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1015: 3 Spending Habits That Are Setting You up for Failure by Kumiko of The Budget Mom on How To Be Mindful with Money

Optimal Finance Daily

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1015: 3 Spending Habits That Are Setting You up for Failure by Kumiko of The Budget Mom on How To Be Mindful with Money

"This is optimal financed daily episode. Ten fifteen three spending habits that are setting you up for failure by Kumiko of the budget. Mom Dot Com. And I'm Dan. I'm your host and welcome to optimal finance daily where I read to you every single day from some of the best blogs in the world and before we get to it. If you've got a business or if you we know someone who does you probably know that small business owners. Where a lot of hats now. Some of those hats are totally great but some filing taxes and running payroll for example. Not so great. And that's where gusto comes in Gusto makes payroll taxes and HR actually easy for small businesses fast simple payroll processing benefits and simple management tools. All in one place Gusto automatically pays and files your federal state and local taxes. So you don't have to worry about it. Plus they make it easy to add on health benefits and even 401k's for your team those old school clunky payroll providers just warrant built for the way modern small businesses work. But gusto is is better yet. Now's the best time to get set up for the New Year. Don't wait listeners. Get three months free when they run their first payroll. Try a demo and see for yourself at Gusto. stowe DOT com slash lefty. That's G. U. S. T. O. DOT COM slash. FD for now. Let's get right to the post and start optimizing your life three spending habits that are setting you up for failure by Camillo of the budget. Mom Dot Com. There's always a reason why we save too little and have too much debt. People lose their jobs. The economy takes nosedive and getting a raise is almost impossible. Aw what people don't realize is that we are often our own worst enemy. When it comes to our financial circumstances everyone is guilty of the occasional spending slip up and sometimes it's hard to recognize that it's happening more than we'd like to admit here are three spending habits that will not only kill your budget but will also set you up to fail financially one spending money. Because you are bored. I like to call this Zombie spending most of the time. You don't even realize you're doing it. It's so easy to head to the mall. Go out to eat or spend and some time browsing your favorite online store where you almost always get sucked into buying things you don't need. Everything becomes a distraction to fill our time. When we don't have anything better to do. Believe me I know Zombie shopping all too well. One of the biggest challenges I faced was online shopping. It's so easy to be laying in bed checking your facebook and get scammed into checking the email you just received from your favorite online store with a message. Flash sale everything thirty percent off the result. Is You end up having ten things delivered to your front door that you don't need and a huge credit card bill to match the number one thing that helped me kick the Zombie. Shopping habit was to unsubscribe from all the stores emails. The easiest thing you can do who is to stop the temptation sites like groupon and apps like Bata are great but not if they are making you spend money. You don't have look for other ways to distract yourself. Try Try picking up a new hobby that you can do from home or join a book club after discovering my love for hiking. I feel more rewarded from day of exploring the outdoors than I did from spending out of Habit Abbott to spending money. You don't have this. Spending habit comes in many different forms. Your tax return an unexpected bonus or raise or even self employment employment income can all fall into the category of money that you might not have these. Things are not guaranteed income yet. People depend on them. People already plan out what they're going to spend this money beyond without knowing if they will actually receive it. Have you ever thought to yourself. I will use my tax refund to buy that. This is the perfect example of spending money. You don't have. Maybe maybe you put the purchase on your credit card thinking you've paid off with your tax return only to find out that you actually owed the irs. Now you have a credit card balance with no way of paying it off the same is true with work bonuses. The best thing you can do is not think of this. Money has guaranteed income. You should also never include work bonuses or an estimated tax refund in in your budget that way if you never receive it you are not so deep in debt hole that you can't climb out of it instead if and when you receive this type of money use it to reach your financial goals of paying off debt or increasing. Your savings credit card debt is another great example of spending money. You don't have the most appealing thing about credit. Cards is the ability to pay later for items items that you can receive now. The biggest mistake is using credit to purchase ordinary things like gas or groceries. You can't rely on credit cards if you don't have them with you. Oh I went almost a full year without any credit cards in my wallet. It's okay to have a credit card but it's not okay to have a credit card that you are constantly using because you don't have the cash to pay for things rely only on your income and never spend more money than you make if you decide to use your credit card to make a purchase. Make sure you can pay it off in full every month month to avoid interest and three spending to impress quote. We spend money that we do not have on things. We do not need to impress. People who do not care will Smith. It's easy not to care about impressing people whose opinions you don't care about but it seems like life or death when you want to impress someone who you do care about. Maybe it's a friend someone you WANNA meet a CO worker or family. Whoever it might be. Let me be the one to tell you that spending money. You don't have to impress someone. Someone is not worth it. The funniest thing about these situations is that the person you want to impress his probably so busy trying to impress you that they don't even notice all all the things you bought to impress them. A generous heart kindness. Hard Work Dedication and true intentions are far more likely to impress someone than possessions. Focus focus on who you really are and you won't have to spend a dime to impress someone. Stop comparing yourself to others and learn to appreciate what you already have served sir. You just listened to the Post titled Three Spending Habits that are setting you up for failure by EMECO of the budget. Mom Dot Com. And don't forget Gusto offers modern easy payroll and benefits to small businesses across the country. They were even named best online payroll by P. C.. DEMAG get three months free when you run your first payroll at Gusto dot com slash Oh. FD And don't wait. Now's the best time to get set up for twenty twenty that's Gusto. STOWE DOT com slash. Oh F._D. and that's it for today. Thank you for listening as always and have a great start to your weekend. I will be back with you tomorrow. As usual where your optimal life awaits.

Gusto Gusto dot Kumiko Gusto. stowe irs facebook DEMAG groupon Camillo G. U. S. T. Smith twenty twenty three months thirty percent 401k
At The End Of The Day Ep. 2 Ft. Sada Baby

No Jumper

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At The End Of The Day Ep. 2 Ft. Sada Baby

"One. All right fuck your live we are. This is episode two at the end of the day with a D. and you ask. Our guest today is a little late due to traffic. He sounds like me. You know sometimes the bloods you know what I'm saying then. They treat they create brothers wrong. So we'RE GOING TO GO WHY Oh 'cause I'M Off. Bourbon woman. So we're going to go on without him to start this shit all but we always got to start this shit off one shot. Yes. Yes. Yes. You are you ready I try to be and I told, yes, he she is a very energetic person. She's wanted to bring energy today. Add is through the roof today add or add eighty. Oh, I thought you said my name onto. Thank thank. Deed two minutes to. Two minutes in. This. Guy. So Lor over there laughing like crazy a are. started. Begging me please on distract this man more than he already is. Excuse you? Yes excuse anyway. So I'm not going to spoil it but tomorrow I'M GONNA Spoil. fucking we go into some houses I. Say we can't have shit regard two, hundred dollars you come into the house from I don't want to bro You scare you. Know say what it is. I'm. See I wanna put medallion though apparently weekend like not get touched your taste if we wear a medallion so you're GonNa wear your medallion tomorrow one, hundred percent I. Don't know where Madonna to. Me You know you're going to get pushed into a locker right your big. So I hope so. What. You don't get it. God Damn you can't pause with me. I'm a grown episodes are. No you do you Laura Does No. No. No. No. Ways? Yes He. We're going to the hundred house tomorrow. That made me remember. House shit that happened to me may two incidents one got contains before let the Funk Yep. Haunted House. Not In the Hunter House but at Nas grew and I'll tell you about nice gray for me. So I, go with the homes and Nas Gary Form Me if anybody knows and Los Angeles. Those are the places that you don't. WanNa go. That's where a lot of gang members go to prey on people beat the dog shit out of them. There's no place for yes. Sorry. It's knotsberry farm. If you're watching this Outta, means it though you out there like that I don't know why gay members love your establishment but. I literally went to NAS brave farmer like thirty people. And we walk around and we all bullshit to key. Real Bullshit thirty to forty for heading. Yeah and then my. Boy demag rest in peace you know. He kinda got. Left behind but his dark so much missed and shit like that. Okay and I kinda was waiting for them. And A. Somebody threw something at him. He starts ripping down. Though I don't know must minnesota-kansas Shit, but he really started like tripping and. I was to the point see three or four guys like close to him. I couldn't go back and go get the rest of their home. So I was like fluffy I gotta stay with them. Our group at this point I don't even see him no more lost in the midst and shit like that. Them three or four people in front of US turn to ten fifteen people. And a guy that I knew from middle school in his home came over on the side with us. Now they got a whole group, Nigga? Maybe like eighteen nineteen, hundred. It's like Boba. US Right. It's like, Oh gee, to-, Gee, fuck and comes in the middle. Because we are looking at each other like get these niggers they could have jumped as they could a practice out they didn't do that. They sent like one or two he's out of time. So we over there fighting non-scary farm monsters around all type of shit like. The. Mazda's against. I'm saying. Book Back Swing Hey. I'm over there ducking and weaving and shit like that. We we started getting the best of the Shit and the older got his fuck them. He grabs a trash can and he throws the puck and trash can to wars and autumn of coming at us like the Spartans Shit. Me and all my home he's wanted left demands runs to the right they follow demand to the right. So KINDA WE KINDA group everybody. Good. We're demand where demand. All, he wants to other side by the time we ran over there. They had all the security surrounding him shit like like. They beat the dog show. Rest in peace right I start chip. I'm like Fuck Yarmulke. Turned up everybody ad calm down calm down my. Next next thing I know teaser. House worries. Nah. Not. Right. Right They tested me and I said at the fucker and they kicked us out of the fucking house. Scary. Yes. So these are things that children from the suburbs. Because when I went to haunted houses, nothing like that occurred had no crazy stories. No I'm just plessey. It only ended with me crying every dime. Wow I had I had another time. This was fucked up. Our Goto, the in scary. Again. They have a twilight zone, a haunted house. Okay. And while I'm in the twilight zone, you know they didn't touch you. And one hundred houses. Yeah. Some of them are get to one is so fake as cookie monster and a fake as elmo, the fake ass elmo touch me. A little too hard and I turned on Elmo I'm like my Nigga Watch out to almost are turned up with me fired on Elmo and the Hunter House. You a child I was like spitting sixteen by took off on Il Modo. So me elmo scrapping the middle haunted house cookie monster is trying to break the shit up and I get kicked out of the fuck again. Wow you really never know what people go through that without though. elmo. I hate to tell much anyways though Talk about your weekend. Oh, I had the worst weekend I'm actually jealous because I saw your stories and I was like, wow, what could have been but fucking isn't what I could have been having fun. Everyone else was having fun. I mean. Can you talk about how they called you hip hop. Okay well you. A. Race thing. By the way I was thrift in on Melrose and like this guy came up to me, I guess he worked at one of the thrift shops and he was like you like hip hop and automatically was offended because what the fuck you mean bitch the fuck hip hop look like he made you hip hop here. No Go. Go. Go. Go. Go Go. But anyways he's GonNa fuck around at fucking on the playlist in the store and fucking put on our the remakes league mission. He's like Oh, you like you like I'm like. That was race joke right? I could argue belly. Yeah. mullet like hip hop and then you want to change from like rock music I. Think he's insinuating that you look like a younger girl and he was trying. Hip Hop you look like a younger girl that's put. Hip a few accumulate younger girl I think are killing. Young women, they probably thought it was yesterday. Oh Yeah I do I okay. I can't argue that I took it but I thought he calls me hip period. Now you wanted that to be what you heard Yukon resemble hip hop period and the lady. Bird I, looked like Indian man, that's what we agreed on last episode and Hip hop period. Your new name. Indian, Harry. Goal Fuck when it I'll take it. I'll say. Stop doing that. I could at. But I can't. See said. Bar anyways back to how terrible my fucking weekend was because I know your weekend was exciting I can't wait to hear about it but. fucking my friend since our wearing another shot and Josh okay. My friends since I was like in third grade I, want to say we both moved out here around the same time and it was her birthday weekend and she was really excited about it. When I tell you got ready for this for about two weeks. Like I was always training on the low nobody knows. Now. You do. I was waiting on the low. Let me try to get right because you know picked out a cute dress trying to get drunk lit. Q.. Change Torbert they. I got there before her and she just didn't she didn't send a kite. Nothing chain. Let me know she wasn't coming. Yeah I got seeded our ordered a little appetizer me and my one girl that were there for her and then like. Thirty minutes went by means, right? We know more. No she was getting them cakes Mac before even happened. Just like that, well, she's actually lesbian. Liz. Cage Cement. Is this politically incorrect When. I'm talking about I. Don't want to offend anyone. All right. Well, either way. I don't know. Don't know what was going on but I just know. That I got so belligerently drunk at Katana it made no fucking sense. And I was very upset but he was by yourself at Guitar knows with my other homegirl. Drunk we were there are many. Drunk Catanha. But, it worked out fine because somebody bagged me and paid for meals though. As sit. Was it the man No No. Different than the different Senate did hip hop here he paper Yucatan a meal. No, he says. No. No No. Did you leave with a period? No. No. To Bob and then I gotTa Burn my ass. Got Burned out yeah. Some guy trying to be cute knocked the hookah down on my friend and she like started spazzy. So now I got a hold of my ass besides the one that's supposed to be there. Where you have a real hole in your hands, you don't. I'm. Not We are. Way Okay I'm talking about from the hookah it. Burns. To what you have a holi yeah, right cheek. Allow up. My weekend was looking looking crazy. I went to this shit called the vibe. WHO's watching the Lakers playing shit like that we got drunk as fuck. The homey got us. Eight bottles of champagne rowing, the Lakers one with spraying shit all over the fucking HDTV's associate. Yup We try to put a Jimmy Butler laker Jerry I mean a Jimmy Butler Miami's. It will not light on fire and wherever makes them motherfuckers those are fireproof because spraying it with forty two we try to light them up if I, it would not work at all. And the crazy thing is if it would've went on fire, he probably would have burnt the whole fucking building. Glimpse of that no, we would have built the building now because it was no replacing throw this shit you very. Dangerous. So we were stopping on as she was going crazy I saw and then guess what I went to afterwards Qatar. Tana. And you didn't. Rented a homegirl cares dog I ran into Jamie Fox. We turned up we was chilling to see I'm twenty three dollars should be that exciting. Two Hundred Youtube busy getting burned with two holes with hip hop. You're not to say he's not I'm not GonNa let you. Very my answer to your demographic anyway Mike Democrat Nicholas was planned for you something. My managed element. No way doing. We can't guessing that. Let me tell you something else that happened. Right? I, feel good. So this guy, my neighborhood nicknamed him meth man. Now. Why would you go and do something like that so when I first moved to my neighborhood is everything else everything is nice every time I go to seven eleven. There's this guy that just smoke and mirrors and fucking seven how. Accurate is that like? Is it actually math? Do we know? Memphis looks like, okay. Math I, MEF look I never wanted to assume has that bowl he sits in front of them up or seven eleven but the thing is I ask everybody the money and when you don't give them money me muggy like you got a problem. So when I first started going to the seven eleven but you've got any mind got no money. So you look at me like this and shit like. Right. So getting a whip and I'll tell I'll be like told my brother I believe one day I'm GonNa fuck man. No roost because every time DNA went from seven eleven, the NIGGA started being in front of rows tweak and in front of. In front of. I've seen actually I seen them last night too. He's my friend and I'M GONNA get to that later. That man is my four now, but man will be in front of like this like. Get inches yelling at people say like that going crazy and stuff every time he'll be mean mugging and I was like one of these days more pistol whipped meth man. Yes Damn a pistol whipped fucking myth man am. I go to seven eleven one day and he's on his little angry angry self. But I was in a fucking good mood. So I said, hey man, why don't call them man? Hey man you want something that's out of there. and. He was like idea. So I bought him a fucking beer and a Baloney Sandwich. Yes. I try to be nice which you know math mandate after that he started on me jury he started bringing me stolen rolexes out. He's really my friend now he steals stuff and he brings it to me. So I get I was on a ship naming. Man But now. All right. I'll. Let me get. Oh Get Man. I say. I say that's how do. They got to be fast and be laid. Off. We Love we love we love. Yeah. We still we cut the shit. As Learn. We did we've talked about? ME. GonNa take your shot with your daily said come on. A. Nights yet. It was his free. Movement. To who wear guy got. Nothing. Strong suit I don't know how to roll. We'd always. Never. Get high turn what the is you're doing in our show. Your ripe out of fucking camera Brocha his Soho. Hey the funniest shit. But what I was reading the fucking communist other news she using the shit. whereby They say, they say we liked the blood and group version of each other. That's it. Baby is now my fucking. Bro You. got a blood ganger from destroying his name. She going. On, Monday you WANNA. Regular. Own A computer which is. Looking at porn at all fucking do. With the US border. Supported POLKA Polka Kober report eighty so. He's be. Screen. The funniest shit on a fucking news isn't that. As. Much already raining Oh. That's what you WANNA switch. Don't worry about it. This it brought to SIP. The funniest shit is you reading a teleprompter airline? Wonderful if? I. Like. Right there you're reading it right here in New Jersey this when have. These. I got I. got some. In the studio, the day man courtesy. Fatally got you to fucking hat Nicosia one momentum my worm man. That's what it's. Nice. To See this or business. You know when you live, but she was like eighty I want that fuck ahead I got outfit for, and so I said I gotta get my boy to fucking hat man. Boys are sticking together which. This. Okay you gotTA. Keep on being shooting team somebody who has got to be able to she didn't team but had a night. To have is nice right here. I say. Part of the day right as ball for no reason Matt Stafford. Because easily blanchard both notebook reasons for last six years. That's that's why I you your home. He's man Asu. Man As giving free freestyle on the Shit. NIGGA went outside everybody freeze the island. That was hilarious. So desma firsthand CNN. Even needs ramp. You'll fucking home he was getting off. Let's. See. So why Carl is my cousin I look I I low key wanted to hop in but I didn't WanNa bring attention on the Crib Nigga you feel me because I was Again I'm like I'm by myself today. I want to hop in. Me Skillet. Drowsy guy. Take. Twenty. plugging. In the corner like. I was I. wanted to have been bad. Artist. You. So you you'd. BECCA. Losing didn't know was the right time you know what I'm saying I'm like listen I. I don't company but I I had it. All planned out had to blame you pack. I was going to India pull a gun on the air. I was going to be on Bro I was trying to wrack you feel me. Eighty Need. All right. I'll tell you I tell people all the time but you know the fact that I would even come around you solo. Let you know how. You know what I'm saying you lifelock, you come round and Lopes coach with. Me a big man I met him. That's. Studio the day. Over there. no-ho. Yeah, that's manager you went to a studio right you. Yeah. Divas. was. Obviously. That's my management. thrills. That's our headquarters record everything. Super Small. Sober. SMART. Bronco to. Be. She said. You can't keep doing that. He's doing. Thing. When he said. There's. Not? Much though like Omar. Done. Not The boys sticking together. L.. All my God. Nasty. How Respectfully. Respect. A but now like Siamese. Me Is connected. Shit I, feel it. That's that's my blood sugar. Everybody's. Energies like both hitting me and like. I can. See why would get. I'm not about the blame either one of them. Today. I have. Under. Only like this. You know you said. Crazy just now back to back to. You know what? Though. Now. I gotTa tell you that was a little too much. Movie. Don't do me like that odd spock. Doing. Plus. GonNa get better at this though. Zero. and. because. I do you. Words. Make. Sound soundbite. They're gonNA make cliff how you Adams Post book posed. Note as I. A. Hard S. Now. Audits. Pose Paul Paw Pause. But I know that would be a call Shit does your proposal. That was on. Clicked their mother fucker. webbing. Laura. Say That was hard pause now that I say it I get why can't say? On, purpose now really retarded. Yes. And you lay hip in hip hop area take you on a date who was. The real hypocrisy remind chip is. Much. Bigger she decided to. Do It's eighty kicks in. Who's he have you? Know Him. Yet. You know the The goes next. Nelson. Is The guy who would though So. Wait wait don't buy the video they're gonNA take. Down That's hip hop here. She ran into that Nigga on male roles and some. The fact he's going to hookah. MOTHERFUCKER is rewrite in my life. is so grave. Several. Is Okay. Is Okay so I always wonder what he's key is came from right. Fish. Talking about. Noted came from neither. Always wanted to put these kids very came into the found out that it came from being very. Furry. Rather. Bird. flipped. Okay Liz Liz Liz. Liz. He's not meet for lunch. You know what yeah? That's going to get the mystery. But I found out the kids came from. Furry. was whatever. It's a video somebody made and he put my music behind the kids dancing album activated. So it was like work bitch. Nigga but. The key is don't agents fucking it up. Legendary, but I'm like. This. Shift from the nineties knowing. This is it. There's a reason being the white the little white boy got his head to the sad shooting lighten got. Eight. New Order hip hop band. So you just got. Accepted Found out this came on one, thousand, nine, hundred. No didn't win. UPLOADED TO HIP hop. Guy. This city's life early, two thousand and like twelve. That's Let me tell you this how I found out my daughter I was clicking to find some fucking cartoons for her watch hip hop here he came hip here. What the fuck is open here dancing she liked chain. He got all that I said this is some crazy shit. Articles passport when we come back committed twenty, you went on a date with He. Is Really. Weird because. He was a puppy because that's because. I. Myself probably that. Listen this is why this is why you. Tell, me why? Because it's a story round out? Would you go to a day he? Date live here date with a for he lives. You know here's. Like. Unreal. Now's do. Congressman. Hurry. I. So light light. So he starts independent you went out on a date with. Corinne. Now, he's literally just. About he's touched. Do you life inched now? He's Just a crazy guy. Go Fast I I made enough but. You believe you. Did it would a furry I would take him discreet. Thank you so uncomfortable. He make you come. Back. You that's. What did you here we? Got New Challenges. Bugging the fuck out. Hey that's funny. DID NOT GO ON A. Wood burning started hit by dancing now we know the. That came out that binding was looking into. The yeah. That's not burden. But that's not he was in the Barney to. With Arnie know my favorite knowing. Raindrops Marcy this hey Mr knickebocker bobby by. Way that you bobby bobby put your hands. Negative. KNICKEBOCKER. I like it away. Like. This is all. Right on this one. Drives Candy Johnson jobs would array. Instead. Of. All this is behind. That was my. of you know. The body types used to be white heinous the KNICKEBOCKER bobby deba- I like in a way that you bobby. I like the way that you bob, we debugged with your hands. But fitted. This. Guy. On the negative way bobby. No it's no way. What about? Wasn't no it wasn't not some more funny ass songs so some. Shy, away from the fact that she tried to say, Bernie was Belva. Know. And understand what I'm saying the person in. Whose depend upon how Buckingham don't? You. Day with them. I don't WANNA say. Taint. Total her off on elmore earlier. Shit. AMMO push me. Oh Baby took minimalism. I Win I was saying earlier I wanted one hundred house right and you know to be a little thing. Here you move. ELMO and they had the cookie. So I don't know why Elmo push me. You must know the people. Ruining. China actually. Lakers cookie monster Internet. In the suburbs where Suburban women. Camel is he'd go. He made the baby show to. Ole. Miss. Pay, Mr Knickebocker, bobby. Arrange. Any button. Now okay. Shot o'clock by the way. The shot clock fake. Santa Caucus. Why Is that the best all. This is a language. Okay. You said you. Think. Give. Know some lotion. Ship somebody gets out of. His head. That's what he said. No. Range. Is Limited drowsing. Terrain and we'll be. Standing outside with my mouth open. Back Maybe never seen tomorrow. What, what was your favorite? honorees now notice my lookers and duty. Dukes, he's grown. He's Dukes K. call them duty you move. Kim. Martin him of the fucking best video game player I have been around. But. Barney was issuing. So year, we got put through our our Barney when he first came out and conditioned about it because. The Baby? Advan ones I liked the the. The. act. Because I felt like it was a joke that the kids singing. So I on Arizona they are. Know my little brother was in fact, with my brother in prison man free fatty when he was. He. Did CD's stories does near are hurt. Bernie about people I apologize in advance. For calling pedophile I didn't call him that day hip hop Perry. Stop doing. Your Adam she. Needs to kids. She say the guy in the. She say the guy. I heard. You. Heard you read because I, don't. Think it was the guy. And the reason I always wanted to do this year. Maybe, I'm. Wrong. Don't want to be. Is the reason he had. You heard read because is. Heard About Ben Chapman Being Racist Jagger it. But if you read about it and went into it and seeing him try to defend it seventeen different ways is a different thing. Man Now respectfully. So did you heard your out of remember I'm drunk. Bobby. Way About. Media Bob. What's your hands? You. Know more. Yes. Simply quitting fucking. Barney. Triple. Shot. You kept saying. Yeah vicious. She's she tried she tried to turn. You. You, blame. Hop here I mean he made up that I went on a date with. What what'd you call it a furrier fluff. I'm generation Z. You know the various. Various. Very is what is it like a very? Nice. No Way. State. was bugging easily. Keller Urban Dictionary. That's me. The show and then. Listen fans out there. I didn't know I'm no family I wanted to know news work has you know what I'm saying so it's my duty to be on my brother show right here, Adam show at least like once two months he's loo once a month. Now listen. Let me tell you. I'm like a D Shaw right now I'm not anti love your show. The Bay of an issue. Wasn't see another quarter of my seeing this, Nigga? Smoke. This year. We're fun fun here. People. Face off then. Got Red White. Poker. POLKA. Disquiet. then. Get I've seen him yesterday he was playing video games on a balls. Lenny got browser. Photo alone or so do. They miss a knickebocker Bernie. Da. He was he was like this seems like. Nichols land, his Co. all. Over. The planet back with me he was. Saying, yes, this is this. To store is only negative. He did it multiple times. Let's say multiple. He'd be behind me, follow me in. Detroit. And then when we get to wherever you go and he's already out his car opening the door. I don't know how you doing. I'm always looked magician. When he do it but like year by the time I'm Perkin he at the door to door. No, he was all yesterday. Follow him. landholding. Ninja. Black. Actually stolen. Hey Know this a real question. Did you ever real Nigga reaon question these ever used to three inches. Yeah. Rocky. Long. Anything Generation Z. Cam? Rocky. Rocky. Rocky loves emily you ain't never seen? I'm twenty eight. Th that's. Hip. Hop. Up. This. See what lab misdemeanor is the only Superhero to never lose a fight Hainer lots of I think about it. Never lost a fight. No. Never Sue. Abby BET MANGANESE SAYS BE BRUCE LEE bursaries. It got. IBM is. It. took. ME. Hours you. raised. Watching you. Can't fire they. got. beat up if you hear me. He got flown. The Punch. You Right. Though that's Ninja Turtles Right. Dad like you're making the superhero. Wrong. Bowe Mr Miaki was three Ninjas. That's. Really somewhat. Paul maybe like ninety years. Old Woman Ass. NIGGA. You telling me a J. Greg Gigs Superhero. I'm thinking of. A mouse. No, he is not fucking Mathur splinters we. Love Misdemeanor. That's all. You say is Mr Biagio. Mouse. was talking about the motherfucker. Your mouth ought. To. Not a fucking furry as he. Read. Them. Out Loud discussing. No. Big. Mouse. COMPUTERS THEY WERE MASS She. On can. Always got body needs somebody in the superhero. Whatever Adams. This is missing me Yagi will will wake up. To as it is and now this. Is. Nick Fury Superhero No. See. Them Morgan Freeman. I. Said Samuel L. Jackson. She said, they're more. Jackson. Exactly. Does have has a lot of money. The US. Splurging Cabinet Ironman. Famous Batman. Money. Armored. So where they? Are, man. I listen listen. As on the details. Removed this if I have a gazillion being, I, would be some bad mayor armored to with the secret layer would have fucked up water and rivers in the fucking in a car. Turn into buying. A CAR TO TURN TO A. Blue powers. Hotline. I won't. Be. I. I'm GONNA I'm. GonNa. Miss. DOODO POKEMON IS I smoke who? Leno yours no A. Gradual. No no no. Man Not. crunchy. Rollo's crows role. Is. Not. Going to lie you launch me. Far now trying muzzy. Who? Hey Missing knickebocker maybe, I? Don't know. Obama? No. Only Bama. I acknowledged oh about. How many of You need to get a wish how many how many? Oh. All right. If I was someone who needed dragon boat that would be like because that's like no work, right? Kim Seven maybe from Obama's. Balsam Obama. Is that pause. Knows not. What did you watch when you was A fucking kid? We're no. Not. Tragic so it is. Saying. Hey. This. Little. Go. He's west Saturday startles. Yeah like Saturday morning. NICKELODEON. Wasn't. Sprout. Cartoon. Watch all rigmarole I did. Show. Channel on the W. Ebi. Hello. Hello my darling. Wasn't we. Matthew questions. Question if the WB play don't do that. Be sticking together. You're doing you're doing right now. It's moving lucky. To. Anyway so The WB right. Pinky and the brain because I used to watch. that. Way. Back. Secondly world wbz because being like still a cartoon. Channels okay. How `Bout Gargoyles? Dow. I, watch that. Would just say some shut my. I know shit about dogwoods why the fuck? Him. In My Head now. She never. You have. Come on. ME. All you'll read it. Bad as urban dictionary exactly as band to a hip hop here. I'm I'M GONNA do it for hip hop here at Now hip hop every hand. Hot Hip. Divas that was. Defunct with that respectfully nobody. Yes I did I was listening to it earlier. Oh this is long little. Boy. Demon Shit. Furry Fandom, a category or sub genre of fantasy dedicated to. Don't know this word I'm sorry to this. Fictional animal characters giving human personalities and characteristics. It originated as a fusion of science, Fiction Comic Book and Animation Fandom during the nineteen eighties it thrived and yeah, this is so much love. I had a little flow there, but I lost it. People in costumes. I dropped out of college. Drop out of college. Yeah. Went for one semester. Wallace College. Re. Re. Day. A sexual. What would what are we talking about a ferry a very. A. Lady. Do, not. Challenges. A sexual attraction or affection to. Doing that. You encountered in Furry Fandom, but also amongst other people. So what does this mean though? Today, with. Not a comprehend nothing. It's just like I didn't go on a date with this. I don't know why you're forcing this on me. I didn't I was with a whole girl. How he's like I saw. So. He's all you. Says a lot about China. Believe The WB. Yes. Is Adamant will person hundred percent? Your your channel. Pasta Gang Pasta Gang. With sweeping. The Boston. Walking. Around and played around and we have a whole squad pasta is so you part of the game you already gang bro? Is it about PASTA PASTA PASTA GANG Is Not. Getting. Ravioli. then. That's me. Not Me you. Have to be got to be classic soldier Boy Penny Pasta. Bus We put this out. Panhandle. Obscene. knew he was in a row with the rules you? Seen that we can't we can't pull it up though 'CAUSE WE'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA take a mobile down the monetize Atta mutes is money. Adler. Sick, yes you are you the chicken and the chicken. He put a very funny way why playing with me right now on the A. Very. Okay did Adam do you trust them for? What was it Easter money sows. Salsa Fair come here. Important, guests in the building man. himself. Share. Just. GonNa, sit down with US ten minutes. Komo. Chair of Man. I see. Yeah Johnson not. Guy Nick is not SOCI- man you know what I'm saying you WanNa shy now you drinking that Shit I. Yeah Hey Mr. Knickebocker back. This is unexpected. Sosa blog. I knew it was coming. What's your name going to be broke I? Tell you I'm faster. Than they plus the money. I possibly make make. The whole PAS, positive You make you make. But. My. Opinion I think. What is it again eight thousand Soldiers. So old school glands soldier boy pin I'm I'm the Linguini God the. chace. Empty me. Cover to. Go Hey hey we do. Show we can. I tell you. Nigga may go ahead and go on active is associate. Chicken Tacos so a homegirl here she wanNA date. You know hip hop here you're right. She got a little furry finish, right About here in the fucking fetish. Oh God man you put on your podcast show. Me Up. So John See. Lang. ORLA. You. Go. You. Know. What would? Bros issue celebrity you stop playing with my name like this. Yeah He. Did a good job. Kid. Do. Have already wait wait. A. Down turn up. For the for. Mint student. I as I say. Dancing with him in the corner behind cool. Lord Lord hit Bobby she tried to take magazine. Girl, take him he a street. Hoover Street Hey bob area. You Know This Day may you give credit his statement? No yes. No yes. Does she could take him. He'd put his. Yeah. Take. All, my I did not go on a date with hip hop. Hey, would you just gave credit to everything? He said by saying you know what's crazy he's still just doesn't even know that I really didn't happen apparently did now. She's do you sound like my very punish streets? Wrong my Nigga. You. Offer. I. Actually wasn't on and now that I know it's sexual goddess outages leave it alone. We have more topics. So I was GONNA ask someone and I'm GONNA ASK SOSA MINNESOTA TO. Tell me about. Growing up. Being, a blood from Detroit. Some say I was being a compton crip Yom I'm saying. They had moving around like I want to know the different dynamics because I still feel like motherfuckers don't know. We all hang with each other. We all cool with each other. But you know what I'm saying is different continents different in Houston is different in Detroit I want to know the different dynamics of yours on some different than than yours and mine. And Bliss Detroit we were really. Necessarily like beefing with decryption though she like that, I can tell you started. But naked near my heart. My Big Homey via meanwhile to I wanted to be. He was once we once I got grown if you me so. I'd pick the gang banger probably late. Late like streets Nov I might be the game late. Early, Twenty Shit like that. And she is. Is is more so of our neighborhood. Than it is to Color Independent. You know what I'm saying like we get into other neighborhoods as far as design crips or. So that Daniels No. She like that I'm just mother needs from other who do we don't fuck with VM BUT Until I came out this way. I didn't really see what the culture is as far as niggers walking in room introduce me. So what they sit. Good. Scott lively knew they would say guidelines yesterday on. Nine. Is. A lot of. But. Like it is here different month buggers introduced. They said what they said I hear that was big me and he for me to vote in Neil I g we into to give some some any levy money we man. He a nigger home with the. Food lines so they should different I, race it I love I. Sure. I go over there way every time I hear. JOTS Rosecrans. Though was by. Nine. Did like is this like we did? Everything get right now. But at fault I must have abandoned than. The Benham's not going braise witness. Dead End, Barcelona's most seed. We've got different different hoods on saying like I. It is I. Hear what had to get. Back together when it won. All right he was like, whoa big sit by five nine Peru fire now by around whole. New Get right. To get as far. That's generally. Like me growing up, she had issue like I I grew up in my neighborhood. and. Shit was fucking crazy broke by soon as you walk outside to ship smokers are she It was. Just, just wild like in the nineties broaches like literally like. You Waking Up and like just you introduced to your big homes and like that the way that they've fucking moved the politics of everything because I know like we was growing up like I couldn't go. Hang with know Barney hunters you back then you know my niggers right now but I remember I. couldn't go to the projects. Monday. I couldn't go to La and go fuck with Inglewood Nigger Shit like that. You know what I'm saying I feel like music bridge that gap it made everything and like now is I, like a lighthouse I can go pull up on side by myself and he would you know what I'm saying thirty or forty the hit his homeboys niggers ain't even having that type of your shit. Together and stuff but. I will say Dan we took it to a darker title. Like Shit I'm GONNA say Gal. In. You never had to deal with that. All Sober Malibu's most wanted to some gain. Okay. Out there. We have crime stoppers. Where you junior crimes opportunity. But my grandma's neighborhood watch. Dom Joking joking our full Joe Grandma. English. Sat Out till. Mrs. Harry. Oh. I had another topic too. I was happy as I. Know You ain't GonNa be happy about this I wasn't. met We already talked about the Lakers. Understand number of legs. You went. But I was happy to walk. Because Apple. They come out with a blue iphone. I was not. We. saw. Hey but you know for years you know they always come out the iphones and they come out with the little product red and like damn. Demo the fucking. What's the name jobs isn't recipes. because. All right well, Steve Jobs recipes said Colonel Flip with us. I never get no blue white green. Light blue. Bob. Malay blue. He made a blight. Looking at the low because I'm into all that Texan I was looking at the iphone Shit and they said, we have a new color Pacific blue almost shed a tear pro. Guy I gotTA preorder. Now I'm happy use books Masha come out. COMES OUT PRE orders come on Friday? Yes. Okay. To ask your crying stopping grandma. Knows the pair of WHOVILLE. Do me like that. She said Oh my God. We beg anything back. Yeah. Myself up like that. Anything else you wanted to talk about your. Shit. I don't remember. anyways before. I, think I think he's fried on the WB. Our last episode, I had one more story that I wanted to share that I didn't get to get out. So before we get Outta here, I wanNA tell this last story, right? So, this is the elementary school store. Adam was we keep talking about seven and eight you kind of put the pressure on but I wanted to get this out because I was saving it lands right? So mahomes right. We are at the house. And they like. Let's go play basketball on at the elementary school, right? I go hop the fence within the ship. We plan basketball, Mono Sports. Play basketball still by usually suck. This time Mega was looking like go James Right now when for the Lakers as you know. You know who had a little rumble. Rumbling Motel me but but I was doing so good and game that day you and Lebron I was looking at. Melissa. Brian in my hand maybe I'll look at my ear. Carter, he plays Shagong. Jerseys. I have I to that day. You might have been like Lebron. Come. Time I go James. Madison for three. Days Anyway. Faster with no man. It was like the bubble Bro I. It was me. I. Get. It he's painting the picture. So look I'm I'm doing good this game and I was like I can hold this shit until the game over oh you had to. Ask. I told you I had rumbling Mattamy May. Oak. ABC. terrier station Lord. NASA sports. Three point is. About the only. Lose. But. I was doing so good and then I couldn't hold Emma Buckle Oh man and I was like man I ran to the bathroom with the stupid ass janitor lock them all the puck bathroom because it was on a and Sunday and I was like ain't got runs in the meals I ain't got time to go home. So I've seen the sand with a little kids playing. In the sand. DOTY win over to the month to say a wave home. He's getting a pop the squat in the sand took a shit. y'know. All over the entire. Miami Cuba John. Thing is. Very complicated. Paperback is to drink the water. I drink the water hose and all that. Job. Dream in known. To. Do. I'm trying to. I. Know. That's a good question. That's a great question you. At home. Back, to the game to finish. Age of his. Best. Ever. That's disgusting. The worst born about it. Resident this is not the worst part about this. WHO GOES TO WHOLE? WHO Listen. He Chad. ZIGGY TRY TO PUT US on Ziemba. Got Willows. He's I did too but. Harvey. White. Book. lost. How by like nine. Grown. You. Do. This game again. I'm UTM. Saying. To martyrdom or white my head. There so you should on the back of your shoe. In the salt. Fuck well, let me tell you the worst part about it. I went to school the next day. The same school and a little kid. This little kills. came out. This is this. Homeless Man. I'm crazy and I was listening in your life. Right. Vote. Man Homeless. Managed Shit. Until school to this, you see him somebody did. was. Doing what? You discuss. Very discuss humiliated deem infant, but I'm. was you of their who've just one more game will? Now. Naked. I feel bad. My Momma man he had to wash. His Man. I was the homeless man. It was me. Off of watching at the end of the day with a yes. He sat out to my brother's side. I'll. Tune in. I'm going stream after this attorney plug up. Feel mad young.

