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"delmont park" Discussed on The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

"The winner was number four, mischievous Diane. She's a three year old chestnut Philly by practical joke out of the Lion heart mayor lioness lar owned by thoroughbreds and trained by ray handel. Boy, he is just winning left and right this minute at Belmont park. Dylan Davis with another win. He's also clicking at about a 20% clip, so good meat for Dylan Davis, great meat for ray handled thus far at Belmont park. Number four, mischievous Diane returning 6 33 ten and two 52nd number one Jane grey, big run off the layoff for her $3 and two 60, third was number three rubies and time at three ten fourth was number 5 Baba dollar exact to pay $10. The 50 cent try $18 37 cents. And the dollar super $79 and 20 cents. Okay, taking a look at what we've got coming up at Belmont park. Horses are on the track for the upcoming 8th race. It is the grade two, $400,000, Belmont gold cup, four year olds and up two miles on the turf at delmont park. We've got a field of 8 with no scratches or rider changes, and they're just parading in front of the stands right now. Before we get to this race, it was kind of listening to what Anthony's to be had to say and listening to the stretch run of nest winning the Ashland. Of course, last time a Philly beat the boys in the Belmont stakes was the Todd pletcher trainee rags to riches who did it in 2007 as Anthony mentioned. Todd pletcher has won three Belmont stakes, not only rags to riches, but palace malice in 2013. Tap it in 2017. So this is a race that he focuses on and obviously he has had great success in this race over the years. Interesting to note some of the records in the Belmont stakes. We all know, even if we weren't there, whether we weren't weren't racing fans back then or if we weren't alive back then or we all know the story of secretary back in 1973, not only winning by an unbelievable 31 lengths and of course the call of him moving like a tremendous machine and setting the track record of two minutes, 24 seconds flat. Do you know who the second and third most biggest winners of the Belmont are? I'm talking about lengths of victory because these are ones that you don't hear of very often and I'm going to give you a hint. It's way before secretary it did in 1973. Back in 1943, count fleet won by 25 lengths in 1920, the great man of war won by 20 links. And by the way, when he won, he was going a mile in three eighths. So we went a little bit of a shorter distance than secretariat did back in 73 and what they do now at a mile and a half. The Belmont stakes has not always been the distance of a mile and a half. In fact, this is the 5th different distance it has been in its history. It's been a myelin three 8, a mile and 5 eighths, a mile and an 8th. And a mile and a quarter, but for the most part, for most of our lifetimes, we've seen it at a mile and a half, and that's what we're going to see it once again tomorrow. By the way, most wins by a trainer, James Rowe, did it 8 times between 1883 and 1913, I'm going to guess none of our listeners have ever met James Rowe. Just a guess. I don't know. If you've met James Rowe, I don't know how I could dispute it. I would guess you're a little older than I am. Or James Rowe lived a long, long time. Okay, let's get back to some live racing. By the way, if you'd like to call into the show anytime you'd like to call in 888-966-4776, loved hearing Anthony stabile's opinions, I would love to hear your opinions on some of the big races today and tomorrow at Belmont park. We've got a big one coming up three minutes from now. It's this Belmont gold cup at the strange distance of two miles on the turf. It's just a distance. You basically never see in this country. It's not like you see it very often in big races in Europe either, but more so there than here. We've got a couple of European invaders in the field. In fact, two of the runners have been running exclusively or mainly in Europe of late. Number one loft, who is co favorite, in fact, second choice now at 5 to two for Marcel Visa Andre starved has been renting in Germany in some group races and actually won a group two race in Germany in his last start. I'm not really sure what that means. We all know how good the racing is in Great Britain and Ireland and France when you start seeing these group races in Germany and Italy, we respect them, but we don't know if they're quite the level of the group races in France or in Great Britain or in Ireland places like that. So I don't know what this means by loft being able to beat these kind of horses in Germany. He's been very good in group two and group three races of late in Germany. We'll see how that equates to running in a grade two race today at beautiful Belmont park. The other foreigner that's invading and this is something you don't normally see is number four out box who's 7 to two right now on the board. He is a 7 year old. You do not usually see horses of that age coming over to the states for the first time. He's another one that has been doing well in group competition. Now he was good enough to finish third in a group two race at newmarket in Great Britain two starts ago. He won a group one race in Qatar or Qatar, however you want to pronounce a QAT AR. I'm guessing that's not quite the level of the European graded races or even the American greater races. So I don't know what to expect from outbox other than outbox does bring his regular writer Holly Doyle in an outbox has something in his past performances. You don't normally see from these Euro invaders..

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