not even close. It is wild to think about that. Joe biden was it on. Tuesday came out and said that voting rights was the biggest threat to this country since the civil war. And almost no one said you know what that's insane like the right. I mean we came on on tuesday. I mean think about how much has happened in a week. That joe biden came out and said voting rights legislation is the biggest threat to the nation since the civil war. And i think we came on this show and said you know the nazis kind of a big threat the great depression kind of a decent threat all these things and yet that story. Just kinda vanished. I mean klay. There was a telegram between the germans in world war one and mexico about an alliance where they would have carved off the lost parts of mexico. You know places like texas and giving it back i mean. We faced a lot of challenges since the civil war. I don't think having to show. Id for your mail in ballot which you have like a month to do before the election. I don't quite think it's other. I don't think it's up there with the internment of japanese-americans. I don't think it's up there with the imprisonment. People forget woodrow wilson imprisoned people for opposing the war world war one and the draft. People actually went to jail. We know the first amendment didn't count. Apparently there are all so anybody who has ever studied history. I know again he said. This is not hyperbole. This is he's trying to make that as the literal fact and so many people just accept it and it's all madness but this is where we are where we have to get multiple days in order for the president of the united states to say communism is bad and also imagine like ronald reagan. If during one of the press briefings he would have immediately fired anyone on his staff as well he should who was asked the question is communism bad and they did it. Just say yes. it's also crazy. It's such a biden. Ism to to say no exaggeration when he is exaggerating or to say you know or to say as he did you. My favorite biden line and that speech was. I'm not telling you to be scared but you should be scared. This is this guy. it's reason number. Three thousand five hundred seventeen. Why he's just not very bright but you know this is who they've made president. This is what we all have to deal with and we do have can transition to speaking of not very bright. We have ao see also weighing in on this one in a moment. We'll get into that. I mean you know biden. You know biden is not a commie. He's or whatever the democrats need them to be. Ao is socialist. I mean that's very obvious. She can call herself whatever she wants but she is supportive of socialist ideology socialist regimes. If she had her way. America would leap towards some of the very same policies you've seen in places like venezuela that have destroyed dot com we know what destroyed venezuela social justice and price controls. It's it's really unfortunate too. Because i'm not sure what has to pull off anyway. We'll talk about that and say well we'll get into the afc situation moment but you know if you've learned anything since twenty twenty is that there's nothing quite as important as powerful immune system over twenty years ago naturopathic doctor. Dennis black invented texas superfood. That's right texas. Superfood is the original superfood. I've known dr black for years. 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A bipartisan group of lawmakers and president biden reached an agreement to invest in america's infrastructure roads. Bridges water the electric grid broadband. This deal makes historic investments in america and our future. We can't wait when we build together. We create jobs we help. The economy and businesses grow to all members of congress. Support this bipartisan infrastructure. Deal now american. Start your engines. Because we're ready to go paid for by business. Roundtable college grad gun dan while simply walking his dog a mom show parker vanishes after she dropped saw little twins as a babysitter an indianapolis mass murderer. Leave six dead. Nancy grace here. These are just some of the cases. We're investigating on crime stories. it's so easy to thank. You will never happen. You never to my family right. That's not true it does happen and we want to help everyday on crime stories. We break down the biggest breaking crime news and try to put the clues together. We speak with family members. Reporters investigators police and specialists. Every day is a mission every day. A chance to stop crying and to keep one more person safe join us. Listen to crime stories with nancy grace on the iheartradio app apple podcast or wherever you. Listen to your podcast. This is james golden or both naturally. I hope you're enjoying the podcast series. Rush limbaugh the man behind the golden microphone. There's a dozen episodes that will remind you of the greatness of brush with so many amazing stories shared. I'm your host of this series available wherever you listen to podcasts. My pillow and tunnel to towers foundation of sponsored. Welcome back to the play. Travis in buck sexton show i am. I'm here with play and we mentioned to. You missed alexandria. Oh cossio cortes. Who has finally waited. There was a bit of silence. Deafening silence if you will when it comes to the crackdown. There's video circulating men in government. Uniforms all in black bludgeoning people out in broad daylight in the streets for the crime of protesting and wanting freedom they don't just want shortages to end they've had shortages for sixty years. This is cuba. Were talking about. They want freedom. Here is what ms. Afc had to say about the situation that we want to make sure that we communicate is our solidarity with the cuban people. And what's extraordinarily important for us to communicate as well is you will is. The is the actions in us contributions to the suffering of cubans on the island as well and that is directly related to the embargo. The us embargo like other us policies particularly other us policies targeting latin americans. To have like the the colty is the point. And i outright reject the biden. Administration's defensive the embargo so there's She says outright rejecting the policies of joe biden. But here is what i think is one of the major choices it has to be made buck if you disagree with a government you have to decide whether you are going to isolate and reject the choices that that government is making or whether you are going to bring them in closer to you in the hope that that proximity is going to lead to change and this is interesting because china. We tried to do the ladder and it totally failed. We saw barack obama travel down to cuba. Go watch baseball games with dictatorial leadership there in cuba and that also failed. And so i think we're left with the carrot and the stick diplomacy. It's really the stick. That's the only way that's going to work with cuba. Is that a crazy approximation of those situations in general and the way to go about improving the life for the people who live there is that you have to make choice from one side or the other. I mean the obama administration decided. Excuse me decided that they weren't going to They weren't going to do what had been done before which was to demand certain basic concessions about human rights and and that was the price for normalizations. They said all. We'll just give you stop. Cuban regimes in intransigent will give you stuff. But but part of what i think is so just. It's not even a little bit surprising. It's it's annoying and shows you what we're dealing with with. The democrat left in this country. Is that the problem right now on. The island of cuba is a cuban government to to focus on american government policy. Last caesar and this is what the left always does right. Oh why why was syria in the midst of vicious civil war where the assad regime was murdering. It's murder on people in large numbers. Oh well let's talk about. You know the british and french mandate in the in the middle east and let's talk about the history of what happened in nineteen seventeen or whatever. The case may be no right now. You have commie thugs. Bludgeoning people in the streets and shooting them. Because they're illegitimate they should not be the government of cuba and the american government apparatus and people with platforms should speak that basic truth without this throat clearing about all you know where the embargo for auto know. Know enough of the embargo crap. This is about diaz canal and his army of thugs not allowing people to have basic rights indecency and look. I mean if. I had my way if the cuban people wanted you know if they wanted to get armed up and i were in charge. I'd say let's start dropping. Big crates of 'em fours and see what happens. It is fascinating that the democratic party is so enthralled to the left wing this is why jen psaki didn't condemn communism because she didn't want to open up the door for the of the world to finally decide to speak out and blame of course united states policy for sixty years of failure in cuba. And there's a lot of talk about the great healthcare system right from all the left-wingers everybody else. You know what they do. Is they take the doctors and the nurses produce in cuba and they send them to other countries and biden actually talked about this. He said for the. Aoc's out there who are wanting for the embargo to be less significant. They don't want to share the cova vaccine directly with cuba. Because there's not a belief that the real average cubans are going to get those vaccines. They might be sold elsewhere. They would certainly go to the elites but this whole fundamental broken communist government. I feel like so many people like. Ao are so young and they have such a poor understanding of overall history that they've bought into a totally misguided suggestion an idea of what communism represents is easier. I think for those of us who lived through in some way to cold war. Let's see what mcgill in me at me. Excuse me miami. Florida has a say miguel. Welcome the clan buck show. He's talking to buck and clay. And yes i would suggest as a