US Lakers bobby bobby Bob Haunted House Barney Adam Detroit Liz Liz Liz Bernie elmo basketball Candy Johnson Paul Paw Mrs. Harry Miami China Hunter House demag Los Angeles
MFM Minisode 179

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

21:14 min | 4 months ago

MFM Minisode 179

"This is exactly right. Nights out the critically acclaimed blockbuster film that audiences love is now free to prime members on prime video win renown crime novelist Harlan dies on the night of his eighty fifth birthday detective Ben Benoi blunk arrives at the state to investigate and everyone's a suspect starring Daniel Craig's Chris Evans and onto army knives out now streaming exclusively on prime video blockbusters delivered all summer long. Hello. And welcome to my favorite martyr. The mini sewed. We read you your stuff. We read your e mail. They're your stories? Yeah, finally you gotta say. I sure okay hail. The whole world is a shit. Show right now, so I figured you'd enjoy a bit of a pallet cleanser I. Swear got all of the emails I read this week. It feels like that's what everyone is doing. Every single one was either lighthearted or just kind of like search. It's it's very nice. I think that's a good idea for people to just have have an escape. Maybe since we're doing fucking as lately like for next week, everyone consented and lighthearted stories I mean just do a whole episode of light hearted stories sure next week and then. We'll be lighthearted. A please donate money, black lives matter, and also they'd really huge amazing. marches in Brooklyn and Angeles for Black Trans lives because. The fucking government just passed a law that put so many trans lives at risk horrifying. Please read up if you don't know anything about it. It's really frightening medical people. Can T deny care to trans people. If they so choose, it's no longer illegal. It's absolutely it's inhumane and disgusting, and that has to change and it's beautiful because. Thousands and thousands of people showed up to show that it matters to them so if you have any extra money right now, donating to trans lives support systems of all kinds, but especially Black Jones lives the most at a high risk at the really good idea hundred so then back into this email. Hey, all the whole world is shit. Show right now, so I figured you'd enjoy a bit of a pallet cleanser last April. Twenty nineteen, incredible story came out of the little town of Mabini Carolina. Hope, I hope I'm pronouncing. Any. Vein, vein. Mugabe Mugabe. which is about five miles from where I grew up and eleven year old boy was home alone in the middle of the day When he heard a knock at his front door, he went to answer the door, and while he was talking to the young man out front, and accomplice broke in through the back once the second man was inside the house. He grabbed a gun leaning against the kitchen wall parentheses North Carolina a true classic. Everyone's just got a gun leaning against her kitchen wall. Yep, it's just standard fair and the man at the front door pushed his way inside. The robbers forced the young boy into an upstairs closet at. And began to ransacked the House the eleven year old, though was not about to let his chick taken. He creeped out of the closet down the hall into his bedroom. where he grabbed the machete, he had hanging above his bed heights. Why didn't eleven year old have a machete? Not entirely sure, but he said he bought it with his allowance money so good for him I guess. Anyway this tiny eleven year old boy takes his machete and sneaks downstairs to see the burglars bent over his TV console trying to disconnect gaming equipment. This kid said Hell No, and ran up to the robbers, machete, raised and hit one squarely in the back of the head, hopefully immed-. Immediately, the second unhurt intruder bolted while the man who had been struck turn to fight the boy, realizing blood was pouring down his face, and he took off running to the boy, then called nine one. An AP was sent out to all hospitals for a young man with a head wound. Sure enough a few hours later, he serviced at a local satellite hospital and sheriffs were dispatched to guard his door until he was stable enough to be taken into custody. Somehow the man ended up walking out of the hospital in his hospital gown, head, bandaged with a cup of water, and made it to a town, twenty miles away and hit out for a few days. Before, his grandmother turned him in a this was big news in our little communities, so local news stations flocked to the interview, the boy about his heroin. From this point forward I would like all interviews to be with eleven year old boys because he sent a message to the robbers quote, you shouldn't have done what you've done, and you're better off to get a job and breaking into other people's houses. Sexy. Stay, sexy and keeping machete over your bed, and never underestimate an eleven year old, Elise, wow! Some like the kid who was cutting down the the telephone poles level of like yeah, but. For reasons missed positive. Yeah, this this. This kid wasn't just raising hell. He was just like well. Come into my home. Enacted the machete La love it okay. This just starts high so the other day. I stumbled upon one of your old episodes. Georgia's said something along the lines of being terrified of being shot in traffic, and well, that reminded me of a tragedy that happened in my town a year back I live in a smaller city. A few hours outside of demoing Iowa called Cedar, falls for the most part. We don't see a whole lot of crazy stuff out there just. Just US suburban DADS, but their lawnmowers little old ladies, tending to their gardens, but on April Twenty, eight, th two, thousand nineteen, a woman picked up her boyfriend and a friend after work around two thirty a M, they were driving home along a wooded area on the highway, when a bullets struck through her window, passing through her neck and lodging in her boyfriend's mouth in the passenger seat. Oh my God. She was able to pull over and then it says can. Can you fucking imagine, but was announced dead at the seen. Her boyfriend ended up making it, but the police found literally nothing. No one came forward. No suspects, no idea what happened at the an article where the police suspected, it could have been a hunting accident, but who the fuck is hunting at two thirty in the morning It's unfortunately still unsolved today. You Bet your ass I didn't drive that highway for a few months afterward, so yeah, thanks for being. Being Really Cool, sorry advanced Georgia, for solidifying any fears of being shot while driving. Stay sexy and don't fucking drive anywhere Brianna well. Yeah, all right. Maybe it's weird seems like they should do something about gun laws in this country, but anyway that's crazy Karen we got. We got a lot of other. We got a lot of steps to take care of you. Okay now. The subject line of this one is my grandpa almost killed someone the fishing pond pervert. Good evening. This is my hometown, but this is not my story. This is the story of the time my mom saw her dad almost kill a pervert. My parents grew up on south side of Chicago where nature's hard to come by besides a few of the NASTIEST and most likely radioactive fishing ponds. You've ever seen or smell. Wanting to teach young children some outdoor skills, my grandpa would take my mom and her brothers and sister to go fishing in the ponds when they were maybe five through eight years old, they went almost every weekend, but but soon those innocent fishing trips turned dark when a mysterious creep reportedly find my eight year, old mom, and tried to lure her into his car. With promises of Ice Cream God he at after a horrific incident, where he revealed himself to my baby, Angel Mother, she used. Used her murder no instinct and told my grandpa about the pervert, my grandpa angry and horrified found the man by his car, grabbed him by the neck, held him there for about two minutes and shouted. If you ever come around here again I will fucking kill you now it may not seem that crazy of a punishment to whoever would do a gross thing to a child, but from I extremely old fashioned devout, Irish Catholic family. You know this shit was real when grownups drop the notorious. Am I right Karen? Yes, you're right anyway. The fishing pond pervert was sufficiently scared to death and was never seen there again. My GRANDPA is a common mild-mannered man, but if you fuck with his kids, he will fucking kill you on. Thank you for helping me through the absolute darkest and most lonely time of my life I was suffering severe workplace sexual harassment when I found the podcast two years ago. Your bad ass riot, girl, attitudes and humor have inspired me to fuck politeness and get justice for my harassment. Go to therapy and to kick off my comedy career I hope we can cross pass someday a Oh. My God, that's incredible. Yeah Wow, yeah! Well well done God asks. This runs in your family. It sounds like yeah, okay. This is grandma's near Miss with a double murderer. Hi To my honorary big sisters. The world is ending. Donate to black lives matter. That's how it starts, then says my grandmother grew up in Springfield. Vermont Springfield was the quintessential Vermont town where everyone everyone and cows outnumbered humans. My Grandmother told me that as a as children. She and her sisters often slept on their front porch at night to avoid the summer heat. This was really a testament to the trust in the neighborhood. Because there was no lock in the screen door of the porch, it was one such summer day in nineteen fifty, two that two convicted murderers broke out of Windsor prison. Fifteen miles north of Springfield. Their names were Donald Dewey. And, Francis Blair, they rammed a prison laundry truck into the gate, surrounding the correctional facility escaped on foot to MAG was in prison for a previous murder and Blair was his accomplice. They fled through the woods of Vermont to Springfield and emerged from the forest. Right next to my grandmother's home. This human entered the home of my grandmother's neighbors and family friends the weather ups. Dimaggio and Blair beat Elizabeth. DEMAG and my God demand and Blair beat Elizabeth weather up and her husband with a lead pipe while attempting to rob them, Elizabeth succumbed her injuries, and tragically passed away to Megan Blair were apprehended and sentenced to the electric chair in February of Nineteen fifty three. The two men became the last to ever be put to death in the state of Vermont. It shows me to think of what those men could have done to my grandmother and her family, and it serves as a reminder that life is fleeting, also a good reminder to put a fucking lock on your porch, Maria thanks for everything y'all Queens Grace. Wow just homebuilding on little girls sleeping on the. Porch. Yeah, that's crazy. That's that's so creepy. hellofresh America's number. One meal kit offers fresh. Ingredients every week for a super flavorful experience that will help you break out of your recipe Rut it lets you skip trips to the grocery store, and it makes home cooking fun easy affordable with hellofresh. She can get dinner on the table in just about thirty minutes, and you can save up to twenty eight percent by using hellofresh versus grocery store shopping, not only do hellofresh proportioned ingredients. Ingredients mean there's less prep work. It also means less food waste plus their packaging almost entirely made from recyclable content tele fresh is flexible and fits. Your lifestyle easily changed your food preferences and skip away coin ever you need. There's something for everyone including low. Calorie Vegetarian, and family friendly recipes every week. Okay, so you know I've been doing this since the beginning of the Quarantine Vinson I. Loving it I? Love it this week for the first time in my cooking life made risotto, which do make it for real. It's really hard and like not if you make it for real. Complicated and time consuming, but this was so easy, and then I seared these scallops with it, and Vince isn't normally like scallops. Browse like wait till I do it and fucking loved it. S Awesome. That's like and that's like to your dinner like you made it, but it's just like you had some real good help from exactly I like I was the shaft. It was a lot easier than it would have been if I just made the whole thing myself yet. Slow go to hellofresh dot com slash murder sixty and use the code murder sixty at sixty dollars off your first three weeks including free shipping on your first box. That's hellofresh dot com slash movies. And Code Murder Sixty to get sixty dollars off your first three weeks including free shipping on your first box, additional restrictions apply. Please visit hellofresh dot com for more details go by. Georgia can ask you a personal question always. Are you doing more searching than streaming these days? Man, I am and ask. For sure we'll H. Max is a new streaming platform where all of HBO meets the Greatest Collection of movies and shows Karen Oh. It's what everybody wants and needs. It's olive. Hbo Series like Westworld Insecure The Sopranos, but also blockbuster movies like crazy. Rich Asians or a star is born together with timeless classics. The wizard of Oz Casablanca and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. This were all honored the one thousand nine hundred forty nine Oscars. The most beloved. Friends, Big Bang theory, the fresh prince of Bel Air. Let me name some awesome animation that they have Rick and Morty Samurai Jack Boondocks. Let me name some superheroes and Super Villains from the DC universe like the Justice League wonder, woman, and the suicide squad. Them Oh. Don't forget the family favorites like Sesame Street looney tunes, and Scooby Doo and new Max originals for everyone like love, life, legendary, and not too late with Elma. All your favorites in one place for just fourteen ninety nine per month, the such a good idea. I mean like just that list alone. That could keep you going for easily for seven days. Totally, but they also have like true detective which Vinson. I've binged watching the very beginning of our quarantine. Then everyone's watching the Sopranos, too. There's just so much there. It's really cool eight HBO series. You can watch them forever. Seriously Insecure fucking love that show Oh. Such a good show starts dreaming today. Download the APP REVISIT HBO Max Dot Com to start your free trial. Free trial is for new customers. Only restrictions apply. They always do go by. The subject line of Hello to Georgia George only oh finally. Hello, I just listened to episode twenty, two entitled that Tau Waterworks and mentioned to my partner that there was a story about a seventeen year old, surviving a plane crash in the Peruvian jungle. Normally we have a deal I don't tell him my murder stories and he doesn't tell me his spooky ESPN shit. It works fine for us. That sounds like fun the array. That's a good agreement, but I broke. Broke the rules because one? It's not a murder. It's just a horrible plane crash and two I figured that even though he was only eighteen months old at the time of the crash. He's from Lima and he might have heard the story ladies. He tells me he does know that story. In fact, the priests slash principle of his all boys. Jesuit High School Yikes was the brother of the pilot. But buckle up. Has That's not all the principal was also a friend of my partner's family, and told my partner that after the search was called off, the pilot's family begged the Peruvian Air Force to continue searching and brought in a clairvoyant to convince them the clairvoyance she knew where the plane was gave them specific coordinates, and that there were survivors. All the air force refused saying that they had already searched that area and the plane wasn't there after Jillian was found parentheses. What a bad ass! The Air Force went back in and found the remains of the cockpit exactly where the clairvoyance said it would be. They also found the pilot's body. He was still warm. SO THEY THE AD? There's theories that some people in that crash died after the crash. They didn't die. Immediately. Have full-body body. Now, also. Isn't it crazy that it's like you don't tell me Your mortar stores? Don't Tell You my esp. This has all totally everything love it. This has everything. My partner said that the pilots family was understandably haunted by the fact that if the search hadn't been called off, or if the air force hadn't dismissed the clairvoyant, they might have gotten to the pilot in time. Apparently, it's well known in Peru. The Julian story was kind of spun into quote Christmas miracle to draw attention from the fact that there would have been more survivors if the Peruvian Air Force had called off the search so early. Stay sexy and follow the Water Lydia and Miguel in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Canada amazing. Amazing Ryan Wow. Oh, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that conversation. How exciting that must've been if for real an, but also it's like. Yeah. I don't think it's that common that clairvoyance are brought in, and then t are proven to be exactly right with what they said. Holy amazing totally want more clairvoyant stories. I want more like like weird coincidence. That couldn't have been a coincidence like well. You know what the one couple who you can. Who met and they looked at their photos from twenty years before, and they were like taking the same photo in different. Places it's I'm not explaining it right. Is that real? Lose One? Yeah, there's another one that you're like this would be the best version. And another one of these couple of. These photos and she's like this is my soccer team. When I was little and he was like that's my soccer team. When I was little and it's there in the photo, the soccer team together the. Owner yeah, that's. That's amazing that yeah, let's hear those Arrow countenances. We don't think so okay this one. I help. Let's see it's called I helped someone who wasn't in a safe place Ola. Sexy Ladies Thank you. So I'm just going to jump right in I worked for a security. Company from October Twenty nineteen till February. Twenty twenty, I answered phone calls to set up new clients or answered questions about the company. It was around eight o'clock, when I got a call from a guy and the first thing he said after I answered was yeah, I'd like to order a pizza and he sounded uneasy. So all I do is watch true crime? I sent an I. Am just three of my managers telling them? I thought I was getting a call for help. Never been trained in the stuff so I just asked him how many people he answered three Pepperoni and by that. That time one of my managers had rush over to me, was on the phone with nine one one I was typing what he told me, so. My manager could tell the operator, and luckily I could get a name and address I, told him to police were on their way, he said, thank you and hung up I just sat with my manager, waiting to make sure that we knew the police got there and not more than an hour later, the police showed up at the office to talk to me and they let me know. It was a twelve year old kid who is spending time with his mom and she took him to a drug dealers house. Seen weapons on the table and didn't feel safe. Luckily, the kid was okay, and the mom was charged with child. Neglect and a ton of drug charges I two days later because I decided, I wanted to work for CPS. Child Protective Services, unfortunately I needed some schooling for it so once the covid nineteen is over I can start school and be able to help kids. Kids on purpose. Thanks for being kick ass, woman, and keeping me entertained at my new desk job. Stay sexy and always remember the Pizza Code. Morgan Wow. Wow, yeah, you guys were murder. Order a pizza if you made secret help. Yeah Oh my God and twelve years old. That's crazy. Feel like all mine were real bummer today. At actually that story ends in a real. because. She's actually or they're actually. Going to help more kids that might be imperilled. That's. Very brave. Yep thanks for doing that I. Send Us your story is positive or negative at my favorite murder at g, mail or ESP. Don't forget those one. Oh! Send Them Esp. Try to send messages through with your mind for sure but positive negative weird coincidence, ESP based doesn't have to be a provable. No absolutely not thanks for listening to you guys and say sexy and don't get murdered. And Elvis you WANNA cookie.

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AWTY 65 - Parasyte but Dirty (Midori Days)

Are Weeb There Yet?

1:02:25 hr | 11 months ago

AWTY 65 - Parasyte but Dirty (Midori Days)

"Yeah Hello Welcome Tour de Exploration and education anime. I'm your anime idiot Patrick Dugan. I'm an anime expert. Dana Hollander and I'm Brennan Makola your anime right hand man. That's a good one. That's the first good one you've ever done. Wow what just kidding. You've done good ones in the past after doing elaborate Info dump just to explain the reference difference. Yeah this one was a simple let me read a PDF page campus. In one thousand nine hundred seventy five movie joke that no one saw nineteen forty eight. The the actor who eventually played professor on Gilligan's simple that one clean a simple and clean. We're watching keenum hearts now. I will play through of Kingdom hearts. That's my dream. I will throw myself off the grid rhetorical when I watched that. He'll make okay dammit. If we had to do it we have to do the first three games. How do we decide what that means? Heroes do nope that the villains DECA gun whatever. The unraveled joke is screening Disney. He wanted more money. And then this happened and it's `perfect that's it makes no sense and it's perfect. Oh speaking of making no sense. What artery watching? Today we were watching as in the title of the fantastic absurdity. You guys already know. It's Midori days which is a listener. Her Well No. It's specifically not illustre recommendation. But it was before it was brought to my attention by listener. have either of you heard of the show before no I have not no great. So yeah this is where we're at the anniversary three of our parasite episode and that that's where this was brought to our attention because there's apparently hand based Shinhan makes a sound like I mean weird handy. Sure that it doesn't happen and I'm scared there's weird synteen Hans after it got pointed out to me I looked it up the That I had to because it was lining up so well with our parasite episode but it all looks questionable. Yeah and it's like two thousand five live so that's kind of like it's weird. It's the old animated by if the early two thousands animates like. I don't know they just did a lot of weird shit. That really maybe doesn't age. Well Yeah Yeah. This is also in like the four kids days where prime examples where some weird shit. It's true how long ago to five fourteen in years. Bayton who almost fifteen. Where were you? I was in fifth grade to some five hours fourteen so middle school. Wow your seventh grader. The boy was ten UH fifth grade and we were watching this stuff. We were watching this. No one watched this well. Shall we watch it now. Let's give it a chance Louis. Let's watch so we are going to watch the first three episodes hands a hands the This is a show that exists. And we're going to talk about it in plain language. That's about how we feel bill. That's that's what we do every week but this one is particularly. I have very little feelings about this show. Can we all agree though that this is is just a giant allegory absolutely. Yeah they don't make that subtle. Yeah it's it's your girlfriend frigerator hands do you get it. We're going to remind you every ten minutes that's comedy Babe Level working at I gotta gotTa respect certain shows like this where it's like we got one shook but we're making twelve episodes out of this. It's like wow He went for it. And you work hard. You put the effort into someone really give you money to do this. Always this astounds me. How difficult it is to make an animated show? Japan is just like what if everything had a damage but if there was no plot to hey kid on the bench waiting for the bus. You got an anime you WANNA pitch masturbating girlfriend hand dogleg. The here's your ten thousand dollars. Here's your cut. GimMe an adjective virgin a noun. We're doing mad LIBS anime. Oh okay well shall we. Let's episode allies. It opens with a flashback. I think it's just like eh shuttle the girl looking at a guy at a train station blue green filter over everything and like I guess it's a flash. It's not super clear are we. I'm sure this is not your name. You're absolutely sure this is not your name. Could not in the same league that name the same is your name out of your mouth. So the girl looking at a guy at the station in looking longingly so I guess her crush and then it cuts to that guy. She was looking at in a parking lot standing across from some dude in a white suit with his hair just like two feet tall and white and Delta Holy. Hell this is a weird looking guy. And he's a gang leader apparently didn't write down the gang but he was like. Oh you're coming up my gang. You're coming up my boys. We gotta throw dare just generic shit talking looking dialogue and they start fighting in this one guy who saw the transition takes seven other give these gang members and defeat them single handedly like no problem and we see he was protecting his buddy. WHO's already roughed up? So I guess he went there to help us friend who is already being attacked and then Sky Oh feelings I think it was French. Says like oh thanks. CG So so we find out his name is cj and then it just cost him randomly asking a girl out which thanks to a montage of him asking a bunch of different girls out find out. He's been rejected by girls like twenty times so he just can't find a girlfriend. Ko From my love story. EXCEPT TACO has all of the redeeming quality. He's a much better person in every much better much bigger will fight but only well. He's a good boy. We find a wider rough and tumble as of right now. He's he's it's whatever his name is. Yeah right team in right hands of shows or whatever it's the city is anyway and like any any traditional delinquent protagoras gets into fights a lot. He's got blonde hair which I founded as a trope because Japan apparently are supposed to die. Your hair black in school. Cool so the rebels really. Yeah even if your hair's naturally a different color you have to tie and black so. Yeah it's Japan's. It's fairly conservative. Despite all the true that's yeah because some schools just lined up on it so anyway. We'll find out he's loveless loser. who gets into fights all the time and get a montage him like going around is day doing stuff and he's getting upset about different couples all around him and he just like? Why am I single? Single and CG lying in bed whining about how people are scared of him because he gets into fights all the times and because everyone's scared of him no girl wants datum and say why can't I just find it girlfriend and as we hear like a little tiny voice just say like he's asking if anyone will be his girlfriend and we are all of us like Oh really what was that. What was that noise and he starts looking around? He's like I didn't hear something and as a yawned rubs his face as long as it gets out of bed he hears muffled scream is what keep hearing this girl. Where's where's that coming from? And he doesn't see yet but we see his hand is different spring so he eventually just walked the bathroom and goes to splash water in his face inches. Wake up a little bit. And when he put his hand under the water year like screaming again so drowning and that's when he looks at us and notices. It's a girl a whole lackey hijinks two. There's the boys dominant hand is his girl. Now there's a whole sending being with the online fought so yeah he just like freaks Sat rod road screaming for a bit at outside. And that's when we get the opening which is pretty standard animate. Nothing too remarkable. It's fine is anime and once he's outside he starts talking to her and she's like Oh it's real you could see me. And she's all happy and like grabs his face squealing and stuff and it's like very excited and they start and she kind of leans back on his arm and she's naked Um Great in a show like this who would have thought within the first five minutes got into so so she freaks out and screams and then runs back into the house but there's still attached to his arm so she has enough strength to pull his whole body and she pulls him back up to his room screaming all time and he's like running into like doorframes on walls and stuff because she'd forget he's attached to her and excuse me and She says she knows who he is because she had a crush on the last arrears and this is where he says. There's nothing romantic about your right hand. fessing loves you get it get get it if you don't you'll hear it again eight more times and she says she doesn't know what's happened either. She woke up one day and boom. Here she cheers same as him. So sage is not thrilled about this. Because you can't fight anymore because it's right and was dominant punching hand. But she's Kinda Hannah jazzed about my bullying fist. My violence inciter and she's got a jazz about this actually like she's much better than than he is so while he's freaking out and like trying to talk himself down. She started organizing his room and like putting magazines away. It's like Oh it's easier if you piling up like this and you just throw them Arta recycling all at once and of course. That's what she finds the big old stash porno magazines. Because apparently this is nine hundred ninety seven and teenage boys just have a bunch of Porno magazine instill and as his standard. She gets all about barest. She's a this is dirty. Leila's a SMUTTY Kazeem. Throw him out. He's fighting forum because you know porn and not the boob magazines Mama Cheese. Oh aw I need them to throw them out now bait and he's trying to figure out what like where she lives control trying to get everything back to normal does know how. But he's like let's just get this over with so she's very reluctant to go back to eight hour battery life is. She's reluctant. Go back to it and we see cut. The CG's friend gets goes back to school and Franz any siege is not there he's like. Oh man what happens. We get a very prim. Proper class rep saying like. Oh he called out sick. He's a delinquent and all this she she doesn't have blue hair classes but she's got strong long eat vibes and then we get a random shot. I think it was all of his friends running around. We had like random shot of like this. We like with the low Oh figurine like confessing his love to her as like all right. I guess that's GonNa play a part in later episodes. Yeah we have shown this you too early probably. Yeah he's shown in the opening so it's going to be a character and then we get another we get a different shot of some girl on an ambulance and a woman is looking down onto the. We'll see the girls from like the girls perspective in a woman's look down on her tiger wake up with Dory oh the title so clearly something happened with my dory that she had to go to the hospital and we get a CG gets back to his hands house House and turns out. His hand is filthy rich just like a gigantic mansion with a huge gate and like intercom system all this other shit. So he brings up the intercom and he says the. I'm here to see the young lady of the House because at this point we still don't know her name and it's like half the episode and one of the maids answers interesting. Oh Oh she's out of the house and just ignore them. It doesn't let them in. So then we cut to his friend walking around and he gets jumped by these two girls. They're like Oh man. Hey you're sieges friends. CG So cool can we meet him and just promote dialogue here and that's when a he calls CG and then we cut back to g and it's majority is the girl that was in the sitting because tire caller just his hand. There are the train station and it has the same translation that we saw in the flashback of the beginning of the episode. And she just kind of like. Oh Yeah I used to always like watch you and you know I had a big crush audience of each just like Jesus like it's weird because you're my hand now and ends when they're talking that's when it gets a call from his friend saying like. Oh yeah these girls like the rookie and they wanna meet you say just like laugh and en- hangs up. He tells friendly anything. He's not like come on over like He. Just I don't know it gets real. Smog just hangs up the phone without saying and so his friend says does he's coming over to check on him and he's just like okay. Bring the girls said he was already coming out. Miss that because of this dialogue is just so good and delicious and hangs up the phone and he just started laughing any like search running back back home faster than the train and got where we hear. Oh marina she fell in love with Seiji because he was protecting the people who are weaker. Like that's why you're getting. The fights. Says she saw the redeeming characteristics in them when no one else did and then yeah they run on and St Louis House and when he answers door he'll also wraps dorrie bandages to make it look like he hurt his hand so people wouldn't see you know a whole sentence human being coming out of his arm. Tom And you know as you do as you. It's a solution. Do it better than like an oven. Mitt gotta just Mama Fire. I have chicken pox and I can't scratch myself so I'm wearing these oven men just on this one. I'm I'm looking at your face and there's no spots yeah. It's a new in a breed of chicken box in evolved and so when he gets It takes them a dory saying like. Don't talk don't blow my cover. I WANNA real girlfriend not a hand and the girl shot at age house. And it's like. Oh where's my friend. Oh he went to the drugstore to pick you up some medicine at least decent friend. But it's also weird. He just lead to a stranger to your house so as he brings a man Dan. Cj says he lives with his sister but she typically with her boyfriend so he's typically himself child living alone check Bingo cards now that his parents. It's aren't dead. Though they work overseas. Oh did they say that they did. I mean. Did you watch the. I watch the to absorb dubbed into one upset subbed. So I mean yeah I watched this. Maybe it's just the translation bad. They leave out stuff apparently so his parents aren't home. You Got Yourself. He's pretty much and then one of the girls offers to cook dinner for them. It's just very weird that you just like. Hey Stranger Lemme in and Cook you. Dinner and I'm in love with his hand also did all that yet. It's also anime day and that sort of stuff happens so I wasn't caught off guard by it. Like sure okay fine. Yeah I knew this was leading up to something. Nothing but my girls and freaked out when they see his hands. Like that's just weird but Yeah so one of them Cook dinner and then one of them goes to the bathroom and while the other ones away the other groceries asking Oh do you younger girls like Oh like do have a girlfriend and I could be your girlfriend and she asked if she can kiss him and when it gets all flustered and he's like starting to lean into kiss and we'll see Midori like kind of like moving around in the bandages like hearing all of this and then right as he goes in for the kiss the other girl appears behind it with a broom and says there the girlfriend of the guy. He beat up earlier in the episode. And they're here to get revenge and as she swings the broke down his right hand flies up and breaks the room. And it's MIDORI reacting and saving them true romance and when he does that he kind of freaks Osha she just took a broom to tiny head. She has say I gotTa make sure she's okay. Meanwhile the two job we're going to get we're going to be up and he's not even paying attention to him so brazen he's trying to get the bandages off. Cancer runs the kitchen and gets a knife guy. You know I gotTa do it. The only way I know how. Do you get you out of here and the girls overhear this thinking. He's he's talking to them so they run out scared all sun. 