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"delta alta cultural center museum" Discussed on PRI's The World

"In the mid nineteenth nineteenth century explains bob chris professor emeritus of hydro geology at washington university in st louis. If we look at an old lithograph from eighteen fifty nine here's a fledgling city a saint louis and look at the steamboats look at this thing well what would have been great to travel in luxury unless you crashed which happened frequently back then chris shows a map from the mid nineteenth century error steamboat rex every mile for probably a thousand miles thank the commercial losses untamed river also put military vessels at the best and so the army corps engineers was brought in to shackle the mississippi. They did their job but not quite well enough. Cliff dean runs the delta alta cultural center museum in helena arkansas. My first name is actually james. I switched over to my middle name because when i started teaching james dean was pretty famous. The jimmy dean smoked sausage dean grew up in the mississippi delta hearing about the great flood of nineteen twenty seven an area roughly. The size of ireland was underwater. Some five hundred people died and more than six hundred thousand were displaced. The red cross called it one of america's greatest peacetime mm disasters. Dean's grandparents lived through it. He says one morning they woke up surrounded by water and the sheriff came by deputies made everybody getting boats. You had to leave and the men all had to go to try to to to to show up the ladies or to build new ditches or something to try to stop the water and if you didn't go i mean same people actually shot that didn't go to the labor rain rain water going come when the levee breaks by kansas this joe mccoy and memphis minnie from nineteen twenty nine the mississippi river connects the american heartland to the rest of the globe also shares the world's environmental problems. Oh we shouldn't have done it fifty years ago with today's the first day of my grandchildren's fifty years that started off. Let's get.

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