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"deni hines" Discussed on Talks with Chepe

"Moore I would've done that too because like what like what don't tell me I can't do this and do that. So say if I want if I want to steal second there when I'm up ten runs I'm going to do it going to some taking that risk of doing you come up and you get your professional team, your boy pants on and play and not for nothing you every game right now counts. Who says you exactly think? Look. WHO's the same? Score having either anything exactly. It's happened before the IT happened to enter. So. Nothing impossible a grand slam in three run home run talking to game. Exactly. But I'm so with guys like I in every stat right now in baseball. I mean, I think GonNa, win the P. Shirt easily I think so too. But now I'm totally team tease I'm. while. We're on the topic somewhat elitist I'm all for you. Know if you hit a walk off home run I don't care if your car we went around the basis go for it. Yeah. Yeah Man I think I think baseball needs that I think baseball needs a little the cold feistiness. If you want I, think baseball needs a little of that. Spark a little that I'm going to show. You know I'm GonNa showboat a little bit. I should've walk off home run hell yeah. Go for man to. Onto home base for all home played for all I care. So I'm all for the player showing motion. I'm all for players. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I think this the Houston thing was the best thing at least in terms of like get people who don't watch baseball now now talk about baseball and you. Needed this I think so but that's enough about baseball here. because. The greatest sport in my opinions coming back in a week and a half. The. NFL. Baby Boy's big gluten and through sometimes we're world champions against the Patriots. Relate to remind me well, I got to got to every fucking watch Tom Brady win the Super Bowl we fucking year. So now against my giants though anymore, and now my boys dinning Deni hines come into the clutch. Looks good man you good listen my take right now what's Today's date? The thousand one hundred Twenty six. Twenty, six at seven, thirty, two PM because we're recording it right now, new. York. Giants will win the NFC south. Woah. Okay. I, W- also go on air and say you're completely out of your mind the New York giants will have the best. Team when it said and done I am. Twenty one I don't know you can say that you can't say that would a Dallas the Dow and listen I'm I'm totally like team dowse will never win anything but Dallas's order to win the division. Okay Let me tell you this. Let me tell you this email email is that Washington team look? Let me. Let me tell you. Let me tell you. First of all. The cowboys got a new head coach. Thankfully that's one. So they're obviously learning a new this now dakyns Zeke's learn new offense because they're not going to keep the same offense obviously. They didn't have an offensive line last year. So now you're rebuilding it as the giants were but. With season running back and a season quarterback. Okay. So now you have to see what you're going to work and what parts work don't. Besides that I don't see. I could be wrong. I haven't really looked at thirteen, four hundred percent but I don't think their defense is all they're either their de will dowse was defense or secondary's hands down the worst part. I think they had the. Day You had the fewest turnovers..

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