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"delon chapman robertson" Discussed on The Short Porch

"No. Got Delon roll this. It's to Canley three Robertson four Britain, five green, six holder, seven than obviously to starter would be eight. You're gonna go one other starter just in case nine. And then I think you need a lefty in their aside Chapman. So I don't think they can take Sheffield right now, but heart so Tarpley I think they might take him just for the hell. And that will give you ten through starters, eight relievers. I'm probably putting Severino Tanakh at half all new all three. Yeah, I think so. Just to have them in case it goes, Casey run into a seventeen inning game or something. At least you have multiple guys that you feel somewhat comfortable in given disaster heavy, go to disaster. So I would go those three not now. No shots. No, that's funny. Delon Chapman Robertson keenly Britain. Green told her. So how many is that? How many pitchers that? That's ten? I think ten is the numbers that's that's what I. Yeah. Awesome. If anything they're likely to carry, eleven pitchers more than like, not. I think they'll carry ten to eleven. Okay. So let's say it's ten than you got the nine position players in the line of nineteen in need six more. Got remind Gardner yet, Walker head, chevelle area. I think Tyler Wade has to be on there for a pinch running opportunity. And do you Detroit. So wait. I'm trying to think so. We have nine for art to their room for one more. So this is a sumo is playing. This is swimming TD's plying. She of Ronnie possibility bird alleys, any chance of that hope not. I would hate that. Yeah, to raise I get burned. I could see if we're doing more of a prediction. I could see bird may be getting the nod just because they they want that one swing. That would be a disaster. I mean, I would get show drummed if he came up in a tough in like basis loaded spot in like thirteen dinning I would. I would drink all the high action. I think they're going to end up probably end up carrying eleven pitchers and then just good bring with guys on the bench. But you grew taller way though. Right? He's got to be there. Yeah, for the running head for the defense garner still has to be on just, oh, yeah, runner name armor replacement. Yeah, that'd be. I think that'd be stunning garden. It was on. Yeah. Fueled. Right lead, I guess. So, yeah. Yeah, probably a rat. I, I think maybe I may just carry eleven pitchers and then probably it's Tarpley. Eleventh. See, I guess. So. Okay. How many starters they keep on the roster last year. Did you say that three? There was three starter seven relievers last year. Okay. Okay. All right. We talk about that I would go. Yeah, I would go. I wouldn't go against. I wouldn't go against last year. So three starters, and then you're looking at, we really want two, three, four, five, six, seven, ten. I do eleven relievers, throw Tarpley in there as a lefty or Sheffield. I don't think you can put Sheffield on there. I mean, you're not gonna put those guys in. That's like an emergency slot and that any go five players on the bench. I think that's fine. I may put in like. Scraps that I put in CC over Tarpley. Oh yeah. This point. Yeah, I wasn't. I mean, for if we were gonna go to lefty, I'd rather go to CC than Tarpley outta. Sure. That'd be so weird. Men. She she's warming from the thirteenth. Inning crushed. All right..

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