cuban Seventy years old had been in miami or in the us. Since i was nine i would be perfectly fine with the Second bay of pigs. Yeah i mean that that is what we kinda talked about. Balk is you can sit around and say we're lending support but is there any way to actually get a tangible result different than what we're seeing right now. Which is the cuban government putting its boot up on the throat of the average protests are out there kicking in the door putting people in prison. I'll mention again. Twitter has no issue whatsoever with a communist dictator using its platform. But they won't allow the president of the united states. Donald trump while he still the democratically elected president united states to be using their. I'm miguel thank you for calling in and we appreciate it. I just say clay that the the us psyche is still so scarred by the what is considered the bay of pigs fiasco and look it was. It was a fiasco insofar as it was a a massive failure that if we had not already done that i think there would be a much greater public stomach for this at least to consider some kind of action but when you add the legacy of the bay of pigs to our lis our recent legacy of us military intervention in the middle east notably iraq afghanistan to a lesser extent syria. And then. you. Add this vitamin look. There's another part of this that we have to keep in mind. The biden administration staff with people who don't hate the commies in cuba. They don't hate the regime. And you know that that really does matter you know they do you know th they at least now. Despise like putin and his government because of the russia collusion delusion. But but they don't hate diaz kennel. They don't think of these guys as brutal butchers which i mean the democrats they just simply don't a lot of them don't and so that factors into i think what they're willing to do. I've got updates just as we're talking here you know you're going out to la. You're gonna have to las vegas. I've got some updates on the mask. Mandate dominoes falling. Can we can we come into it in a minute. I wanted to let some folks call in and tell us what they're planning do we want to take l. a. And las vegas specific calls. Yeah i think we just let's focus like let's just go ahead and x. out well we're gonna geographically request one particular call. I want to know. We're gonna talk about las vegas and what might happen there but for la one hundred percent. No you are being required to wear masks began starting late on saturday night. How are you going to respond. I want to hear from people living in. 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I know you're running around. You're busy you can listen to the program twenty thirty minutes at a time here and there why not go ahead and make sure you have access to everything if you type in my name clay or you type in bucks name. All you need is the first name. That's a good sign. Boom podcast comes right up. You click subscribe. You've got access to everything pen. A lot of great interviews a lot of great segments so far this week. And we've already got almost fifteen hours in the tank. You're going to be a drive. You headed around somewhere for your summer break when i go ahead and subscribe to search out clay. Travis you can search out buck sexton you can go follow us on social media at klay in bach pretty much everywhere now buck. We talked about to open the show. The insanity of los angeles re-instituting their mask mandate and the question. We asked and i think it's a big one. And i think it's a good one is how could this spread as we move across the country. Now that elway on saturday night is reinstituting. The mask mandate by the way. If it's so dangerous why would you wait. Like three days to reinstitute mask mandate for indoors whether you're vaccinated or an are unvaccinated and buck. You're following some of the recommendations right now literally in the wake of that determination which was made yesterday there are other areas that are starting to inch towards their own mask mandate including las vegas in orlando florida. Yeah so this is what we're going to see on i. I want everyone to be aware of how this is going to play out in los angeles. They're saying as of saturday half to mask stores. Therefore businesses could be fined. There's a liability their state force behind. This you must do this. It's not a recommendation and that's going to mean that even people that realize how stupid this is are going to say. Sorry sir. sorry ma'am. Can you put a mask on but in other places like lost will clark county which in nevada which is where las vegas is. They're issuing guidance for masks in crowded indoor public spaces and even in orange county florida. They're they're issuing a strong recommendation from to wear masks in crowded indoor spaces clay. They're playing games here because what this means is that the democrat either county or city officials in some states. Even states like florida where they've said we believe in freedom and science and rationality. They're not mandating it. They're going to recommend it but what the recommendation is is a symbol to the masked maniac private sector People people that run businesses people that run disneyworld or whatever. Oh well if the mayor is telling us. We need to require masks. We're going to make that choice now to require masks so it's basically a back door. It's just a masks mandate. That's what these recommendations are well and the problem with this in general. Is this all leads to masks everywhere that has had mask mandates of a serious nature. That's the problem with. La's decision once one place decides to do it. It's like dominoes and personally. I'm going to be an la next week the week after that. I'm going to be in las vegas and the week after that. I'm going to be in new york city. i think i'm going to be the domino. Like i'm just gonna be jumping from one city to another that requires mask. I think by the time. I get to you in new york city. I think that everywhere in new york you guys are going to have to be back in mass. Well i'm hoping that you're going to be lighting fires so to speak to get all the lou. Moms the lumumba talion together. I we started. We shall fight them on the beaches of of santa monica churchhill of anti math. We will fight them on the beaches of whatever that big lake. Outside of las vegas is. I can't remember but it's very large like that's what what's the name of the lake. There's a huge lake outside of vegas. What is it lake. We thank you. Yeah anyway i messed up by churchill role but i couldn't remember the geography for a second but that's the thing clay we got. We got to actually get people in places where this fight is going on to understand. They gotta say no or else. It's going to keep going. It doesn't stop when we allow it to stop. We have to make it stop and we're gonna talk about this to start off the third hour we want only l. a. Area people to call in. What are you guys going to do. What her conversations that you're having with your friends and family like because remember all the all the The foul shiites out there. All those who embrace fascism were told. Oh california did such a phenomenal job responding to kovin that we have beaten it. We have done. We've followed the science and now after nearly a year and a half. You're right back to indoor mask wearing. So what is the response. What are you going to do. La only we're opening up l. a. county. I want to from people in l. a. County eight hundred two eight two two eight two. What is your response going to be now. This mandate is going into effect tomorrow night in los angeles eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two plus but we have got some other craziness. That's going on in the world of sports. The yankees game against the red sox was not allowed to be played because six vaccinated players for the yankees including aaron judge. If you're a big yankees fan were not Tested positive for cove. It and now. They're basically having to shut down. Major league baseball games still world is going on now. Now i'm gonna after shutdown buck watching. Nfl games with his two brothers dad. Because that's usually what we do because the nfl clay you say go get woke go broke some of these sports leagues clearly or not seen at that way yet because the the nba their mba's already off my list. As i've said now the nfl is saying they're going all in on social justice messaging on playing the the so-called black national anthem at games. What happens if people kneel during the black national anthem. Oh my god at disrespect. The mere suggestion is. It's so by the way doesn't matter and think about you could be kneeling for like the greatest cause imaginable. You kneel during the black national anthem racist. That's white guy neal's during the black national anthem. That would be considered disrespectful. Yes but nobody asks of what we've been told that it's heroic kneel during the national anthem. That's going to be a crazy story to follow But when we come back l. a. County load up eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. We want to know. How are you and your friends and family. Going to respond to the new mask mandate that goes into effect tomorrow. We're going back in time. It really is back to the future except nowhere near as good as that movie. Which by the way still fabulous still hold up well and we're gonna hold up well third our next you're listening to clay travis and buck sexton fundy. Eib network why when you can an tasted thrill coca cola six flags save up to fifty percents on tickets with promo coke at flags dot com the new podcast rush limbaugh. The man behind the golden microphone the incredible story of the life and times of a man who changed the way we think and the way we talk from his first job to his final podcast through testimonials from his peers his proteges his family fans and those who worked closest with and of course rush himself in his own words. This is the remarkable life story of a man who changed america from a perspective. Never heard before now on iheartradio or wherever you. Listen to your favorite podcasts.

