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"deniro sisley" Discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder

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"deniro sisley" Discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder

"Jew Jamie bad full Ju. We're working. He's repentant. Hopefully I went to my grandma's house last night. Thank you very much for a nice. I'm sorry Husham. That was my impression of Sam but I can't promise to speak nicer about Chuck Schumer on today's Thom Hartmann Sam just I interviewed him. Radio legend Tom -partment. They're talking about impeachment other important things going on in the news. Rudy Giuliani. He said that Mike Pompeo pushed him to open the just false investigation Joe Biden Ukraine does not to say that Joe Biden's ends kid didn't get a job that is clearly nepotism dropout Joe Dropout Joe Trump reportedly worked with two off the books lawyers to pressure you train in for damaging information about Joe Biden Schiff is planning on asking for documents from Rudy trump's on void Ukraine resigns New Partnership announced between California and China conciliated by former California Governor Jerry Brown on the climate crisis Barbados Prime Minister Cheese incredible she spoke with absolute courage about US interventionism in Venezuela at the UN General Assembly Lindsey. Graham is so indignant. Bernie Sanders has a lead in Nevada is time for a bunch of other candidates should drop out pieces and new speculation that a endorsement might be going in the right direction but it's all speculation all that and much much much more on today's majority report folks. I have never been somebody who has I like Robert De Niro. He's great. I think when he says F. Trump okay okay doesn't do anything for me the last time he did it at the tonys. What did do something for me. was that the these guys in. Staten Island took down like they're goodfellas posters authors in their houses like beat them baseball bats night. That was awesome that I loved but look it's cool. I have you know I'm also not judging any but like you know if that's your thing if it's Cathartic for you great obviously F. Trump I also if it personally upset trump. That's terrific but I don't care about this sort of stuff. It doesn't do anything for me. This did do something for me. This was Robert Deniro on reliable liable sources of Brian stelter now. There's actually a kind of serious point to be made here for what it's worth. I mean it's a serious point. We've made plenty of times but it's worth revisiting visiting and Brian stelter getting upset or I should say uptight is funny. Check this out. This guy is should not be president period and when you say that folks on Fox come after you I remember the Tony say that that I like that just like oh trump's John Fox but ever do like really really even have time for this stop it. I thought you're going to the contrast in demeanor. 's The contrast yeah well. I mean this is this is this is like a it's not exactly heat. I mean this is. This is a new movie. I mean this is the beginning of a trailer of like he was a neurotic newscaster who followed boring media stories. He was an ex con. Somehow mouth like basically Deniro needs that somehow it's like. Deniro has gotten out of jail and somehow has been allowed to leave the the mafia because he's like such a boss that they're just like bobby whatever's characters you can leave. It's no problem he is somehow scored an internship on CNN and probably through his son. His son is clean. His son is legit and wants his dad to get legit in the last phase of his career. He's interning on reliable sources says stealth a total wuss bag and like can't get the girl he wants something so stelter needs to teach deniro the news business business to meet his parole requirements and Deniro needs to teach stelter how to be a man. I just gave you the script all right the hell out of that sounds like a great movie all right. Let's watch this says. This guy is should not be president period and when you say that folks on Fox come after you. I remember the Tonys when he got up there and cursed a lot of racism awesome fucker. Kra So it's not an FCC but is still a Sunday morning well. We're used to go that lacey. Somebody how do we are. We are in a moment in our lives in this country. Where this guy is like a gangster. He's come along and he's said things done things we say over over and over again. This is terrible. We're in a terrible situation. We're in a terrible situation and this guy just keeps going on and on and on without being stopped. Let's break. Let's commercial with Robert De Niro in just a moment. I Love Deniro Sisley. Yeah whatever dude dude but you know. It's it's it's funny because I thought the Deniro did something. I think it was before the election that a bunch of people like I remember the most embarrassing thing more than more embarrassing things I've ever seen in my life was David axelrod quote tweeting it and being like he's in New York. You got a problem with that. It was just like it was so embarrassing that you needed to like. Put your phone down and go outside and take a walk and try to forget that that you saw that but in that interview I actually think that's very revealing because you know if what it's worth whatever else you want to say about Robert De Niro. He's that that's coming from the right place. We have have a disgusting dangerous president. He hasn't been held in check. He's grotesque. He just keeps going and going going. All of this is one hundred percent true and you're uptight because 'cause I used a boo boo word. Whatever dude do we know who deniro does support colors for me a little bit that would call her for me to but my my guess would be that he's probably my guesses. He's like a guy who's probably not gonna Taylor swift it. He probably won't even endorse until after the primaries near Mess with Katy Perry. Yes Deniro joined the essay. That would be awesome. Doubt Danny need to veto is closer to doing that but maybe he could get him on board. I feel like Danny Danny Devito India say oh what I mean I I'm not. I'm not trying to spread I. I just know that Danny devito he should join. Danny does a legit. Danny Devito is more close to like. Danny Glover like these are like serious like yeah all right. Sam Loves to read ADS. Let him bathe you in one three. It doesn't matter if you haven't barbecue and your backyard God I would love to have a backyard backyard. You have like movie nights out there. You can setup. I saw a guy actually I saw a walking in my neighborhood somebody had projected a TV onto the wall next door and they were sitting out like on they had a deck. Imagine having beautiful joy bird outdoor furniture joy bard has it all where they.

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