'cause yeah you attacked a man inside his own home. This is self defense now. Murderers legal so so they run out screaming and he's the knife to just cut open the bandages and just check on the Dory and she's a believer head took any injury to her head at all in an anime results. Blood pouring out ahead. It's like wrestling a little razor blades in the restaurants and cut the front of their four hundred because a lot. And yes. He's checking in with Dory and she wakes up because she was knocked out and she's like Oh happy I kept my promise. I didn't say a word in small is when it gets like except pathetic is like Shit like come on do that like you. Save me like shit kind of realizes. Maybe it should be better to her like. She's she's still a person just attached to my wrist She's like she gets beat up if they're in danger to the board of the GEICO. Yeah we'll figure that out after we're not endangered anymore. I'd rather have someone on the street. Look at me. Funny then me get run over by a bus. Yeah uh-huh and said he still girl if she has to protect him no matter what and she has all happy and hugs them and then we Basha Leila running around and bears his house and that's when his friend walks in he's like cg at the fuck you dealing and apparently doesn't see his hands doesn't find out what about it and then. MIDORI is happy and falsely with Seiji. Because she's thrilled by the situation and he's not and that's pretty much it that's premature endings. Pretty Standard of anatomy. I took notes that there was a fat cat. Throughout the whole show and progressively gets more bandaged up like a mummy mommy by the end of the fully wrapped up in bandages and I thought it would pay off. Because like we see him a bit. And he's also voiced by the same guy the voices Goku and dragging buzzy But now it's just a weird running gag. I Guess Yeah So. Yeah Yeah Yeah I was gonNA say something in. I already. Don't remember what it was. This show melted my brain a little bit just even ooh yeah. I'm concerned for my mental wellbeing. where I'm seeing shows like this? I'm like okay I guess just go along with it no longer surprise. I'm just like Of course all right I was just going to say. I can't even imagine the kind of stuff this awakened in people just like it. Kurt I don't want to look at the sexiest online path. Cartoons are wonderful world of imagination that can express them very well and different forms of art media. It's creating a lot of fetishes though anime the origin for a lot of fetishes yeah So let's just continue you going with. Yeah so in the beginning of episode to A woman presumably minorities. Mother is by her bedside. She's like why Ohio you wake up. MIDORI this one. I did watch dubbed because I was taking notes on it and boy is the dub good uh-huh it's her I find Madore I try I try so hard. I'm the Dory's voice so grading though it's really not it's rough but she's small. Of course her voice has to be about five octaves higher than every other other character in the show. I was thinking about that. Only that doesn't okay all right. Let's go through the checklist of how high her voice should be eh. She's a girl. Check check she young Chacha young Chinese small Oh not a double double the octaves on uh-huh higher smart check no small check smaller. She's smaller than a child. Old Nelson okay. So so it's morning MIDORI wakes up with Seiji Still Snooze Susan and she opens opens the curtains and she's like. Oh what a beautiful day waking up next to my beloved. I'M GONNA make him breakfast. And she it drags his sleeping body through the house to the fridge which she opens and finds that it's full of Beer Julia. Yeah with a with the message left from say Jeez sister that says do not drink And she's like He. It's then that she's like Oh soups. I dragged you through the House. Ha Ha in St Says she'll make him breakfast and she tries to get out of the fridge. Where did she get it Chicken I assume. Yeah there's chicken and the other chicken with egg on its wing and instead of carrying the stove to sit on his head just some silly humor for for Ya. Yeah and then he heads out to school and there's a little girl in the first episode. It's like Super She's like Oh your skin's weird apart. She sees him again as she. She calls him onate chance she's like brother in the English dub and he's like don't call me that he's like hiding his hand behind his is back and she's like what have you got back there. And he's like it's nothing and she's like I know what it is. It's a dirty magazine. Isn't it ha ha and then she starts running going away and she's like I always tell you I'll do whatever you want me to and I'm like this sucks you suck. I wrote on the line lying because they caught me off guard. You don't need a new DEMAG. I'll come for you any time and I. Yeah I what did they mean. I don't know but the the child a child she doesn't even wear a school uniform yet. So so that means she's still in elementary school is they're not like they don't do like the. Oh I'm in love with you like sort sort of like the innocent childlike of love and teasing him sexually saying hey you have a porno mag and I'll come for you. There's like no don't because he also says do this afterwards he says now. I got little kids flirting with me. So I'm like okay so it wasn't me not understanding what they meant. Floyd it was. That's what you were going for. At least he's not into it. Good for you doesn't Sir David Triggers and then I forget how it comes about but Madari shows him that he she made like a little shirtdress address. That says Iheart Saji. He's like no yet to where the bandages so people think that. You're just my hand but you're hurt And and on the way to school. He says that they're going to try. and Go back to her house again She get sad because she's like. Oh you think I'm a burden and yeah kind. Kinda is a little bit. Yeah and they get to school and they see that sage people see that. Cj Hand is all bandaged up so like immediately rumors. Start flying about what this boy's been up to because he's got a reputation at school And among this like chatter in the classroom the class Rep. Who was in the first episode? She comes in and tells a girl and she's like he's not that scary scary. He's just a guy that likes to beat people up. I mean yeah that can be scary scary. Yeah she's like it like doc tries to be that thing in you hawker show with that girl. That's known use K.. And she's like he's not scary but this girl's just mean like that's the other thing about the show that I noticed pretty much every other girl or woman character that's introduced in the show. Aside from the Dory is extremely unlikeable. Yeah it's she's not saying he's you know he's not mean he's just like misunderstood it's like no. He's a delinquent sucks. Yeah Yeah and she's like. Oh where are you going to do kick my ass fuck off. It's like whoa chill. I had a bandaged hand. And you're challenging me to a fight right get to know me maybe And his friend from first episode I think his name is MIA but a certain point in my notes I just kept calling him bud so he he comes in and he's like. Hey Seiji people are saying that you took on a whole car Yakuza rockies a gang members and you beat up everybody and the car idyllic the animation of punching through the car into the driver British and then we find out that the classroom is a say and she thinks some means shit about him where she's like he's he sucks and it serves him right that he so isolated from everybody and it's like what is wrong with you and then I don't know I like this so much. Seiji is on the roof and he's Minorities like ranting about how mean say he is and he brings his hand up as a snack Tobin and she just like absent mindedly helps him open it. There's something about that that I just loved that she was like it's still ranting and like just helped him open it was cute. He didn't have toyed ask her to do it or didn't have to be addressed. Just they're already used to was yeah and then From down below Here's some thugs approach in their legs. Seiji come fight us us. He's like I'm not going to do that today. In that he hears I ask say like standing up to them and telling them to leave and They laugh at her and they are like were GonNa take you with us and then she says that she hates delinquent at one of them. MM slaps her across the face and then they start dragging her off and literally. No one is helping her. And all I could think of. Because I just don't show made her so unlikable was like I wouldn't help her either. Why would she stand up to them? I think at least in the one of the guys in the crowd says like Oh this the snooty Rich Gore the stunk girls being taken away. It's like all right. Good like the they make it a point of saying like yeah everyone else. She's kind of stuck out to yeah. It sucks the sucks that all of the girls are made to be unlikable. 'cause I like her either. I think tourism is not the worst. I mean five seconds. We see sorry. I'm sure she seems okay and on and on stage comes and he saves her. He kicks instead of punches because his legs legs are good to go down and she watches. This happen Cafe Kinda you could tell she's GonNa catch feelings but then of course for. She doesn't let him know that she's just like fuck you. Why did you save me? WHO still delinquent for fighting even save me from being kidnapped And then we see sese's friend is at an arcade and then the gang members gang up on him And take him it's after school and Seiji finds a note in his locker. That says we have your friend. If you don't come to this place at this time we're GONNA beat him to death. SAJI is like well. I gotta go rescue my only friends. The only person who doesn't think I'm a piece of shit it doesn't tell me that daily and isn't my hand yet So he runs. I Osei sees the note to And then we get a part of like the gang like beating on his friend while they're waiting for Seiji to come save him And he's Running he is trying to get there on time and then he's located after that will go to your house and then we got say walking in thinking about Seiji the and I don't care about real yes and then she. This was the funniest thing is that she's just like I don't like him. I don't like him so much. I have to television or else I won't get it out of my mind. And she runs to go find him as if her opinion matters. Think she says I have. I have to tell them my feelings so I could feel better to tell them how much I hate him or else. It'll eat me up inside. He he has to be the one that feels bad about this So he he gets to the place and He kind of just gets knocked down on right away and doesn't fight back and that eventually like the leader says address stop. He's not fighting back sucks. Let's go to school with a super super deep Not Yeah these these are these are measurements boy. These are men and his friend kind of gets mad at him. He's like why don't you fight back man. And then. He says that he didn't WanNA start a fight. 'cause he was worried about other people getting into it which was weird. I feel like like they're trying to make him likable. which is Great? He doesn't want to fight back because whatever but like who would have gotten involved like there's no around. Will they know they already like. I think they were trying to say the scattered at the school and saw Saul. who saved US hanging out with and then kidnapped his friend because of that so he didn't want them to hang out around their school in late? Take other students that he might interact with because of that. I think none of it makes accent but this is where you're supposed to be like. Oh He's a soft boys with NASA. Also here's this. She's like Oh he's a soft boy. Aw I love and the next day. She pushes her desk closer to his. Because everybody else's desks are pushed far away from him because that seems Nice And then Midori like catches ISI staring at him posse Come after she's. She is catching feelings to thunk. Well the person who is mean at the start of the episode. The Sunday area couldn't own everybody could. She's she's feeling in these tiny tiny hands and and it's after school and say gee is walking back to Dory's house and there's a weird moment uh-huh he's walking by a boy and this boy just like privately recognizes him where he's just like Oh. Isn't that the boy the Dory and unlike trails off the And then we don't see him again don't know if we will. Or if he was just a plot device He's told that the House that Midori Dory isn't home again but then his mom his mom sees him on like the video integral intercom thing thing. And she's like. Oh your Saji. Let him in. And he's like how does she know me well And then she leads him up to minorities room where she's been sleeping for three days. You cooma in her mom Opens like a music box on her nightstand where she just has pictures of Seiji now as she is. She's too afraid to talk to him Dan so she just admires him from afar. But she's been in love with him for a long time. No okay just taste no. Having a crush. An unrequited crush does not automatically make you an own having spent three. That's staring at a man for three pitchers ovo tasks to there's definitely some stocking stuff going on. That isn't quite white and like her on four Chan yelling about it. She's not what the red pill yelling at me for. Not Seeing the joker yet. She's calling me a Beta metal because her mom knows about her cross on TV and that boy royds everybody knows proclaiming it from the mountaintops except for two Seiji. I guess yeah So he tries to show her mother that like she's safe. She's just here but she like hold onto his jacket and she's like no. I don't want to know So she her. Mom goes to get some tea as she's like. Oh why don't you talk to Midori like if she can hear you. I'm sure she'd be happy to hear your voice And then He like asks Midori why she didn't let her mom that that she was okay. And she's like I just don't think she can take it and then say Jeez like okay. Well let's try something to put you back in your body. How about I just like touch you to you? And we'll see what happens and she was just like I don't know why she's like okay. Okay I just will you you go out with me like all this stuff about me you go out with me. And he's also think about what you're obviously of so he removes the Blanket and Oh my God she's naked. Go to see her tits career. If your daughter was comatose why would she be naked in her bed. Why would she be naked? And then why would you leave her naked comatose auto body in a room with a boy that you don't know this is your fault. See See we've found a way to so He's like okay. I'll close my eyes. You just like to took such yourself once again and masturbation and of course she just goes straight for her own Kabuga and just like solutions herself into it trying to do anything for this to work and then her mom and the maid come in Warsaw. Aw Crazy seen this coming. Just looks like he's just groping her boob and do voice. They he gets. He gets chased out of the mansion I went to the mom fades almost immediately. She ooh open like just seeing the back of him not like fully seeing what he's dealing And then we get a shot of MIDORI. Mom crying over her. Daughter's body En- MIDORI Christ Christ to and she's like writing in her journal about how she doesn't want her mom to be sad and that she's okay. She's with her beloved Saji. And that's that's when the episode ended and I was like Oh okay anymore that's episode to what was What was the line that you thought was questionable? Brendan the one. The little girl says that. Like okay the maybe it'd be like All right cool. Hurry making the best choices with our lives that we can because as of now said yes the localization is like this is good. I'm going to assist good. Says Good Shit People WanNa hear this okay three to brace myself to talk about the show so so we start off with the pervert cat out in the rain in the alley and sure everyone. Everyone's business you can name any character in this pervert descript descriptors and just get a character name. So the cat sees a lady walking in the rain and freaks out trying to get out of her way And we see Seiji is counting money. talking about my allowance. Finally I can I can Spend money and feel like a human again because I've been so poor and MIDORI cooked a heart shaped dinner for him out of a hamburger steak. And she's like I made you you this lovely meal. This is great and Being a true piece of shit. This is like this sucks. Let's go out to dinner. Work work well. He says this is good but now that we have money. Let's go to then. Yes shitty. Maybe he's Shittier in the dub no like he he was like yeah. This is fine but I'll treat us to food after two April meal. Yeah and he took one by it was like Oh so burger king the stakes cooling all bullying. What about working on this for the last two hours and I said nothing? 'cause I'm literally attached to you that you served it the second and the plate touch the table. I'm I have a real hanker in for some panties you you know. She has to give him a hand be heard I was wondering in any job. She does her okay. They can't even fully commit to this shit. Okay just breeze for you. Run into this real quick. Yeah so the mysterious stirred the mysterious woman walks in and it is Seiji Sister Rin A- and of course she immediately starts kicking his ass takes his allowance. Money is like. Hey Fuck you nerd as he's trying to like hide MIDORI and Wrestle back the money he gets knocked out cold winding adding on Midori behind his back. And when RIN tries to Panam sees MIDORI and freaks out. You know I often my comment about MIDORI. But what if this whole show is about himself saying it's better to stick with your right hand than to be weighed down by any of these. Unlike adult unlikable and redeeming women so it was made by me buying sound. I believe that that's a theory. Theory I can get is making sense now thinking. Yeah because surprise. Sister Sucks to doesn't get better. She's hot but that's yeah that's probably how insults feel about women. She's either hot in mean to me or not hot and still mean to me. Any of them. Students show these women's problem. I await the angry the emails from in cells anyways. Let's we don't tell you. Is that too strong too. Hard of a standing the show can agree on. Yeah I think that can be a a stance that would make please. If you identify as an in cell I don't want to hear from you anyways anyways so the she sits down sees is that There is a small lead attached to her brother and starts questioning like. Hey what what the fuck she seems to accept it. Pretty quickly basically minorities like yeah. I fucking love your brother And the rain goes outside and to Motorcycle dudes are out there. And they're like hey read near back in town and now it's time to party Artie. And she kicks their asses for being loud because her whole thing is just fighting people. Further senior biting people So Seiji says that this was her old high school gang and Renan's like hey big gather other up the boys we're going to the SPA sages paying for it and terrible. Say Jeez like no the fuck. I'm not and gets knocked out by written Dan and thrown on the back girlfriend on a date please. I need to throw away her home cooked meals so we go eat processed processed foods so he wakes up on the back of a motorcycle being brought. MIDORI has a small small motorcycle helmet. which I don't know how that happens? I was wondering about that. Someone got it for her. Oh someone had a little Chihuahua. Oh wow a helmet and just put in the. I was thinking. They're really those ice cream helmets. Baseball Games were from like dairy queen. Yes definitely one of them. WHO's so they go to the SPA? Everyone's eating and getting drunk and the gang start showing off like dumb tricks rex of like. Hey I can I can do a suit swags look at me. Hey Ren look at me look at me mom do you love me a But rinn is super drunk at this point and his super unimpressed and is like. Hey Fuck all you people with your lame like like party tricks. Let me show you some real fucked up shit and Yanks Midori out and shows it off to the gang They're all freaking out but MIDORI and Seiji play it off. Like Madari is a ventriloquist's dummy So so she just hold still and everyone reaches out and starts like grabbing at her and being like Oh she's so soft she so realistic. Oh let me touch your tit Does she does she have panties and so say gee is like hey knock it the fuck off and pushes everyone back and starts a drunken ronkainen brawl in everyone's fighting everyone some good wholesome fund to make you forget about the touching this kid Yeah so it's the next day Say Gee is taking a bath in one of the spar rooms and apologizes for yesterday and Madonna's like it's fine. We manage that all right. No one suspects is anything weird Hey let me let me help you wash your back and starts scrubbing them and then drops the sponge. It's like Oh that's fine. I'll just use my body and just rub up against you because my towel absorb some suds. I'm sort of A half dry. Humping you great good stuff like I'm like I said I kind of impressed. There will work all the Schlocky tropes of the anime into this with a character that's like one tenth her size and attached to his hand. Yeah it's all for the kink baby. It's it's impressive. How many he went? Who played trying to jump through just to make this? It shows you the dedication to the formula. NEELA where they're like. Okay let's take any strange bullshit but still hit the checkpoints that we have in any show. Yeah yeah like wow so naturally ren walks in naked because it's a spa and and say Jeez like Oh. Hey sister can you put your fucking tits away and this weird Yup. I think this might be our first genuine. Technically certainly not incest on. Yeah I was about to say yeah we this is definitely a justification for that box check eh but She's like yeah it's Co Ed. Chill out your girl anyway. Ha Ha ha fun. Fun Stuff Well so so they get into a bath together cool and they're all just naked soaking in a tub tub and MIDORI is asking questions about Their childhood together of course talking about how they took baths together whereas a kid didn't need to introduce that aspect to it but sure no the whole thing of like women's breasts don't need to be inherently gently sexual but like I feel like that isn't a stance that this anime Midori days based on every other woman we've seen gene up to this point. It's these breasts are made for sexual with baby like literally Midori says says Oh my God you have such a great rack when when she wa says you're so well proportioned figure so like I mean we've gotten to these in every episode so far. Yeah we have seen bear boobs in all three episodes. Yeah we got it. Thrown her about the next. No we'll never. Yeah especially the circumstances where these titties are brought out. Its naked small girl on first day of like knowing knowing her as a hand entity we have naked coma girl. Jessen there Four sight gag of Touching her BOOB nope and sister sister who didn't need it. Sister had a hot spring. I was going to ask if we should put Nikki it coma girl on the BINGO card. But I'm honestly upset by how often that might get checked off. Yeah I don't want to know how frequently that happens. I can only think of one other and it's not even from an anime I've seen all of what is it even Kellyanne I. There's one scene that I know about four. And it's that seen with the naked cova girl star. They have a spaceship that power by Nikki. Sleeping girl in a tube fucked. That's a weird one. All right yeah. Let's move on. We're almost there. We can almost throw this garbage. So they're talking about childhood and how Seiji used to the be. This quiet loner who always got bullied. He can't swim. He's a loser and we see a flashback. Back of him getting picked on like fighting back. Tears defense him and he's like. Hey stop being a little piece of Shit Actually defend yourself. I'm going to train you and we got a little Fight Training Montage just a week of these kids ads doing like rocky wavell Shit Antique goes to fight the bullies. He loses of course because he's was training for a week and there were four of them but it sort of instilled the spirit of never giving up and especially standing up for the people who can't stand for themselves and sort of gets the foundation of Y he wants to help people and recounting recounting the story. CG Like tries to drown himself to get out of it. I don't know it's because before she told the story ran pushed his his head down into the water so he wouldn't hear her being nice. Gotcha okay down the whole time. She is telling the story which was like minutes. Okay okay cool. I miss that part but yeah so they wake up the next day he just straight straight up passed out after getting drown so wakes up. Everyone left and they leave him with the bill for Twelve rallied gang members. Who destroyed everything so all that allowance? Money is gone and he has to set up a payment plan Sister good stuff good good things. Yeah I hate that thing of like. I'm Shitty to you so you learn how to stand up for yourself. It's like dog. No you can like teach me all this shit but also like teach me self worth and not want to die all the time yeah. She has like a brief like in tearing hearing moment where she like defended him as a little kid but then she's also the reason he doesn't know how to swim because she drowned them in the bathtub so much when they had bats together. So it's a how the as long lasting damage cool cool great great great so yeah as they drive back rim is thinking of that Midori. Dory girl is good for him but I will never say anything Nice in the real world So I'll I guess I'll just send him the Middle Finger Finger Emoji later and then they're back at the house. They're taking another bath. He gets sal but his Howell falls. MIDORI CBS's Dick. We get called that sexes. Yeah see Vashon Joanie is Dick. That's definitely something where they're like. Yeah these tits are sexual but we will never show you a dick. That's gross. Well she even says I like finding out these new parts of you that I didn't know before and that's when he stands up on the telephone she's like but I didn't WanNa know that part of us even she doesn't want to see rests Twi. Yeah but I don't WanNa see your Dangel even though you need to go to the bathroom sometimes so we're glossing Lovie Times where. She's just plugging her ears closing her eyes. Well he's taken a Shit Lola Long. That's probably so difficult Colt to not be able to wipe his but I was thinking with his right hand. The biggest hurdle of the show is not yourself after eighteen years of having the switch hands. It's now I wanna see that part of the show. You should struggle trying to learn how to do this. He's like Oh scissors. This is simply flips assessors overtook originally. But no it's not like I have to buy left. Handed scissors die. have no sympathy for him. I needing to you so many right handed. It says there's a y'all y'all can get over that standing. Yeah Yeah I probably knew that probably really I'll see you right very much but I'm sure I knew that for dental. Yeah our digital boy these days. Yeah we'll see you type really ruined us. You remember you that mouse Internet's like I can't understand how this works. I mean that's not a left-handed factor. I just ran Iran for that anyway. But yeah that's the show. There's a scene where they go to bed. But who cares anyways we're done to take thanks for for not recommending this. There's a reason it wasn't recommended. Yeah it's it's some I don't know have like this bullshit and that's why I take it. Yeah it's are. We are animated Alaskan. No not now. We're like it's it's not the worst show we've seen it's not like cringe will it's cringely but a lot like the permit cringe inge. That some other shows give you be entire time. You're just like Oh fuck this but it's like everything you're doing is obvious you're I'm not doing it. Well all these women are so mean in such unlikeable characters except for Midori and you still spend Seiji. Steve Berating her all the time. It's bad don't watch it. It is I mean it took me this long to really just think about in the way that it's just like every other bad anime wrong com that exists except she small and attached to him like. That's the only difference. Is that Infanta leising her just because she soon though like I don't know the right word for polite. She's he's taking care of him now. I like cleaning his room during his shores it's demeaning and like she's supposed to be India because she has like no agency of her own except when she's doing chores for him. Yeah Yeah I do want to look up what happens in the end and if there's ever an explanation for any of it but I'm GonNa Watch this. Nah cop-out like some coma. Wish Shit Hide. I don't the whole time. I wanted it to be like a spell like I wanted her to be like a witch and she did some weird stuff with some crystal and this is what happened she was doing like a weird ritual but then like a bird flu under windows so she turned down by accident so she switched bodies with the hand. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Maybe she wanted to switch bodies with end. Then it would have been like your name. We just made your name. Is there's a parasite and your name. Because a parasite Miki is going to invade his body but then Fox up and then he gets stuck in his hands. Well the really are better than this one. I mentioned your name. Captain Your name twice in this episode. Yeah not great bad taste bad where all right. So what's going on next next week next week. We're watching a show that I have seen clips of but never watched and I only just recently found out that this was was the title connected to the the clips. It's called monthly girls Nozaki Koon And we're GONNA watch the first three episodes because I don't know anything. Hardly know anything about it so wonderful. Yeah well if there's a show you would would like us to watch you could reach out to us You can email us Are we there yet at gmail.com or you can reach out on social media twitter and Instagram at are we there yet. You can find me on twitter and Instagram at Mr Patrick Dugan. You can find me on Instagram at Queen period we you boo and on twitter at Queen. Underscore we ability and queen underscore. We Abhu Art. You can find me on twitter at A. Bts Brendan stands for almost better than silence which is a video you can podcast. I do occasionally thank you. Camille really for artwork. And thank you to Louis Zong for these theme song stories off the album beats you can find all all of Louise's music at Louisan Band Camp Dot Com. Thank you and we hope. You'll join US next week as we learn to live with and fishing in the Uh.