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 Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H2  Jun 21 2021

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Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H2 Jun 21 2021

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From top leaders in government and industry to learn how the cloud is evolving away. The dod defense assets supports the war fighter gains tactical advantages registered. Today at gd. I t dot com slash emerge. Welcome back to the clay travis and buck sexton show. They one flying by already. Thank you so much for being here with us. The number you want to call in and we'd love taking calls eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two also the website clay and buck dot com. A lot of things from the show today will be up there. You can follow us on twitter and facebook clay and buck. You're noticing a theme here. There's clay there's play and bought. That's how we make the magic happen. Oh stories we're going to get to in just a second to give you a sense of where we are going on this on this Trained today ncwa with a big change. Units future thanks to the supreme court i got. I think the best person in the country. Possibly talk about this with mr clay travis. Here we're gonna be getting to that in just a moment. And then also the world health organization on vaccinations for those under eighteen warnings about delta covert variant. We'll get oh my gosh other variants. Dr fao chief. We'll get into all that coming up in a minute but first we promised you polling data and clay has it for. Yeah i wanna give you some background here so appreciate all of you hanging out with us. By the way. Hope you enjoyed the first hour. There will be a podcast. Awad you out there asking that question already by the way we want to get your reactions here as well. One eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. We're just talking about death. Santa's trending on twitter and the degree. To which ron santa has become one of the major targets i would say of the media sort of industrial complex and one reason is because i think there's a lot of fear over the state of florida and how well fantasy did using actual science as opposed to the science of the fao ci stooges to run his state maintain the economy allow four normalcy of life to exist and by the way. There's lots of states. I know you were in new york buck out of lost my mind living in new york city during all this. I'm fortunate. I live in nashville born and raised here in the city. Where we're doing the show. State of tennessee in general was wide open. Texas florida georgia. There's a lot of states out there that managed to stay. Open the red states. But there's a fear because thanks to federalism we can look at the data and the data's telling us a pretty clear story. What new york and california did shutting down all the businesses shutting Basically the states. Now kids still not in school. It didn't make any sense. It's worth looking at the twelve month mark. Now if you're just reverse in june of twenty twenty the great heroes. Oh well said great. Heroes of the pandemic were andrew. Cuomo the governor of new york who has had a whole bunch of problems including the pushing of covert positive seniors into nursing homes then covering it up and then covering it up some more as well as a whole slew of inappropriate comments to female subordinates. He kept his job though which is fascinating but not not surprising. And then you had also gavin newsom out in california who's got this recall effort against him what everyone has seen since then is the heroes from the beginning based on media narrative when it comes to covid and lockdowns have now if you look at the data the villains of the lockdowns and governor on dissent is we owe him so much and you were an early believer in asking questions even before during the show together asking questions about lockdowns and and whether they really had the science on their side disentis is responsible for holding the line against the fao shiite madness in a way that affected the whole country. And god if you want to know the importance of a governor election imagine if andrew gillum had wanted to santa's only one the state of florida by thirty thousand votes you think about stacey. Abrams lost by fifty thousand in georgia. Brian kemp kept georgia. Open thirty thousand. Votes to santa's one over andrew gillum in florida without that even with our great federalism laboratories in all fifty states. We wouldn't have the data in florida. Because florida would've done. I think what california did. And what new york did buck and so two. Santa's is riding high now that we've seen this data and there is a straw poll. That was out there. The i'm reading from this. The western conservative summit had a nonpartisan approval voting poll result and these were the five candidates that they found to be. They had thirty candidates poll democrats and republicans the five that were the most popular rhonda santa's donald trump ted cruz. Mike pompeo and tim scott in that order now. Twitter only allows us to put up four of these nominees because you can only vote on four different options in a twitter poll. You can go vote in this right now if you would like to at clay travis and what i wrote was and we re tweeted it. I'd encourage you to go follow us as well at clay in book. And if you wanna drive. Left-wing idiots crazy. You can help make hashtag clay in buck trend. Which i think there's probably a good chance we can get that trending if you just use the hashtag hashtag. Klay inbox talk about. Whatever we're discussing on this show most recent polls four options rhonda santa's donald trump ted cruz. Mike pompeo looked at the results. Yet book. I wanted to be a surprise audience. But i have a feeling. I'm going to ask you what you think. The numbers are there now. Over twenty five thousand of you out there who have voted in our poll. Those were the four options based on that straw poll that was done these were the four. Highest ranking rhonda. Santa's donald trump ted cruz. Mike pompeo i asked you. I asked a question of the audience out there. Who would be your top pick of those four if you had to pick a nominee for twenty twenty four right now. That's the poll question. Twenty-five thousand over twenty five thousand people have voted in the first hour. I forty five minutes. Actually who do you think. What do you think the results are showing well. There was the straw. Poll server knows over the weekend. Basing we took. We're not saying these are the top four. In our opinion this is coming straight out of the straw. Poll the top four from the straw. I believe that's straw. Poll also showed you know numbers that the way they set it up it was. Would you be willing to support the following. So it's a little bit different methodology. That i'm not i'm not a numbers. Got it clear for everybody. The four most popular on the list because some people are going to be like. Oh you're inflating the results. No no no. We're taking the four most popular and just putting them in opole the see. Who would these in our audience right now. Twenty five thousand of you voted. Who would you support. I think that the number one on this. I have not clay can attest to. I have not seen. I think that ron to santa's is winning but just by a little over donald trump. That's that's the the smart bed based on the data. I've seen so far. Where are we over twenty five thousand votes rhonda santa's seventy two percent of the vote. Wow donald trump twenty three percent Ted cruz two percent. Mike pompeo three percent so according to this audience you re tweeted it. I tweeted it. All of you out there listening to us right now. Have the same ability to go vote. You can go vote at clay. Travis you can go vote at clay in buck. You can go vote at buck sexton to any of those twitter accounts you will see this. Poll these four options and we now have had over twenty five thousand of you vote in the first forty. Five minutes is a pretty representative sample. Twenty five thousand. Maybe over one hundred thousand voting. I want as many people to vote as possible although you don't have to show any Any and there's no voting controversy here that we're aware of that's a pretty big number. I mean is that something. That is surprising. I thought it would look disentis. Obviously has the political wind at his back right now on the right and and we see this and this is why. I think it's important to cover some of these stories like the death santa's on twitter because the same mania. Everyone needs to remember they tried. I feel like. I bring up the name mitt romney on the show and i can already hear the booze but they turn mitt romney into a high school bully. Who abused his dog and gave people can't say had vine women in the twenty twelve election if they can do that to mitt romney. Who's about as you know as as dangerous that on the edges ned flanders from the simpsons. That very good analogy can do that too. Absolutely anybody so get ready for that whole. I don't know how many lord of the rings fans are about. The eye of iran is going to moving to disentis yes. Sixty minutes story me was a perfect representation of that for those of you. Who missed it. Because it was totally false. The idea was that the santa's had sold to public s- because of one hundred thousand dollar donation some sort of untoward relationship as it pertained the vaccine distribution which was on percent wrong and this honestly they took a out of context quotes from him which it was. Just a fundamentally flawed story but to me what it represented was. Oh this is a sign that the shift from trying to destroy trump has now shifted over to rhonda santa and i just want everyone to be prepared for this because you may have thought that this machinery of propaganda and destruction that has been arrayed against trump and anybody who was to vocally supportive i'll emirates docile little bit before long. The i've zoran will find its way to the clay in buck show. If it has not already but that same approach from the media you can already see it at this early stage with the attacks rhonda scientists and just also in general. Because the santos became he's at the forefront of the questioning of falcon and standing thwart the lunacy of like mask mania and because of that there's going to be a soviet style rewriting of history that occurs between now and the midterms about who did what during the pandemic who the real heroes of the pandemic war when it comes to politicians. I know the we could say first responders and people that are of course that's true and doctors and nurses but if you're looking at who made the right decisions there's there's so much political importance behind this that you're going to be and it's one of the reasons why i think the show is so important cliff. I may say so. Yeah people are going to be lied to those who benefit from the lie and even when they're caught in the media to this is going to be one of the primary targets but they'll be others. It doesn't matter because their purpose is activism. The purposes not report taj. Yeah and i think what scares people about the santa's right now. Obviously he's still got a win. Reelection and twenty twenty two in florida in order to be a viable big time candidate in twenty twenty four is. He's got the combativeness of trump with the logical background of a harvard grad and governance skills. I mean really look what he's done in the nominee job done a phenomenal job in one of our nation's most difficult states to to run when we come back. We're gonna take your calls. I want mike in denver colorado. He'll lead us off We want you to react to that. Poll result does that surprise. You just santa's monstrously ahead. You can vote again yourself at clay travis at klay inbox and also at buck. 