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"demy henry" Discussed on The City

"As a kid growing up in granite city, Illinois, Henry Henderson would spend summer nights walking the mile or so from his home to the steel mills and watch them light up the sky. We'd go out in the night when it was really dark and watch them poor, the slag in return the sky into bright, bright, bright brightness because of the intensity of the heat involved in that hundred grew up around steel generations of his family had worked in and around the mills. My great grandfather came from South Wales from huge mining district, and he was, you know, at the Blast Furnace and who's a worker, and they'd come out, he'd come out every day to see a flag was flying at the mill to see if they're hiring, but but moving from mining to steal was in some ways moving from wife that was almost indistinguishable from the Roman surf into part of the modern. Demy Henry saw how vital the mills were to his family, but also the pollution. They spewed into his town, the toxic metals dumped in nearby waterways, deep black, smoke pouring out of the smokestacks and he wasn't alone and thinking, this was a problem. This was the nineteen seventies when the environmental movement was taking root and Henderson got swept up in it. It's fundamentally a question of Justice really key areas you where you can see significant issues of the Justice and the community is within the environment where burdens fall and we're benefits are not going Henry, went to law school, moved to Chicago and went to work for the Illinois Torney general on a task force dealing with hazardous waste. We had a huge number of issues. It went directly to questions of equity, Justice, quality of life, health and safety, and this was an opportunity to really get into actually solving problems us. The law as way to solve problems. Henry Henderson was beginning to make a name for himself as someone who used the full weight of the law to defend people from hazardous waste in his two or so years. At the attorney general's office. He worked on about ten cases, prosecuting dangerous polluters. An often the best weapon in Henry's arsenal was an injunction a legal order that forces someone to stop what they're doing under threat of arrest. So like in one of his cases, he was able to get a court order to stop a bunch of waste transfer stations from leaking into surrounding farmland. Henry Henderson, got good at cases like these going to judge getting an injunction and forcing polluters to immediately stop whatever they were doing. And so when the north Lonsdale dumping Hase's landed on his desk in June of nineteen ninety, he thought it would be an open and shut case. By this point, Henderson had moved to a new job as an environmental lawyer for the city of. Chicago, and he thought it would be pretty easy to do north Lonsdale what he'd done so many times before go to judge and get an injunction. Because this was clearly beginning of gigantic problem and needed to be stopped. Did you have full faith at this point that the courts would deliver Justice that the courts would produce some meaningful results in the situation? Yes, I actually actually I did..

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