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Ep 56 | Inside the Hollywood Bubble | Guest: Kim Gatlin

The Chad Prather Show

47:40 min | 1 year ago

Ep 56 | Inside the Hollywood Bubble | Guest: Kim Gatlin

"Hey, everybody. Welcome to another episode of jeopardy show. Hanging out studio. Twenty two already having a party and having a good time. But that's not that's not unusual to this show. So hey party time and we're having a good time in here with party foul. Steve who hasn't bathed this week, what he did brush his hair? He did. He did. You cannot mention Steve's hair without him running his fingers through it. There you go. That's what the ladies want. They like that uses sex deal, right there in hot news, Natalie sitting over there in the peanut gallery. How are you doing today? Excited for today because I we haven't announced to our guest is you. You're so. So this one you do you love. He's tiger jumping the gun. And of course, we puppet master Mark, sitting at the helm of the starship in candy Queen of the hey girl, hey, and boozy Sean, he's sorta in there there. He goes, oh, he's, our token, black guy, the only black guy white privilege, and he gets to sit over in the corner. Yeah. So anyway, hanging out here studio, twenty two and as Natalie alluded to got our friend Kim gatlin sitting over here in the hot seat hanging out a going to have a good time having a good conversation with her. She's a Dallas girl put on watch shot there. So everybody could see, boom, look at it. We're in here sweating together. And we are I wonder if I see shoes, if, if you take nothing away from this episode look at the shins girl, as something I bet those things make a racket in the dryer, there pro. Those are awesome. Those hard to walk in their comfortable Alamo trial. These are comfortable Kim. These, these are these are comfortable, but is hot. It's still hot. They haven't fixed air conditioner here in studio, twenty two but we're gonna have a good time. Who is Kim Gatling? I'm glad you asked that question. And by the way, before we get into this, go to YouTube if you're gonna watch this, and go to wear repod, caster downloaded and subscribe to and get it there. So we can count the numbers were capitalist. We like to be able to tell our advertisers. What we're doing. She is the author of the book sing around here in between us. It is called good Christian bitches. And I just love saying that phrase. Good Christian bitches party about the way that's a phrase we use around here because my mother, always gives us a hard time. She says it always devolves into party time studio twenty two. So we just go ahead and get the party started earlier. So for those of you with delicate sensitivities g CBI right there. So tell me how you tell me the inspiration because this thing that came the expiration for television show, but we'll get into all that, and all of that stuff. That happened there. What was the relation for the book and I was going to divorce and I was trying to have as little damage as possible to our children. And I was seeing at their past and trying to maneuver, his best, I could and the women that I thought I'd get them. I support from were the least supportive, and they happen to be like my bible study girlfriends. And so I was talking to another girlfriend of mine who went and really much of a believer, and she said to me, she said, you know, I'm just really floored by the behavior of some of these good Christian women, and I go, you mean good Christian bitches, and we both just died laughing, and I said, I swear to God going to write a book on McCall. Good Christian bitches. And then I felt like I had to cause I don't want to be one of those people who said they were going to write a book and never, did you know that folks that you've probably cut grief. I know you have grief over over the title in the name, and how dare you say in the same more. Let's just get into the vein in the spirit of what you're trying to communicate. You're like me. You just blunt about it and said, this is what I'm dealing with. And I've always said that the American church and I spent a lot of time in third world countries all around the world. I've seen the persecuted church I've seen Christians at are really up against persecution, and oppression and losing their lives for their faith and things like that. And so we kinda live in an age, where if the air conditioning's not right and the Starbucks coffees not in the lobby and the music is too loud. You gotta have the fountains. And the thin you got exactly you gotta have all these things when for us to go to these Americanized massive churches at are out there. And for many of us, it's a feel good social club and I don't care who gets offended when I say that. I mean it just it is. And they're more of go in there and expand your mind and feel positive about yourself rather than injury and be seen ascending. It's like their version of the country club almost exactly, it is. And you wanna play your part there in this kind of it. So you just call it, what it was. I mean you just said, I'm coming at you. Well, and here's the thing. I mean. Make no mistake. I'd examined my own heart, and how many times somebody looked at me and thought, gosh, if that's what Jesus looks like. I don't want anything to do with it. You know, but it was just really funny because the time that I really expected for it to be supported embraced and encouraged I was getting ripped to shreds and reading are both really careful. You know, I didn't want people thinking poorly children's father, he didn't want people thinking poorly of their mother, so there was no blood on the sidewalk. There was nothing to talk about. So this made it up, by the way, folks, this is not you're not going in Barnes and nobles and bind this in the devotional. Okay. No. This book, this is a story. I mean, this is your based on your life, and I understand exactly what you said. It's a fun book. It's obviously a great concept. And you have caught some flack all the way to even Newt Gingrich kind of saying, well, they would never say that about Muslims. Can you tell they would could have been good Muslim bitches? Get one do bitches good Jewish bitches. I mean, just that part was interchangeable, it's funny because the producer on my show was Jewish, and he showed his mother, the pilot before anybody else saw it. And she goes, well that's just Misao. And so at the Senegal again. Really, they could've just saved the face and called it bitches. Worldwide bitch. Party, no say what? Bitches. My saying is. That's what people people are like, oh my God. What have we got into? I love it, man. Because because, you know, we go round around with folks, and I just have fun. You know it needs to be people need to be able to laugh at themselves. And I love what you said about kind of turning the on turn the searchlight on your own heart and saying, you know, hey, this is for every finger pointed, somebody else, I got three point back and I do that all the time, and I and I believe in self deprecating humor to look at myself and my flaws and. Yeah. But I'm also gonna mop people too, because that's what I do. And I don't care who they are. That's in my job description. So we have fun with him. But you write the book the book, obviously comes out, it's got great reviews, and it's a fun book to read. I haven't read all it, but I'm just kind of scanning through some of it and reading your bio and. As like entertaining, obviously Hollywood picks up on that. And this crazy. I just thought do well locally because I knew actually, I didn't think that as many people were gonna play the parlor game of who's who I was really kinda surprised at that. And I was telling nettling earlier that the people that should have been, you know, some people think reflection is better left to mirrors as we all know, you know, so the people that you thought might have had something ring of the little Hannah truth to them had no clue that, that they were anything like that. And the people that never crossed my mind in the last twenty years where like, I can't believe you put me on your book. And I was like, no who, again, it really, it really emphasized that old thing we all hear about how everybody's really the center of their own universe in 'cause I, I couldn't believe how many people just like made it about them. Yeah. Well tell you a story. So my ex wife wrote a novel ten years ago, and I promise you every bad guy in the book is me. All of the gun in the book our own amalgam of all of our ex boyfriends. From college was amazing and apparently walked on water. So, yes, that is true, and that's exactly what happens all the negative stuff was me, you know, and apparently I died in the end of that book. But anyway. Is this like the mother of your children this, yeah? This is my ex wife. Excellent. Todd Jane, I have a fantastic marriage, and I understand everybody knows Jade, and myself and lifetimes Jade's on the show as well. Everybody loves Jade in folks who don't know most people know, I, we were both married before she has one I have four and her one, I still consider my own, you know, we got five that's awesome. I, I have a stepdad like you and you won't believe the difference. You're making the way you approach it. When I when I pray for my kids, he's, he's on the top of the list. So you know it's one of those things, but in a good relationship with my ex wife as well. But it it's it's fun to laugh about, you know, we do things in her young life. And then we come out of it and you know you talked about the therapy. I do what I do I got into the world of comedy calls for me. It was therapy go out because I was depressed and I went out and, you know, it's good to go out and find an artistic expression that kind of you're able to get it out. Get off your chest. And a lot of folks don't take that. Like you said, a lot of people say they're going to write a book, and they never do you did it, you did it, and it was a great book, and it turned into some huge things, and I wanna get into this, because I'm gonna tell you just a hair bit more my experience because I, I want to see how it compares to yours. So I wrote a sitcom idea while back and a lot of big people out there in Hollywood got on board with it. We pitched ABC and CBS and FOX TBS, Eric Tannenbaum, who was executive producer two and a half men. He had gone to Lionsgate. So he picked it up Lionsgate had it. So we were pitching this sitcom idea. We're about to start pitching a different idea out there, but I'm kind of a conservative guy. I'm outspoken in that way. And sometimes I get a little political on things, and, you know, that didn't bode well, Hollywood. Right. Right. But it was a great idea. And a lot of folks love it, and who knows it's not dead in the water yet. So I kind of had that experience, which for me was surreal, because you go out there and here you're in all of these major studios in these major executive producers, and writers, these folks that are on board, and it's kind of, you know, I'm just a redneck the group in Georgia and lives in Fort Worth Texas, now, and I'm just salt of the earth. What am what I am, which see is what you get sort of sort of, how was that experience for you, though? Yeah, it was crazy because I was really lucky that a lot of my media friends, and that freelance for national publications right about it. And Newsweek friend of mine wrote for Newsweek, and do visa Newsweek. But she put me in. Paris cope. And it was the same issue that had that I know it's called something I should know the name of it, but it's that red black and pale blue portrait thing of Obama on the cover. Yeah. Yeah. So it was like the week before the election. So sure that it was like more of a collector's issue. Somebody people pick that up that wouldn't have picked it up, otherwise, and then my phone just started blowing up and the two and a half men guy called me the bedding office. All this star, call me and literally I would walk into these meetings, put my hand on the doorknob like before I'd walk in. I think okay. God, they can't eat me and I might learn something just walk through the door. You know, and they're all really nice, but I didn't know what it was doing. And then finally Patrick Swayze was a friend of mine, my ex-husband's, and Patrick sick, he was still with us, but his secretaries, a good friend of mine, and she was, like, will you call your attorney and see if he'll help her, and so he did, and he took me William Morris, and it was so funny because they're like a self published my my book. I was gonna. And well, the thing is a new I was too frightened to let a publisher do it because I didn't I am Christian. And I do love God. And so I didn't want them to butcher it and make it something that wasn't supposed to be. And so the when I went to lady Morris, I mean she'd like three hundred manuscripts in office that no telling how long that set there, but I on a Friday afternoon. She called me, Monday morning, and told me, she went to represent me, and always kinda felt like ended up being more my calling card, and plus then I had like an official issue of what I wanted it to look like out there in people knew what was really in my heart and what I was trying to say. And so the show was originally supposed to go to HBO, and I was so nervous about that, because it could ended up soft porn, you know, and when it went ended up going to major network, I was like, oh, thank God because I just felt like we were being protected in that regard. Because they couldn't go too far off the rails with it, you know, with VM on HBO they could have flip. That's I have people who watch this program. And other things that I do in comment, and they always had a commentary in their opinion, about my time in LA, and the things that I do, because I was with the Gersh agency, my agent, just moved over to paradigm with paradigm now. And, you know, my managers in LA and he had, you know he had mad about you for Nazis. He represented Paul Reiser for twenty three years. He's TV. All these guys are TV guys. And so going out there is one of those things where like you I didn't lose any sleep like those guys run with that. I just created the ideas, I jump on a plane fly out there sit down for forty five meeting forty five minute meeting with guys like Tom Werner, you know, that had everything from soap to Roseanne to seventy show and I turn around fly right back. And then I didn't lose a wink asleep over it, because I was like you said, they can't eat you the not gonna kill me. And plus I take a shot at the Keelan Rollo, Molly set. So. Everybody man. No, I had a blast me. He's like, what's your kid's name? So we're gonna be friends. What's your number? You're selling my phone. I'll text you mind. Yeah. So it was a great experience. Because you go in there and you sit down, you think men all of the people that you've seen on TV and movies, setting, these same seats and pitch. These same ideas, and also realized that when it comes to the TV business, you can come up with a really good idea. And like you said, she had three hundred manuscripts sitting on her desk. You got about a one and one thousand chance of that thing ever even seen the light of day absented ever sticking. So the fact that yours is one kudos to you for writing such a creative radical unique idea because, you know, we'd go out there and pitch sitcom ideas. And all these people would say, yeah, that was that was done on three's company in nineteen seventy eight and I'm like, you know, there's nothing new under the sun. Yeah. So I admire people who can come up with creative idea. And it's so unique this, this story needs to be tell told and I'm one of those guys who hasn't completely written Hollywood off yet. Like, like, yeah, there's crazies out there, but there's crazies everyone. You'd be amazed at the number of conservative people that will pull you a side and got, hey, I'm wanted you don't get me killed. Yeah. You know, I've got I've got a lot of them in folks at represent me from my attorneys, all the way down and all the way up, even it's so it's interesting to see that. But I say that, if you wanna put your voice out there, what greater place to do it. I mean, we use social media these days what greater place to do it than Hollywood. It's a huge platform. It's a massive platform. You just never know what doors, God might open to see to get that voice out there. Yeah. It's funny because this has been just such a bumpy road. And it's like it was never really completely done like after the show got cancelled kid critic perch me about. Do. Okay. Likes Patrick Swayze and kit Craddock and one time sitting down with Chad Prater and. Author and. This terrible is thought about that. Turned into a very morbid episodes are good Christian. I'm really bad luck feeling. He was gonna offend a musical at it. I mean he was all in. I mean he loved it. And apparently he owned a huge publishing catalog Broadway shows which you would have never guessed, but anyway, and then about the time that kid passed, and that was no longer a deal. They were circling back to talk about because when we got cancelled I mean, their defense, all there was was networking cable. You didn't have, you know. Amazon, and it's not. Goes even Facebook these days has. So I mean. Our only options were like major network or cable, and that was it? And then now there's all this other stuff. And so when it came up, it was like, you know, let's take a shot at this again. So felt really fortunate in that regard bit. So when the show got picked up originally, and you got assuming they at least took to a script and got the writers on. It was picked up by ABC. Yes. Is that right? Yes. Darren star optioned from me, I he's the guy that did sex and the city and Melrose place. Beverly Hills, not on which, you know to all that. And so basically you kind of had to take your baby in hand. It to is, you've got one baby in the nursery, and they've got fifty and that whole squeaking. Wind gets the grease doesn't work in that deal know. I mean everybody going, what'd you do. And I was like, really nice to everybody and I'll let them know really grateful to be there. When I first got out Hollywood and sitting down with these guys, they were throwing around terminology that I had no idea what they were talking about. So I started buying books in reading them all through the night of like how to sell the screen. Screenplay and all these things. Right. So I was doing, and I was trying to do this crash course of how to learn the terminology because I'd go out there. I don't know what I'm gonna different world here. Well, my cousin has been an actress like our whole life and Angie Harmon. She was on, like law and order. Brady. Yeah. Let me stop for a second hand. You Harmon she's a smoke show. To ten twelve years ago, they'd say who's hottest woman on the planet. I'd say art AG harm seeing. And I knew I like she's still married. No, no. They got divorced. And I think. Telling me what was. Remember you already played football whatever. Yeah. She's a sweetheart, you'd love her voice, stop, stop the clock. Kansas throw up an Angie Harmon pick. Anyway. So you talking to Angie. Well, I mean, I knew a little bit about television just for her always working in that business. Just kind of I mean, I literally discounts crazy, but I'd really approached it like gods into are either gonna happen with it or it's not. And I mean I just kind of waited to see and try not to hold onto it to tight. And I felt like I really wouldn't because everytime, I think well, that was fine than something else would come up where it was reemerging. And the thing is, you know, that was that's the elephant in the living room that we all grew up with if you grew up in a Christian home. And if you grew up going to church, everybody knows that one of the meanest woman, you've ever met in your life goes to your charge and. Pretend some of the craziest transit pretends to be holier than thou. Anybody watching this thing whilst to disagree with that, you know you lie. Some of the means folks out there and it re- really is. You know, it's funny as like my mother got je. She went through the worst. Everybody goes did you get a hard time from that. And all that nothing happened to me nearly as bad as what, what my mother went through. I was awful. And I mean, if you think mean girls are mean girls, middle school just wait till they're seventy you know, it's like they are pros at that point, you know, on live that long. Trust me. They home. Some skill have mastered that meanness. But seriously like one of her friends, I'll never forget. She had a tendency to play around in like strategy stuff and I wanna do people's charts and all that kind of stuff, and they're always talking about this woman like she was a practicing which guy, and she was the one who was the most offended by my title. And I'm like, when's the last time you darkened the door of what are you talking about? You know, it was just crazy to me, and the people that you would have thought my, my grandmother passed away about five years ago. She was still alive, when my book came out, and I thought my dad was going to tell her about it, because she's a dime, the wool southern Baptist, and he was like, no, let you tell her about that. I'm like, great thanks. So we go to lunch and I go sovereign this book, and it's a novel on us a bit the title of it's called good Christian bitches, and she isn't busted out laughing. She goes, well, we've on those, and I was like, okay, I'm good with it, because I mean, she was still teaching Sunday school when she walked it, you know, so if she was okay with it the lighting over you're doing astrology charts and going to bother me. And so. Let's talk about Angie Harmon. Some more Jason seebold issues. Mary to Justin, just kidding. You're Jason Segel. Jason. He's the father of my niece or my second cousin, such should be kind, Jason seahorn see something but anyway, enough about engine. But no, that's exactly true. And it's funny that people get so bent out of shape like a lot of times comedy shows, I'll start off. It might comedy is by at least by my standards. It's, it's a clean comedy show. I'll show you the edge. I'm just not gonna push you over. I'll make you feel a little uncomfortable. Some people feel. They feel a lot uncomfortable. But I'll say something I say, I just heard every Baptist but holding the room. This is this is the butthole pucker right here, this book, this is gonna feel the wind leave the air, just leaves Seru. You could hear that. That's not them gasping. That's but holes, that's a Larry. And you know, the, the emotion you can just feel it right in your finger. Some people to watch the show right now on can't watch this anymore. It's funny tighten up, folks. Hot news. Yeah. Did you watch the show? Did you see the show? I never got a chance to really give away. But I really was I totally got into that show when I think. I feel like maybe the opening scene was maybe at Turtur or there was actually, the guy that Angie's dating now is a guy named Greg Bon who's an actor, then Greg Vaughan when, when they when she first home me, it was a year thanksgiving. She I told me she was seeing him. She said a guy named Greg Vaughn go. Wait, I go, Greg von Greg. Von Greg, Greg Vaughn. I got that's the guy that died getting. Yeah. I think that's the guy that died getting a blowjob in Bentley. An opening of my show. That's not in my book, though, have, you know. How? Good devotional, book and say what it becomes Bentley. Pulling up on my phone. I showed it to our new Tebas like that guy. Actor. A Bentley could put a hit on. Somebody to take him out pleasure because edgy Harmon. On the black guy to take out a hit forty? Party, foul would mess up. The hit. We call him party foul drink together booze. Yup. Trust. You bentley. Yes. Of course, I'm gonna ask the black grand June black people. But what? Not a single, white friends. Not a single black friend. He's got so they don't claim. Got one. You gotta talk. What do you say? Now. I hope that. That we see Kristin Chenoweth and some. In the original version, yet, big fan of hers, and she awesome. She so, so talented and so sweet Sherwood. Milner mouth, I've heard so many good things about her, and we have mutual friends, and they always just singing the praises. He's the best. She really has read ably talented. I mean how tall is she about four ten? He's pockets me. Let me. And I'm like maybe five four. She's. That'd be great. So the CW have they picked it back up and run with it. Well, they were supposed to the med announcement at thanksgiving. They were going to put it in this season, but then they've got some problems with the riders steps, it's going to be twenty twenty like originally is so funny, when you get into deal with Hollywood and their timetables, and I learned a lot, like what you gotta do in the spring, and what you gotta do buying season, and then they'll get the riders together and the answer like a couple years, can can really go by, but I mean I told them they suffer through things in dog years they did. I mean it's like, oh my God. What I mean? It's like this is happened at lightning speed. I was like, oh my God. I've aged two thousand years since this process started this fast like that new movie that just came out on net flicks, the highwayman with the Harrelson watched tonight and Costner Coster originally wrote that script for Paul Newman. I mean that's how far back that I heard them. They gave they gave Costner that script like thirteen years ago to do something with, and thanks just kinda in. You're exactly right. I mean, it's a hurry up in weight in the world television movies. Absolutely. It really isn't it. That's why you have all these movies that have been made that never get released until somebody becomes really, really big. And then they're like, hey, let's slab this pull this off the shelf and release it as a as a new move. They become really big on. They've got the ability to kind of insist. Somebody do it, you know. And but I mean like I knew so many people, and this is what scared me to death that they had their books optioned for film project or TV project. And it's like that option have been renewed every year for, like twenty years. Just keep it. I was like, oh my God. How do you stand it? And I saw just relax that ever saw the light of day for ten episodes, ten episodes and. From everything. I've heard everybody seen the show love the show. They enjoyed the show. Was it a critical issue or now because there's no there's no way to justify or even know what it is in Hollywood that they say, okay, we're going to get rid of that. We're going to cut this show. There's no rhyme or reason to it. Actually, those one million moms tried to take credit for getting a cancelled like fifty thousand by the way, there's not a million. Got blocked from their Facebook page. Anyway, day, try to take credit for getting cancelled. It wasn't a numbers thing. It was internal. There was some stuff going on behind the scenes with some of the people that just and I asked me talk about it, and I was okay. I won't talk about it. You know, but it really didn't have anything to do with the cast. It was it was like the powers that be got crossed up. Well, one of the things that a lot of people don't understand about the business of television. Sitcoms say so they'll in movies are the same way. So let's say they take ten scripts, and they make they're gonna make ten shows this year. Probably too. Those are going to be successful and continue onto another season. And they're going they're deficit in all these shows so they are going in a hole, every studio is going in the hole to make those shows, and then the ones that are paying for it are the ones that have gone on, like your friends, and your Seinfeld, and king queens and all of these shows that they're now have. Incentivation that are added or making millions of dollars worldwide. And those are the ones that are paying back. So know Hollywood's putting so much money in all of these shows to be made that are really never gonna make any money. Well, that's why I don't understand why they don't give him more of a chance than one season that you would think they would. But here's what, here's what else I've learned about Hollywood. They don't know what's best for them. They really don't. So you take, for instance, the, the stuff and I know ABC came out CBS came out with a press release last buying season. And they said, look, don't bring us any ideas that involve a Silverlake hipsters with skinny jeans on, because it's just been, you know, these Hollywood, these LA people don't bring us any more of that because they they're not doing that. But yet you got Tim Allen show, who wasn't. Man. Yeah. Last man standing. Yeah. So ABC cancels him, and it's the third rated, you know, one of the third rate is it hasn't third is show premiered this season. I did that on Baghdad and not him. He got he got what seven seasons? I think out of the thing, and then they can't it, and it was a number three show on TV and no Rama reason to it. Everybody wanted to make it a political thing, because it was kind of a conservative thing, and then Roseanne comes on. And she kind of hurt pilot was at least conservative in the beginning. But then it really wasn't a conservative show because after that it wasn't about any of that. Yeah. And then, of course she, you know, she tweets on Ambien, and they wound up firing her in the whole thing takes devices away from after Ambien. Exactly. Right. Because you like I see. Cheetos, Honey, you're watching C span. That's the and I said, but, you know, America, most folks would watch this show, and we have millions of people who the show and they're going. We don't wanna watch TV we don't want to sitcoms because they're so against what we believe in blue collar, middle America. These hardworking folks that are out there said, hey, New York and LA doesn't represent us anymore. It so we're out there saying it's not about blue. It's not about read. It's about green. Let's go make money together. This is a good creative idea that kind of tells the voice of which by the way, my sitcom. The one we wrote actually had a just some common dude that in short. You know, just common family that did well for themselves wind up moving into Highland Park, Dallas, which they probably got involved with pitches. Yeah. It's everybody's Arava plan. So anyway, it was funny. Those those kind of worlds collide, but. They didn't like it. Still looking at it. Well, we'll see. We'll see I'll be honest with that idea. I wasn't a huge fan of it. I had to push her. The new idea of re I wrote that idea, but the new idea, I like even better in we're gonna we're, we're running. We're dealing with them out there. I mean ideas still on the table from before it had all the elements but I felt like it was a little contrived. I understand the thing that I would think, is that they don't really understand that people can't relate. I mean they went step this more relatable. And I mean that, that you see on TV everyday isn't real relatable to you, and me. You know what they call, you know, so affectionately the fly or states should show, it was it was, it was a comedy that wasn't a sitcom per se. He was at drama. It was more drama. Yes. Actually, which love those. And so, so because we were pitching an idea, which was a three camera deal a multi camera. And so I wasn't felt like it was a little more contrived this idea that we're writing right now a single Cam, it's a little more edgy and it's a little more parks and rec. Type field. The office type feel to what we've got going, and it's a little bit easier to do, because I feel it's a little more artistic to do it that way. Did you write it? Yeah. Yeah. So we're who knows like I said, I don't asleep over it. But it's it's got a job. I got a day job, I'm doing right. And I don't spend seven eight. He has a night job. Yeah, exactly. I got I'm twenty four hours and twenty four hours. I'm like, I'm like a Bob Kraft Asian spa. The open neon is in the window. Twenty four seven we take from seven eight AM off for a nap and a drink sake lead to keep your day job. Eight days a week. I'm telling you, we never take a break, and then awesome match rather do that. You do what you love. Well, that's what I was saying is like, anytime, anybody does any of this, that people don't realize like that hard part starts after you write the book after you do the TV shower after. That's when you've got a really got to get to work or hassle and all that. And so many people would rather go drank. I've real. That's what we usually drank on set. You should do quality work. Exactly what we typically do this. And, and I know the weekend I had a rough last week in series of shows in the Pacific northwest. And so I'm trying to I'm trying to stop from having to take my liver out and beat it with a hammer and put your labor. Now. He's okay because going to be all right for now. Forty six year old liver. I can't believe it's hung in there can apple juice, like most people drink water midday nap. But you got you. I think it'd be great what you should talk to her about you, an Angie Harmon being written in. So I have this idea Angie and my show. Her show, and then you could go y'all. Sure. Is in the background, she's not working right now. Yeah. Well, guess what Angie, I'm coming for you. I dress I clean up. But we're in, we're in a sweat box, aren't we Mormon here? L appeal thermostat sound. Frigging hot man. In charge of that. That's hurtful, brutal, Candice Ruutel. But now it's for me. It's fun. You know, I, I have people folks wanna say, just stay away from Hollywood. Don't sell out. It's not about that. It's about looking forty six years old. I know who I am cell. Least stays begging us to say last. Please write me a bigger check. But in Nablus, please write me. HMO. Are you fallen deer over there back on the pogo? E stripper. Oh, that's good. Well, you're still young enough. Weird about Sigel's snake? Georgia, the marine room discotheque. Yeah. For our next show, but it's fun. When you do what you love doing, and you're creating and you to put it out there. Yes, Hollywood's crazy. There's always been crazy. They've always been crazy and seriously. I mean, they it was funny because they were like this when you were talking about ideas, there's new ideas again. When thing I kept hearing over and over again, is, you know, nobody's ever done this before. And I was like all the Jewish. It was going to do. Nobody's going nobody's gonna write that title deal. Of course. Nobody before. I love it because this story is just it's a tale of human life and experience. It's digging into what everyone out there, especially if you've if you've been in any form of society, and you've gone out there and you have to deal like again, back to Hollywood, it's so funny to me. I'll go out to Beverly Hills. We'll go to lunch and you sit there at lunch and you see these groups of women that are sitting around and they are just stick, a ticket to convict ticket to go back and forth at each other. And I'm like, oh my gosh and same thing happens at Alvarez and Lamar. Rod people down the rail in Hollywood. That was funny every time I went to lunch or dinner with Darren star, Aaron Kaplan co-producer. I mean you could see people why who she? They didn't know who I was, and they knew who they were, and it was like, then why don't we know who she is? And what she doing with him when I clearly can't get a meeting or a winter, but it was like, well he was that. Look at me. I'm just I'm just coming, Shula there and I go in there, and I'm having breakfast for their tanenbaum, and we're, we're sitting there, we're, we're going to launch I've got his cell phone number right here, and I get the same look come into the office and all of his assistants or looking like you know, you're not Kevin James, you know feeling. You know. So I went with him for meetings, and it was like. Like. You feel you're not impressed by people put your pants on you and it's just it's, it's the same, but it's still fun because these are influencers in you're out there. And I've always said, the folks close to me, my wife, she knows of said, over and over, again, every time I go to one of those meetings say, if nothing ever happens. I know that people the top people in the entertainment industry looked at my idea and said, that's good enough. They even looked at it for five minutes yet and something, a lot of other people getting. I mean, there were people again, like tanenbaum who look at guy who had, you know, king, a queens two and a half men and mad about you going back to that one. And he looked at, and he said, I wanna make this show. I wanna make this show to me. I'm like, okay. I created something that Hollywood said was good enough. I'll put a little caulk on your walking. Will give it adds to my Texas swagger, too. Yeah. So it's fun to go out there and do it. But it doesn't it doesn't make you, you can't let it can't live by and I it's, it's, it's so out of your control. You know, it's over tomorrow, then we do it easily could be, so the CW picks it up, how when, when what's your schedule looking like you're going to have to keep going back and forth out to Hollywood, or I'm waiting to be told what my schedule go on? On. So people you can still get the book who's publishing it. Now, let me look I got the new tattoo, and it's all wrapped up and nasty and gross right now and Hyperion when seen. ABC option, debt Hyperion is owned by ABC, and so they do that, a lot, they'll pick up an idea and re released the book I under their imprint and so bad. They changed the ending of that one saw brought you this one. Okay. They changed the ending. All right. Yeah. Good. Like the very last line in the book was thank you, God for always being exactly who you say you are. So they took that out. And it's like what's the point? Don't mind me. Good Christian bitches of hillside park Presbyterian, or praying for Amanda Vaughn, or so. They claim will. They're evil gossip destroy a reputation or will she show them exactly how to turn the other cheek. I love it. Three because I mean I hate to say this, but I mean I tried to get a lot better clearly if I was gonna write a book about gossip it'd probably wasn't good for me to be holding court. Gossips about Gazi. Change the name then aside totally changed, and it started out. That's what I was gonna tell you when I had my children. And when I was seeing that Europe is about my children that there was like you should journal. And I was like, yeah. Okay. I'm not going to do that. And then, like three or four sessions like you know, you really should be journaling. I was like, yeah. No, I don't want to journal. But thanks, you know, finally, she goes, okay, there was this study. They did. And they took this group of men who was sent to prison and had then German journal. And this group that didn't, and you could see how much it like in much healthier way. They were processing stuff by even by their handwriting. Well, why didn't you tell me the first time he told me you want me to journal, the not done it? So I did start journaling and then the more stupid stuff that would happen in the neighborhood. You know, I was like I said, one of my girlfriends, I was like literally, if I'm gonna have to start changing the names Darnell, because if I get run over by best or something, there's some people in this town, there have been so humiliated. And so that's why decided to do it an awful because and then also I used to go strider, and I used a Jewish man for a ghostwriter because I didn't want some other Christian bitch, bringing her own personal baggage to project and they should try to. And then also just figured like a man's perspective, wedding going to, like interfere with my female perspective. So that's why you used him. And, but I did it because I wanted to make sure that didn't bring any prejudice to any of the characters without even realizing it because I felt like if I handed somebody their head and I wouldn't any better than they were. So I had to be real careful careful of that. But so like even the main character is, like, four different people. And everybody was just for that very reason, people still Rin system. That's me. You know what that can that can just be honest? Sure it'd be like, why do you even want to be her? I don't understand that. She's hideous. Why are you insisting on being? Did you lose any friends? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Legit didn't at first, here's what's funny. Vote for Trump. You're not kidding seriously in the beginning. It doesn't matter what you do at Fort Worth isn't like this Dallas bad like this by. It doesn't matter what you do. Okay. If you get any attention for it. Everybody is up your business like nobody's business. Right. Okay. Well, when my book first came out, it was like, oh, you know, she's been one of my best friends for twenty years. And I'm like he was that. And then when the show came out, it escalated, you know, it was even more. And then this one particular woman who was, like one of my mom's best friends for, like forty years decided, I'll tell you, it was Demag Zine did a half a page thing over the parlor game. If he's and she guests at this woman. She and my mom had birthdays the same time and then her husband and my stepfather had birthdays, the same time, they traveled together that celebrated their birthdays together for forty seven years. D magazine put in there that she was this one particular character really. And she calls my mother balling and breaks dinner a dinner plans for that night and had not spoken on other sense. And that was all because of what the person put in D magazine that was unfounded, even had emails from ABC publicity saying, please protect me from these people. Nobody walks right from D magazine, that, look, tar baby in, I don't wanna talk to them. I mean, I had the proof that I never spoke to them amazing. So he people are some kind of crazy. And they really magazine bitch. And you, you just really find out how, how neurotic and how like full of themselves. Some people are that you would have never dreamed until something like this kind of causes it to be exposed. When we were all our own favorite subjects. It's kind of funny how narcissistic we are. Steve is admittedly steeds. Hundred percent psychologically diagnosed narcissists. Are you art? To be drawn to. Sorry prison. Jay you narcissist now. He's not, what are you doing this show? Are you gonna write another book that you think you've done again? You could burn the place down. I've got good Christian bastards all. Is that about me? Kim come on. You can begin it who'd you shown, you can eat all being. I wanna go out wanna go to brunch and take buji Sean over in Dallas Egis those girls that love you over there. Boozy they'd be so happy to know black person. I love it, man. That time we took him to lunch and Jasper. Took him into WalMart, and Jasper, now's the tour bus and went into WalMart movies. He's interbank Cambodia. Snacks and stuff. You're buying Spain. Represent. Title along from the deli. Collards on a pulley bone son of. The. I have no idea what you just rattled off. Culture wrote about is so fascinating because there is a piece of Dallas. That is unlike most of Dallas is so funny, because everybody who moves to how impart from elsewhere are they limit home part for certain amount of time. And then they may have away. They're like, okay. What was that freak show? It's a bubble. Yeah. Yeah. It is one hundred percent I guy. Well, here's what's really funny is on June fifth of a book coming out called bubble wrap in its our AP in, because it's like all these girls are moving home park. And they're trying to be more Highland Park than how embark and it drives me crazy. And then they'll do something like patrolling their front yard. Like, no, we don't do that over here. I mean, it's literally like a handbook, it's kind of like the neighborhood crew of the handbook, let me teach you how to navigate this because clearly you're struggling, I really agree. Because even like my boss, you know, this Leslie Crozier, she's kind of in that grew up in that went to holiday and all that. And even after spending five minutes was making she's like you would never survive. Actually, I think do period and wouldn't I probably would put a trailer in, in the train. Trey aren't be like the Arkansas Cleveland washer dryer on the front porch. Trailer before you got a three million dollar house. Then have a backyard. You know, it's like, and if it doesn't have room for rambling, clearly you can make friends with neighbor that has one, you know. That was totally. That was totally. What kind of this, this family that did well out in rural Texas didn't well? And you wanna give your family, a better life in your kids, and you see move them to Highland or university park. And now it's just the salt of the earth common. Commonsense people who move in there, and that was our idea. Now they're trying to deal with this community around him. And, and you talking about that's exactly right. You come in. You're like, well we're just doing what we do. You know, this is our house and our property, and our yard and then people like. No. Now is not barbecue. Pit where you're on. Yeah. The taxes, you may qualify for the mortgage that, but no, there's an unspoken. There's. Gusta people say, well, how much does it cost to be a member, the Augusta National? But it doesn't matter what it costs. It's not that expensive. If you have to ask one, you ain't making enough money and it's not because of the price because of like they, they didn't want Bill Gates. It took Bill Gates forever to be a member there. Gusta national at the masters, you know, that seventy said that because that's one of the things I talk about money because how the word Ford is not always about many as exactly right. You can't afford to do that. And I'm not talking about your Bank balance. It's funny. Hey, if you are of the mental constitution, if you strong enough, if you can handle it and deal with a whole lot of truth is going to make you think make you laugh, you need to get good Christian bitches, and, and then it's going to come out on CW. I'm excited. I'm excited to see what they do. Hopefully will be back on it and say you're going to come to Austin when we're filming I'm coming. Shrager france. I'll bring it on down. We'll do it. I mean, hot demand looking like this. But whenever wrapped up in plastic wrap. I got blood oozing my arm and it's all sealed up in there and. It is hot in here. So we're going to get out of here. Kim. Thank you. You're welcome anytime. Come hang out. I want I want to follow up with you in coming months. I'm gonna find out what the process is going. We'll get you in the new studio where we have air conditioning that'll be a tree. Because you are having hot flashes in here. I mean I'm old and I'm tired, I'm hot. And I love those shoes. Listen find me on the road. Watch chat dot com. You can find my tour schedule out there. We got a ton of new dates that are about to be announced get Kim's book. Check it out and read it. And I hope you enjoyed this episode of the chat show. Always good where podcasts are offered. Subscribe download leave us a review only five stars. We don't accept one-star reviews. We do not, we're having too much fun here and just encouraged by stay horned. I love y'all. God bless. We'll talk to you next time.