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I can tell you this. I don't think that would have been the poll result even close to it three or six months ago. Yeah i think there's a real momentum right now for dissenters we've got to come up with ronnie ronnie d. I mean whatever whatever's name is going to be he's got some winds back the exact opposite of death santa's is Rhonda scientists vibrate. Now we're telling people to go vote and over. Thirty thousand of you voted. These were the four top vote getters in terms of approval in the most recent conservative west wing. I think it is the west side of the country a straw poll that they did rhonda santa's with thirty w voting. Encourage you to go vote at clay chavis at buck sexton you can go follow us. I the clay and buck show is it claimed buck show or at klay inbox. I can't even remember at clay in bonn at play in no-show there but it is the clay buck show but again rhonda santa's with a massively donald trump in second place. A lot of you wanna react and we're going to go first to the phones by the way phone number one eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two if you wanna weigh in mike in denver colorado. I clean book. Thank you so much for taking my call In congratulations on the new show obviously And i i just had a quick comment today on. can you hear me. okay. Go for it okay. Great well first of all. It's so great to be here today for your very first show and i wanted to say i'm so excited for kind of this next chapter in radio history and also You know what you said about this. Being a show that will let younger people on express their views without having this judgement. That comes from the mainstream media. Because i can tell you for a fact I'm a millennial. I'm twenty five. And there is so many of us out there being millennials and gen z that have these conservative values. And we don't wanna be censored but you know white you said if we post something that goes against this narrative we will be judged we will be censored and we will be taken off twitter and facebook due to the this cancel culture. You know and i mean you know. I've lost some really good friends over some of you know my views on these things and you know growing up on. It was like rush. Limbaugh always gave us a voice and You know the reason. I think rush cared so much about trump in what trump stood for. It's because trump really cared for freedom and you know. My trump premiums fights that was. That was a big a big jam. By the way i technically mike just you know i am technically a millennial so we we share that. I think i'm the oldest possible malaysia. Refer to myself as greybeard millennial. But i am technically in that category and so we'll certainly be trying to speak to folks. Who who have that sense that you know they're not looking around and seeing a culture that represents their values or not even just represents their values as you point out will allow them to have a different point of view will allow them to say what they want to say without being censored on social media. I was getting beat up. I'm sure clay. You were ready. I'm getting beat up for for covid stuff. And i was right by things like you're going to demand to masks no. You can't say that you know facebook. You know pushing me down. Oh wearing masks outdoors is stupid and not backed up by science. Oh you can't say that. Turn that. I was right about these things and i know that there are others who have felt the same way but mike from denver. Great to have you a now and marie. In chappaqua clinton country right is indeed chappaqua. New york ameri. What's going on. hi guys. Good luck to you with your show. Sounds great I wanted to comment on the polling. That's been that you're doing with the santa's and trump I think a lot of voters Want trump like candid a take charge and do what he says type of person like donald trump but i think a lot of his supporters would love to have back but don't want the hundreds of investigations that congress will bring forward and you know we're nothing will get done although it wasn't basic what trump was able to accomplish despite all those investigation. I think there's just a lot of weariness of the constant battle with congress if that is if congress stays democrat and with mainstream media so i think that's why they're looking for that change because the santa's has been a politician and he's been vetted ameri i think that's true. I mean he understands the situation in a way that somebody who's been in that in that role and spent years in politics cam. We'll get more into this. Thanks for calling in from new york and just a moment coming up klay. We'll tell you all about this. 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Invent together is a coalition of organizations companies. Universities and concerned citizens committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to invent and patent because the more diverse. The american patent system gets the stronger and more successful. our nation will become. What can you do to help. Divers inventors patent and unleash economic opportunity. Find out at events together dot org learn more and take action today. Welcome back to the clay travis and buck sexton show the number eight hundred two eight two two eight eighty two. We want to hear from a lot of waiting to talk to you excited to talk to you and also clay and buck on twitter on facebook just basically search any social platform. You're on you'll find is pretty easily clay and bug. They were the only clay in buck out there right now. So that's not a common names. Not not comment so that works for us. We're going to get some calls. And then i have to tell you. Clay is going to dive into this earthquake. That has gone through the nc double a. Courtesy of supreme court not five four not seven to nine. Oh a slap down from on high in the court in dc. So we'll get to that in a moment. But first we have mantras in virginia mantra on the clay travis and buck sexton show. Hi gonna say hi there. I'm gonna say the last caller that you had on there as she was concerned about you know if any If if trump was on there they don't want anybody to have to go through. What trump did you know with the democrats did in the persecution. He went through If we've learned anything from listening over the years to rush even personally The democrats will do that to anybody to conservative correct. I was getting at that with romney. And by the way i would i would add mantra that. In the member of the bush administration people often forget this special counsel in the bush administration. That the only reason it existed was to get either carl rover dick cheney. That was why they set up with the name leak. Remember that people forget this. Now that's always get special counsel klay to go after their preferred targets. I think we're in an era where everybody's gonna get impeached where everybody's going to get investigated to the high heavens. You need somebody who's going to be a fighter because this idea of milk toast. I don't really say anything to offend people. I mean to your point mitt. Romney looks like the guy who is in the photo of every frame that you buy right like he looks like a model. That is totally inoffensive that you would be like. Oh i could put that on my my counter more likely to buy this picture frame. And they tried to destroy mitt romney. Whoever you are. And i think by the way it's politics in general you're gonna get lit up in a degree that i don't think it matters if you were jesus christ in you're running for president of the united states you would get destroyed. He's not married or does he. Just say what what does he claiming that he's going to make You know. I don't buy into this Into this Idea that he's never said. I don't buy into this last supper. What are you talking about with the fishes in the loaves and all this stuff. I mean there's a great video i think. Some of these political consultants put together one time where they attacked jesus as if he wore the worst human being ever lived instead of the best being ever lived right. That's the world that we're in now and so it doesn't matter who you are saint center. It's all the same mantra correct. Klay got somebody else on the board. Yeah and in naples. Virginia naple sorry naples florida she is enron to santa's territory and when we put up the poll results for the question. Did it surprise you that the santa's had as much support as he did. And what's it been like for you. Living in naples as one of his constituents i did not surprise me at all and aft- good afternoon gentlemen It does not surprise me at all. A homeschool murder to millennials. Keep his hit on something that patriot. Port parents dot or also on which is fighting against the indoctrination nation of our children and he is the line between what is right to do. And what the democrats are doing wrong in the other states and with an example like that and the fact that he is a fighter and he is intelligent. We concede already that he would be upholding. The values that those of us who embrace the fact that everyone's created equal and we can't have racehorse again. I saying you know. And i think you're pointing out some important stuff. Which is that. Rhonda santa's klay. It's not even though we've been talking with the kobe thing a lot but protection from big tech at the state level getting rid of crt keeping the schools open which i know falls under the overall anti lockdown mentality but there are some things that he's done that are really important for that and there's a reason why so. Many fellow new yorkers are in a number is not seen in my lifetime heading down to the sunshine state. Not only that. I mean you talk about keeping schools open in every kid sports which obviously were a huge part of things. How about the decision That he's fighting right now with the cruise ships over not allowing people to have to be vaccinated to get on a cruise ship and it seems like he's winning there. He got a big court decision on friday in his favor. Obviously so many of these cruise ships leave from ports in the state of florida. Let's see wanted me transition there too because you said big court decision i feel like this is a big one especially for for the folks out there who care about college sports which i would guess is a large percentage of this audience. I couldn't we can't do a paul matt right now but i'm guessing it's almost like disentis level support when it comes to people watching college sports. I just want to tell folks what happened. And then i'm gonna to let klay explain why this is a big deal. I can't say the biden version of i. It's a big deal okay. So the supreme court of the united states has unanimously affirmed a ruling today that provides for an incremental increase in how college athletes can be compensated and all so opens the door this on the espn dot com right now also opens the door for future legal challenges that could delay much more significant blow the nc double a.'s. Current business model. Play nine ole slapdown. Why does this matter so much. So big picture. What i have argued for years is. I'm a robust capitalist. Right i believe in the market. I want you and me and all of you out there with us to make as much money off of our talents as we possibly can. That's what's so strange about the way that college. Athletics is set up right now book because