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"denis cosgrove" Discussed on The CyberWire

"Denis Cosgrove is a principal at Booz Allen Hamilton, and he shares his views on what direction automotive automation is headed with changing. Now is the level of connectedness that's coming into the vehicle and what that enables and at the same time Thomas feature. So we hear a lot about. So there's a future of fool autonomy. But there are significant milestones on the way around Trevor assistance Clinton aboard another autonomous teachers that are important the industry. There's an interesting era that we're going to enter where there's gonna be a mix of vehicles and capabilities on the road, and the drivers are going to have to remind themselves depending on what vehicle there in that. They don't have no blind. Side assistance writer, they don't have lane assist or other items that they might be used to another vehicles. And in a way, that's a an analogy. Also for where the auto industry finds itself technology, and securing that technology is that there's a lot of current capability. There's also legacy systems on the road. And then there's the goals that are in the design early stages of production. Now that that are even more advanced somehow they need to not only present that as a coherent product to customers. But then also figure out the right way to to secure that range of technology that they have responsibility for. Interesting to me that you know, the sort of I guess what I would describe as leading edge vulnerabilities grab headlines people's ability to to shut down a car or remotely control it steering or shifted into a different gear something like that. But I mean beyond that, what do you think are the actual real world concerns that people will have day to day as these vehicles, become more and more automated. I think one of the challenges we've had in the vehicle cybersecurity conversation is that usually starts some late may describing cars being hacked in fridges or spontaneously combusting some other day scenario in reality. And it's a little bit counterintuitive, but the more that the vehicle of all looks less like traditional car, the more that we are passive passengers in increasingly autonomous vehicles, the more the security scenario, and parents look like conventional. Issues. What being by that is, you know, a lot of times think about autonomy coming advancing, and we consider things like spoofing GPS or or road signs. So the sensor misreads them that all kind of make sense when you're thinking about new features. But what else Tommy actually does has you sit in the ical and buy things, right? So payment processing, it keeps a log of where you've been where you're going. You're pattern of life. It may be part of how messaging information sort of lease you, and and and comes into out of the vehicle may have you know, microphones will have microphones in the vehicle that that could potentially be vulnerable. These are more like the normal things that we we worry about payment information privacy concerns inside security, and so Altana me is going to change the landscape in automotive in a way to actually bring it more into the mainstream from a security perspective. That's Denis Cosgrove from Booz Allen Hamilton. So you think it's just the good guys who are working hard to get that notoriously scarce, cyber security talent think again, the skids over at the dark overlord who rose to a certain cheap level of fame by leaking spoilers to orange is the new black went on a recruiting.

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