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Gun and Gear Review Podcast Episode 310  Aurora Sport review, SCCY DVG1, 20/20 Stabilizer, Warscorp 9

Gun & Gear Review Podcast

50:33 min | 9 months ago

Gun and Gear Review Podcast Episode 310 Aurora Sport review, SCCY DVG1, 20/20 Stabilizer, Warscorp 9

"The firearms radio network provides the bandwidth for this edition of the firearms. Insider gun and gear podcast in a world dominated by gun bunnies and bad mation one. Show strive to bring you what you need here. They don't care about your feelings they don't really we care what you think. Join these men on their quest to bring you the good the bad and the ugly that the firearms around industry has to offer welcome to the firearms. Insider gettysgear review podcast episode. Three hundred ten on the showcase gun reviews gear and anything else again enthusiasts may be looking for we strive to evaluate products from unbiased and honest perspective. In this show we have a night night. Vision Camera Review some new nine. Millimeter Glock stabiliser. I'm your host Chad Wallace. If you didn't already know and with me tonight are Tony and rob job because well Zane is playing firefighter or something. I am not sure played hooky. Whatever he's doing something? So what'd you guys do environment served I'll make it so I really didn't do all like a Saturday kind of suck. You was nice and rainy and then Sunday at daycare. Some stuff run house. I can do Saturday because it rained all this Saturday. Okay and now we're hitting the busy season four which means you know five. Am to eight or nine which means you'll ever have any time for two three months for probably a yeah mother tail easy. Yeah so I know you're gonNA go or anything. I mean I got I was going to go to the range But it's been a busy week since is getting back from shot Joe and it was like all right unpack all your stuff gets put away. Now grab all your guns pack allows like you know what. Nah I'm chilling out out with my wife is within Getting her nerves until she gets ready to throw me out next weekend for the great American outdoor show so see strategy. I stuck around so she'll be glad to see me. Go Thursday and Friday when I'm at the great American outdoor show. We'll Tony's getting smart in his old age just I did. Did the same as you guys. Nothing I did finish up a review but I was a little busy Doing other such things so I didn't get to the range either and since we're all boring we'll get to the announcements Go to the gun and gear called Dot Com and pledge your support for us because we would love it. It's it's basically patriotic for us We do have all kinds of different levels if you want to donate and we appreciate it and you know we might even make up some more Tony stickers or something to send out bandwidth sponsors Patriot Patch Co.. I know they have the new patch of the month. I think mine is in the mailbox as we speak. But it's something to do with Valentine's Day they probably have cool patches to order so guard or patches If you're looking well well you can't. You might have to turn your video. Probably lose it. We'll find out right now. I just got it in the mail as we speak literally literally Valentine's Day little pitch. Is this sticker. What does it say on it? Come on a UH give shot and it's two different shotguns. One shotgun it. Looks like a Benelli m three a Benelli m three or four. I forgot which one it is. which is the Benelli with the pistol? Grip that the military uses Is that would probably RBM to freeze the one that you can switch from semi automatic pump. Well anyway it's that and it's got quite a there you go brother together so now we know what it is. It doesn't matter it doesn't people listening more exactly exactly exactly so if you wanna see videos on firearms content you can go against dreamer dot com and if you're shopping Amazon. Please use our affiliate link at Firearms Radio DOT TV Slash Amazon. And I think rob's here so he can tell us all about what we're supposed to did not do so when we do it we can get in trouble and get fired and get your paid docked. Yes we're GONNA talk me my pay by thirty percent every week. Yeah whatever thirty percent from nothing oh nothing the abuse it opinions expressed in this podcast. Those are the Individual Co host and do not reflect the official policy physician of the firearms. It's radio network and or their employers. This is not legal advice nor should it be considered a such viewer. Discretion is advised. This is especially true on live shows and now to talk about a moderately crap. I mean a okay night-vision here's Chad to regale us with tales of his sport. 'cause he wouldn't let me do my my reviewed on my Aurora. Well yeah you're too mean but we'll let you add commentary no I you know. Hey we we've said the disclaimer. So let me let me. I got a pencil so I can great down and a piece of paper. I'm not gonNA drop Franken MOMS. I'm sorry that kind of stuff I know. That's why I say that. So what we have likely said. Is this Ionics Aurore sport because who doesn't want night vision probably no one. That's what I get. They came out with. This is their sport model. They have a various other models out. Now we did discuss it on the podcast some some previous time And then now I have hands on with the sport version and Rob as we said has the Aurora explorer addition The sport sports a lot of features You know it's touted as action camera. You get seven twenty p video at sixty frames per second. So that's you you know fairly reasonable. allows for okay video The camera megapixel rating is only point. Nine Mega pixels which does not allow for great snapshots. It's but as we know. That's not what we're really discussing it. What really matters in this is three different camera? Modes has day twilight and night. We'll get into that later. You know at the sport also has some water resistance. It's IP sixty seven rated which basically means one meter of water for thirty minutes. It's uses a standard micro St Card and it comes with the rechargeable battery You can also buy. It's kind of a semi standard battery so so you can buy them off Amazon etc.. You know the real question. Everybody wants to know his house tonight. Vision well to start things off. It's not normal m-a-l night vision like you would guess. Sonics uses a large sensor in their digital camera. allows more light into the camera. So you get a really good low light camera. Plus it's in color not your typical color but way more colors than your standard like black and white night vision or your green night-vision that you typically see But if you really want to see in green or black and white they do have an option for that You now now. If it is real dark you will need some sort of extra illumination Like an infrared. Flashlight to illuminate stuff. the colors even change a little more slightly when you use the infrared but there's still some essentially color Go Look at the pictures in the review on the firearms insider insiders DOT TV. Because then you can kinda see what I'm saying. the I. R. Lights is a definite need on cloudy nights even with some ambient light the picture would would start to pick slate without infrared You can kind of see it in some of the pictures on there You know I took some photos. With their Aurora call. Small Cameras Introduced Zoo's pictures aren't great Like I put my gun on my little mutt dogs in there you know you can tell their dogs and kind of what kind they are but you know the daylight the pictures are pretty decent for what they are. As far as the video goes The pictures better on video or what you're seeing then. The camera is the the snapshots But of course it is better in daylight also You still need an infrared eliminator when it's really really dark or it picks lights So if you WANNA use it in like pitch black I would say the best use for it is like some sort of target identification like if you're hunting or or something to that effect but because it sold as an all around sporting night vision camera I had to try it on a rifle. The sport version is not made go on the rifle like the explorer. Addition is but I tried it anyway but to make things short. It sucks on a rifle. Here's why and I'm not the only one that has had problems like this. So we'll explain that in a little bit. When you mounted behind the optic that means the optics in front of the camera like like Aurora or the regular of our cameras to do the pera lacks going through the scope and the cameras so bad that when I was shooting it I shot about three feet low? Oh at thirty to fifty yards now rob with his Aurora explorer addition also had the same problem. He was shooting like six feet. Low at one hundred yards. So Oh that's almost exactly what I got. I was using a one to six scope and a red dot so it didn't seem to matter which I then proceeded bounded in front of the red dot optic thinking okay. It'll get rid of the pair lacks It did at least get rid of the relax problem like I said so I could actually shoot it where I was aiming at but you know there was another problem with this if you die if I took it outside at night I didn't shoot it but I took it outside. There's not enough flight projected on the camera sensor because going through the optic so the night vision mode worked even worse I was also GONNA film do the Red Dot during the day But I had another problem with. I'd shoot the rifle. It's just a standard hair. Fifteen in two twenty three. The battery compartment and peace unlatch from the camera would unlatch and turn off the camera. I will say was mounted fairly close to the front by the muzzle but you know hey You know so. I wouldn't recommend the sport amount on a rifle. They explorer edition supposedly comes with pick eighty mount that I'm told keeps the apiece from latching during recoil You know hey or it's a better latch. ROB I. Don't think has had this problem with his but those are the problems. I ran into when mounting on there. So what I what would I use it four with an infrared eliminator if you're like viewing wildlife you could do that. Tactical use is pretty much out because infrared light could be seen with any other form of night vision including somebody else who had an Aurora You know As a Sport Camera Edward Okay it does not have autofocus so it Kinda messes it up in this area too because you have to keep adjusting the focus so you can't get just like mount at somewhere and hope it focuses. It does however use the camera industries. Quarter twenty mounting threads. So make it fit on almost any tripod. You WanNA stick it on on There is an ability to see pictures through the APP because of the Wi fi on it. So if you have it the APPS on your phone or tablet you know could come in handy. If you have it ma- the camera mounted to some other like radio controlled device would be kind of cool because you could drive it around and then see what you're doing on your phone. You know so the sports okay as Nitish Video Camera I was really hoping to be able to use it on a rifle but hey whatever but if you were to mounted on a helmet it with an IRA eliminator you can have some fun The price isn't terrible for what you get And I know Sonics keeps improving these cameras and they just shot show released a pro version So hopefully autofocus can be next So they firearms. Am Saturday key points whereas a night vision camera Somebody wanting some sort of night vision capabilities The features and benefits we want over some. It has a color monitor display. It has one inch optical sensor if you're into cameras or lenses or stuff the night is an f. one point four the twilight is f two point zero and the day is fs five point six and it's a sixteen millimeter lens. does have wi fi or USB collectively The sport model can in using SDS card up to thirty two megabytes. It does have a micro L. E. D. display. It is rechargeable. It weighs about eight ounces. An an approximate size is four and three quarters inches by two and a half by two inches. So it's not extremely large but not super small either. The other their options you can get are the standard Aurora the explorer Dacian. Now the pro- There's a thing on what others are saying. There is a a small linked to a standard or review and now the price point Ms Rpm. These is three hundred ninety nine dollars. You could also buy it for three hundred ninety nine dollars Hamedani so if you need it now get it at Sonics or at Amazon are rating the pros. It is color night-vision. It is water resistant. It does have WIFI connectivity. It is lightweight and the price is not terrible cons. It does need an I. R. Eliminator it is manual focus it does has add para lax and it has problems when mounting on a firearm. So I gave it a whole score of six which we classify as has okay so questions comments I can speak. You can speak. I mean said before. We started this thing. You you get get a better score than I would APP and mainly because I bought the spores edition which is that little The yeah the the rip off. I mean the Pelicans the extra batteries that I R- eliminator comes with which I wouldn't I wouldn't go for the the explorers addition nation. I mean 'cause all you get with it as an extra body for the camera and a halfway decent. I are eliminator and you get a rail mount for the camera which might when mounted it to a Two three rifle yeah kind of popped off midway through shooting the the the Ip pop so from kind of like cabbage. I as you said I would not use this thing for anything. Having to do with serious shooting anything having to do with serious night-vision is fun to use it as a spotter. I found around when I was in town and I went on the back patio. It would kep- should light pretty good but when I was out in the country I e you know get get the deer. Stand it an hour before sunrise playing with it. I couldn't see squat with it. I let especially on a cloudy night or the Moonlit night where there's nothing to provide audion light. I couldn't see Jack I had to use. I use their eliminator and I didn't like it at all. I wasn't impressed with the base model because the only thing with the Think with the The step up the from the sport to the thinking your PS and ain't worth it. Yeah I mean if you have a smartphone phone. GPS on it. I mean 'cause I thought I thought the regular one had a gps an wifi about the baseline hat. The base one has wifi so I mean his streep yes so I I don't see the point. It's four hundred bucks versus six hundred bucks right so any worth a hundred bucks. Just think unless you don't like White Whiten want green then go for it but I mean talking about it when we first got him and I'm like man I can't i. You know I do the reveal trash thing chas the okay well and but of course the sport version does look like RTD too so it does gotten drunk and passed out. Well that's kind of what happened to go. With the sport version I wouldn't touch the The Aurora regular. And I'm not I don't even know anything about the pro. I literally was just released so I mean it doesn't look like a big step up. It looks like the same Guy Gum camera. Do I painted it black okay. So that was the review. Now we're going to get into the product spotlight and discussion. We have this. This is not reviews. This is what we think of new stuff that just came out or it could be old stuff that came out but first up is the sky. DVD wineman. I gotta say something about that about my experience with customer service. Oh yeah that's because that's your experience so take it away. I didn't talk about it. Had that issue with your following six feet low at one hundred yards. I sent them any Musset. Hey I had a problem if you've heard this before. And what can you do. Correct response was we've never heard of that. Okay at your response okay. Fine I will give their customer service. A zero out of zero awesome. So Yeah I get down to five based off customer service right so anyways. Let's talk about some kind or someday. Yeah this is way more interesting. Okay maybe it depends on who you are We'll give you that. So you said no when may okay. It's the Aski- DNV G. ONE IT IS MS RPM two hundred eighty nine and three hundred eighty nine dollars. Why did I give you two piece? Because the one comes with MM Crimson trace red dot now this guy's new non hammer fired. Meaning striker fired pistol. It has as you know you know still nine millimeter. Still basically the same gun is there. CPS One to excetera five inches high six inches long along the inch wide weighs fifteen and a half ounces got their quad lock barrel system it is three point one inch long barrel trigger pull is five and a half pounds. uh-huh it holds ten plus one it is black nitrite coded The Red Dot on it is like I said it's a crimson trace it's got a built-in tin rear sight It is also cut down slightly for it and then it has their standard frontside on it. I think is what it looks like. It has a flat trigger straight trigger as they say straight flat whatever That's pretty much the specs on it but I did to handle this at shot show. I didn't shoot it but I did handle it the trigger. It's probably about five and a half pounds. It has about a quarter inch of superlight take up and then you get to the tree or pole which is probably a little another quarter inch or something at the most. I the trigger pull. I think is shorter than the take-up but you know I don't know for sure But either way I liked the trigger. pull on this. It was quite nice. I did actually like the Red Dot. I don't know how it will hold up but you know for two hundred and eighty nine dollars list. You can get it with standard sites if you want it I'm I liked my standard. CPS to the acid does have a heavy long tearful but this is way better now while it's still does have their finger grooves so you still might have to take it to a grinders to get rid of them for now It says the Crimson tastes red. Dot is a three and a half Ima- I actually looked through it and it looked like a decent red dot but like I said time. Will I'll tell I really hope this is does good for them. I hope they have no problems with it because this is kind of it'll be an awesome pistol for the price range if it turns out well I really works I did not get to skies booth which really annoys the heck out of me because we know how like you know entry level guns because a lot of people do start there and like Zane said what in the last last year. If you're going into twenty twenty and your company doesn't have optics ready pistol. You're messing up so I think it's awesome. That sky has a strike a fide optics Freddie pistol with a five pounds of trigger users glock sites on it. Even though one of the guys wasn't GonNa say that on Air I don't get it. That's what you should do. It used Glock. megs get over it but right I mean truthfully if the industry who's making something Glock What is it glock? I didn't know used used Guam yet. He's but if you're GONNA make some glock compatible Heckman I'll do it Ruger does do with. PSA's doing just make gen three blocks act like everything on the Glock works on that. Because at least you know you get something. That's tested I wished in the best of luck. I think it's great they got a trigger isn't ten miles long I still don't like their finger grooves It looks like they kept the same ones. That's the only reason. I say that I think the frame is probably very. He's similar like the mold maybe a few different places for the trigger. And but yeah. I'm thinking it's pretty much the same frame. And and supposedly -posedly it's GonNa come and got this optics rating that only optic ready with the optics on it. With the optic on it and it's going to be like three hundred bucks. Yeah because prices. This is three thousand nine with optic. Yeah the guy said is coming to market retailer three hundred dollars. Yeah and that's so I don't know traits optic is doing. I don't know how will will do but I know you're not gonNA run as many rounds in the small pistol as you would run the class with a Glock nineteen so hey do you can get a couple a couple of days. You know what I mean. This is this is I mean the only thing cheaper than this or excuse me less expensive in this does optic ready is going to be e cannon from highpoint mint and. Now you're getting into something that's going to be. Heavier is not going to have. It has a safety on it. Even though I never use my but I mean you get into a much bigger gun and I and I doubt if they made that trigger anything great on a new high point so eight hundred and it comes with optic highpoint doesn't just comes out to grady. So I I mean guys. This is small I'm sure the same hosted at work for the last gun work for this one if if the frame is the same. Oh Yeah I'm I'm sure they will. It's it's it's kind of one of those things. Identical everywhere looks identical to be so yeah right because my whole thing is like dude I I have a carry gun. I can have a house gone. I can have a backup gun in case something happens and you spent like nine hundred dollars but you have three handguns maggs three optics. That's pretty good. Yeah no kidding. No kidding gun stops in the chat and he says yeah they should use use the same hosted because I'm sure he checked it out to he was at Shot Yeah exactly. He actually said the triggers way better also which yeah it is is yeah and so that is the new skype pistol that I really like That's my thing I who knows what the standard one will probably come in. Probably fifteen to twenty. Then if I mean I think you can get CPS for like two hundred bucks so it still has those horrible trigger. So and that's what turns me off about him at in the store. I don't I don't like the trigger trigger finger groups so fingers can be taken care of and the trigger. Well this thing just to curve that problem with an optic yeah exactly like my dream will tool took care of the finger finger grooves on mine would you would you. Would you get another one of these. If you could I I would buy one of the. DVD's I mean it's I've I've I've not really had problems with my. CPA to and the trigger. Pull it smooth. It's just hard I mean on mine. So what else can I say. It worked fine for me. I still have it well. Cheap enough is now. We're selling anyway it. It works so that now we have recover. Tactical came out with their twenty twenty stabiliser. Brace I don't think it will the sky but it does fit a lot of glocks. Ms RPM ninety nine ninety five to one hundred and forty nine ninety. This is kind of a cool. If you're into these types of things this is pretty cool if you're not then. Hey It doesn't matter to you. Let me check here on the fifth chart. Nineteen's eighteen seventeen. You know twenty. Three's thirty one thirty four thirty five you know basically forty five so those nineteen eighteen seventeen size frames what it is. It's a stabiliser brace. It's got a folding brace on it with strap Kind of makes a little chassis system for for it. So there's that Let me get down here to the features Senators go out of the simple installation Basically mounts to your front rail and then has pieces that go around back to the brace so you can use it as kind of Et little chassis system like pretty popular. Now it does use the sites already on the gun You can use it with a red dot if you have a red dot on it. It does not matter. It's compatible with like the various Jen's of Glock pistols It's compatible with compensator. 's You know you don't. I'll have to disassemble anything to put it on or off. There is also It's lightweight it's glass. Reinforced Polymer It has optional optional. Pick Rail adapters It's fully functional when the full when the brace the folding part is folded and it will also work work with humor ex and cyber gun glock licensed pistols pistols The I think the one forty nine kit comes with like a charging charging handle the kind of looks like where Red Dot would go And then you can put rails on the side. It's got kind of built in rail on the bottom so he can still mount your light to your pistol and I think that kind of covers what it comes with I don't know what Tony Tony will say about it. Yeah you hear me all right cool I guess is cool. I mean I'd like to try it out. It doesn't break the bank. It's not like the rony which is way more expensive. I think the Romney is twice as expensive times or four times. Yeah I think Rone's from CAA rate and then there's a knock off Ronnie. I forgot who makes it. Somebody else makes it. I think these are great Because it gives you another contact so if you're GONNA use Handgun for defense got you can mount everything on it and pretty much turn into a pistol caliber card being. That's pretty darn short actually shorter than you walking around with your firearm extended you know fully extended That sucker's right right here and pretty much. You have t rex arms doing the sub- gun walk if you have to move throughout your house or if you just stay in place again. It's more steady it's steadier your than Just punching your gun out so I think they're great idea. They don't cost a ton of money and you can smack it on any glock pistol. Did he go through generations Yeah nights like Gen three four five If you go to the website of course is fit fit chart Gen three four analyst five so basically we listed. I think you were dropped off but yeah I've been having a problem Internet connection tonight from nobody. Listen listen to back. It messes with one of US everytime Quinton quicksand bad things about the NSA. They wouldn't be cutting you off. Oh no we liked the NSA NS as my friend is just one more government agency say bad things about I mean if you notice on their disclaimer page there parade. He Adamant that this is not a shoulder. Basis say Stabilised stabilizing brace. And they've got a whole schtick about the atheist. May At some point classify. This is w when it does Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. So pretty interesting. The buck fifty then wouldn't be bad boy. Well then that's with like the charging handle and other stuff. It's hundred bucks. If you just want the brace or stabiliser excuse me and truthfully I mean the charging handle thing you can use your optic for that. Yeah exactly and the other sounds like a deal to me held on It just says seventeenth and nineteenth does okay I was wondering does it the forties beat and ten millimeters forty five paid which it does it does the twenty twos the twenty. Three's thirty one use as I found it. Yeah Yeah yeah because I watched the videos about it and no one asked that question. Yeah and the thing. Is You know for like stuff stuff that you do tony. Something like this might be kind of kind of interesting. I don't know if you can have them or I can and I have a gin. I don't know if jen three region for thirty four right so that would be pretty cool But every time I talked to recovery tactical they look at me like no okay then answered answered. That question. That was. That was two three years ago. Let's see my elevator. Speech has gotten better. It's I don't need your stuff but I will use your stuff and other people will use your stuff there. That's Tony's speech. Hey if it works. It works So so that was the recover. Tactical Twenty twenty stabiliser. Next up is something that I actually shot. And at Range Day it is the wraith th- Works Worst Corp War score nine. It's so easy. Yeah why did the MS RPM has not been released. But they're looking at around two one thousand bucks. There is a SPEC sheet and then there's a link to the recall article in the show notes. It is five point. Eight ounces unloaded it. It is a pistol so it's using a brace collapsible race Twenty four inches collapsed. Twenty six and three quarters extended extended It's got an ambi safety bolt catch and release while the MAG released. It's Kinda obvious when you see it Because it's nine millimeter. It runs a one in ten twist eight and a half inch barrel it is threaded comes with raith works custom muzzle device. it's got a nitrile coated bowl. Carrie Group and buffer system we have got to the good parts yet It raith works machine. Billet non reciprocating side charging upper. Pretty Cool nightside charging upper. I will say It has their aluminum and locked four. And it's compatible with standard. Ar Fifteen nine millimeter barrels triggers or stocks and components and it is compatible with all factory and aftermarket Ceesay Scorpion Mag so for your information information. It's force easy. Scorpion megs And with MEG Paulin making Ceesay Scorpion. megs this can be kind of cool. It looks a lot better than the Glock doc style where they angled back you know using the CC. Scorpion mags. It's the one they show picture of has flip up sights. I don't know if it's GONNA come with those or not But basically it's a are parts. DEMAG release is a big huge flat. You know thing in front of the trigger guard you just kind of push it and the MAG falls out or you can grab it. You know that style with your thing it does use the SBA three arm brace is what it uses I think in there were some more perspex on the recoil article. But I'm guessing I was wrong But they do have some good pictures the charging handle folds forward so you can and pull it out pull it back charge it stuff like that you know the one they shot they had the oh binary it had a binary a trigger in it. I didn't like the binary trigger in it but I did however like the version of the pistol that we were shooting with the Sea Scorpion. That's basically it Hit a nutshell. I was wondering about this because you know the whole thing is well. Why does it use easy Scorpion bags? And what's wrong on with the Scorpion. At you know because everybody acts as if it's the best thing ever saw Mike what's up with it. So what I did was I went to one of the many scorpion videos goes out there where people upgrade their Ceesay Scorpion. And of course when you click on the video they tell you everything was wrong with it and why they have to justify upgrading so iconic can see Z.. While they're using stuff that's pretty much a are compatible like the ambidextrous safety on digs in people's hands It has like a a plastic body that a lot of people feel cheap. What else The pick rails also made a plastic so some people don't feel on the Scorpion. Those pick rails are sharp. Yeah that's what I say sharp plastic and also. They don't feel that they're sturdy. They should be so I mean there. There are things I mean. That's that's what I had to actually look for Mike Okay. Why don't people like this? And what can the root punish so Pretty much for all the money that you would spend on getting a Scorpion Scorpion and improving it. You know to get rid of some of the things that people don you could buy one of these. Yeah it's got a you know a are and a lot of nine parts fit on it so yeah I mean and it looks you know it looks halfway decent. I saw and the one I was GonNa say it was it was at the Don't think you were you with me. Franklin armory range range day because I specifically went to shoot ten twenty two binary trigger. Because you know and they're like you gotta shoot this too and I'm like okay. They're like because it's what it is it wasn't it wasn't you know they were like yeah. It's got our trigger in it but I was like ads. The nine millimeter binary trigger. Those things seem to me personally. I don't like him. I did like the ten twenty to one but I did like this pistol so yes it got on my I go ahead. Man Binary trigger s when the fires on the you pull any releasing right correct. Yeah Dude some of the people would range day. They go around dragging your along behind him. Like oh come take this. You gotta see this. You gotTa see this and I'm like I don't WanNa see you binary crap like. I'm not impressed impressed by anything. The Franklin Omri has done so far they have something new that I think is pretty good idea. That's almost double action short bro. I feel the. It's yeah they had it last year too and they were. Yeah Yeah it's like California compliant because it when you pull the trigger to actually actually cycles the action like it pulls the bolt back and they've trigger actually does all the work so it's not semiautomatic is not even old-fashioned I think that's cool. Only because I live in one of these states that suck right so it's not direct impingement nope now. It's pretty much like a giant in double action revolver as in the triple a cellphone ball pack around Lisa's fires. Yeah Yeah so I. That's that's ever Thinking and that's the thing is you know they have their Franklin armor even though they had their whatever it was abomination or whatever. Yeah they do the NERF gun. Do they think outside the exactly. And then they produce it. Yeah the pump. The PUMP AKA and coming up with these guys but at different places coming out with the pump. Ar It's been a few a are and I tried to get them. What I try to do is get the people to think outside the box to get a stuff here in Jersey? I I really feel that's important Even if it's not something that you'd want it's like hey you better become politically active for this is pretty much the only gun you'll be able to have you know what I'm saying and and if I have a captive audience hey man let me get at this and some people might like it. Some people might like it just because they know it might go. What's up? You put a picture of a Bernie next to the air fifteen and say this is what you'll you'll have to do it. I just find it funny that that people don't get it and it's like you're going to have to fight for these rights dude. Everybody's GonNa have this weird. Ah We'd work arounds instead of just going. You know what yeah we made. Sure that rifles legal. Forget you this year again so yep yep okay so that was the wraith works. Worse scored nine Next up we have listener feedback. It's pretty long. It's from our buddy rusty and we will. I'll try to read it without too many errors because our our readers is not here so I can't pull it off on him off. Yeah Yeah I don't know we won't Florida man re reading anything says so when listening to your last episode you guys were talking about Franjo so am oh it. Got Me thinking about home defense guns. I know you guys have talked about this a dozen times I keep my g nineteen by the bed with light on it. I also have a Mossberg five ninety an in an air pistol. I've always went back and forth between what is better between what I've read. That was a little weird but AMMO selection but my my main concern is children and sleep on the other side of the house down the hall now. I'm going to stop here and say rusty. You know you. Your children's should just have their own guns. I mean come on. Isn't that how the world works but in all reality if you come in my living room or through my kitchen you cross the path of their room okay. My house is like that too so I don't want to overprint the person that is trying to cause harm or do something worse to my children. I have thought about switching to one of my forty five. ACP Rounds in either my g twenty one thousand nine hundred eleven platform Zan's not here. So we he doesn't you have to go ballistic on you for that for the shotgun. I run number four shot with a full choke. My thought behind that is to keep it tight and close together Now that the now to through the air pistol it is a ten and a half inch barrel. I think what I would go. Blind and deaf deafened everyone in the house without air pro. When I touch it off yes I agree with that but he says I do have a cannon? NFL jail but it doesn't do any good in the time being. I am using Hornets. Fifty five soft point rounds. I use for hunting. Is there a certain around. That is better for the five six that you would recommend I thought about going up to somewhere in the seventy two grain. Soft point bullets. I know the ten and a half will bleed off a lot of energy but is it enough in fifty to seventy five feet to make a difference. Do I stick with the nine Eminem or Al overthinking this your thoughts on fragile ammo for home defence. Offense okay this is like fifty questions in one but you know. We're all going to have a halfway normal answers Yes definitely do not Houston accused air-pistol until you put a cap on it You will you definitely will go. Daf within even subsonic rounds still pretty bloody allowed. It's that's the thing is even with a can. It's going to be hearing safe but it's still going to be loud talking. One hundred twenty s which allowed allows all get up now as far as the ammo selection for an AR. You know they say I personally. Don't think that it that range fifty seventy five feet that the five the five grain bullets are going to be a problem. Some people might argue been say oh well it bleeds off a lot of energy. Yeah but not in fifty feet in my opinion now as far as the nine millimeter. Hey I would not go to forty five unless you really wanted to Just stick with what you're used to. I don't think over penetrations probably going to be a problem. If you hit your target where you're aiming if you're really concerned about got it practice maybe this is. This is a stretch but you could always take a knee so you're somewhat pointing upwards so that your rounds sounds will not go downwards into your children's room or get hold point those those Pretty good about this going. That's the thing is if you're you're using good defensive ammo in your nine millimeter. I don't think you're going to have much problems with over penetration in the person I mean and you got wooden stuff the walls I mean. Yeah if you happen to hit just the sheet rock or reduced recoil like a special now fragile ammo. I think Tony's probably with me on this. I don't think it's been around long enough for the loads. That are out there for defensive use they they are out there but like some companies make hollow point and stuff but I don't think they've been around enough to have data on and I don't think like FBI's done data on them and stuff like that For Training Yeah they were great Others that I would. Yeah I you know. And as far as the shotgun goes I. I don't think the choke probably matters. What using because at seventy five feet? And that's probably you're probably really looking more like twenty five feet mhm your expansion is year. Spread is even with the cylinder. Bore is not going to be much I look at it this way. One I think over penetration is overstated by a lot of people The even experts. I think it just gives them something to talk about too if you really worried about it. Hey put bookcases in your kid's room. I'm on that wall. Put other stuff on that wall so not only will they have the wall to penetrate. It would have to go through the furniture it would have to go through the bookcase with books on it Just set up a listen Safety is also dictated by distance and hard things so put hard things between your kid's room in the area. You might have to fight. As far as ammo I would stick to. Mo that's been tested by the FBI and police departments this well known in this made by larger manufacturers for defense. I'm talking about defensive use because if something happens they need to be able to draw on on those lots of ammo If they have to make some kind of forensic determination so you need to have a standard of an amorous possible or at least you should. That's what people like Mike Masada Yuban others teach just because they've testified at trials and sometimes boutique ammo gives different readings to the experts who really aren't experts. They just work for the state type. what else can talk about. Certain things to think about is main factors. Keep lots around. But they only keep the lot samples samples of those lots for maybe eight years. Yeah so I mean you have to go through stuff you also. When you're shotgun you should pattern it and understand man when you choke think too much? Use it you lose the advantage of shotgun gifts which is spread. You have to learn it and also yeah Number four it has light around because it has twenty five caliber Alabama rounds instead of thirty three to thirty six like Bucks acas so yeah that might And this is we're talking. You still not worrying about the spread like you would would if you were shooting further distances so I say a little bit of overthinking and oh I agree with you guys about that ten and a half bro. It's going to be allowed inside but I don't think it loses anything thing because Kim half inch barrels is what many of the Special Forces in SWAT team Jews and they're putting down people all the time with and also it's about shot placement. Hey don't miss and I know rusty you talk every now and again online. He practices a lot so you should be fine too. Yeah exactly no I thought at those were good questions. I mean. We're not really technically experts. But we'll throw our hat in the ring once in a while express last night. I'm expert Oh good for you absolutely so Hey Internet gun experts. You'll know that Chad. I thought we were gun bunnies gun. Bunny Hey All I gotTa do is take a picture of in the bathtub with you. Know bubble bath double dog dare you either. Do it panned out stickers of keep doing it and t shirts. I don't think he'd pull it off like you to Tony. Yeah that's the thing is I just don't think people. Are you know if I want to be the creepy old guy. I can okay. Well now. 'cause Chad's the one that brought it out and stuck it all over the place I just put it on. Internet chat is the one that broke my pitcher out all over the blaze. Hey you know somebody's gotTa do it. Plan Harvard Tron. So Tony it's time and you to tell us about stuff all right cool check it out guys Very soon like as soon as the as soon as the funds clear I will be drawn a name. I'll do a live and I will tell you who won. The industry build a are from patrons that donated twenty dollars and above For the month of January. We're GONNA kick off something cool February appier for patrons Carolina custom is actually going to Give us a certificate for you guys to have custom gun case may so whoever wins ends one of those we're going to determine the level when him and I taught we're going to do alive so he can tell you about his product. If you want to see some of their work go to Kevin dixies no other choice firearms arms training and you can see the case that he That Carolina Customs made for K. D's The truth handgun. It is really cool. So this guy's an artist if he wants to make stuff for you too and I'll patrons are going to win. One of them is going to win that. So that's awesome. Can't wait to bring that to you guys. The next diversity shoot February twentieth six. PM Higher Range. I look forward to seeing a lot of you there. I'm going to be going to the Great American outdoors show this Thursday and Friday and hopefully I will hook up with more companies. Get you guys more cool stuff. Can't wait to get it out to you People that come to our events I want to be able to give it away and and patrons I want to be able to Hook Hook you up so I'm going to start doing drugs because I have a years worth of Patriot patches that I'm going to be given away each month to patron run. That's how to say it patrons so can't wait to start giving stuff away for twenty twenty is going to be a big big year. If you want to donate to us please do because we still have the go fund me open seconds for everyone. We also have the ability to get stuff on Patriots on if you want to buy swag diversity shoot dot com. You got a planet loves Tron Swag and the stickers that are showing up all over the place Shannon Watch. I heard loves my shirt. If you WANNA get two four t shirt you can do that too and What else two eight t shirts? Oh so that's it. Oh and you can check us out on. Simon says train on Instagram and on the second is for everyone on facebook. Look I even have a twitter account. Call second for everyone or just. I've been Tony Simon and I put stuff on that too I've already recorded. Our second is for everyone. PODCAST test episodes seventy and I just have to put the commercials for new sponsor and get it out there. And here's a hint. Our new sponsors mischief tactic that handed did I. Just tell in Michigan. I had asked bounce of one of our twenty twenty after make a commercial for them throw it in and I hope we have a really cool partnership like we give the last company show awesome sauce and see you guys Thursday Thursday and Friday. I'M GONNA have my planet love stickers. He Roll Up. I'll give you one especially if you roll up wearing unwanted t shirts we take it a pitch giving yeah awesome. Well don't have too much fun at that. Great American outdoor show or anything. Also I'm pre- stretching and I'm taking ibuprofen before I even get out my car. Okay so sind questions. Comments or feedback to gun appear review at gmail.com. You can go. Pledge Your support for us at Gannon Kid. Colt Dot Com. Remember you subscribe and leave us review So we can read it on the air or forget about it for a month. Check out all the other. Great shows on the Farms radio now we'll get planners radio DOT TV. He sure to visit the firearms. Insider insider or more reviews. Check us out on facebook and Instagram at farms insider. And of course thank you for listening to the largest pound for pound podcast broadcast on the network and we are out. And if you've enjoyed this edition of the firearms insider gun and gear podcasts than go to Firearms Radio T._v.. To hear more firearm related shows.