your talents in particular in football and men's basketball which is where all the money is made you are able to compensate be compensated for your own talent so it can lead to ridiculous situations and i'll give you an example. A lot of people probably are familiar with the name. Johnny manziel won the heisman trophy played at texas. Am went on and was a first round draft. Pick did not have a great nfl career when he was in college when he showed up at class or when he was around. Campus people would show up with sports illustrated magazine's with his picture on the front and ask him to sign those as soon as he signed those they would then take them and put them on ebay. Put them on wherever they could sell them. Hundreds of dollars you or me could have shown up on that college campus with those magazines. Taken into johnny manziel got gotten his autograph. Sold it for as much money as the market was willing to pay for it. If johnny menzel himself sold his autograph he was not eligible to play college football. Give you another example. Todd gurley good running back played for the rams played at the university of georgia. He sold his own jersey that he got for a bowl game his own jersey that he wore that he was not going to wear again. That was his property and some cleats that were old that he was not going to wear anymore autographed him. They found out that he did that. He was suspended. I believe it was six games like everybody out there. Listening right now is wait a minute. These guys the johnny manziel. Todd gurley didn't even have the right to make money off of their own autograph. But if somebody else got their autograph they could immediately sell. That does not strike most people as being a responsible and fair and just in american country embrace his capitalism marketplaces so this lawsuit effectively challenged the overall consensus benefits that we're going to athletes and it was determined to violate antitrust law now. This is just the first domino that starting to knock down all the other domino's right. The big significant factor. Here i would say is what brett cavanaugh. Remember at cavenaugh the guy that all the blue checkmark brigade members out there were furious. Brett cavenaugh could ever become a supreme court. Lied about this guy a lot by the way with that something. We will relitigate here on the show. Sometimes which is that the stuff they did cavenaugh reminder everybody. They could do it to anybody in your background. Brick cavanaugh filed a concurring opinion. This was a gore. Such a opinion nine zero as you mentioned but this this paragraph i think is particularly significant from brett. Cavenaugh writing a concurring opinion. And by the way people out there who are like why does european. I do have a law degree as well. So i used to say on my sports talk radio show. Let me put my lawyer hat on here and sort of analyze this from a legal perspective. Why it matters to me. This is the essence of not only thinking about what the news is now but thinking about how. The news is going to go in the future. This is brett cavenaugh to be sure. The nc double a. and its member colleges maintain important traditions. That have become part of the fabric of america. Game days in tuscaloosa and south been the pack gyms in stores. And durham the women's and men's lacrosse championships on memorial day weekend track field meets an eugene the spring softball and baseball world series in oklahoma city and omaha by the way. That's going on right now. It's fantastic college world series. The list goes on but those traditions alone. I'm reading from brett cavenaugh. His concurring opinion cannot justify the nc double a.'s. Decision to build a massive money raising enterprise on the backs of student. Athletes who are not fairly compensated. Nowhere else in. America can businesses get away with agreeing not to pay their workers. A fair market rate on the theory that their product is defined by not paying their workers a fair market rate and under ordinary principles of antitrust law. It is not evident why college sports should be any different. The nc double a. is not above the law. The big story here. Buck is i think. The nc double a. days are numbered in the nc. Double a. of course manages all college athletics and there are going to be so many lawsuits that spiral out of this because basically in college. Athletics is only really two sports that produce revenue in a profit but only a small percentage of schools overall to. That's right men's basketball and football and a small minority tie like one or two yukon women. Sometimes the university of tennessee women. Big women's basketball programs might break even or make a little bit of money. But all the money comes from the ohio states. the alabama's the oklahoma's of the world rolling all of their cash primarily from football into the rest of the college athletic ecosystem. So the challenge here and this gets really complicated but under title nine. Male athletes and female athletes have to be the same number of scholarships but also receive all the same benefits so in theory in this socialistic system. The starting quarterback for the alabama crimson tide has the same value as a women's lacrosse player. We know that's not true in reality but they get the same benefits. How is that going to play out going forward. It is a monumental and a massive question and the supreme court saying that right now. The nc double a. violating antitrust law puts the nc double a. On the short list. Here i think in terms of what its long-term longevity is going to be. It's gonna be quite a thing when women's field hockey is saying we want an eighty six or coming. He want an eighty thousand person stadium and salaries and benefits to their. So that's gonna happen and there may be some questions out there. People want to ask any questions about this because it is kind of a complex issue you can weigh in there as well. One eight hundred two eight two two eight eight to encourage you guys to go vote in our poll question clay travis and buck sexton show when we come back we'll impact maybe a little bit more. That story will also start to pivot but we can't trust the. who but guess what. They came out with an interesting statement. As it pertains to kids in vaccination you mean dr fauci may not have gotten everything right once again side. Heavens the science is pretty fascinating. We'll talk about this some as we move into the third hour. I've got three boys. What do i think about vaccinating kids. We'll tell our stories about covert. I think we both have covert antibodies. Right now What we think about the vaccines all that and more. We will discuss latest news from the w. w. h. o. Continued to pack that supreme court decision as well. This is a clay travis and buck sexton. Show all that silicon in the final hour fifteen. Thanks for hanging with his first show ever going pretty well so far. I think this is our show. Welcome back to the clay travis and buck sexton show. I don't think we should be allowed to have so much fun. I day but this is how it's going in here. We're all jinx. It's just we still got an hour just flying by usually the first day is all you know here. He is you pass to get in. You know the restrooms all that stuff. We're actually doing a show. This is fantastic. We got lines all of the place to eight. Sorry eight hundred. Two eight two two eight eight two. That's eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two wanna call in. We got lines later. We will get to a whole bunch of stories including the world health organization guidance on vaccines for those under eighteen. Big thing there dr fauci. But let's get to buddy in kentucky. I up here out of the gate. Buddy. what's up. Hey gentlemen just i'm not gonna lie to you. I was expecting the tune into different program. Today i'm out in my car. But i thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and the The insight you guys are bringing today i'm gonna june back in Thank thank you so much. No problem I wanna talk a little bit. We've all talked about and everybody knows what trump derangement syndrome is and That's easily defined. But i think what a lot of people who are who are patriots and who are That love our country and love our flag. I think a lot of us are suffering. From what i call t. f. s. which is trout dig syndrome All of us a lot of me and my friends are are Love the policies and the ideas of putting america first and You know making sure that you know that we have equality in And you know in the united states but you know the the media is such. A defacto left are propaganda wing of the democratic party. It would. it's almost going to be impossible for donald trump to be on top of the ticket again because if you thought it was bad before it will be ten times What it was before. So there i mean. They tried to prevent him from running again to give you a sense of her. There's actually an interesting point buddy. Thanks i hear that from a lot of people that they love what trump got to. And i mean by that the conclusions that he reached but they felt like he sometimes left himself open to attacks the way that used twitter the way that that he was. Sometimes i would say the bull in the china shop impact. Descent is to me. I think for for people out there who may be willing to be voting for him in our poll. And if you're just curious right now where this conversation is coming from the most recent straw poll had ron santa's donald trump ted cruz and mike pompeo as the four most popular republican candidates potentially for two thousand twenty four so we put up a poll question. Nearly forty thousand of you have voted so far and just a little bit over an hour to vote. you can go vote at clay. Travis you can follow me there. You can follow buck sexton at buck sex and you can follow the show at clay in balk rhonda santa's right now seventy percent of the vote. Donald trump twenty six percent. Ted cruz to and mike pompeo to again forty thousand votes. I think that says a lot folks so we're going to continue to get to Lines here in a second. I know we've got every line lit. So we'll get to that in the next hour. We also have a story. A couple stories about cove lied about vaccination should you're under eighteen year old get vaccinated while the world. Health organization has some thoughts on that that you should hear and clara. I'm going to dive into that together. Well you know. My dad's a seventy plus year old golfer. And he's had some pain recently. And i got him to start. Taking relief factor now. Relief factor is a one hundred percent research base form that was created to help combat the root causes of inflammation. The body's natural inflammatory response function. That can cause aches and pays a pains from exercise overexertion aging everyday living. My dad says relief factor is really helping him and he's got arthritis. He's got some paint. He's managing to play golf. It's been a game changer. The folks at relieffactor are so confident. That work for you. They've developed a three week. Quick start pack at one thousand nine hundred ninety five for only nineteen ninety-five. 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Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show H3 Jul 21 2021

