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"delon leslie" Discussed on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

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"delon leslie" Discussed on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

"Absolutely. Yeah i might show thank you. My grandma said it's not a garden. It's not the garden the gardening so it's And the gardens quite forgiving. You you know it gives you the lessons lake. Have watch the plants year. They'll tell you before they die that they dying and you. Can you have time to to to help them and save them in the dead plant sort of useful. Does that then become the mall for next. I mean we've seemed your loss from our methodology the cycle of life. I suppose yeah. But that i wondered when you know in your in douglas. Coming out as ashby. It's not the garden the gardening. It's not comedy it's doing comedy. You know it reminds me. I have not been diagnosed. But i feel like i have some Asti leanings has a lot of comedians. do yet Like the guy in free solo. When i'm doing stand up and when i watched you doing stand up i'm not seeing an ounce. I'm seeing confidence. I'm seeing expression. Emceeing performance emceeing complete clarity over what they're saying the nuance of what the audience to sing. I wonder if that how does that. Feel the gardening of doing stand up. Does that snap you into a heightened state. That's more comfortable i imagine. Yeah the badghis again. A very set in a stand in stand up. So when i'm doing it's not being social this. No input happening in that moment. Only inputs taken from times have had time to think about things and re reshape them. And then i just sort of get to performance and shape it and gifted if you want to call it that to the audience. But i'm not taking anything nuanced back from the audience is the vibe that they audience energy. Which then i then have to. You know this this. I don't tend to change my routine a lot of sort of bedded then but there are a lot of different ways that you can change the way you perform a pace to suit nordion has with rhythm tempo emphasis changes depending on if an audience is up. You get up with it. If they down then you know you don't want to hammer them with the same energy a hammer alive lively audience but at some having a conversation i find having a conversation with someone much more difficult to i like. Podcasts are different. Because there's a performative element because it's being recorded and we sort of know the stakes. You know how long it's going to be. You might know about the tone or whatever it sort of. Take some of that. Ambiguity out me. Yeah yeah. I enjoy watching. Real people have conversations point which become creepy. The creepy food will. But i do. I don't i don't hate. I am quite social. But it's exhausting. So i like Just observe other people being social Find that quite delightful. And i feel like i've participated in every moment of of a conversation that i haven't actually spoken but as soon as i found as my fame level increased the less able. I am to just observe a conversation because you know people like me will drive this conversation. And that's not where i'm very comfortable. I completely understand has been a challenge. I i mean. I say it. All the time people laugh at sindbad quote. He says the comedians are funnier when they're riding the bus. Obviously your sex specialists brilliant. So i'm not challenging your humor level. You've maintained that but the ease with which you can blend into a party and observe. I mean that is sort of your job. Well i've got a lock. Climb to draw from so. I can't count company reasonably light in my life. I did feel sorry for key to find comedy and then no setting amount of stardom and then lule because you know what they draw from is not not experience and i think to a certain extent. The famine sudden fame is akin to trauma. It's of course it's not bad became to new color. Yeah yeah it's not necessarily bad you know and you have more like certainly more tools at your disposal disposal and But there is something traumatic about this shifting circumstance that i felt after the net. That made me just wanna withdrawal from the world. I mean it's not what you were after. I think that's what makes your work so special and i know Douglas was your tenth specials so clearly you're somebody who's doing it because you enjoy it. It's what you're good at. It's written on your bones to do it and the comedians that i know that do it for money or power or fame fame being probably the worst those well maybe power but fame being a bad one they never make it so it is hoisted upon you. Do that make it well. That's that's a good to point that out. I don't know if i agree with me there. Let's put it this way. I tend to not enjoy those kids kind of comedian that i'm really fascinated with and they're not funny at all but successful and it's not uncommon going. I hate him 'cause successful. I just confused. Because i'm like you know because i look at things and i'm like breakdown what i say and i'm like it's not funny or interesting what's happening and it's the the rhythm of which i say they bring to the table like they bring this energy and that's All but i had to learn the energy Slicing dyson Is clinical as you like with with with comedy. And i could get that to the table but i have to really learn how to modulate my voice. That's one of the first things i noticed. I'm so glad you brought up. I wanted to ask you how you learned again. Not to assume Somebody on the spectrum that you can't do that but that is one of the first things you look for. I don't know maybe don't look for it but like the inability to modulate and perform. And when i want you. It's off the charts. You're doing it like crazy yet. It's probably a little too off the chats. Not my charts are very mild charts. The if you happen upon early my early performances i am. I am dead pan. I used to get reviews like hannah. Gadsby dull and listless and talk and i could be very much a particularly. My early career did something like the edinburgh fringe in. That's really overwhelming experience. So i'd be okay in the first few days of the festival and then i get exhausted. Because it's a stimulus. The whole time. And and then so then awakes in i would be delon leslie because i was just locking down the only place. You could go inside. I didn't understand. Had protect myself. Full line because i was diagnosed. So you know also. There's a thing called masking and goes on the spectrum. Particularly do that because girls are expected of aptly of my age when we were growing up. you know..

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