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MaryEllen Tribby - Creating Your  Own Inbox Magazine

The Hustle & Flowchart Podcast

1:10:39 hr | 1 year ago

MaryEllen Tribby - Creating Your Own Inbox Magazine

"Keun punch pong pong butch boom. What's up everybody. You're listening to the hustle and flow chart podcast boy wolf and joe fear picking lavelle. Come back to the hustle and flow chart podcast. Hey we're back again. We're as we're here every time you ever turn on this podcast typically us typically. Both of us know today. It's no feelings now. We do have an extra guests in our room. She smells a little skunk so she's gonna lie. A <hes> matt's dog got sprayed by skunk so there's there's an essence. You're just immune to it. I think joe's imagining smell smell my hands. I think a skunk shot on your hand god. She's a great dog. No today though we have no fill in co host spell. We do have an amazing guest on the podcast today who is it. This is mary ellen tribute dang read it and it came across mary ellen years and years and years ago. I think think it like a g k c conference yeah we i know we talked about this when he did a webinar with her believe yeah. I don't know exactly where but but maybe you they're actually maybe i would. We do have separate lives occasion. No i don't believe i don't think anybody listen to this. I think most people just assume you and i i just like live together. Live podcast world all day make each other dinner every night and watch baseball together. Do watch baseball though we do that together together yeah anyway but you live separate lives. I have a wife and two kids. You have a wife and a kid on the way that's correct. We have separate houses this and and we're talking to marian okay today. Look into this. Let's get into this because she's bad ass and we go into her story. So i'm not gonna gonna give you the word for word bio any of that stuff. She's gonna say way better but basically she is just a skill ability master and she actually lays <unk> out an amazing business model that she actually built at early to rise which isn't a gora company and now she said that early to rise newsletter concept was basically now replicated three hundred times and they're like over a billion dollar company she suddenly oh so this. I love about this. Episode is a soup to nuts like blueprint to build a business <hes> so what she's teaching us on this episode she calls the inbox inbox magazine inbox magazine concept and it's kind of what it sounds like you're essentially delivering a digital magazine to customers but we talk about everything and how to come up with the idea for the magazine what to put in the magazine how long the magazines should be how to monetize and make money off it how to grow it how to get new subscribers on this magazine soup to nuts nuts. Everything knowstone left on turn and she also gave us a real cool resource. We have our notes that we take on this episode but she also broke down some of these concepts over over at mary ellen trivia dot com slash evergreen and you can go and check it out there as you get it. It's like a basically detailed approach to all this but definitely hear it from her words. I she lays out all the steps and and we of course ask her about these little details in relate to it and there are a little bit of curve balls here and there but oh my god she's she's she's got this thing down and it's such a leverage model because at the end of the day it stems from having this laptop lifestyle. It's being mobile when you need to be mobile. If it's for family vacation in the business needs traveling around kids all of these things and i think she said that she actually i don't know if it was her that actually home schools her kids at least one of her kids are home school too so it's like that's crazy yeah. She has the scalable business so she could do it yeah so she's got. She's got these notes that you can grab it. Mariel in trivia dot com slash evergreen. We have our notes that we're taking this episode. You can get them for free over hustle and flow chart dot com slash comp those are available for a very limited time so the notes that we took on the episode code you can get them within like roughly a week of the episode going live and then we take them down and lock them in the volt so grab both sets of notes evergreen prophets dot com slash comp no hustle and flow chart dot com either wanna work you we've. We've misspoken it so many times that both those links actually go to the same place is redirect all links that direct their direct hustle and flew chair dot com slash c. o. m. p. b. s. and we have a sponsor for this episode a really really amazing sponsor concerned. It's a tool that we use ourselves all the time like almost every single day yes so it's a so this episode is sponsored by h. Rretz that's spelled h. R. e. f. dot com and right now. As of this episode they have a seven day free trial going on go and get that not pre trial seventy seven dollar trial seven-day sunday seven dollar trial. Yes that is correct and there's old son on step-by-step s._e._o. Tutorials on either their blog at h. reps as a h. r. e. f. s. dot com or their youtube channel on youtube him up. I was gonna say google up similar yeah tons of free tutorials. We got a lot of our ideas from there and like i said before it's like basically where we figure out how to drum up content ideas and then figure out how to basically knock off the competition off the top ranks. H. is our little secret tool and are back. That's not really that secret but we day for seven days. Go grab it. It's worth it it is it's worth it dot com h. R. s. dot com all right. Let's go to mary ellen tracy mariel and welcome the show. Why thank you so much which i'm thrilled to be here. Thank you so much for showed up. I know we've we've done what webinars together you're. You're busy lady doing a lot. You're managing managing and leading companies. I mean interesting things. You have multiple companies. That is yeah. Give us the scoop even of an interesting background like everything you've done in business. I feel like you do it. At a really high level. They're scalable and and yet you can run. Everything usually really buy a laptop. It sounds like a lot of your work. Yeah it really it really. I think you hit the nail on the head. When you said scalable right and kind of you you know it's really funny because in my career which i have now i never ever ever imagined as my career i mean i went to college. I was actually a theater later major in school. I came out of theater. I was in new york city. I really thought i was going to get into production and movies and all these things and a friend of mine line was working at p. B. s. in new york city and i said you know i'd love to work at p._b._s. P._b._s. get into production there will the job they had was in marketing rocketing and it's really really funny because i had never even thought about marketing. I never took a marketing class. I just never thought about it and i get this job and i loved loved it and it's kind of like that butterfly butterfly effect where changed everything because i instead of doing theater making like fifty dollars a week. I was actually really working at p._b._s. Making money doing something. I was innately good at and really loved it and really really learned a lot and i just went on from there and and just kept going from one great company to the other and the first lesson i learned there was that i was getting all these calls and that you know instead instead of thinking i was going to be interviewed. I was thinking i'm going to go in there and interviewed them to see if they want their like to see. I wanna be there because because how i want to spend my time because you know the most valuable commodity that everybody has is their time right. It's something we don't get more of you know if i've got three records and you've got one. I don't get more time or the woman who's got eight kids and runs. A business doesn't get more time. We've all had the same twenty four hours in a day and i've always said that ah the really successful people know how to spend those twenty four hours right like that's the key one of the main keys to success. Is that if you look at really successful people all they spend their time wisely so i really would go. I just went from company to company in each depp getting further and further and when i moved to florida i actually landed a position at waste research and by this time i had some real marketing skills and i kind of went in they are as marketing manager and within a couple of years was the president of the company and and took that company from eleven million dollars to sixty she seven million dollars in twelve months and then from there and there's a reason i'm telling you this and then from there i went to a gore and and company early to rise in the same thing took that company from eight million dollars to twenty six million dollars in sales in fifteen months and why why this is so pertinent is because i did it with the same business model and it's the same business model that i've been doing ever since i was at weiss in two thousand which pretty not much is that inbox empire inbox magazine business model model a lot of people might think of it as a blog but is not obliged aug. Inbox magazine. I really would love to some of those steps in just a bit but why this is important is because you know i always knew i wanted to to start my own thing right like i always wanted to start my own thing but i loved working at waist and i loved working at a gore right. Gore is a great company. Brilliant marketers lot aww fun but i will tell you at this point in my life. I had three kids a husband and all of a sudden. I heard the words that nobody ever wants is to here. Which is at this point. We can't rule out malignancy right. I was sitting across from a doctor my husband holding my hand and heard that her those words words and after twenty one days of kind of going through slicing and dicing and doctor's appointment and x-rays and all those those things i found out i did not have breast cancer and everything was great healthwise good yes but that night i went to my husband and i were kind of like just talking talking and i just said something's not right <hes>. I've always wanted to start my own thing and i think i've gotta do it. My husband said you gotta do it and in a two thousand nine during the worst housing market worst unemployment mar- <hes> employment were stock market that we'd ever seen i i went to <hes> you know mark ford and bill maher and resigned from the best position i ever ever had in my entire life and i started my own company which at the time was working. Moms only dot com <hes> so how did how did that conversation go. I'm just curious how you approach bridge that well. This is really funny because mark ford also known as like michael masterson sets. It looked at me and said well. It's about time you start your own thing. I love it hurt again and he said and then he said let me invest in it. Wow i said thank you so much but i wanna start this company the same way that i've been teaching people how to start companies here at early rise and then he said well let gora you know invest in if you know let's be partner and i said i can't do that mark. I just need to do this and he's like okay and he was just absolutely great and it. I still remains a close friend. Mentor colleague person and i will tell you that you know in in about forty five days i had crossed six-figure line but starting this and and then within ten months i had made more money than i ever remade as a corporate c._e._o. All right so it sounds like we're going to have to dig into this new magazine business model little bear. That's why i i love talking about this because what it allowed me what it not only allowed me to make a boatload of money it. It allowed me the flexibility a doing this from a laptop anywhere i want to go. You guys know that i had just recently gone through. Oh you know personal loss. My mom passed away and i travel with my kids. My kids are athletes right like my dent my my youngest training to be a professional tennis player. She's home schooled. We travel travel all the time my daughter's a clear example player now but we traveled everywhere travel ball with her and my son's accord was the high school varsity quarterback he just graduated and we're always gone seven seven seven and seven road trips with him so what i was always able to do right. I mean i started this. In two thousand ten working mums is only started two thousand ten and from that time on i was able to travel with my kids and never miss a beat with my inbox magazines scenes right like literally i will celebrate ten years of working moms only january ten years. I have never missed putting out an issue and i have done john it from from europe from new jersey from california it. It doesn't matter where i am. I live in boca raton florida right so it doesn't matter where i am i i can do this and this is why i want to share the so so badly with your audience because it's a real business model right is a real business business model and what's going to get you guys really pumped. I think what your audience is knowing that you have a real metric of hitting that for every name on in on your list or i'm going to talk about that more as a community and a little bit but every member of your community is essentially worth fifty cents to a dollar per name per month month fifty cents to a dollar per name per month so when i was at weis and we basically built money and markets from zero channel nine hundred thousand subscribers okay think about nine hundred thousand fifty cents to a dollar her name her month not too shabby at early to rise in how we went from eight million twenty six million dollars was going from a list of above fifty thousand to three hundred thousand you know up fifty cents two dollars per per month. Okay so that why i love this because it doesn't matter if you are a one person show or a huge company in this is the model that i perfect it at outraced in the early to rise and then all of mike in the funny part was when i left early to rise to start working moms only everybody asked me to consult. I never started out to be a consultant at all ever and that became very large part of my business because people want to learn how to do this and that's what the inbox magazine allows allows you to do it gives you a huge platform okay and the real you know and one of the first steps with this is really marrying your passion and your experience so when i was running companies that were financial newsletters. Berry male dominated tom in men in the office most of whom had whites at home who were kinda taking care of the kids in the house and all those things i didn't really have that role model of a woman who not only was a sea of companies but raising children like i said i have three three kids in you know when i went too early to rise in two thousand five or two thousand six. My youngest was one. She was one years old. Oh and i had so i had had like an eight year old a six year old and a one year old and i'm running early rise and so so really i had to figure out a way to do this run this business business and had my family and my husband's a pilot at the time. He was flying a lot so he was not home a lot okay now. Was that a work at home position over you actually in the office in that's why when that's why we really teach people how to run businesses at early to rise one of the things we did and i was always he's like oh. I like i bought the you are working. Moms only dot com two years before i started that company before i had that health scare i 'cause i kept saying someday someday sunday someday and then after that that healthcare is like some days here it's here right now and that's when and then i did the whole thing from home and that was you know and that's when like again my kids were get but still they're real young then but they were starting in yola to respond starting into their sports and we knew they were going to be pretty special at and then we just kept building and building so really allowed me that flexibility to be with them and travel with them and just have this business and like i said said to be able to take this inbox magazine from zero to more than i was making an early to rise going in there every single day. I love the folks. I i loved copy no war and everything but i just didn't want to go somewhere every day and i wanted to figure out what i could do so working moms. Only you know i started that to give working. Moms a healthier taylor. Wealthier more blended lifestyle because the whole world balance is a word to me. It's not about ounce. It's about blending your lifestyle. Tony agree agreeing. We talked about that pretty often matt nice when you when you try to balance there's always that lake lopsidedness right and like you can score you're but when you blend you know that's when everything comes together and so what i did is i started working. Moms only dot com and what we found out what was is that we had thirty percent of the subscriber base where men and they they would say to me all the time mary ellen you know i'm not a working mom. A dad and i have a business. Is this that i changed. The name and i said and this is one of the one of the steps here. I said you know i'm not going to change the name of working moms only because my advocacy is for working working moms right well but my advocacy's for working moms so what i did is i started <hes> another inbox magazine called the c._e._o.'s edge and e sickly exact same business model the exact same steps but i pretty much doubled my audience because net now remains only eighty percent women twenty percent men ceo's edge is eighty percent man in twenty percent women so in so it's this is why this business model so awesome because you can just duplicate it and just pick your audience so i step of doing something like this is really like i said marrying that hashing inexperience and working moms only i had that experience experience of being a working mom and passion to <unk> have help these people have a healthier wealthier more blended lifestyle and the c._e._o.'s edge. I really really like had the passion to be someone's burchell c._e._o. And that's what it was there for. Just you know kind of business advice so the exact same like so that's number one is being able to find that i'm that marrying of your passion experience and that really step number two is really understanding the the difference between a market and topics and that okay this is why this is why this is such an awesome business model because your market is your who you and i really don't like the word list. I mean we have to say it. It's kind of essential in the online business but for me. I wasn't building lists. I was always about about building a community of like minded folks and i always i. I never thought a someone as a nameless faceless email address. I always logged out. What are these people's challenges. What can i help them with right and and when you when you approach it like that you are going to make aac so much more money it's kind of the difference between between having a transformational mindset in a transactional mindset right right yeah. It's a community. Do you want to engage with for the long term. There's no use in kenneth churn and burn the anybody you know like i said like ought celebrate ten years january working moms only an an eight years i think in march of c._e._o.'s edge and we'll think about wants you to find who your market is. Your topics are what you share with them so never start out thinking about it inbox magazine from topic viewpoint start out from the markets and then you really think about who that person is and now what do they want to learn from you and that really kind of leads really nicely into the next step. Which is there's different types. There's actually different little little mini models of the box magazine right because you can have a panel of experts you can have a single guru or you can have kind of a faceless klis model out of those three. I really wanna talk about the panel of experts because that's really my favorite for so many reasons and need the first reason i'm the us working moms only as an example you could use early to rise or you can use any inbox magazine but with a panel of experts you know for me. I can't be everything aretha to every one what i can do. Is i can go out and i can find the best people in any subject and topic experts are everywhere in usually underpaid like for me like i'm a real believer in like supplements and health and working out but i only my own supplements but i could go out and i could find the working. Mom did this person. I believe who makes the best supplements driller. Oh i can go out there and do that and that's that's why the expert on the panel expert model is so fabulous because essentially it's opie w right it's other people's work like that so now what they're doing is they're supplying you with content for your community. They're supplying you with product for your community and they're supplying you you with the promotional material that you're going to put out there to your community okay so remember oct- earlier about fifty cents to a dollar per name per month long so as you build this community in the first year i had working moms only. I didn't have a single product of my own. I only went out and found the best products of i believed. Leave would benefit my community okay i didn't i didn't even so when you start out with this model. You don't even have to have a product as law as long as you care hair about you community in you that the other product that okay so it's a very it sounds like a lot of affiliate marketing do inside the model yeah absolutely lake then you can develop your product and the other thing that's wonderful about that is the you're kind of getting the aren't done for you right so before you go out and you create crete <unk> before you got you great some yoga course for your community steve. They liked that right. There's plenty of experts out there. Who have it right now so if that resonates with that right so you can do that. That's why i just love that you know that panel expert model because you're going to get great because experts like you said they're everywhere. They want to be published. Most people most people have good content. Guess what they're not not good marketers so the money's not fluent in so much right right and that's why you know you know it's always like you. You might find people who who are great at developing software writing reading books or whatever but they might not be making money but if you're really good marketer you're never gonna. You're not gonna have a problem so so go out there and find somebody. Nobody who's great at what they do to be on your panel so does that look like a rev share model typically with the expert. It can be anything you want it to be. Actually he kind of in my in my report that i want to talk about later gives you a lot of examples but yes it can be a reg air. It can be an advertising you. You can do it several different ways. Okay got it is what i always did and i'm gonna tell you know. Tell this to everybody. This is kind of a secret that when i promoted people right so basically you i what you do because people get this wrong time. They send promo promo promo to the list basically send them content from this person because you're giving your audience audience useful actionable advice for free and they're also getting to know your expert okay so they're caught. You're sending this to them right and now you're following up with. Promotion and people are thinking wow. They gave me this great issue on x._y._z. for free. I bet this is gonna. It'd be great and so what i did. Since i owned. I was the publisher. I own inbox magazine. I'm putting that person out there. I actually got seventy five percent and the content content provider got with the product twenty five percent because guess what they just got a buyer's name. Oh yeah can't you right right so so so how many times do people that they fifty fifty steph when when reality is you're giving somebody a bad name. That's a buyer so now they've got. They got back end right. I mean where's the money the money's in the back end right. You've got name and they're still getting twenty five percent of the revenue from a digital product uh it's amazing. You're prop up giving them a platform the audience they're already indoctrinated so basically t m up assuming that they can do something with those biron names saying that they're not marketers but i'm sure there's probably ways that you can partner on that aspect as well. That's and that's kind of how a lot of my consulting came along else part of things so that's you know so out of those kind of those panel. Experts is single grew in the face malia single gurus all well and good but then what you have to do is you have to be the one to continuously gave the content every single week and so violent recommend with the inbox magazine is is one to two times a week one to two issues a week start out with one to make sure you can do it. Get it out there because once in that's what i said ten years. I've never missed an issue. Why aren't you going to do it. You can't not do it like a podcast. That sounds like us. If we were to miss a one of our two days per week like people are going to be starting to scream screaming at us and our support and building your reputation. You're building your body. Everything you know one of the biggest things i learned from martin weiss and clayton clayton makepeace because the people don't know this clinton was my copywriter for seven years at waste <hes> the element of a bonding right that there's nothing more important four and then you know then people trusting you and a lot of people say like they have this thing where they always say that people should know like and trust you and that which is obviously sleaze true but then there's one more thing and this is why inbox magazine is so different which is people should know like trust you but they also should think i believe this person can help me uh-huh and does that just come with time you know with all these different issues. That's just a they. Trust you enough relate. Let's do they think so that so those first so you kind of building that the first is they know you then they lay q. than they trust you and now they believe you can help you and that's why i've had so many subscribers drivers for ten years on working only because they think of me as the girlfriend they don't you don't think of me as like a faceless person coming into their inbox they think of me <music> as their girlfriend and that's why i bet everything i sent them like what i did a lot of joint ventures with dr sears when i first started at great great supplements and he also had people office who are developing incredible skincare and stuff and i would say okay. I'm gonna promote. I love dr seuss. I launched him an early bryce. So i'm like fine. I loved about you. Send me your stuck so that i can take a picture of putting the cream on my face so that my girlfriends will see this and then and then i was just honest with them i would just say look and if i of course it had to be like if i like the product i love this product. I'm using it. It's worth you taking a chance. You know there's a money back guarantee. You've got nothing to lose and when you're just transparent with the community it's all about again that building the trust and then then then writing. I mean i still every single letter. People have written me over the last ten years and put it up on my board so i'm writing issues. Guess what i'm looking at them looking at their letters is there pictures or basis and smashing everywhere yeah where community so bad why this is just such a wonderful wonderful <hes> <hes> platform for anybody whether you're a content provider whether you're reading book creating products whether does it matter or you can simply be the publisher and never have to write a single thing if you don't want to win and that's the whole thing about anybody who owns inbox magazine is the publisher and you you can choose to be part of that panel or not yeah now can you can you quickly define. What an inbox magazine is versus. Just somebody sending email broadcast to their list. Yes okay so an inbox magazine. Essentially is it is actionable useful content that you are sending on on a regular frequency with a sect on format mckay so if you look at like working mums only n._c._o.'s edge the the name of the sections are different because there to that to that market who i talked about earlier but yet exactly the same so that you know my my intro to both of these inbox magazines are about fifty to one hundred words write. My essay is eight hundred to twelve hundred words right in my check it out section or producing provinces which essentially an ad is fifty to one hundred words so so it's very formula and this is why i've been testing this doing unisom two thousand so every single inbox magazine that i created for clients right has been exactly the same format weather for people like noah saint john which shefrin or are round the grand like it's exactly the same so so the content these written articles that from like the panels of experts guru whoever's creating the article for that week. Is it just all right there within the email or you linking back to another website where the article nicole would-be it's all right. It's all in the email is in year publication. Don't link back to like you'll linked to either the product luke maye right that out of that check it out section that section but the whole thing is at first you have all of their content and and thing about it is the contact can never leave a question mark content. It's always about like now i know what to do. It's not like oh now. I've thumbed his conduct. Do i do this or this. No it's this is what i do now. You're not like opening loop and making them go by to learn. Take the next step in this thing read it's actionable and useful and that's the key that is key that every single issue has to have that guy ah similar to i keep thinking of our podcast because like you're doing right now you're giving so much actionable advice and they will have an opportunity of coarser research that way you know we have a link for for them to dive deeper with you. Of course there's a way that they can grab notes from us. You know it's all time saving and it's just a wanna go deeper cool yeah so just to clarify as well the to to be a subscriber of your inbox magazine. It's completely free. Anybody can be a subscriber but you're monetize through promoting other people's products and things like that absolutely absolutely and that's that's the key right there that you're bringing them on free there. You're giving them every we all this stuff for free so the no like entrusts is really adding up and now i think they can help me and they start buying product and so really we're doing the same thing in different mediums literally wrote the book on changing the channel with with michael masterson aka mark ford and really it's multichannel marketing and i love multichannel marketing right because if you know if you reach people in two channels as opposed to one they are. I'm fifty to one hundred percent more valuable. Chew you okay you in three channels compared to one. They're a hundred to one hundred and fifty percent more valuable to you so you speak to people and how how they want to be spoken to you know i still you know i love to to read. I'm a reader and that's kind of the audience and i'm going to and that's not about an inbox magazine. Is that format where if they should take it you take them no longer than forty five minutes to read it. That's the key right because because they walk away with something every single issue i'm thinking of matt you and i we read this thing called morning brew every morning and and we also subscribe to pod news and the podcasting space these are like our daily daily so but similar model. They definitely link out a bunch of places but it's it's interesting once you get in this habit of opening that email you're one. You're training people to listen to you which is very difficult with all the e mails getting thrown around but then like you said you you kinda know the format. I i know exactly what to expect with. Each of these publications and i trust them yeah. There's the what's the future is the peter demint is one. Oh yes a aw insider insider exactly and that's what i mean. I've talked to peter about that before he started. I spoke at joe polishes stuff a lot in in this model and a lot of people really what eilly say is follow the exact steps get benchmark and then test right your numbers get the benchmark and then you can test it. You know once in a while off throw in a video in working. Moms only right off see what that does right and happy and i also asked for feedback. That's he is asking for feedback so would you is that look like a survey or are. You just getting folks to you. Prompt reply back to the email. Just promptings reply back night every issue. Actually it said one of my it says look who's talking walking working mazali. That's his name is section and that is basically a testimony on every single issue is tell us what you think so they've already read with someone else just the sad now. They want to say a little something to so. You build your testimony file as well as you put one out there every single issue. It's just reinforcement so how it's really it to me. It's it's your whole personality like you can make make you can call your sections. Whatever you want to call them. The keys to follow the format as far as the word count 'cause word count is key and i like i said i've been testing this. Since two thousand i tested especially even at <hes> early to rise what was really funny because it was a daily then and what i heard all the time when i was speaking at events and everything everything they would get people writing to me. I love early to rise. I just can't keep up with two long. There's too many and that's when i started playing with certain formulas and thank you know as and so you know so that's why always recommends like when people are starting out once a week. If you wanna go twice a week fantastic no problem but make sure that that you can honor your commitment. I think you know it's interesting. You say that because years ago i was subscribed too early to rise and i believe i felt the same way of like this. This is all agree but it's a little too much every single day and so i like the fact that if you can kinda speaks it out a little bit yeah. Someone's giving you at least act on same with the glazer kennedy the no b._s. Email newsletter that they used to send. I used to get like my inbox used to just have avak thirty of those at any given time. I was like you know trying to get through them. Yes yes i do and then actually bill bill glaser and i really good friends and we asked me to come over and do a diagnostics of each other's businesses and we went there and i told him this is this is then he started doing that like once he left their zone so so it really is just a great platform to have because what it does you know like when i started working. Moms only oh my gosh. I had all these people from like the today show whenever pretty complicated. I wanted to do segments working moms so that it's just a great way to get out there. I had all the i was on so many different channels between n._b._c. and lifetime and all these mom kinda shows shows like working mom shows and kind of doing those debate with you know the working mom stayed home mom and and i only say you know it's not it's not a on either or or it's not like you know. Everybody's decision is their own rate everyone into our own so but if you're going to be a working mom i'm here to help you. You know slow hello so but until let's talk a little bit more about getting that context. That's really the next step because that's one of the hardest things for people even if they're doing that panel donald experts so really the best thing you can do is when you know your market know who your who is is really to come up with. Who would you like on your the panel and if you ever looked at the working moms panel. I've got people like mariel hemingway because she interviewed me once on a show and then i'm like hey we'd be my expert burton. She's like yeah like we just hit it off so that's the one thing that people need to realize is so what if someone says no right if you don't ask it's already a no right so well for so i've published. Mariel hemingway published like i said dr i mean my friend ryan lee like anybody you can think of like like that. I believe are great at what they do. That's i'd go after the best of breed so i have got a very eclectic panel because working moms uh-huh you know we have interest from everything from date night to running a business to actually how to ask for a raise. I mean i've written about how how do you goshi to raise. I did it with steve forbes. I had negotiate when i was at forbes right i did i did it with bill bonner and mark you you know michael masterson so <hes> and you know this is a little tip. I'll just take this actually read mark mark for he had a lot of books under michael masterson and i was read one of his books and he was talking about negotiating salaries and when he was offering me position he would say he said well. What is this gonna cost me and i tonight. I quoted him. He didn't even notice the time he said and i said well. If you're gonna take this position what would you want in which is exactly what he said in his book and he's like okay whatever it is just tell miles awesome good. Whatever you want like was so great of so so. I write about a lot so like i said it's a very eclectic electic newsletter because it's a lifestyle newsletter and those are in bax magazine so it's really the ones where you can really talk about a lifestyle. You have so much more topic when you have so much more room to bring people in you know i brought tim ferriss in too early to rise before he was famous. He you know he had just written the first book and was getting out there. So winding experts is the great way to do that is to go onto amazon and look at books look at new newest books out out there is those people who really want to get their name out if they just read so look in different categories of who's out there like in what what the book okay okay. That's a great way to find experts. Here's ellen if you're if you're looking for some podcast experts a couple of them over here. We're talk more because i have something sorry curious curios up and and then the other thing is people think they don't they can't right and and this is the trick. I just want to tell everybody about people think they can't right but here's the deal. You don't have to be a writer. If you've got expertise that you wanna share just record it. Just talk into your iphone record. It send it to be transcribed. If you don't want to edit it hire somebody and fiber to edit it for you. It's so so easy. It's so cheap and here's the key you only have to talk for five minutes five minutes circle. We'll fill your in box issue. That's perfect perfect. I mean there's an an app that we use called. Otter is it's amazing iphone app actually just talking to my canings just today on it and and yeah he voiced it out out and i think he was on a plane and it had perfect transcription and it was like a five minute thing. I didn't catch the words but it's exactly what he's like. Don't need to be a writer anymore. Mike it's been in working moms only n._c._o.'s edge. He's a good friend right in. It's funny right like birds each other flock together also so that's all you need to do you and then the other thing is like looking context set up google alerts set them up on your topics and then you'll see and then guess what you know then you'll <unk>. You'll find experts you'll find content find ideas there and then the last thing which a lot of people didn't like and i i didn't use to like it but i'm gonna tell you. It's gotten really much better over the years here's which is right which able resale hip wreck on so much better and the nice thing about that is you can and literally go to a site like and this is only like i like the site. It's a master resell rights dot com go to a site like look up anything say you say you're in writing a special report or an issue especially fortunate to on home schooling and you just don't have to start with a blank canvas like literal and you can go and buy the report for like like five dollars and then you can any way you want to use it right and so i've never ever used one as is but i've i've used them as idea starters. You know what i mean so there's things in there that you can do. It's really cheap so when people are like oh i can't. I'm outta raider but so you don't have to be you see. There's all these things that you could do in the piggyback on that really quick has idaho business on that where we're creating a lot of books <hes> with in a lot of ideas came from i think it was that exact website actually master resell rights and and it was interesting because it kind of allows you to do the market research rate rate there because they're only going to publish this things and actually sell them if there's some interest already out there so it kind of shortcuts that thing too right so so there's a lot more detail what i'm trying to give you guys you know is the meat so that everybody like against take something walk away with something. Thank you step that. I'd i'd like to talk about like you obviously have to get folks to subscribe right. That's you know i feel like people are really stingy with email so these these days i feel like it's harder and harder to get somebody to give up an email. That's actually a legit email. Most people use like fake emails or emails. It'll go to like a different inbox inbox not see it so i'm really kind of curious to hear how how the growth happens in there actually legit people that are going to pay attention. Yes okay good so let's talk about the things you need before. You even go out to get that email right from the two. You have to have for the symbolics magazine. Business model is a landing page <hes> <music> and a lead mag so let's talk about the landing page i right well. Let's talk about the leader's first because that's gonna you're gonna you're landing page around that but you so your lead magnet eh folks you know i use the word mag. Lead magnet is basically something you're giving away something valuable in exchange for someone's email address okay and it can be a special report. It can be a resource guide. It can be a video. It can be in audio the ki hear your lead magnet. You need to think of as the ambassador for your company. The lead magnet is going to. They're going to get a leave demag before they ever get an issue from you of your inbox magazine so your lead mag has to be really special in it has to solve a problem okay and it's not so much against again that the format what you're giving them. That's going to help them and that's again going back to. Why are you have to know who your market is. What their biggest challenges right. Were you say to them. I can help you okay so that's like the first thing going to that you need because then you're landing page is going to essentially revolve around the league mag and this is a huge mistake. People make with landing pages. They put it on their website or they think it should the opt in box of your website. Elite mag is not a page on your web. I mean i'm sorry landing page is not a page on your site light. It has no navigation the only thing that a person can do with this. Landing page is essentially put their name and email. You do not wanna on page of your site where they go looking at. Oh who's your experts. What are your testimony also. What are your resources here and then the phone rings and they never come back right so only page only has essentially that you know a headline a picture of your lead mag and then bullet bullet points and choose places to opt in and that's all it needs an above the fold preferably massive massive split testers and we've tested all sorts of variations and hands down for the last ten years the one that's always worked. The best is a headline headline a kind of a picture to the left of kind of what you're giving away some bullet points to the right and then opt in box and that's <hes> yeah that's it and then what so people just make the biggest mistake and they want to explain and go on and on and on less is more you know it's it's. It's not bullet points. It's an edge them and it doesn't need to be fancy looking either user soleil like jean opt in pages or the best more we design them. I'm typically the lower. The conversion goes right exactly and you know it's the same thing it's the same thing jack male and that's what i did so well online because i've done direct male. I was like you know mailing one hundred million pieces of mail. When i was a year at times mirror magazines are forbes at any of those places says and so and the same thing is true with the male rate. It wasn't fancy envelope. It was it was and that's why something like a subject line. Line is so important you know essentially that was your envelope happy that got them to open it but so i question on unlike the landing page so that lives obviously independent from the website. That can't <hes> yeah so how do folks find that landing page. Do you have a few main ways to detroit. Yes okay so you guys are like the traffic genius but i'm gonna talk first about again kind of going back to a book i want trump at the very end but everything you do and business matters every single person you talked to matters and i remember when i started working moms only what am i didn't have a list right so i didn't have any night wasn't i didn't have a gore anymore behind me so i couldn't offer up early to rise as an exchange. So what i did is i wrote to everybody anew told him what i was doing and i said to them. Look if you mail from me she this league too so i'm going to get names i will i either male for you when i had the names and i'll mail twenty five percent more or i will offer you any service that you want. Whether there's a webinar speaking get your conference like teaching you know coming to your office whatever it is and because i always honored my promises in the years in business you know i had people like jeff walker say you don't have to for me. Don't worry about it a mailing for you right. I you know i had bill glaser say great. You're speaking of glazer kennedy. You don't mean so so that that was what i did. I knew people so. I had within twenty four hours. I had five thousand names that were golden frigging love that that like everyone has their own network and people they can call upon or if they don't they can definitely figure out some kind of win win trade to to just give value view and then a lot of people will reciprocates just asking yeah based on my math. That's a between twenty five hundred five thousand dollars per month business that was built in twenty four hours. It's awesome so and so and so what i do now is i when i when i when i teach this i literally said people i want. Don't you can make two lists. One list is of direct competitors in the other lists of is indirect competitors in the difference. There is a direct competitor is essentially a person and who sells what you sell in had the same people and then an indirect competitor is someone who has the same audiences you but sell some people different right once you have those because this is a numbers game when you're starting out to get names right then you simply write to them and you say hey. I just wrote this incredible lead magnet. I know your audience is gonna love and i'd love to share it with them. And most people see like you build it as added value to them to that publisher and that's what they mail for you because they believe it's going to help their audience so people who have a real advocacy for their community will help you and it helps even more if you can probably feature them in that magazine as well. Thanks a lot of value adds there for expenses. Yes there's so much to bargain with in. Really you know that's how i always go with. You know i do a lot of teaching a paid paid on media buying ray like old <music> old will media buying and that's once you've got some money coming in the door but literally there are so many ways between social media and joint venturing and just pulling pulling together your resources to get that what i call your first one thousand without steph putting out any money but you can't you have to commit to it and you have to work got it you do and so would you recommend that kinda as i launch strategy and do you have a system for getting new the people in all the time or other mechanisms. It sounded like your tv have p._r. And all these other multi jets basically i always start there but the thing is to misses the beautiful thing thing about inbox. Magazine is the amount of effort it takes you to put one together is exactly the same whether you've got a thousand subscribers a hundred thousand subscribers so your effort really does need to go into building that community right because it's gonna take you the exact same humana work or why not get the biggest bang for your buck right while it's not anything that you ever stop right and then so once year in this discussed this actually this is actually very nice way because the next step is up six of this is making money okay once you you have like you have that first one thousand thousand you've got some and then it's amid tell you that the next like after that first one thousand the next five thousand ten thousand. They come so much cheesier because you've got. You've got your system down in. It's dependent you if you're working by alone or if you've got some health and that's all again it comes down to on the making money part where once you've got you know a community you can start selling advertising right you put that right up on your site and the rates like i have literally had people advertise in working moms only that were not like any kind of internet marketers. I health anything but like people selling decorative on thanksgiving and christmas decorations right because it's just another great place like they've got busy working working moms right so like what's a better list to sell like hot holiday decorations. You know what i mean so like you've got to to start thinking out of the box. I don't just think about all these people who may be that. You're reading. You know online think about what your audience needs my my working moms. They're busy busy. They're working moms right vice-like and if again if i show them a picture of this kind of like i had at one point this beautiful bowl that had like these thanksgiving decorations creations in it and i took a picture on my table and i said this my dining room table i love it when you think and literally sold that spot within working moms only we go and that's where we're actually starting to do this a lot more with our podcast our website and then also in our newsletter physical newsletter is that's all opportunity. They're all buckets of attention you know with our community and and there's opportunities for sponsorships relevant offers in there and we are starting to get approached coached by relevant folks software companies mainly in the marketing space and it's cool because it's kind of found money at that point you you work to build the audience it's and obviously build the trust in that relationship and being strategic with your offers are definitely important for sponsorships as well and it's never accepting everybody. If you could set up your buckets of attention these audiences then it's just like there's so many ways to monetize from there and still value and then understands like you know like we talked about affiliate joint venture promos. That's always a big money maker but like i said it's the seventy five twenty five royal. Most people go out there with that mentality okay. I'll split it with you but you're you know seventy five twenty five to just everybody here twenty five percent more you know what i mean because that you ask or again and then sometimes is you know depending on the partnership you know depending on the cost of goods on their end might be sixty forty or sixty five thirty five whatever it is but no it doesn't have to just be a fifty fifty yeah. That's like a very internet marketing thing. I feel like fifty fifty thing. Yes i tell that to a lot of other business owners and other than they're like holy shit you get fifty percent off of <music>. I'm like wow what what it has to be. It has to be fifty fifty value right so the value has to be fifty fifty. That's what it has to be. It's not like the division of <hes> dollars stand that ocampo's yeah and then really what i like and then you can actually rent your list and most people don't know this. There are people that are called list managers out there right and they will take your list now. You've got to have a significant incised community right. You've got to have at least like fifty thousand eighty thousand people on your list but guess what they'll go out there and they'll rent that list this to people so there during your work and of course they're going to get like twenty percent of that whatever but again if you do that once a week and say that list is worth ten thousand dollars and that just once a week that's coming in now. Okay so that's what people and that's what people don't get and then guess what else you can do. If you have buyers you can rent the the actual physical address toyin with as well. We haven't done that yet. Yeah we thought about aww it's worth so much money. I had a guy that a student it. When he started inbox magazine he got up to eighty thousand subscribers in no time in the financial newsletter marking how much those names are worth a lot holds about one hundred and fifty two hundred dollars thousand racked up four and if he did that because you don't want to like i don't want to pin back your list burger but you don't want that once a week. If you had eight thousand names and you've got we'll just do the math eight hundred dollars thousand eight thousand dollars. I guess it was two hundred dollars thousand. That's sixteen thousand dollars a week a week. And what did you have to do. Oh nothing because you. I'm assuming the renter tur- the broker filter make sure it's high-quality buckle everything you do the only thing you always do. Is you look at the promotion. That's at the door. That's what you make sure that it's something that you're comfortable with. Your community against is not a list that your community folks that you're an advocate for that. It's useful useful to them right right. This is such a concept that we try to hammer home so much to is this this concept of build the audience even before you know how to monetize so you know dig the well before you're thirsty kind of thing because so many people don't understand why we've been podcasting for the last nine years without even having i mean we have sponsors now but for the first i like forever. We didn't write it was on the list right really so and that's like when i tell you how many again this kind of continue my next seven steps seven which is last step is continue to grow is by like now. You're an expert that people people want right so like when you have an inbox magazine it just builds your expertise and credibility so when i was writing my second book which was reinventing the entrepreneur you're wiley. They don't really give big advances anymore. Gave me a nice big advance. Guess why because i had an inbox magazine in a list. They want publishers. Want your audience. They know you're going to do most of the marketing heavy lifting for them exactly in the old days while he was great at marketing nice. I change the channels with the second one. They did nothing. I did it. All wow and i think that's pretty common from what we've heard. Many new york times bestselling authors on here. There is like you know. Don't expect them to do any marketing for you. Know don't expect an advance unless you have an audience right wow so and like i said when i was on lifetime on that shows that was actually called the balancing act and morning like woman show they came to meet. You know what i mean like so that's what your inbox magazine. That's how you continue to grow so in the one shared their you're getting your name out there either as a publisher publisher or an expert that the one thing that you have to know and i call it the d._o. Number right hill keep the door open number. You need to know exactly what that is. Okay in what that means because you do have costs. They're not high cost but you have cost inbox magazine. You need to have you know a c._r._m. Ray whether it's a weber earn fusion or whatever it is right you have certain costs and that and this is what most people do wrong wrong wrong. Oh time is you're like okay won't pay myself. I'll just wait to like money. Comes the door. Put a salary in there. I put all your fixed costs in their divide it by three hundred sixty five like you know sixty five and know exactly how much money you need to bring in the door every single day hey to keep your doors open. I liked it. That's very simple. That's i don't think i've ever heard it explained that way but that yeah that's good for any size business doesn't even matter any size no and and it's so funny and said 'cause eilly say my whole message methodist kiss keep it simple sweetie right like it was you know and so you just need to do that and then once you have that money and once you're making you know kind of like that fifteen thousand dollars a month mark now you even start hiring people because again it doesn't matter if you have one inbox magazine you know gore has at this point probably three hundred bucks magazines and million dollar company a billion dollar company starting with early rise in the was. The was the baby that that business model that everyone took so it doesn't matter if you're like a solar panel or a billion dollar year information marketing company not right. It's the magazine business model and and what you need when you're at this point. Is you have to s._a._p.'s you have to have s._o._a._p.'s and that's stance or standard operating procedures everything you do with inbox magazine. Business model is repeatable. Everything you do is repeatable function so you had s._a._p. So that nothing goes wrong because the when nothing goes wrong the more money you make when you make that mistake and you forget an and you pick the wrong list list in infusion or email doesn't go out the door. It's not like i'll just an tomorrow. That's that's yes right. You have something else that needs to go tomorrow. The email was supposed to go today. Goes today and you do that by having s._o._a._p.'s and you need how you build your company you start. You start acting like professional. I mean when i started working moms only and i i was home for the very first time. I set alarm every day. I had my to do list the night before like like you have to remain in that that you are service provider to someday. There's so many people relying on that message and expecting it from you. I have a couple of questions russians before you i want to. I want to ask how you're doing time because i know we're approaching the hour mark here so get okay cool so i had a question about about email l. open rates 'cause we send a lot of emails as well but i have noticed over the years just getting our opens and clicks on those emails has really declined. Have you seen yeah and if you have have you sort of combat that okay so when i started working moms only i literally my operates were like fifty fifty five percent so oh now yes they've declined in their more in their thirty percents right and that's just because the community has been growing and because the saturation so really the only thing i do is i keep list. Hygiene is a must and you have to constantly put people on like you. Just you can't again. You can't just let it ride you. Gotta constantly doing it and i have i read entire report once on just subject lines like what are the best subject lines and that curiosity the subject line like you know really and the other thing that's really important about opens is keeping your from consistent right so the front is not is it was never <hes> you know. It's always mary-ellen trippy yeah. We always do that as well which is good keeping that consistent and then in just watching and then i again reports like i'm really big metrics reports all those things and i was just talking to somebody else. In the office you know rape before this scape about reports and that i'm so anal about looking at open rates based on such line and like an analyzing the outliers or the anomalies in saying wow why wii <unk> average open rate is this. Why is this so much higher or why this you know reference noticing whether it was you know that that holiday holiday thing or the sale thing or just a curiosity thing it you know the curiosity ones for especially for working. Moms only like the really raw ones and what a lot of people may not know the c._e._o. Of center point which is coupled sitting around for thirty years and really the ones there are again. Are you know it's it's a personal development kinda company so the ones that kind of go to that lake. You like why aren't you making progress kind of kind of subject line works staff. Why is it you're not making progress. You know kind of thing so so again. It goes back to kick understanding that audience that market yeah. No that makes sense. I've also sort of knows with arlene karlis. Maybe you've seen the same that it's not a sort of static formula. Either seems like an email will work really really well once and then i can use the exact same formula realized in two months and not get anywhere near the same results it kind of feels like you're you're market will sort of become savvy to certain types of emails subject lines and then they're less effective effective but then a different one is more effective now. It's not as static is. I think a lot of people make it out to be now. It's not an i also found relevancy and timing timing so you know being one of the for you know one of the earlier adapters on a certain news cycle in referencing that and building into the story part of the of the email gotcha now so the only other question i have right now is is with the actual growth of the newsletter. Today i know now you mentioned in the beginning. You had a lot of a lot of connections that sort of helped jumpstart. How how is most of the traffic the new subscribers coming in you know today as of july twenty nineteen a lot of it is paid on paid media and then greeley. I have certain partners. Here's that we just do reciprocals for leveraging your network and and an absolute seems like this would be prime for referrals to having a nice little some kind of referral called action on the bottom of each one of these things like especially again with working mom's it'd it'd be like hey tell your girlfriends get three or more than you get this prize sure whatever yeah we actually been debating about experimenting with just kind of a c._p._a. Model title for list growth where we just go and tell people. Hey everybody you put on our list. We'll pay you three dollars per subscriber. You help us find. I think that's i think that's thaddeus yeah we we haven't tried it yet but we use a tool called wicked reports to keep our eyes on the numbers and we know the value of every single person on our list over the lifetime of them being on our list and it's roughly around thirty dollars per person on our list so three to five dollars to get somebody on our list is a drop in the bucket. Here wants us yep. We we used to sit wicked so that's interesting what we're gonna talk about that wicked amazing awesome area and i know you have like a freebie here for the folks that want to dive deeper and all this stuff. What's the how can they find that out you mary ellen trilby dot com forward slash evergreen and and really what it is. It's especially port a kind of everything we just talked only much more detailed so abroad but you really get <hes> really really how choose in there so i i really hope you go to maryanne tribute dot com forward slash evergreen and you've been kind of hinting at a book a couple of times this episode as a book that highly recommend for people so you wanna touch on that real quick. I do because this book like to this day i read. It got fifteen years ago and it's one of those books i read every year. A lot of people don't know it. It's called the slight edge by jeff olson this line okay i will tell you this is that i have gotten literally. Thank you notes from people that i've recommended this book too and i have no affiliation with him. I had never met him. I'd love to meet him at one point because it's if bagless book but it really again it was very profound for me because it really was like it's kind of like my philosophy on however <unk> how i always dealt with my life and it was really it he went so much further in this book and it real peace of that compound effect of a everything you do everything you it matters it matters and so it's a wonderful bucks. I highly recommend it. What was the name of the author again. Jeff olson jeff yeah cool. We're going to make that happen that intro or are that mita between the two of you. If he's ed impact you know. I don't know but we're gonna make it a point to know him. Ah pretty good and now we're giving away. I don't think people realize this fact but when we ask people for book references at the end of our show yes it sort of an affiliate marketing play but also we're trying to find cool new people to go and find have cooled discussions with great. He's awesome and this is super cool <hes> yeah so we're going to link definitely that that freebie there in the show notes of this podcast anywhere else that you want people to go before our go go there and if you know forking moms if you go to working moms only dot com you please subscribe because i i love to meet you and have you on the community and and then the c._e._o.'s edge if you're gonna marry tribu dot com you c._b._c. Edge there as well. Which is you know. Those are. The two inbox magazines put out every single week awesome at a minimum. They're great freaky studies for people to get to see working best great. That's awesome. Thank you very much for your time here. Oh my pleasure thank you guys so much. Have a great great read a week and i'll talk to you soon already good. Thanks everybody for listening to this episode of the hustle and flow chart podcast test for taking the time to listen. We want to give you something a little bit special every single episode that we do. We actually have somebody on our team. Take notes we basically have in cliff's notes version of every every episode where you can go and find all of the tips and tactics they laid out all of the resources that they laid out all the good stuff from this episode. We actually ashley have a nice simple notes version that you can find on our website. Is it gonna evergreen. Prophets dot com find this episode. He listened to give us your email address and we'll we'll send you the notes. Thanks for listening. Don't get it wiki wiki.

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"Catching Up After OSH" UCAP458