"The road is calling. it's time to reconnect with loved ones and travel with confidence. Once again with the red lion family of hotels with eight distinct brands from budget friendly to full service and hundreds of convenient locations. We have the perfect hotel for every adventure book. Now to take advantage of our great american road trip promotion and save up to twenty five percent off your stay plus hello rewards members. Receive an extra ten. Hello bucks so when you're ready come say hello again book your next stay at red lion. Dot com terms and conditions apply. The road is calling. it's time to reconnect with loved ones and travel with confidence. Once again with the red lion family of hotels with eight distinct brands from budget friendly to full service and hundreds of convenient locations. We have the perfect hotel for every adventure book now to take advantage of our great american road trip promotion and save up to twenty five percent off your stay. Plus lower awards members. Receive an extra ten. Hello bucks so when you're ready come say hello again book your next stay at red lion dot com terms and conditions apply. Welcome today's edition of the clay travis and buck sexton show podcast back in our number three tuesday addition to the program. I'm clay travis. He is buck sexton. We are the clay in buck show. You can follow us on twitter at clay and buck you can stream the show by the way all the time at clay and buck dot com. You can download. The podcast starts out my name. Clay out box name. High tunes google spotify. I don't even know all the different places where this show is distributed now. I just know that we are everywhere and we hope that you were be able to find us there. We're joined by the senator one of the senators from kentucky rand. Paul who has been going head to head with dr anthony foul ci for several months now over a variety of different issues at play as it pertains to the original original wear cova came from effectively. And i believe we have senator rand. Paul with us now senator. Thanks for making the time question right off the top for you. Do you believe yourself that. Dr pfau chief has allied to the american public in his testimony. And if so why would he be lying. I think the question is one of self interest you know. Is there a question or a self interest by dr foul cheap to not have any evidence point towards the lab to not point towards him for -unding dangerous research in the lab. So of course. I think he's conflicted. And so yes. I think that. He's obfuscating lying distorting doing whatever he can to deflect and senator paul. It's buck here. I just wanted to know. What proof do we have right now. When people say about the funding of gain of research there was a six hundred dollar. Six hundred thousand dollar grant that went through an intermediary from the nih and then that intermediary gave that grant to just for everyone listening. What are the the the hard and fast facts right now. If somebody wants to make the claim that there was at least some degree of funding for gain of function research without question the nih funded the research when you look at the papers but dr she From the wuhan institute the woman they call the bat scientists. When she publishes our papers they have to list in the paper funding source and they list ten digit. Nih number listing the exact grant and where the money came from. So that's without question the nih funded this. I think what now is going on. Is that foul. She is trying to obscure the fact that this was gain of function research. But if you look at. Nih statement -cribe gain of function research as making an animal virus. They typically only infects animals changing it genetically to a virus that infect humans that's gain of function that's gain of function research in fact they simply say they're nih definition not just humans but mammal's in general paper that we presented yesterday which nobody in the left wing is bothered even look at the two thousand seventeen paper done entirely and she admits the funding from dr she but in this she takes two viruses she founded about cave she takes the genes that attached to the protein of those viruses and she recombines them with another virus called sars sars corona virus from the two thousand and four era the 'cause fifteen percent mortality so she confines new bad viruses she found with an old backbone of a sars virus and then she infected human cells so to me this is the very definition in fact we quoted a professor from rutgers with a thirty year history who says that what the scientists was doing was the epitome of gain of function so foul she stands up and says oh all my experts say not well they're all self interested he funds them all. You can't get anybody over there who's not petrified that sound she will take their funding from them so he's not an objective source because if any blame attached to wuhan he's associated with that so he needs to be excluded from any investigation. So does days act. So does anybody that was involved with funding on because if he finally concluded that came from the wuhan lab guess what people who fund of explaining to do doctor. I think it's important to reference the fact that you are a doctor as as well we've been thanking you awad on this show for asking the questions that you are of dr fao because so few people will actually ask them. What should happen if we did. As i believe that you have laid out the case very strongly if we did use american taxpayer dollars to help fund gain of function research and if this kovic virus did escape from a lab what next and i'm assuming by the way that you do believe that the the evidence would show that this came out of the lab not that it was in some way naturally occurring as you just laid out that's not a very reasonable hypothesis at this point in time first thing you stopped doing his funding this research so i introduced an amendment about three weeks ago that actually passed in the senate and we're hoping we'll become law to have no more funding of wuhan institute so that's the first thing you do. But in addition we should look at the funding of some of the research. Our country we do this in north carolina and galveston primarily. Do we really wanna take a virus. That has fifteen percent mortality and recombine it. With another virus that is more transmissible in humans and create the super viruses. I think it's a huge mistake and we need to have know. This needs to be a full blown committee. Hearing i've requested patty marine the senator from washington to have a full blown bipartisan hearing bring the scientists in many of the scientists who are supporting me on gain of function. They're not republicans there. Most of the university professors in our country are democrats. But there's a huge number of them that have been arguing on gain of function that it's too dangerous since two thousand and two so. I'm late in this debate. These university professors have been saying to dr fallacy. And finally they convinced him to pause it and twenty four team but then for some unknown reason the wuhan research. Sort of escape scrutiny. And if you look at the email. Chain the private email chain of dr phil on january thirty first you see alarm and you see urgency. He's sending emails at two thirty in the morning. Because he's scared to death that the american public's going to discover that he was funding the lab and that they were doing dangerous research and he's also scared to death that ultimately they'll be a link to the lab and then in public he says it's completely the opposite of what he's saying in private in private for scientists send him an email that night saying it's a virus. Looks like it's been manipulating alive. Interestingly scientists week later changed their opinion in public at the direction of xiaojie. -i days ac and others who were self interested in this. Their first impression was that it looked like it had been manipulated in the lab. There are also others who saying this. There are famous nobel laureate saying this. Even the the gentleman doing the research in north carolina has now said that he does this gain of function research. But he's worried that it might have come from the lab fouls not being honest with people and people are so beholden to him. I think they're they're afraid to speak out. Senator paul buck again. I wanted to get on your opinion on a related topic is somebody who's obviously following this very closely from the policy side but also as a medical doctor yourself i've had numerous infectious disease specialist that i know in my life. Tell me that immunity that you get naturally is as good or likely to be better than vaccinated immunity based on what we know of the the history of how this tends to play out in other situations involving vaccination. Is there some evidence that we are not aware of were or is there some explanation for why there's just a general disregarding of those who have acquired like you have i have klay have all had covert and have covert antibodies. What what should we know about that. And why isn't that part of the discussion. Every study so far on natural immunity to covet nineteen shows long lasting immunity. No study shows that. You're losing your immunity or that it goes away. Every study shows that it does and whether it's stronger than the vaccine a weaker depends on the disease so means a little red measles if you get that Naturally you have lifelong immunity if you get the vaccine you need a booster about every decade or two. So that's an example of natural infection being stronger than the vaccine but they both work so. I'm not arguing against the vaccine in other examples. They say like tetanus. The vaccine is actually better than the disease. You can get tetanus disease and if you survive apparently doesn't give you enough immunity The same immunity. That vaccine would varies but the reason there well the fact that they are ignoring natural immunity has real consequences so right now there are more people in india that want the vaccine. Then there is a supply the vaccine so the vaccine would go a lot farther if they ignore dr fouled. She's bad advice. And they gave the vaccine i to the elderly and i to those who haven't been infected so he's really a waste of vaccine if you have people lining up and they've got it three months ago but i just want to be safe and meanwhile there's a seventy year old guy that hasn't had code yet. Who's waiting behind the guy who already has had covert so we'll save thousands of lives if you recognize natural immunity. Give the reason to recognize. It is if you recognize the hundred million americans who have had this plus one hundred and some odd million that have been vaccinated. Guess what that's why you're hurting the unity and the numbers have gone down dramatically in our country. But if you don't count those who got it naturally like myself and others then you think oh were woefully short this is what dr fallacies thing and it's not true once again not true. Then he was to force the vaccine on children so children aren't at risk recovered. Nineteen the chance of death is one in a million less than the being struck by lightning. They're wanting to force this on newborns five-year-old joining to mandate it for school. But it's only because the science and natural. This is fantastic. I'd i really appreciate it. Senator paul so you would advise as a doctor that and we've been talking about this a lot of children that it doesn't make sense for kids to get the vaccine. What about those of us who had natural immunity like bach and myself and you who got kovic still have covert antibodies. Do you think makes sense. If we go out and get the vaccine should we. How would you advise people who know they've had covert no. They have immunity Antibodies right now. Does it make sense to also get the vaccine. The first thing is in a free society. Everybody makes up their own mind based on their doctor's advice and sometimes multiple doctors advice and there can