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Guest Teacher Matt Johnson On How To Use Podcast Interviews To Build Relationships

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05:38 min | 1 year ago

Guest Teacher Matt Johnson On How To Use Podcast Interviews To Build Relationships

"Denise Teacher Magic Johnson wants to help you get more interviews in front of a lot of audiences as well as build relationships along the way he specialized in this craft, and actually has a whole program on it, but luckily he's here today to show you how to get started. I'm on around thirty to fifty different podcasts as a guest every single year and I should be doing more because the opportunity is there and it is actually a lot of value. It's a lot of value for. For the time you're going to be putting into these interviews, remember podcasts are evergreen so once it's recorded, and it's in the podcast feed. People can go back and listen to it over and over again new listens will listen to your interview for years to come, so you reap the benefits for years after you actually were interviewed but I'm GonNa. Let Man Johnson get into all the details. I'll be back to wrap up today's episode and give my takeaways, but for now take it away Matt. Everybody welcome back. It's Matt Johnson and we're GONNA. Talk about the four ways to upgrade your relationships in your network using podcast interviews now here, let me set the scene for you, so let's say you're going on podcast and your guest, which is awesome Some of the people that you're going to be interviewed by are in and of themselves ultra successful. podcasts does these days are not just people who are looking to make money and monetize a podcast. A lot of the the successful podcasts hosts are in their own right experts. Entrepreneurs Ultra successful business coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, the whole nine yards. These the people that you want to be connected with these are the people that can refer you speaking engagements. They can help promote your book. They have a big email list that they might be able to promote your latest. Service offering these are the people that you want to be in relationship with because they can send you business, not just be a client. They can send you a stream of clients, and so you. WanNa turn those podcasts interviews with them into not just them interviewing you and then moving on any never talk to each other again. You'RE GONNA. Turn them into real real relationships and we're GONNA. Talk about four insider tactics to do that number one. After the interview when you're chitchatting behind the scenes after the record button is off, ask them. Hey, just out of curiosity. Like how can I help? Who Can? Who can I keep an eye out for to introduce you to like? Who is that person in your world? That that would really make a difference. And I can tell you the difference that's made for me in my life to ask people that question I literally cannot express how it almost stops people in their tracks and causes them to completely go. While I first of all I appreciate Let me let me think okay well. You know I'm looking for this type of person. Even if they can't come up with something, and even if the person they're looking for is not someone that you know right away in your life that you can send an introduction email. That's fine. The questions were count and the genuine offer if it's January. The genuine offer is what really makes an impact. It's absolutely incredible now. I'll tell you I. did this with with a gallon I had on on my podcast. And I just wanted to thank her for her time and ask that same question and. She mentioned that was looking for people to speak at her women's conference in Texas, the said okay. I think I have someone for you I didn't think anything of it. I made a simple introduction email behind the scenes I get a message from the person I introduced you to her two. Weeks later like I had completely forgotten that I'd made the introduction I got this incredible facing measure the city. I just wanted to thank you. That was life changing. I've found my tribe. It was so awesome like I can't wait to tell you about it. Can we please set up a calls that I can tell you how much I appreciate that introduction like that absolutely blew me away. The same thing will happen to you especially as you get into the habit of asking people who you can introduce them to, and then being intentional about actually making strategic introductions behind the scenes, so that's number one officer strategic introductions wherever possible follow through and actually do it. Number two. Insider tactic to turn and podcast interviews into relationships is send a follow up note now. This is if you're busy entrepreneur. This is ridiculously hard to do most of us and I will tell you sitting down and doing the actual handwritten note cards slapping him into an envelope putting a stamp on it throwing in the mailbox. A step too far can do it like way way too way too hard for me. so what I did. Is I I told my my va for my log for the company called. Send out cards. actually got. Right here actually I received this one. And very nice card from a friend of mine, and basically I can build this card in their. APP and have a handwritten note and written right handwritten. Looking note the goes into is sent from the APP and I. Can send it out to anybody. I want so what I did is I built a low system with my overseas va I gave her. Her my log in for the send out cards account and every day she goes into my calendar, and she looks at who I had caused with the previous day sends me a message on boxer and says hey. I see to call John, Smith and Sarah Johnson, and whatever Hey, would you like me to send cards to and I will say okay. Okay. Send cards to these three people and I. Just give her a voice message to tell exactly what I wanted to say in each card. Teach different person she reaches out sends him. A nice email, says hey. Matt would like to send you a thank you note. He really enjoyed talking to you the other day. Would you mind sending your mailing address so that we can send you a nice a nice car? always get a response. First of all the response we get to that email alone would blow you away. then when we actually follow through in the actually get the note I get thank you notes to the thank you. Notes

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