Uncontrolled Airspace: General Aviation Podcast

1:11:09 hr | 2 years ago

"Catching Up After OSH" UCAP458

"But it's just airplanes. So it's not really. This is this is the best seat now. It's got a runway in the front yard. This is some serious lion stuff. Have you seen this helicopter story this? Let's see. Now it's a, it's in in Oregon and my could in Oregon, which is a pretty big mountain there in Oregon sort on your Portland, I believe, but not not in there. And so a guy got himself as a kind of a sad story behind this. But basically he got himself trapped on top of the mountain, unable to get himself down and rescue is head to go and get him. And what they decided to do was send this cinetic helicopter to bring him out. Chinook of course, being the big dual rotor bladed, you know, foreign aft. Cargo, I think of it as cargo helicopter. I guess it's probably troop. Transporters does everything. And it's one of these helicopters at has a a lowering ramp on the back. All right. And so this this and there's a picture here. I'm looking at what am I looking at here at web and Abbas story. Chinook crew, complete, dramatic rescue, Mary Grady wrote the story and so they, they tried to land the helicopter up on the summit, but apparently the summit was just way too small for this helicopter. So then they did this maneuver that we're seeing a picture of which I presume a picture from this actual rescue, but they pay sickly back. The cargo door of the helicopter up to the point on the side of the of the slope of the mountain where the where the the victim in the rescuers are waiting and and they basically just touched the cargo deck, you know, ramp onto the ground while basically still hovering on this forty five degree slope and and and the pilot can't see. So the pilot is being being coached by crew members. You know, go this, go right foot. Go left. Affleck go forward, go back and they basically just kinda hover it into the point where then everybody crimes into the ramp and the the amount of their see some serious, some serious flying. I can do that with the debit air once. Over there. Get over there, right? Yeah. So I thought it was an interesting term. Pinnacle landing. Yeah. So apparently this was not a spur of the moment maneuver that they kind of invented in order to rescue this guy. Apparently they do this a Sadia pinnacle ending. Yeah, right. And it says familiar to military crews, but really rarely seen in civilian operations. They were up there that that that landing at eleven thousand. When I was when I was thinking, man, the density altitude of that. And then you know, look at the geometry of where the ramp ios and the tail rotor in the people. That's right. The tail Ramona's. You get pretty close to the. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah. So. If you held up a loaf of French bread, you could sliced it plan b. here. Guys. This Harley was plan b. Yeah. So yeah, the pilot, of course did his right stuff's thing. You know, he said it wasn't a big deal. You know, it's like the quote is old-fashioned stick and rudder skills just flying the aircraft and he has it stopped shaking. Yeah, somebody better about him some beers at all. Yeah, because he earned them, that's. That's flight pay that day. Yeah, you really did. This is this is not the same thing, but it's puts me in a mind of the of the hang on David. The stole landings that I saw at both at Oshkosh and that I've been watching videos of people landing out in the middle of nowhere is kind of an interesting, you know. Activity, you know the the, there's this guy that Trent Palmer is the youtuber pilot who is sort of central to me in this, but he's part of a group called the flying Cowboys. I think talked to them about them different on a previous episode, and I got chance to see them all fly on my couple of days at at air venture, and they do this all the time, not in snow covered mountains necessarily because he lives out in the Reno Steria but landing on on hilltops out in the middle of nowhere and groups of them. They just go off and have these. They all have their kit. Foxes and various other big tired, Taylor craft, and glutton and land in crazy places and and get together and do their, you know, they don't do hanger flying. They do. I don't know what you call it summit flying desert lying or something like that. Yeah. Seen some of those videos of the. Tundra tired stole airplanes down at the water's level, leaving twin wakes behind from the tires as they fly long the surface of the. And so I wanted to ask you about that because they're very excited about that. So the this flying Cowboys group did a series of YouTube videos going both to and from Oshkosh and one of the shots that they liked to show in these videos repeatedly was as they're cruising along. You know, we're not very high to begin with all right, and they would often drop down and skim across the top of a body of water of some sort strikes me as being wildly dangerous. But. There was a, it's been somewhere in the life of this podcast. There was a video that came out and it was like the South African or a South African flight demonstration team flying s in Jay's Eighty-six as whatever they were. Yeah. Yeah. I remember what they weren't t twenty eight. They were tailgaters, but but big radial engine military trainers from from the World War Two era. And they were doing this in formation really. And they were all touching the water. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Skimming their tires along the water. How does that work exact? I'd only I don't. You know if I tried it, I'd be upside down. Well, yeah, everybody got Drager. No, if I tried into detail Drager I'd be upside down. See that's the thing. Maybe it's the big tire aspect of this that when he makes an lane more on the top of the water because I was fixes head standard tires, yeah, tires won't fold up into the wheel. Wells. Me see if I can find link for that. It would just seem to me, it would take a huge amount of of, I don't know to call at vertical control. You just don't want to settle onto the water surface too hard because you don't want to dig in the wheels. You don't want it to slow you down because then you're in big trouble, you know. So that would be a that would be a formula for going going submarine. Yeah, that would be a bad thing, but they seem to do it regularly enough that they have confidence that they're doing it safely, you know, at least by their standard of safe because landing this barely have to barely have to make water contact to get that affect. Yeah, it's not like gotta put it down, you know, to the sidewalls you know. True. And you don't wanna put it down to the I. Well, I mean, I guess my point here is and I've flown with Jeb and watched him just gently kissed the runway as he lands. And so clearly he has that level of control over his airplane. It's something that I've. Not regularly able to accomplish when I fly occasionally plant the airplane on touchdown, and that would not work in this kind of skimmed water surface thing. I just since y'all link to that video of the eighty sixes. T six water skiing. Sport. Yeah, just fast forward, you know, slide it baby forty seconds or something. Yeah, thirty around forty seconds in look at that. Holy moly. Yeah, t six is in, you know formation. So when you're doing just looks crazy. I just don't try this at home. Well, yeah, and and it's the stained. I mean, it's not like they just touch and climb out there like going, oh, wow, look at that. That's that's implying stuff to, and so. All right. I guess. Who do we know who might know something about this? Let's see. Now who's a. No living human. Right? But the yeah, because when you're flying formation like that, only the lead is actually looking at the ground theoretically, right? The how do you skim the surface of the water, not looking at the water. You got the time out Tom out, you don't. You look at the water. Yeah. Yeah, they're, they're not really in formation there. Okay. It's a, it's a, it's a four abreast and they're pretty much wingtip wells wingtip delinked hipsters, maybe twenty thirty yards between wingtips so they can kind of do it on their own. I'm sure there's some communication going on. As to his timing and stuff. And and I guess maybe so there's we're seeing the four ship formation, but I think one of the shots when they were skimming, the water showed a fifth ship that was staying at least two other airplanes. And I thought maybe it was a camera ship which it probably was, but it may be also as a spotter ship, just kind of like warn people if something was going amiss, you know. So, yeah. The kids see to airplay streak across the water with the rooster tails and everything. Yeah, something's this. All right. So. Making contact with the water and you're gonna feel it you, you're gonna feel the energy change when you when you contact and probably have to goose throttle just a little bit to hold your air speed, but you don't have to stare at it. You look down periodically, then you spend, you know part of your skin on the panel and part of your skin on the guys that you're in poor mation with. And then back at the water being really careful to keep your pitch trim, neutral. The other thing going on is they have to enter and then leave ground effect yet. So that that can that'll change the dynamics right a little bit and that close. Oh, man. I just. It just gets easier to fly. Right. Okay. It's it's just like landing, but not right. That's right. Yeah, I know. Anyway, welcome folks. Thank you. Welcome folks to uncontrolled airspace. General aviation podcast. That's that's as far as I'm gonna kiss. Jack, and I'm coming to you from high atop lookout point in beautiful climate changed Nottingham New Hampshire. All you get for a quarter. And I'm here talking to my two good friends after I guess we've recovered from Oshkosh, but there was that one of those voices out there who was who did a pretty good job there with the intro. That's good. I'm impressed is Jeff Burnside from somewhere near Sarasota, Florida Jeb how you doing? I'm spiff this morning. Yeah. Well, yeah, you're stiffy now you spit struggling computer. Thank you. Thank you, Microsoft appreciate it. You're going above and beyond to get that thing figured out Jeb that was had to be fixed. So yeah, but that's frustrating stuff. When your computer does that to you. And mine's actually, I'm actually working on purely on my laptop today because mine's been fighting a little bit lately, although I have, I think I know why it's not Microsoft. It's world of warcraft, which is a whole different podcast. And so so what's going on Jeb by the way I missed you at where were you? I had to come back. You weren't there when I was there and I wasn't there when you were there. I know. It was. You'll have a lot of fun though, especially with the last episode that was good now. Yeah, we did. Yeah, we did. I don't know if you had chance to take a look at that video each. We did that experiment where we, we shot some video while we were recording episodes. So people can actually see the the fire bomber and see the the, you know, various airplanes were talking about right now. It exists on the internet just as a as a raw video, the entire ninety minutes. And one of these days I'm going to boil it down into highlights actually the moments when we actually do reference airplanes and and also combine it with a second camera which shows the the the departure of the runway. So we get some spare time when we get some spare time. That's right. And my other good friend is here too, that's from the air capital of the world, which Kansas sits Dave Higdon. Hi, David. What are you doing? I'm doing okay. Finally, fully recovered from my marathon. Oshkosh visits twelve days with book in by to excessively long drives, but man. Was was it ever a blast? It was. It was quite a year and I missed most of it. I was only there for the final two days. David. You certainly can talk to this Jeb you were there for the bulk of to it's getting rave reviews as a as a year of adventure. Both in terms of numbers, you know, tendons and whatnot, and just people seem to think it was a great, great air venture impression. That was my impression, and that was the message that I imparted to. As chairman and CEO, Jack pelton as we were coming off the announcer stand from our closing day episode in mentioned, it'd been a great show how crowded halls where and I commented that I thought that they bloody well could have set a new record any kind of demure. And he said he didn't think that would happen because the huge influx of people the year before when the blue angels were there, and that that was true. The last three days the crowd, which usually kinda stable by the, you know, late in the show, kind of ballooned with people coming in to see the the blues. And then we get the show report. Later the same day and I don't read it till I'm home in Wichita the next and they did set a new record. They did. Yup. What they're claiming. My impression, my. I don't know what would I call it? I mental yardstick for comparing crowds and how busy benders were talking about their businesses, not not a bad yardstick because I would have bet money on it being a new record. Even after even after Jack told me that he didn't think that was going to be the case. So six hundred and one thousand people. Figured this they figured out is in doing this because I, if I'm not mistaken, certainly last year was a record also. I think the year before that was a record. Well, last year was definitely a record last year was you know their biggest crowd ever the year before. I think they tied an old record of so they've they've setting new attendance records two years in a row of in. And of course the sixty four dollar question is what do you do for next year? Well, you know what? Everybody going to say. You know they, they don't make a new record next show while the show's going to hell. You know. No, no, I don't what impressed me most about the the size and the quality of the crowd there was that that happened despite a three day run-up to opening day that had rain off and on inches. Yeah, yeah. You basically Danny about beginning day Sunday and in on Wednesday night, cancelled the night air show, which they were very, very smart quickly, rescheduled Thursday night so that you know the it was still on the on the schedule, but the all that weather all the difficulty and people getting in both flying in and driving in getting campsites at weren't flooded, and they still set a record through all that, I think is a remarkable statement on how much people wanted to be at the show this year. Yeah, yeah. No, I agree. I agree. So so David use you mentioned long drive home and but more or less uneventful. I take it. You got home same day, right? You left around what we did there show until about eleven thirty. You pretty quickly said you're advised. We all went back to the camp ground where we did final pack up and then you drove away pulled off the air show property at twelve thirty central on Sunday afternoon and was in my driveway in Wichita at two AM Monday morning. Yes. See, I'm jealous. Man. I if I could have that drive to Oshkosh I'd be happy guy when I do drive out there. I, it takes me basically today's. It's today trip from here by ground. Yeah, just it's just short of eight hundred miles from. Right, right. I mean that's a long drive, but it's a day you can do it in a day. If you're if you're if you're, you know, yeah, I've got a rethink that next year. Yeah, hopefully fly on next year. But this year really the between the week. And the activity and the drive home. It really kick my butt for the next three days. I'm sure I'm not surprised I, it's just give some context here. So I had been in Nashville for the day job up until Friday morning of Oshkosh week. And on Friday morning I took a flight from from Nashville to Milwaukee where I then got a rental car and came up to Oshkosh for a couple nights my original plan about leaving. So I had to go back to Milwaukee where I was going to turn in the rental car and then take a flight back to New Hampshire and I was gonna stay overnight. My flight wasn't 'til Monday afternoon. I was originally thinking, I'm going to stay in the trailer one more night at camp Schoeller and then and then head down on on Monday morning or Monday afternoon, and but as Sunday afternoon winds on an interesting thing happens both at camp Schoeller in general and certainly can't bacon and that is it starts to turn into a ghost town. I mean, it's kind of amazing how. Everybody leaves. I mean, you know, even even the the Lord Mayor, you know, Overstreet family leave, and I thought they might stick around this time because they're living the RV lifestyle now, but they took off and I mean, it's just amazing even by mid afternoon on Sunday, it's starting to get pretty sparse there. Mary Beth and Larry head to get back to their home. Yeah, they had some personal stuff than you to deal with. So they took off survey was taken off. So as as the afternoon progressed, I'm thinking this is just going to be depressing. You know. And you know, as as our friend, Steve Tupper says in a much more dramatic fashion than than I do, but he talks about Sunday afternoon at air venture being just depressing. And so I did another pass through the the the event grounds and looked at some things that I had missed and just kinda soaked up the last bits of the experience and then mid to late afternoon, I packed up my stuff jump. In my rental car and drove down to a an overnight at a hotel near Milwaukee airport, and then got on my flight the next day and came home. So that was all relatively uneventful as well. What I wanna hear about this is all by by prelude to jab, flew home. You left. What. When Wednesday morning, Wednesday, noon, ish, something like that. Of course it was Friday afternoon before I got wheels at and and you make you flew home at at very nearly supersonic speeds. I didn't have the same headwinds going home that I had going up. I was watching you on flight aware and you were booking. I had a good hundred ninety dollars for good part of the trip. Oh, you had you had I I was watching you head ground speeds of two hundred two. A one I saw to eleven at one point on on the little the little chart thing. They're all right. I mean, that was just like you got home. You were home before dark and that included a well. Maybe not before dark, but, but early evening. Right. What did you it was, I had to turn the lights on navigates and all that. But and that includes a fuel stop in include a fuel stock. You know, that was I didn't get out of it was still like seven o'clock before I could get Georgia. And that was like Cook County airport, which is right near the Florida line. So I had about an hour and a half and put me in here about eight thirty, which is about dusk, and you know, no real tail on that leg, but it all worked out. Yeah. Yeah. You know, just another day in the airplane. It was audience your trip down and it was getting up getting up. You had to zig zagging storms agony and hadn't really literally had to overnight before I could get into Oshkosh Pieta. And that was mainly because just from behind. So anyway. Oshkosh in the books and other Oshkosh into books. I had a great time. Thanks to both of you. Gentlemen, thanks to Larry, Mary, Beth, thanks to so many other people is. It was, you know, another great show. As we discussed earlier, they know how to do this. Now they figured out they broke the code and they did they do. Yeah. So anyways, one last Oshkosh eighteen thing, and that is one of the activities programs on that. We were following with interest here was the one week wonder built and we, we actually talked with Charlie Becker on our Sunday morning show on. He gave an update at that point. It hadn't taxied yet, but they were expecting it to actually it did in fact taxi that afternoon along in front of the the crowd line and Charlie told us on Sunday morning that they were hoping to actually fly on Tuesday. But I'm pretty sure that they actually ended up lying taking up her first light on Monday afternoon. So the FAA sign of China off more quickly than, yeah. So they basically built an airplane from parts in a little over seven days about seven days, four hours from from, you know, basically I putting first pieces together to first flight in a little over seven days. That's that's very impressive. That's, you know, no one of course should expect to do that in real life, but it's it's a testament both to the the, the, the, the approachability of these kits, and also the organization of Charlie and his team Dorgan ization at the they, they call it a one week. Wonder in its Charlie correctly. Point out. That's not counting the time that they spend getting everything sorted getting all the parts and getting organized so that when the volunteer show up, they can go right to work. Do you know the tools. Together all the fixtures, all all the support equipment. They need training people how to use it. My experience from, I guess it was the fourteen show is when you when you go through to to to Paul rivet they show you what you're gonna. Do you got classes and and all that kind of thing where y'all able to sign sign the airframe. Yes, yeah. Could cool story actually on end. So was David, what was that was Saturday afternoon, I believe, yeah. We'll have been Saturday afternoon and Saturday afternoon, and I had kind of, you know, had had abandoned the idea of being able to pull rivet this year because I had so little time and the lines were still lines, but people waiting when when on Saturday afternoon. And and so I said, okay, well, I did my part on on one week, one hundred number one, and I'll just kind of cheer number two. So we wandered by to kind of look, take a look at the progress into watch across defense. And I saw. Our friend Charlie in there. And so I snuck into say hi and shake his hand. And he said, hi, and he was very friendly. And I mean, and for all the things he's got going on directly Charlie's just, yeah, notch. He not only took a minute to shake my hand and say hi and how you doing. But then he said, so have you pulled your rivet? And I said, well, no, I didn't have a chance because the lines long not come on, we'll we'll fix you up right here. And so he had a station there on the the, the pilot side horizontal tail surface and and gave me the training right then and there about how to pull the river. Although I'd heard it, you had David given a really good training audio only training in one of the daily's. And so I got my training and got me all set up. And then he posed me for the Charlie pose me for the picture and and I pulled my river rivet and and so I was thanking him for this. And then he says, those who gotta get Dave introduced it to. And I said, well, Dave's rate their day was still standing outside the fence. And so we wave David, Dave training, Dave. Set up and and as Dave is getting set up to PO poll his rivet. All right. This this older gentleman who's just wandering around wearing the the vans, you know, logo gear wanders by and it turns out that it is in fact dick Mandarin, they sell. All right. Is there all right, and so supervising David's rivet pull. All right. And we actually, I haven't seen them David. Did you ever get chance to go? 'cause I took a couple pictures. I tried to get pictures of showing you pull in your room and with van looking on, I'm going to get those to you tomorrow. Yeah, and and so, yeah, David, I both verts. Very cool. It is very cool. Yeah, is very cool. And then he'd be very graciously agreed to a picture. So David, I have a picture of the two of us standing with with van gave us some interesting data gave it to me when I was doing the the solo daily that you titled fingernail test. Yep. Import teen. They ordered three thousand pins for people to use the sign the rivet. Yep. And they let people keep them and at the end of the if they wanted to and at the end of the process, when they flew the zenith they had five hundred of those three thousand pins left, right? That's for the first one this year they had. They ordered four thousand pins and they ran out. Win on Thursday or Friday that really? Yeah. Yeah. It was just immensely popular, bigger crowds. I went by the one week, wonder operation at least once a day. And Noah's never pass where there wasn't a queue waiting to get their training on this blank piece of aluminum that it had long thrilled minute where waiting in line to go, pull their rivet on the real thing very often, the lines waiting to pull the rivet almost blocked that taxiway through the middle of the west rand. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it's just a, it's a terrific terrific program to introduce people to what's really involved in building their plane and kudos to charleena's entire crew for for putting it together. So off to the one week, wonder crew and particularly Charlie Becker who Yahoo shepherds this program when they do it. I, I imagine he'll be ready to do this again in about four more years. Right? That was my job at the during the morning episode. I said, we now know that the meantime between one week wonders is four years, and so we'll see how that goes. Hadn't come up some of these discussions of the one week. Wonder project was that zenith did this a number of times at sun and fun. Where they. Built an airplane. Yeah, in a week and taxied it and usually didn't fly on the last day of the show, we're usually would y the day after, but they're, they're the folks that actually kind of got this whole of hoping on started by bringing one of their kits to lakeland and setting up a work area and in running three running people through. Yeah, I, it's recently done these icing Bill to how recently of the done that sun and fun because I don't call it. It's been a while. Yeah. Okay. Because I've been going regularly now for ten years, and I think it's been longer than that, but I know they did it two or three times, not sequential years. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Well, neither is neither is so they go, all right. Hey, we need to move on here in a couple of things we want to talk about, but eventually was cool. I'm sorry. I was there for two days that was just a mistake. The paint scheme. I did pick the. Paint scheme. Once again, they have to, they have they're using my suggestion and and the paint scheme that I that I voted for is the one that one and so so signed. Barracuda friend, Greg Marna that I seriously handsome paint scheme and create a props to to Craig and his crew and to me for picking it. So anyways, we need move on here. So I don't know. This is a follow up and Jeb your are Malaysia Airlines flight three seventy expert, or at least you used to be. I don't know if you're paying attention. Go ahead. So it's just is in the news lately and I just figured we'd touch base here on the they've now Fisher said we give up at least right. Is that what they've said? By that, but. Okay. I'm not exactly sure what all this is, but I'm familiar with the story. Basically the Malaysian civil aviation authorities issued what? What's some are calling at least a final investigative report into the March twenty. Fourteen disappearance of Malaysian Airways or Malaysian Airlines flight three seventy took off from Malaysia headed for Beijing and basically went, went Nardo was tracked. Nordahl being turned off transponder and all of that and was was through some fancy footwork. I was kinda sorta tracked into the south Indian Ocean where it was lost. The closest big land mass is Australia to give you an idea how far this airplane, flip, that's big ocean. People don't understand how big the union issues so off and on. And there's been wreckage that has has drifted ashore thousands of miles away. That's been attributed reliably attributed to the aircraft, but there's no. Despite hours days and weeks of people telling sonar rigs over the Indian Ocean looking for for wreckage, looking for something. No one's been able to reliably find anything purporting to be the wreckage from his airplane. Yeah, yeah. So anyway, now now they've called off all the formal searching. I said it before, I'll say it again. They will find something they will find this airplanes. Resting place. Yeah, just not right now it's going to be. Yeah, right. It's just going to take some time and and yeah, right. Just to give me some context here. So it's been basically four years since thing took often disappeared. How long was it for Air France, the Atlantic Ocean one. It was two years, I think, almost to the week. Okay. So it's been a lot longer in this and now on Air France, four, seven. I think you know nine. And they knew the general area where it was in the sense that. Well, I'll say that they had some had some inkling through the cars where the aircraft was in the time that it was lost, but they didn't have a firm position on it and a missile initial searching, unfortunately, revealed only bodies and some light wreckage took again two years in in some rethinking of the directions in which the airplane flew before they could come up with the wreckage and finally got the black boxes out of it, which were the information on them where recoverable, which was a great thing. They, they finally understood what caused the French four, four, seven, right? That will eventually happened with this flight also, do we know the batteries in the pingers are long gone? Are these these black box recorders, stable enough that they will be the data will be recoverable ten years later? What's the sort of outside expectation. All solid state stuff. Yeah. The the the year fringe four, four, seven recorders or in something like fourteen thousand feet of water to give you an idea of how well they stood up or at least the memory units stood up to the pressure. Yeah, gave it, you're going to say something go ahead and say, just homing in what Jeb said, these are solid state nonvolatile memory chips that record this stuff and hundreds of channels, huge capacity. They're a lot like the Compaq plash and secured digital cards that we use in our cameras and our recorder, and I've had those cards go through both washers and dryers and still work. Okay. Eleven thousand feet below the ocean surface. It is abuse. They weren't originally designed it. Yeah. So. Oh, the batteries long since died. We know that they never got Ping's off of the Air France or the Malaysian airplanes of they did have a much smaller search area to start with with the French airplane. And it was still took them two years to find it because it was in really mountainous waters really tough terrain to to get accurate scans of the bottom from that would show up pieces of wreckage, which was how they eventually found it. They have no such search area definition for this. It's a huge arc and it's defined by the by the. Stand standby car signals just a handshake signal. Yeah, ours for for those of you that not airline fluent is an acronym for aircraft communications addressing and reporting system, which is a digital data link system for transmitting short messages between aircraft and ground stations, the air ban radio or satellite, depending on where you are, and the cars reports were the first sign that the French authorities head that something was going wrong with the Air, France, airplane. It started to report some major anomaly that didn't make any sense to the people on the receiving end. What making any sense to the crew on the flight deck either. Right Malaysia, we got none of that. It just went quiet. Yeah, except for the handshake signal that occurred every few minutes. So the day car system knew that it was still connected to the receiving end, but that was it wasn't transmitting any data which kind of points in the direction of not a catastrophic failure of the. Yeah, of the avionics, some kind of intervention that would stop it because that's an automated system. Right it. It doesn't need the pilot to do anything to to send its report. Yeah. Well, I think I believe what Jeb says. I mean, we, we finally found Amelia Earhart, right? Our did we. I don't know. I think not yet. Yeah. So maybe it could take eighty years before we find Malaysia three seventy. But well, it's been eight years and we still haven't found Amelia that gives you the kind of time reference to to to look at. Okay, anyway. All right. Moving on here when so at we ran out of time on our last episode before Oshkosh and there were a couple of subjects that you asked that we kind of leave on the list that weren't really time sensitive, but you wanted to talk about David US that we leave on the list. This new eighty s be in products coming. About what's going on here. FAA is added new, what they call products, new services to the flight information service broadcast, that's the SP and it gives you free weather free traffic. Well, traffic's different when that's just be, but the weather center information. Now they're would started with thirteen weather products including next read, mosaics wins, law terminal forecast flight information. Service broadcast now has a boatload of additional requirements, including services, including lightning strikes and some other stuff. You could follow the length that we've got. It'll show you in much more detail without you having to listen to me net or on. But most of the eighty s be in providers that I talked to at Oshkosh said that their products were all. Already set up to make use of those and show him on the usual case, greens, that was gonna be my question whether or not any was gonna take advantage of this. You're saying they already are taking some already taking. Most of most of their systems were already set up to accept that because they knew two years ago, three years ago that the FAA was working on expanding what is available under fist flight information, service, broadcasts. So let's there. And if you buy a new system now it's already built into it. Yeah, other systems, it's should be just a software upgrade or you know the latest version of four flight or whatever, right? Assuming that the software provider chooses to enter at it, which they probably will exactly if they want to keep the customer Zil add it. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, because it'll be competitive thing. Yeah, so, well, that's kind of cool. Okay. Now somewhat also an aide ESP story. All right. Is one that came out. I don't see what the date on this one is, but about the European that some European Union operators may not. So they have a similar kind of deadline is at the same deadline, or is it it's twenty twenty, but apparently they're deadline is June seven is out. January first, isn't it? I thought, yes, that's correct. Yeah. Okay. Near deadline has already been moved from twenty seventeen. Oh, it has. Okay. So they're not gonna make twenty twenty. How does that have any impact on us? What will happen with those operators coming to the US? I mean, like if like Air France wants to come to JFK, isn't that an issue? Housing? Your Francis is one of the ones going to miss hypothetic. That's, that's. That's going to be a problem. Yeah, problem. But there's their domestic carriers in the US that have said for a Cup of three years. They're not gonna make that line. Oh, really? Yeah. I hadn't heard that because I, the FAA's been pretty adamant that they're not extending not extending it for GI or business. They've created a waiver process for the airlines to use that gives them as much as five years additional time, but that's really a technology problem. Airlines airliners for so many years were not built with standard panels. They were built with panels, customized to the buyers preferences. So you've got this huge plethora of different systems, different combinations of navigators, transponders GPS. You know, it's much more standardized today in the last fifteen or twenty years. It's become, but getting equipment certified for all these different combinations has been a problem for the onyx makers in the airlines. So there's some airliners for which there's no viable solution available yet. And may be another two or three years doing it because the onyx makers are so busy meeting the demand for the equipment right now and meeting the demand certified, and she a stuff of business aviation community is. In almost a similar situation. A lot of the older business jets have avionic stacks do not upgrade easily to eighty s be out of, but Rockwell Collins, Honeywell Bendix, king. They've all been busting your humps to get upgrades to those cockpits that are as close to plug and play can get, which usually involves like. Universal avionics and and rockwell-collins boat have transponders that you can put in that will take care of it modus transponders because you gotta have mode s above like level one, eight zero. So they can't use some of the less expensive simpler solutions because they got fly above eighteen thousand feet to be efficient down below. We're stuck with the January one, twenty twenty, but the good news is there's no shortage of solutions that are workable for almost everything in g. a. yeah, yeah, and the prices have come way down and it's a story on my hitless one of my clients looking at the at the year head because January this year of dumb story January of next year, if you don't have a solution or you don't have the hardware and an installation slot, you may be setting yourself up to be in non airworthy to use the system when January one twenty twenty come. Right, right. Yeah. Talked to some avionic shops that are already looking at five and six month long queues if you booked today. Right, right. I mean, I have to say, I, I mean, I'm shocked shocked to hear that the airlines are being given a pass on some of the stuff that has to do with TK Cass. Yeah. A lot of it has. To do with some of these older jet transports don't have washed GPS. Some of, you know, somebody's mad dogs. I think that that delta still running that didn't even have GPS at all much less GPS and you know the the requirements are tighter than the typical GAB onyx in the of the universe of equipment sets is a much much smaller than so, you know, there's economics involved, and there's a lot of all of that. I still wonder why they can't just slap a Garmin transponder on it and call it a day. That's a whole nother problem. Recession, you say, we had a guy on the podcast on Sunday morning at Oshkosh who can fix up the airlines. You know he had that that what is it strategies based solution that was just in. Oh, it wasn't. It was just in, oh, I didn't know that. I thought it was out as well. All right. Okay. Well, I guess that won't solve the problems. For GE. We've got multiple solutions that you can put in your airplane that with installation come in right at two grand or less. Now they don't give you cheap ES navigator, like some of the more expensive solutions that garments. I think it's the GDP l. eighty two bolted in the back of the aircraft, you unplug the transponder cable from the end, China plug it into one side of the box. Plug a jumper between the box in the end Channa of mount the antenna for the GPS and hook it up to our chest it and sign it off. It can be done in a couple of hours, but now let me let me just call. Let me challenge you on something here. You just say two thousand dollars like that's not a big deal. All right. And I know airplanes are not cheap, and this is a, you know, kind of expense that you often see. But for a lot of people. That's a big deal. If I was flying on eleven thousand dollar champ. All right. Two thousand dollar solution is is a huge deal. What's the I mean, how cheap can you go and end up with a with a reliable legal solution here right now about seventeen hundred bucks a floor. Really. I never realized that was that high. For some reason, I assume that there would be a five hundred dollar solution that would meet the Bill and. Well, there there may be a five hundred dollars solution. If you already have a compliant watts, cheap ES. But that's a big part of these lower costs all in one solutions like the eighty two or the sky beacon from UV onyx or the Tailby commu Bionics they've gotta have a compliant sheep ES receiver to provide position data for the USB out signal. Yeah. Okay. Gotta have the ADS be out thing and in it's got an interface with your mode c transponder. This is fairly complicated piece of electronics, and I'm impressed hell that you'd be onyx. It's managed put this into a light that you can use to replace one of your wingtip lights or replace the tail light on your airplane, and it's got everything. It's got the GPS receiver is got the interface for your mode c transponder and it includes an LED position, light Strobe light. So. You get that for seventeen hundred bucks and it goes on and an hour. Yeah. Okay. All right. Yeah, I totally get the point. Two grand for eleven thousand dollar airplane is a bit much. Yeah. So anyways. Yeah, the all the other solutions are so much more expensive. I I can imagine that there are much more expensive solutions. I just thought that would be cheap, Bill chips, fly on with an all in one solution in his Debbie. A lot more expensive than to grant. Yeah. Yeah. So anyways. All right, but it does a lot more a lot more. Yeah. Another item that we carried over from before Oshkosh Jeb you wanted this new pilot certification rules thing to be mentioned. Yeah. What's the deal here. It's been a while. So refresh my memory. But yeah, punchline is the FAA put out a final rule over the summer. Actually. I think it was published in late June, which has some effective dates both before today in and after today going through the rest of the year affecting parts of sixty one and one thirty five one forty one and one Twenty-one as well as part night. One one section part ninety. One this has to do with logging time. It has to do with recurrently. One of the things that the new rule has done is make it easier to use a simulator. To do certain to conduct certain operations practice, certain things required for instrument, currency, fairly for instrument, airplane operation. I presume helicopter also basically with certain if and for a limited amounts of time and and and maneuvers basically pilots using certain kinds of flight simulators, aviation training devices, excuse me, no longer have to have a flight instructor present to log simulated instrument time. Oh, really? Okay. That's that's a pretty big deal. Now you still can't do this on your PC at home. It has to be right thing. You know dedicated to the task, but you know that that's a big deal. Yeah, it is. What is it? Red redbird. Is that what it is written? Redbird Frasca I don't think ATC. Simulators anymore. Companies like that who are marketing flight training aviation training devices, flight simulators for a training environments like FBI does or school? No longer do you have to have a flight instructor present to log the simulated instrument time? That's a great thing. Sounds great. And if memory serves this new rule change also clarified what you can apply from light sport training toward your private pilots. Does it does where it should have been all along? It's all count. Basically, it's all cannibal toward toward a private pilot crater. Yeah, there are some. There's several other tweaks in in the rules. So you know, next time you go for far. Don't be surprised if. CFI starts exploring some of this with you and, and you know now's a good time to go look at all up. Yeah, we'll put a link in the show to the final rule. It's straight out of the Federal Register and long, but you've got and get a feel. And at the end of it, at the end of this document is the resignation of what the the new rules now how the new rules now read. And of course, the the FAA website has the current rags all the time anyway. Yeah, cool. Sounds good. Hey, we're reaching in a lot of time here, but I, I wanted to just kind of touch base on a new item that our favorite US Senator aviation Senator Senator Inhofe on has proposed a Bill of some sort the Sarah Bill. What is. This is good. Relationship with Senator in hoffy occasionally does some really good things radiation, I think. And he he's, he's, they're standing up for GE. And is this one of those things? He's not alone. He's not alone. That's true. Yeah. I haven't haven't looked at this gimme sure. It's called the securing and revitalizing aviation act of twenty eighteen. And I don't know the details, but let's see. Now, looking another Senator introduced a Bill with the same goal earlier this week or late last week. So there's several of these floating around and the getting them all on the same page and getting one of them passed. There's we'll get to that. We can get to that in a minute. Anyway. There's some projects funding in the Bill that, for example, to create and deliver curriculum designed to provide high school students with meaningful aviation education designed to prepare them to become aircraft pilots, aerospace engineers, or unmanned aircraft systems operators. Basically, that portion of the Bill is a pilot training promotion which which is, you know, if you here, if you if you pay much attention to at least what some of the regional carriers are saying. It's increasingly difficult for them to find flight crew. My answer to that is pay them more, but you know, they don't listen to me. There's some additional tweaking of how the TSP. Handles airman certificate reviews after enforcement action from the FAA there. Some reforms for designated pilot examiners with which I'm not familiar. There's some training for. Invasive species transported by floatplane from one body of water to gather. Okay. And there's another deal in here that requires the FAA to provide free of charge the air traffic control services at major events like Oshkosh or and fun. I thought that been established. You know, I'm not sure how that what the status of that is. It hasn't come up. Recently and in aviation media, and I simply don't know what where where all this takes it, it was a policy change, not a legislative change. Got about the the FAA this autumn. Yeah, and it's gone. The policy has been reversed. Since it first emerged and Senator Inhofe is attempting to codify that into law. All right. Thing going on. Yeah, and that's our old bugaboo FA reauthorization. A lot of the sociation alphabet soup within the last week sent a joint letter to Senate leadership urging the Senate leadership to come up with an FAA Bill here before the end of this congress, right? There's a house passed Bill, apparently, and. This is all kind of holding fire. One of the problems holding this up is at the thirty thousand foot level is. The FAA does not have an administrator. The FAA has an acting administrator whose name escapes me, but by all accounts is doing a great job. No one's unhappy with him except for one guy sitting in his big White House somewhere in the middle of Washington DC who still thinks it would be a great idea for his personal pilot to become FAA administrator. All kidding. Aside is he still support a thing. It's not a joke. That's still thing in apparently there is. Great fear and loathing throughout the aviation policy committee community on whether they even want to try to slide something in front of this particular individual with with the idea that he'll pitch a fit and won't sign and until his pilot becomes FAA administrator. Yeah, I, I'm just reporting folks. I'm not making this up. Yeah. Okay. All right. Well, we're talking about saving aviation from extinction. Senator, Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin last week introduced. The American aviator act, which is a little narrower than Sarah well, significantly narrower than the Sarah act of twenty eighteen and what she's after. She's got some cosponsors for this is to create a grant program to help pay per flight school and training for betterance who were not pilots in the military. But who are interested in moving into aviation jobs. The goal being to provide some relief for the airlines that are short of pilots. Some of these guys could go back to the military afterwards, flying billets. And of course it wouldn't hurt the g. population to have more pilots either. So there's a lot going on there, but this is the FAA needs a long-term reauthorization and. I'm sorry, but a guys qualifications has to be more than, well, he flew for me and I like him. Yeah, no agreed. No, no, it doesn't. Which we live now. Okay. All right shouts. We got here. Shouts. I don't particularly have a shout out here. I, you know, I, you know, at one kind of easy, low hanging fruit, easy shutout, but heartfelt in my case is is thank you to our listeners that visited with at air venture. It was. I was. But I, it's, it's always it's always cool to to, you know, run into folks and chat with them, and and also I, I've been hearing from a lot of people online, expressing their appreciation for the the dailies that we do from air venture. We enjoy doing the days. We probably do them anyways, but it is nice to hear from people that that they are are useful to give people the what we go for. And I think what's coming across from what I'm hearing is is that we try and try and portray the flavor of the atmosphere of being an adventure in the dailies. And so you know, we talk about different activities around the field and you know different social things and whatnot. And so thank you to all of our listeners for for their feedback and for their support and for their listenership and and all that kind of stuff. And it's it's, I've said it before. I'll say it again. It's absolutely true if we are all if we are in the same place at the same time, DOE. Don't hesitate to come up and say, Hello. Don't don't feel like that you're going to bother us or or or whatever we really love saying hi and hearing your stories. So if you're an air show that we're at or whatever come up and say, hi, we, I would really enjoy that. I, I'm ninety nine percent. Sure. You guys feel the same way. Absolutely. Yeah. That's my show when you guys got. I should have thought about this before. Now I'll go real quick. We have a link in the show notes to an EA blog, all about the volunteers that mate air venture work and for those of you that have never thought about it. That's about five thousand people who come up there paid her way up there. They've all in tier their time and they make the show run from the people that drive the trams to the people that sell the programs that people that man the Cates where you buy your wrist man to the folks picking up the trash several times a day, all in tears. They all deserve our. Thanks and our respect of one other quicky hats off to my friends over at DOC's friends that recently received FAA approval to start flying passenger flights in the b. Twenty nine doc said that. That's a big big thing for them. That means they can start flying people on raising flights and help pay for the the operation of the airplane which ain't cheap. Yeah, and the construction of a new home for doc that's being built at Eisenhower international airport. So that's the end of mine. Yeah, forever. Cool. In the subject of volunteers I've said before I, it's, it's not only very, very valuable to have all in tears at venture, but it's a great thing to do. It's just it really enhances the experience. Anybody who doesn't already have some sort of activity. You know, if you go to venture and just hanging out the campground, that's a great experience and you can enjoy your venture that way. But by by spending some of your time at adventure in some volunteer capacity, you will enhance the experience even more and on a personal note. So I've been actually just hanging out in the campground version for a couple years now, since we stopped being involved. The newspaper, and I came to the realization this year that starting next year I need to find a new volunteer gig. And so I'm actually open to suggestions from listeners or from YouTube guys, quite frankly on. On on on what I might get involved with at air venture. Some some particular task that you know. And I just like to hear from people, I'm on the lookout for some sort of all in tier gig that I can do maybe a couple hours a day to something like that. And, but volunteering's. Great. Let me know what people's suggestions are. You can podcast at uncontrolled space or on Twitter or something. You could start like. Free all, like like Uber for beer service on the ground. I'm sure he would not object. Anything like that. Okay. All right. Speaking of beer. I'm sorry, did you have a shutout? I do real quickly. I'm still wanna David's. Oh yeah, Sunday, this coming Sunday. Yeah, right. National aviation day Sunday, August nineteen. Be there be square. Yeah, I and I thank you for your vote of confidence recording on the sixteen and you. You feel have enough confidence that I will get this out the door in time for the nineteen which I will. By the way, I have nothing to say on that topic, but I, I will get it out by. We've got confidence and he assigned, we got confident. Yeah, but I appreciate that. I was gonna say something else lost it completely. I don't know what it was. Probably a lie. Yeah, I know anyways, that's it. Stick fork in it. We're Ouch. Ouch. Jeopardy side is a freelance aviation writer editor servings. The editor in chief of aviation safety magazine Jeb which been working on? Well, I had to come home from Oshkosh early to to get out the September issue of aviation safety magazine, it's it is on its way to our subscribers. Finally, and you know, sitting here basking in the glow of putting another one of those in the camp. But one thing I did want to mention aviation safety magazine has a new Twitter account. I saw that, yeah, and this is kind of a black, applaud or whatever Florida these things, right. These things to listeners. If you're a Twitter user, please go on Twitter, Avs, safety MAG. At at absentee MAG on Twitter, follow me. I don't need to get some followers brand new care, yada, yada, and later today over the weekend, I'll be posting stuff from the September issue in kind of keep that going trying to promote one of my daytime gigs. So I and I've already followed it. It's thank you. I think I, I was I have to admit that I hadn't really remembered what the what the the the link was, what the name was of safety MAG me. Let me let me try this one more yet. Abseil MAG. Asif may because I was the reason I bring this up because I was thinking they didn't really get aviation safety magazine that's way too many characters. That's why we're not too many characters. That's why we're not uncontrolled airspace on Twitter, why we're class Jere space because controllers base with too many characters. And so abseil Demag I'm already a follower. Everybody should be. I -solutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Why are can. People other places can find you on the internet. Joe Burnside, Jay is another Twitter account, so you know Google Chrome or having arguments about some of this, but nevertheless. So there's that aviation safety magazine dot com is the magazines. Overall website haven't been doing much lately, but hopefully that'll change in the near future. It always find me on a dot net at the aircraft association, certain aircraft electron IX association website, and they're magazine avionics, news. You can sometimes find me on avoir. It turns out aviation safety magazine is also opened another way at web also grab some of the accident report. Preliminary excellent preliminary reports and posts up on at web from the magazine. There's also general aviation news for some stuff I've done over the last few years and I might pop up on. Aviation international news from time to time, GE news, I guess generalization news dot com. And a. n. online dot com. Bego and Dave Hickson is in aviation photographer. Aviation journalists in the US editor for London's AB buyer magazine, David, what you been working on, give us the short version because I know you're crazy busy after. Well, short version would be it'll be out in about a week and a half, and that's my Oshkosh avionics, wrap up story, all the major news on avionics announcements from Oshkosh. That'll be an avionics, news magazines, September issue, which will be out in about ten days. So you know, run to your mailbox or your f. b. o. an and as my weekly business aviation blog for a buyer this week about the the aviation Bill that we were just talking about and how it's kind of showing put steps of the civilian. Pilot training program that Roosevelt signed into law in nineteen thirty nine to help build up our pilot stocks before World War Two same philosophy applies little government help to help industry so you can find me buyer dot com dot net. I'm real Hignett on the Twitter machine of or throw rock. You go. It sounds good and I'm Jack Hodgson. I'm a private pilot of freelance writer in digital media producer EU. So I I'm alluded earlier to the fact that we posted a new video, my YouTube channel for the it was the the raw version of the the sites during the Sunday morning, you cap episode and that's available on my on my YouTube channel. I think I mentioned that I'm in the process of trying to edit that down into a highlights video, and I'm also working on finally pulling together the video and pictures that I shot when I visited me field in Chicago about a month ago, and that's sort of a bitter sweet little little visit that I made out there to the island and the remaining a infrastructure and facilities of that old beloved airport. So that'll be on my YouTube channel and and and just continue to the podcast and other things here you can find me at. YouTube dot com. Slash Jack Hodgson. You can find my round the field books on Amazon kindle books, search in search for the term around the field in the books section of Amazon on Twitter. I am also Jack Hodgson, and you can sign up for my Email newsletter and learn more about me than you ever really wanted to know at Jack Hodgson dot com. David was something you wanted to say to us. Yeah, lived to be old fart like Jack Jeb in me, hit by spending time in an airplane because as you know, by now time spent plying is not subtracted from your life span. Bye-bye. And that's enough talk. Let's go fly and Austin. These baby.

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225. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives: LIVE!

How Did This Get Made?

1:28:31 hr | 1 year ago

225. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives: LIVE!