be conflicts of opinion. I'll give you a general statement but it could still be different based on your own. Medical history enroll. The vaccine is way safer than the disease. If you're over sixty five without question. That's my advice. We don't want to take it. That's your business. But that's just my advice if you wanna take over sixty five. I think the statistics if you're over forty and overweight. I think you're at significant risk for this to and would be below age forty and when you get down into the twenties i think that The standard has to be very very high almost to perfection for the vaccine because the disease is so extraordinarily Nonlethal in the younger ages particularly below age twenty five. But they're not you take it or not if it were my children and they were pushing the on it. I'd probably test them for antibodies first and see if they've had the disease if my kids had had the disease no way i would give them the vaccine for people my age. I'm fifty eight. And i've had it at this point. I don't think there's any evidence that there are large numbers of people who have had it getting it and going hospital and die. If i see a study next week that says you know five percent of the people who had it a year ago are now in the hospital and dying. I'll tell you. I'm honored and i'll go get vaccinated but given the evidence now and given. There are no studies showing large numbers of people in the hospital or dying than previous. You had the disease. I've chosen not to get the vaccination but you know members of our family. I have advised to get it. That are over. Sixty-five overweight two of my brothers and sisters or positions. They chose to get it because they see patients with covet. I'm not against vaccines. But i am for freedom. And letting each individual make their own decision. Senator rand paul. We really appreciate you joining us sharing your expertise in perspective. Great to talk to you. Thanks guys cleanse. Come back and get into some of this. And i've also got some afghanistan updates because we just had the secretary of defense you look. You're already you. i just. I think he like those kind of segments. You can't hear him anywhere else buck. I mean it's really amazing to have rand paul. Sit with us for fifteen minutes and just way through all of those things it is. I think eminently important and there are massive. Parts of our media balked. That wouldn't allow that conversation to be heard anywhere right now. In just that conversation people including myself learned things. Yes data-based reasonable nuanced. This is not what it's rand. Paul wants all people to die because of republican and trump. I mean this also hitter read stairs here than intelligent i guarantee you than any segment that will air on. Msnbc anywhere today probably this week maybe this month but we were just talking about how. There's nothing quite as important as you. All know as a strong immune system. That's why over. 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And we just finished talking with senator rand paul and i have to tell you conversations like the one we just had with rand. Paul is one of many reasons. Why couldn't say no to this opportunity and the same thing is true for you buck because you've got the biggest radio show in the country and there are a lot of you out there. I know how much noise there is. I know how difficult it can be to cut through the noise. I know how much you crave information. That is nuanced. That is intelligent. That is detailed in nature. And that's what we're trying to bring you not just the oh. This is spectacular. This is awful. Which is all too often. What characterizes wife and a social media dominated universe where everything is either the best or the worst you have to look at data and you have to reasonably analyze it and sometimes that can lead to different parts of analysis associated with that data in other words. Everything isn't one-size-fits-all. And i just thought and we're gonna play a couple of cuts. I think on thursday and friday from rand paul. Because i think it's important for us to use our platform to help get information out there. That can help. Many of you make decisions. But i don't see how anybody could hear fifteen minutes with rand paul and not say man. This is a guy. I want involved at the highest levels in american kovic policy and yet it's become so political that many people out there on the left are trying to ridicule rand. Paul and his questionings of dr fao g it's like we're going through a mass allergy to nuance in cova discussion. In this country. You have to be all one thing or all the all foul chiite or else your a- troglodyte dight who doesn't want people to get healthy doesn't want people to be safe. I mean this is the false binary that is really at the heart of it has been all along with. The democrat controlled media pushing this constantly. I mean you just see. We had earlier show clay. We played don lemon saying what is wrong. Look don lemon is not is not a particularly smart guy. But he's got a platform at cnn. Cnn is something people believe he says. What's wrong with rand paul. He looks like an idiot. No fair-minded person could listen to the interview. We just had with senator slash medical doctor rand paul of kentucky and say he sounds like anything other than a person well acquainted with the facts. Who understands there are complexities who addresses the nuance but they have to caricature it. Because here's what happens. If people start to understand all the different layers of this they look at the fao shiite declarations and say. Is this really rooted in science. Is this really what we have to do. Is this what they tell us to do. And also it goes to. And i think a really intelligent way the fact that there should not be a one-size-fits-all policy for covert everybody's risk factors are different. Which is why you should talk to your doctor. Analyze things from your own perspective and intelligent way also. Thanks to rand paul. I hope you guys learned as much as and i did got forced buck trillions of dollars have been pumped into the economy even the biden administration has to admit inflation is here already it israel. That means you're you're dollars the money. Your bank account is being eroded over time. You're not gaining your losing. What can you do to protect your savings and retirement right now in this inflationary environment do what i buy real gold and silver from the oxford gold group montauk about golden silver stocks or etf's. I mean real gold and silver. You can actually hold in your hands. I get my golden silver from the oxford gold group. Because i trust them call them right now at eight three three four zero four gold though. Answer all your questions and send you their free investment. God that's eight. Three three four zero four g. o. l. d. find out from oxford gold. 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Hours foundation are both sponsors. Thanks for being with us here on the clay travis and buck sexton show. I'm buck and pelosi playing hard ball. She has rejected two one six committee because they want to make it seem like nine eleven committee. So now we're going to be seeing. The date used everywhere. It's all about the optics friends. The insurrection pelosi is really has rejected two. Gop members including jim jordan. Who will have with us. Congressman jordan will be joining us on the show friday to talk about this. Because this is going to be one of these things where we all know what the left is doing. We all understand what the game is. Here to divert attention away from doddering biden and the failures that joe biden has had so far the stall agenda the just completely reckless border policy and the attempt to shoehorn stuff into a budget. Bill that has nothing to do with the budget. Like the five million personnel amnesty. Yeah that's making. Its way through right now. No they'd rather talk about the insurrection that included leaders who were taking cell fees and wearing furry hats. Walking around with a spear. That's what they want. And they've got them in solitary confinement as you know some of these so-called insurrection leaders. But we'll have jim breakdown. The one six committee picks as they're being called and how he was blocked from it by nancy. Pelosi the gop saying this is unprecedented. 'cause pelosi is playing hard ball and just in a clay. We've got updates on afghanistan that we've gotta get you because the difficult defense secretary lloyd austin who i remember briefing him in iraq not. Isn't it crazy when you see things like this happen to your left. I remember sitting in a briefing with that guy in in baghdad. And you know. He was a general at the time she was an important figure in the military. Now zecharia defense. I feel like we're all getting older. You know things are happening. He remembers you at all. Absolutely not no no chance on unbearded buck with like a baseball hat on and a polo shirt. No i don't think he members. I was but i did. I did brief him back in the day. but play just on pelosi. You gotta say this. There are some things i admire about. Democrats when it comes to tactics and ruthlessness unity and ruthlessness are the things that really come to mind pelosi. She's almost eighty years old. She has no principles. She doesn't give a you know what and she will throw an elbow at the gop no matter what she said yesterday and no matter what she will say tomorrow doesn't matter to her. Yeah and you would like to think that the media would do a better job of pointing out blatant hypocrisies. But it's really to the point where the new cycle moves so quickly that the democrats have realized. I think trump realized this to you win. Twenty four hours at a time and nobody very often says. Wait a minute seventy two hours ago. You said this certainly not seventy two years ago. Almost in the case of joe biden when you go back and look at how long his history is there so much noise people get lost in the noise. And so you can get away with almost anything if you stay disciplined and you try to create a narrative which is false that the country was under siege. That this was an insurrection but they are sticking to their dogma and as a result a wad of the media just laps it up russia collusion which we could do a whole show in this right now in entire fabrication top to bottom lied cheated did everything they had to do. Colluded in the media with the fbi and the intel. Think about how. Now they did that for four years with with the january six commission. Something did happen. There was a riot so now. Oh my gosh. it's going to be. It's going to be the same playbook but this time around. It's not all smoke and mirrors. It's just wild exaggeration. But i will jim jordan. As we've been saying is going to join us to talk about what's really going on there. Even though he's right now blocked from the commission which is perfect of course because they know gyms a fighter man. Something you learn your. Jim was a wrestler. They'll mess with anybody with cauliflower ears. Man you never want a piece of that is awesome dude. So i got to know him. You know you had me up to testify on one of his subcommittees about big tech. And i've had him on back in the day when i was doing. My sports show several different times massive sports fan. And so but he's just a genuinely really good dude. He's not pretending to be anything other than what he is. And he is a tack dog and he's fearless and a lotta people especially in the social media age book. You know this they tiptoe up to what they believe. They don't tell you the truth. And what i appreciate about