"Hey everybody do you WanNa turn your idea into reality well you can because squarespace is here and it is easier than ever to launch your passion project whether you're showcasing your word we're selling products of any kind with beautiful templates and the ability to customize just about anything you can easily make a beautiful website yourself and if you get stuck squarespace twenty four seven we are the thirteenth part six Jason Lives so you know what that means I live here in Berkeley California on Friday the thirteenth when we watch Jason Jason Space and now we go back to a simpler time the year actor than the one who played them in number five and that actors a different actor than the one who played a number four so in the course of the two years Q. Listen Up far heads put your ball earrings on and take a trip down re animation lane we saw of a website or domain look there many choices in your life that you need to make and this is the one I'm making four you go there now squarespace commands for a very special episode of the show we have gone into the future and we have seen what Jason Becomes nineteen eighty six where Jason is just a reanimated corpse if you've never seen a Friday the thirteenth movie you have no fear it doesn't make a fucking lick of difference this is not the podcast where we're going to break down not even this show totally and completely ad free and what is really cool that you'll be supporting art show to at stitcher premium dot com and the code is bonkers so we will we will be fuzzy on the facts all I know for sure is that the lead actor is a different miles and the second season is only available on stitcher premium so if that sounds interesting if you like cool chilling in dark stuff go to stitcher premium dot com and sign up with the code all the horror tropes I think most of us have only seen about two Jason Films the one we did and the one we're doing institure premium what is tennis guys it's only one of the best narrative fiction podcast it's out there it's chilling it's dark it's suspenseful it's by the creator of the Black Tapes nobody this movie is about me Jason Lives have we ever done a Friday the thirteenth on this podcast yes J. Have Jason Ten the one yes okay what is Jason I remember it now that's in this movie from eighty four to eighty six three different actors played the lead character of the Jason Movie The same character if like the James Bond turnover but like jonkers kit your s you'll get a free month of stitcher premium ad free listening in the APP access to the second season of tennis and all other premium content on stitcher which is the only other one I've seen yes okay these are the only two Friday I realize I'm much more well versed in the Jason How many Jason Movies or how many Friday the thirteenth movies have you seen it I'm GonNa ask you a real question just thinking about this as we were watching the trailer welcome Paul that's an opportunity to cuddle up in smooch that's like that's like what you do when you want to welcome June welcome Paul how are you I'm good thank you for asking how are you doing well June how many squarespace commands you squarespace commands you squarespace.com bonkers. Hey everybody it's meatballs here and there is a new season of tennis podcast available now exclusively what how how how does your mom find Phantasm I don't know but it scared me you WanNa Watch phantasm with me as a no speaking of which Berkeley who wants to see a scary movie this audience is now wearing pants yeah that's what I'm talking about up Jason How are we doing alouine franchise do Michael Myers Franchise then in the Jason Voorhees franchise I'm the same way but with fantastic Oh really the floating ball ah Jason I will not finger my mom to Phantasm Ladies and gentlemen I say that because of my next co host right here aw Hell Razor oh I could talk about pinhead four hours my mom was really into Phantasm yeah doc I think Jason died in nineteen fifty seven got it okay in a body of water yes wake quicker so to talk about this movie tonight I have an amazing coach please welcome Mr Jason Man's hookah the first one which is kind of a crazy moment because he is brought back from the dead like Frankenstein but here's what happens in the final chapter and then in the first movie that is set in the early eighties he is awakened in Camp Crystal Lake which is where he that's no I moving the belief that these movies started in the nineteen fifties did you say that that's wrong and I can say that with confidence not remembering a single thing about that yeah prepare you Friday the thirteenth films have you seen I think I've seen one I don't think I don't think I have seen the one that you're referring to want that one was that's base it was space you were not here with us yes okay so I wasn't present you were full grown man this is where I am only going to be guessing I don't know my would be this movie should yes so it's like meatballs with a serial killer yes first one is a campus movie yes it's camp with no Dick with no Dick Yeah Resin their accounting this film is one of the Friday they've seen one other I think I saw the main one the first one I one well here's a fact I was uh I have the whole is already debacle I already I think we might have done this the only six and ten star like a thirteen year old boy who is a WHO's on a revenge murder senseless killing spree right how does he age nick pull the move where you yawn and put your run someone just like you rent a scary movie you WanNa just scary movie that always leaves the leads to fingering and hand jobs jason is brought to a mortgage kills everybody there I'm sorry to get back when you say he's not as Ambi- how so the young boy dies in the or the impossible Jason Okay got it this way the guy can I ask the question are all the movies tell our okay oh I'm sorry I thought you were just referring to the concept of slow forgetting of course you know our minds get wiped it take place moments after the movie right they do in five there's a bit that they sort of ret con in six where the main character murder how does Jason die at Cam we don't know a murderous six foot four machine according to my notes that were compiled by Kylie and then his mom goes around killing people but she's not wearing the mask here's my question on that because her son dies due to negligence at camp how does he become who is on guys we're only in it for the twist so I'll just walk you through the four five and six because they're kind of work as a trilogy year because the question was coming to him and he got up with such confidence and then I'll ask you this so from two Ford it is the very end like Tommy was supposed to be our lead character was supposed to be the new Jason in this film but it tested so badly they're like no Tommy will the and I'm just amazed that he knew he his Jason No in five it is an impostor okay and then in in in six or we reviving Jason it has all this is I'm going to say right now this is a mistake all right why is Jason a forum they never explain it never explain it thank you Paul because otherwise I don't know what's going on basically you know Jason the first one is the mom there jason is not a Zombie really until this movie yeah well there was a gentleman on the audience wanted to correct me who I'm going to have just clashing here's what I think what you're confused about is I think deep twelve year olds out of the water after a of water it's while I'm in the water are you watching me or special bracelet on like I'm not water safe bracelet I would assume that a twelve or thirteen year old was water safe Zia someone that I am married to please look do Dan will remain the hero Tommy was played by Corey Feldman in four right and then in five years by somebody else and then six he I have definitely seen the first one almost certainly not what do you think happened what's the big twist because I do know the big choice based movie right play by this guy it was supposed to be Corey Feldman and five as well but he was doing the goonies so they had to reread it got it there was going to be a little kid eighteen when he died or is he a child well he didn't die he came back into so was he just hiding for all those years his mother thinking directly well Oh cool he's not as intimidating as someone J. One understand though to questions my first question is we keep on saying he's like thirteen member quite but something happened with his mom you're a while you're wasn't good reference in this movie but I did number sewed where are you getting your shit serviced by cody or whatever his name was listen they definitely made that you know what would make me want to murder but I didn't in another question so okay so in the beginning of this is Louie was based on my question one more question I am I chasing who inspired Jason One more question it was a real like a no go for me okay now I'm going to speak as a former counselor and here's what I'm going to say I cannot be expected to key ah lie it said severely allergic to eggs comma my bracelet had a comma let me be clear I was a kid who went to boys go camp wariness special bracelets that is not impart to Jason is revealed to be alive and a fully grown man and returns the Camp Crystal Lake Tahoe so he didn't die his mother was wrong all right well let's go to this one guy who is uh listen listen listen I wouldn't expect unless I knew you had episode wasn't there one of the movies were his mom was the killer that that is the first thing that is the first movie isn't that the twist that is that is the you're twelve years old like he should know how to swim so how old was this kid they'd home he couldn't swim at the age of I mean how was at the time of death small hold on okay bull shot spire to Corey Feldman at the time of goonies child I'm just Jason the killer Jason the boy who's lived a kind of like Harry Potter but different he someone in the other movies buried the man-sized Jason and if they did who made that headstone for I can answer I can answer this replenishes his body back to full strength and health he goes from literally having maggots living in his face every shot we the only reason we can keep doing this we've got one of those men in black machines that just like all right so Gilbert they tried to take me out they tried to take me out meanwhile this guy still hanging out okay wait was he twelve a young Tony Goldwyn in this movie here's what I'm going to say this movie starts off very weirdly because you're thrown in life but like bring him back to corporeal form he is like he has been eaten away by the the I don't know and this is a funeral of straight up serial killer and they seem to have buried him in the outfit that he was killing people in so steve I know it's the grave of Jason but is this the grave he was buried at as a child even though I understand he never died at thirteen or is going on the actors of change they don't lay down any sort of exposition all he knows they're going to go kill Jason and it seems that that plant even changes multiple times comma asthma well then let me just clarify one thing San Francisco's still because it seems like whore Shak is in on the plan and he's like wait you wanna dig them up well that's why you have the gasoline thing in the back maggots and the everything in the earth and the lightning hits which I get like could bring him back to life in Zombie I like that but like movie we're at a gravesite and there's headstone well this is what I want to get okay so is this the was cremated but then for this they kind of forego that and his body is buried which leads me to believe who paid for that funeral we I don't think they were planning on making the second movie they admire reason to bring him back world of the first movie how old do you think he was supposed to be so in the movies cannon are they telling the same progressive story or are there out liars like Halloween Season of the way I was I was be honest they do careers suit walking around I would have liked that wide is lightening striking will bring him back hollowed out husk of a monster and then he is just back up being able to put the Mass Fashoda really be fully decomposed. Okay I can answer this do we need a chair for this guy on standard you may have to bring him up from what I understand it was referenced what did you think was going to happen when you got here they're not paying attention to each other and then their communication is all wrong they escape the OH laying the groundwork for this episode we we have not started yet started this just what no second show we can go as late as these he was thirteen or so he wasn't he wasn't wearing race it but he was clearly a special child okay and was allergic to eggs be sent to hell I guess that was the plan I think that was the plan we may that he just needed to see it okay I'll buy back in the beginning of this or Drew Barrymore at the beginning of screen no I mean it's young Tony Goldwyn in this movie I mean out here I am here for his way of trying to kill Jason was bizarre it was like I need to see his body and they need to send him to hell because only if you burn a body can Abbasi his his and his daughter Megan's relationship was fascinating it was sexual resitution so maybe it makes sense and then we think was in the mental institution both connection say it at the end of this five we see Tommy is set up to be the Jason of the next movie and in this movie the part of the horseback is carrying two shovels on his back when he goes all right have you seen enough should we go what do you mean you're carrying shovels armie essentially is the Jason He is responsible for every death in this movie because he brings Jason Back is in a way that only horror movies of this era had like when she picks up the phone in the police station and says was not in a penitentiary garb the person who buried him to just keep them in the jumpsuit like I'm not GonNa pay to put a suit on them by the way that would have been so much better if he was in the the forty five year olds and that they can look very young and very youthful even Jason Even forty-six year olds but that is for sure you're eh during a thunderstorm and he doesn't bring a knife because you stake adjacent like a vampire and he's already dead he's already dead it doesn't matter here's what the man this guy is not bloody he doesn't look the shoveled you've killed seventeen people I know you have no blood on you don't look and I've seen your seventeen times tonight but Megan in Tommy through that she'll bars I didn't care for that it was it was unsettling is really throwing me more romantic chemistry Meghan and her father then Megan and Tommy Pearson percent when they kissed each other through taking I have been told a lot I was just so disturbing because she looks his age there's not they seem to be contemporary seem to be contemporaries ooh that's how nuts sexually it was it seemed a transactional sure and Tommy's is open like whoo Sheriff Mike Garris a little bit to blame he's not really taking any information he's made his determination really your Jason Rain with absolutely no finishes weirdly and the middle is pretty weird yeah all of the above you are thrown in and you you don't know did this is in the open or shack opens the fuck and Coughlin by the way which is a better meal portion ask energy that's going back and forth between them again not sexual energy but some sort of like weird creepy supernatural energy I just teenagers look like they're forty five years old it gets so confusing because she looked like I was just like that's Laura Linney there's any oh he's in the other room draining his lizard at father there's also I mean this is also a time where it was not sexual it was not satisfying it seemed to me to be a kiss I felt like are they trying to pass a key between their mouths thought absolutely true freshness in innocence plenty of life to live and to give yes times not ticking hang on a second as a as matic child who had trouble swimming may here's what I'll say when I went to boy scout camp like swim a lot of the counselor that generation I loved a sissy very complex plan that's like an Ocean's eleven heist that she quickly doled out to him but also I gotta say I love not not for nothing what's happening right here were doing this with a movie her sweatpants are created back they also bring gasoline and the though they're going to open up that casket he sees it as a that's not enough now we need to burn it unfortunately pants suspenders and a shirt on top on top of suspenders that are holding up rolled down sweatpants the scene then anything else ever it is widely unfortunate and her friend is wearing like a no yeah no that one I rewound it twice I was like is this bad cut am I watching the wrong version benders under a top t-shirt why everybody is wearing suspenders in this movie you talked about the teenagers not being representative of their age do you remember that during what she wrote down on that pad because very elaborate plan to do splash boom you got it and that was an equal okay so we all couldn't see that right AH losing part of the screen she must have written a small paragraph there boom get it got it all right because the plan was let's get into Roy like it goes well at first I thought it was transactional like something's being passed and then I thought okay and objects not being passed but there's some sort of like Jason this is sissies outfit we need to talk about what is this what is okay. GM also want to tell you about my friends over a better help online are better help online counseling is an amazing resource for all of you out there who think authors in our number one sponsor is always ourselves that's ripe people we add how did this get made swag I'm talking shirts you can put the logos on a Mug you can put it on Russian or relationships anger family conflicts lgbt matters grief self esteem or more you basically just fell in a form and they will help connect you with a license section in the movie where they just randomly cut to a couple making out in the cemetery and he's like I don't want to have sex tonight I have a headache he's being coy yeah what was that she's a camel toe that or or megabits are creating a camel toe that is more representative of all of the lobby I've ever I'm friends on on Netflix does it mean we should be putting full white t shirts under slight spaghetti strapped sundress disagree but the confidential and if you're not happy with your counselor you can request a new one at any time for no additional charge best of all and that's what I love about it it makes therapy affordable so it's an going through a mental issue but don't worry about it it's just from our show better dot com slash bonkers felt a questionnaire and they will assess your needs and get you paired with the counselor right away that's better health dot com a close friend is wearing an entire thrift shop worth and you also talked about not understanding what our team the daughter I thought she had the most mega life yes yes you sure you had a great life tour I was like more we'll see this I loved a lot of the I loved four double option it's on your own time which is amazing and it helps you find someone without having to ask your friends if you're embarrassed maybe don't WanNa tell anybody that you're going into therapy is happening hey everybody we have to take a break and talking about Jason Voorhees too euro word from cell phone case whatever you WanNa do stickers if that's your thing little pins we got them all just head on over to public dot com slash store slash hd you could see the latest designs clash bonkers people I've talked about this company for years literally I think eight years and that squarespace I love squares a professional counselor who has specialized in that specific issue you get help at your own time and at your own pace and of course everything that you share is complete wearing a Laura Ashley dress and like a tank top underneath a sundress and like what we could talk about this for a while where maybe ready talked okay got everything they'll host domain the help you build your website they can even help you sell everything on your website and best of all whatever device you're looking at your site well look the best on that device whether it's an IPAD computer whatever android whatever you WanNa do they will show you how to actually design unspoiled pod DOT COM HD dot com all squarespace sites all completely different you can get a whole idea of what they're doing if you've ever thought I need to build light I'll throw my thing your poma close will kiss break it up and then I'll take his gun and then you take that I want I need to go and talk to someone I need to talk to a licensed professional about what's going on in my life I mean whether it's anxiety or shouldn't I be able to see which written on the about the aspect ratio or whatever I thought that I had enlarged it been award-winning too and they're helping everybody from lawyers and artists Gamers and even restaurant owners and gym owners okay you know it looks good and you can easy to update I can't speak more highly about scarcity's I've designed multiple sites on impulse dot com squarespace site What else is award-winning customer support is here to help head to squarespace dot com slash bonkers for free trial and when you're ready to launch us the offer code bonkers to save ten percent on your first purchase face because it's a great website design hosting domain said basically if you want a home on the web this place is going to provide you with all the tools take this tank this this t shirt under sundress thing needs to shut down yes it's coming back it's not shock not come back just because we're website but I don't know how or it's too expensive just head on over to squarespace dot com slash bonkers for a free trial to see what they are all about and if you get stuck they have twenty four seven customer support that will help you can actually see two designs from this show right now that's right we have Jason Music is Jason Voorhees shirt that's just perfect for any time of the year really so head on over to the public dot com slash store slash hd two I should die he is the villain I also think that so you feel there's a stigma attached to it don't worry about it go to better help dot com slash bonkers that's better L. Dot com slash bonkers I know the bunkers may be upsetting to some of you if you feel you are bandwagon people when ready to launch us the Africa bonkers to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain that squarespace dot com slash bonkers offer code maybe you gotTa pump that iron but you also need other people in that Jim to pump that iron with you so you got to let people know you know what we're GonNa do Arnold today get on the square space acidic strange relationship we've been dropped into where this guy like puts on this persona to play paintball with his his fellow people's world follow them until their death and then move on well I enjoyed her in the her world this I make between those guys we're one of them says every time we come out here you act like a different person I was like Oh wow this is such as your commentary track where you're just also piping Oh God a human I get yours that's good to know he has a lot of connections to screen as a matter of fact because the director of this is actually offered to direct scream I well because him and Kevin Williamson yes in the next edit and I was like this is smart like they're doing funny stuff in this and then they don't fully commit to because then sometimes it just goes back to tone to get tired I mean Jason and I'm I'm scared very easily you were very scared we watch most of this movie in a car yes coworkers and I'm so interested and I know they're going to die within minutes but in this terrible movie and franchise like characters on the freemen who get killed that were really fun and kind of funny and like the whole paintball setup the it is and I didn't know if because Jason Space was not like this worthy other movies kind of vignette based like this like you would be dropped offs across the screen like James Bond here I'll show it to you and slice it there is there is a bunch of visual jokes that are that are that are that are get startled and is easily startled what happened to me you want to know they were hall of major events in my childhood I will I found out that when I was in I would like there to be an audio track available on this on our feed that is just syncs up with you watching the movie so that I could be watching the movie and then listening to you the driver of that vehicle was concerned Yeah because Oh God what now there's timing we should release bonus episodes that are just audio tracks of you listening to a movie 'cause I'm assuming you're wearing headphones and then it cuts to all the kid campers going yes yeah you know and it's there's a bunch of like okay does he think I'm far ahead and it's all the campers go this is the interesting thing about movies it's not that scary there's nothing they don't really go for the scares this this along and he's like oh you did some funny because there is some funny stuff here the movie opens up with James Bond Parody Jason is now reanimated from the dead and then he pg thirteen type of speaking of squish did you hear the condom come off what what are you talking about about there was this weird caretaking which again I thought it was great for some of these other characters I really liked because I wrote the same thing that there were I guess women are just scared of men hurting them and murdering them but you all infant I had a lot of major scares happen but little girl on the camp ground I had a giant cabinet fall on top of me the heads or tails of this we open up on the Walter White Van and this happens I mean sucks to positions of images that are themselves very funny even though they like there's one that I wrote down where somebody says what do you think I'm an idiot or something told that I crawled up like one shelf of the Cabinet and the entire thing felony so I think I was trump I think I felt scared at a very very young age I mean and they have sex in the RV how much how much listening to this movie did you hear the condom having sex with that condom came off at one ending the character will say I was at Halloween horror nights with you at universal the best and anytime any of the characters would come up to do scares you would say away from where I felt like he would squeeze someone's head but like you would cut away to shot of Jason's face and you just heard the squid rush and some blood would splatter on him you wouldn't really see like someone's head being caved in the this seems to me to be an effort to take an R. rated franchise and turn it into this movie seemed to me also to have like it's not a lot of jump scares it's a little and it's also not like super bloody and gory no they would no yes no sir thank you thank you I see you I'm not interested in your thank you kindly just like major startling a very early age and I guess what you did to Piss the cabinet off I've been the great like a great take right now she says ten minutes that look good so jason sex scene they are fucking in rhythm his tank top is rolled up you're seeing his nipple up good this what is going on here like what is this and he's moving so awesome sign but okay so you'll get angry though because I've seen movies I've been in theaters with you react no no like as if you're move right along so I am very easily startled and yet I had some scares in this movie but I was surprised I really wasn't God that's what I need okay listen closely you already on-demand I watch all my here I hear there's a condom on I am like Gene Hackman in the conversation just listening you know what no way unless she's getting the raw demos from the studio no way this is basically the neutron dance and it is no way longer than ten minutes but he the that's the desert what is the salad is the sound of a condom that's that's a forerunner for a t-shirt stop subtly plugging on the list but should it be up plus maybe here's this is best matic he's like he's there I feel like this person has never had sex it added a condom sound effect and he wrote that he wanted to make sure that he was showing saints safe sex Tom are seen his shirt is just tussled has been rolled up I couldn't I would I will say we already how does it come up as well anyway you runner so that's that that was later how many people are here with the person that they're gonNa fuck later later I just want you to say to your partner do the thing where you point no after they had sex with this is when she was like dance fucking Oh we can you I wrote down to play this by the way I did have a problem with that ten more minutes with Michael Jackson's thriller I mean there's No way this song is ten minutes done text from Kylie who said the director added the sound of an Iud being inside there Konda make the sound but what does the end sound the I also feel like when I watched it I was just like kind of like dry humping I didn't know what was really if you'll let pain Dr this thing what are you taking a shit I just saying that people don't like and I know what you're saying to Niagara with you like yes but these are I wanted to make sure people understood I will say this to no one knows really what sex sounds like because there's another continued success find them and and cuts the power and there are any takes condom and then I was looking through the no no no play the part where you hear the he doesn't seem at all concerned like why is he like if he kills someone my impression is he would just walk senseless killing machine keep moving forward why does he know Condo just jumps off of his Dick here's my update these are camp counselors in the eighties they're not using condoms now Lachlan was added that in because I wanted to make sure that I was promoting safe sex well then why didn't he add a shot of an a condom wrapper that's been ripped open is being used because it's what is the Siegel here yes Kristie I mean that's about it when poirot showed is just move so young Nancy could get freaked out but Jason's whole persona is that he's completely the move the bodies move sissies Dizzy Carey says he's body away but he takes her head in planet in one of the police cars straight of Jason Movie I think that that's the hard part of it is that you constantly are like Oh is it we're making fun of it but then they treat it very seriously it was a hard that are not new screaming because she was being beaten by a monster and the other person got their head bashed in mm-hmm but it just for me but if he kills Tommy I think he would just keep on going I think I do think you're right I think he is why I agree with you is like why we like the person who by the logic of this movie the person most deserving live right is never had that sexy she's like digging Shit I love that I love the we gotta get Outta here and he immediately it's fun so what was happening in that room when they walk into that one room in the blood is everywhere and you just see like part of a skull on the floor like did he brings him back in there and the the quintessential final girl right but instead it's Meghan who is the final girl whose actions caused the deaths of much Meghan and Tommy are Ah Jason Decapitated Sissy and then hold her body away because that's very UN Jason like I don't know if that was around like mashed it up the next the next the next Agatha Christie adaptation had Jason Voorhees in it and zero shows but it is the heroes of this movie they are the Lynn but my issue is well in his horny for like have a like a paint party with their blood what's he killed the woman what's her name sissies friend right this Megan's friend what's her name the one who has order and he is so she's so excited by all of this I'm going to pick you up it's going to be so crazy she's not motivated how do people both have committee this is where you're wrong because what Kylie has found out with director is an old clunk clunk clunk clunk it wasn't like it wasn't because he was like ways do ticket his shit in there after coming in the film where someone's being decapitated outside of the cabin sex those are not similar up in this movie Jason Movies could use a little miss marple yet me Rana I would love it the kids scream she runs does what is the actionable thing to run the kids no no no no don't they're done come back like he's blank like he doesn't what's division I'm being serious glitzy I if we if you don't kill gummy who's he how do they get that boulder into the boat is a very small for dinner sick like horror tropes though mistaking women's pain for pleasure but it was it wasn't like it led by the forty children who are sleeping in this camp and in under well back then look at this look at him and assured is rolled wasn't at the end of this song I thought I heard it you've thought you heard it all all the clothes on the one who's wearing all of the close the entire list of her blood is is spread across that one cabin he can only I mean I don't know about the other movies but it seems he he maxes out at a just a steady gait not even a gate like literally he can't put anything together like he doesn't see anything he sees colors and shapes that's it run that's the one thing he cannot do well I mean look would you also say that this movie a steel chains Iraq she's like my dad my dad is hold on I got it I gotTa do this rock thing and he goes go get the kids and then and now I don't know how I would react if Jesus walked up to me James Dolby you don't have any clue how you would really would we know what it is to be a counselor I respond she used her duties she's driving around in town chasing boys and guess when we met her she put up a good fight wow there are a lot of other people killed in this movie who seemed to just like immediately accept their fate here's the other thing she felt this is my point though I think I would do the one thing that that Jason cannot do and that's wrong more of an Amex movie and more of a visa movie Amex I mean we'll because I don't leave home without it but sh- but she did bring it in the helper so I think it's more of a subtle ad for visa maybe he would have taken visa or diners club they've really linger her she never has sex she never transgresses in any meaningful way she's only looking out for the little kids she's like she's do she seems to me to be what does but my favorite moment of the movie is towards the end when Tommy's in the water he's kind of blowing her off as tying a lot of can we tell you don't save the children these relate for them put a boulder in Bo how everybody seemed to be the same age fifty no when he said that I genuinely thought Oh maybe they are supposed to have been established and I just every cards and diners club imagine they do yes yes yeah everybody in this audience nobody in this Audience Diners Club Card accepted at her store they accept Diners de Depth Diners Club store what sells restaurants bookstores I guess I wasn't looking that closely I listening supercar say you were just like you're just like hang on is there the I'd like to use Diners Club card to buy this book and I'll close the gate when I'm done because this industry yeah yeah I mean the plan for the end is really stupid because Jason is coming at Tommy and Tommy Oh copy of an Amex card this movie couldn't even afford to get rob annexed guard just photocopy it no one will know just cut out two numbers you're a bookstore okay so an obsolete thing except an obsolete form of payment got it oh I think I would react in a way that what's like like in any any middle of the day at a chipotle yes case because he knows you're gonNA fall down it's just so crazy and I guess this is fun but it's just like just they were dating in that moment when he said right I thought Oh are they supposed to have been a couple is that what they contemporaries to I don't know waiting deputy rick alone is his name changing my name tomorrow club internationals still happening how is there not a discovery card in this movie will still have I wanted to bring up before we get into the audience that I thought was odd that the sheriff's Deputy Calls Megan the sheriff's daughter Babe it is the slowest Lasso he's like okay I got it like that would mean the Jason Not only is just a mindless killing machines there's just on the according to this doesn't come with Nudie magazine the kid on the bus said his dad had now as I say it his dad's Nudie magazine was playgirl this is our remember the story being told to me that his dad has safe room full of news subscription to men at play magazine which is what Sissy is reading at one point in her bunk at Camp Safe Room full of or no magazines like now honestly what was now in adulthood what was that but what does it smell away who's putting that up in their car treated for it did as a couple or a potential couple and so he sees Tommy as a threat I don't know what that was confusing you guys think the deputy Rick Cologne was oh deputy Rick Cologne all I wanted to ask the man can get here's what I want to know is can I still is over I'm just kidding I love books and I love Diners Club there is also one other was your mom's playgirl girl like we're looking for Nudie magazine which we get list like Promo material for the movie was was the only time I ever saw playgirl was very young in my life radio what does that smell like Magin if you will erotic air freshener in many steps and he's counting is points and he's getting a stepson but he never picks up I can only take one at a time and he would bring different nudie magazines onto the bus this dad was giving like doling the mound Comedienne and play magazine what is that I god I wish we I wish they had done some close ups I wished it was it was cut to her body like so it was like a woman I on her knees out but it was in the shape of her body and when I have no idea all I know is that I traded for Penthouse Air Freshener what yeah what is that even spell like four this one and it was a man sailing on I remember this radio on the bus look at this look right what do you mean graphene what did you have to offer if you do for that it's like a steady a consistent stride stride and it's lowering its purpose is predominant at the end of the day he's getting twelve thousand steps dad can I take this air freshener for a day I feel like it was some sort of star wars figure four toast air fresh yet they may three star wars figures for Pentax mean till this day and I haven't thought about it in years is that it was an activity that was non sexual I it's like it's like Orlando Yelich she's the only person killed inside that room that was her skull on the ground I mean she goes yeah that Sir I feel and I felt this yeah just get the saying it was very sporty and let it kind of go away. It was very poor middle-school brain just assume that he only heist one before we go was doing daily inventory yes because his dad's going to the the only thing that I remember in this girl was a guy on a yacht and he was putting there was no smell so used it wasn't a brand new guy in his dad done all smelling like demag and everybody was like we're all getting this is part of it sporty Boehner's it was like for as long as it was on the bus there was always I can win the America's Cup with this fucking mast sit like set the main sail all on bi- All I'm saying a sale like this and he just had a raging hard on it looks very sporty when I saw that was very sporty imagine it's like it's kind of a woman in silhouette or I remember exactly is be the thing that that's an integral part of your sexual identity is understanding that one might get a boner while yachting but it was it last played a kid on the bus brought a Nudie magazine and it was playgirl all of Porno that's very lucky Oh let me tell you something here people it's GonNa Freak you out a burglary happens every twin am sporty I might sale nude with I might be like got to put up the sail that like stuck with you do you sporty what what does that mean surprising to me that way alarm or not I mean most alarms go off are false alarms and they'll be able to save you from a fine which is amazing because when your alarm goes off it goes right to the police department and sort of like something to look at on there and we were relegated to whatever we could find in the swamp or the woods we had the safe room from us so make sure you visit simplisafe dot com slash bonkers at s imp L. 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I mean he is he's trying to kill that woman he's trying to murder her there's no way if she had not been killed I think it's a man's job to take off his own condom and deal with it I'm just saying I'm just saying ladies you can take off my on them if you want it didn't take it off it smells terrible all right Ma'am your question style oh boy that's also not my job or not her job not my job I will say ladies I'm looking for some lady hands and then just two hands one and you have to figure out which is the ladies that's a t-shirt guys someone's writing these down com offer go bonkers and now back to the show well let's go to the audience maybe you're watching it not letterbox like I was watching it where they have the condom sounds multiple scenes I was watching it on an old Zun okay all right question how many is too many pictures to hang in your RV by one nail states and also leave it on for as long as you need. I'm still wearing one from three years ago he's indefinitely take that because some lady all I'm going to ask you to stop going to men for this I'm trying to the more I'm going to need some ladies do you have to take charge of your safe sex I think right is it not anybody whose job is it my job good question a lot of things hung in the notice that were no. I'm glad you brought that up though because the scene where you didn't seem that understaffed I think they were understaffed kid ratio here's what we know we only most expensive stunt in the film was a TV like a full sized TV really yeah just yeah just flew on the the condom sound your name your question I guess there is no sound because it's not that hard to put on takeoff arrate hands please I'm looking for some lady ends all right here we go I'm looking for some lady that's a t shirt uh-huh lady shoves them out of the bus and it's like they're yours now also seemed like they were just there for the weekend aw we saw let's see three female counselors but only one male counselor right so there's gotTa be other there is it's what everyone's going to be talking about you WanNa be there be there December sixth and seventh the Las Vegas Festival grounds it's GonNa be late to people still say that I don't know intersect fast right well they're kept on saying we can't run this summer camp because two people aren't here but yet they were more than two head counselor who was killed yeah and that's it so how many people are at this camp and how many what is is there a nurse is there talk for me I wouldn't send my kids there I don't have kids but I wouldn't send him there but none of them died so they did very job Ma'am your name your question here we go did anybody else notice the abrupt change of tone from the little girl who scared the whole time and then when the ministration staff I've got like four councillors Max scampers everyone's wearing a lot of hats is wearing all the clothes is and I did really like her and appreciate her but she is holding that little girl brings a bloody machete to her and credit right now as a counselor well I was a cancer before cell phones so no it is related I don't like nobody seems to be nervous when their friends disappear woman Oh my God it's so late I can't believe they're still not here and I don't know maybe it was a councillor you're like it's totally normal to once the campers are asleep disappear for hours into the woods listen thank you for crediting me I don't know if that's accreditation I don't know I don't know that you can get college Michetti they've set up as like a girl who cries wolf she's scared of monsters she's scared she had a bad dream she's Blah Blah Blah but then she walks with a minute you see a bloody Michetti you you can't be just messing around you know and if by the way this is how they mess around traveling yes it has no reaction to and then girl doesn't lead with the bloody machete either she's okay there's a strange man outside my window and then they also have this bloody sir says let's go let's go back and whatever she's like okay like you spend like three sees me like who what's weird about the counselor the counselor phone days yes but I remember yeah you did you couldn't keep track of everybody so I don't know God I mean those head counselors had been gone for were dates are ever showed up completely it is my day camp counselor in my town but I was not an overnight counselor man town hey Jason Borghese hunting crystal lake is gone a counselor as well as trailer Townie I mean she's both I think I think all of these counselors are also their local hold on a second in the trailer is she a counselor yes it again Jason who is the woman that the guy is having sex within the trailer is she aright yes they Michael Myers each split Lewin second opinions twice the stars they be how off of those to their harmonies were beautiful amazing these are five star reviews cold from Amazon Dot Com teams this film was am I wrong in just yes were you ever in overnight counselor yes obviously we had opinions about this movie with their people out there with a different opinion is now time for second opinions yeah all right I have a question here Ma'am your name your question would have gotten I have a before we get to that Paul one question quickly who is the woman that the guy is when we announced this film people were upset this one of their favourite Jason Films I think because of all things we talked about the kind of the comparisons to scream the light the fun you ever well done those were amazing songs more than not take my ticker is the best he reminds me of my landlord collector or a fan or Ambi- whereas number five was kind of disappointing with the fake killer or impostor Jason but here you get a good story lots of Gore there are three hundred ninety one reviews of this film sixty eight percent are five star and we will get right into it this one's written by Andrew Lynch I will say that had to rate it stars including C thing to this day is still part eight Jason Takes Manhattan I grew up in New York all my life so my mom would say be good or Jason First Timer you can't go wrong five out of five stars it's Jason was not the love this one in kills worthy of being called Friday the thirteenth I remember I used to watch my mom as a kid my favorite else who are counselors counselor and she's a town that's true I guess I think suzy's a town councillor in your town now and he writes as I said in my part five review people in all caps must this one is written by Sr at first I didn't like this movie but my child had never seen it the child so I ordered it and guess what now I really like it five stars what stop giving false information why are you giving false information by grave so now he's definitely not living these a walking corpse who somehow experienced no muscle deterioration from his ears the job your job was to keep track of keep track of the kid story it was harder when they didn't have GPS machines in their pockets in by call me dupe the movies titled Jason Lives This is clearly a problem because Jason has died and he's risen from the wrongly that Tommy went to Jason's grave at the beginning like part five never existed are you oh my friend do you need doctor yes tommy with a friend went to Jason's grave and resurrected him in a coffin the end five star use spayed at all of all these people take it pretty seriously okay Andrew Lynch writes not a lot of people dig it because Jason looks like a you'd Camp Crystal Lake himself good times this is a lot like you're you're the drunk by accident but this is not meant that that part five was ignored as you wrongly said because my friend put in and this of ever fried in me oak me some Mr Pumpkin man yeah the Tagline tagline is roof and don't take your bullshit easily you've got it my friend Nuss said five stars I loved this five Star Review has multiple threats in it happened from now on be careful of what you say in all of you who wrong pretty clever if you think it's hard to keep a good man down try keeping a bad one I guess it should be down Audie so that Tommy's Jason Nightmares would be over okay all those nightmares he had from par-five it is the is is the transaction simply that the child needs to see it for him to like it I don't know only try to bury a great sequel like part five because there are true Jason fans out there like me who know the DVD of part six again and the DVD player and we watch the beginning with Tommy its own cast and his friend down this try try keeping a bad man on a yacht sporty I don't know probably a lot of movies that child hasn't seen I feel like this kid I like meatballs dad which is bizarre it was like here's faces of death yeah we're talking in the car before they reach Jason's grave thing that they escaped from the mental institute were Tommy wasn't par-five in order to don't premade Jason's bad one that's actually not a good line it's concise makes you think it's hard keeping a good man he is free cell phone comes pre phone counselor so you didn't have access to people I mean I yearn for those days again we all yearn for pre so that was a really rough one this movie's budget was three million dollars its opening it's opening weekend who is this conversation this in this base fake news I mean it is someone called Mr Pumpkin man it's hard keeping a good man down try keeping a bad one if you gives hard to keep a good man down dot dot dot try keeping down is our top Gun Crocodile Dundee platoon this where he was beaten by Cobra Howard the duck maximum overdrive. Ah The woman in the puddle of mudd right puddle of Mudd woman Jason June any final thoughts take your name and who the Grand Scheme of the nightmare on Elm Street franchises the nightmare returns well that would mean that would be a Freddie movie the sporty try keeping Sporty Boehner hard on a yacht this one on a Catamaran this one I think is tricky because in character gives about the American Indians is a crazy I rewound that I had to the kids summer camp this one is the one that I really wanted to read this is by Vk manacle various and Tommy's friends that there would be crazy escape and if they would they be caught then there'd be in trouble and you my friend dare say that part five never had and solar babies wow wait sorry what year is this Nineteen eighty-six thank you the director has Jason's a cemetery grave in his front yard with a piece of the leg coming out of it and city employees refused enters yard to read the meter because Oh sorry this movie was being by Cobra this movie beat Howard the duck maximum overdrive Shanghai surprise Rad it seems to me that Johnny Depp in the original Niagara Street like young pete like I loved it horror movies of the eighties sworn big trouble dude I mean imagine if the whole movie was those two kids they are rushing the proving ground for like the young talent going forward that always looks fifty well I think that that speech that one half when Jason Killed The Sheriff Dad he like folded him like he was like putting a t shirt away well them eighteen you're right eighteen kills thing why does so many people know thought a real body was buried there and when it gets him and he kills were made in this movie that means all of you who said it were counting and that's weird were you counting like one two three no you missed the before we ask if you're going to recommend it anything that we didn't mention yeah there is a hold on there were a couple of things Tony Goldwyn really blew my mind like I look because there's all these June anything else I mean we've covered it it's it's hard I I will recommend watching this movie to me I she is kind of vignettes like it really is you're always being introduced to New People you get a taste of them they get murdered moving on and that made it we did get lost in it so many movies we watch are so painful to consume and this I did enjoy just the a six million is the first Jason Film Not Too Gross Twenty million dollars a came in number forty six out of all the movies made in Nineteen eighty-six top three so then paid off on the things that they went back and forth it also doesn't get mired in a lot of unnecessarily unnecessary plotting yeah like it re fun to what it gives you never like Oh these people again because it's always killing and recycling it's the Altman version of Jason Movies schooled viewing of it. Yeah I don't know it's it's weird it's like I had no expectations for once you know you're on number six like there's no I guess I liked this movie I enjoyed it I also I would recommend it I enjoyed watching yeah I would too I think it has a lot of time everything's good and they have let have chosen to leave Jason at the bottom of the river retreat like shopping stuff with why was he allowed to bring a machete because Jason needed one that was the only justification I guess we gotta get Indians Okay probably none of you pause for a second marks so are we to believe that underneath this is a great tank top because later so like mad at that woman in carrying a machete to paint balk mad misogynist in the woods at a paintball company and stuff and I feel like if the studio committed to letting it be a little bit more of what it wanted to be I think it could've been better because there are a lot of things that you feel he's burning down in the trailer just wearing a grey tank top well that's not safe sex tank top the condom okay let's just say twice could make heads or tails of what he was saying I kind of was impressed with the commitment of it I just play a section of it or anything the living dead well yeah but he's just a wake underwater but here's the thing that most confused about and I forget I can't believe me teach that it will be anything terrible but it does it does make some moves that are interesting and surprising and I don't know I don't know because there was blood in the water some of that in the director's pool and fucked up his pool filter this is Nashville version this is not Nashville for horror movies took the words right out of my mouth you know I think Spike Lee said it best when he was on chunks blood and chunks and you've got a sense that real damage was being done totally fine but like like this guy like does he bring this up they take an outpour boat motor to Jason and it seems to shop him up you would think it would cut off his head cut off his chest I mean basically it would be salute your shorts with Jason which I would be down of June I loved that the J. Sorry Jason broke the dad in the what kick court they should've named him cody steps cody in the head the whole thing is one Tommy decides based on those books that he read that he needs to put Jason back in the traumatic incident to kill him for good which is fucked up Michetti anyway yeah go to Home Depot the end of the movie Tommy successfully gets a chain around Jason's neck dumps the boulder in the river Jason is can't Jason he's awake right underwater pull himself like this right then like trapped at the bottom of the river right yeah that's the that's the idea that's how they managed to save the day everything then it cuts to date can seven yeah he's fine right he was fine at the end of the movie he's there with the Boulder I opens the gardens dude again now are down right loosening the chain off that's all he has to do this that's it provide loose you have a chief and dumps his squad wife whatever and he decided to pick up with another woman take off her so he takes off leaving his son with the mother and I'll send you know we us on an emotional level well because he was never killed there but I guess you're right yeah and also because he's never he's you can't kill him because he is do something he seems to be funnily overeen fine he's got a healing factor what was happening what happened he could've just like yes also Jason Pol- Pol- Pol- now feed on the bottom of the lake walk drag walk dragged and we have to assume police have no come police have like talked to Meghan they've talked to Tommy then talk to the cameras and they're like he's right there I weighed him down with a boulder yeah and the police were like well we're GONNA have to get him out of there in like no no no leave him in the river and Lake I have two questions our podcast how did this get made we know all the INS and outs giving you the most thorough explanation of Jason and condom removal sounds Big Beth Thomas our stage manager she's amazing thank you everybody you're in Berkeley all of you Devon is out there engineering the board making it sure it sounds good I mean it's alive show it's complicated and it does sound so so good also just a reminder one for coming out to that really fun show at Berkeley I know it was hot if you're in that crowd the was not working and we appreciate you all stick in it out Wuck drag out murder murder murder murder that's it like it's not a satisfying method of defeating him the tension by dragging your own self down loosen and you're out by the way they show the strength and the then a woman's guide to running for office and changing the world you can check out that book wherever books are sold or on Amazon and you can also check out the Jane Club which we recently which is a very spatial Jason Zukas Jason Voorhees Mash up shirt it's available right now in the store a big thanks to cody Fisher another one of our producers it's about an mini episode it's June Social Club that caters to creating an amazing community go to the gym club Dot Com or follow them on Instagram and whip flops upside down and Jason I'm okay so you think just putting the money on a rock at

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