jim. Jordan is. there's no. Nobody finishes a conversation with her. Like i don't really know where that guy stands to me. He is is really fantastic at what he does. I'm looking forward to talking to him tomorrow. And by the way always wanted. Just reinforce if you missed our conversation with rand paul if you missed our conversation with ted cruz make sure that you go and download and subscribe to the podcast so that you can hear some of these interviews for yourself because bits and pieces of them may percolate out. But i always encouraged her. This makes a big deal to book one of the luxuries we have in radio. Is we have the ability to actually talk in nuance. We can talk in paragraphs instead of sentences and sometimes hate when the context of a conversation has lost. So do yourself a favor. Go listen to these four conversations. Subscribe to the podcast and we're going to get you afghantistan update in a second. I something else. Clay that i have been meaning to throw in the mix and we discussed before the show. This buzzfeed story because we're talking about the january sixth and there was this incident of the alleged kidnapping. Plot against governor gretchen. Whitmer of of michigan who is among completely separate from this plot. One of the most extreme lockdown governors and missile heap ep critical of her. All along your. She's the one who has a pillow of fao g that she sets up so when she does her. Msnbc hits you see her but this is this is something. We may dive into some more in this piece. And i have to credit. There is occasional journal journalism. That happened at place. Like the new york times buzzfeed. It is not all cat blog. It is there. There are people who do actual reporting sometimes there but this is fascinating because we heard all about this and there was a huge media frenzy around this trump supporter right-wing plot to kidnap. And perhaps even horrifically do harm to governor whitmer of michigan and now a lot of it has fallen apart. First of all one of the main fbi agents involved in it has been arrested for felony domestic abuse. So that that's not a thing that is not gonna come up in a court of law now in the bring this prosecution because they'll just attack the credibility of some of these agents but beyond that this is from the bu buzzfeed piece the government documented at least twelve confidential informants who assisted in this investigation the trove of evidence. They helped gather provides an unprecedented view laying out in stunning detail. The ways that anti-government group's network with each other but an examination of the case by buzzfeed reveals some of those informants acting under the direction of the fbi played a far larger role than had been previously record reported working in secret. They did much more than just passively observe and report on actions of suspects they had a hand in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot starting with inception clay entrapment is a very hard case to make and win. Often the last ditch effort. That's defense attorney has when you have twelve in four months. I mean how many people were involved in the plot. By the way you've twelve informants involved from inception starts starts to not pass the smell test for some my criminal law professor used to say. What can we get them with. We got nothing. We'll get them with conspiracy and you know kind of funny way to explain what exactly sometimes a conspiracy charge a conspiracy to commit. A crime was as opposed to a tangible. Act to be undertaken which then can make it an attempt for those of you out there who are curious about a little bit of criminal law background. But yes to me entrapment. As you said buck is always a very difficult case. Make in terms of a defense but it's starting to look like many of these cases and candidly. This is speaking as a defense attorney in the same way that some of these jihadists cases were brought to bear where there were all these different informants potentially trying to encourage people to commit crimes that they otherwise would've had no interest in committing or ability to commit. It's sounding like that. Might be the case with this michigan. Case and i always try to think about this from a legal perspective and apply the same standards at no matter what the charges are. And this is. It's looking like based on the way this was covered. It is wildly exaggerated in terms of how legitimate this plot to kidnap her and and and and do harm to her truly. I worked on some counterterrorism cases at the intel division intelligence division the nypd involving confidential informed involving undercovers as well undercover officers and. There will always is concerned with you know. You can't be calling somebody ten times a night like hey can i bring you the guns for the thing that i told him right. Do hey can i. i bought us explosives. Come with me just give me a ride to the place like there are limits that you have to be aware of and as it looked buzzfeed's examining this. It's looking like and of course why i mean the fbi. People have a lot of mistrust of the f. b. i. right now. This was viewed as a precursor january. Six by the leftist whitmer plot. They're tied together in this piece. So we gotta spend some more time diving. That idea later in the week and i want to talk to jim jordan again. We jim jordan. A lot of plugs today Hope it's constituents are appreciative. Not long ago clay. We met mike lindell and he's hooked us both up with incredible mypillow products. I mean i've got the keys dream sheets. You've got the pillows. I've got the pillows. The my towels are amazing. And by the way. Mike is changing the game right now with his six piece towel set. 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I am clay travis by the way back about to hop on a flight to la. I will be in masks central on thursday and friday live. Doing the show should be an experiment. We're gonna talk some more tomorrow by the way before we get to work and talk about tomorrow. Download the podcast. Trust me on listening to the rand. Paul interview if you missed it at the start of the third hour just trust me clay. Travis buck sexton. We're gonna talk more on this tomorrow book but afghanistan. Roughly ninety five percent of our troops are out. You were there. What is your read on. What's going on on the ground. And how soon might be the case that it's like we were never there at all. I'm was in afghanistan ten years ago. And it's like the nightmare that we all expected then is unfolding now in terms of the taliban by the way i i don't change my position on this based on the administration i was four. Trump's draw down in afghanistan. i remain for biden's draw down but that also means we have to be very clear clear headed about what's going on right now and how rapidly this is deteriorating. Here's what i'm telling from. People that are watching very closely on the ground and have deep knowledge of what the taliban is up to specifically clay and leveraging some of my government contacts and people i know have been working this issue for in some cases now twenty years right. The taliban has decided that instead of what had been the expectation which was in the past two and heartlands of the south and east of afghanistan and the taliban is a pashtoon tribal organization. They're going after what they feel would be the northern alliance part two or the areas of the country with greater stability more pro. Us presence so they're going after the harder to get areas already knowing in their minds that they'll be able to consolidate what they already have in the passion heartland in the south and east of the country places like kandahar places like Jalalabad on an angolan province. So these are these are things that are happening that were not expected by those who were preparing for this and it does look also clay like the taliban is executing on on a war plan here that they had they clearly had a lot of time to think about and has caught people in the afghan security apparatus the afghan national government side off guard. And it's looking really bad and we're gonna talk about this tomorrow but for people out there who might say. I'm not really concerned about what happens in afghanistan. the fear would be buck that we're going to return to a pre nine eleven afghanistan where terrorists are going to have three rain to potentially be able to use that area as plotting ground as they did with the nine eleven attacks and that we're going to be leaving ourselves open to the same kind of issues that led to nine eleven. We're hoping that that thinking reflects the vision of the world with al qaeda. Twenty years ago and won't be what it is now where you have. Al qaeda elements or islamic state elements very similar but different organizations different organizational structure in yemen Operating in in concert with boko haram in northern nigeria with al shabaab in somalia. These different off shoots of what are effectively. Global jihadist franchises. We've been existing with them or you know we've been in a world where they exist for many years now so even if you have extremism with the taliban and on the rise and in control afghanistan we may think of this now clay as a manageable. Problem is the idea. We'll send some air strikes or some special operations support perhaps to it afghan government. But we're looking at. I think i mean. I think this is heading to a place where we're gonna end up telling the afghan Or the taliban if you make us come back if you make us regret leaving in a way that people in america are mobilized after nine eleven they will never have seen anything like what the us responses at that point. I think that's a conversation that is effectively going to happen. Although i don't know if the biden administration is willing to have that conversation and also whether the taliban is going to be afraid of any sort of american issues because basically they're plan for a long time has been we're here for generations of intially americans are gonna leave just like the russians did. Yeah the one thing that we know historically Militants in afghanistan have been really good at is waiting out great powers who have come through and tried to seize control of that is effectively. The history of afghanistan as we've talked about not just stretching back to the soviet mujahedeen era also to major british invasions Toward the end of the nineteenth century going back into invasions by alexander the great and and other conqueror show. We will spend more time on afghanistan tomorrow when we get to it. Also on the january. Six commission on we got jim jordan. Play on friday but this is going to become. I believe in the election year. The democrats are going to be saying. You can't vote for them. Because of the insurrection. This is gonna be central the way russia collusion was doubt and again. I'm gonna keep beating the drum rand. Paul fantastic discussion. Go download the podcast. Make sure you've got it buck. You can't find it anywhere else. Everybody should subscribe to klay invoke podcasts for sure also got a clay and buck dot com or website with plo stories updates. I'll be posting an editorial on buck. Sexton dot later tonight about january six. Oh checkout buck. Sexton dot com clay and book will are excited to be back with you. Tomorrow you're listening to clay travis and buck sexton funding network. We mastered a lotta hobbies over the last year but cooking can still be a tough one to crack getting delicious. Fresh home cooked dinner on the table. Night after night doesn't have to be tricky home. 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